TRIP REPORT | Emirates | Boeing 777-300ER | Bangkok - Dubai (BKK-DXB) | Economy Class

  • Published on Sep 22, 2018
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    ✈ Airline: Emirates
    ✈ Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER (A6-EPT)
    ✈ Seat: 25K
    ✈ Route: Bangkok (BKK) - Dubai (DXB)
    ✈ Class: Economy Class
    ✈ Flight No.: EK371
    ✈ Price: 620€ for MUC-DXB-SIN; BKK-DXB-MUC
    ✈ Date: Mar 6th 2018
    ✈ by Soul Catalyst:
    ✈ Title: Canopy
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    ✈ Camera: Canon G7X Mark II
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  • __. tz
    __. tz 4 hours ago

    Try.... gulf air from Bangkok to Bahrain;-) love ur trip reports bro💙

  • Sabiha Khan
    Sabiha Khan 7 hours ago

    If like the Emirates give a like..

  • Emanاحلى أنشودة Halakiu

    I always travel with Emirates in first class

  • 8973606345 8973606345
    8973606345 8973606345 14 hours ago


  • Rainbow Uni
    Rainbow Uni 20 hours ago +1

    How long does it took u to take there?

  • Elena Stojkovska
    Elena Stojkovska 23 hours ago

    Za dubaj kodite

  • Marvin Dujardin
    Marvin Dujardin Day ago

    Was this Umm Kulthum playing in the background?

  • Heather Munro
    Heather Munro Day ago

    Emirates normally distribute amnity kits to Economy class... strange they did not to you

  • likitha tanish
    likitha tanish Day ago +1

    I think even i should travel on emirates

  • Ezekiel Manlutac

    Mnl to nz

  • Ezekiel Manlutac

    Philippines to new Zealand pls

  • Suheda Akbas
    Suheda Akbas 2 days ago

    Bist du deutsche

  • Rehan Saputra
    Rehan Saputra 2 days ago +2

    Saya orang indonesia yang saya suka pesawat garuda indonesia

  • Alex Mak
    Alex Mak 2 days ago

    Virgin Atlantic is better

  • Liam Wolfie
    Liam Wolfie 2 days ago +2

    I think Emirates is good but i really hate the cameras they got there… (they’re under the screen) i think you should have some personal space. I would’t really want to be watched the whole time…

  • BMW Fan Boy
    BMW Fan Boy 4 days ago

    3:24 at 1am 30 Grad celsiusss ???

    That’s crazy

  • BMW Fan Boy
    BMW Fan Boy 4 days ago +1

    9:33 when I was a kid , I was so scared in a airplane when it was turbulent , I was thinking the plane would crash in seconds

  • Haneef Kudradka
    Haneef Kudradka 5 days ago


  • Haneef Kudradka
    Haneef Kudradka 5 days ago


  • Amna Khan
    Amna Khan 5 days ago


  • Yossranoor 1234
    Yossranoor 1234 6 days ago +1

    يا حظه راكبة طيران الامرات 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  • Lem olt
    Lem olt 6 days ago

    Why do I always get the feeling that when we’re landing, were never gonna stop and that we are gonna run over the run way ?

    DILNAZ HAQUE 7 days ago +1

    yoghurt is spelled yogurt not youghurt

  • Julieta V
    Julieta V 7 days ago

    I love how you make your videos

  • Muwahid Khan
    Muwahid Khan 7 days ago

    Omg i really want to fly emaretes but i nomally fly PIA which tv aint workin

  • Khushiv Setia
    Khushiv Setia 8 days ago

    Poor video

  • Saji Sadasivan
    Saji Sadasivan 8 days ago +3

    5:12 yeah. That is the one I wanted in all emirates long haul aircrafts and A380s

  • Baco Baco
    Baco Baco 10 days ago

    Seng ajak ajak beta lai

  • Tahir Syed
    Tahir Syed 11 days ago

    I went on that :/
    Edit:hmm the airport of dubai is different then the one i went on

  • Hemlata Verma
    Hemlata Verma 14 days ago


  • Hemlata Verma
    Hemlata Verma 14 days ago


  • Ie Lie Lian
    Ie Lie Lian 14 days ago +1

    Who love singapore airlines while long flight i ever from singapore to korea equals 6 hours

  • Kimi Guy Thain
    Kimi Guy Thain 14 days ago

    If you like dubi or Bangkok have like

  • Kimi Guy Thain
    Kimi Guy Thain 14 days ago


  • Shabab Ali
    Shabab Ali 15 days ago


  • Elmi
    Elmi 18 days ago +1

    cant wait to fly to sudan this summer

  • Nitu Agarwal
    Nitu Agarwal 18 days ago

    Very nice airport

  • ryanking1133
    ryanking1133 20 days ago


  • Nadeem Muhammad
    Nadeem Muhammad 20 days ago

    Sie haben sehr schön gemacht

  • Muhammad Abdullah Adnan Shad

    I travel Emirates first class Boeing 380

  • Marek Bogusz
    Marek Bogusz 21 day ago

    I love Emirates 😍😍♥️

  • 良心Ryoushin
    良心Ryoushin 21 day ago

    i love boeing A380 Is that biggest

    • ItzlemonYT
      ItzlemonYT 21 day ago

      Is that a joke right? RIGHT????

