What High School Guys *ACTUALLY* Look for in Girls

  • Published on Sep 18, 2018
  • I asked a lot of guys at my school to FINALLY figure out the truth...
    what do guys ACTUALLY like in girls?!
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    I love you & thrive today💛🌙🌟
    -Vanessa Nagoya
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  • Ada Sweet
    Ada Sweet Day ago

    6,4 oh wanna come over here, I’m 5,8 just like you said

  • C2k3 Cookie
    C2k3 Cookie 3 days ago +1

    4:08 guy tho 6’4 😳 sad he wants 5’6 to 5’8 I’m 5’4 and a half

  • Nudah Not Verified
    Nudah Not Verified 4 days ago

    At the beginning when your intro played I thought your name was, "what's up niggas?" Lmfaoo

  • Mari Borba
    Mari Borba 4 days ago

    these guys r too sweet

  • Cecília Pimenta
    Cecília Pimenta 5 days ago +1

    I’d prefer they were honest rather than just saying: PERSONALITYYY

  • Jim Moriarty
    Jim Moriarty 6 days ago


  • Green lili
    Green lili 6 days ago +2

    Let's be honest here non of these guys acc know what they look for in a girl

  • Sweetheart Cool
    Sweetheart Cool 6 days ago

    i thought he was harry potter hahaah in 3:36

  • Nikki Rajput
    Nikki Rajput 7 days ago

    2:10 dyinnnnnnnngggg

  • Duck Man3D5
    Duck Man3D5 8 days ago

    Be nice have a good sense of humour and be smart and if they believe in star signs I’ll dip so fast they won’t be able to blink

  • jordan smith
    jordan smith 11 days ago

    A head, torso, arms, legs...preferably put together, nicely.

  • jordan smith
    jordan smith 11 days ago

    All liars...1st thing a guy thinks is boobs, then saves himself by using the old cliche "personality" to try seem all nice n mature.

  • Fake Default
    Fake Default 14 days ago

    Don’t trust them there not being honest

  • Carma Walchesky
    Carma Walchesky 14 days ago

    whats the tall guys ig and snap

  • Angelina Guenther
    Angelina Guenther 16 days ago

    “You got to get good head” heard it at 4:47

  • Savanna Li
    Savanna Li 17 days ago

    Its all about the vibes

  • soph.1
    soph.1 18 days ago


  • Lefty 083
    Lefty 083 18 days ago

    oh i know-

    *your looks :)*

    horrible right?

  • Alexa Andrea Ancheta
    Alexa Andrea Ancheta 22 days ago

    Ate sa po kayu naka tira

  • Kalpana Mishra
    Kalpana Mishra 27 days ago

    "I like me better when I'm with you ...." the video startled me for a moment cause that's my ringtone

  • ¡ Cãramël Cãppücinø !

    Why does everyone got a crush on the boy at 2:10 ?

  • Goss queen
    Goss queen Month ago

    ANSWER- not me

  • johanna dam
    johanna dam Month ago +1

    4:45 "you gotta get good head"

  • DenisFan105
    DenisFan105 Month ago

    um kiss them everytime they say cute and loving

  • Anna Garcia
    Anna Garcia Month ago

    There's alot of liar 😂😂 sorry😂😂😂

  • CasualPrince
    CasualPrince Month ago

    I was waiting for “a pulse, usually”

  • Dean's Bean
    Dean's Bean Month ago

    Ok but Nathan ily

  • ヤマイ 【YUZURU】ユズル


  • Ridzie // MULTIFANDOM
    Ridzie // MULTIFANDOM Month ago +1

    Ok but like .... someone drop the ig of the guy at 2:10 .. like I need to stalk that man ..like ....BOOIIII he looks like he's out from a damn ass Wattpad book HELP

  • Edz Alondraz
    Edz Alondraz Month ago

    Amma grab personality from grab apps LMAO 😂

  • veronica loday
    veronica loday Month ago

    4:13 5:20 5:47 that's my type that's my type 😂💙

  • 李嘉豪
    李嘉豪 Month ago

    they are all so pretty!

