Tesla Model 3 Vs. Chevy Bolt, Which one is Better?


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  • Curious Elephant
    Curious Elephant  Year ago +46

    I totally get why people love Tesla Model 3 more, what I dun get is why Chevy Bolt is getting so little attention. It is a great EV, especially considering how faster GM is able to produce it. What do you think? Let me know in the comment below!
    The tick for looks should be for Tesla, didn't realize until I saw some comments!

    • Marcus Aurelius
      Marcus Aurelius 3 months ago +1

      absurd. *THERE IS NO MODEL 3 FOR $35,000*
      the average selling price is into the $50,000 range _(can purchase almost 2 Bolts)_
      and some model 3 cars, with everything are priced $80-90,000 _(or almost 3 Bolts)_
      increased price means increased battery at a minimum
      it is getting to the point that it is like comparing a Ferrari to a Ford Mustang
      the GAP is too great!

    • The Dark Side
      The Dark Side 4 months ago

      Because Elon Musk is a great marketer and his fanboys worship him, and gm barely markets the bolt

    • John Hull
      John Hull 6 months ago

      Olivier St-laurent when there's several hundred thousand model 3 's out there......you'll be waiting in line 12 hours to get your 30 minutes charge....LMAO....AND ON THANKSGIVING AND FOURTH OF JULY.....PULL IN FRIDAY TO GET CHARGED ON MONDAY.....

    • Luis Lopes
      Luis Lopes 8 months ago +1

      Overall tesla is a better machine. It has better range, better customer support, it`s faster, better looking.... Is Chevy Bolt an EV that should be respected? Well, i guess yes. At least is the only EV besides Teslas` with a decent range to be respected as a total functional car. But if both were available what would i chose? You know the answer, as anybody else around knows.

    • Oz El Coskuner
      Oz El Coskuner 9 months ago

      I am disappointed with your opinion. There is more than just specification to make comparison. GM (and others) will destroy EV market as soon as they have a chance (like killing independent ev companies like Tesla and dominating ev market). Because gasoline vehicle industry is and always will be more profitable than EV due to after sale and side industries. One car is made for profit by a gasoline giant, other is made by a man who wants to save the mankind (literally). Musk has used almost all his wealth for space and clean energy. GM and other did not and will not.

    SUNSHINE 8 days ago

    Tesla is clear Winner

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous 8 days ago

    There's no such thing as a $35,000 Tesla...it's called misleading consumers.the $35,000 Tesla is actually around $60k out the the door.

  • McGoo x
    McGoo x 25 days ago

    In buying any EV include a one liner in your purchase contract: Purchaser will be able to purchase a replacement battery for $XXXX or less at their discretion not the manufactures. Protect yourself!!!

  • Miguel Jimenez
    Miguel Jimenez Month ago

    Tesla is nicer than GM car

  • gmcjetpilot
    gmcjetpilot Month ago

    Tesla super charge is NOT free. BOLT has more range and you don't need to charge it. If you do need to charge it there are Chargers all over the place that can handle it.

  • gmcjetpilot
    gmcjetpilot Month ago

    This video is BULL shit. You can't get a Model 3 for $35k, Try $49K. TESLA has no dealers and may be OUT OF Business. Chevy will be around and dealers down street. Model 3 quality control is piss poor and it is proprietary; you can't get parts or do anything to the car without Tesla.

  • Kevin Grishkot
    Kevin Grishkot Month ago

    My 2019 Bolt is awesome. I'm so glad that Nissan blew the deal so bad that I bought a Bolt.

  • Ultralagger R.E.V
    Ultralagger R.E.V 2 months ago

    We have gas cars
    We have electric cars
    But what is really a HYBRID car?!?

  • Stev Rex
    Stev Rex 2 months ago

    Only an idiot would want a car to drive itself. Then again, I have been involved in motorsports. Apple sells crap at a premium. And some people will pay.

    PATRICK MCKOWEN 2 months ago

    Bolt is better looking
    Cheers, Patrick

  • Matt Barnes
    Matt Barnes 2 months ago

    There are NO BASE MODEL 3’S available......please stop with these stupid videos!

  • Matt Barnes
    Matt Barnes 2 months ago

    The Chevy Boat!

  • Fred Ivory
    Fred Ivory 2 months ago

    Tesla is the Starbucks of the auto world. I'll stick to my 7-11 for 2 bucks rather than three times as much for something that doesn't even taste as good. Cool music though!

