• Published on Jan 12, 2019
  • Yay! A new makeup at Target haul of mostly drugstore beauty products! Links + prices below!
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    MY FAVE AMAZON Products ⤏
    HAUTELOOK - 50% off high end makeup ⤏
    GROVE COLLABORATIVE - my fave *natural* stuff ⤏
    EBATES - Cash back when you shop online ⤏

    MY FAVE BRUSHES video:
    COVERGIRL Best & Worst Brand Overview Video:
    Drugstore Faves of 2018:
    High End Faves of 2018:
    WORST Makeup of 2018:
    honest beauty magic facial oil - $25
    sonia kasha triple train case - $21.99
    nyx this is everything lip oil - $5.99
    sonia kashuk marble blender - $7
    (no poreblem primer) -
    no7 lift & luminate foundation - $12.99
    sonia kashuk flat top foundation brush - $9
    rimmel insta duo contour stick - $5.99
    (neutrogena hydroboost concealer) -
    sonia kashuk flat top concealer brush - $7
    pixi natural contour powder - $20
    rimmel stay matte powder - $4
    sonia kashuk wide angled contour brush - $20
    sonia kashuk angled blush brush - $17
    (milani romantic rose blush) -
    rimmel magnif'eyes nude edition palette - $7.99
    (essence I love colour eye primer) -
    (covergirl ultrafine brow pencil) -
    (milani palettes) -
    (covergirl palettes) -
    (l’oreal lash paradise mascara) -
    nyx powder puff lippie - $8.49
    rimmel stay satin liquid lip - $4.9

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  • Samantha March
    Samantha March 2 days ago

    Oh man self-employed insurance is so confusing!

  • Nidhi Gritty
    Nidhi Gritty 6 days ago

    Jess loved when u zoomed in specially cuz we got a better look at the fading eyeshadow

  • jazzie fizzle
    jazzie fizzle 7 days ago

    I just bought the vane stamp from ulta for 30 dollars and I returned makes a great wing it qasnt tgat the product was bad but like u said it takes practice and I dont have the patience to keep practicing all the time lol

  • Dilly Vlog
    Dilly Vlog 8 days ago

    I think your foundation oxidized because of the oil. It happens to me sometimes when the oil has not sunk in enough and I put my foundation over it.

  • Michelle Nowakowski
    Michelle Nowakowski 8 days ago

    I have watched this video a few times because I love your intro it makes me smile every time 😀 it’s so you 👍👏👏👏

  • SenecaJane69
    SenecaJane69 13 days ago

    Take a shot every time Jess says punchy 😂

  • Alisa Holverson
    Alisa Holverson 13 days ago

    I heard the hardness of the sonia sponge varies based on the black/white ratio

  • Alisa Holverson
    Alisa Holverson 13 days ago

    Its fine to use things with mineral oils and essential oils and plant extracts for washes because it’s on there for such a short amount of time. Love me some doctor dray ❤️

  • sandra bautista
    sandra bautista 15 days ago

    I returned the no7 foundation. I couldn't find a good color. They all had grey undertones.

  • lexi toro
    lexi toro 16 days ago


  • Kimberly Ball
    Kimberly Ball 16 days ago

    Has anyone tried any of the Essence eyeshadow palettes? Recently came across them and would love to know how they rate??

  • Melissa Coburn
    Melissa Coburn 16 days ago

    I really love your videos they are so relaxed and chill with out all the drama

  • Corvette Shrell
    Corvette Shrell 16 days ago

    Your makeup dance is awesome! Looks similar to my happy/makeup dance lol! And are you going to try the New Milani concealer and soft matte lipsticks? I stayed til the end of the video. Tfs.

  • Jitterpig Jen
    Jitterpig Jen 17 days ago

    I found the SK contour brush on clearance at Target for $6 yesterday :) Great brush!

  • kb
    kb 17 days ago

    "Am I being boring in this video? I feel like I'm low en. I don't know...I was kind of in a wonky mood. I'm pms-ing. You know."

  • Mary Bernadette
    Mary Bernadette 17 days ago

    I loved this video! I’m catching up on watching my subscriptions cause I haven’t been watching TVclip for like a month...cuz life happens! Hah so I’m watching all of your videos right now and they are putting me in a great mood!❤️❤️❤️♥️😘😘

  • Lorena Leon
    Lorena Leon 23 days ago

    The bronzer looks really nice jessica. Try the new one from wet and wild. I got it and i am living it. 😀

  • Christine Owens
    Christine Owens 24 days ago

    That lip color you tried on looks so good on you!

