Bill Gates interview: How the world will change by 2030


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  • michael tiza
    michael tiza 18 hours ago

    What do you think God would do to you if you were depopulating the world? It might be better to wonder about it now, than when you are in the lowermost portion of Hell. God might not wait, I have seen some horrible things happen to people while they are still on earth. There sure is evil everywhere, that didn't make itself. Stuff to think about, if you want to think about important things.

  • Spider king
    Spider king Day ago

    00 win

  • Sarah Henning
    Sarah Henning 4 days ago

    He is a will find out ....

  • PirateTHESteam1
    PirateTHESteam1 7 days ago

    I for one think that Gate's depopulation program is necessary for the well being of the world.
    Sure, alot of you guys will drop dead. But that's life.

  • terry hutton
    terry hutton 11 days ago

    He was reported to make a million dollars a day...but he still outsourced all his work to third world countries for profit. So don't let the khaki pants and sweaters fool you, he is a shark...Huge Monsanto investor.

  • D Ki
    D Ki 16 days ago

    He is genius at coding , nothing more , nothing less if you think hes a genius at anything else just means you are average in intelligence. Just because you are a billionaire does not make you a genius ..look at Trump

  • Chris Coyne
    Chris Coyne 19 days ago

    Completely lost me when he said he's been spending most of his money on curing poor people's kids of disease. Those kids are a poor investment for that money. The reality is they most likely will end up just as poor and useless as the parents that had them.

  • bbpetrov
    bbpetrov 20 days ago

    yea, this drunk idiot once said that the spam will disappear in 2006 ... so here is me deleting tons of spam every day

  • technophobe
    technophobe 25 days ago

    hes a sick freak

  • Stephen Cunningham
    Stephen Cunningham 25 days ago

    Hey Now

  • cellphonenut
    cellphonenut 27 days ago

    World needs more people like Bill and his wife. Instead of just indulging and showing off Bill and his wife truly want to make a difference. I've seen them both out in the trenches not just throwing money at it, Bravo !!

  • vonwolly2
    vonwolly2 28 days ago

    Warren Buffett's son talks about how poor people Can't afford fertilizer He thinks a little differently about the crops of the world and how to go about that situation than Bill Gates does. I would like to listen to both of them. Maybe they have some common ground.

  • Greg des
    Greg des Month ago

    We, exactly who is "We".....

    A R ISRAIL Month ago

    the why = people can change there living better .

  • Halei Haindl
    Halei Haindl Month ago

    Ouch! His speech on GMO being supirior is such a load of propiganda vomit. Research India's Suicide Belt. See how the "magic seed" has changed their lives. I thought I had respect for Gates, but I guess I haven't actually listened to his recent ideals.

  • Hamid S
    Hamid S Month ago

    never trust them- they don't care about common man

  • Róbert Nagy
    Róbert Nagy Month ago

    sehogy ha egy gépen mulik :)) és a zsidökon :))))))))))

  • 8Bit Gamer
    8Bit Gamer Month ago

    Monsanto's headquarters is in St. Louis, Missouri. You're eating GMO because it's exempt from the food label regulations.

  • 8Bit Gamer
    8Bit Gamer Month ago

    Monsanto ordered to pay $289 million in world's first Roundup cancer trial. FIGHT MONSANTO!!!

  • James Angelo
    James Angelo Month ago

    No what's going on in Africa is blacks are killing white farms or running them off the land they own. So no you are wrong about Africa

  • James Angelo
    James Angelo Month ago

    Only 40 studies have been done on vaccinations and 0 for long term problems. What studies?? You lie y'all pay what is needed to get laws passed. If vaccines are so safe why did the supreme court label vaccines UNDENIABLY UNSAFE?????

  • James Angelo
    James Angelo Month ago +1

    Him an his foundation were banned from India over vaccinations.

  • Diogenes Laertius
    Diogenes Laertius Month ago

    The vid where gates talks about a 500,000,000 total world population is still here but the part about the 500,000,000 population....has been deleted....and bill gates is king vaccene??!!, wow.

  • essens identity
    essens identity Month ago +1

    This man should lead our country

  • ng kahn
    ng kahn Month ago

    GMO/Monsanto is not accepted in the US, that poison was thrust upon us. #BillGates

    • 8Bit Gamer
      8Bit Gamer Month ago

      Monsanto's headquarters is in St. Louis, Missouri. You're eating GMO because it's not written on the food label.

