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    donate money for some breakfasts:
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  • ClackerinSAUR
    ClackerinSAUR 12 hours ago

    tip 1 dont drop the soap

  • Zoie Gomez
    Zoie Gomez 12 hours ago

    Never brush your teeth with soap.

  • Golden Terrabyte
    Golden Terrabyte 12 hours ago

    but can you clean your room

  • Leong YiQian
    Leong YiQian 13 hours ago

    Shower Jelly ?

  • Stormtrooper 7509
    Stormtrooper 7509 13 hours ago

    Hi! My name is Steve (not really)

  • Jazzy Jay
    Jazzy Jay 13 hours ago


  • Fordsie
    Fordsie 13 hours ago

    soap can also be inserted into the butt

  • Bharat Nair
    Bharat Nair 15 hours ago


  • StarMari.e322
    StarMari.e322 15 hours ago

    I take this as a huge shoutout

  • Fluffy Furball
    Fluffy Furball 15 hours ago

    Bill Wurtz is a soap God confirmed

  • BassDopes
    BassDopes 15 hours ago

    Nope soap

  • bridget
    bridget 16 hours ago +1

    Don't eat soap.

  • JonathanD
    JonathanD 16 hours ago

    Are you ok, bill?

  • Shahrooz Alimohammadi
    Shahrooz Alimohammadi 16 hours ago

    I‘ll take the drugs he‘s having pls.

  • ThisKiddLoveYu Duh
    ThisKiddLoveYu Duh 17 hours ago

    Are you okay, My Dude?

  • Renz
    Renz 17 hours ago

    Huh? Randomly changes the subject to traveling to africa out of now where...

  • PackMyBaggins
    PackMyBaggins 17 hours ago

    Don't drop the soap

  • ゴミ音メアリー
    ゴミ音メアリー 17 hours ago


  • Dominic Godfrey
    Dominic Godfrey 18 hours ago

    Well, I know what I'm buying tomorrow...

  • git gud
    git gud 18 hours ago

    Make a video about german chickens

  • Veddy Gud
    Veddy Gud 18 hours ago

    Do the history of the United States.

  • Cyclone
    Cyclone 18 hours ago

    Did anybody catch the fidget spinner at 27 seconds

  • Marsh2503
    Marsh2503 18 hours ago

    Soap is dead :(

  • Peony The Minecraft Girl

    Still surprised no random blood stains on Periw-
    Periwinkle: Oh no there's one here!!! *Points to corner of shirt* See??????? Oh and did you call???

  • Stupidea
    Stupidea 19 hours ago +1

    why did your voice sound so deep in the jungle jingle?

  • Gavin Casey
    Gavin Casey 19 hours ago

    Best video of 2017

  • DarkVlogs
    DarkVlogs 19 hours ago

    I feel like most of Bill's content accurately describes my brain when I stay awake until 5:30 in the morning. Don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

  • Doruk Ayhan
    Doruk Ayhan 19 hours ago

    i love how these videos are made out of pure boredom

  • Andrew
    Andrew 19 hours ago

    These keep getting better and better

  • jhall the dank train
    jhall the dank train 19 hours ago +1

    For some reason I feel relaxed when I watch bill wurtz

  • Bob No
    Bob No 19 hours ago +1

    Do you know what my favorite brand of soap is?


  • Brooklyn Baby
    Brooklyn Baby 19 hours ago +1

    Is this what happens when you do LSD

  • depression has consumed me, there is no escape.

    *N* *O* *P* *E* *I* *T* *S* *A* *L* *R* *E* *A* *D* *Y* *C* *L* *E* *A* *N*

  • Keev's Hyung
    Keev's Hyung 20 hours ago

    That's some "clean" facts

  • quirky merrell_
    quirky merrell_ 20 hours ago

    Make a song using comments plzzzzzz

  • Boiled Potato
    Boiled Potato 20 hours ago

    Or just rent it

  • Mewleon Kun
    Mewleon Kun 20 hours ago

    "rent soap"

  • Vintage Fan
    Vintage Fan 20 hours ago

    I'll invite some of my friends with "my" soap, if you know what I mean.

  • LittleDemon
    LittleDemon 21 hour ago

    0:37 Best invention ever

  • CT 7567
    CT 7567 21 hour ago

    if you drop soap, is the floor clean or is the soap dirty,

    or will your butthole become a little bit wider

  • Garrett Haltom
    Garrett Haltom 21 hour ago

    Best version of Fight Club ever

  • Jefflinn QC
    Jefflinn QC 21 hour ago

    If you drop a soap, the soap will be dirty or the floor clean?

  • Michelle
    Michelle 21 hour ago +1

    I have never loved so much.

  • Good Old Rookie Master
    Good Old Rookie Master 21 hour ago +1

    Am I the only one who read that wrong like: "soap this?