  • Yana Y.
    Yana Y. 25 days ago

    The Sonia Kashuk marble blending sponge is my favoriate. They sell a pack with 5 different shapes & sizes for $15.00 & I use them all for different stages/places in my make up application. ❤️ them.

  • Felicia Felicia
    Felicia Felicia 26 days ago

    I absolutely love the NYX powder puff lip powders. They're so soft and smooth and even when I can feel it on my lip, I feel like it still stays in place and fades nicely. Super underrated!

  • Nyssa Mö
    Nyssa Mö 29 days ago

    I've been watching your videos for a long time now but recently I kinda enjoy them even more 😊 Regarding mineral oil: I think the use is debatable because it's not sustainable and it hasn't really got any skin benefits. It is cheap and doesn't go bad. But it isn't a bad ingredient per se. For me personally I break out from it like crazy so logically I avoid it at all costs 😂 Using it to get makeup off shouldn't be a problem because you don't leave it on your skin.

  • rachelcb123
    rachelcb123 29 days ago

    Oh I hate my marketplace insurance! I do not want to change my doctor but we are in the same boat for self-employed insurance.

  • Krystal Mead
    Krystal Mead Month ago

    Woah! The link for the No.7 Lift and luminate foundation says its 24.49 online at Target?!? I've seen it at Ulta for that. :[ Great video, I'll have to try out the facial oil, my skin is soo dry lately. 💕

  • Melissa Walker
    Melissa Walker Month ago

    Love that lip oil. Enjoy!

  • Lindsay Kitchell
    Lindsay Kitchell Month ago

    Looks like a naked palette dupe!

  • Vanessa Ortuño
    Vanessa Ortuño Month ago

    You are more cool tone than neutral, please try cool tone foundations, I bet they will look better.

  • Kristine Ortiz
    Kristine Ortiz Month ago

    I’m sorry but I just don’t like dr.dray. I don’t agree with a lot of what she says. I’m a licensed esthetician and I respect her title but there are some things I agree with and other things were I think “why do you treat everyone like they have super sensitive skin??”. I just know from experience that some things that she knocks actually works for me. Idk everyone’s different she’s just not my cup of tea

  • Jenn B
    Jenn B Month ago

    You should try the Neutrogena Hydro Boost gloss in Soft Blush over top of the Maybelline Matte Ink. That combo is in-sane!! I'm into liquid lipsticks now for the most part because of the Too Faced Melted Mattes (that got me started) but before that phase, all I would wear is the Maybelline Ink with the Neutrogena gloss in Soft Blush! I do have to say I've tried other shades in that gloss line and I ONLY like Soft Blush, it doesn't wear funny like the rest of the glosses (on me), just fyi. Also the gloss itself is super hydrating.

  • Lauren Alumbaugh
    Lauren Alumbaugh Month ago

    Save your money! My mom bought that stamp and felt so bad about herself because it looked awful. So I tried it, I had a freaking black eye from trying it! It's a waste of money and will ruin any look you do.

  • toflyaway1
    toflyaway1 Month ago

    I didn't care for the sonia sponge. Felt like it soaked up a lot of my products. I was sad I really like the marble style. I'll need to try the Revlon sponge.

  • Cathryn Breitbarth
    Cathryn Breitbarth Month ago

    I tried that bb cream in the red tube and it was pretty gray. I mix with my flower beauty foundation.

  • Liliana Rebollar
    Liliana Rebollar Month ago

    Milani has those golden pallets on their website in a kit with the primer for 14.99 I got both and a few other things (lipstick, lip liner, multitasker powder and a freebie) and honey got a coupon call Mybigday I think and took $11 something off .. so all and all it was $38 ... Free shipping!!! Super happy with the purchase!!?

  • Monika Weiss
    Monika Weiss Month ago

    I buy the same shade as you in both of the mentioned number 7 foundations. I thought it was just me thinking it was more yellow than it used to be.

  • Nafeesa Islam
    Nafeesa Islam Month ago

    You new to be in Australia they are foundations specially drug store foundations. Maybelline specially.