  • Nick Vogen
    Nick Vogen Month ago +1

    Please Mr. Gates, Do tell About UN Agenda 21........

  • sochuiwon khapai
    sochuiwon khapai Month ago genuine question here.. Why do people hate him so much?

  • Peter Harper
    Peter Harper Month ago

    No GMOs Thank You!

  • Mohammed Hussain
    Mohammed Hussain Month ago

    B,s,you take our GMO seeds or we send in the malitary

  • Mohammed Hussain
    Mohammed Hussain Month ago

    Increase suicide among the third world farmer due to GMO seeds it kill the soils

  • Svetka Aleshenka
    Svetka Aleshenka Month ago

    This man is an injecting mass murderer who's aim is to decrease the world's population! Cause birth control is not enough!!

  • Jeanne K
    Jeanne K Month ago

    the NWO Bill Gates all for making himself wealthier.

  • Kathryn K
    Kathryn K Month ago

    Bill Gates for President

  • skip one
    skip one Month ago

    Die you filthy little rat

  • tekethiaful
    tekethiaful Month ago

    This is a set up for the future. He will be the most hated than Trump.

  • rhvTV originals
    rhvTV originals Month ago

    Bill Gates is a wolf in sheep's clothing. TVclip his name and eugenics, and you'll not only see his true colors, you'll see him admit with his own lips what he really is. Philanthropists by definition look out for the welfare of others, Gates is a demon straight from Hell.

  • SHRI Krishna6
    SHRI Krishna6 Month ago

    I like Bill gates, he must be genius .

    LORD SIN Month ago +1


  • big c pimp daddy
    big c pimp daddy Month ago

    He will bring the apocolypse with all his bullshit.. trying to play god. His vaccines will be polluted, .. please... read rev 13 18.. thats the future period.

  • MrFactor510
    MrFactor510 2 months ago

    A vaccine for diarrhea, really!?

    • MrFactor510
      MrFactor510 2 months ago

      Smart guy though. I clicked on what I came for.

  • Anil Arya FBI officer
    Anil Arya FBI officer 2 months ago

    ban usa for rebbeca ferguson tel her live in russia if she is part of russia king putin because she is becoming very danger for americans one day she will shoot americans commonsense.CBI

  • Yvonne Camacho
    Yvonne Camacho 2 months ago

    He should know. He's one of the ones changing it as he wants it.

  • Robert Connell
    Robert Connell 2 months ago

    This man never invented anything,and is just a "Front Man",like Zuckerberg,etc.
    He also promotes the depopulation agenda,using the poisons,called vaccines.
    In a famous speech,in front of people,he said"Using better health care,and vaccines,
    we can reduce world population,by about 10%".

  • S. L. L. Tilgner
    S. L. L. Tilgner 2 months ago

    It's amazing to me to hear when we already have an overpopulation problem, the ways being developed to keep more people alive and fed. Humanity needs a way to control population just like we believe the deer population needs to be controlled when there are too many deer. We are already crawling over each other just like ants and the planet can only support so many of us.

  • Leoninmiami
    Leoninmiami 2 months ago

    the bias of the interviewer is so blatant! You can tell by the types of questions he comes up with. Sad thing is those questions were probably selected by many folks through meticulous discussions and master minding sessions. The resonance of that echo chamber must be ear numbing!

  • Day day Huntington
    Day day Huntington 2 months ago

    PpL will never respect a small few then assume them total truthS,.,wanna see PpLs$$so much

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  • Sanjib Chakraborty
    Sanjib Chakraborty 2 months ago

    Seeds the source of banking...alike gates...

  • der kaiser
    der kaiser 2 months ago

    buy bitcoin

  • Mark Plott
    Mark Plott 2 months ago

    Poor farmers of the world would benefit from going solar farms than traditional farming. Such as animals and food.

