Venezuela crisis: Where families buy rotten meat to eat - BBC News

  • Published on Oct 16, 2018
  • Millions of Venezuelans have left the country in the last two years, fleeing the oil-rich nation’s economic collapse.
    Shortages of food and basic goods, years of recession, soaring inflation and regular power shortages have left the country almost on its knees.
    The government says those against the socialist President Nicolas Maduro are waging an "economic war" - but many within and outside the country blame his policies, combined with corruption and mismanagement.
    One of the most affected areas is the state of Zulia, long known as the centre of the country's oil industry.
    The BBC’s Vladimir Hernandez is one of the few international journalists who has been able to report from the state.

    Produced by Herminia Fernandez, filmed by Omar Garcia.
    Edited by Kelvin Brown.
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  • BBC News
    BBC News  4 months ago +126

    Watch Our Latest report from Venezuela:

    • Mark Rigsby
      Mark Rigsby 10 days ago

      Kill Maduro and your Goddam crying.

    • Илија Б.
      Илија Б. 12 days ago +1

      Nato is the terorists, bbc is spreading bullshit propaganda and lies

    • leemsy lazy
      leemsy lazy 23 days ago

      LIAR I cannot smell anything I did not see a fly.

    • Val 91
      Val 91 27 days ago

      Thats how socialism works

  • Vincent Tan
    Vincent Tan 10 minutes ago

    country is rich, but people are poor. That's Malaysia too.

  • Gwapang Pinay
    Gwapang Pinay 6 hours ago

    fry the pork, preserve it coz it will last longer than uncook pork, and u can sell it that way.

  • Gwapang Pinay
    Gwapang Pinay 6 hours ago

    why dont they just cook the good pork and sell it out to people before it get bad, that way they could eat clean and not rotten meat. Theyre excused was the power cut off thats why theyre meat get bad, they dont have consistent power supply thats why cook the pork and sell it. You can reheat the meat and will last couple of days.

  • Geeta Andrade
    Geeta Andrade 6 hours ago

    Rencently a group of journalists visited Venezuela and said their lives are 'normal' they go to work, shopiing etc. Of course there is hardship due to sanctions, recently a shipment of medication for cancer patience was knocked back by USA sind they insist on the sanctions! Why not go look at the Yemenis, or keep ignoring it like for years. Oh, selective with your sympathies, are you one of the exceptional terrorists who make war all over the world and proclaim "the new world order" , teach the how to live! One day the chickens will come home to roost.

  • ZenNY
    ZenNY 7 hours ago

    estos chavistas creen que esto es un jueguito en el playstation. gente están muriendo pa q? pinche maduro tiene que pudrirse con los autoridades

  • ZenNY
    ZenNY 7 hours ago

    my family still live in venezuela . i pray for them everyday and thank god for having moved to the u.s early in my life

  • Valentina di Firenze
    Valentina di Firenze 18 hours ago Sanctions are the weapons of mass destruction ..THE BANK ACCOUNTS ( BILLIONS OF DOLLARS )OF VENEZUELAN GOVERNMENT ARE CLOSED AND THE GOLD FOR 1,2 BILLION IS BLOCKED IN BRITISH BANK..THESE ARE ACTS OF WAR...Please, read the article in the link

  • Martin Shkreli
    Martin Shkreli 22 hours ago +1

    Lets talk about Bollywood lol

  • booseyhey
    booseyhey 23 hours ago

    More to Venezuela's ailing economy than just the style of government. The US has one of the world's worst cost effective health systems in the world - US citizens pay more for the same level of service as in other countries. Cuba has one of the best health systems. Look at the numbers of Cubans who compete in the Olympics, for example. And from such a small population.

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar Day ago +1

    Maduro is like the Gandhi family that doesn’t care for its countrymen. He is just filling his pockets with corrupt money.

  • Ravi Kumar
    Ravi Kumar Day ago

    India would have been in the same state had the congress continued beyond 2014. Modi had a clear understanding of the situation and he has repaid the entire World Bank loan. For the first time the govt has not borrowed from the world bank instead managed a huge investments from foreign businessmen to keep our economy moving at the fastest rate globally.

