America's Got Talent S09E01 Adrian Romoff 9 Year Old Child Genius Shows off Piano Talents

  • Published on May 31, 2014
  • #TonyPatrony The first act of the night is Adrian Ramoff, a 9-year-old genius who has skipped five grades, and also plays a mean piano. Adrian immediately wins the judges over with a brief demonstration of his incredible piano skills,
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  • Justme
    Justme Day ago

    All of have the reflections of God. Some just pop through a little better than others...

  • aimy1233
    aimy1233 9 days ago +2

    Of course it’s flight of the bumblebee lol. I love the reactions though lol why is everything so over sensationalized. Either way, he’s pretty talented but not genius level for music tho

  • A F
    A F 10 days ago

    Has he graduated

  • Khánh Huyền BV
    Khánh Huyền BV 20 days ago

    So talented

  • Alejandro Dominguez
    Alejandro Dominguez 24 days ago

    I hate him.

  • lanna lane
    lanna lane 25 days ago

    Serial talent show contestant.

  • Cherylllm
    Cherylllm Month ago

    And he's SMART TO! WOW!

  • pam Thompson-Clarke-Reynolds-Bowers-Burton

    I have a feeling he's a high functioning autistic person.

  • Atika Da
    Atika Da Month ago

    Child genius winner

  • unavitadellamusica
    unavitadellamusica Month ago

    I thought he is playing the piano, not an electronic organ?

  • Karen Mire
    Karen Mire Month ago

    What an amazing prodigy !!!

  • karam faiz
    karam faiz Month ago

    Next act : Lil Jimmy with the ping pong ball

  • Meriam
    Meriam Month ago

    I can talk to this boy all day long

  • Bob smaz
    Bob smaz Month ago

    Wasn't he in Child Genius

  • Anico coconut
    Anico coconut Month ago

    I hate that hes so smart lol

  • Embry Quintana
    Embry Quintana Month ago

    He's a ugly geek and he is a nerd he's a window face freak

  • evin
    evin Month ago


  • Nedews
    Nedews Month ago

    weird in my country it was not allowed to skip grades, you had yo complete all grades even if you were very smart

  • Candance Johnson
    Candance Johnson Month ago

    I would pay to see him

  • Scarlet Lee
    Scarlet Lee Month ago

    Can he not use an electric piano for a goddamn performance! Damn that’s so not professional, classical musicians should have known better. Like I really do admire how good he is at studying, but I don’t really appreciate him claiming to be a genius at playing the piano. And the electrified version of the flight of the bumble bee in the middle of his performance is so off putting, playing the piano does’t only require one to play all the notes!!! (And he even misses them) aiiiii how can those judges be like “ohh goshhh we’ve discovered a treasure!!”

    TITANIC SIA Month ago +1

    I like him omg

  • Jun Del Rosario, Jr.


    DJLNR MCMLXXXI Month ago

    Well done young mind!!! Reminds me of a handfull of us when we were in primary school but there was no TVclip or camera phones!!
    Lesser people had video recording camera's and they were not small at all..

  • merlinsdog
    merlinsdog Month ago

    Is that Sheldon?

  • Legatrix Official
    Legatrix Official Month ago

    I'm like looking harry potter when he was a child but in fat version😂 so cuuuute....😘❤

  • Welo Melo
    Welo Melo Month ago

    he will be later the new ceo of microsoft

  • Karen Gilburg
    Karen Gilburg Month ago

    I’d like to hear him play on a real piano! Second piece much better!

  • wikelind
    wikelind Month ago

    Sheldon has a fan.

  • Randy Hudgins
    Randy Hudgins Month ago

    Money 💰

  • Agamemnon Butterscotch

    0:56 I'm pretty sure player pianos have been around for a while.

  • Alfa&Omega 00000
    Alfa&Omega 00000 Month ago

    "You are a pianist,Harry"

  • piyush trivedi
    piyush trivedi Month ago +2

    Howie: England had Harry potter we had you
    And i was like dam it he is right he has a fast catching power to relate 🎙

  • Liam
    Liam 2 months ago

    Arima kousei was a robot

  • Napi Coyote
    Napi Coyote 2 months ago


  • Lily land
    Lily land 2 months ago

    I feel so attacked right now. What is this kid lol he deserved every ounce of fame he got and gets. It is the cutest thing I've ever seen lol

  • declanryan1
    declanryan1 2 months ago

    The first song is fake you can clearly see that he is not playing the right:(!!!

  • The Official Andy Saenz

    A 9 year old that’s in 8th grade? Wow, that’s a huge accomplishment! And he’s into science as well? I would love to meet his parents, they must be wonderful people for having and raising such a great little boy!

  • Paradise Soon
    Paradise Soon 2 months ago

    Beautiful young man

  • Asher Sioson
    Asher Sioson 2 months ago

    OMG he is the winner of child genius WTH in AGT

  • masajusp 69
    masajusp 69 2 months ago

    Absolut prodigy with electone!

  • MFG Cobra
    MFG Cobra 2 months ago +3

    U know wats really pissing me off he played a classical music with a synthesiser

  • •Snap •
    •Snap • 2 months ago +1

    Fuck this kid

  • John Thompson
    John Thompson 2 months ago +1

    I bet on weekends to let loose he does math problem with a ball point pen. Savage....

  • Myan chan A terrible mi-steak

    this kid has the same haircut as my older brother

  • Victor Gavloski
    Victor Gavloski 2 months ago

    Jesus loves you my friends !

  • Trey Dietz
    Trey Dietz 2 months ago

    Is anyone gonna talk about how he seemed so formal and well-mannered but then he kicked over a bench and started throwing his head around!?

    MAZIM TUBE 2 months ago

    This nigga retired last month 😂

  • maria flavel arellano
    maria flavel arellano 2 months ago

    Young sheldon

  • Jimmy Leonard
    Jimmy Leonard 2 months ago +1

    I think this kid just pass the audition coz he said that he skipped 5 grades and the fact how young he is, that's it..
    The way he played the 1st song is very impatient & just for show off, i'm not enjoying it as audience..
    The 2nd song is... yeahh, just an average classical music everyone can play if they train for 1 week by just memorize every note...

  • Kifter
    Kifter 2 months ago

    This kid watched rick and morty

  • Dexter Brouwers
    Dexter Brouwers 2 months ago

    He's gonna be a crazy scientist

  • قَنَاةُ شَاعِرِ السُّنَّةِ الدَّعَوِيَّة

    He:We don't need more machines in Ower world we have punch of them ... We need more emotions
    Me : thats not just smart thats wise

  • Jeon Marwa
    Jeon Marwa 2 months ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Idriss Abdelsadok
    Idriss Abdelsadok 2 months ago

    Whole 5 grades Wow , I barely made it Nd You skipped All of them lol

  • Mike Johnsom
    Mike Johnsom 2 months ago

    Im sorry but that kid seriously needs to go play with some little green army men and eat some dirt.....

  • firas hassine
    firas hassine 2 months ago

    he's so cute

  • yedani samos
    yedani samos 2 months ago

    mini Sheldon

  • Spara Atogyire
    Spara Atogyire 2 months ago

    All diz talent p'ple hv I ve natin

  • Markku Sukanen
    Markku Sukanen 2 months ago

    What's with this shit? That kid couldn't play his way out of a paper bag, even less to make music.