INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY (2018) Ending Explained

  • Published on Jan 9, 2018
  • Ending Explained for the newest installment in the Insidious series, INSIDIOUS THE LAST KEY. Learn all about Elsie's untold backstory, the films twists, and the new evil Further spirit KeyFace.
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Comments • 2 833

  • Brendon Urimagines
    Brendon Urimagines 8 hours ago

    I think Insidious The Last Key wasn’t scary as more as an adventure. It was like It, not so much afraid of anything but just very adventurous.

  • Najmah Chant
    Najmah Chant 9 hours ago

    The fifth film is probably gonna have the sister who has the astral projection ability

  • Carmelle Claude
    Carmelle Claude Day ago

    Why is his voice a little deeper than when he did the Insidious trilogy video?

  • My other account Got banned

    It’s like the statement “I have no mouth, and I must scream” which is my favorite quote because of the horrific history of it

  • arise griffis
    arise griffis 2 days ago

    Do on the paranormal activity

  • Fernando_
    Fernando_ 2 days ago


  • agiuggio1
    agiuggio1 3 days ago

    the last major key: khaled's nightmare

  • LyricLuke.
    LyricLuke. 4 days ago +2

    In the words of Ryan Higa, "If there's a kid astral projecting, G T F O!"

  • Gasss McFlippy
    Gasss McFlippy 5 days ago

    “5 keys Mexico” “key face” coincidence? I think not

  • Don'tDropThat ThunThunun

    If Elise will be alive
    There will be no Insidious 2

  • Mingle Dingle
    Mingle Dingle 7 days ago

    What is rule Nr. One in horror games
    Close. The. Doors.

  • Homophobic Asswipe
    Homophobic Asswipe 8 days ago

    is the order

  • JustDom
    JustDom 12 days ago

    id watch all the movies . but dont have enough time

  • Gold Fish
    Gold Fish 12 days ago

    Her fathers actor is the same actor as the main character in “the collector”

  • Gillian L
    Gillian L 12 days ago

    I believe the closure of Lipstick Face demon showing up in Insidious 3 was to show that its already attached to Elise at that time as she travels to and from The Further quite a bit while helping Quinn. In the 1st movie, we see the same shot of Dalton looking at the direction of the red door curiously after his fall. He wasn't afraid as he most likely saw Elise who opened the door (4th movie). Then, we cut to the living room before we hear him screaming but doesn't show what he's screaming at. If you remember, when his parents arrived to the attic, he wasn't even that hurt by his fall. As Elise left w/o shutting the door, the demon who was following her the whole time came through which terrified him.

  • Mello
    Mello 12 days ago +1

    I wAtCh fOuNd fLiX bEcUz i'M tOo sCarEd tO-

  • Nathan Caraway
    Nathan Caraway 13 days ago

    What's funny if she didn't leave the red door open none of it would have happened

  • Alexis May Ackerman
    Alexis May Ackerman 13 days ago

    The keeper would of been a better name for key face, but I do love these flims😍

  • junaid iqbal 24
    junaid iqbal 24 13 days ago

    Is there gana be another insidious movie

  • fofomanboy
    fofomanboy 14 days ago


  • Aurelius
    Aurelius 14 days ago +1

    3:49 jaystation? dont worry he's just doing a 3 am challenge

  • Louis Mcarthur
    Louis Mcarthur 14 days ago

    I believe now that Elise is dead I believe Emma Jean will succeed her...if not then there's only so many prequels they can do before it's all wrapped up

  • Louis Mcarthur
    Louis Mcarthur 14 days ago

    I believe now that Elise is dead I believe Emma Jean will succeed her...if not then there's only so many prequels they can do before it's all wrapped up

  • Jack Padz
    Jack Padz 14 days ago +5

    Keyface looks like Bagul (Sinister, 2012) with his mouth open.

  • Valerie Quezada
    Valerie Quezada 14 days ago


  • Nitara Jones
    Nitara Jones 17 days ago

    His hair looks.handsome.

  • Nitara Jones
    Nitara Jones 17 days ago

    That moment when the synopsis is better than the actual movie. 🤔☺

  • Eric Nguyen
    Eric Nguyen 21 day ago

    Tiptoe, through the window, by the window.

  • Archoss 223
    Archoss 223 22 days ago

    I wanna see what happened when they visited that one family with the young girl in the wheelchair

  • Michael Lakins
    Michael Lakins 22 days ago

    мαувє ωє ωιℓℓ ѕєє тнαт яє∂ ∂єνιℓ αи∂ ℓσиg нαιяє∂ fιєи∂ ιи ιиѕι∂ισυѕ 5: ∂єαтн ℓαιя

  • Nurse Doggo
    Nurse Doggo 24 days ago

    I thought insidious was just a dumb cash grab horror series, and maybe it is. But wow, the writing is honestly really good and thought out.

  • bluferday ros
    bluferday ros 24 days ago +1

    And im here still waiting for that insidious 2 cliffhanger.

  • Udit Kumar
    Udit Kumar 24 days ago

    Starting music is superb

  • Anna Marie
    Anna Marie 25 days ago

    I know its not a horror but would u consider explaining What Dreams May Come starring the late Robin Williams.