  • David Ramirez
    David Ramirez Month ago

    I like in a girl Black Hair Black Eyes Asian girl just like Fairy Tail opening 20 or Opening 15 Chasing Boboa with a soft strong voice just like Latina Girls like Policarpa Salavarrieta or Simona de Amaya or from the Zorro Telenovela like Esmeralda or Joan of Arc and don't abuse my babies if I have a girl the wife will take care off the baby girl if is a boy I take care off the boy and tech them conseges off life meaning saying's and don't abuse off other people the is one thing I went through and I haven't overpass the pain I prefer to keep it it as my curse and will never allow my son pass the curse to other people the I have suffer I wouldn't allow my son do wrong with other's I will keep him in the right put or he will get a punishment off curse the will mark him forever if I have too just like me but I hope the wife can keep the daughter as right teach

  • David Ramirez
    David Ramirez Month ago

    I hate eye contact is like you are a slave if you going to get a job you always require eye contact I like talking without looking at they face only if you going to say something infront off them but don't keep a eye staring at them all the time only if you going to say something really nice then eyes contact but English girls don't have the types of moves

  • Anna Catherine
    Anna Catherine Month ago

    How old is Nathan and tell him to hmu lol

  • Fallen soul
    Fallen soul Month ago

    The difference between white schools and black schools. Why are guys in white schools more respectful? My opinion. Idk 😐

  • Bella’s Bear’z
    Bella’s Bear’z Month ago

    I love these type of videos idky

  • JosiRosi Aprikosi
    JosiRosi Aprikosi Month ago

    Why are they all so freaking tall??? Boys at my school are so short!!!

  • Sarah Goose
    Sarah Goose 2 months ago

    Guy at 2:10 got me feeling some type of way

  • Marealle Caduan
    Marealle Caduan 2 months ago

    The second guyyyy lookssss like harry styles!!!!!

  • NoellesVids _
    NoellesVids _ 2 months ago

    Nathan is adorable

  • Jett Palmer
    Jett Palmer 2 months ago

    4:54 Tell me this is not chowder from Monster House

  • Ti Dawg
    Ti Dawg 2 months ago

    me: hey am personality
    crush: ohh ok

  • annie g.
    annie g. 2 months ago

    i’m literally 5’6, hmu boi

  • Kevin Doyle
    Kevin Doyle 2 months ago +1

    Every lad in this video seems like total trash and is just straight lying

  • sylvie
    sylvie 2 months ago

    4:00 i’m 5’7 and a half please marry me (omigod he’s 6’4”) 😭😭

  • Nonono
    Nonono 2 months ago

    Guy at 2:15 🥵

  • Drowzy Zzz
    Drowzy Zzz 2 months ago +1

    You have so many boyfriends

  • Mxdnight•Mia
    Mxdnight•Mia 2 months ago +3

    1:40 “What do you look for in a girl?”

    Ok yup
    He is my type

  • Just Chillin
    Just Chillin 2 months ago

    How old r u???

  • Ricy Cole
    Ricy Cole 2 months ago

    May i ask? Where do you go to school?? Your surrounded with cute guyss😍😍💓

  • Cass Coloney
    Cass Coloney 2 months ago

    if i took a shot everytime someone said "personality" i'd be hella drunk

  • T sin
    T sin 2 months ago

    Intro song ????????????????????????????????

  • Mikiah Reed
    Mikiah Reed 2 months ago

    the 7th guy is a cutie ✨🥰💖

  • stianerleut
    stianerleut 2 months ago

    "she gotta give good head" that one killed me lmfao

  • Harry Styles
    Harry Styles 2 months ago

    2:11 guy is cute🤭

  • Angie Rodriguez
    Angie Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Girl you lucky boys at my school are look like dead animals smell like rotten milk and have the personality of a pimple / their jerks and they look like roches.

  • Meileigh L
    Meileigh L 2 months ago +1

    welp time to go shop for a personality 😂jk

  • Lucy Masters
    Lucy Masters 2 months ago

    People saying ‘nice, honest, sweet-etc’
    I’m evil af if he doesn’t like pranks :/

    P.S. Minecraft story mode knowledge has arrived

  • potatopigeon Veldman
    potatopigeon Veldman 2 months ago

    If u r a bitch don't talk to me 😂😂