Venezuela crisis: Where families buy rotten meat to eat - BBC News

  • Published on Oct 16, 2018
  • Millions of Venezuelans have left the country in the last two years, fleeing the oil-rich nation’s economic collapse.
    Shortages of food and basic goods, years of recession, soaring inflation and regular power shortages have left the country almost on its knees.
    The government says those against the socialist President Nicolas Maduro are waging an "economic war" - but many within and outside the country blame his policies, combined with corruption and mismanagement.
    One of the most affected areas is the state of Zulia, long known as the centre of the country's oil industry.
    The BBC’s Vladimir Hernandez is one of the few international journalists who has been able to report from the state.

    Produced by Herminia Fernandez, filmed by Omar Garcia.
    Edited by Kelvin Brown.
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  • BBC News
    BBC News  2 months ago +64

    Watch Our Latest report from Venezuela:

    • Jhon Helver
      Jhon Helver 7 days ago

      Please, help me to raise funds and recollect money to move out from Venezuela with PayPal, here the storie. thank you!

    • The Luminous One
      The Luminous One 9 days ago

      Why is there no mention of economic-speculative and financial attacks on the country from the US administration?! Why is there no mention of the massive and sustained economic sanctions against Venezuela from the US?! Why is there no mention of US intelligence operations enacted against Venezuela to help bring it to its knees?! BBC - British Brainwashing Corporation.

    • rohit raj
      rohit raj 9 days ago

      Enjoy socialism

    • lex rexy
      lex rexy 11 days ago

      Venezuela is not socialist, you are being misleading. Please correct yourself

  • Drew Lewis
    Drew Lewis 11 minutes ago

    Fight disinformation with your own mind and
    critical thinking
    -Vet your own news sources
    accept so called “Expert’s Opinions” as factual
    -Compare opposing points of view before you decide
    what’s true
    -Examine “Alternative Independent Media” that
    is uncensored by Google, Facebook, TVclip and other biased,
    controlling forces that might be manipulating and oppressing
    -Follow the money, who benefits from acts of violence
    can become the Resistance to this kind of misinformation
    If you want to know, have a look at these recent videos
    on youtube before they are censored and removed:
    FLAGS:FROM 911 TO SANDY HOOK” by Jim Fetzer
    “911 Psy Opera”
    by Ace Baker (1 hour version)
    “Where Did The Towers Go?” by
    Dr. Judy Wood
    “False Flags:Staged,Scripted,Mass Psy-Op Events”
    by noliesradio
    “Surviving Project MK-ULTRA & Psychiatry -
    CIA Mind Control Experiments In Vermont” by Alpha Mind
    “Ultimate TV Mind Control Documentary|Media
    Manipulation” by ODD Reality


    Isn't Socialism great!

  • Abrams Zahid
    Abrams Zahid Hour ago +1

    Rather than eat rotten meat, i want to eat venezuelan leader corrupted meat. Its more fresh and a heroic act, their meat is rich of fat and have soft texture which only comes from his dictator genes. And i dont mind to eat his family too. Venezuela need justice

  • J. M.
    J. M. 2 hours ago

    I think the Chinese military ships out of me pulling into Venezuela's and taking all these people to China to work in the underground city at least it have one meal a day and then left communism yeah you can keep communism

  • Glenn Sankey
    Glenn Sankey 4 hours ago

    Change you government if that’s possible. But just like other countries like India corrupt as hell. Just a thought:I wonder what our poor are eating? ya know the ones we don’t hear about.

  • 42ADW
    42ADW 4 hours ago

    Why are people in Venezuela not marching the streets???? Could someone here, preferably a Venezuelan person currently living there, tell me the reason - why are people letting this happen for another single day, another minute??

  • ardaduck
    ardaduck 5 hours ago

    Venezuela isn't even socialist. 75% of the companies are private and workin a capitalist manner

  • lil tall
    lil tall 5 hours ago

    if bernie was elected this would be America right now

  • 79medic
    79medic 6 hours ago

    This is what our left wingers want for us in America ...

