Should society let uninsured die?

  • Published on Sep 13, 2011
  • CNN's Wolf Blitzer asks GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul what should happen to patients without health insurance.

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  • Speedbird
    Speedbird 7 days ago

    I disagree with Ron Paul on this. But he is one of the few people I have seen who has principle.

  • andola jackson
    andola jackson 12 days ago

    yes damn yes.......smh now lets throw a non american into this hypothetical lmao as if its a if dental is a mandatory thing either you choose to forgo that "premium" and complain about the ensuing issues of not having dental is it societies fault your teeth are fucked.......easy parallels and lines to draw stop being bitches about this......america/we didnt have the choice to "let them die" they chose to not support obama care lmao or etc excuse for not being covered, if anything yes single payer.......but if were going to argue on these basis jesus.

  • Antonio Gorgoglione
    Antonio Gorgoglione 24 days ago

    Dr.paul is on the money with this your ears sheeple.look whats happened since family insurance was $230.00 month $50.00 $1000.00 a month i pay first 5 k deductible.newsflash its not doable with the pay for 70% of my fellow workerbeez.

  • darthvader5300
    darthvader5300 Month ago

    Hill-Burton Self-Sustenance and Self-Funding System
    Implementing the Hill-Burton Health Care Act which is a national public health care accessible to everyone regardless of their economic and social status by funding and treating it like a military national defense establishment for it will be our first line of defense against diseases and plaques since everybody can get infected then it should be funded and treated like the way we fund and treat our national military defense establishment, the implementation of the Glass Steagall Banking Act and State Public-owned Banking system to help secure our citizens savings and to ensure and acquire safe investments in public infra-technostructure and in transparent and stable local industries and businesses in the production of goods and services which all will be protected against nefarious financial practices and schemes by Wall Street.

    The Hill-Burton Act will be funded the way the U.S military will be funded and it's medical personnel provided by a similar medical-G.I BIll Act. Every medical student who wants to become a doctor, nurse, surgeon, medical technician, medical specialists, etc will be given free medical tuition fee and a weekly and monthly stipend to support himself and his family (plus health care Hill-Burton style of course) until he has finished his course. Then he has to pay back his free medical tuition fee by providing free medical health care in one of the many Hill-Burton Hospitals, clinics, medical centers, ERs, trauma centers, etc. And a weekly stipend and monthly stipend will be provided for him and his family, plus medical coverage for him and his family, until he has finished his paid internship which can last from 4 to 8 years.

    Then he can either go to private medical practice or stay on then Hill-Burton Medical but on a fixed income indexed to a real time and realistic actual living costs to maintain himself and his family and he and is family is covered also by the Hill-Burton Health Care Act Policy.

  • darthvader5300
    darthvader5300 Month ago
    All right, let's get down to this final thing: this health-care situation. At the end of the war, some very wise people used such references as the model of military experience, military medicine, as a model for our health-care policy. We had about 16-odd million people engaged in war, in World War II, and the medical support for this was a lot. A lot of it was just ordinary problems; it was jeep accidents, or plane crashes, or sicknesses, like we had a real amoebic dysentery epidemic, and a strange disease called then "tsutsugamushi," in Burma, during that period. And we had a system, which had been developed by the experience of mankind in warfare from the time of Ambroise Paré back during the period of the Norman wars. So we used that, to say a good medical system can incorporate the private and public practices of medicine, in a single policy.
    And you had a wonderful bill, called Hill-Burton, of merely a few pages--that was all that was required--which specified a mission-orientation, centered upon the institutions of hospitals, and similar kinds of institutions, to engage the entire medical profession, private practice and other, in a single effort, to provide a standard for improving the medical care and health security of the nation, on the annual basis, by simply counting the number of beds, and the staffing and support for them, in each county of the United States--each county setting an objective, so that the care would be provided.
    This overlaps another area of health care, apart from the care itself--is, preventive health care, which laps into what's called sanitation. And this is an essential part of our security system. Now, right now, say in Washington, D.C., especially since the shutting down of D.C. General Hospital, the security system of Washington, D.C. is in grave jeopardy, increased jeopardy because of the shutdown of D.C. General Hospital. For example, who is most susceptible to infectious disease? Poor people. Who gets the disease? Everybody. Who tends to spread it most easily? Poor people. Therefore, adequate care, sanitation and care, of poor people, is the first objective of health security of any community or nation. It goes together with sanitation.
    So therefore, the job of health care, from government's standpoint, is how do we make sure that this provision is met? What we did under Hill-Burton, we said: Well, we have public hospitals, like general hospitals, teaching hospitals; we have various kinds of private hospitals, voluntary hospitals, clinics, and whatnot. Well, let's take a budget. Let's see where the money is coming from to sustain these institutions, both as they are, and as they have to be for the coming year. How many beds of what type do we require? What facilities, and so forth. How much is it going to cost? Where's the money going to come from? Well, you've got various health care plans; you've got Blue Cross Blue Shield, for example; you have other facilities. You raise money by public appeal as a fund, for a hospital fund, or health-care fund, which they used to do, before 1973.
    And how does it work? Do you figure out what it's going to cost? No! You don't. You may do some actuarial estimates on this thing, but you don't do it on the basis of individual paperwork, on how you fund every inch of care.
    The classic case is, someone falls down on the street, in the old days in New York, under Hill Burton: Somebody says, "Call a cop!" Somebody else says, "Yeah, call a cop." So, somehow, mysteriously, a policeman arrives; he calls an ambulance; they take the person who's fallen in the street or somewhere else, and take him to the nearest emergency ward--I guess what you call a trauma center sometimes today. The person is treated, is probably put under observation in the center, and then, perhaps, is probably transferred to another institution for continued care. Somewhere in the process, in the days the follow, someone walks in, and says, "How is all this going to be paid for?" In other words, who's going to pay for it? Well, you got, in a lot of cases, no one's going to pay for it, because nobody can. What are you going to do? You're going to care for them anyway. You let the doctors decide what to do, what that patient needs, and that patient will get whatever that patient needs. How's it paid for? Well, it's a percentile of the total cost of health care. So rather than trying to negotiate every iota of health care costs, you have a system which can absorb people who need care, but who can not pay for it. You don't need all the paperwork. You don't need an army of accountants and thieves! HMOs.
    But in 1973, under the Nixon Administration, we put through the HMO bill, which looked bad enough at the start; what it resulted in was a rotting out of the health-care system. And during the recent period, there has been an avalanche of looting of the health-care system. So, the United States today does not have national health security. We have not even taken up the question of preventive health care.
    What do we mean by preventive health care? Just take one aspect of it. There are many aspects to it, but just one illustration, which any layman should understand: You go to a physician. You've got a problem. Now under the HMO system, the physician is hamstrung, because he's got to fill out forms by certain procedures. Then, he's going to make a diagnosis, and on the basis of the diagnosis, there'll be an approval for what kind of various clinical procedures will be applied, and treatment. And that's it.
    Now, if the physician says, "Wait a minute. There's something going on here. I want an additional test for this patient, because I think this must be looked into, this must be looked into, because something might be developing here, which is not fully manifest yet. Let's look into it." Now, if you catch something before it becomes certifiable, under HMO, the cost of treating that will be a lot less than if you wait till the effect of that problem hits the patient. So preventive health care, and the provision of having preventive health care, is necessary.
    How do you do it? Well, you do it with medical institutions, with physicians and other people of relevance. You simply say, do we have the capability of dealing with the kinds of things we weren't able to deal with before? What kind of procedures can we build into this health-care system to provide for this kind of thing? And you provide it. It's a part of our national health security. What's the national health security? It's the health of our people. It's just as important as protecting people from being shot. And even that's a problem these days, getting the care. So therefore, what we need is that.
    Now, in the case of Washington, D.C., where we have enormous, grinding poverty, at present, among the majority of the population here, the health-care provision for this city, this District, is a matter of prime national security concern. Say we had an attack of something like SARS, hitting New York City. Who's it going to hit? Well, it will tend to hit the poor very quickly, who will be low resistance, probably badly fed, badly housed, and so forth, more susceptible. And then it will spread to everything else, as we saw with this anthrax scare.
    So therefore, how do you defend the nation's capital against something which has the effect of bacteriological warfare? It may not be bacteriological warfare, but has an effect like it. You have built into the city, the capability of responding as it should respond, wherever something like this may be breaking out, and promptly dealing with it. That's your security system. This is certainly as important as any other security system, as law enforcement, or anything else, in protection of people. It's a part of our security. You look at the history of disease in European civilization, and that's what we see.