  • F. Rose
    F. Rose 2 months ago +1

    Great interview! ✌

  • Valerie Griner
    Valerie Griner 2 months ago

    Health, education, banking and FARMING...the MDG's(Millenial Development Goals) and "milestones" of Agenda 21/2030...happening now! And...most of us KNOW that the UN(the UN-doing of the planet) behind this diabolical, very evil "agenda." He even predicted the US/China problems(happening now)...back in 2010. He and Monsanto(he's a major "stakeholder"...(I mean, stockholder)...have done more harm and killed more people than Hitler ever thought about.(The stuff about Hitler is grossly exaggerated). DON'T TAKE THE DAMNED VACCINES. DO take them...if you are ready to get off this planet,...they will eventually kill you. GOD will find this "phil-ant-hropist" in his luxury underground bunker...and he will pay. These Zionists have no remorse...because they have no consciences or souls.

  • Jeff Moore
    Jeff Moore 2 months ago

    As the third world becomes wedded to debt financing, and as US military basing and assistance take hold in Africa, and particularly as global warming makes larger parts of the globe uninhabitable to the people and animals, this guy Gates should be properly understood. He really believes good deeds can undo what capitalism produces. Indigenous farmers, a very tried and true culture, are being hammered by the globalization of big ag. Hillary likes fracking. Bill like Genetic Engineering and more fertilizer (pesticide too?).
    He's a successful monopolist, a decent even important philanthropist, and a loony futurist.
    More and more of the poor are being driven from more and more countries by war, corruption, and drought. Bill's into koolaid about the "poor" doing better.

  • Kariuki Dennis
    Kariuki Dennis 2 months ago

    GMOs are a bad idea.

  • Akshay Seth
    Akshay Seth 2 months ago

    He's out of his mind giving all his wealth to charity

  • Donna Whittaker
    Donna Whittaker 2 months ago

    We don't want your dam vaccines

  • 云路锦凤儿
    云路锦凤儿 2 months ago

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    Lastly, stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol (it’s dehydrating). Lack of proper hydration in the heat can cause heat exhaustion.

  • 云路锦凤儿
    云路锦凤儿 2 months ago

  • crazycutz
    crazycutz 2 months ago

    came for the great Gates on the subject how to save the world.. stayed for the TIN-FOIL american comments :D

  • Ri Gr
    Ri Gr 2 months ago


  • scott nelson
    scott nelson 2 months ago

    the interviewer is excellent. Good questions and pinning Gates down on GMO was well done. wonder if rich gates includes gmo in his home or its all organic like i would pick if i was him

  • truth first
    truth first 2 months ago

    The postmodernist marxoid tech talk a lot but their aims is to strangle free speech that does not go along with their seudo marxoid power grab

  • František Odelga
    František Odelga 2 months ago

    in 15 years he's dead....why we don't invest in technology like this ???,wn right now !!!!

  • Madhava Lata
    Madhava Lata 2 months ago


  • Light fury
    Light fury 2 months ago

    Comments are disgusting

  • Windsor Weddings
    Windsor Weddings 2 months ago

    Making stuff to kill people. Deep Staters don't care about lives.

  • John Nastrom
    John Nastrom 2 months ago

    Why are people so obsessed with this guy has to say when it comes to predicting the future? He has been wrong over and over again.

  • Lim Rosemary
    Lim Rosemary 2 months ago

    Serve Bill a drink🍵 at least for all the useful talk

  • Tony Green
    Tony Green 2 months ago

    Unfortunately,the host did not speak clearly, so the audience have trouble understanding him.

  • Big Brother
    Big Brother 2 months ago

    1984 closer and closer....

  • lion fish
    lion fish 2 months ago +1

    We as a world need to depopulate but not through GENOCIDE. They predict Africa will reach 4 billion people in less then 100 years. We have to start talking about Over population around the world, other wise war's will be fought over Fresh water instead of oil.

  • SkoolKiddAstro
    SkoolKiddAstro 2 months ago

    If this isn't true I demand 20 million euros

  • george hinckle
    george hinckle 2 months ago

    sounds to me like bill is just not getting the message. all matter expands. compress some matter. it then seems to ''shrink'' to a kooky kind of smallness, like a black hole. small matter travels slower through time but faster through space. like way faster. like putting a signal to anywhere, ANYWHERE, in real time. anywhere. you can talk to any star system in the universe you want to and get an immediate response. sure, they will probably put you on hold due to economic lag but, eventually they will get back to you for a small fee of course.