  • Jenny Feltz
    Jenny Feltz Month ago

    PSA: the SK brushes are on clearance at target right now! Just picked up a set of 3 for $9 and a bunch more marked down from $4-$10 they are all around 50% off!

  • Madelynn Adams
    Madelynn Adams Month ago

    Awww I used the Rimmel Stay Matte all throughout high school it was the first powder I ever used. I need to retry it!!

  • Roxana Snedeker // Photographer //

    Oh my gosh, because I need any more reasons to love target ;) I swear, since they added their starbucks as you walk in it changes everything!

  • Karen Doornink
    Karen Doornink Month ago

    I use the rimmel eyeshadow pallet everyday. Yes very pigmented but love how they blend for me. I prefer a pretty natural look. But if I want a bolder night look I can achieve it with this too

  • Sheri -annemiller- Penner

    ooh i feel your pain about foundation NEVER matching... i always feel like my foundation looks too gray, so i try to find a warmer foundation but if feel like all the warmer foundation tones look too dark for me. it’s an ongoing battle 🤦🏽‍♀️ can’t wait to hear about how the foundation mix-ins work for you!

  • penelope yanez
    penelope yanez Month ago

    Well, I way overspent on makeup in 2018 so when I can afford to I am going to purchase that Fenty setting powder. It made your skin just so flawless. In the meantime, though I am going to splurge on that Colourpop shadow in Vela. Wow, that is a perfect color. Thanks for this video and have a good day or night or whatever.

  • Cinthya Waters
    Cinthya Waters Month ago

    Sonia kashuk blender has become my favorite because I can apply foundation faster its big but soft. I like it better than the beauty blender but I want to try the L’Oréal you mentioned.

  • RamblingsnGrace
    RamblingsnGrace Month ago

    ✨✨✨JESS!!! I know you e mentioned this in the past but, try as I might, I couldn’t find the video! Would you please tell me where you got the little light behind you on your left side (my right)??? THANK YOUUUU!!!!! 😊😊✨✨✨💕💕💕

  • Robbie Miller
    Robbie Miller Month ago

    Work on not pulling your eye while lining - it will make your crows feet (that you say you have) worse . 😬

  • April Batty
    April Batty Month ago

    Every foundation is so yellow on me. I’m also on the hunt for a nice gray toned foundation. Looking forward to that video. Thanks jess!

  • Erin Randall
    Erin Randall Month ago

    I LOVE that sponge!!! I really love the japonesque one but I think it got discontinued 😭

  • Erin Randall
    Erin Randall Month ago

    I would totally use the makeup bag as a lunch box 🤣🤣

  • Joseph Ginsberg
    Joseph Ginsberg Month ago

    Whose the face of honest beauty again is that Drew Barrymore or is she for another brand and whose the face of flower beauty then

    • Joseph Ginsberg
      Joseph Ginsberg Month ago +1

      +Stella E thank you girl!

    • Stella E
      Stella E Month ago +1

      Jessica Alba - Honest Beauty. Drew Barrymore - Flower Beauty.

  • Haley Kolbush
    Haley Kolbush Month ago

    Nice reviews, although I felt the foundation, to me anyhow, looks very cool/pink rose undertones..
    I recently picked this up myself about a week ago I only used it twice so far but I feel like the shade would work perfect on you, the one that I got which is called I think it was called vanilla so it was a neutral no gold & no pink in it.
    Maybe give that color a try? And this definitely oxidize on you I can see a difference from the color of your neck and collarbone area versus your face.

  • Jackie July
    Jackie July Month ago

    Jess, I actually like the eyeshadows on your lids.

    • Sheri
      Sheri Month ago

      Yes, I agree. They are beautiful, especially when she does the close up.

  • ClarissaRissa
    ClarissaRissa Month ago

    You’re adorable. I love your honest opinions!

  • Linda James
    Linda James Month ago

    Texas Lady

  • Cher Silveira
    Cher Silveira Month ago

    MY GOD! those BRUSHES!!! I LOVE them. NOW, I have more to save up for!!