  • blind drift
    blind drift Day ago

    you better invade them then bbc

  • Tone Be The Truth Valdez

    Wtf is wrong with the United States this the type of shit I hate seeing why TF we ain't helping these people out instead were worried about Isis & building a wall I mean we can afford TO GIVE AWAY 25 million dollar lottery's TO RANDOM PEOPLE but we can't afford to help these people ....IF I HAD A SAY SO I WOULD TAKE ALL THAT MONEY FROM LOTTERY & HELP THESE PEOPLE THIS IS SAD ASS SHIT.....FUCK THE RICH🖕🖕 ----FEED THE POOR 🙏🙏🙏💯💯💯

  • Bombi Ninini
    Bombi Ninini Day ago

    In case this crisis hits my country, we've been planting vegetables and fruits in our backyard. So we dnt have to rely on others in terms of food. God Bless Venezuela!!

    • Ebenezer Laloo
      Ebenezer Laloo Day ago

      Imagine if it would last for months, years do u still think its sufficient

  • The Shpee
    The Shpee Day ago

    This is why I hate corrupted politicians. They don't care about the citizens they only care for themselves! 😡

  • Joseph Knecht
    Joseph Knecht Day ago

    ''a rich nation , but most people here are not rich''...why i have the feeling that this could well aplly for USA or UNITED KINGDOM?

  • charlie sloth
    charlie sloth Day ago

    This country was fine until America intervened... Just like every where else... The devil filth nation causes havoc and suffering every where it goes....

  • Matthew McPeek
    Matthew McPeek Day ago

    You've got it all wrong! Liberals in the United States want us to abandon our way of life to adopt socialism! They even support this horrible dictator in in Venezuela. How come reality and what democrats say aren't lining up?

  • d k
    d k Day ago

    Guy has four kids and has to buy fat to feed them. Maybe, just maybe, things would be better for everyone if he didn't have four kids. How about one? Or two? Or none? But, no. He's down with g-o-d so let's have as many kids as possible.

  • Argha B
    Argha B Day ago

    Why dont they Eat Vegetables? instead of RoaTen meat?

    • ZenNY
      ZenNY 7 hours ago

      you imbecile there is no stable conditions for plant growth, nor do they have many options because when i lived, well survived in venezuela we had over 10 power outages per day, no way to cook the meat. they are starving that is their only choice. i’m starting to wonder if you watched the film

  • Aaquib Khan
    Aaquib Khan 2 days ago

    Uffff Allah please help those people please

  • E S C
    E S C 2 days ago
    Worth watching!

  • WorldFamous 4x4
    WorldFamous 4x4 2 days ago

    And Lele Pons is proud to be from here

    • Novak
      Novak 18 hours ago

      Why wouldn't she? Imagine being proud to be from America, with racism, slavery, killing civilians in Middle East, school shootings...Venezuela just has corrupt politicians

  • Zyrach Brave official

    Their president is the baddest one in all countries. I hope he dies early than the end of the world.

  • bigblue999
    bigblue999 2 days ago

    And the Democraps want to bring socialism here in America

  • Plamen Peshev
    Plamen Peshev 2 days ago

    The solution is very simple - on 11 September 2019 host an event in NY called "US is under attack" blame Madure, kill him and take the oil

  • Nathaniel Harris
    Nathaniel Harris 2 days ago

    Socialism. How great

  • Jamal Kosh
    Jamal Kosh 2 days ago

    They're eating rotten meat? Sanction them more! Then they'll be eating dirt.

  • joaquin peñaranda
    joaquin peñaranda 2 days ago

    The subtitles are wrong at the begining they make it seem more dramatic

  • raymundo babaran jr
    raymundo babaran jr 2 days ago


  • Nishant Tyagi
    Nishant Tyagi 2 days ago

    May maduro soul burn in hell

  • Nishant Tyagi
    Nishant Tyagi 2 days ago

    Thank god I live in India

  • Lolita,
    Lolita, 2 days ago

    Imagine having to physically buy the hospital equipment needed for your own surgery. This is absolutely no way to live, and it frustrates me that their government see the people like this, and effectively turn their backs.

