Final Fantasy logos CASUALLY explained

  • Published on Nov 19, 2016
  • Ever wondered what all the Final Fantasy logos mean? Let's walk through all 15 of the main series entries and see if we can explain 'em all to ya!
    Chances are we goofed up some details on certain games - feel free to let us know below :)

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  • Beetrap
    Beetrap 11 days ago

    FF VII's logo is the view of the planet from the end of the game. The "tail" is Holy repelling the meteor, and the small orb is the moon.

  • blackusagi92
    blackusagi92 12 days ago

    I think XIV original/ARR logo was meant to represent a "wheel" like all adventurers have the backs agaisnt each other and their weapons pointing outwards meaning you gotta rely on your allies covering your back

  • Brett Moore
    Brett Moore 16 days ago

    Great vid ty

  • im replying to this comment

    10 hands down

  • DarkStar 619
    DarkStar 619 21 day ago

    I could be wrong about this, but FF3 is supposed to be an Onion Knight. I say that because in Dissidia theres an Alt skin for the Onion Knight that looks like that. Specifically his Ex mode for Ninjutsu. Im pretty sure someone already talked about it though. But in case no one saw it, theres my input for it too

  • ProjectFineLine
    ProjectFineLine Month ago

    I always thought the FF1 Logo was Gartland. The horned helmet. He's the first and last boss of the game......and the imp/bat...those are in his Keep, as well.

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker Month ago

    Aside from the poor comments on VIII, great video. Please try to keep biased remarks out of these types of videos in the future.

  • Akkusativ Singular
    Akkusativ Singular Month ago

    Doesn't the FF3 logo show Cloud of Darkness?

  • San. epyy
    San. epyy 2 months ago

    Am I the only one that loves the 13 series?

  • City Girl
    City Girl 2 months ago

    I think the pissy whine bucket comment was meant for Tydius FFX
    Squall at least had some masculine traits.

  • HighmageDerin
    HighmageDerin 2 months ago

    Skew you, Final Fantasy legend 1 2 and 3 were true Final Fantasy games and Incredibly enjoyable to boot.

  • Matoi Ryuko
    Matoi Ryuko 2 months ago +1

    YOU FORGOT THE LEGENDARY ONION KNIGHT WHO DEFEATED The Cloud Of Darkness!. Guys play Dissidia and Dissidia 02 Duodecim already to learn more lore of all the characthers including the Final Bosses History. Cosmos and Chaos. 2 Gods with Infinite Battle between her and True Darkness.And also Garland from 1 to 10 of the fantasies in just one game really Recommended game to play even Online! For PSP download he version 1.4 that't the most normal one at least for me.

  • Bruno De Oliveira
    Bruno De Oliveira 2 months ago +1

    5:44 Ah fking kids should go back to Fortnite maybe you will enjoy romance there🤮

  • Wen Ricky
    Wen Ricky 2 months ago

    ya missed ffbe :(

  • Lifeoflink Hyrule
    Lifeoflink Hyrule 2 months ago

    Where did you find the CGI for the earlier games?

  • dannywolfpero
    dannywolfpero 2 months ago

    No, that's Ishgard!

  • alphamone
    alphamone 2 months ago

    I am still amused by the fact that with Final Fantasy III, it was the NTSC-US release that had the logo over a plain white background for once while the PAL and NTSC-J boxes had it over some art. (though I still prefer the style of just having the logo over a white background)

  • Kazuhashi Dena
    Kazuhashi Dena 2 months ago

    FFIII logo features a white-haired character with a ponytail - which is very obviously Luneth; the white haired (with a ponytail) character you begin the game with.

  • Retromoderngamer Riggs
    Retromoderngamer Riggs 2 months ago

    Love your shirt man! Huge Godzilla fan

  • Phoenix Alpha
    Phoenix Alpha 2 months ago

    I'm watching this in 2019 because FFXVI hasn't even been hinted at, and I have no clue when the FF7 remake will happen. Having FF withdrawals (15 sucks and refuse to support its DLC).

  • Giordan Diodato
    Giordan Diodato 2 months ago

    ew FFIV...

  • Iftekhar Hussain
    Iftekhar Hussain 2 months ago


  • Kid Dalmatian GaWd
    Kid Dalmatian GaWd 2 months ago +1

    So where is Kingdom Hearts

  • Noah Bearden
    Noah Bearden 2 months ago

    all the ffviii fans mad after a 3 sentence critique

  • feh meh
    feh meh 2 months ago

    Pointless video of known facts to whine about a commonly sited known factoid... I probably won't look through the rest of the channel.

  • Carol Tucker
    Carol Tucker 2 months ago

    You probably don't care anymore but it was Midgardsormir.

