Bill Gates interview: How the world will change by 2030


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  • Hai Thai
    Hai Thai 10 hours ago

    Hải sợ. Có lỗi với mọi người được Hải nhận lời. Còn. Microsoft. Tổng Google Chrome Mobile. Quyết. Còn HẢI vẫn giữ

  • gary proffitt
    gary proffitt 14 hours ago

    By 2030 "COMMUNISM CONTROL" - Africa - Asia - Europe

  • Katherene Wedic
    Katherene Wedic 2 days ago

    I want to like what he's saying, but there's something off about what he is not describing

  • Joe
    Joe 2 days ago

    The next big thing that we should be doning is changing our way we do things in our daily lives like working on ANTI MATTER AND LEVITATION DEVICES FURTURE STUFF LIKE IN SCFI MOVIES WERE ON THE VERGE.

  • cindy hilley
    cindy hilley 3 days ago

    Bill and Melinda Foundation See future due to Eugenics. Bill more dangerous than nuclear war. Gates Foundation kicked out of Kenya when people vaccinated causing death autism. Eugenics program to kill humans. Bill responsible for Aides and Ebola taken from jungle financing in lab mutations responsible for human death. Bill Gates father first President of planned parenthood. Last president Cecile Richards annual income over 1 million year. Bill and Cecile started selling baby parts seen on undercover video sipping wine and laughing. No court action. Now see abortion after birth Approval by NY and Virginia

  • Violet Kate
    Violet Kate 4 days ago

    What about the injections you and your wife brought to India and crippling Thousand children or the injections to Africa which you put that stopped every women who had that from 13 to 45 became steril.Supporting to kill off and bringing the population down to 1/3 you're support mass forced abortion and your plans are evil to the core. Monsanto is ban in most countries because of the increase of cancer where it has been used,some countries have turned away seed corn from Monsanto by shipping because of the tests they have done on the seed,so don't pretend that people are not wise to your plan.

  • Dawn Ironside
    Dawn Ironside 4 days ago


  • roadtothegreatest Ink

    They make the disease and then create vaccine great Mr bullshit

  • Frank
    Frank 5 days ago

    Don't run for president Bill. You can get alot more done without being president.

  • Kim Waldrop
    Kim Waldrop 13 days ago

    Bill gates is a killer, wake up.

  • vincesowa
    vincesowa 14 days ago

    Oh yea help the African, teach them show them the technology. Then came along China, hey Africans , pay back the loans if not repaid with those technologies from USA. Hahaha. No wonder for past 12 years Americans are perceived as stupid and delusional despite being a world powerhouse. The world is not US alone to bear.

  • Chris Anthony
    Chris Anthony 15 days ago

    India banned the Bill Gates foundation because his vaccines were killing people and lowering birth rates. That's the goal of self-hating population alarmists like Bill Gates. Anyone who calls Gates a philanthropist is either extremely ignorant about his agenda-- or, they're a suicidal nihilist like him and want to see a lot of people die.

  • Sanyogita Sharma
    Sanyogita Sharma 16 days ago

    He is a gem to the world

  • Gaming Legends
    Gaming Legends 17 days ago

    Making seeds that grow only once and the farmers have to pay more to get their products, You are just looking for profit everywhere dude. These are poor people who cant afford a 2 time meal a day and you are going to take what they have from them. You are an amazing person really!

  • Jasvinder Saharan
    Jasvinder Saharan 18 days ago +1

    I want more rich than Bill Gates

  • Blue Skies
    Blue Skies 18 days ago

    God's creation... Not man s. Man destroys, changes what is good to evil for financial gain.AND vanity.. Man destroys man therefore is in this sense HUMAN. We were meant to care for the garden. Man creates disease, man alters dna to create disease, takes good nutrients from plants to make people sick and die but to make him money while they die. Stupid people.

  • A H F
    A H F 18 days ago

    I just came here to write that I will watch this is 2030 (hopefully)...

  • Benjamin Vestergaard
    Benjamin Vestergaard 19 days ago

    He's a clever guy, but he's also totally ignoring that once a GMO makes it into the wild, you have no real control of what cross pollination can do to native crops. I am in no doubt that the final product of a GMO is in no way dangerous to humans, my concern is whether it's unhealthy to its surrounding environment.
    Edit: Windows/Office may have helped its users, but did it really help the software environment to have a monopoly like that?