  • Chiru P
    Chiru P 23 days ago

    I like this video

  • Meghaaneesh Meghaaneesh


  • Bina Dey
    Bina Dey Month ago


  • Vicent Laphael
    Vicent Laphael Month ago +3

    Emirates #B777 The best Airlines😍

  • The Huzaifa Official
    The Huzaifa Official Month ago +2

    my favourite us boeing 777-300er with its GE90 Engines

  • Noi Ward
    Noi Ward Month ago +1

    I live in Bangkok

  • Ssmimawb Ssmimawb
    Ssmimawb Ssmimawb Month ago +1

    I never been to Bangkok

  • resume cudd
    resume cudd Month ago

    superb i love emirate flight a lot

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  • Omaima a.
    Omaima a. Month ago +3

    Love these silent non-talking video

  • Hossein Sajjadi
    Hossein Sajjadi Month ago

    I dot like

  • Vegan Sausage
    Vegan Sausage Month ago +2

    I just got an ad of a different airline lmao

  • Manuela rossi
    Manuela rossi Month ago

    Are meals included in the flight ?

  • Kuku Team
    Kuku Team Month ago +1

    Why should you Travel so much?

    • Kuku Team
      Kuku Team Month ago

      United A350XWB Fan 2005 Yes i know but i asked if he got a Job tha he should travel a lot😆😜

    • United A350XWB 2005
      United A350XWB 2005 Month ago

      That’s the purpose of his channel. 😂

  • Shipra BANERJEE
    Shipra BANERJEE Month ago +2

    Who had yet not travelled in a plane give a like

  • Mohemed Iyede Chelih

    اللهم بارك

  • Ds Mahesh
    Ds Mahesh Month ago


  • Sundus Jamal
    Sundus Jamal Month ago

    what a bad video , i travel in emiarates first class

    LION KING Month ago +5

    I am also going from bengaluru to dubai on board Emirates Boeing 777-300 er and i am very excited.

  • Yaorong Dai
    Yaorong Dai Month ago +9

    400+ seats, but 81cm for legroom. So good!

  • CuRe_ Hilarious
    CuRe_ Hilarious Month ago +1

    So as i can see turbulence is normal and wont cause crash will it ?

    • CuRe_ Hilarious
      CuRe_ Hilarious Month ago

      +FlightExperience True True I Agree

    • FlightExperience
      FlightExperience  Month ago +1

      Turbulence has never caused a crash in the entire history of aviation.

  • Hargurdeep Singhgv
    Hargurdeep Singhgv Month ago


  • Brian Symmes
    Brian Symmes Month ago

    Emirates loyalty rewards is a joke, they will screw you when they get the chance. Such a shame to see a great airline go downhill so fast, the a380 was great, now they use the 777-300, i would rather fly Air Asia, if you are going to be treated like cattle, at least go cheap. Never again!

  • Lochlann Bridger
    Lochlann Bridger Month ago +2

    I'v been to bangkok and suvarnabhumi intl airport before many times since i was 3 years old when traveling from perth to bkk and back and to khon kaen and back.

    Lochlann.bridger. age: 9 years old.

  • mygz gaming
    mygz gaming Month ago

    A380 emerates airlines

  • Sadhak Safeer
    Sadhak Safeer Month ago

    Was the flight full??

  • Kimi Guy Thain
    Kimi Guy Thain Month ago

    My one is a 777 a380

  • Nenita Cadiz
    Nenita Cadiz Month ago


  • Luckie C.
    Luckie C. Month ago

    How in the world did his most popular trip report get that much views...

  • Bình vũ
    Bình vũ Month ago


  • Prabha Dhakre
    Prabha Dhakre 2 months ago

    I have travelled many places with this flight

    THE ORIGINAL POTATO :3 2 months ago

    I swear to god that the plane right there is the one my dad flys

  • Khaled E Ponera
    Khaled E Ponera 2 months ago +2

    I thought was the only one who always spins the cup holder ring 😂😂!

  • Infinity Playz
    Infinity Playz 2 months ago

    I know the pain of Suvarnabhumi passport control, it is hell on earth when you literally have to give a death stare, especially if you don’t speak Thai, still not as bad as Manchester which you need 4 PASSPORT CHECKS FOR A DOMESTIC!

