TRIP REPORT | Emirates | Boeing 777-300ER | Bangkok - Dubai (BKK-DXB) | Economy Class

  • Published on Sep 22, 2018
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    ✈ Airline: Emirates
    ✈ Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER (A6-EPT)
    ✈ Seat: 25K
    ✈ Route: Bangkok (BKK) - Dubai (DXB)
    ✈ Class: Economy Class
    ✈ Flight No.: EK371
    ✈ Price: 620€ for MUC-DXB-SIN; BKK-DXB-MUC
    ✈ Date: Mar 6th 2018
    ✈ by Soul Catalyst:
    ✈ Title: Canopy
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    ✈ Camera: Canon G7X Mark II
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  • malak el yacoubi
    malak el yacoubi 2 days ago

    You love Emirates😚😻

  • Kashmir Singh
    Kashmir Singh 3 days ago

    great all pilots Emirates airlines

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  • Damir Malekov
    Damir Malekov 4 days ago +1

    Дамир Hello

  • Syeda Afrin
    Syeda Afrin 6 days ago

    I went to Dhaka with Emirates

  • Aircrafts Aviation
    Aircrafts Aviation 7 days ago +1

    Very nice tripreport. I fly too with B777-300ER with Emirates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really love your tripreports!!!!!!!:)

  • Anne Harris
    Anne Harris 7 days ago

    Do you live in Dubai

  • the masion devel
    the masion devel 8 days ago +1

    Yeah bud in my business trip

  • vedesh sawh
    vedesh sawh 12 days ago


  • Prottoy Hasan
    Prottoy Hasan 13 days ago +2

    make a video on bangladesh air lines. and once again great video

  • sreeja gopan
    sreeja gopan 15 days ago

    Super air lidan

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    Rashed Alali 16 days ago


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    Fitri atul Jannah 16 days ago


  • Lavina Andrade
    Lavina Andrade 16 days ago

    Why are you not going to India

  • Maryam Alrubayee
    Maryam Alrubayee 17 days ago

    nice asmar at the beginning

  • Mustafa Malik
    Mustafa Malik 17 days ago

    I like emirates airbus a380

  • Faheem Waqar
    Faheem Waqar 17 days ago

    Hah,That was the Night

  • Thao130
    Thao130 18 days ago +1

    Cái ông này quay kiểu gì mà quay đồ ăn không quay máy bay

  • Thao130
    Thao130 18 days ago

    Rfftty7y đr

  • Ellena Opiyo
    Ellena Opiyo 19 days ago +2

    My favourite Emirates

  • Fahad Al Khlaqi
    Fahad Al Khlaqi 20 days ago +1

    I don’t like this country they’re trying to do a war in Qatar and Qatar 🇶🇦 Didn’t do anything

  • Zahra Ali
    Zahra Ali 21 day ago


  • Heya hey
    Heya hey 21 day ago

    Yes I can arabic

  • Maxamed Qadar
    Maxamed Qadar 22 days ago

    I want to learn flighy

  • Saturn130709 1
    Saturn130709 1 24 days ago

    I dont like emirates its suck

  • Prókai Roland
    Prókai Roland 25 days ago +1

    I have been in suvarnabhumi airport twice and the second time i almost late my flight because of the passport control.

  • fahed melhem
    fahed melhem 28 days ago +2

    I am gana be a pilot 👨‍✈️

  • Llama Boi
    Llama Boi 28 days ago +2

    I'm flying this exact airplane this summer (uk)

  • เชอ รี่
    เชอ รี่ 28 days ago +1


    TITUS PERIS 29 days ago

    Emirates Boeing 777 is a very good plane. The trip report is fantastic.

  • Diamond pickaxe gamer
    Diamond pickaxe gamer Month ago +1

    The felling of taking a shower before traveling *smooth*

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    wow tv Month ago


    • Rov leo Ch
      Rov leo Ch Month ago

      เขาฝรั่ง พี่ฝรั่งมาเที่ยวไทยครับ

  • Yogesh Ocampo
    Yogesh Ocampo Month ago +4

    Bangkok is the best but i live in the philippines

  • Boripat Wannasri
    Boripat Wannasri Month ago +5

    You have to know Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of busiest airport in the world since we have many tourist around tge world.

  • azam shah
    azam shah Month ago +1

    Now I know every corner of BKK airport becauseI spend 4 days in airport!!!
    Uh these days were good also and bad also

  • joannemoore64
    joannemoore64 Month ago +3

    I went on a Emirates Boeing 777 from Stansted to Dubai then Dubai to Bangkok on a Airbus A380. Generally, the Boeing 777 was better.