  • Mad Haze
    Mad Haze 2 months ago


  • Tom Index2
    Tom Index2 2 months ago

    In the future, bill gates will own everything, he will cure the sick, and cure the poor. he will be jesus. he will reign as the all supreme emperor and control everything with his phones and glasses. we must all bow down to gates: he is god. all hail bill gates! all hail bill gates! what!? how dare you insult our supreme leader, we will... forbid you from wifi! OOOOoooooOOOOoooo

  • Vincent Hall
    Vincent Hall 2 months ago

    1.5 times agricultural output in 15 years!
    My goodness! No predictions say that the population growth will match that.
    Fantastic news!
    Oh right, meat mean more grain needed, I forgot.

  • anti dentite
    anti dentite 2 months ago +1

    Yes, let's all lean on the words of a psychopath.

  • Unity&Diversity
    Unity&Diversity 2 months ago

    We can improve the lives of the poor, and then they can kill us...

  • Zbigniew Ukleja
    Zbigniew Ukleja 2 months ago

    Carmen Marcus
    Carmen Marcus
    1 rok temu
    humm..trying to wipe away population with vaccinations....Monsanto taking over to transform DNA of humans this are the bad moon aliens...the Greys technology! Lets choose to be humans.

  • Zbigniew Ukleja
    Zbigniew Ukleja 2 months ago

    You are going directly to hell. No excuse

  • Zbigniew Ukleja
    Zbigniew Ukleja 2 months ago

    When did you last tak to Jesus
    If the answer is more then 24 hours you are lost.
    You are child of SATAN. You bastard

  • Janet Hall
    Janet Hall 2 months ago


  • Angelo Heringa
    Angelo Heringa 2 months ago

    wow, 85 hour of hard work for me is worth as much as bill gates doing nothing for 5 seconds

  • Eastern Cowboy
    Eastern Cowboy 2 months ago

    Bill Gates is one of the richest persons in the world. He the greatest PC person but from listening to him here. Imho I think he's in over his head explaining the coming worlds problems. It's too big for one person to think through it all. He's got ideas but can't realize the whole picture.

  • Dawson Jay
    Dawson Jay 3 months ago

    Have you read up on GMOs? They’re doing more bad than good.

  • BlankFacedUser
    BlankFacedUser 3 months ago +1

    Bill Gates supports United Nations Agenda 21 protocols for World Government.

  • Elena Stone
    Elena Stone 3 months ago

    Double speak despicable man.

  • Charlie C
    Charlie C 3 months ago

    He already knows the future cuz he’s seen it he’s a time traveler

  • Richard K
    Richard K 3 months ago

    GMOs + Vaccines + Synthetic Pesticides & Herbicides
    Gates to Hell!

  • Jacques de Molay
    Jacques de Molay 3 months ago

    You would never expect BS from the mouth of a so-called genius. and yet ...

  • Jessica Saxton
    Jessica Saxton 3 months ago

    2030 Agenda.

  • yanii torres
    yanii torres 3 months ago

    Whatever he doesn't want to help poor people he wants to kill the population and only have the smartest and strongest survive ...

  • Cc Uu
    Cc Uu 3 months ago

    Inspiring interview with Jeff

  • Hardcore Gaming
    Hardcore Gaming 3 months ago

    maybe we finally get a windows that WORKS ?

  • Glendale
    Glendale 3 months ago

    avartar of evil, master deceiver, mass murderer, nemesis of the poor

  • Ana Lytics
    Ana Lytics 3 months ago

    what yokel would not shave for an interview with Bill Gates. How disrespecting and class-less.

  • Silvershsadow
    Silvershsadow 3 months ago

    Bill Gates is a BIG THINKER/DREAMER .Its always been visionaries like him that have changed the world despite being misunderstood at first . Wright brothers , Galileo Galilei ,etc were all thought to be crazy before their visions came to be and improved the world tremendously !! Eventually we shall see what Bill is now visualizing and call him a HERO !!

  • lue lunsford
    lue lunsford 3 months ago

    Yeah buy bit coin so he can steal your money.

  • FPC-Virtual
    FPC-Virtual 3 months ago

    Bill Gates needs to run for President of the U.S. He's far to smart and successful not to. Plus his philanthropic experiences will become ever more infectious as in the direct opposite as irony may have it and pose as a global cure! My thoughts anyhow. A superhero he truly is as well as being a proven genius which I think is a understatement for him.