Venezuela crisis: Where families buy rotten meat to eat - BBC News

  • Published on Oct 16, 2018
  • Millions of Venezuelans have left the country in the last two years, fleeing the oil-rich nation’s economic collapse.
    Shortages of food and basic goods, years of recession, soaring inflation and regular power shortages have left the country almost on its knees.
    The government says those against the socialist President Nicolas Maduro are waging an "economic war" - but many within and outside the country blame his policies, combined with corruption and mismanagement.
    One of the most affected areas is the state of Zulia, long known as the centre of the country's oil industry.
    The BBC’s Vladimir Hernandez is one of the few international journalists who has been able to report from the state.

    Produced by Herminia Fernandez, filmed by Omar Garcia.
    Edited by Kelvin Brown.
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  • BBC News
    BBC News  11 days ago +2

    Watch Our Latest report from Venezuela:

  • Zombieeatyounow
    Zombieeatyounow 2 hours ago

    And liberals want this policy.

  • sebaswildboy
    sebaswildboy 3 hours ago

    this is a travesty

  • David Laird
    David Laird 3 hours ago

    "But but but you see its not REAL Socialism, Yeh man if they had Real Socialism then they would be doing so gear right now! "

  • Pinhead
    Pinhead 4 hours ago +1

    This is sad...

  • MrLamigra1337
    MrLamigra1337 4 hours ago

    Venezuelans need a little more FREEDOM in their diet.

  • Ziggy Stardust
    Ziggy Stardust 4 hours ago

    I hate this reporter's tone. Something about him I don't like .

    M A G A EARTH 4 hours ago +1

    THIS IS BY DESIGN. how dare those uppity venezuelans flaunt their wealth! let's take their wealth and make them poor like we did with haiti! THOU SHALL NOT COVET. THOU SHALL NOT STEAL. THOU SHALL NOT KILL. when will "THEY" the evil pinks skins repent and do what is loving! you go to your churches and synagogues and praise the your lord claim to follow the messiah...but you follow cesare borgia! what filth you pink skins are! don't ever wonder why the hand of the most high is coming down to cut you down!

  • G Truth
    G Truth 4 hours ago

    I just hope that the country takes ownership of its resources to rebuild the county, I also hope that these big oil companies are sued trillions of dollars for how they have left the local people to suffer.

  • WunderWafer
    WunderWafer 5 hours ago

    This country had every chance to achieve the highest quality of life in the Americas. Highest oil reserves on the planet, great climate, the ocean and fairly small population. It was almost impossible to fuck it up.

  • Rex Limiron
    Rex Limiron 7 hours ago

    This is what a liberal run country looks like folks.

  • Raskolnikov
    Raskolnikov 9 hours ago

    This would be America if Crooked Hillary had won.

  • belinda hawkins
    belinda hawkins 10 hours ago

    Heartbreaking to see
    This she could be another casualty that has been in the morg for 6 months after there deaths

  • CaptainCatchALot
    CaptainCatchALot 11 hours ago

    Isn't Socialism grand!??!

  • Hachirō Ogawa
    Hachirō Ogawa 13 hours ago

    anorexic commies sure will love it In Venezuela

  • Tony B
    Tony B 15 hours ago

    Stupid Maduro should resign

  • Bounta Nuanvixay
    Bounta Nuanvixay 15 hours ago

    A classic example of natural resource curse situation!

  • Masahiro Sakurai
    Masahiro Sakurai 15 hours ago

    This is what most college students want our American government to be. Rancid meals, rampant crime, abandoned neighborhoods, and tyrannical government officials. How the fuck are they allowed to vote?

  • M Y
    M Y 17 hours ago

    Venezuela is being boycotted by america. This is genocide

  • Aulkraen
    Aulkraen 18 hours ago

    Socialism is just soft Communism, both equally destructive to the host nation they infect.

  • John Dory
    John Dory 19 hours ago

    More BBC propaganda.. Why I won't give them. A single penny for a peodo pass....

  • Ray Murphy
    Ray Murphy 20 hours ago

    Behold. Socialism.

  • MLGJan
    MLGJan 23 hours ago

    When Mama's Not Happy - Nobody Is Happy!

  • xponoszaxapatos
    xponoszaxapatos Day ago

    This is what socialism and communism gets you

  • sub now without a vid

    The need solar panel...right

  • TheYgeth
    TheYgeth Day ago

    But but... muh socialism 😢

  • AceHelicopterPilot
    AceHelicopterPilot Day ago +1

    Personal trainers hate them. Try the Venezuelan diet now and loose 40 pounds in 5 weeks.

  • Stone S
    Stone S Day ago

    I'm really surprised BBC would air a story like this. Because they're nothing but a bunch of globalist socialist pieces of trash.

  • Ken Man
    Ken Man Day ago

    The people must like their government because they are not revolting.

  • Norbit Rice
    Norbit Rice Day ago

    American democrats: “oh we need this”

  • Lord GermayneDP
    Lord GermayneDP Day ago

    Simpletons will say this is the result of socialism.