  • Mario Nemario
    Mario Nemario 7 hours ago +1

    God help this people

  • Plato86
    Plato86 8 hours ago

    Cue the right wing trolls chiming in about "socialism". What you see is the failure of corruption.

  • Vi Le
    Vi Le 9 hours ago

    10 9 8 6 7 5

  • Thomas Fredrich II
    Thomas Fredrich II 9 hours ago

    Dry seasoning/curing would help dramatically vs grounding remaining fresh meat.

  • BIG T
    BIG T 11 hours ago

    Lol most of the people talking on camera were obese . No one is going hungry there have you seen the size of the women’s booty

  • Simona Ivancic
    Simona Ivancic 11 hours ago

    God, ....

  • JinO Chil
    JinO Chil 12 hours ago

    Can't they reset everything? Collect all Bolivars, usher in a new currency, and reprice everything like they were used to?

  • Mike Page
    Mike Page 13 hours ago

    A socialist paradise.

  • ClassWarFilms
    ClassWarFilms 16 hours ago

    What this disgusting excuse for journalism shows is the toxic effect of Main Stream Media in its attempt to suppress mass democracy. Nowhere in this "report" does it show how the sanctions, threats, and manipulations of the U.S. have devastated Venezuela's attempts to secure its economy for the People and not for the international predatory corporate thieves who would exploit it.
    Shame, shame, shame on you!

  • Banzingo NE
    Banzingo NE 16 hours ago

    But....but....but it wasn't "real" socialism.

  • mimi sikujui
    mimi sikujui 21 hour ago

    Where i am from there are maybe 3 families with fridges out of 50.we salt.smoke or dry the meat and it lasts looooooong.

  • Andrew Miguel
    Andrew Miguel 21 hour ago

    All thst oil thsts what us looking for.

  • Mich Tsomething
    Mich Tsomething 22 hours ago


  • LoveMe LoveYou
    LoveMe LoveYou Day ago

    What the hell! Where is the governments??? Are they blind and disable to do their job! Or else busy to corrupt all the people money!

  • Sunny Ko
    Sunny Ko Day ago

    Ima go there with a one hundred dollar note and buy the entire market xd.

  • Charles Oneil
    Charles Oneil Day ago

    I feel sorry for the older lady I wish someone could help with her cancer treatment.

  • Eric Zwolski
    Eric Zwolski Day ago

    Welcome to the world of Communism...

  • Costa Apostolos
    Costa Apostolos Day ago

    Socialism did this

  • facopse
    facopse Day ago

    Socialism in its full glory.

  • prone2101
    prone2101 Day ago

    socialism communism capitalism🤯 every one just shut up and be human!!! We’re all going to be rotten meat we’re all walking corpses! This government is rotten the blood of these people are all over their hands.

  • Dank Mems
    Dank Mems Day ago

    they also play runescape for money.

  • Jan Bakker
    Jan Bakker Day ago

    Fuck that i would become cannibal😂 make a killing selling human meat as beef 🤣

  • See Victor
    See Victor Day ago +1

    Meanwhile, we argue about the smallest things like gender equality and inhumane slaughterhouse.

  • Ani E
    Ani E Day ago

    Socialism kills!!

  • likklej8
    likklej8 Day ago

    The BBC is a state run media that pretends to be independent. It’s mainstream. Can you trust every thing you see and hear. Think for yourself remember 99% is bs.

  • Martin B
    Martin B Day ago

    This is what socialsm gets you.

  • likklej8
    likklej8 Day ago

    You don’t need meat super

  • Abramo O
    Abramo O Day ago

    Russia+ U.S.A.Brazil must invade venezuela and restore democracy.