  • Julie Anderson
    Julie Anderson 20 days ago

    You are going to lose Bill Gates, the NWO is dead.

  • Bobby Taylor
    Bobby Taylor 20 days ago

    Top Ten Richest person in the world. It looks good on a resume.

  • bert havermout
    bert havermout 21 day ago

    What does Bill Gates know about agriculture? Or poor people? Or poverty? Poor farmers in Africa who have to make decisions about paying a hospital bill, getting a kid through school or buying the fertilizer or seed that big rich companies promote? What would be his choice?

  • ranjith kumar
    ranjith kumar 23 days ago

    Don't believe rich people, bill is trying to sell seeds(ofcourse GMO), medicine/ vaccines and make more money just by selling to more people in Africa and other continents

  • Daisy Smile
    Daisy Smile 23 days ago

    It's great to see business men like Bill Gates are using their wealth to help humanity.

  • K T
    K T 23 days ago

    I don't know of all the companies and ways to do agriculture Monsanto should NOT be on the list period. All the safety talk is bs. We know what these products do and the terrible effects on the soil and Eco system all for big huge trillionaires. Please don't mislead them and exploit they're lack of info

  • K T
    K T 23 days ago

    GMo are horrific and aweful food. Please don't sell Monsanto etc and gmo to poor Africa please don't exploit them

  • kassiba
    kassiba 24 days ago

    He clearly does not know/understand anything to bitcoin. And it's obvious that he does not know/have any experience about Africa either.

  • 전정순
    전정순 25 days ago


  • Guns Cars and Digits
    Guns Cars and Digits 26 days ago

    I admire Bill's focus on basic information.
    Biblical. "Show a man how to fish, rather than give him a fish."
    Excel for example. Rapid mundane computations.
    You'd be amazed how neglecting a mathematical computation can actually harm everybody involved.
    A window of productive things really goes a long way, if you just have Excel compute it and graph it, especially if coding in things like MATLAB is cumbersome to you.

  • JoeBlow
    JoeBlow 26 days ago

    i could do it in less than six months. givin the few resources. and less than a million usd.



  • Eddie Murray
    Eddie Murray 27 days ago

    How Africa will improve by 2030 FTFY

  • Quincy Henderson
    Quincy Henderson Month ago

    This dude don't give a F**k about human life.

  • humbled servant
    humbled servant Month ago

    What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul

  • Hector Z.
    Hector Z. Month ago

    it's been proven that Monsanto's pesticides have caused cancer on humans, lets not even get into what it does to the environment and food.

  • Ping Pong
    Ping Pong Month ago

    Incredible how he still has a Vision....haven't been a Billionaire.....

  • Roger Morris
    Roger Morris Month ago

    Why are we not worried about the health of the planet? Will there be sufficient oxygen if we destroy the amazon rainforest , pollute the oceans and destroy fishing etc etc ? We seem happy to ignore global warming and allow agrochemical industries to continue their planetary destruction. The banks are not interested in people but in fiscal leverage and profits. The poor are just collateral damage as far as governments are concerned. Bill Gates does not mention AI and the fact that even blue collar workers will be surplus to requirements. Look at austerity in the UK . Food banks, shelter housing failure etc etc . We are not talking Africa here. I think it is pie in the sky and the US not being truthful about the life of ordinary folk. It is easy to bury bad news and gloss over real problems by distraction.

  • Blue Skies
    Blue Skies Month ago +1

    Bill is a Disgusting Excuse for a Human Being!!!

  • Otto von Leopold Bismarck

    This man is the scary man!

  • C S
    C S Month ago

    Bill you’ve made an amazing company, truly a fantastic man

  • t gordon
    t gordon Month ago

    This is nonsense Mr. Gates. GMO and vaccines have nothing to do with better health in fact the opposite might be true.