  • Cher Silveira
    Cher Silveira Month ago

    There are some fun and great products that live at Target that we rarely get to see. Unfortunately as you said and showed that most things are NO longer "drugstore prices" because drugstores products are getting greedy and are raising the prices making even "drugstore" out of reach for many. But there are some great products and you can catch some sales which helps lots! THAT is something you don't get with high end! They have good brushes and some really nice brands. I TOTALLY AGREE with the ELF SINGLES!! I still have a couple and remember having the 4 hole compact! It would be nice if they came out with a BIGGER (8 hole or Z palette style) customizable compact! They have SO many really nice products, like their primers and even masks at such great prices! As for mineral oil, I would NOT listen to or follow ANYTHING from the WRONG & negative dr dray. She consistently says things that are clinically PROVEN METHODS AND SUBSTANCES are no good, she goes AGAINST ALL medical, dermatologists, and estheticians well substantiated and respected trials and findings. In addition she professes to be THE expert on everything from nutrition, health, skin care and cosmetics and time after time has been proven WRONG by specialists and even people who regretfully followed her lead. One look at her tells you she is anorexic, suffers from an eating disorder, and looks very unhealthy. She acts very smug and appears a little unstable as she is obsessively is a LITTLE TOO EXCITED doing her GUERILLA WARFARE style attacks on innocent drugstores/their products and personnel and then demonizing products and the stores and people who sell them. Mineral oil has a bad reputation because it is liquid petroleum, called petrolatum., one of the big NO NO's in clean, good for you, skin care/cosmetics. Check ANY good, clean, skin loving products "FREE FROM" list. You will see PETROLATUM, PARRAFINS, PARABENS topping the list. It is famous for causing acne, irritation, clogged pores/ is comedogenic, negatively impacts even the FUNCTION of the skin leading to premature aging, and accentuating pre-existing skin conditions among other things and the jury is not convinced of it's freedom from toxicity. I have seen and spoken with quite a FEW women who bought into her "opinions" and later regretted it. A few bought into her "Nuface is a fake & harmful" , stopped using it and then later with PHOTOS proving the improvement they had USING the Nuface AND the DOWNFALL when they STOPPED, went IMMEDIATELY BACK TO USING THEIR NUFACE to REVERSE what happened when they stopped in keeping with dr dray's "opinions". Not to say that it works for everyone, but those who DO get a noticeable improvement were sorry they were lead on by her. JUST be wary of people like that who say they "KNOW it ALL", especially when evidence, proof and general knowledge contradicts it.

    • Sheri
      Sheri Month ago

      Why the long rant against Dr. Dray on Jessica's channel? What does it have to do with Jessica's post? It seems oddly inappropriate here.
      Also, the cosmetic companies that sell their products at drug stores aren't "greedy." They are a business. They exist to make money and they have to answer to their share holders. They're going to sell their products according to what the market will bear.

  • Donj a know
    Donj a know Month ago

    Spice pallet get the colors in that pallet and would love to see what look you come up with! Thanks gorgeous!

  • Kathleen Whowell
    Kathleen Whowell Month ago

    Love your nail polish what color is it? Target is coming out with so many new makeup hard to decide what to get. Tfs

  • kali young
    kali young Month ago

    Umm DANNNNG Jess!! You looked absolutely gorgeous in this video! That zoom in on your lips was fantastic but your skin 😍 Perfectly glow-y and fresh. Definitely trying the
    ✌contour✌/highlight stick!!
    Great video, girl ❤💁‍♀️

  • Beauty Apprentice
    Beauty Apprentice Month ago

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say y’all as much as this video. 🤣🥰

  • Anny Vereshchatsky-Smith

    ok you got me with the Dre pic...dead!

  • Ashley Woodruff
    Ashley Woodruff Month ago

    35:16 LOLOLOL I was totally judging >.< mostly because its what I WANT to do when I'm applying eyeliner but I always stop myself because I know it's "wrong" XD

  • Marisol Gonzales
    Marisol Gonzales Month ago

    You plai

  • janet williams
    janet williams Month ago

    Dr Dre😂😂

  • Nurse Amy
    Nurse Amy Month ago

    The Sonia Kashuk black marble makeup sponge is my ultimate holy grail!

  • Allie 'n Everything

    Try the new WNW bronzer in Palm Beach Ready- it's BEAUTIFUL

  • Allie 'n Everything

    Try CYO Lifeproof, the lightest shade. It has like a grayish look but it matches my skin perfectly and we're close to the same color :)

  • Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot

    This is the kind of video I subscribed for!
    Those Sonia kashuk brushes remind me of the eco tools round ones. They’re soooo good. Have you tried those? Are they alike?
    The eyeliner kills me! My daughter loves it and it always looks amazing on her. She’s got the knack, I don’t. It gives her a perfect smaller wing.

