Trey Gowdy GRILLS James Comey On Leaks & Wiretapped Conversations 3/20/17

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  • Larry Dawson
    Larry Dawson 10 months ago

    And what about the House Hillary perjury referral - crickets.

  • PsyOp Cop
    PsyOp Cop 10 months ago +2

    If Comey testified "Of course we found ~hundreds~ of illegal surveillance efforts against Candidate Trump but none ordered by POTUS Obama" I'd believe the FBI investigation was ethical and sincere but Comey chose to play _~THE INNUENDO CARD~_

  • rooster
    rooster 10 months ago +2

    he did not do his job with the witch and now he is showing what a lying POS he is and how he will never turn on his NWO masters