  • realistically speaking

    His focus is still last millennium Farming practice that protects the environment will help poverty immediately. They don't need to "feed the world". Just the neighbors is enough. Industrial fertilizer is very destructive of soil health and natural fertility

  • James Smith
    James Smith Month ago

    Bill gates is a very evil man

  • mike feger
    mike feger Month ago

    @11:00 let’s talk RIPPLENET and ILP leveraging on a digital asset liquidity pool

  • Phil Banic
    Phil Banic Month ago


  • Gul Ramani
    Gul Ramani Month ago

    Respects to your social work, it would be total cynical to think, that you do this to help your child Microsoft. On the other hand, even if the social work helped Microsoft to break the hysteria over your company being possibly the all controlling BIG BROTHER, watching you from Morning to Night from a TV screen. Orwell Ji, that was a great paranoid thought but just as Extra Terrestials invading Earth from flying saucers had a simpler solution; Why not get into the very body abd brains of humans to destroy or invade Earth there is Orwell ji a simpler solution to being, the individuals all seeing BIG BROTHER confined to the individuals living room and from a perticular camera position only. The person who does not like to keep people guessing (Why gul?) grows up and does not utter the most? efficient solution to being BIG BROTHER to a series of operated individuals. Danke!

    • Gul Ramani
      Gul Ramani Month ago

      I do think that even if a company gets image and marketing help from philonthropy this is fair means to do it. Please do not misunderstand this as assuming Mr Gates motivations conscious or subconscious in doing public good and tellling allso the rest of us, which is the way ahead for Earth according to his experience and imagination potential.

  • shapeshfters
    shapeshfters Month ago

    A lot of paranoid people in the comments.

  • GrindHardPeezy
    GrindHardPeezy Month ago

    Something inside my spirit doesn’t trust bill gates

  • sidearmsalpha
    sidearmsalpha Month ago

    All these so-called philanthropists yet I've never seen so many homeless people in my life where I live. It's gotten A LOT worse.

  • Sudevi Nadiya Samanich

    People actually listen to this freaking guy like he has some kind of authority in society instead of what he is: a very savvy businessman that’s all. If he’s making predictions it’s because he’s part of the manipulation of what’s going on obviously.

  • wapo ko
    wapo ko Month ago

    i do t trust him. i would never use any of what he makes for ingestion..they always say it's good when in fact it is bad..let them eat and consume what they make first

  • Berserker Cookie
    Berserker Cookie Month ago

    We already produce 3 times the food we consume so wtf is he talking about.

  • Norka Dessin
    Norka Dessin Month ago

    Intelligent observations security (iOS) you tell the government hi everyday be aware but don’t be guilty consciences ✌️

  • Marion Ake
    Marion Ake Month ago

    I'll bet there's a vaccine for this man's fluttering hands . Then take a warm bath in roundup .

  • jerry doe
    jerry doe Month ago

    this guy is going to bring Welfare and Food Stamps and also you want them to pay with apple pay

  • James Morse
    James Morse Month ago

    This guy is a sicko forget all his vaccinations all this b******* someone needs to end this guy put him in prison he's a murderer

  • Augusta Yarteh
    Augusta Yarteh Month ago

    Bill gates I fell with all the great things you people are doing will make the economy very great till that time, that generations will meet things very easy Bill, Mark , and Steve you people are making the economy way better than the time some of us were growing up in 40 years back to that time the economy will be very great and strong. Micro economics makes me to know about the differences between change in quantity supplied and a change in supply that is quantity supplied is caused by a change in a good's. own price , while. a change in supply is caused by a change in some other variable , such as input prices,prices of related goods, expectations or taxes. i feel it necessary to know more of the. populations graph and percentage. in various countries. Especially the housing graph on populations in that country you want to do your own business. bright ful explanations and video. to know of

  • Frederico Mega
    Frederico Mega Month ago

    I'm sorry bill, I know you invested a fortune in GMO tech, but it's not needed for Africa, nor are fertilizers, Africa has the most fertile soil on the planet no fertilizers are needed right now to achieve 4 harvests/year, GMO's also generated a lot of problems, but I'm not going in to that now. what Africa needs is education and less intervention from foreign powers, the agricultural status of Africa is what it is today due to American direct intervention, if Africa were to start producing agro products in a mechanized sophisticated way, the price of grains and produce would drop worldwide and the American farmer would be out of a job. I'm afraid you have a limited understanding of what Africa needs. Also, vaccines are all nice and good, but the problem becomes when vaccines are used as a tool to extract wealth from governments with corrupt payment schemes. as far as Africa is concerned it's more important to find solutions that don't create nine other problems.