  • Jamie
    Jamie Day ago

    Why are people compelled to eat meat? Why not just eat veggies.

  • Neu Street
    Neu Street Day ago

    how did i know the comment section would be full of those retarded ass trumpf supporters. Smh

  • Hazzah King
    Hazzah King Day ago

    Everyone who thinks this is socialism should give up their social security. Otherwise they should abstain from repeating a debunked alt right talking point.

  • whozyourmanz
    whozyourmanz Day ago

    most places/ people have no electricity there are communities that live in the dark and and short on food and water

  • Astronaut Cult
    Astronaut Cult Day ago

    E Q U A L I T Y

  • L.A. November 2019

    This is not about socialism/communism. Eventually all forms of government fail, capitalism hasn't exactly been fair & just for all. Anyone that believes otherwise is deluded, the world's economy is running on fumes, and a global disaster is looming.

  • Kevin Mayberry
    Kevin Mayberry Day ago

    Venezuela is looking alot like Haiti these days....

  • Hammer Sandoval
    Hammer Sandoval Day ago +1


  • PolishPipebomb
    PolishPipebomb Day ago

    Real proud of the reaction you've garnered BBC?
    Glad to see your still pandering to liberal trash.
    let us know when you grow some balls

  • god
    god 2 days ago

    throw the whole political party out and start over 🤣🤣

  • Elsword and MMD
    Elsword and MMD 2 days ago

    "crisis" You mean socialism sweethearts

    WAR LORD 2 days ago

    Be vegan. Problems solved.

  • Jerome Man
    Jerome Man 2 days ago

    Flys all over the meat.... might aswell kill yourself in style.... eating that food is a sad way to die

  • Timothy P Kerman
    Timothy P Kerman 2 days ago

    Matthew 22:39 Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

  • Timothy P Kerman
    Timothy P Kerman 2 days ago

    Matthew 22:39 Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

  • Timothy P Kerman
    Timothy P Kerman 2 days ago

    Matthew 22:39 Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

  • Timothy P Kerman
    Timothy P Kerman 2 days ago

    Matthew 22:39 Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

  • Timothy P Kerman
    Timothy P Kerman 2 days ago

    Matthew 22:39 Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

  • comic-con con
    comic-con con 2 days ago

    There has never been communism ever anywhere according to Karl Marxs’ own definition. We have only ever seen socialism in various forms. Central planners can not compete with the dynamics of the free market, how can Bureaucrats know what the price of things should be and how much of a product people need? These are things that the market dictate by millions and millions of transaction that occur every day prices are set goods are supplied at prices according to demand and scarcity, there is no mystery to this. Socialism is anti-economics

  • Anar Chy
    Anar Chy 2 days ago +1

    and here i am ... eating tuna , drinking beer and going for a swim later :)

  • comic-con con
    comic-con con 2 days ago

    Where is Corbyn now? Is this regime still a friend of the poor?

  • Yootoober 95
    Yootoober 95 2 days ago

    Why do these people continue to breed in such a state? No one should have to be born into that.

  • Drake5153
    Drake5153 2 days ago

    For the people blaming socialism, you must not realize any government will not work without righteous leadership... just look at the rest of the world you morons, once big business reaches the government it goes south, here, the states, it's all varying levels based on what currently existed before and what people will tolerate. You want this shit to end? Start putting others before yourselves...

  • ForAmerican
    ForAmerican 2 days ago

    Before The British media smear Venezuela, they should report that the British have not returned the Venezuela gold. They are supposed to return it but keep delaying by various stupid reasons.

  • Orange Videos
    Orange Videos 2 days ago +1

    This is what socialism does

  • I'm not Muhammad Ali

    "It's cheap"

  • Joey Paddia
    Joey Paddia 3 days ago

    there country is all fucked up😣

  • Wastedswan
    Wastedswan 3 days ago

    This is what an anarchic-socialist state looks like.
    Step 1 - seize the means of production. Check.
    Step 2 - socialist utopia?
    Step 3 - economic collapse. Check.
    Step 4 - famine.

  • william willie
    william willie 3 days ago

    US backed and funded protesters are killing police in the street there if that was the US.
    The police would be machine gunning people in the street
    the BBC doesn't even mention the US embargo and how we're pressuring their neighbors to cut off their supplies

  • william willie
    william willie 3 days ago

    Capitalism must destroy any culture it can't control
    it's hard to believe so many people in the US actually believe British are more credible than Russians

  • Vici0us 369
    Vici0us 369 3 days ago

    Yea it works to destroy nations :)

  • MJ
    MJ 3 days ago


  • i am progressive npc

    that wasn't true socialism!

  • The Why Perspective
    The Why Perspective 3 days ago

    so all the meat sitting there goes to waste because the locals can't afford it and in turn thy buy the waste. so which is more nonsense - the people buying waste or the selling not reducing stupid does the BBC assume people to be

  • Angry White Guy
    Angry White Guy 3 days ago

    Well, at least they are all equal, now that all the rich have fled the country. Isn't that what they wanted?