  • darthvader5300
    darthvader5300 Month ago +1

    What he is saying is that "WE NEVER TURNED ANYBODY AWAY" for it is a moral obligation for a doctor to save lives! Besides the crowd is so dumbed-down, brainwashed, and indoctrinated with political correctness corrupted public education that eroded the truth from public education AND ONE OF THOSE TRUTHS IS THE FACT WE HAVE A NATIONAL HILL-BURTON HEALTH CARE SYSTEM FROM COAST TO COAST TAKING CARE OF EVERYBODY! For the National Hill-Burton Health Care System is one of those Federal Institutions created by President FDR under the New Deal Act during and after the Great Depression.

  • Bernat fernandez
    Bernat fernandez 3 months ago

    The guy should have gotten insurance

  • Michael
    Michael 3 months ago

    that 30 year old male would be more likely to have health insurance if it was cheaper. Free-market system can drive prices down 80-90%. I do not have insurance, I simply pay cash for services when needed. If you break a leg and pay cash- it costs about $2000. If you break a leg with insurance, the hospital charges the insurance company $60,000!!! It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure this out. Check out There is a free-market system being built as we speak. No insurance, No government, No free-loaders.

  • Richard Donato
    Richard Donato 3 months ago +1

    The GOP is the same today. They may have gotten worse.

    • Mr. X
      Mr. X 20 days ago

      I'd say it's 20000000% better, but then again Liberals don't know the meaning of success.

  • jxsilicon9
    jxsilicon9 3 months ago +1

    Country of savages

  • The Ultimate Cat Momma
    The Ultimate Cat Momma 3 months ago


  • The Ultimate Cat Momma
    The Ultimate Cat Momma 3 months ago


  • MrLTD1100 Steve
    MrLTD1100 Steve 3 months ago

    If this is the best system America can come up with then why is it the only country to do it ?

  • Aria Invictus
    Aria Invictus 3 months ago +1

    Right wingers despise democracy and freedom. What they call 'freedom' is social Darwinism even though they also claim to dislike Darwin. Basically their idea of an argument is "But muh individual rights . . . you can't make me be compassionate. Fuck you. I have God given right to be selfish and act like a jerk!"

  • 4 Fake
    4 Fake 4 months ago

    Peep how the "Republicans" are looking at him like he's crazy for speaking common sense.

  • ciprian rufius luca
    ciprian rufius luca 4 months ago

    This is not freedom, this is libertinism, they shouldn't applauded. This is extreme individualism. When the reporter asked Should society let uninsured die? and they shouted yeah they were stupid and primitive. The churches are not enough to take care of sick people. He was doctor, he should care more about people than money. He has mercantile mentality like a lot of American politicians. Rene Guenon said economical, business relations between nations, between states doesn't bring them together at all. It should be a public healthcare in USA like in France, Germany, Sweden, Finland etc, not only private healthcare. This way will be a real competition between public healthcare and private one. I think libertarianism is just another name for social Darwinism. Noam Chomsky was right about libertarianism, you can see it on I don't agree with him on his view about USA's domestic policy especially on health insurance, but I agree with him on his view about USA's foreign policy which is correct, lucid and realistic. Also Ron Paul was right about FBI and CIA, you can see it on too. [see, also Julius Evola, Revolt Against The Modern World, Part Two, Chapter 34 Unrealism and individualism and Chapter 35 The Regression of the Castes].

  • Matthew Kim
    Matthew Kim 4 months ago

    America was cheated out of his presidency.

  • Phillip Fry
    Phillip Fry 4 months ago +1

    Sometimes Ron Paul is 100% correct. Sometimes Ron Paul is 100% delusional.

  • Leave Blank
    Leave Blank 5 months ago +3

    90% of people took "let him die" as Ron Pauls only answer, but did not grasp on what he is trying to say. When the questions was asked, "should we let him die?" Ron said "no", audience said "yes".

  • divine0enigma
    divine0enigma 5 months ago

    Holy hell... the government isn't there to be a beacon of altruism and compassion. All of you saying "so the government should just let people die?" What if someone smashes his car into Lamborghini and doesn't have insurance? Should he be responsible for the bill himself? What kind of government would let someone be accountable for his own irresponsibility!?

  • Rudolph Donner
    Rudolph Donner 5 months ago

    I don't think the man should die, he should be treated. But, he should have to pay every dime himself after he gets said treatment. Or at the very least, pay something until the day he dies. If he didn't have health insurance, that's his fault.

  • crazitaco
    crazitaco 6 months ago

    I'd let them all die, and I'd even let _me_ fucking die too. We're only scared of death because we're biologically programmed to fear it.

  • placetobelong
    placetobelong 6 months ago +2

    And this is the moment I lost much respect for RP.