  • Ronald Mata
    Ronald Mata Day ago

    "If it looks good, eat it." - Andrew Zimmern

  • Stephen Anderson

    All these comments about socialism are somewhat contradictory as in America and other Western counties capitalism isn't working properly either as the rich get richer and middle class and lower class workers have to pawn and sell possessions because President Man Baby (Trump) wants a wall causing a shutdown. Real democratic socialism is like Scandinavia and parts of Europe even though they are dealing with the other migrant crisis from the Middle East and Africa. Socialism and capitalism are not working so long as the oligarchs and billionaires get to write the rules then when the shit hits the fan make the poor the blame for these problems. There is too much money and food in the world today for people to be hungry in Latin America or the United States.

  • Rocco
    Rocco Day ago +1

    So how is a disarmed population under socialism working for yall?

  • Hero
    Hero 2 days ago +1

    Putin should help Maduro with food in exchange for oil

  • CV T
    CV T 2 days ago

    God commies are so disgusting.

  • Visconde, O editor
    Visconde, O editor 2 days ago +1

    This is why comunism and socialism don't work.

  • Devon Hutson
    Devon Hutson 2 days ago

    I don't care

  • Thebearcat66
    Thebearcat66 2 days ago

    Prob better to eat fresh TURD

  • Killermonger
    Killermonger 2 days ago

    Imagine the smell of their fart

  • Solberg
    Solberg 2 days ago +1

    "But muh scandinavian countries!"

  • likklej8
    likklej8 2 days ago

    Cut out the anti Venezuela propaganda please BBC

  • Chris McCord
    Chris McCord 2 days ago

    But wait, Jim Carrey told me Venezuela was doing great?!

  • Tiemen Weistra
    Tiemen Weistra 2 days ago

    America and Cia behind all of it. Economic hitman crashed the economy of Venezuela. Chavez kicker the Americans and Israelis out. And they have tried to destroy Venezuela ever since to get back in. Venezuela has the biggest oil reserves in the world. Wake up

  • Torin Jones
    Torin Jones 2 days ago

    Yay communism!

  • Mochacos Granday
    Mochacos Granday 2 days ago

    How planing to killing Chavez...

  • love gupio
    love gupio 2 days ago

    Oh no!😭😢😭😢

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith 2 days ago

    Chavez promised you a refrigerator. He neglected to mention he'd take away your electricity. But that doesn't matter, since he also neglected to mention he'd take away your food. Hope you're liking your free refrigerator.

  • Mr. TacTown
    Mr. TacTown 2 days ago +1

    Why not go fishing? That would be enough food to eat and to feed your family basically for free instead of having to eating fucken decomposed spoiled stank ass dog shit meat or having to give 1/3 of your monthly salary for 1 kilo of good meat which won't feed you and your family much. Give a man a fish and feed him for a day or teach him how to fish and his family won't have to be eating dog shit for breakfast lunch and dinner that's how the saying goes right?

    • D A
      D A Day ago

      They have but water is contaminated by filth and chemicals that are used to clear oil spills.

  • Mitchell Casilly
    Mitchell Casilly 2 days ago +1

    This is what happens when u disagree with the true powers of this world...

  • Jun P
    Jun P 2 days ago

    What a waste of land wished it was occupied by a better functioning country

  • kerim zeljkovic
    kerim zeljkovic 2 days ago

    America america thx you sanctions work very nice in Venezuela

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 days ago

    More lies and distortions form Western imperialist media.

  • Levi Everett
    Levi Everett 2 days ago

    They need to give these people dividends like they do in Alaska

    • superfuresh
      superfuresh Day ago

      They're money is worthless you fool

  • Johnmadara
    Johnmadara 2 days ago

    i buy rotten meat to eat

  • Archrave nineteenseventeen

    Another achievement deed by the socialist utopia

  • William Wu
    William Wu 2 days ago

    Venezuela was wealth and beautiful country for natural oil and resources, now blame US for all consequences.

  • Mr. Khan
    Mr. Khan 3 days ago

    Allah never punishes a nation until they recieve a warner. This is what happens when you have a corrupt society worshipping idols and doing magic.