    ARYAN BHANOT Month ago +11

    Bangkok is my favorite city, it has a unique vibe, i just love Thailand and its culture also thai food 😍

  • Reena Dobaris
    Reena Dobaris Month ago

    A380 for life

    • Abel Kurian
      Abel Kurian Month ago

      I am going on emirates next month

  • Pegasusッ
    Pegasusッ Month ago


  • Fahad Alqahtani
    Fahad Alqahtani Month ago +137

    You love airplanes=like👍
    You don’t love airplanes=dislike👎

  • asifa ansar
    asifa ansar Month ago

    Dubai is in Asia not in europe

  • Ghanashaym Raval
    Ghanashaym Raval Month ago


  • Christiana Tommey
    Christiana Tommey Month ago

    Love it guys

  • Petr Sojka
    Petr Sojka Month ago

    Airline EMIRATES DISCRIMINATES heavily disabled passengers. I'm disabled and need special tools necessary for everyday life (stomic aids, can not be without them, hygiene etc.) Airlines Emirates refused to transport these aids free of charge and wanted to charge 540 euros for 10 kg overweight. Mr Trejbal, Area Manager | Emirates Czech Republic causing great problems (material and psychic problems). The past best airlineI Company in the world is behaving like a heavily physically disabled person, perhaps it is just a mistakefmade by anindividual person who is sitting ion the wrong p lace. Prague-Bangkok, Prague- Colombo I am looking for help to make it happen again I would like to contact the management in Dubai but I can not get a contact, it will always end in Prague.
    I was a customer for many years, but not anymore, and I don't recommend it to anyone, sorry.

  • Asawer جمال
    Asawer جمال Month ago

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  • FahrzeugPower
    FahrzeugPower Month ago

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    Ledya Donna Month ago

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  • FreshMemes
    FreshMemes Month ago

    You made me subscribe :D Iw ish you the best!

  • Little Labradors
    Little Labradors Month ago +1

    I am Thai/norwegian but i have never tried emirates just Thai Airways but im going to try it next week!

  • levi siregar
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  • FreshMemes
    FreshMemes Month ago +1

    I love your Flight Reviews! Keep up the good work!

  • leen kandil
    leen kandil Month ago +4

    they give you a kit if your are flying with for over 9 hours

  • Logic Rehan
    Logic Rehan Month ago +2

    Hey,I live in Dubai

  • Bhavin Gohil
    Bhavin Gohil Month ago +1

    No,I never been to Bangkok

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    Midhlaj Mon Month ago

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    Nazif Useini Month ago

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    Abidzehri360 Brohi 2 months ago

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    Nicster tv Max team 2 months ago

    i’m already in emirates

  • Sofia's Gaming Channel
    Sofia's Gaming Channel 2 months ago

    can you show your face say promise

    • FlightExperience
      FlightExperience  2 months ago

      You can find our face on our website:

  • nwis79
    nwis79 2 months ago

    I ever been to bangkok

  • Muhammad Jalal
    Muhammad Jalal 2 months ago

    I like Airbus A380

  • MrFinn CoolFUT
    MrFinn CoolFUT 2 months ago

    I have been to this airport in bkk

  • Sakthi Mohan
    Sakthi Mohan 2 months ago

    777 isn't meant for 3-4-3. Most airlines use the 3-3-3 in their 777s. Guess Emirates needs to make as much money as possible

    • FlightExperience
      FlightExperience  2 months ago

      Sadly the reality is that most airlines have 3-4-3 these days. Thanks for watching!

  • Rakhi Shah
    Rakhi Shah 2 months ago

    I have a flight in 3 days and I am terrified. Like for support

    • Rakhi Shah
      Rakhi Shah 2 months ago

      @FlightExperience yes thanks for the support.

    • FlightExperience
      FlightExperience  2 months ago

      Try to relax, listen to some audiobooks or music. Safe travels?

  • Lara Jon
    Lara Jon 2 months ago


  • __. tz
    __. tz 2 months ago +1

    Try.... gulf air from Bangkok to Bahrain;-) love ur trip reports bro💙

  • Sabiha Khan
    Sabiha Khan 2 months ago +3

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  • Emanاحلى أنشودة Halakiu

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    • Hannahfree 727
      Hannahfree 727 2 months ago

      Emanاحلى أنشودة Halakiu well some people aren't able too so stop bragging

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  • Rainbow Uni
    Rainbow Uni 2 months ago +4

    How long does it took u to take there?

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    Elena Stojkovska 2 months ago

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    Marvin Dujardin 2 months ago +2

    Was this Umm Kulthum playing in the background?

  • Heather Munro
    Heather Munro 2 months ago +4

    Emirates normally distribute amnity kits to Economy class... strange they did not to you

  • likitha tanish
    likitha tanish 2 months ago +4

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  • Ezekiel Manlutac
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    Stepan Zatloukal 2 months ago +6

    I think Emirates is good but i really hate the cameras they got there… (they’re under the screen) i think you should have some personal space. I would’t really want to be watched the whole time…

  • BMW Fan Boy
    BMW Fan Boy 2 months ago

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    That’s crazy

  • BMW Fan Boy
    BMW Fan Boy 2 months ago +1

    9:33 when I was a kid , I was so scared in a airplane when it was turbulent , I was thinking the plane would crash in seconds

  • Haneef Kudradka
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  • Haneef Kudradka
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    Lem olt 2 months ago +1

    Why do I always get the feeling that when we’re landing, were never gonna stop and that we are gonna run over the run way ?

    DILNAZ HAQUE 2 months ago +5

    yoghurt is spelled yogurt not youghurt

  • Julieta V
    Julieta V 2 months ago

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    Muwahid Khan 2 months ago

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    Khushiv Setia 2 months ago

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    Saji Sadasivan 2 months ago +3

    5:12 yeah. That is the one I wanted in all emirates long haul aircrafts and A380s