  • Philly Sports!
    Philly Sports! 2 days ago

    We Americans dont realize how good we have it!!!

  • Gapi Piraba
    Gapi Piraba 2 days ago

    I felt sorry for those people

  • SoleDontPanik tinifu

    Wow. The meat, hospital, and so on... I almost started my day off ungrateful. So sad

  • silvia lopezmiranda
    silvia lopezmiranda 2 days ago

    I would like Al of that people eventhe African, to came here to Africa to see what many people eat , even this English reporter , came here to make your report. Is more important Venezuela no? They have gas, fuel? Very interesting your point of view

  • Sudian betul
    Sudian betul 3 days ago

    Iam from indonesia0

    AL CAPONE 3 days ago

    Lol i d g a f

  • Boney Jones
    Boney Jones 3 days ago


  • Gloop Puddle
    Gloop Puddle 3 days ago

    Lord JESUS. Let your kingdom come. Let your will be done. AMEN ✝️🙏🏼✝️

  • Pablo Martin Ayala
    Pablo Martin Ayala 3 days ago

    Venezuela tiene el doble de petróleo... Que los Emiratos árabes y viven asi... Que triste

  • Novo_M8
    Novo_M8 3 days ago

    Being someone with A.R.F.I.D this is my worst nightmare

  • The Legendary Troll
    The Legendary Troll 3 days ago

    i wondered why extremists don't go there instead and take over the government it seems quite easy compare to other countries
    just saying well they will come sooner or later so why not now

  • Jj Raia
    Jj Raia 3 days ago

    60 years later:
    Westerners: wow you're from Venezuela? So do you like, eat rotten meat?

  • glorietta eroy
    glorietta eroy 3 days ago +2

    Oh my God, i broke my heart for this country Venezuela. I wish, they will recover from this bad situation. Love lots from the Philippines.

  • glorietta eroy
    glorietta eroy 3 days ago +4

    Oh my God, i broke my heart for this country Venezuela. I wish, they will recover from this bad situation. Love lots from the Philippines.

    • Black Dot
      Black Dot 2 days ago

      our country philipines is very poor also

  • Nicholey Francheska
    Nicholey Francheska 4 days ago +1

    This is why socialism doesn’t work
    Also, my heart aches for those suffering
    For anyone all over the world

  • angie g
    angie g 4 days ago

    Too bad they can't just eat like vegans. Bad meat can kill someone.

  • JohnG0707
    JohnG0707 4 days ago

    Please help and share this story to show how things are In Venezuela!!

  • Nestor Cuero
    Nestor Cuero 4 days ago +1

    I cry hard because I was born in Caracas but it feels like no one cares

    AWESOMECHEESE29 4 days ago +1

    I’m goin to eat my Cheetos and Arizona

  • Aaron Perez
    Aaron Perez 4 days ago

    People who try and say Venezuela is better than America because of they have a nationalized healthcare system should watch the last l portion of this video. That poor lady had to buy everything the doctors need to perform the operation she needed. Then on top of that she has no power in her house to live comfortably and recover after she does have the surgery. This is why I don’t live in a communist country.

  • Tuomas Sikander
    Tuomas Sikander 4 days ago

    Must be a cowboy or one of It's ass flies to really believe this sad propaganda.
    Remember, there is about 55% cow and 45% boy in the original american cowboy.
    Greetings from Finland.

  • oRaGaMi 1337
    oRaGaMi 1337 4 days ago

    I hate south Americans. Seriously some of the scummiest people on our earth reside there. And what's up with Mexico?why cant they drink their water yet? Lazy shit bags. Scum just like their south American brethren. Seriously cut them off and let them fend for themselves. They will never change.

  • That  Guy
    That Guy 4 days ago

    If the U.S doesn't get its act together we'll be right there with them eating honey roasted pigeons in the yard.

