• Published on Nov 17, 2018
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    THIS IS L&S  7 months ago +790


    • Alyssa Welch
      Alyssa Welch 3 months ago

      THIS IS L&S love you guys

    • Heaven Adams
      Heaven Adams 4 months ago

      THIS IS L&S what that song is that you played

    • Carisa Chen Pao
      Carisa Chen Pao 4 months ago

      Shylar you look so CUTE AND PRETTY with that pregnant belly😍😍

    • Laurie Stec
      Laurie Stec 5 months ago

      YOU TOO!!!!

  • Brooklyn Reborn17
    Brooklyn Reborn17 13 days ago

    Little did she know she was going to be pregnant in a few months later lol

  • Loren Tan
    Loren Tan 21 day ago

    Ouuu she real pregnant now😂

  • Patricia Kibekityo
    Patricia Kibekityo Month ago +2

    Watching this in 2019....when your actually pregnant.... Blessing love

  • Provi Marie
    Provi Marie Month ago

    It’s kinda to late now since she already pregnant but like maybe u could wear it and act like ur giving birth like at a park or something

  • mikayla
    mikayla Month ago +3

    5 months later she’s actually pregnant! 💖💖

  • Ashley Banales
    Ashley Banales Month ago

    Who’s watching after she’s pregnant

  • cavan johnson
    cavan johnson 2 months ago

    i think yo should do im pregnnt before the day comes for my prank hen when its the secound day you should go get 1 water ballon and fill it with water and say ... my wat broke ahahahahahahahahah and then at the end you shuld say i think this is a prank and get hes reaction and hell say really babe (laundon gets made at gf

  • chanel polanco
    chanel polanco 2 months ago

    #LSGANG i love you guys/the baby looks so so real

  • Veronika Davis
    Veronika Davis 2 months ago

    who does not like this

  • Ruben Sollano
    Ruben Sollano 2 months ago

    Sneak candy in the movies

  • Marisa Branker
    Marisa Branker 2 months ago

    So now u have an idea how it feels like..but it ll b alot different when it's real .

  • Roxana Georgiana
    Roxana Georgiana 2 months ago

    OMG look so ryry

  • Roxana Georgiana
    Roxana Georgiana 2 months ago

    OMG imagine when she will be really pregnant?? IT Will be a real strugle

  • Alyssa Hadsell
    Alyssa Hadsell 3 months ago

    Sad bc now every video with Shyla in it I'm there's gonna be hate in comments


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  • lelizz143
    lelizz143 3 months ago

    My mood everyday lol 😂 I’m 5 month pregnant and my back hurts all day everyday 🙄😒

  • Meah plays Minecraft And More Also Sims

    Prank ur boyfreinds mom😀

  • Sophie Bremner
    Sophie Bremner 3 months ago

    It’s so weird how you over react and everyone on TVclip is fine

  • Robert Zepeda
    Robert Zepeda 3 months ago

    landon should put the belly on for a day

  • sarah gambrell
    sarah gambrell 4 months ago +1

    There should only be positive vibes but some of y'all trowing solo much shame. Hatttterssssssssss

  • Corley Percival
    Corley Percival 4 months ago

    I love you intro song and if you guys have a baby I’m going to be so happy for you guys

  • Paige Skinner
    Paige Skinner 4 months ago

    This is the dumbest shit ever

  • Blanca Sifuentes
    Blanca Sifuentes 4 months ago

    Go to a beach

  • The World By Izzy
    The World By Izzy 4 months ago

    You should do a belly cast with the fake baby bump it would be so funny and you could compare it to a real one

  • Celia Vasquez
    Celia Vasquez 4 months ago

    Is it truth that you and Shyla broker up

  • Jaeahna Latu
    Jaeahna Latu 4 months ago

    my mum gained 42kg with my brother

  • Sequoia Britt
    Sequoia Britt 4 months ago

    11:57 she looked like Beyonce

  • Maricela Medellin
    Maricela Medellin 4 months ago

    Looks real af

  • Kelly Batlle
    Kelly Batlle 4 months ago

    I like it the Bady

  • Andrea Asencio
    Andrea Asencio 4 months ago +1

    I am a very nice person 😀

  • Sarah. Qu3en
    Sarah. Qu3en 5 months ago

    At 9:47 in video I was shocked that they named their daughter Sarah cause my name is Sarah which I was very happy about that ❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊😂😂😂☺️☺️😍😍

    XXIIIV 5 months ago

    Did she really say that in the drive threw.... I’m so embarrassed. & when I was pregnant I NEVER acted like this not even close lol.... and I’m pregnant again and won’t be acting like this 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • grhrg hdhfh
    grhrg hdhfh 5 months ago

    You would look really cute pregnant no joke

  • sarenity Ramirez
    sarenity Ramirez 5 months ago

    love you guys

  • Sophia Walker
    Sophia Walker 5 months ago


  • itzel diaz
    itzel diaz 5 months ago

    Shyla would look so cute pregnant!! 💞💗💓💕

  • Iesha McIntyre
    Iesha McIntyre 5 months ago

    Go to bars with the belly and get your drink on!!!peoples reactions will be priceless!