  • Queen Queenly
    Queen Queenly 3 days ago


  • Georgi Hristov
    Georgi Hristov 3 days ago

    insane, 20 years ago the richest country in latin america, now the poorest

  • Jack Crouch
    Jack Crouch 3 days ago +1

    The world needs a flood!!!!!! Start over now!!!!! We need to end this stupid shit now!!!!!

  • Vedant kale
    Vedant kale 3 days ago

    Oh socialism you messed up again! Do you want another chance?

  • white bones
    white bones 3 days ago

    They should work their land and plant veggies instead of killing animals what this shows is how animals and pshicos they are

  • Rnam Saa
    Rnam Saa 3 days ago

    Everyone should read *Confessions of an Economic Hitman*

  • negro whatsapp
    negro whatsapp 3 days ago


  • Triceps
    Triceps 3 days ago

  • Cor Blimey
    Cor Blimey 3 days ago


  • Lemon Macsour
    Lemon Macsour 3 days ago

    mEanwhile in America, fUck America, fUck tRump.

    NUKE DUOS 3 days ago +1

    Its hard to live in the city without electricity lucky me i live in the forest

  • strike force
    strike force 3 days ago

    If they stopped having kids this wouldn't be an issue

    • D A
      D A Day ago

      Not everyone has sex voluntary.

  • HM
    HM 3 days ago

    What a prosperous socialist state.

  • Our Prophet
    Our Prophet 3 days ago

    The people must unite for what they stand for but that won’t happen sadly..

  • John Buhl
    John Buhl 3 days ago

    Socialists: *ACKSHUALLY*

  • Road Dawgz
    Road Dawgz 3 days ago


  • SpidertopusTV
    SpidertopusTV 4 days ago

    Looks like hell there. ):

  • Its—Me Anthony
    Its—Me Anthony 4 days ago

    The type of things Liberalistic Socialism will inspire.

  • 1Drummer
    1Drummer 4 days ago

    Back to beans, rice, and potatoes.

  • RCLuv
    RCLuv 4 days ago

    Don't have kids if you cannot afford them

  • Andy Jugon
    Andy Jugon 4 days ago

    Well that's what socialism does

    YOUNESS AIT AISSA 4 days ago

    Socialism again

  • look closer
    look closer 4 days ago

    BBC, u All trust Them????? Watch florida maquise...

  • BR Gurunandan
    BR Gurunandan 4 days ago

    Rotten meat? They are eating communists? Hallelujah!

  • Michele K
    Michele K 4 days ago

    What a pity all that oil wealth isn't trickling down to the general population

  • Guns N' Moses
    Guns N' Moses 4 days ago

    I cant wait for America to look like this. We deserve it. Maybe the next generation wont be as retarded if they see the "benefits" of socialism first hand.

  • Jorge Cadme
    Jorge Cadme 4 days ago

    Socialism: Everyone is equal in finances, worse off but still equal

  • Jorge Cadme
    Jorge Cadme 4 days ago

    Still support socialism?

  • Xroh VE
    Xroh VE 4 days ago

    Poor ppl man. God damn shame

    CNN SUCKS 4 days ago


  • King Louie
    King Louie 4 days ago

    Those who want socialism in America need to go down there and live for a couple of years.

  • Dayu Liu
    Dayu Liu 5 days ago

    Its not a crisis, it is an intentional genocide set by US government.

    • superfuresh
      superfuresh Day ago

      Lay off the moron seeds. Try sunflower seeds instead

  • Vegas Mitchell
    Vegas Mitchell 5 days ago

    Great Time 2 Start eating VEGETABLES & Fruits!!! isn't the 2nd RICHEST Man in the World from Venezuela???

  • Bishop
    Bishop 5 days ago

    Socialism wins again, baby!

  • nismonate
    nismonate 5 days ago

    Hope your watching this Sinn Fein.