CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer Breakdown! Easter Eggs & False Memory Theory Explained!


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  • Lynn Rack
    Lynn Rack 4 hours ago


    CONSTANT STORM 15 hours ago

    Can ghost rider go binery or something and imagine if he could

  • Aaron Le
    Aaron Le Day ago

    last time I trust a cat I lost my eye

  • The R3cycl3dGoods Channel

    Thor is stronger

  • YhYh
    YhYh Day ago

    Eric Voss u just blew my mind!! AGAIN!

  • Yvania O
    Yvania O Day ago

    I’m confused because I thought that the Kree were bad from Agents of Shield

    CDN RED DEVIL Day ago

    Cats be like that tho

  • Tiago Bilyk
    Tiago Bilyk 2 days ago

    The air force base thing is the same place that captain America and the red skull flu out of with that big plane thing

  • Richard Williams
    Richard Williams 2 days ago

    At 8:18 the big plane at the bottom. Is that the same type of plane that captain america crashed in the first Captain America. Obviously it's not the same one but maybe its S.H.I.E.L.Ds recreation of old nazi tech or just a nod at Captain America.

  • Lucas11
    Lucas11 3 days ago

    Notice in that cat clips Fury has a scratch above his eye.

  • Pat Alexander
    Pat Alexander 3 days ago

    Who else sour tony stark the first time looking at this 2:49

  • Aidan R MacGregor
    Aidan R MacGregor 3 days ago

    No, 9:10 I think those three space ships are Kree because they look a lot like Ronan the Accuser's ship the Dark Aster or something? They also look a bunch like Thanos' ship? Idk I think Marvel just really likes long, sideways rectangular spaceships (which of course you should because spaceship design does not need to be aerodynamic and streamlined)

  • Pedro QS
    Pedro QS 3 days ago

    Whatever that little jingle is you have playing softly in the background is absolutely god-awful! It's maddening.

  • The G Place
    The G Place 3 days ago

    7:05 Ha! They look like giant planes!

  • The G Place
    The G Place 3 days ago

    “So you can live longer, stronger, wronger, bonkers, and tonger”

  • Gaven Shin
    Gaven Shin 3 days ago

    1:44 Is that Ronan in the bottom left corner?

  • Kidlol_ 597
    Kidlol_ 597 5 days ago +1

    Those 3 warships look like an earlier model of Ronan’s ship

  • Mecal Fatter
    Mecal Fatter 6 days ago

    4:27 it’s captain gmail!!!!!

  • Mark Luckins
    Mark Luckins 6 days ago

    agents of shield would throw some interesting info in for you, look for a truncheon in season 2 that takes memories

  • I am bored
    I am bored 6 days ago

    Talos?? Death to all stormcloaks!

  • sms_chinitoplayz_ 1
    sms_chinitoplayz_ 1 6 days ago

    Or the cat goose is a skrull and shoots him cause he said "'The last time I trusted someone, I lost an eye." and scratches him or something

  • sms_chinitoplayz_ 1
    sms_chinitoplayz_ 1 6 days ago

    Nic fury probably gonna lose his eye culls the skull leader who works for hydra is going to backstab him and shoot him in the eye

    • J Digg
      J Digg 6 days ago

      Exactly what I have been thinking all along!

  • Sum Duck
    Sum Duck 6 days ago

    Did you say Talos?... by the Nine.

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez 7 days ago

    Nick fury faded from the snap

    • J Digg
      J Digg 6 days ago

      RIP Sam Jackson's nine picture deal

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez 7 days ago

    That person is not nick fury

    • J Digg
      J Digg 6 days ago

      That's Nicholas J. Fury in that vid

  • Dragon Garra
    Dragon Garra 7 days ago

    I thought the cat would be a skraul (am I saying it right?) and it transforms and hits him

  • SBrax
    SBrax 8 days ago

    #16 that is octagonal bokeh. That is a side effect of having your F stop closed down with a lens that doesn’t have as many blades to cut the light into nice circles. It’s also duplicated in After Effects when you apply certain effects that have to do with light. So let’s get this straight that #16 is light a “lens effect” and nothing more.

  • Wei xu
    Wei xu 8 days ago +1


  • Daivyan Benavidez
    Daivyan Benavidez 8 days ago

    At 13:11 there a figure face in the back like one of Carol teammates or something

  • Menibor1
    Menibor1 8 days ago

    This movie is gonna be ass

  • TTV Fry
    TTV Fry 8 days ago

    Well some people think that the scar on nicks face is from wolverines claws also the reason thanos has scratches on his face and that’s why we havent seen him with the avengers

  • Reign Supreme
    Reign Supreme 8 days ago

    I don't think anyone can eclipse Dr. Strange as the most powerful Marvel character.