  • Stephney Howell
    Stephney Howell 5 months ago

    You should do a prank on Landon like where big shirts and sleep alot and say your pregnant

  • Lorena Aguilar
    Lorena Aguilar 5 months ago +1

    Omg did she said lorena?😊

  • vanessa's vlogs
    vanessa's vlogs 5 months ago

    Do the baby mama danc like ace family

  • Lisa Skelton
    Lisa Skelton 5 months ago

    baby mama dance challenge

  • FayTorria Hambric
    FayTorria Hambric 5 months ago

    I love you guys... And everybody be hating so hard on Shyla, always speaking negative about her.

  • Aaliyah Dollaway
    Aaliyah Dollaway 5 months ago

    she would be a sexy mother ;-)

  • Matty Mercedes T
    Matty Mercedes T 5 months ago

    You actully look good in it, I love you guys soooo much 💖❤️

  • Family Gonzalez
    Family Gonzalez 5 months ago

    I love ur hair

  • Family Gonzalez
    Family Gonzalez 5 months ago

    I love ur hair

  • samantha5849
    samantha5849 5 months ago

    Seriously cuties couple

  • Laurie Stec
    Laurie Stec 5 months ago

    You look so cute pregnant!

    IHEARTXMAKEUP07 5 months ago

    What are you guys waiting fo you have money time for a baby!!! Have one already!

  • Mia Pia
    Mia Pia 5 months ago

    Do a pregnant yoga challenge 😄

  • Elizabeth Acevedo
    Elizabeth Acevedo 5 months ago

    Shyla must want some penis lando

  • Des and Baby loves
    Des and Baby loves 5 months ago

    Shyla: *just got done beating the fake pregnancy belly*
    Landon: *gets a fraction as rough w the belly*
    Shyla: "Be Gentle!"

  • Latoya Snell
    Latoya Snell 6 months ago

    OMG you look like Beyonce

  • Laura Martinez
    Laura Martinez 6 months ago


  • Shiloh Buizon
    Shiloh Buizon 6 months ago +1

    You should prank someone with that belly❕❕ and anyone else just hate her “motivational” speech,, it sounds SOOOO FAKE❕🤷🏻‍♀️❔

  • Melly & Brisa
    Melly & Brisa 6 months ago

    it's a beautiful feeling growing a little human inside of you! it's crazy

  • arlette urzua
    arlette urzua 6 months ago

    Do you know Elle

  • mirian miguel
    mirian miguel 6 months ago

    Why use all hating for its only a video

  • Anya Markey
    Anya Markey 6 months ago

    That belly on u looks real

  • Anya Markey
    Anya Markey 6 months ago

    You have the pregnancy glow

  • Rosemary Rubino
    Rosemary Rubino 6 months ago

    😂😂😂😂 When y’all pulled up to the window at Starbucks thoughhh 😂

  • god
    god 6 months ago

    shyla sexy as hell. ill do anything to have her🤤😭💕

  • The life of NeVaeh
    The life of NeVaeh 6 months ago

    Hey shyla I have a question why do you have wigs in your closet?🤔

  • Jennifer Martin
    Jennifer Martin 6 months ago

    Landon wants a baby so bad......let him wear the belly for a day! It'll change his mind for ya! LoL

  • Crystal DuFour
    Crystal DuFour 6 months ago +1

    She's going to be such an annoying naggy pregnant women. I feel bad for her man's. Pregnancy isn't even bad at all. It feels amazing.

  • Gabriela Herrera
    Gabriela Herrera 6 months ago

    My mom was pregnet and her mom was pregnet 8 times

  • Gabriela Herrera
    Gabriela Herrera 6 months ago


  • Ayesha Begum
    Ayesha Begum 6 months ago

    I watched 2 vids so bored allready

  • Jacqueline Acevedo
    Jacqueline Acevedo 6 months ago

    Dan don't know why most of yall gotta be rude 😭

  • Mireya Trevino
    Mireya Trevino 6 months ago


  • Jasmine Hernandez
    Jasmine Hernandez 6 months ago

    Shyla is kinda inappropriate around Joe lol like trying to act all sexy and the way she was like laying In bed with her legs opened like girl it's OK when its just your man around but not Joe

  • deliaa b
    deliaa b 6 months ago

    What kind of drink did you get is the real question

  • Basilah Mohamed
    Basilah Mohamed 6 months ago

    She is very loving , caring and giving she will make a great mom

  • Marlana Washington
    Marlana Washington 6 months ago

    It looks so real ❤️ you L&S

  • Fabiola Hernandez
    Fabiola Hernandez 6 months ago

    Do the Baby momma challenge

  • A H
    A H 6 months ago

    Love Shayla, she's hilarious😂😂 love you guys! Ignore the haters.