  • Ashsaloft
    Ashsaloft 2 months ago +1

    am i the only one who thinks fxiii is gud

  • Lord Megatron
    Lord Megatron 2 months ago

    i wish you would do a part 2

  • Dr Blagueur
    Dr Blagueur 2 months ago

    As FFI logo features a warrior of light, FFIII logo depicts an onion knight.

  • Mukki
    Mukki 2 months ago

    Final Fantasy 11 was capped at 56k in the early 2000s. You could have played it on dialup in 2003.

  • Roger
    Roger 2 months ago

    4:45 You lost all credibility when you called Mako energy "may-koh" when it's suppose to be pronounced "Mah-K'OH."

  • LongWire 467
    LongWire 467 2 months ago

    5:40 atleast its a better love story than twighlight

  • DrAbKaN
    DrAbKaN 2 months ago

    Another FFVIII hater... i get their love story... you need to play it as its not FFVII-2 then you will get over your inner cringe and sorrows for silly gems and tiny little dolls characters.... disliked the video and not even gonna continue watching 👎🏻

  • 哀傷的劇情剪的這麼好笑--為啥能把這麽

    ff8 is a masterpiece compared to 13

  • 哀傷的劇情剪的這麼好笑--為啥能把這麽

    2:00 you can duel wield in the game

  • Cap'n Bedovi
    Cap'n Bedovi 3 months ago

    Beat FFXV and you'll cry, and get an awesome surprise.

  • ]-〉ΣΔ†]-[
    ]-〉ΣΔ†]-[ 3 months ago

    I love how 15 got a lot of love and praise when it first came out and then everybody shat on it when they discovered that some content was missing. We kinda just accepted it until Square announced DLC of the missing content. I feel like we shit on 15 because we are salty of a half-assed made game, and rightfully so.

  • Drew Hunter Web Series
    Drew Hunter Web Series 3 months ago

    Lmao ... spoilery :.D

  • Chris Prusinowski
    Chris Prusinowski 3 months ago

    The FF logos most of The time are spoilers to the endings of their respective games, or are centered on a pivotal turning point in the games plot.

  • Manek Iridius
    Manek Iridius 3 months ago

    I can't hear anything over you whining about FFVIII. Sorry.

  • RainWolf8
    RainWolf8 3 months ago

    What about ff crystal bearers and chronicles

  • Cuban Vegetarian
    Cuban Vegetarian 3 months ago

    FF15 by far has the best one, it brought me to tears at the end too. It’s a masterpiece

  • Josh Patrick
    Josh Patrick 3 months ago +1

    I'm reading through the comments and I feel like I'm the only one who thinks this guy looks like he would be related to Brian Wecht (Ninja Brian) Professor/ member of music group "Ninja Sex Party".

  • Nintentional
    Nintentional 3 months ago

    Complains the logos are spoilery, proceeds to spoil every game 🤔

  • Samer Gonzalez
    Samer Gonzalez 3 months ago +1

    I’d like to play final fantasy but there’s so many I don’t know where to start! I only have the ps4 too :/

    • Josh Patrick
      Josh Patrick 3 months ago

      @Samer Gonzalez You're going to hear a variety of subjective biased opinions on which game you should play first. The two of the most popular FF games are VI and VII. They are popular for a reason! The stories in these two games are breathtaking!
      My opinion would be to start with VII. You can download it from the PS Store on your PS4. It was originally released on the PS1. The version for the PS4 has been updated and enchanced quite a bit. It's not graphically pleasing to the eyes but if you're like me, graphics don't matter. The materia system might be complicated to a new person such as yourself so I would say pay attention well to the tutorials and you'll get used to it and it will get easier throughout the game.
      If you have a PC and you think you have a decent understanding of PCs, get it on Steam. The steam version you can mod it. There is really good mods these days for VII. Updated character models, music, HD backgrounds, etc. Check out 7th Heaven Mod if you're interested or if it's too complicated for you, look up tutorials on how to install the mods.
      And finally if you want to play the game in it's original format, nothing enchanced, rather find a PS1 and the original game OR if you have a PS3, it's still available to download on the PS3 at the PS store.The PS3 has the original game.

  • The Game Stampede
    The Game Stampede 3 months ago

    Ff 9 should be vivi or the flying boat!

  • 2018 Connor Purcell
    2018 Connor Purcell 3 months ago

    My favorite game in the ff series is FF7

  • Fuu Houji
    Fuu Houji 3 months ago

    I wish someone would do this with the “Tales of” series...

  • Daniel Heidenreich
    Daniel Heidenreich 3 months ago

    FF1's logo is depicting garland not the warrior of light.