  • Timmy Pitcher
    Timmy Pitcher 4 days ago

    This is what Democrats want for the USA

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar 5 days ago

    And yet Bernie’s stupid ass still thinks socialism can work

  • Great content
    Great content 5 days ago

    This is what Alexandria Cortez and Bernie Sanders want

  • Ancestral Sage
    Ancestral Sage 5 days ago +1

    We needs depopulation anyway.

    • Ancestral Sage
      Ancestral Sage 5 days ago

      +Mr. Meeseeks I don't have kids and am not going to because I know we don't need more people in the world, and I wouldn't be able to take care of them sufficiently.

    • Mr. Meeseeks
      Mr. Meeseeks 5 days ago

      Sure, let's start with you and your entire family.

  • nikeathlete23
    nikeathlete23 5 days ago


  • China Rodriguez
    China Rodriguez 5 days ago

    Fruits and vegetables grow on tree. Or do they not do that in Venezuela? Hmm.

  • Jeremy Arscott
    Jeremy Arscott 5 days ago

    This is socialism at it's finest. People like miss ocatio Cortez think socialism is the right way of running a country. The Venezuelan government owns citgo gas stations so why aren't they supporting the people that's the way way socialism is supposed to work but as this video shows socialism only benefits the rich and the government. Boycott citgo gas stations cut off the government from money. But nobody will they will just post tear emojis on Facebook and put a Venezuelan flag over their profile picture and say God bless. The only true way to save them is to take military action against the government and anyone supporting them and then letting the people elect a new government. It doesn't even have to be the United States NATO along with the United Nations can go give military support to the rebels fight the government. Me standing with 100 people in front of some government building protesting isn't going to help anyone or change anything.

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 5 days ago

    Meanwhile in America commie Sanders and the democrat party says Venezuela is the best country in the world a paradise where socialism works perfectly, no poor people, nobody starves, everybody is happy, but haters as TRUMP, BBC, CNN, the rest of the world and the Venezuelan people are just haters who denies the fact of their "working agenda" and they shall never be listen.
    Facts: Venezuelan people starves, media democrat slaves pays billions to make sure Venezuelan people don't be listen or helped. American celebrities who sold their souls to the democrats makes documentaries to create smokescreens and create propaganda for the slobs and snowflakes to support socialism.

  • Christopher DiGiovanni

    Sad! I hope the country soon will get improved.

  • life is beautifull
    life is beautifull 5 days ago +3

    God bles Venezuela

  • SwAggY P
    SwAggY P 6 days ago


  • Video game vids
    Video game vids 6 days ago

    and that is what the liberal socialists dems in the US want for us, government control over the privet sector and free markets, making them a slave to a few people who will ultimately mismanage and dismantle for their own vain glory and shallow "progressive " and predictably corrupt reasons, until the USA is a shadow of its former self and the people have as little or less than they used to. SAD. Do not vote democrat or for any liberal socialist communist etc. When a group of people resort to such policies as killing babies, and trillions of dollars in new taxes, you have failed as a leader and a person and have NO right to dictate to others how to live their lives. If you are a new migrate to the US DO NOT VOTE DEMOCRAT. NO

  • Rupesh K
    Rupesh K 6 days ago +2

    Hope it doesn't come to 'Merica

  • Marc Williams
    Marc Williams 6 days ago

    Horrendous. This planet is fucked. Its irreversible in my honest opinion. We are doomed all because of €$£

  • William Chew
    William Chew 6 days ago

    If a boy name William Kamkwamba from Malawi Africa can build a windmill to generate electricity, why can't Venezuelean ?

  • William Chew
    William Chew 6 days ago +1

    God blessed it's not war in Venezuela. It could be qorse if it's war.

  • Facist Incel
    Facist Incel 6 days ago


  • Onkyo Live
    Onkyo Live 6 days ago

    These dictators got to go.