    • J Digg
      J Digg 6 days ago

      He's one of many powerful marvel characters in the mcu

  • West Tinnerstet
    West Tinnerstet 9 days ago

    206 same as captain america

  • Ilyas Ahmed
    Ilyas Ahmed 9 days ago


  • Josh Neito
    Josh Neito 9 days ago

    Do a dragon ball broly trailer brekdown

  • palaginghuli
    palaginghuli 9 days ago

    If Nick Fury is working for Shield, will we not see Peggy Carter and Howard Stark, and maybe Hank Pym?

  • xReacklessRoscoeX Gaming

    This could be a really hard movie to keep up with if you dont pay close attention... (kinda like Inception) is the top spinning?🤯

  • Philip Simmonds
    Philip Simmonds 10 days ago +2

    8:30 it will be cool if that is the Guest House (before it became GH)... AoS watchers will know this reference.

  • Brent Ryan
    Brent Ryan 10 days ago

    Carol Danvers is the name adopted by Kara Zor'el, Supergirl, think do I. Interesting to see Marvel writers melding the name of the two characters.
    The return of Nick Fury is fantastic, and as an actual character a part of the story, instead of just a cameo.

  • chowder Jankowski
    chowder Jankowski 10 days ago

    isnt 20.6 the way cap was heading when he crashed

  • Lapis Lazerz
    Lapis Lazerz 10 days ago

    Wait a minute so one of the skrull is named talos hail talos

  • Marc Serros
    Marc Serros 11 days ago

    The comment about the cat scratch wound!! 😂😂 amazingly hilarious

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams 11 days ago

    Black widow is made a skull through shield and helps take out heroes in the future. In order for the skull to conqure earth.

  • Khalid hamad
    Khalid hamad 11 days ago

    There’s something off about that cat it’s not cat !

  • Jahlyn Hayes
    Jahlyn Hayes 11 days ago

    Isn't that the same hanger from the captain America: the first avenger

  • Khalid hamad
    Khalid hamad 11 days ago

    The Keye are evil bad guys !

  • Abbott Is Death Process.

    Would the cliff side plane hangar and the shot with Rambeau have anything to do with Project Pegasus?

  • userdudeguy
    userdudeguy 11 days ago

  • userdudeguy
    userdudeguy 11 days ago

    Hey did you know the word Kree is an actual word of aboriginals in canada? Cree is one of the what you people understand as "tribes" for first nations lol

  • scout p
    scout p 11 days ago

    Wasn’t the base for red skull on the side of a mountain

  • oneshot perrotte
    oneshot perrotte 12 days ago

    Hey Aquaman is about to hit a billion! just want to put that out there!

  • Diondre Winfield
    Diondre Winfield 12 days ago

    That train is 7th street metro center station lol

  • Otium Serenitatem
    Otium Serenitatem 12 days ago

    How can Dr strange see events that play out after his death? Plot hole

  • Linn Senbom
    Linn Senbom 12 days ago +1

    Am i srsly the only one that wants Thor to be the strongest and not Captain Marvel?? Maybe its because IM a ”LITTLE” obsessed with Thor...

  • Samuel Meservy
    Samuel Meservy 12 days ago

    Thank you Erik

  • KW0311 USMC
    KW0311 USMC 12 days ago

    What's wierd is shes flying an f18 but then the cockpit in the space scene looks like an f35 cockpit.

  • Dallas Fletcher
    Dallas Fletcher 12 days ago

    It's Adam Warlock the strongest marvel hero.

    • J Digg
      J Digg 6 days ago

      I'm pretty sure they're aiming to make him a mcu villain. Who could become a hero?

  • Nightzone 04
    Nightzone 04 13 days ago

    In other trailer not this

  • Nightzone 04
    Nightzone 04 13 days ago

    I saw Ronan the accuser at l:45

  • Shlee Ba
    Shlee Ba 13 days ago

    I think that the pilot memories are definitely real because we have evidence to support that, y’know because of the pictures and stuff

  • daniel cervantes
    daniel cervantes 14 days ago

    So she’s the green lantern of the mcu

  • TheCosplayhouse
    TheCosplayhouse 14 days ago +1

    why is there so many people not liking the actress??? SHES AMAZING!!!!

  • ryan samuel
    ryan samuel 14 days ago

    Nobody saw in the beginning when Captain Marvel is walking with Star Force she's in Asgard

    • J Digg
      J Digg 6 days ago

      Not Asgard bud, sorry.

  • Messiah
    Messiah 14 days ago +1


  • Mimi C
    Mimi C 14 days ago +1

    Damn i was just trying to watch why Dr strange gave thanos the time stone and now i am watching other amazing thoughts of not only the end game but captain Marvel 😅

  • Pamala Bassham
    Pamala Bassham 14 days ago

    I thought 20.6 had to do with capt. America

  • B K
    B K 14 days ago

    I wonder if scott lang shows up in this movie...