  • Hajde
    Hajde 3 months ago

    No other logo is as beautiful as X and XIII's logos

  • Tony Byrne
    Tony Byrne 3 months ago

    VII'slogo represents so much more than just meteor.It is far more clever.Yes you can see it as a meteor hurtling through space,but it also represents Gaia being drained of Lifestream and furthermore represents Holy materia with the colours . All in my humble opinion. I think it is ingenius.

  • Twisted Madness
    Twisted Madness 3 months ago

    You should have waited until you beat XV. Bc that isnt the true logo. The true logo appears when you beat the game.

  • MrReysor
    MrReysor 3 months ago

    I did play ff 1 to ff x-2
    The ones i really like is ff6 ff7 and ffx

  • Jørgen Fallet Mosand
    Jørgen Fallet Mosand 3 months ago

    Weird, 13 is the logo i like the most but the game I like the least. And 9 is the logo I like the least and the game I like the most.

  • OMEGARAVEN death
    OMEGARAVEN death 3 months ago

    On the ff7 logo, there is a orb near the trail of the meteor, is it safe to assume that it is the black materia?

  • Ace7of7Hearts
    Ace7of7Hearts 3 months ago +1

    Y'all don't know love if you can't get FFVIII

    • Brandon Williams
      Brandon Williams 3 months ago +1

      Sucks that it’s not coming to Switch like the other PS FFs are. Thankfully I got it from the PS3 Store.

  • Chokoboh
    Chokoboh 3 months ago

    7:42 xDDD

  • Chokoboh
    Chokoboh 3 months ago

    ACTUALLY the FF7 Logo is not the Meteor Spell that Sephiroth casts but its the very Meteor with which Jenova came to Gaia!
    So, in a way, it still contains a living being. :D

  • HicksZ34
    HicksZ34 4 months ago +1

    Ive never been that guy "FF2 is actually 4"
    Ive just always referred to them with their actual numbers FFIV, FFVI.
    For me, it just causes confusion if youre talking about the SNES releases or the Japanese only Famicom II and III.
    If someone has to ask which one id IV or VI, then they probably just discovered the series yesterday.

  • Gabriel Hammond
    Gabriel Hammond 4 months ago

    It’s Cyan riding in the magitek armour not Terra, for six.

    • Gabriel Hammond
      Gabriel Hammond 3 months ago +1

      norbisthelawfulevil thanks for the Article I will read it eagerly.

    • nambowashi
      nambowashi 3 months ago +1

      @Gabriel Hammond
      Heres the full interview with yoshitaka amano for you to read. The blade of the sword is curved and thin, which is similar to the sword Terra wields in her official art and dissidia artwork. Also there is clearly breasts on the figure's silhouette.

    • Gabriel Hammond
      Gabriel Hammond 3 months ago +1

      I would only mention that the character riding the magical armour is wielding what appears to be a Katana sword, which in game were specific to Cyan. Also The figure is masculine and has a ponytail similar to Cyans in the game.

    • nambowashi
      nambowashi 3 months ago +1

      Nope, that's Terra. Amano said in an interview that he chose Terra for the logo because she was one of the first female main characters in the series.

  • Fironel
    Fironel 4 months ago

    The ff3 logo is Luneth the main protagonist of ff3

  • Cosmic Castaway
    Cosmic Castaway 4 months ago +1

    And now we all know

    FF15 was a soup sandwich.

  • mokosz
    mokosz 4 months ago

    what about ffx-2 logo ?

  • DeathNyx
    DeathNyx 4 months ago +5

    FFVIII is the best in everything: game, soundtrack and even its logo.
    I also like FFX/X-2 and FFXIII.

    • DGHavoc907
      DGHavoc907 2 months ago

      Honestly 9 is leagues better in my opinion

  • VarynDar
    VarynDar 4 months ago

    FF13 has the best logo for me personally.

  • Dillon Haggett
    Dillon Haggett 4 months ago

    I liked this video because Randy Savage is in the intro

  • whatcha howsya
    whatcha howsya 4 months ago

    Say what you will about the games themselves, no one can deny that all of the Amano logos are beautiful.

  • Invader Erc
    Invader Erc 4 months ago

    Squall, the OG emo kid who we all hated.

  • Ze0nite
    Ze0nite 5 months ago

    There is no Crystal at the center of Gaia/Terra in FFIX. There is the Crystal World, which is the point from which all originates and is accessed to when the string of memories from the collective life/souls in Gaia/Terra, physically manifested as Memoria, leads back to the origination point of all existence. The crystal in the logo is behind Kuja during the penultimate battle, and when he destroys it with Ultima it means that all creation will cease to exist. Zidane and company basically fight back or negate that event by pushing off Necron, the Crystal's "opposite" that is naturally coming forth to engulf everything into nothingness.