  • Sergei Zhukov
    Sergei Zhukov 6 months ago

    100% AGREE - freedom and responsibility.

  • CreepyOwl18
    CreepyOwl18 6 months ago

    There's a word for what he's describing it's called Social Darwinism.

  • Mr. OneTwo
    Mr. OneTwo 7 months ago

    fucking brainwashed

  • Neil Murphy
    Neil Murphy 7 months ago +1

    The answer to "Who pays?" is that WE all do, when the hypothetical man with a condition has to go to the emergency room because it's all the healthcare he can get.

  • Fabio Martich
    Fabio Martich 7 months ago


  • Petrovinsky
    Petrovinsky 7 months ago +1

    All these comments on here insinuating that Ron Paul would leave someone to die because they aren't being taken care of by the government....HE NEVER SAID that listen to it again, he said that they NEVER turned anyone away, someone in society would step in (to include CHURCHES).

  • Derrick Chow
    Derrick Chow 8 months ago

    wearing a seatbeat is always essential to keep us alive if an accident happens, should we also deploy a special police force to forcefully make everyone to wear a seatbeat, how do we enforce that? we can't.

    • jxsilicon9
      jxsilicon9 3 months ago +1

      Derrick Chow
      Police check for seatbelts

  • Derrick Chow
    Derrick Chow 8 months ago

    overpopulation is the world's number one problem and it is the result of government wasting valuable resources to keep those who should be long dead alive. Liberals advocate that we have less children to solve that problem, the simpler solution is just letting those who can't survive in this world die. If you can't get insurance I mean you don't have the most basic ability to survive in this world you should just die just like before civilization when a man can't gather enough to sustain then he dies, that is law of nature, Liberals love nature. This man's life is particularly done, he is most likely going to be disabled, can't take care of himself, be the burden of society of his family until he dies, if he wakes up and live til he is 60 it will be 30 years of suffering, let him die, surviving will be suffering for him. we wouldn't even do that to our dog, we put our dogs to sleep when they are facing certain death to lessen their limitless suffering. If I am this man I would be begging everyone in my coma that please just let me die.

  • Jai Khemani
    Jai Khemani 8 months ago +1

    ron paul didnt say yes at least

  • Jonathan Gunther
    Jonathan Gunther 8 months ago

    Sorry if you don't use your freedom to get healthcRe in a free society it's your fault. But you won't get turned away all because you don't have healthcare.

    • Ace Diamonds
      Ace Diamonds 8 months ago

      and thats the problem with healthcare, people getting healthcare when they cant afford it. those people go into debt and the hospitals arent paid for their work, raising prices for everyone else.
      plus people may have the freedom of healthcare but not health insurance. people with pre-existing conditions are just denied health insurance because they are too expensive to cover.

    • Jonathan Gunther
      Jonathan Gunther 8 months ago

      Of course hospitals are gonna take care of you and society will not let you die.

  • Baba Yetu
    Baba Yetu 8 months ago +1

    liberal autists spazzing out in the comments. take responsibility of your own health, not my job to care for you.

    • Ace Diamonds
      Ace Diamonds 8 months ago +1

      right, and if people with pre-existing conditions wanted health insurance they wouldnt have gotten so damn sick. take responsibility and dont have a pre-existing condition.

  • Brandon Costner
    Brandon Costner 8 months ago

    $2-300 a month? Sign me up. Wtf

  • BuryingYoungTalent
    BuryingYoungTalent 10 months ago

    Ron Paul just absolutely destroyed Wolf Blitzer.

  • mcNogard
    mcNogard 10 months ago

    Republicans be like: "LET HIM DIE LET HIM DIE"

  • Steph
    Steph 10 months ago +1

    In some way, the US has still a mentality from the middle age... Even Cuba has a better health care than the us. Even if they rely less on state of the art technology... I feel sorry for you. You acte like you will live forever. And it take you to be forced to sell your house to cure a cancer to begin to think differently. I feel sorry for you. You have been taken in hostage by drug and insurrance company and you cheer them.

  • omegapointil
    omegapointil 10 months ago

    I'd have cracked some of those audience members.

  • erhe etrherh
    erhe etrherh 10 months ago +1

    Ron Paul is a barbarian.

  • TehMorbidAtheist
    TehMorbidAtheist 11 months ago

    So churches have x-ray and MRI machines? and operating tables?

  • Alex Delgado
    Alex Delgado 11 months ago

    Did the people just say "Yeah" when they asked if they should let him die

  • Gilfoyle
    Gilfoyle Year ago +7

    I think I just threw up. This crowd seriously just cheered?

    • Texas06Exige
      Texas06Exige 11 months ago

      Do you understand what they were cheering for? Was it for death?

  • Kyler Baldwin
    Kyler Baldwin Year ago +1

    Hah.. wolf blitzer is such a cuck

  • Richard Underwood
    Richard Underwood Year ago +15

    Government is the reason cost are so high. We need a true freemarket in healthcare, not more government.

    • Pumpkin Rot
      Pumpkin Rot Year ago


    • Richard Donato
      Richard Donato Year ago +1

      Healthcare companies are the biggest reason. How many policies do you have to skim to pay for a private corporate jet or two? Healthcare companies are middle men. What do you need them for. They don't have doctors, nurses or medical facilities. They only exist to skim policies.

    • Richard Underwood
      Richard Underwood Year ago

      Playitalready If we abolish the income tax most employers would instead pay in higher wages, most people are attracted to jobs based on pay, benefits like healthcare and pensions are a after thought to most, it would also be easier for the employer to give higher wages instead of looking for a insurance plan.

    • Richard Underwood
      Richard Underwood Year ago

      Playitalready Also ever I'd insurance companies would be attracted to states with the least regulations competition would promote good practices, nobody wants to by covered by a insurance company with a bad reputation. About the kid with cancer, that's a very unlikely what if situation, insurance would be much cheaper making it more likely the family would be covered and I'm the small chance there not covered their is St.Jude, assuming St.Jude would be unable to help they could still get treatment but go into debt, however overall prices would be so much lower than now the debt wouldn't be nearly as punishing.

    • Richard Underwood
      Richard Underwood Year ago

      Playitalready Just because some people pay more out of pocket under Obamacare that doesn't mean it's enough to make a difference, the vast majority of Americans still don't. There are some doctors in the country that don't take insurance at all yet they're prices are much lower because the customer is in charge, if that became the norm in the US (other then catastrophic events) prices would plummet. Also about state lines ever if it is a state issue it's still a failure of government non the less. I don't wanna get rid of all healthcare programs over night, we've breed a society of dependency so the right thing would be a long term transition period.