  • Muzafar Khan
    Muzafar Khan 2 months ago


  • I Løvë Yøu
    I Løvë Yøu 2 months ago +6

    BRASIL ALGUÉM ?? 🇧🇷🇧🇷♥️

  • Kyle Flyer
    Kyle Flyer 2 months ago

    Love another amazing video, and for the last question, definitely A380 :P

  • Ludvik Mlch
    Ludvik Mlch 3 months ago


  • Arshad Ramsunkar
    Arshad Ramsunkar 3 months ago +268

    If you like Emirates please leave a like

    • rose chemenei
      rose chemenei 4 days ago

      I'm Kenyan
      but I hate the food on Emirates it made me throw up alot icwould rather go on Kenya airways I give Emirates a f in food

    • Osama Aldayyat
      Osama Aldayyat 5 days ago

      I’m in Dubai it’s a part of Emirates

    • huong nguyen
      huong nguyen 9 days ago

      Desi Larasati hgxxxcvvcc vc bbbp

    • huong nguyen
      huong nguyen 9 days ago

      Abdullah Maligai hhfggfggg
      L cc

    • Ridin Sharma
      Ridin Sharma 9 days ago

      Arshad Ramsunkar k

  • spacemonkey XX_olivermodz_X fortnite

    Great video keep it up ;) love from thai

  • Sathu very nice place goa Sathusa

    total seat evlo bro

  • Maureen Kitty
    Maureen Kitty 3 months ago +2

    Do you know which are the best seats on boing 777? I would like to book a seat on the windows but I am afraid that I may end up on the wing and don't see anything :/ Which row you recommend me?

  • Jaisel Dangmaneerat
    Jaisel Dangmaneerat 3 months ago

    I live there !!!!!!!

  • Kru Ploppy
    Kru Ploppy 3 months ago

    No Wine...??

  • SavageAhmed 2006
    SavageAhmed 2006 3 months ago +1

    Bro you deserve tuns of subscribers

  • Patrick Kealy
    Patrick Kealy 3 months ago

    Oh yes, let's have video of the takeoff in pitch black. Are you Fook n brain dead?

  • Amna Ghanayem
    Amna Ghanayem 3 months ago

    The music is by Fayrooz right?!😍

    • FlightExperience
      FlightExperience  3 months ago

      All informations about the music can be found at the video description. Thanks for watching!

  • Eliki Vula Boletawa
    Eliki Vula Boletawa 3 months ago +1

    I am flying a380 airbus Emirates to Dubai then Europe

  • Rashi bhanushali
    Rashi bhanushali 3 months ago

    I have travelled to bangkok

  • Casual Hobbies
    Casual Hobbies 3 months ago

    Awesome video

  • Aircrafts Aviation
    Aircrafts Aviation 3 months ago

    Nice Tripreport Lukas!

  • Toddygamer TH
    Toddygamer TH 3 months ago +2

    I been to Bangkok because I live in bangkok

  • Muhammad Iqbal
    Muhammad Iqbal 3 months ago

    🎨🎪 the same time as the new year

  • Лунная няша
    Лунная няша 3 months ago +1

    Боинг 777 пропал с радаров значит и ты пропала ._.

  • Bertug Kaygili
    Bertug Kaygili 3 months ago

    Çermrkçdç pfpdcpdpvlclxvokvclxkkcöx

  • Sanju Deuja
    Sanju Deuja 3 months ago

    nicr 😍😍

  • Derek Mccauley
    Derek Mccauley 3 months ago +10

    I loved this, as a frequent flyer with Emirates for a number of years I was able to twice upgrade based on miles traveled on economy flights. My most recent experience was 18 months ago when they told me I would have to pay to select my seat. I paid the ridiculous price because it would allow me to reserve a seat on the upper deck of the economy on the A380.
    Payment made some two months later I logged in to check my seat selection only to find that Emirates had changed their aircraft and it was now a 777.
    Annoyed but not completely perplexed I called Emirates to change my seat because I was now in the middle of a row of four. The guy could not have been more helpful, however my £80 was gone. No apology no refund and as a result I'm now flying with Qatar from Edinburgh which is miles cheaper and no seat reservation fee. I feel absolutely gutted writing this because I loved Emirates, I wrote many great reviews about Emirates, and I enjoyed every fight. However financially enough is enough. Qatar have impressed me, I'm enjoying the flying and the saving in my pocket.

    • Brian Symmes
      Brian Symmes Month ago

      Derek Mccauley of course they don’t care, once they have your money, they have no loyalty to honour their agreement to provide you with the trip that you paid for. They won’t listen to complaints, so I am voting with my wallet, never flying with Emirates again.

    • Derek Mccauley
      Derek Mccauley Month ago

      +Brian Symmes the really disappointing thing Brian is that they don't listen which means that they don't care.

    • Brian Symmes
      Brian Symmes Month ago +1

      Derek Mccauley Emirates did the same thing to me, it’s the old bait and switch con job, I used all of my points to upgrade after paying extra for a flex ticket, so that I could fly business on the a380, then a couple of months later they switched the plane to 777, no refunds, they just told me it was tough luck. The 777-300 business seat is almost as bad as economy, it’s like sleeping on a ladder that is leaning up against a wall at 20 degrees. I was a loyal Emirates silver member for years, won’t fly with them again, there are plenty of better airlines.