  • Bruce Allen
    Bruce Allen 2 months ago

    Tesla is for simple minded millennial SNOBS who have bought into the "cool factor" , & swallowed the Tesla marketing gimmick whole. There is no evidence that Tesla is superior in any way. It is problem prone.

  • Richard Stegner
    Richard Stegner 2 months ago

    Admit it, you are a Tesla slappie!!!

  • Eric Chan
    Eric Chan 3 months ago

    Not even close. The Tesla Model 3 rules by far. The Chevy Bolt looks like trash with the hatchback design. The hatchback design just doesnt work for attracting people to buy EV cars. Chevy needs to go back to the drawing board and design a regular size sedan like the Model 3 to even come close to competing.

  • Mike B
    Mike B 3 months ago

    Tesla model 3 for me. I want and ev i can take on road trips. Even without tax credit i’d still buy the model 3.

  • Steven Gouletas
    Steven Gouletas 3 months ago

    Who wants to look at and be seen in an ugly car that you will have for many years and is difficult to take on long trips due to lack of a charging network as extensive and fast charging as Tesla's. Preorders support this perspective.

  • Cherrod Williams
    Cherrod Williams 3 months ago

    Are you serious? What competition? This is like comparing a decent looking car to an ugly golf cart. Let’s stop kidding ourselves. Until GM or any other auto manufacturer gets serious about EV’s and the infrastructure needed to make them viable, there is NO competition for Tesla. Tesla is king. Period.

  • John Hull
    John Hull 3 months ago


  • Enforcer
    Enforcer 3 months ago

    Dude you pronounce Chevy Bolt as BOAT. What is up with that? Why would you a POS from GM that kills people with their deceit and deception? driving.ca/chevrolet/auto-news/news/gm-accused-of-covering-up-defective-ignition-switches Bolt is nothing more than a bucket of bolts built by Bob Moron Lutz. That is why people are not buying it. It still pollutes with hits engine and lacking technology

  • trinhkets
    trinhkets 4 months ago

    Chevy bolt is really ugly

  • Maurice Jones
    Maurice Jones 4 months ago

    A new level of luxury, a detachable roof mounted umbrella that is automatically deployed before the driver steps out of the vehicle. Check out the video:

  • Catherine McNabb
    Catherine McNabb 4 months ago

    Not even close

  • Nate Hoffman
    Nate Hoffman 4 months ago

    Model 3 for overall quality.

  • Victor England
    Victor England 4 months ago

    The difference is that GM can make cars. Tesla can't. All Tesla owners, I mean all of them, have some issue here and there. And these issues are normally fixed in a very "cowboy" way at Tesla. Door handles that stop working, panels that don't align, windshields that change colour and crack - mostly things that will make your car unusable for weeks.

  • Jebediah Kerman
    Jebediah Kerman 4 months ago

    I never knew that the Chevy boat’s battery packs could survive in the ocean

  • Axel Dupon
    Axel Dupon 4 months ago

    the bolt sucks man

  • Byron Ramos-flores
    Byron Ramos-flores 4 months ago

    Ever since my baby's were born I'm into EV and saving the world not to mention saving cash. Give me range...

  • Phil Atomic
    Phil Atomic 4 months ago

    As usual...the Tesla fanboys are alive and well on this site. The plain and simple truth is that the Model 3 rollout has been an unmitigated disaster for Tesla. The carrot on the string game continues and now we hear ANOTHER 9 months for the $35,000 version that no one has ever seen in the flesh...but the $49,000 version is available! Tesla has alot to learn about making and selling cars and it is inexcusable that this is now the 3rd rollout of a product and it is the worst of the three in terms of initial time to wait and build quality.
    Needless to say, most of you can guess I own a Bolt. Frankly though, they are BOTH amazing cars for completely different reasons. To compare them in cost however is absurd at this point.
    The Model 3 trunk is essentially useless. Had they used the S hatch design it would have been a winner. Rear seat room in the Model 3 is a joke. The Bolt has tons...Build quality (or the lack thereof) in the Model 3 is beyond disappointing but is improving. The Bolt has been rock solid so far. And the list goes on...
    You will never convince a fanboy to change his/her mind no matter what you say. Its like sheep jumping over a cliff...If one goes, they all go.
    The real point here is that ANY ev is a good ev. Fanboys are introverts...its all about the look. They could care less about the function. That is what the Tesla is...nobody ever mentions that a Chevy Bolt door handle costs $49.95 as opposed to $750 for the Tesla handle. Or that the "highly recommended" Tesla maintenance package costs $3000 when the Bolt doesn't even need one. Or that a windshield is cheap for a Bolt but god help you if you need a new one for the Tesla.
    Common sense practical people understand the value of the Bolt. Its less about looks and all about the function. Tesla is the other way around...and your going to pay a pretty penny for it over the long haul.