  • Bradshaw Strell
    Bradshaw Strell Year ago +18

    I just want to say in 2011 I fell in a coma from an accident that occurred in my sleep. I fell asleep on my arm, remained unmoved in my sleep, and subsequently suffered major organ shutdown through a process called rhabdomyolysis. This "hypothetical" person is me. I was an uninsured, 26 year-old cook, and if it were up to certain Libertarians and Tea Partiers, I should have been left to die.

    • Ivan Campbell
      Ivan Campbell 2 months ago

      we are not in 1950's or 60's anymore Ron Paul did not have the balls to said yes we as society we should let him die

    • Michael
      Michael 3 months ago +1

      insure yourself. dont be a Nigger and steal from me.

    • Petrovinsky
      Petrovinsky 7 months ago

      All these comments on here insinuating that Ron Paul would leave someone to die because they aren't being taken care of by the government....HE NEVER SAID that listen to it again, he said that they NEVER turned anyone away, someone in society would step in (to include CHURCHES).

    • Playitalready
      Playitalready Year ago +2

      Get rid of the gov. totally if u want (yes, they are bad in some ways
      and i am not a liberal) but the GREED has out done things. too many
      people in the medical industry including hospitals do price jacking
      WAAAAAAAAAY beyond cost, insurance companies try to maximize profit and
      minimize even valid claims and create complex paperwork and costs etc.
      while spiritual charities, which is the real answer, are lacking.
      In USA, if you're parents die to some unfortunate reason and you were
      born with a pre existing conditions that no insurance company or charity
      is able/willing to cover, liberals wanna put that cost on others
      through force of government, while most conservatives and libertarians
      at most (might) donate so little that you end up dying a slow painful
      death. Side note: Disclosure of hospital prices so people can shop around would require FORCE from the gov. and they don't want it.
      I think none of the people i stated in this comment knows what real
      Dharma even means. Have fun ignoring or trolling etc. my comment since
      my notifications are broken anyway.

    • orangefield1
      orangefield1 Year ago +4

      why didn't you have a major medical policy? also, they say taxation is collected by guns, firearms, battering rams, tasers, and dogs at the door to collect taxes, why should use violence to collect money from people to give to you? why is violence utilized as method to collect money, and they just replace the word theft/assault/force, with good sounding, short syllabic words like taxes,

  • Scottf929
    Scottf929 Year ago +11

    The churches. That's unbelievable. And alternative healthcare for people with cancer...

    • andola jackson
      andola jackson 12 days ago

      specifically st jude "childrens" hospital. smh Why prioritize a tried and true sack of shit over a child that hasnt blown it yet

    • orangefield1
      orangefield1 Year ago +14

      its called St Jude Hospital, run by all donations,

  • calonstanni
    calonstanni Year ago +3

    "the churches took care of them." unbelievable. yeah, let's make people turn to religious overlords in times of crisis. welcome back to the middle ages. ack.

  • Kurt Gödel
    Kurt Gödel Year ago +5

    Even today the uninsured don't die. They just pay a huge bill.

    • El Pote de Near
      El Pote de Near 11 months ago

      But without the concept of government assurance, the use of a federal credit, and the social security then they wouldn't be able to assure that those people will be able to pay the bill so they would just throw them off to the street.

    • Richard Underwood
      Richard Underwood Year ago +1

      Juan Primos Yes and in a free market system there would be less uninsured and the prices would be so much lower than today the few people who are without insurance would have much less debt.

  • Jonathan Lynch
    Jonathan Lynch Year ago +13

    Whether or not you support universal health care, we should all acknowledge that it is perfectly possible for a society to use tax money to do this successfully. It is done in numerous other countries. Canada, for example, has both better health outcomes and higher user satisfaction than the U.S.
    Whenever someone says it cannot work, they are simply ignoring the facts from countries like Germany, Switzerland, and Canada. If people are opposed to universal healthcare on principle, they should be honest about their reasons, not claim that it cannot work.

    • Bryan Amador
      Bryan Amador Month ago

      Jonathan Lynch Sir, you seem to have fallen victim to the lie that “all Scandinavian countries have a universal healthcare system.” This is utterly false. Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, etc. actually embrace free markets. They have much less government intervention in the economy compared to the U.S. What they do have, however, is a large welfare system. This is what’s known as the Nordic model- almost completely free market with a large welfare net. This is NOT the same as universal healthcare

    • Dario Monsta
      Dario Monsta Year ago

      Lmao I'm from Canada are you fucking insane it's trash here it took me 6 hour to get me checked by the doctor because I had bronchitis. You will be responsible for the bankruptcy of your own country.

    • Jonathan Lynch
      Jonathan Lynch Year ago

      Can anyone provide a real world example where everyone is taken care of medically without taxation? I think it does not exist.

    • Richard Donato
      Richard Donato Year ago

      Everyone is taken care of with no taxation? That's a fantasy. Nothing is free.

    • Richard Underwood
      Richard Underwood Year ago

      Jonathan Lynch I'm against Single Payer and support free market healthcare for this reason. Would you prefer a system where everyone is taken care of but taxation is required, or a system where everyone is taken care of and requires no taxation?

  • You'renotthebossofmeyoutube


    • Oliver
      Oliver Year ago


    • Richard Underwood
      Richard Underwood Year ago

      You'renotthebossofmeyoutube Says the person who doesn't understand economics.

  • dominik cruz will dethrone conor

    what is wrong with those freaks screamng "yea" when he asked should society just let him die

  • dominik cruz will dethrone conor

    the best thing i heard in that scary talk was competition in health care like in business thats sounds like a great idea because then costs go down and service goes up I hope one day that would happen

  • Bored
    Bored Year ago +4

    Ron Paul didn't say that they should die, the audience did. He made some good points.

    • Dustin Broshous
      Dustin Broshous Year ago +3

      Why were you uninsured?

    • Bradshaw Strell
      Bradshaw Strell Year ago

      No he didn't. I just want to say in 2011 I fell in a coma from an accident that occurred in my sleep. I fell asleep on my arm, remained unmoved in my sleep, and subsequently suffered major organ shutdown through a process called rhabdomyolysis. This "hypothetical" person is me. I was an uninsured, 26 year-old cook, and if it were up to certain Libertarians and Tea Partiers, I should have been left to die.

    • dominik cruz will dethrone conor
      dominik cruz will dethrone conor Year ago

      ooo good haha he did. i like Ron Paul but i dont think i fully understood what he said there

  • TheTinyTimmyTimTim

    See I agree with ron paul on everything EXCEPT this. At least he's consistent. The issue is even a child can see through how awfully short sighted libertarianism is.