  • thomas samson
    thomas samson Month ago

    This crook, "acreage not being used". He means ruin the local ecology by creating more farms with GMO seeds. This Democrat tax increase loving scum ran a monopoly and pay less tax percentage than average workers.

  • WalnutHead
    WalnutHead 2 months ago

    This comment section is absolute cancer. It makes me loose hope. I bet they all watch right leaning conspiracy theory propaganda like alex REEEEE jones.

  • Julije Jelaska
    Julije Jelaska 2 months ago

    He's get rich on chrashing Windows operative system, and on the endles updates.Shameful, such hope, Win 10, but always dependable program, easy to brake, easy for viruses, for hackers,When You can chaged that?!How Linux or Apple never get sick?!

    RICK BUTLER 2 months ago

    People get some money, and they think they are privileged to make decisions for everyone else! good for you! do you really think your helping,who asked you honey....contributions only help your tax break, just another globalist pos

  • Tengshain Nongsiej
    Tengshain Nongsiej 2 months ago

    If bill gate I will continue fight

  • Jasper Newcomb
    Jasper Newcomb 2 months ago

    Well you have to appreciate Bill Gates contribution to society.
    Ok thats out of the way lets be serious now. I tend to lay all the blame for AGENDA 2030 with the ROTHSCHILD CRIME FAMILY but having just said that I dont know if Bill Gates wouldn't qualify because hearing him talk his head aint right

  • dyno nodemode
    dyno nodemode 2 months ago

    I am truly amazed by Bill Gates. He hit everything very wisely!! To push free education and G.E.D. learning. And say the world's best teachers are those who can help those confused by understanding why they are confused. This was 3 years ago and coding is only getting more interesting. I have to say all i have accomplished is thanks to those books and a computer(microsoft) Now to my basic understanding of what gates said is more of this is needed. By the way i started coding before i even got a ged which was in 2013

  • Antoinette
    Antoinette 2 months ago

    his wife and him are demonic

  • Edward
    Edward 2 months ago


  • Edward
    Edward 2 months ago +1


  • Brock Still
    Brock Still 2 months ago

    Bill Gates,your soul is required in hell

  • Brock Still
    Brock Still 2 months ago

    He will die before I Iet anyone put a needle full of his filth in me. Luciferian vermin.

  • Classic rock Lover
    Classic rock Lover 2 months ago

    "The tiered pricing has worked so well in medicine..."
    This man is outright delusional and demonic. He's saying the price of seed and ag products will go up in America in order to offset the lower costs that the same products will be sold in other countries.
    A one month supply for my boss' chemo pill was $13,500, and insurance wouldn't cover it. The exact same namebrand pill, same American manufacturer, same dose, same everything. Monthly cost shipped international mail: $500. If we wanted to have it made in India, monthly cost would have dropped to $350!
    That's what Bill Gates is saying he is going to do with FOOD, folks - better learn to garden and grow your own NOW

  • Jill Valentine
    Jill Valentine 2 months ago +1

    Am getting bored out of my mind here

  • 战狼3 L
    战狼3 L 2 months ago

    Organic food or not he is getting old.

  • Ed Reyes
    Ed Reyes 2 months ago

    I cant trust a man who is an advocate for vaccination and depopulation. Poor people farming gmo crops . A capatalist attempting to sound like a humanitarian. I dont want to sound negative ,but i sense a deception.

  • Carson AK
    Carson AK 2 months ago

    He is an evil man. Don’t let him fool you.

  • TBEAU65
    TBEAU65 3 months ago

    I hear him wanting power over money and people I cant help but hear that when he leaves out certain people listen really good

  • Debbie R
    Debbie R 3 months ago

    Jesus is the way to become rich...........
    He said ,"Trust me and all of your needs shall be met."
    Mathew 16
    …25 For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.
    26 What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?
    27 For the Son of Man will come in His Father’s glory with His angels,
    and then He will repay each one according to what he has done.…

  • Valu Vivao
    Valu Vivao 3 months ago

    Hey Bill why do you for away from internet......but Thanks for your information...

