Living with Ari

  • Published on Oct 22, 2017
  • what a little punk rascal

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    Kinda Awkward by ionics
    the mii theme song by nintendo

    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D ari will send you a happiness scream
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  • bendy productions
    bendy productions 9 minutes ago

    You should get ari a friend, like another bird named jax (like your brother)

  • Itsarticfox 06
    Itsarticfox 06 45 minutes ago

    I had a sugar glider her name was present!

  • xXerinXx !
    xXerinXx ! Hour ago +1

    Who's better? Like=jaiden ari=coment

  • T-Hive
    T-Hive Hour ago +1

    I just drew a banana... his names Chris...

  • Deppy_
    Deppy_ Hour ago

    Ari: *screams alot*

    Jaiden: SHUT UP

    Ari: *disagreement look*

  • Xaivier Wooden
    Xaivier Wooden Hour ago


  • fortnite11X
    fortnite11X 2 hours ago

    Can air fly?

  • Weirdwolf_1234 Idk
    Weirdwolf_1234 Idk 2 hours ago

    Make an ari animation plzzz :3

  • Herbie Cool
    Herbie Cool 2 hours ago +1

    I have two ari’s one is a sun parrot who screams like ari the other one a cocktail just sings a lot a bites everyone

  • ElectricPeaPlayz
    ElectricPeaPlayz 4 hours ago

    I mean, my betta hates erasers.

  • Halis öztekin
    Halis öztekin 5 hours ago


  • Kracken Playz
    Kracken Playz 5 hours ago

    You’re right Jaiden it’s called “Jaiden Arimations”

  • Xia DiCiaula
    Xia DiCiaula 5 hours ago

    I have a ari

  • Ashley Garcia
    Ashley Garcia 6 hours ago


  • Chrissy McCollum
    Chrissy McCollum 6 hours ago

    Who’s also looking for odds1out/boyinabands comment

  • Member Berries
    Member Berries 6 hours ago

    Does ari like to use your boobs as a bird stand I mean just saying if I was a bird that’s what I would be doin

  • Savannah Robles
    Savannah Robles 10 hours ago

    I have a ari but she is a pain in my heart 😑😑😑

  • Rizzo Barlow
    Rizzo Barlow 11 hours ago +1

    Jaiden vs Ari who’s better comment this comment

  • livi robinson
    livi robinson 12 hours ago

    have you ever played Minecraft and do a video on what you think of Minecraft

  • Jang Kendal
    Jang Kendal 13 hours ago

    I have a re2 but he's not named Ari and he's quite quiet so any

  • Farmer with A shotgun
    Farmer with A shotgun 13 hours ago

    I wanna get a bird like ari but I can’t afford a bird like ari I’m 13 and I’m stuck with something like a budgie, nothing wrong with them but they seem a lot harder to take care of and ari seems more funny and play full also budgies live only around 5-10 years which isn’t much put I heard that a bird like ari lives around 30 years and that’s the type of bird I want please help on what I should do

  • Hanna Schultheis
    Hanna Schultheis 14 hours ago

    I would like to inform you that Ari is the reason my boyfriend wants a bird. Guess who is going to end up taking care of a screeching feathered shit

  • Cristian Castro
    Cristian Castro 15 hours ago

    I have multiple Ari's and they hate us my parents always get them food and water but they hate us for no reason :(

  • Indah Julianty
    Indah Julianty 15 hours ago

    I like Ari more than Jaiden. Lol. I like both.

  • char langdon
    char langdon 15 hours ago

    5:06 soooo cute

  • Aramis Carrender
    Aramis Carrender 16 hours ago


  • shoot The barrel
    shoot The barrel 16 hours ago

    I have a hamster

  • Mr. NickStudios
    Mr. NickStudios 16 hours ago

    TVclip: Deleting Jaiden Animations
    Jaiden: Making Ari animations

  • Alan Playz
    Alan Playz 16 hours ago


  • Michael Dillard
    Michael Dillard 17 hours ago

    Do board teeth heart

  • Floofyoreouwu OwO
    Floofyoreouwu OwO 17 hours ago

    And I have a ARI

  • Niki Nicole
    Niki Nicole 17 hours ago

    Are you saying Ari has a As a type of bird or are you just saying you’re a bird? Not trying to be mean

  • tomtord 68 we will miss you edd

    Squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk squawk and just letting you know that was Ari and yes I have ari

  • Randi Reed
    Randi Reed 18 hours ago

    Your so much better than Ari! I mean you do all the work and he does nothing to help!?!

  • Natalie W.
    Natalie W. 18 hours ago

    I would like to buy ari over you.

  • Evan Neidhart
    Evan Neidhart 18 hours ago

    8:49 mouth reveal

  • Kim haret
    Kim haret 20 hours ago

    i have a bunny

  • tord's channel
    tord's channel 20 hours ago

    Jaiden you havent made a vids in 10 years yee

  • evelynpdll
    evelynpdll 21 hour ago +1

    me to

  • DareToDraw :3
    DareToDraw :3 23 hours ago

    My bird is also a cute, demonic, brat who screams when he doesn’t get something, and he always tries to fly out of the house through the mirror =_=

  • Zachary Hitchens

    Poor strawberrys I feel their pain:(

  • Luigi Da Dabber
    Luigi Da Dabber Day ago

    Hey, Jaiden Arimations

  • We are all just trying our best

    What kind of birb is Ari

  • Чу :3
    Чу :3 Day ago

    Кто-нибудь знает, какая у Ари порода?

  • Sans The Skeleton

    Luigi is better than Mario

  • Foxy Trot is best

    IM BIRED (like this if not sherk will take ur bird)

  • Isaac Atkinson
    Isaac Atkinson Day ago

    6:10 I heard a word

  • Neri Gomez
    Neri Gomez Day ago


  • Rich Root
    Rich Root Day ago +1

    jaiden. my name is kylie... and well... i hate my slef but u make happy!

  • potato chip
    potato chip Day ago

    i wish i could have an ari

  • Juno 11
    Juno 11 Day ago

    Co'mon your animation is not bad

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Day ago

    I'd love to get a bird but I do not have the time to take care of one or the dedication to give it what it needs. I have two dogs but I've grown up with dogs all my life so i know the routines and structures they need. I love birds, parrots especially but I couldn't look after one so instead I just flood my time line with videos and pictures to fulfill my pounding heart 😂😂

  • zσmσk вєαn
    zσmσk вєαn Day ago

    After watching this video, my bird acts similar to Ari for yeeting away from a lot of people.
    My bird (who is a female Cockatiel named Starly) only likes three people in my family. Me, my mom, and my sister, so anyone else either she "hisses" at them to go away or just flies off to her cage.

  • Kaypupwolf TheProGamer

    Nice dog.

  • اليوتيوبر علي الساعدي

    ari is the love of your love jaiden

  • Leo Patrick Gumba

    I don't like the kids touching ari is gonna get stressed and potentially die

  • Galaxy Gaming
    Galaxy Gaming Day ago

    My Ari dances on mah keyboard keys 🐦

  • Qalib Memmedov
    Qalib Memmedov Day ago

    I Dont CARe aBOut aRi i love cats and kittens My FauVoUriTe ANimalS

  • Aiden Soerodikromo

    Is ARI green or blue?