  • Leonhart Gaming
    Leonhart Gaming 5 months ago

    You are wrong about ff8

  • Garde de Blancherive
    Garde de Blancherive 5 months ago

    Why didn't you talk about 10-2, 12RV, 13-2, 13LR????

  • CliffFitter89
    CliffFitter89 5 months ago

    My favorite FF logo might clash between FFVII or FFX. FFVII because of the simplicity and a striking memorability of it, and a meteor is a key plotpoint of the game. FFX mostly because I like Yuna's design while she performs the sending.

  • Neophobic Nyctophile
    Neophobic Nyctophile 5 months ago

    You really should get into Heavensward. ARR is worth slogging through to get there.

  • Troy Ruddock
    Troy Ruddock 5 months ago

    I'm still stuck on a mission in FFXIV:ARR that is after the main game, but required to get to HW.

  • Scorpio
    Scorpio 5 months ago

    I have cried, because i have remembered when i played with my ps to FF VIII... i was child.. fuck The time never stops.

  • insanity
    insanity 5 months ago

    ff8 wasn't deserve that, how dare you :(

  • White Lycoris
    White Lycoris 5 months ago

    spoilers: that's not the whole thing.

  • Rhiannon Phoenix
    Rhiannon Phoenix 5 months ago

    The 15 logo is SO OFF!!!!
    It's Lunafreya (Luna) kneeling at Noctis throne with her head rested on the arm of the throne (Noct is on the throne)

  • CHうちは XoX
    CHうちは XoX 5 months ago

    And there i am, wondering and waiting when ffXVI will come out.
    Edit: Yeah i need more.

  • Gian Yagami
    Gian Yagami 5 months ago

    you spelled firion as furion

  • mina warhammer
    mina warhammer 5 months ago

    Thanks, good job

    NIN10DOXD 5 months ago

    This guy confused FFVIII with Kingdom Hearts. Squall doesn’t ever whine in the game. He is an introvert who arguably has trauma induced mental illness from being orphaned as a baby. The spinoffs heavily exaggerate his loner attitude even though he has friends almost immediately in the game and never tries to drive them away.

  • Antoinette Pixel
    Antoinette Pixel 5 months ago

    Rinoa and Squall not a great love story you say? Are you nutss??!

  • Xavier Watson
    Xavier Watson 6 months ago

    I like your set. Fear is the mind killer

  • HFNP
    HFNP 6 months ago

    FF8 hate? Lol you probably just sucked at trying to make junctions work for you lol

  • SuperDoom1 Unrevealed
    SuperDoom1 Unrevealed 6 months ago

    My personal favorite line is (pardon my language) "pissy whine bucket Squall". Now I just need FFVIII.

  • Hulls Colby
    Hulls Colby 7 months ago

    I don't understand why they put a non existing character on the logos of FFI and FFIII.

  • Nerissa Crawford
    Nerissa Crawford 7 months ago

    7th's logo is my favourite, actually.

  • Max Madmax
    Max Madmax 7 months ago +1

    The FF XV is not complete unless you've completed the game...
    When you go back to the title screen after the end credits, there is an update to the logo.
    And it's huge !

    • Goku Plays Roblox
      Goku Plays Roblox 6 months ago

      Yes, if I say, it was the main character, Noctis sitting beside of the sleeping girl, Lunafreya from the wedding ending scene.

  • Jon the Misunderstood
    Jon the Misunderstood 7 months ago

    I first thought combining all Logos would create a one single picture of the whole final fantasy light vs dark thing

  • b wolf
    b wolf 7 months ago +1

    It's Luna In the last one

  • Sub Saibot
    Sub Saibot 7 months ago

    I never saw Vanille and Fang in the FFXIII logo, Wow... I'm amazed.

  • James White
    James White 7 months ago

    Talking shit about 8? Disliked, not subbing. Not being sarcastic, but fuck you.

  • ChaosPlayer
    ChaosPlayer 7 months ago

    Why the viii hate?

  • Chanc Swann
    Chanc Swann 7 months ago

    The 8 logo represented time compression and their meeting through time and space in the flower field.

  • PimpJuice 420
    PimpJuice 420 8 months ago

    The three logo was the main character

  • Rivera Panera
    Rivera Panera 8 months ago

    I hope the Final Fantasy XVI logo won’t have a person on it, unlike 10-15

  • GoldenOracle64
    GoldenOracle64 8 months ago

    The XV logo is by far my favourite.

  • JM Abanco
    JM Abanco 8 months ago

    FF 15's logo is luna on noctis's lap

  • Juan Mendoza
    Juan Mendoza 8 months ago

    FF3 logo IIRC is Luneth in his knight form dual wielding