  • L1nkn1vy
    L1nkn1vy Year ago

    Ron Paul looks like a fucking villain, too

  • Libertarian Ish
    Libertarian Ish Year ago +10

    Stop Bashing Ron Paul!!! Fucking Communists...

  • CrypticSlayer
    CrypticSlayer Year ago +2

    So basically ,Ron Paul healthcare plan is 'dont get sick. If you do,then fuck off and die' .

    • Bradshaw Strell
      Bradshaw Strell Year ago

      Thank you! I just want to say in 2011 I fell in a coma from an accident that occurred in my sleep. I fell asleep on my arm, remained unmoved in my sleep, and subsequently suffered major organ shutdown through a process called rhabdomyolysis. This "hypothetical" person is me. I was an uninsured, 26 year-old cook, and if it were up to certain Libertarians and Tea Partiers, I should have been left to die.

    • Jane Mcape
      Jane Mcape Year ago +1

      +CrypticSlayer nope, i would not because this will only mean we will fight more wars that are un-winnable and get more of our men and women killed.
      i would prefer if our bases outside of our country will return back to the united states so we can acually fund our troops here at home. I rather have the money spent on paying the debts back. because its the only reasonable thing to do at this point in time.

    • CrypticSlayer
      CrypticSlayer Year ago

      Nobody ,other than a splinter group,agrees with you and Paul's thought. The people want universal health care. And its not just him and you,but all the Republican Party.
      I bet you would rather have money spent on the military. Correct?

    • Jane Mcape
      Jane Mcape Year ago +4

      I have no clue where you got that from.
      For the argument sake; the question was a young,healthy man, who has a good job and makes a living.
      If he was to say I don't need healthcare and doesn't invest in it,then it's his problem not anyone else's
      How is that any way wrong

  • ragazziita
    ragazziita Year ago +55

    I bet the people yelling "YEAH!" are the kind of Christians who think everybody else from Muslims to atheists are immoral.

    • Jason Spaulding
      Jason Spaulding 10 days ago

      David Murray I agree.I think people get things misconstrued.Healthcare is a commodity,not a right.

    • David Murray
      David Murray 27 days ago

      Wow... straw man much?
      And by straw man, not only am I referring to your response which suggests that Ron Pauls response indicates his disdain for Muslims and the immoral...
      My biggest straw man pet peeve is the actual question posed which you seem to support.
      “Should society LET the uninsured die?”
      Who is “society”?
      What are society’s values?
      Have you polled EVERY INDIVIDUAL within this society and confirmed unanimity of their values?
      If you claim you did, I suspect you missed others...
      Just because there may be many who believe I’m part of “society”, that doesn’t give them a moral authority to use our government to force resources from any one individual if they don’t agree to such terms...
      I also find it repugnant to suggest “society” bear accountability for death.
      If an uninsured person gets cancer or a terminal illness, “society” didn’t kill that person, THE ILLNESS DID!
      You will NEVER hear this from a politician but we ALL must be reminded of the elephant in the room...
      Medical science and technology does NOT and will likely NEVER PREVENT death, it only DELAYS such inevitability...

    • Whole Foods Market
      Whole Foods Market Month ago

      KTR88 good joke

    • Ronald Reagan
      Ronald Reagan 6 months ago +1

      ragazziita or they just believe in personal responsibility. Even if it was true, you just stooped to their level by assuming what their values were based on their religion just like you said they did.

    • MrNeilM001
      MrNeilM001 7 months ago

      KTR88 largely because that "Christian" is running your country.

  • Sasim Hussain
    Sasim Hussain Year ago +16

    0:54 Never thought "I practice medicine" could become the new "I have black friends." LOL

    • mr5jr
      mr5jr Year ago +6

      You forgot the rest of it. The part about him NOT TURNING DOWN PATIENTS, and that they would NOT be left for dead. The audience cheering yes are the ones at fault in this video.

  • theBraveHeart1
    theBraveHeart1 Year ago +4

    These bankrupt immorals call themselves christians

    • Richard Underwood
      Richard Underwood Year ago +1

      theBraveHeart1 Says the person who doesn't understand economics. Also its easy to be charitable when the money doesn't belong to you.

  • epiphany55
    epiphany55 Year ago +22

    Yeh the guy with a severe, genetic respiratory problem should just go into a church to get the treatment he needs. Either that or lose what little income he has from working the only jobs that his medical condition allowed him to. You see you only have to use your imagination for a bit longer than 2 seconds to think of all the situations people can find themselves in through no fault of their own. And yes, people do make bad decisions, but there seems to almost be this relishing of people making mistakes paying in the most horrible way. If you get all tearily patriotic at the thought of someone (and maybe their family) suffering because of a bad decision I would question your ethics.

    • Ivan Campbell
      Ivan Campbell 2 months ago

      ron Paul was talking about how the medical industry was run in the 1950's ad 60's

    • moonrice555
      moonrice555 Year ago +1

      +epiphany55 "How about we start by cutting spending on the military industrial complex and other parasitic programs and pump that money into healthcare? "

  • 786sami786
    786sami786 2 years ago +21

    Why do people believe that government can fulfill this fantasy of providing healthcare for everyone? They can not. Ron Paul has the only reasonable and fair position. You're not entitled to healthcare. If you really want to get angry, then perhaps get angry if a sick man goes to a hospital and isn't treated for free. You shouldn't sacrifice your freedoms for this fantasy. Are you willing to let the government put a camera in every household for your safety? How far are you willing to go? Healthcare is not a government function.

    • Ivan Campbell
      Ivan Campbell 2 months ago

      so why he did not answer he question then

    • Jack Lan
      Jack Lan Year ago

      +786sami786 you can't have both systems coexist because you would still have to pay for the people who choose to have the free healthcare. the same for education. even if you are home schooled your taxes are still funding public education.

    • Marten Dekker
      Marten Dekker Year ago +1

      ALL developed nations very USA had gov healthcare for all with no for profit insurance co' lower cost that Americans pay for only some people covered.

    • 786sami786
      786sami786 Year ago +1

      +Albin Lundholm The principle is the same. The free market would provide a better educational system.

    • Albin Lundholm
      Albin Lundholm Year ago

      +786sami786 I'm not talking about college

  • Jukka Penttinen
    Jukka Penttinen 2 years ago +1


  • Dakota
    Dakota 2 years ago +9

    Conservatives in America...

    • Mr. X
      Mr. X 20 days ago

      DOn't worry the Reactionaries are in control now, none of this liberal or conservative bullshit.