  • Ana Martinez
    Ana Martinez 6 months ago +9

    Currently 9 months pregnant & I don’t even act like this much of a baby. Can’t imagine what she’s gonna act like when she’s actually pregnant.😂💀

    • Abundant life Apostolic Assembly
      Abundant life Apostolic Assembly Month ago

      It's a video you guys probably never put on one of those bellies it's fake your guys were real. Hint there's a difference

    • XXIIIV
      XXIIIV 5 months ago

      Ana Martinez right.... I’m pregnant again a year later and I never acted like this and I won’t this time either.

  • Aisha Oosterlinck
    Aisha Oosterlinck 6 months ago

    U would be so cute pregnant!❤️❤️

  • H. 1
    H. 1 6 months ago

    make Landon pregnant for 24 hour

  • Naveyah’S Life
    Naveyah’S Life 6 months ago

    She looks so pretty pregnant!!!

  • Vanessaa Garciaa
    Vanessaa Garciaa 6 months ago

    😂 lol

  • Hearranitta Latu
    Hearranitta Latu 6 months ago


  • Maui Viera
    Maui Viera 6 months ago

    but why did you wear black lol.. I couldn't see anything

  • Camila Green
    Camila Green 6 months ago

    Prank ppl with the belly by randomly tripping/falling without hurting yourself duh 😂😂❤️

  • Nancy Lopez
    Nancy Lopez 6 months ago

    Hey L&S I love you guys so much you guys are amazing I love all your guys videos/ vlogs their all amazing awww shyla looks so cute when she is "pregnant" I love you guys so much 💯%😘💕💞💖💗💝👀❤U😍😻👏

  • Ellie Mcmillan
    Ellie Mcmillan 6 months ago

    Like when you go visit Landon’s dad or someone that you haven’t see in a while put it on and prank them that you are pregnant 🤪💜

  • Butthole Butcrax
    Butthole Butcrax 6 months ago

    Thank you l and s

  • Abou Kaba
    Abou Kaba 6 months ago

    You should do a video to see if people treat you better when you are pregnant than when you are not

  • Sydnee Smith
    Sydnee Smith 6 months ago

    Everytime she hit "her stomach" I died laughing

  • Darley Belleus
    Darley Belleus 6 months ago

    She looks good pregnant

  • Sanchez Fam
    Sanchez Fam 6 months ago

    Being pregnant is amazing ! I miss my baby bump. When your pregnant for real it’s a whole different feeling especially when you feel the baby’s kicks or when the baby moves around and all the aches and pain is worth it in the end. My daughter is my first child and I totally understand you when you say you can’t go into something without knowing 😂😂 when I was getting close to my due date I would tell my family members I was so nervous & I described it as if I was going in to go take a test and I haven’t studied 😂😂 but everything Landon was doing for you that’s exactly what my husband had to do for me. But when you guys do get pregnant in the future you know some of the L&S gang has some advice whenever you’ll need it. ❤️❤️

  • Amarantha Pedroza
    Amarantha Pedroza 6 months ago +2

    Shyla sounds really hypocrite

  • Kelly gilbert
    Kelly gilbert 6 months ago

    To all y’all bitching u most not have worn one of those things before cuz it’s instant weight and all in ur front side

    • Kelly gilbert
      Kelly gilbert 6 months ago

      The only relief I got was when I sat down or put on my backpack cuz it evened out the weight

    • Kelly gilbert
      Kelly gilbert 6 months ago

      I had to do it for school and gave me bad back pain I had to get tape to relieve the pain cut it just hurts so much

  • Tajah Galloska
    Tajah Galloska 6 months ago

    To cute

  • Saarah Javid
    Saarah Javid 6 months ago

    Make Landon make the belly and see how he feels carrying it around😂

  • Jamie Lee Ashton
    Jamie Lee Ashton 6 months ago

    Wow that looks so hard!!!

  • Hlengeka Buthelezi
    Hlengeka Buthelezi 6 months ago

    What's your race Shyla?

  • Chelo Mouawad
    Chelo Mouawad 6 months ago

    click read more

    Read the first word

  • Adriana Mendez-Zhinin
    Adriana Mendez-Zhinin 6 months ago

    Yall r such haters leave Shyla tf alone it’s a video it’s never that serious to be mad at someone for doing a video u decided to watch