  • Carroll
    Carroll 4 months ago

    Really why are people waiting on line for that 35K Model 3 and what that entails of options $$$$$$. The Chevy Bolt has OnStar and ready for Range than searching for a Tesla supercharger you have to pay for with Model 3's..

  • David Pye
    David Pye 5 months ago

    WTF an Antprunoor?

  • WesleyEngDOTcom
    WesleyEngDOTcom 5 months ago

    What if I don't even owe taxes that year? What happens to the tax credits?

  • Bobby Wisdom
    Bobby Wisdom 6 months ago

    model 3 is a joke of a car. i see them on the road and think of how dumb that driver is when he could of bought a used p85d for the same price. you people and buying new cars have no clue how much money you lose once you drive it off the lot and the resale value tanks more then 10k.

  • Azat Mingalimov
    Azat Mingalimov 6 months ago

    Buying an electric car to use electricity produced from burning fossil fuels - that's revolutionary, man :D:D:D

  • 487shawn
    487shawn 6 months ago

    Automation is a red herring , it is at least two decades away and I WANT TO DRIVE MY CAR! I do not want to put my life in the hands of a computer and sensors just yet!

  • Matt Barnes
    Matt Barnes 6 months ago

    Chevy Bolt does not = Chevy Volt

  • Dan Vitale
    Dan Vitale 6 months ago

    I just bough a Bolt yesterday. In researching it, I can't find anything really wrong with the car. Sure some complain about the seats or all the plastic or the fact it is a Chevy. Aside from that it is a very practical car with plenty of cabin room.
    Also, just wanted to say that I agree with everything you said about the comparison. BTW, I was on the Tesla waiting list until last month, but I couldn't justify the much higher price. If you arn't into status, I recommend the Bolt.

  • pinguzoe
    pinguzoe 7 months ago

    can i get parts to fix it my self? how many dealers for the 2 cars? what kind of service will i get in the future?

  • Higgins_123
    Higgins_123 7 months ago

    fair points on chevy bolt getting not enough love, i think they can really do better with their design/marketting though..

  • Higgins_123
    Higgins_123 7 months ago

    i love that, 'there is no comparison on looks', translated to chevy bolt is butt ugly..

  • John Overton
    John Overton 7 months ago

    I think Chevy is selling the Bolt because they want to put Tesla out of business. Once Tesla goes out of business, (Hopefully Never!) then they will stop selling the Bolt and continue doing what they do best, pollute the air.

  • Yeahno
    Yeahno 7 months ago

    Both are garbage and electric vehicles are not the future as much as you all want it to be. They are novelty items

  • Bing Hyong-bae Bang
    Bing Hyong-bae Bang 7 months ago

    I heard that if you go to buy a Bolt, the sales people will try to steer you to their gas models. This was some time ago. I am wondering if this is still the case.

  • NorthEastern Finance
    NorthEastern Finance 7 months ago

    Model 3 is so much better is this even a question?

  • thomas
    thomas 7 months ago

    Buyer beware , Contract say battery warranty is guarantee for 8 years or 100 thousand miles. whatever comes first, that comes to a 34.4 miles limit a day over 8 years or just a tiny 17.2 dayly work route go and return Range. So if your route is 68.8 your 8 warranty has now shorten to just 4 years you made 100 thousand miles. the S and X have full 8 years and unlimited miles. I verified this yesterday at the showroom, it's true no plans around this. The replacement battery Cost is 32 thousand and 10 thousand labor, battery could come down later but labor would go up. like battery for hybrids ,the car is blue book valued by the battery warranty and mileage, so 8 years old , 42 thousand is lost in deprecation , why dont the model 3 give full 8 years and unlimited miles ? He not taking the risk but passing it down to you, the car is for the rich, save for your kid college that going to double.by then.