  • Christopher Saunders
    Christopher Saunders 2 years ago +35

    Translation: Being unable to afford healthcare is "freedom of choice." Also, dying is "taking responsibility" for poverty. I'm really sad that I live on the same planet as such moral derelicts.

    • BetaDre.TV
      BetaDre.TV 12 days ago

      thats nonsense. 800 billion millitary budget. get rid of that and you can pay for heath care and free college, but not at these prices, at the controlled prices that everyother civilized nation in the world has.

    • BetaDre.TV
      BetaDre.TV 12 days ago

      we are already paying for it, 800 billion military budget. cut that bitch in half and get us our health care, not insurance. health care. control the price like everyother civilized nation.

    • Fusionlegacy09
      Fusionlegacy09 Month ago +1

      Christopher Saunders I'm just curious, who do you expect to pay for your healthcare if you were the one referenced in this hypothetical situation?
      If someone decides to go without eating, there's consequences. If someone decides to go without Healthcare, there are also consequences for that.
      People; who through no fault of their own that fall on hard times should receive help, but only through the voluntary generosity of his neighbors, family, friends and religious community. When government steals from you to give to someone else; that is not charity, that is theft.
      It is not my moral or legal obligation to pay for anyone's medical care. It is not my job to wipe anyone's ass.
      If you want to go around and pay for the health care of those that do not have it, then go ahead. But I refuse to let anyone make me feel guilty because I choose not to give away anything for free.
      You are not entitled to the services of others or to the fruits of anyone's labor. If you don't have health care or a job, that is your problem and you have no right to demand that others give you anything.

    • The Golden Arm
      The Golden Arm 6 months ago

      And if you think he actually said that, then you may have autism!

    • Petrovinsky
      Petrovinsky 7 months ago +4

      All these comments on here insinuating that Ron Paul would leave someone to die because they aren't being taken care of by the government....HE NEVER SAID that listen to it again, he said that they NEVER turned anyone away, someone in society would step in (to include CHURCHES).

  • wyatt1153
    wyatt1153 2 years ago +3

    This wack job Paul is now doing infomercials about the end of America. Deport this asshole to Mars.

  • United States of Embarrassment

    What if the guy can't afford health care? Let him die? "YEAH! 'MURICA!"

    • Cham Toreno
      Cham Toreno 3 months ago

      Stefan Alexander what if a drink driver hit him? How is that irresponsible behavior on his behalf? You idiots are so one dimensional and unable to grasp nuance.

    • Stefan Alexander
      Stefan Alexander 4 months ago

      United States of Embarrassment No one is culpable for his irresponsible behavior.

    • Derrick Chow
      Derrick Chow 8 months ago +1

      let them die is the most basic law in nature, there was no healthcare before the dawn of civilization, i though it is the liberals who think we shouldn't meddle with nature with all their climate change bs.

    • izdatsumcp
      izdatsumcp 10 months ago

      He's not able to afford it because the the healthcare market isn't a free market. Get the government out and the prices will fall. And like Ron Paul said, they took care of people before Medicaid came in. You had charity. not welfare.
      'Greed' is fine, it's only when you have lobbying and the government guaranteeing insurance that the prices are too much to handle. If you have a free market, it's easy to keep prices down.
      Look at the two things government is always involved in: healthcare and education. Prices through the roof. Look at other things: TVs, computers, cars. Prices get lower and the product get better.
      The government is the problem, not business. If the government didn't interfere in things, businesses wouldn't lobby and they wouldn't get an uncompetitive advantage.

  • Anthony Cheek
    Anthony Cheek 2 years ago

    His medicaid argument isn't relevant anymore since there's more people alive then ever

  • jkraze3
    jkraze3 2 years ago

    Hell yeah. Any real doctor will honor their oath. Alternative medicines and drugs you can literally grown yourself like cannabis hemp will bring new ideas and competition. Some people will always expect others to pay for services for other people, but don't offer to pay for those other people themselves. Respect to the good doctors out there that help people everyday. I hope we see modern health and medicine market open up more so they can compete to the b.s. FDA approved drugs we see on TV with side affects worse than the symptoms.

  • Kwame
    Kwame 2 years ago

    I can't believe this actually happened!

  • Shakedown St.
    Shakedown St. 2 years ago +1

    Thank you Ron for having the courage from the beginning to stand for freedom. If somebody does not want healthcare why should we force them to have healthcare?

    • Shakedown St.
      Shakedown St. Year ago

      I've always liked Sanders, it's Hillary I'm afraid of.

    • Shakedown St.
      Shakedown St. Year ago

      +cristi1990an Oh I am voting Sanders now that Rand has dropped out of the race, lol.

    • cristi1990an
      cristi1990an Year ago +1

      +drummerben04 That's why you should vote for Sanders. To ditch Obamacare in favor of a normal system.

    • Shakedown St.
      Shakedown St. Year ago

      I'd love healthcare if it were taken out of my taxes instead of a monthly bill. not the case in America though. Obamacare won't cover any of my healthcare needs but sure I'd take it if it were out of my taxes. But yes, I am one of those that doesn't vaccinate and I have been fine for years. I don't have children right now.

    • cristi1990an
      cristi1990an Year ago

      +drummerben04 You need mental help. Are you one of those people who doesn't vaccinates themselves or their children?

  • flerper derper
    flerper derper 2 years ago +35

    This is disgusting.

    • Mixlop
      Mixlop 3 months ago

      Stealing money from other people to pay for your own problem is disgusting.

    • Petrovinsky
      Petrovinsky 7 months ago +1

      All these comments on here insinuating that Ron Paul would leave someone to die because they aren't being taken care of by the government....HE NEVER SAID that listen to it again, he said that they NEVER turned anyone away, someone in society would step in (to include CHURCHES).

    • alfonso6588
      alfonso6588 2 years ago +1

      +HomeSkillenSLICE You said that free market doesn't work in the two things that are more intervened by the government in America: healthcare and the banks. There are more people in medicare and medicaid than there are people working in the private sector. There are about 120 million people in America using medicare and medicaid, and about 45% of spending in healthcare comes from the government (about 7% of GDP, which is the same that many countries with single-payer system pay). You call that a free market??? the extremely expensive american system is the result of combining a socialized demand with a private sector offer, and by doing that you just increase the price. Imagine it as if the government suddenly started paying for the food of everyone, but the food is still produced by private institutions, but people can go and get the amount of food they want because it's free (government pays for it). What happens is that the private companies will rise the price because they know that the price won't affect the people (because government pays for it) and won't have any incentives to provide a better service. Of course, all this is more complicated than my example, but it can give you an idea. Just think about it: why the price of healthcare has risen so much these years when the rest of products on the free market haven't??? The market just doesn't work that way. You don't see the price of apples or oranges rising so fast. If the price of healthcare does, it's obviously because the government is intervening on that.