    • J Digg
      J Digg 6 days ago


    • B K
      B K 6 days ago +1

      J Digg We do see him in Endgame. A Time Vortex is a reasonable way to exit that realm.

    • J Digg
      J Digg 6 days ago +1

      When he's done drifting through the quantum realm maybe

  • Elizabeth Banet
    Elizabeth Banet 14 days ago

    Danvers is Supergirl's adopted families name, are they kin somehow?

  • Nina Sanderson
    Nina Sanderson 14 days ago

    This movie just seems too disconnected from the rest of the MCU. Maybe it will tie in but it seems like they just needed an extra character.

  • Gacha SmolCookieYT
    Gacha SmolCookieYT 14 days ago

    THose Creatures might be frost giants and looking for loki??!! HMMMM OR SOMTHING ELSE.... THIS IS BIG

  • Jarvis Atkins
    Jarvis Atkins 14 days ago

    The fading mask thing is also like black panthers suit

  • DJ Cetoute
    DJ Cetoute 15 days ago

    I love you guys your awsome

  • Tomtom 9843
    Tomtom 9843 15 days ago

    It looks like nano tech

  • Boomboom624
    Boomboom624 15 days ago

    At 3:31 if you look closely between the person and staff you can see a figure walking along

  • Jp Pretorius
    Jp Pretorius 15 days ago

    14:42 ronans ship is in the background

  • The Legendary Q Zilla
    The Legendary Q Zilla 15 days ago

    There all real

  • Felicity Tombs
    Felicity Tombs 15 days ago

    were the plans are they are from red skull base

  • Crafty
    Crafty 15 days ago

    I'm not hyped for captain marvel but I am for Spiderman and avengers endgame

  • The Popularmmos and Gachalife fan Fan

    Carol Danvers from marvel and Kara Danvers from D.C. are they sisters

  • BryBryProduction
    BryBryProduction 16 days ago

    Wait!! Isn't Miss Marvel, Rogue? I remember watching X-Men the animated series. And Rogue stole Miss Marvel's powers! WTF??

    • J Digg
      J Digg 6 days ago

      I'm confuzled. But not likely

  • Rhythem H
    Rhythem H 16 days ago +1

    10:17 looks like implanted memory

  • Elijah
    Elijah 16 days ago

    What if that old lady is Peter quills mom

  • GioGaming
    GioGaming 16 days ago

    Blue blood injected to captain marvel hmmmm
    Captain America super soldier serum hmmmmmmmm???

  • yayan30
    yayan30 16 days ago

    that building looks exactly like Thor maybe when there were it was kinda destroyed and people started something and turn to the battle arena for the hulk

  • Enrico Panebianco
    Enrico Panebianco 17 days ago

    Come on!, straight outta Dr. Strange cameo or casting in this movie, come on!; because then everything would make sense on Avenger 4 end game.

  • Ritchie Lubeck
    Ritchie Lubeck 17 days ago

    Isn't Supergirls last name Danvers as well?

  • doogsiekomstop
    doogsiekomstop 17 days ago +1

    I want Brie Larson to conceive my babies

  • xamora George
    xamora George 17 days ago

    OMG going to be great 😂😂😂

  • John Breeden
    John Breeden 18 days ago

    Ronin is going to play a big part in this as it's his orgin story , nick fury's, and obviously captain marvels but also might see some guardian of the galaxy guys such as star lord hint hint

    MOJOBOSKI x 18 days ago

    Dam yu good at this

  • Sgt_ Luxray
    Sgt_ Luxray 18 days ago

    Everyone who watched agents of shield season 5 knows how fucked up the kree are xD

  • Jason Aiwohi- Tomlin
    Jason Aiwohi- Tomlin 18 days ago

    At 12:42 does it that look like the power dampeners that the kree use to dampen the inhumans powers in AOS

  • Livy Mayans
    Livy Mayans 18 days ago

    Maybe carol tried to find Steve Rogers

  • rainbowwoambow zapz
    rainbowwoambow zapz 18 days ago

    ur cool lol so random

  • Marianne Thomas
    Marianne Thomas 18 days ago

    Maybe Annette Bening’s character is a gender-swapped version of the Supreme Intelligence of the Kree Empire

    • J Digg
      J Digg 6 days ago

      What I'm feeling too

  • Riley Knight
    Riley Knight 18 days ago +1

    It’s funny how this movie come out on my birthday... WHAT?!?!?!

  • Ian Alexander
    Ian Alexander 19 days ago

    I'm betting that at some point we'll see certain blue blood scenes later but now the blood is red. Changing the color in a memory seems to be a lot less work than actually adding/subtracting from the memory.

  • whau
    whau 19 days ago


  • Dr. Tasty
    Dr. Tasty 19 days ago

    Are we gonna ignore that we saw ronan in the trailer?!?!?! Does that mean hes gonna be in this movie?!?!