  • Gods Klanof
    Gods Klanof 3 days ago

    This is real socialism

  • Gods Klanof
    Gods Klanof 3 days ago

    The Concorde was flying from Paris straight to Caracas! Where is your Concorde Venezuelans?

  • Revolutionary Socialist Media

    The problem of Venezuela is a lack of socialism. Hugo Chavez never broke with capitalism, allowing key sectors of the economy to remain under capitalist control. Then in 2013 with a drop in oil money, the state lost billions. The ruling class saw this as the opportunity to start a economic war with the state. Now this does not mean that Nicolas Maduro is innocent. Corruption and economic mismanagement are a huge problem and top down centralism are the result of a government that does not understand what socialism is about. Socialism demands working class control by decentralize councils. Soviet democracy you can call it, but Venezuela does not have that. Instead it has a bureaucratic state competing for power with the old bourgeoisie. Venezuelan workers are stuck between and suffer!

  • Bitcoin Broker
    Bitcoin Broker 3 days ago

    Not long they start cannibalism.

  • Taz Beet
    Taz Beet 3 days ago

    lies, cause rotten meat will kill you

  • S E Bayless
    S E Bayless 3 days ago

    members of Parliament

  • Ajju
    Ajju 3 days ago

    War against d govnt is d only option...

  • Kenshin Himura
    Kenshin Himura 3 days ago

    Nobody gives a shit about Venezuela. Take care of your own country. Leave us out of it.

  • Irshad TP
    Irshad TP 3 days ago

    This is how happened due to the mismanagement of government

  • kelvin urena
    kelvin urena 3 days ago

    BBC= British Broadcasting Communism!!!

  • Jam09 Joe
    Jam09 Joe 4 days ago

    kerala communists should see this....venezuela with such huge oil resources is in this bad state.....imagine where kerala will be under communism

  • f n
    f n 4 days ago

    Sucks man... Good luck to all the people in the world who go to bed hungry at night.

  • batte godfrey
    batte godfrey 4 days ago

    Africa is a little bid far better than Venezuela

  • Rickey Baker Baker
    Rickey Baker Baker 4 days ago

    Where the f*** is Sean Penn and Michael Moore now they were praising that m*********** here not too long ago and now they all these people starving to death no electricity gas is out is this what you want socialism yeah it really works huh Yes siree Hollywood f****** fake news well when s*** hits the fan I know I'm going hunting for any Hollywood star any of those m************ that got up on TV and condone this s*** it's going down

  • Neo DC
    Neo DC 4 days ago

    What crysis? Socialism totally works.

  • Rachel Ortiz
    Rachel Ortiz 4 days ago

    Why don’t they just cure the meat with salt

  • Alexandr Umanetz
    Alexandr Umanetz 5 days ago

    So why the hell are Western universities teaching their students that socialism is a great idea? Madness.

  • Hit Man
    Hit Man 5 days ago

    May GOD help them...

  • Cathy Friend
    Cathy Friend 5 days ago

    Learn to hunt trap and fish. You will always have something to eat.

  • Blue Bee
    Blue Bee 5 days ago

    pick berries i havent had meat or milk in 16 yrs nor have my drs

  • Blue Bee
    Blue Bee 5 days ago

    eat plants you have the weather for them and yummy

  • opinionvoice
    opinionvoice 5 days ago

    Lift the sanction and they peoples can have food again, Venezuela peoples should start farming and grow they own food instead of relying on others all the time.

  • El Churcho
    El Churcho 5 days ago

    Mmmmhhh yes! The same socialism that kick my Argentina from the top 10 world powers in 1915 to the shit hole of reds that is today.
    Socialism is pure cancer.
    (More than 100 years pass and we are worse and worse)))))

  • Nathan unknown
    Nathan unknown 5 days ago

    Socialism: It works!

  • jeje Laurent
    jeje Laurent 5 days ago

    I have human.Lord help us.

  • Rahima Hassan
    Rahima Hassan 5 days ago

    I just thank God that i belong to Africa

  • Tony V
    Tony V 5 days ago

    Too bad the venezuelan government is not smart enough to make a deal with Trump and end this misery

  • Gang Of Four
    Gang Of Four 5 days ago


  • bruno santos
    bruno santos 5 days ago

    that's what socialism does! yes, it is a socialist based government.


  • Zeryk
    Zeryk 5 days ago

    Why don't they just vote for socialism!

  • GÉNÉRAL Thomas Dumas

    the benefits of communism a real paradise so great that the people who live there all start to leave

  • Urgaal Xai
    Urgaal Xai 5 days ago

    so where is the money of all the latinos porn vids we got on the net?

  • Fed up With Lies
    Fed up With Lies 5 days ago

    Lots of these people are joining the line to the USA.
    The 1.5million gone to Colombia have saturated that border.
    Look at Maduro, when looking for WHO FINANCES THE CARAVANS.
    he needs to remove at least 5 millions of HUNGRY AND POORLY EDUCATED VENEZUELANS.!!

  • Fiona Green
    Fiona Green 5 days ago

    The world economy the older generation is leaving us with is depressing me