• Published on Oct 4, 2016

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  • shinzantetsu
    shinzantetsu Year ago

    Ever hear of dmt? I've done it and I have performed hand mudras while in a trance, i felt very at peace and great. Although I can't remember it 100percent... I can perform it pretty well when sober.

    DIAMOND LIL Year ago +1

    When I pray, say..., to bless all the water in my town's water storage sheds, do I need one of the orgonite pyramids near the site? I can't buy one until pay day.
    And could somebody tell me what "the eather" is?(wrong spelling I guess). Thanks!

  • marker113
    marker113 Year ago

    this guy talks about this very well: tvclip.biz/video/3QyH9ivl1w8/video.html

  • QueenUmmi Maconcounty

    Thank you. needed

  • QueenUmmi Maconcounty


  • D Martin1312
    D Martin1312 Year ago

    The 00049 is curious. "Black Sheep of the Angels (49)". Genetics. I think this is why they hate us. It's a Luke Skywalker scenario (for some)....We are their cousins...(dark). To be Both....is what creates "the force" (Hurricane) and because "they" must follow a code and have "commandments" about "their own"...they have quite the delemna.......