  • Susan Moneyhon
    Susan Moneyhon Month ago

    Gorgeous lip color with your skin. The group love one. Actually, both of them.

  • Susan Moneyhon
    Susan Moneyhon Month ago

    Mineral oil is a petroleum product. I’m trying to avoid such things in my skin care/makeup. Probably too late; I’ve been wearing makeup more than 50 years...

  • Amber Rhoades
    Amber Rhoades Month ago

    *I need suggestions!* I'm 30yrs old & have dry skin w/fine lines & red scars on my checks from teenage ache that I want to cover. *what medium to full coverage foundation works beautiful on dry skin?* I'm open to drugstore AND high end product recommendations bc if it looks amazing on my skin idc about the cost. I don't own any Luxury brands' products like Tom ford, Marc jacobs, Natasha denona, etc but I've tried products from most high end & drugstore brands. Foundation is the 1 thing I've never experimented with but I desperately need to bc while I love matte foundations they look horrible on my this time of year when my skin's the driest. Plus I'm 10 1/2weeks pregnant w/my second child & pregnancy always has my skin go crazy & unwilling to take makeup (can't get foundation or concealer to stick to my nose to save my life).

  • Amber Rhoades
    Amber Rhoades Month ago

    The closest Target to where I live is aprox an hour away in my states capital city. I've never been in a target. Our super Kmart closed last year & I was hoping we'd get a target in the old Kmart building but no such luck.

  • Yasmin
    Yasmin Month ago

    “My lips feel like a baby’s butt.” 😂 That’s quite a testimonial.

  • Olivia Banks
    Olivia Banks Month ago

    The love the NYX lip oil!! I got in on sale for like 2 dollars and its really nice to wear when you want to put something on your lips but they are super dry. I love it and hope you do too.

  • ꧁Hilda. RG꧂
    ꧁Hilda. RG꧂ Month ago

    Jess, that Sonia Kashuk sponge is AWESOME! I have it and I Love it!!

  • sarai ramirez
    sarai ramirez Month ago


  • Jenna Losch
    Jenna Losch Month ago

    Loving Sassy Jess! Hot damn though, not the video to watch if you hate the word "creamy" :)

  • Molly Grosvenor
    Molly Grosvenor Month ago

    Love your sweater! Did she mention where it's from? I think the red lipstick and sweater go great together!

  • Patti 1962
    Patti 1962 Month ago

    Ok, I have to admit this is my second try watching this video because I fell asleep when I first tried! Too bad about the Rimmel eyeshadow palette. It looked so promising, but in the end it just looked kind of grey and unflattering, especially with all the work you put into the application. The products I bookmarked in my beauty "file" are the Rimmel satin lip, the stay matte powder and the SK foundation brush. It kind of reminded me of the It cosmetics brush.
    My biggest disappointment was finding out that the foundation was actually almost $25. Was it on sale when your purchased it? Can I get it for the price you quoted? Pixi and No.7 are normally out of my price range😢
    BTW, your energy level was great.... you seem so much more relaxed and really enjoying your full time TVclip job!!!

  • Grace Frazier
    Grace Frazier Month ago

    You have literally been cracking me up lately 😂

  • Raven 50
    Raven 50 Month ago

    💖💖💖 you're too cute @jambeauty89 lol love watching your videos & the cameos of Gigi are great ❤❤

  • Jasmine Larios
    Jasmine Larios Month ago

    Omg 😂 I can’t with you. Minute 33:22-25

  • Margo McGeough
    Margo McGeough Month ago

    Dr Dre, I'm dead, Jess. DEAD. (And no shade to anyone who likes her, but I found Dr Dray to be super judgy and preachy. Just me.)

  • Michelle Kress
    Michelle Kress Month ago

    Question are those brushes as soft as the bdellium tools brushes?