  • A Very Gay Butterfly
    A Very Gay Butterfly 25 days ago

    It was almost really good

  • Sui Di
    Sui Di 25 days ago +2

    Man...Can't tell if the things at the side lf the red devil horns or it's just his bad haircut

  • sub ste
    sub ste 26 days ago

    Be like oh hi welcome to hell

  • Kwante Payton
    Kwante Payton 27 days ago +1

    Imogene has the same abilities as Elise because that's her niece

  • Experiences Connosiuer
    Experiences Connosiuer 28 days ago +1

    I think they should make a show based on younger Elise from the second movie and her cases with the occasional cameo/scene of the older Elise before she died. Maybe having a series starting as Elise going through old boxes after Jacks death and having a series around her flashbacks to cases tied to objects.

  • Nano Zipper
    Nano Zipper Month ago +1

    FoundFlix = Lore
    Deadmeat = KIll Count
    CinemaSins = Mistake inside the film

  • Angel Keys
    Angel Keys Month ago

    Where can I buy one of them dvd cases he got behind him

  • ploik qwert
    ploik qwert Month ago

    You need little bit more of a bass in your video

  • Kamachi Akahito
    Kamachi Akahito Month ago

    its kinda repetitive, i mean the 3rd one had a mom helping out, and this one also has a mom helping out

    VIKINGER WOLF Month ago

    It could been worse the demons name could have been.... TAZER FACE

  • SilverX UmbreonX
    SilverX UmbreonX Month ago

    My favorite entry in the series is Chapter two, then followed by Chapter one, and Chapter three for third, and I saw Chapter four as nothing but a cash grab---but I guess it doesn't seem like too bad of a movie regardless.

  • Ivory Ventrice
    Ivory Ventrice Month ago

    Its so sad that elise is gone. Hopefully her niece could continue the movies.. Though I feel like specs (the director) might be done with the movies

  • Agent Soshi
    Agent Soshi Month ago

    How about we call him Keyfingers?

  • Wings And TEARS
    Wings And TEARS Month ago +6

    Remember in the 2nd part after Elise died and helped Dalton's father in The further ....she said
    "I was going to the bright door when I heard you"
    Now in this 4th part which is before ...the demon keyface said
    "I want you to help me open all doors." 'what if' there is other doors than red doors ...and Elise think it's heaven but it's not maybe the bright light of the door keeps the demons or whateverelse from opening it up or something....🤔
    Or maybe she is Going to re-born or some thing ...I just thought about it

  • Alexander Luu
    Alexander Luu Month ago

    When you have too many keys and have to open a door

  • nelson
    nelson Month ago

    The red face demon disliked this video

  • Joseph Quinto
    Joseph Quinto Month ago

    I felt like this movie could have been so much better if they didn’t rush the plot so much. They movie could have easily been 2+ hours instead of 1:30

  • too.hazey
    too.hazey Month ago +3

    They need to connect it to the conjuring

  • Paul ByDesign
    Paul ByDesign Month ago

    This movie reveals that daltons haunting is her fault becuz she opened his red door and left it open

  • Anonymous Scrub
    Anonymous Scrub Month ago

    the devil looks like darth maulll

  • Paul Carpenter
    Paul Carpenter Month ago

    Black bride movie needs too happen

  • Mushy
    Mushy Month ago

    Astral Projection sounds fun. I mean if there is no demons and stuff does that mean I can go posses a fetus and become born again , so my old body would die though I would remember everything I learned. So I could be a child prodigy. I mean it would kill the other fetus and kill myself, but I got a new life and the kid did not know they died.

  • reignofrock
    reignofrock Month ago

    Never got why she was a 'fan favorite'. She's okay IMO. But I guess they want a persistent central character and she was the only viable and logical option.

  • Daivion Segura
    Daivion Segura Month ago

    This shit crazy dawg

  • Alec Dorman
    Alec Dorman Month ago +28

    "I have powers like you too but I don't think I'm strong enough.. let me call my boyfriend and his brother, I know they can help."
    Two hours later.. *Hears Impala pulling up outside*

  • kabr
    kabr Month ago

    keyface look like a budget red skull

  • Etarnalazure
    Etarnalazure Month ago

    .. But.. Why is there a timer on how long the spirit can be away from the body before the comatose body just dies? I dont get it, time is of no consequence in the spirit world, right? Sooo... The spirit just goes back to their body before the random timer runs out? Meaning that as long as the spirit gets lose the body will never die because the spirit can simply go back in time and rejoin the body before it does, and since a spirit can never die from old age the body would eventually be revived since time has no meaning and no matter how long it would take, days, years, millenia, the spirit can simply rewind time to before the body dies...

  • Beauty_vet
    Beauty_vet Month ago

    I feel like key face is like sleep paralysis.

  • onalie park
    onalie park Month ago

    they need to make a 5 with the girl from the end of chapter 2

  • Jack Marston
    Jack Marston Month ago +1

    It’s kinda Elise fault because she left the door open for spirits to come in the real world that’s why he looked and in the movie he looks so she should of closed it

  • IceeCold
    IceeCold Month ago

    When ur 3v1 In fortnite

  • Natalie S
    Natalie S 2 months ago +1

    6:46 😂😂😂 literally 😂😂

  • A Human Being
    A Human Being 2 months ago

    I dont even know why i watch this

  • Kryptronicx x
    Kryptronicx x 2 months ago

    They should turn Elsie into a demon seeking for a body in the next installment.

  • shashank singh
    shashank singh 2 months ago

    I saw this movie with my friends when my whole family was on vacation except me. So I was alone when my friends left at night. When I went to bed and closed my eyes I saw that shit it really scared me and I hardly slept. Watching this movie was idea of my bestfriend and I paid for it without sleeping.

  • Chase Barber
    Chase Barber 2 months ago

    3:04 I was like "Arkin!"