      And about the banks: the banking system is not a free market system. What is the federal reserve? Is printing money out of thin air a free market thing to do? Manipulating interest rates is a thing of the free market? Are central banks a market organization? No, they are institutions that have the only power to print money, and that power is given by the government. It is a monopoly, and it's permitted by the government. If we went back to gold standard, and we let the market set the interest rate just like the price of any other good, we wouldn't have economic bubbles, as Hayek and Mises have explained.

    • CerberusMcBain
      CerberusMcBain 2 years ago

      +flerper derper Disgusting? THIS! IS! AMERICA!

  • Jay Gold
    Jay Gold 2 years ago +44

    These Republicans are sick pieces of garbage. Their mentality should be wiped off the face of the earth. Ron Paul is a wack job. Health care should be built into the society through the tax system like the rest of the world. Health care and education need to be part of the tax system and made available to everyone. Truly disgusting individuals above.

    • Garrett Gunter
      Garrett Gunter 5 months ago +1

      Can you say not an argument Jay?

    • xTGat69
      xTGat69 8 months ago +3

      He didn't answer the question. IE We should let him beg for help and then die. His answer was pay for health insurance before you get sick otherwise find yourself in said situation. This isn't the 50's or the 70's, you can't go ask your neighbor or a church to help take care of you. In other-words, the answer was YES.

    • Markus Feder
      Markus Feder Year ago

      +Jay Gold Ron Paul isn't garbage. I completely disagree with him, but at least I have to recognize that he is consequent and honest in is world view ("Everybody is responsible only for himself. I don't want to force anyone to do anything against his will, even if it's just paying taxes"). So his politics would be a disaster, but at léast he is not hypocritical and not nebulizing his views.

  • Hopeless Tuna
    Hopeless Tuna 2 years ago

    I do think there should be universal healthcare for people who make an inadequate amount of money per year. What that amount is I don't know. I'm sure we can come up with something reasonable as a country.

    • moonrice555
      moonrice555 Year ago

      +Jack Lan Canada had universal health care and their taxes are not THAT horrendous.

    • Jack Lan
      Jack Lan Year ago

      Then donate your own fucking money instead of imposing your moral values on other people. I barely go to the doctors but when I do my copay is $10 while the rest are paid by my insurance. I agree our healthcare needs to be fixed but I would rather have what I currently have instead of paying high taxes. It's not fair that I occasionally go to the doctors and still have to pay the same amount as another person who goes to the doctors frequently.

    • moonrice555
      moonrice555 2 years ago

      +Aaron Richardson True. Everyone wants to get upset because there are people out there who are lazy and irresponsible and keep popping out kids they can't afford and they take advantage of the system. But let's don't forget there are also plenty of mentally ill people out there who simply can't function. They have a very hard time managing everyday life, much less getting and keeping a decent job. How can we expect those people to afford health insurance when it's nearly killing the average person?

  • Hopeless Tuna
    Hopeless Tuna 2 years ago +2

    That 30 year old hypothetical man with excellent health and a great job should have purchased health insurance; fucking idiot. We live in a dangerous and indifferent world where SHIT happens.

    • The Fantastic Five
      The Fantastic Five Year ago +1

      You mean health insurance that will often weasel it's way out of coverage when needed or demand huge copays?

    • moonrice555
      moonrice555 2 years ago

      +Aaron Richardson It was a bad example. What he SHOULD have asked Ron is What about the people who can't afford health care?

    • Rob Milliken
      Rob Milliken 2 years ago +1

      +Aaron Richardson Do we have to live in a dangerous and indifferent world, or do we have a chance to change it so it is a better one?

  • Garry Lafferty
    Garry Lafferty 3 years ago +2

    Paul saying you don't have by insurance it a choice so government will pay for ones who chose not to have health insurance. Why should he get a free ride if he gets cancer. or in intensive care for a week after accident.. That's why there should be national healthcare were every one pays like Medicare. Its the only way to really lower cost just common sense.

  • chronicman06
    chronicman06 3 years ago +7

    The devil is a republican

  • william sewell
    william sewell 3 years ago

    Wolf just wanted him to say it. He wanted him to fall back on his stance.

  • william sewell
    william sewell 3 years ago +14

    Yes, let him die....make bad choices get bad results

    • funkyflights
      funkyflights Year ago

      +william sewell .... I think we can both agree on that one... :]

    • william sewell
      william sewell Year ago

      I dont care anymore. You are right, everyone should be able to afford healthcare.

    • funkyflights
      funkyflights Year ago

      +william sewell .... Yep , mandates are for the insurance companies benefit...

    • william sewell
      william sewell Year ago

      +moonrice555​ He said there was no one dying in the streets. Idk, but you are right, we could just make healthcare affordable. Mandated healthcare doesnt do that, but whatever.

  • ilemakedonests
    ilemakedonests 3 years ago +17

    Fuck, blows my mind on how dumb Americans are. How can people agree with this fuck and applaud. So inhumane.

    • mr5jr
      mr5jr Year ago +1

      He said NO. The audience said YES.

    • funkyflights
      funkyflights Year ago

      +Giulianno Ramirez ... I think you would agree that money should not be in politics... These congressmen and women get paid VERY well so I think it's against our interest to have them receive perks from these corporate sponsors... Truth be told, every member of congress should be wearing nascar outfits with all their corporate sponsors stuck on them...

    • Giulianno Ramirez
      Giulianno Ramirez Year ago +1

      As long as its within the bounds of the constitution im fine with it. I'm not an anarchist, why is that so hard to understand lol With that being said, almost every single government regulation in this country was created to enhance cooperation and screw over the average American

    • funkyflights
      funkyflights Year ago

      +Giulianno Ramirez .... That doesn't mean you allow corporations and banks to run wild and do whatever they want .... YOU have to have regulations and control ... You must have government that looks out for the people's best interest.... When you have insurance companies avoiding sick people, the very people that NEED the care it's a problem.. When you have big banks robbing the nation blind you HAVE to have government step in and control them ... The problem I have with right wingers is everyting the government does is bad in their view.. EVEN when it's doing good... It's all about balance

    • Giulianno Ramirez
      Giulianno Ramirez Year ago

      You just made an excellent argument for why there shouldn't be an overbearing government. FYI libertarians don't support anarchy, they support a government within the Constitutional boundaries....please stop confusing Libertarianism with Anarchy, two very different things

  • tbizone2002
    tbizone2002 3 years ago +3

    In theory this sounds reasonable. But what about those people who don't have friends, attend a church, have transportaion or know where to find help? What is they are just poor and can't afford healthcare or born with consistant health needs? There are significant questions Paul has yet to address.