  • Bob Marshall
    Bob Marshall 3 months ago

    "Developing better seeds" Bill? Do you think our friends at Monsanto will help? There will be so many healthy people out there they will breed like rabbits and we will end up with standing room only.

  • Upendra Dahria
    Upendra Dahria 3 months ago

    your background music is not good

  • glancedUp
    glancedUp 3 months ago

    Still can't believe we're already more than halfway to 2030.

  • an Som
    an Som 3 months ago

    Bill Gates, God is watching you in shame along with your rothchilds and other mates shame on you , you want depopulation start with yourself and family & friends for us

  • Karyn Calgary
    Karyn Calgary 3 months ago

    They are going to get African development up because the United Nations conquered their countries and are going in with reeducation programming for them to use his technology after they stole all their land and killed all their people.
    Doesn't anyone remember the number of people They killed.
    Real reconciliation....boycott Microsoft and the nwo and United nations

  • Simões Paulo
    Simões Paulo 3 months ago


  • Vinayak Gosale
    Vinayak Gosale 3 months ago

    Love how Bill just snapped about demand supply question. And he didn't talk smack about Bitcoin, just pointed out the feasibility problems of the tech for these markets that can't handle that kind of volatility

  • Dwight Plock
    Dwight Plock 3 months ago

    Wow! I hope we'll see more interviews from great minds like this; not only to know what the future will be like, but it gives you a perspective on what stock sectors to invest in. Just like him, if I make more I can give more

  • Mekdes Alemayehu
    Mekdes Alemayehu 3 months ago

    Bill Gates my sweet You know how much I love you? I love you to death. You are the one who I love the most next to Mel. Thank you a trillion... Thank you a trillion

  • Milad milad
    Milad milad 3 months ago

    Mr.Gates please contact me, I have many ambition to reach one of my goals I need your support.

  • adam hirqal
    adam hirqal 3 months ago +1

    Bill and his elk will not change and the world will change after their death

  • Timothy Louis Louis
    Timothy Louis Louis 3 months ago

    Great 2C a professional liar @work

  • chris barbera
    chris barbera 3 months ago

    Gates is just as bad as Soroass!! His vision is poising children with his vaccines. Wants us all to have chips. Inventing new Vaccines to kill and control people!

  • michael tiza
    michael tiza 4 months ago

    What do you think God would do to you if you were depopulating the world? It might be better to wonder about it now, than when you are in the lowermost portion of Hell. God might not wait, I have seen some horrible things happen to people while they are still on earth. There sure is evil everywhere, that didn't make itself. Stuff to think about, if you want to think about important things.

  • Spider king
    Spider king 4 months ago

    00 win

  • Sarah Henning
    Sarah Henning 4 months ago

    He is a will find out ....

  • PirateTHESteam1
    PirateTHESteam1 4 months ago

    I for one think that Gate's depopulation program is necessary for the well being of the world.
    Sure, alot of you guys will drop dead. But that's life.

  • terry hutton
    terry hutton 4 months ago

    He was reported to make a million dollars a day...but he still outsourced all his work to third world countries for profit. So don't let the khaki pants and sweaters fool you, he is a shark...Huge Monsanto investor.

  • D Ki
    D Ki 4 months ago

    He is genius at coding , nothing more , nothing less if you think hes a genius at anything else just means you are average in intelligence. Just because you are a billionaire does not make you a genius ..look at Trump

  • Chris Coyne
    Chris Coyne 4 months ago

    Completely lost me when he said he's been spending most of his money on curing poor people's kids of disease. Those kids are a poor investment for that money. The reality is they most likely will end up just as poor and useless as the parents that had them.

  • bbpetrov
    bbpetrov 4 months ago

    yea, this drunk idiot once said that the spam will disappear in 2006 ... so here is me deleting tons of spam every day

  • technophobe
    technophobe 4 months ago

    hes a sick freak