TRIP REPORT | Emirates | Boeing 777-300ER | Bangkok - Dubai (BKK-DXB) | Economy Class


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    If you like Emirates please leave a like

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    Great video keep it up ;) love from thai

  • Sathu very nice place goa Sathusa

    total seat evlo bro

  • Maureen Kitty
    Maureen Kitty 11 days ago

    Do you know which are the best seats on boing 777? I would like to book a seat on the windows but I am afraid that I may end up on the wing and don't see anything :/ Which row you recommend me?

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    I live there !!!!!!!

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    No Wine...??

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    Bro you deserve tuns of subscribers

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    Oh yes, let's have video of the takeoff in pitch black. Are you Fook n brain dead?

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    Amna Ghanayem 18 days ago

    The music is by Fayrooz right?!😍

    • FlightExperience
      FlightExperience  17 days ago

      All informations about the music can be found at the video description. Thanks for watching!

  • Eliki Vula Boletawa
    Eliki Vula Boletawa 20 days ago

    I am flying a380 airbus Emirates to Dubai then Europe

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    Dance with rashi 20 days ago

    I have travelled to bangkok

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    Awesome video

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    Nice Tripreport Lukas!

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    I been to Bangkok because I live in bangkok

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    🎨🎪 the same time as the new year

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    Боинг 777 пропал с радаров значит и ты пропала ._.

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    Çermrkçdç pfpdcpdpvlclxvokvclxkkcöx

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    nicr 😍😍

  • Derek Mccauley
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    I loved this, as a frequent flyer with Emirates for a number of years I was able to twice upgrade based on miles traveled on economy flights. My most recent experience was 18 months ago when they told me I would have to pay to select my seat. I paid the ridiculous price because it would allow me to reserve a seat on the upper deck of the economy on the A380.
    Payment made some two months later I logged in to check my seat selection only to find that Emirates had changed their aircraft and it was now a 777.
    Annoyed but not completely perplexed I called Emirates to change my seat because I was now in the middle of a row of four. The guy could not have been more helpful, however my £80 was gone. No apology no refund and as a result I'm now flying with Qatar from Edinburgh which is miles cheaper and no seat reservation fee. I feel absolutely gutted writing this because I loved Emirates, I wrote many great reviews about Emirates, and I enjoyed every fight. However financially enough is enough. Qatar have impressed me, I'm enjoying the flying and the saving in my pocket.

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    SPOTTER360 Month ago

    Fantastic video. BKK is a very splendid airport.

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    Nice video(again))
    How much it costs to reserve widow seat online??

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    I really want to go to Dubai!!!! Good example of how Emirates looks like :)

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    I love my india

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    I live in BKK am a half german and half americen

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    12:50 from my experience I don’t think the boeing 777-3ER or any aircraft should make that noise

    • Luckie C.
      Luckie C. 4 days ago

      Scottish Maniac 2 ye, you definitely wouldn’t hear it.

    • Scottish Maniac 2
      Scottish Maniac 2 Month ago

      omer ahmed ibrahim yeah, always the front part

    • Aziz Delorean
      Aziz Delorean Month ago

      Ur probably sitting either at the front part or the rear.

    • omer ahmed ibrahim
      omer ahmed ibrahim Month ago

      +Scottish Maniac 2 good informations
      I got 3 stripes after 1000 ahours

    • Scottish Maniac 2
      Scottish Maniac 2 Month ago

      omer ahmed ibrahim your a co-pilot (First officer)? Are you a junior (2 stripes) or a senior (3 stripes)?

  • Mr. NEPAL HACKER Experiments

    I have went to Bangkok from kathmandu

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    I have been to Bangkok love 💗 from PAkISTAN but I live in 🇴🇲

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    Allah Ditta Month ago

    i travel to Dubai is my favourite destination

  • Allah Ditta
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    well i travel Emirates aircraft italy to Pakistan but first

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    Beautiful bkk

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    My dad has been go to bankong

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    Super vedio

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    53 view 100 likes 10 dislikes
    TVclip has gone drunk

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    nice video,what is the song title ?Thank you

    • FlightExperience
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      Thanks. Information about the music can be always find at the video description.

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    Rui Tamele Month ago

    Unconditional love for this lady Boeing 777- 300ER

  • Lightning Light
    Lightning Light Month ago

    Emirates does also have the night bag. They always giv it. Its just that if ur flight is below 9 hours then they don't

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    Emaan Khan Month ago

    Dubai to saudia thanks Emirates

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    Emirates is a great airline if not the best...

  • am1966ath
    am1966ath Month ago

    Those non-stops Bangkok-Europe are horrible...I rather go via the middle east(Bahrain,Dubai,Doha) than fly an european carrier non-stop..Thai is okey but the middle eastern carriers especially EK and QR have the best inflight service...

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    Love from pakistan

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      THE SKULLY GAMER # Month ago

      Love from india

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    I am thailand

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    We like Turkish airlines

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    I like to much airport and flight

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    My favorite airplane

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    Wow thats very nice😍😍

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    Mercie beaucoup

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    Emirate is best plane every facility are available

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  • triany herawati
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  • triany herawati
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  • triany herawati
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    Yes I have been to Bangkok

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  • Wasique Bin Monsur Tabeeb


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    it takes age to went through immigration and nearly miss my flight to k.lumpur

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    Zaheer Abbas 2 months ago

    But Qatar Airways is best

    ABSDEFRD 2 months ago

    every 2 minutes an ad horrid

    • FlightExperience
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      Without these ads we couldn't produce videos for you.

  • Divesh Katoch from delhi


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    Miad Chy 2 months ago

    My flight with Emirates was at 1:am I'm just 10 you need early flights

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    Bangkok airport looks like dubai airport,
    BTW who spotted the a380 in the background? 6:29

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    Filipino pilot😊

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    Love from TUNISIA

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    I just came back on 24th and i went on boieng 777 300 of Emirates wow what a coincidence

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    My favourite flight

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    I have gon to bankok

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    love from London

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    That wing was massive

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    Lol the only airlines I’ve ever traveled before was Delta and American Airlines

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    Pepek bau

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    There's a A380 of Emirates standing there

  • Debjeet Bhattacharyya
    Debjeet Bhattacharyya 3 months ago

    The GE90 is seriously a different beast altogether. You can feel that you are being pushed into the seat while taking off. I have never experienced this on any aircraft before. Can't wait to witness the GE9X in B777X.

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    Thivwesha Sukumaran 3 months ago

    I like Emirates a380

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    That airport looks like Dubai international

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    Love from Maldives

  • Yu-aan Ali yu-aan Shaig

    My grandpa is in bangkok

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    Durburger 3 months ago

    I am going to Bangkok with the 777 on Emirates too! Although I always go on the A380 ;c

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    good vid.greetings from Lithuania

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    i love💕💞💓💗💖

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    wow amazig

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    David Barnett 3 months ago

    Boeing trip 7 and GE 90's for power: Can't beat it. Your flight was extremely quiet with respect to the aircraft and engines, and the touch down was like a butterfly landing on a flower petal. Good pilots.

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    Yes i have been to bangkok

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    great, i like the 380

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    وداعا, بانكوك, مرحبا, دبي!

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    Nice plane

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    Vxxxxxxzx jij brengt je Facelabn

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    Wow what the wonderfull airplane

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    Dubai to jakarta... Thanks emirates

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    2:44 I went to Don mueang not suvarnabhumi

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    My favourite is Airbus A380