    • mr5jr
      mr5jr Year ago

      Then ask him and I guarantee he will give you a good answer.

    • moonrice555
      moonrice555 Year ago

      +william sewell I don't know what that is.

    • william sewell
      william sewell Year ago

      +moonrice555​ the EU.

    • moonrice555
      moonrice555 Year ago

      +GamerBeck "socialized healthcare doesn't work anyways, it just bankrupts the country" Give us examples of those countries.

    • tbizone2002
      tbizone2002 2 years ago

      Also, in the same vein, A Civil Action is a great flick, based on true events.

  • cyborganic99
    cyborganic99 3 years ago +7

    So essentially yes.

  • outbacktrek
    outbacktrek 4 years ago

    mediCare4ALL ... rightNow notLater republican NisonPlan makin insuranceCorporatism cannibalismProfits is ACA a compromised corporatism plan ... unlike socialSecurity or MediCare or Medicaid noProfiteerism... just medical insurance cannibalComplex to make money from suffering bankrupting working & poor families.

  • organiccorn
    organiccorn 4 years ago

    Conservatives always say the good hearts of citizens will take care of the poor and needy so we don't need government to do that. If they really mean it, citizens should put their money where their mouth is, instead of making token donations to a "get well fund" for Tracy just because she got cancer, pay your taxes and help Tracy get health insurance.

  • Jesse Haffner
    Jesse Haffner 4 years ago

    Our Gov also entirely designed and then constructed the nations Hiway system, then you got the Hoover Damn, and many other momentous creations that never ever would have been done if left up to the corrupt greed-based free-market! Compared to every single nation on earth in 1790, The US was certainly the furthest left, whether you want to accept that or not-that's ur choice. If we didn't have a Fed-Gov that was specifically created for the benefit of it's people, we wouldnt be the 1 super-power

  • Jesse Haffner
    Jesse Haffner 4 years ago

    Actually in the Constitution also created the 4th estate, which from the very beginning was almost completely subsidized by our Federal government. Plus in the constitution the US Postal Service was also founded and guess what, in order to move about the country they needed roads. The Articles of Confed established Post, but no roads, but in the Postal Clause in Article 1, section 8-it established postal roads but left it up to states, but then in 1838, they passed a law in order to do just that

  • cyper89
    cyper89 4 years ago

    He speeches about depending of yourself and be individual and then you expect the others to make donations and do everything for you?!! That's non sense

  • grubbymanz
    grubbymanz 4 years ago

    actually that's definitely not why the cost of healthcare is so high. Healthcare at the individual level reflects inelastic demand, when you need it you need it. You can't say no when you're unconscious, and drug companies and hospitals cost whatever they want. Medicare costs way less per person than private insurance. When governments or big groups of ppl bargain for big contracts healthcare costs go down. We spend as much in TAXES for healthcare as in countries that have universal healthcare!

  • shlockofgod
    shlockofgod 4 years ago

    If they do go broke they can't blame others on that unless they've been cheated in some way. What about the people who go broke because others needed healthcare they didn't bother paying for? What about those who lose their jobs because taxes were raised to pay for the irresponsible? What about responsible people who work hard to pay for their health insurance but have to work harder to pay for irresponsible idiots too?

  • Richard Donato
    Richard Donato 4 years ago

    He said the guy took the risk. That's what freedom is all about. Taking your own risk. He was saying "let him die".
    Worse, he was saying let the churches take care of him. Catholic Charities get's 80% of it's funding from the Government. So even then, the fantasy world of "keep government out" is a myth. It's not reality. It's like Republicans saying "Keep government hands off my Medicare". It's laughable.

  • Jimmy Rustler
    Jimmy Rustler 4 years ago

    he doesn't really say a god damn thing. talks much without saying a fucking thing. typical politician.

  • hundvalpen
    hundvalpen 4 years ago

    Well, at some point you gotta let people live their own lives and make their own choices. If you start telling people what to do, it never ends. In Sweden the left-party suggested making it a law for men to pee sitting down. They also want to ban cigarettes. They have among the world's highest taxes on alcohol. All of this, comes from a BIG government that always wants to dictate the terms how people should live their lives.

  • Jesse Haffner
    Jesse Haffner 4 years ago

    No matter where its applied capitalism just distorts the system an perverts it into somethin immoral. When the founding fathers created our gov they did so knowing that it was going to be the single most progressive an left-wing government in the world in 1787! They wer proud of the fact our gov was "Of, by, and FOR THE PEOPLE!" Our gov's 1 reason for existing is to help an provide for its citizens. Whether its environmental preservation, economic fairness, or caring for our health an well-being

  • Jesse Haffner
    Jesse Haffner 4 years ago

    This illistrates the complete fairy-tale that civil libertarians believe in, in situations like these they always say, "well it was that persons responsibility and if he he messed up well too bad," or they say this load of bullshit-"well haven't ya ever heard of neighbors helping eachother or like charities and churches." Are you serious? Charities, neighbors, friends, family, and churches-those are the places u should go for help with healthcare? That is just crazy!!!

  • Jesse Haffner
    Jesse Haffner 4 years ago

    Paul is utterly fuckin insane. Or he is just immoral-"We have gotten away from the concept of self-responsibility, and back in the 60's we wouldn't turn anyone away," -u wanna know why Ron, its cuz back then we didnt have any insurance back then! Healthcare insurance is the most useless and morally bankrupt practice that we have in our society. This is a perfect example of why free market capitalism only ensures corruption an pain. He didnt say let him die-he just avoided answering it altogether

    • orangefield1
      orangefield1 Year ago

      thanks for using your cell phone, and computer, corporations created by capitalists, beautiful,
      also are you wearing jeans? its a product of levis, take off your pants, and give them to Karl Marx

  • WhitusFoggs
    WhitusFoggs 4 years ago

    Sorry but I can't afford to buy $300 health insurance a month. If the government forces me to buy it I won't even be able to meet my basic needs of shelter. I will be homeless with health insurance.

  • Maisie Ravier
    Maisie Ravier 5 years ago

    Ron Paul is always right.

  • dale3858
    dale3858 5 years ago

    100% of the health premiums for federal workers is paid for from the federal general fund, again paid for by poor people just as much as the rich. I have a friend who pays $150.00 a month for both him and his wife, they get $2000 back in free dental, do the math, they make $200.00, plus they get a good job as well. It's SICK...
    Everybody should have a RIGHT to good healthcare, it is a mystery to me why Americans can't see this fundamental need...We are terribly greedy people.