  • Andrea Middendorff
    Andrea Middendorff Month ago

    You should try CYO LifeProof foundation from Walgreens. It's neutral toned. Watch thatayla's review. I use 101 but I'm lighter than you

  • Shaelyn Lantz
    Shaelyn Lantz Month ago

    Most Esthetician’s say mineral oil is bad, yet dermatologists say to use it. It all depends on your skin and what you like, I don’t use very much mineral oil because my skin doesn’t like it, however my friend uses mineral oils all the time and swears by it

  • Leslie Orcutt
    Leslie Orcutt Month ago +1

    THANK YOU for bringing that train case to my attention, it’s everything I didn’t know I needed to travel this weekend!

  • Shaneice Schreiber
    Shaneice Schreiber Month ago

    I think this makeup look turned out super pretty

  • Geylekin Fraire
    Geylekin Fraire Month ago

    Love, Love that Rimmel lip on you jess, looks Beautiful!! Perfect red for your overall color, stick with it :) can't believe you found a steal for only $4 , this is why I love these drugstore hauls ;)

  • Robie Oelkers
    Robie Oelkers Month ago

    I love everything on you except the oil primer.

  • Michelle Wood
    Michelle Wood Month ago

    It seems that post-holiday January Target is really good price-wise. I got a LOT of my staple products for half off. (Hopefully, that doesn't mean they are discontinued.) Nevertheless, I wholly recommend checking out after Xmas/early January sales at Target. I will try to remember to do it next year.

  • Kathy Dowdle
    Kathy Dowdle Month ago

    I am 63 years old so I have tried MANY, MANY different foundations in the past 50 years, and the No7 Lift and Luminate is THE best I have EVER used hands down! I don't like a yellow foundation either (my shade is Cool Ivory. It does look a bit gray in the bottle but it gives me the best shade match I have ever found, doesn't oxidize on me, isn't yellow, and doesn't make me look like the Crypt Keeper from dryness at the end of the day! I love the finish wether I use a brush or a sponge to apply it. The best part is that it is only $17 at Walgreens and they are almost always running a buy one get one for 50% off, so I can get 2 of them for $25.50 and you can't beat that with a big stick!

  • Maddie Porter
    Maddie Porter Month ago

    Please make merch!! You have so many sayings that I love!

  • Jloofaz
    Jloofaz Month ago

    I haven't watched one of your videos for awhile between being in the hospital and having complications from dental surgery I forgot how down to earth and adorable you are and why I started watching you in the first place!

  • Helene Jordan
    Helene Jordan Month ago

    Neutrogena hydroboost concealer is the best 🙌🏻 eco tools just came out with the same style brush set as that Sonia kashuk (spelling? Sorry 😐) 👍🏻

  • Virlene Guzman
    Virlene Guzman Month ago

    The SK sponge is MAGIC to me and I freaking enjoy the heck out of it, however, the fall apart so, so quickly. Anyone else have this issue. I have to replace wayyyyy more than ANY other sponge I’ve ever tried. Idk what I’m doing 😂
    I wash often, but I do this with all my sponges🤷🏻‍♀️
    I’ve used many and currently have 3 unopened BB sponges and still reach for the SK over those...

  • Le An Bui
    Le An Bui Month ago

    I hated the Sonia kashuk sponge! I picked it up bc it was so pretty and I loved how huge it got but I felt like it soaked up SO MUCH of my foundation!

  • Mindy Salas
    Mindy Salas Month ago

    Jessica - have you tried the Calico shade in no7 foundations? It’s amazing. I know you like grayer shades and this one is the best shade ever for what you like. I’m obsessed with it. We often wear similar shades so I think I it will be perfect for you. Also - they make “custom color drops” now too and I add the calico to all of my other foundations to make them grayer as well.

  • Lauren Knieja
    Lauren Knieja Month ago

    Have you done a Tyler does my makeup video??

  • Bailey B
    Bailey B Month ago

    I use the Rimmel Wing Stamp every time I do a wing bc I’m still not so good at it, then I go over it with the Kat Von D, works pretty well for me

  • IB
    IB Month ago

    Hello, Jess! I am not a frequent eyeliner wearer,but I have bought the epic ink liner you love so much,and I am really happy with it. It glides effortlessly,wears all day and is really easy to use. Thank you!

  • Jenny C
    Jenny C Month ago

    Dr.Dre !!!🤣🤣 lmfao

  • Denise Douglass
    Denise Douglass Month ago

    I'm thinking of all of the years that they engineered seeds out of grapes, and now grape seed oil is so missing and relevant. lol. xoxo