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith 21 hour ago

    Let’s go to Africa and find love in the jungle

    The randomness of that made me laugh too hard

  • carbon.666
    carbon.666 22 hours ago

    0:36 fidget spinner lel

  • chanbaek enthusiast
    chanbaek enthusiast 22 hours ago

    told you bill, next time dont eat the soap

  • Huey Freemab
    Huey Freemab 22 hours ago

    Wtf is this cause I'm digging it

  • Orbital Tahp
    Orbital Tahp 22 hours ago +1

    Y O U C A N M A K E A R E L I G I O N O U T OF T H I S

  • Sophie B
    Sophie B 22 hours ago

    *M* *Y*   *N* *I* *C* *K* *N* *A* *M* *E*   *I* *S*   *S* *O* *A* *P* *.*

    ( Guess why. )

    ( ANSWER: Start with Sophie. Get rid of Phie. Add an A. Add a O. Add a P. You get Soap. And I like to be called DishSoap for some odd reason. )

  • ryanmeagher 12
    ryanmeagher 12 22 hours ago

    i am proud to be alive

  • _stuck in a nightmare_
    _stuck in a nightmare_ 23 hours ago

    thank you for these tips i needed them

  • John Stephenson
    John Stephenson 23 hours ago +1

    0:37 Spigit Finner

  • Sleepy Hush
    Sleepy Hush 23 hours ago

    ... Is this video sponsored by soap?

  • Indian Mapper
    Indian Mapper 23 hours ago

    soap soapity soap soap soap soap

  • PalomaPalomin
    PalomaPalomin 23 hours ago

    *S O A P*

  • Captainsparkist
    Captainsparkist 23 hours ago

    I am clean now.

  • Sophia Ahmed
    Sophia Ahmed 23 hours ago

    Top 10 Animes You Need to Get Into

  • Emma Drumm
    Emma Drumm 23 hours ago

    Very soapy
    Soap flavored
    Has a soapy texture

  • LEMONMELON15 ???


  • Why do i exist?
    Why do i exist? Day ago

    *S O A P P*

  • FastenTheFalafels

    oh no it’s a natural disaster

  • Kayla Lewis
    Kayla Lewis Day ago +1

    "It's something to think about."

  • Bensworth
    Bensworth Day ago

    I am now convinced that bill wurtz is a computer program that is coded to be perpetually on drugs and also to make videos, does anyone else think that? Is there anyone else here? Are you all actually robots?!? Am I a robot? I don't know anymore..... but now I have a sudden urge to scrub myself with soap while singing the song piano man...... how quaint.

  • DingleRoot 69
    DingleRoot 69 Day ago

    WTF?! Random...

  • junior lopez
    junior lopez Day ago

    I love it when soap tastes better

  • Sasha E Head
    Sasha E Head Day ago

    thanks bill

  • cheerioman 28
    cheerioman 28 Day ago

    Bill wurtz I hate you

  • awesome alex00
    awesome alex00 Day ago


  • Altertale Sans
    Altertale Sans Day ago

    we have religions about soap.

  • Dragon Fury
    Dragon Fury Day ago


  • Shadow Teck
    Shadow Teck Day ago

    The history of soap...

  • jokol8
    jokol8 Day ago +1


  • Ջեյմի
    Ջեյմի Day ago

    i love how he’s just so casual. “oh no it’s a natural disaster”

  • Arima
    Arima Day ago

    Captain Levi somewhere in an alternative universe

  • curly cactus
    curly cactus Day ago

    i love your vids and all

    but really?

    fidget spinners?

  • Lego6lego boomy1467

    i got an idea for a video

    the sun isn't a deadly lazer

    your not steve

    so what can I think of next!



    (I only have 15 subs D:)

  • Haiku Master
    Haiku Master Day ago

    Man your videos don't make any sense whatsoever, I'm not sure why I like them...well, good job

  • DuckAgent MC
    DuckAgent MC Day ago

    *S O A P GODS*

  • Mantana Jansi
    Mantana Jansi Day ago +1



  • Mantana Jansi
    Mantana Jansi Day ago +1

    Why u no sad?

  • Hydron
    Hydron Day ago +1

    soap T I T S.

  • Amazing
    Amazing Day ago

    soap is my waifu
    no seriously
    an inanimate object is my not-real soulmate

  • James Trotman
    James Trotman Day ago +1

    You sir are a master of making me entertained by my own confusion

  • Aperture Science Announcement System

    The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities, some considered to be unnatural.

  • Arno Cuppens
    Arno Cuppens Day ago

    I like soap *cuz thats the way i like to live my life...and i feel like everythings gonna be fine!*

  • Jakob Stenberg
    Jakob Stenberg Day ago +2

    No soap was hurt in the making of the video

    • Jakob Stenberg
      Jakob Stenberg 15 hours ago

      what!!!... NOOOOOO

    • Stupidea
      Stupidea 19 hours ago +1

      Jakob Stenberg what about the one in the mailbox

  • Scott Houston
    Scott Houston Day ago +1

    God the knock knock noise is so satisfying

  • GamePro0012
    GamePro0012 Day ago

    History of the entire soap, I guess...

  • polish boi
    polish boi Day ago

    I thought he was going to clean Africa with the soap for a sec

  • Giovanni Spada
    Giovanni Spada Day ago


  • Cancerous Fandom

    How to wash Canada

    Make a giant soap dump it in the sea and wait for a tsunami

  • mimprincesa
    mimprincesa Day ago

    Mind. Blown.

  • Sanskaar Sharma
    Sanskaar Sharma Day ago +1


  • Beeffuggee
    Beeffuggee Day ago

    more history plz

  • Rick Mulders
    Rick Mulders Day ago

    S O A P M E D A D D Y

  • Edward Huang
    Edward Huang Day ago

    Another history of (country) please!

  • Pokemon & DBZ fan don't judge

    This guy can make a 1 minute video about soap and everyone (except 3K people with no sense of humor.) Will love it.

  • sausypans
    sausypans Day ago

    good vid

  • Sophia Kaye
    Sophia Kaye Day ago

    Let's talk about soap. :)