    AMERICAN BELIEVER 6 days ago


  • gnanendra.g yadav
    gnanendra.g yadav 6 days ago +6

    This is y ..we require good government

  • Feirste Mac ciarrain

    This propaganda at its finest the country would not be like this if the Americans did sanction the fuck out of it and the British stole from them too .. this is complete lies same as the white helmets

  • king of kings 1
    king of kings 1 6 days ago

    All who dont love Christ and worship outher gods thats not God will Face crisis.santaria ab cult of thugs an catholics ftom rome will pay.777=21schin judgment .Thrice

  • observer
    observer 6 days ago

    BBC liars

  • DSLethal
    DSLethal 6 days ago

    More govt. control leads to this. Ppl being lazy also leads to this. Socialism kills everything.

  • DSLethal
    DSLethal 6 days ago

    Another example of failed socialism at it's best.. Way to go Venezuela..

    • Donker Voort
      Donker Voort 6 days ago

      DSLethal But yet millions of Americans want Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Ortiz for President.

  • roman hall
    roman hall 6 days ago

    But Bernie sanders says socialism is a good thing..

    • RahRan123
      RahRan123 6 days ago

      No it's Dutch Disease, you're ignorant don't infect others!!!

  • dat dawg
    dat dawg 6 days ago

    You are what you eat 😂😂😂

  • Paul obeyed the Torah Romans 2:13/3:31

    People in America are also dying, Of OVER eating ! Americans are Spoiled Rotten !

  • Kentel Kitten
    Kentel Kitten 6 days ago +7

    What the government is doing? I think Venezuela needs mass movement of people to throw current inefficent and rogue regime out of power.
    Fight for better future.
    Love from India.

    • MariYo
      MariYo 2 days ago

      This is socialism

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark 6 days ago

    This is where socialism will lead us in the long term.. Be warned..

    • Marky Mark
      Marky Mark 6 days ago

      +RahRan123 lol yep left wing nut bags love to scream about dutch disease.. The sad fact is your either to ignorant to see the big picture or you think socialism is a good thing in which case you ignore the facts and your a lost cause.

    • RahRan123
      RahRan123 6 days ago

      No it's Dutch Disease, you're ignorant don't infect others!!!

  • ariana ghandi
    ariana ghandi 6 days ago

    Here's an idea stop having kids

  • BudsnCaps
    BudsnCaps 6 days ago

    Such lies

  • oiram Baker
    oiram Baker 6 days ago

    What bullshit

  • Hissy Cissy
    Hissy Cissy 6 days ago

    I doubt it's physically possible for people to eat rotting meat of a dead animal without becoming very ill. This story like all the other stories of people eating rats, a rodent who's piss alone would kill you, and breaking into zoos to eat the animals ??? utter nonsense . The M.S.M. will say and do anything for their masters,. Professional liars and propagandists, It is their business to gain world sympathy for justification for whatever criminal acts are planned against Venezuela, they did the same with Syria, and Iraq and probably many other conflicts.

  • Laura Zander
    Laura Zander 6 days ago

    God help these people to be able to afford fresh food

  • AmandaH98
    AmandaH98 6 days ago

    ❤ 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • westexascaser odtx
    westexascaser odtx 6 days ago

    Socialism yay.!!

  • Lupe Rodriguez
    Lupe Rodriguez 6 days ago

    Still believing in madero??? That's what u deserve for being so stupid

  • durgam durgaprasad
    durgam durgaprasad 6 days ago

    In India almost 80% of people are living in 40+ degree of heat

    • BUCKETHEADache
      BUCKETHEADache 5 days ago

      "Heat waves" in London go up to 29 degrees lol.. Must be nice ?

  • ultraaa combo
    ultraaa combo 6 days ago

    Trump for 2020 for PrIson only.

  • Xenia Francesca
    Xenia Francesca 7 days ago

    Dittatura vuole la democrazia ...nel 2019 vedere la gente che a muore di fame, è una cosa inammissibile

  • jerome akmadol
    jerome akmadol 7 days ago

    Good grief im not on your worLddd this timed.

  • Curt Tay
    Curt Tay 7 days ago

    Start eating each other duh