  • Tomas Beblar
    Tomas Beblar 8 months ago

    The Model 3 is the ugliest car on the market. I give that one to the Bolt.

  • Ron Smits
    Ron Smits 8 months ago

    If anyone is considering buying a new Tesla Model X or S which I think are the fabulous cars please feel free to my referral code ts.la/ronald7895 to access free supercharging and a discount off the purchase price.

  • Kobe Wild
    Kobe Wild 8 months ago

    well this is which is better apples or oranges... the feature that I want from a tesla car is the self driving feature.. you can keep the electric car part..

    KLRJUNE 8 months ago

    GM hasn't launched a Bolt towards Mars. Publicity sells and not many people even know the car exists. GM fails big time when it comes to marketing the car. Furthermore it is very difficult to find a Chevy dealer who hasn't marked up the base model Bolt to over $40K.

  • sad vibes nigga
    sad vibes nigga 8 months ago


  • Paul Moffat
    Paul Moffat 8 months ago

    Just wait until that Tesla gets into a really MINOR fender bender. Then WATCH OUT for the repair costs! That is why the Chevy is a better choice.

  • Elmo
    Elmo 8 months ago

    chevy boat LOL

  • moesly89
    moesly89 8 months ago

    Is he saying Chevy boat?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 8 months ago

    I am very interested in the EV and watching its progress. However for now they are just not practical based on cost and ability. They need to get the prices down to at least the same range as a gas model of same size which would be at least half what they are asking now. For instance I have a Corolla that I paid out the door around 16,000 dollars. Second they need to get the range up to at least 500 miles using full heat or air. Third they need to get the charging times down to around 10 to 15 minutes max empty to full charge. Hopefully in 2 to 5 years they will have this all worked out because right now they are little more then an over priced impractical toy.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 7 months ago

      No society does NOT want the as they are. They are over priced toys. If society wanted them they would be selling without any tax credits or government helping the auto makers pay for them. The intellectually midget is anyone like yourself who seeks after losers which the current EV is. Truth earns respect something you have no clue about.

    • edwong3
      edwong3 7 months ago

      Your opinion that EVs are overpriced, impractical toys is not going to change the fact that society wants them. Gas cars are on their way out and there is nothing you or any other intellectual midget can do about it. I do think the world of myself in a healthy way without being narcissistic, and that has nothing to do with "seeking your respect". You earn respect by holding yourself in the proper place, not by how much other people think about themselves. Evolve with the times or get left behind. This discussion is over.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 7 months ago

      edwong3 yes impractical and yes a toy and no most people are NOT buying them. Perhaps you could try a course in truth. The EV of today will never at for itself against a comparable gas model and the wait for refueling is crazy. By the way you think way too much of yourself if you think I was seeking your respect. All I care abut is pointing out the truth about the current EV's being sold in this country and the false claims about how great they are. They are over priced impractical toys at best.

    • edwong3
      edwong3 7 months ago

      Have you ever taken a course in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and learned about the "Meta-Model"? It is a model for excellence in communication and that includes ACCURATE communication! When you say "most people are not buying them", that shows you have a very poor perception of reality because people are buying them. You want me to show you an impractical car? Try using a Koenigsegg Agera to take your kids to the soccer practice, then pick them from practice and stop on the way home at the grocery store and carry six bags of items. Good luck with that! That is an impractical car for that type of use. I could say that is an overpriced toy but to some, it gives some people a sense of accomplishment and joy so such a negative attitude about that car is unwarranted. A Model 3 has the same utility if not more than any Toyota sedan so your comment is a joke. It also set the record for the most pre-orders ever, for not just an automobile, but for consumer products, period! I thought I could respect your judgment but you proved me wrong! Case closed!!!

    • John Smith
      John Smith 7 months ago

      edwong3 no most people are not buying them and they are not buying them because they know they are impractical. Perhaps in 2 to 5 years that will change but for now they are nothing but over priced toys and that includes the Model 3.

  • Moto arzan
    Moto arzan 8 months ago

    Apples & Oranges, targeted to different buyers. Advantage of Bolt is it's less expensive and a small SUV style making it more practical than a lower riding sports car. One thing people either like or do not like is Tesla ported everything to a huge HMI interface and therefore the dash is plain with nothing on it. Chevy Bolt at least has all the dials, knobs and buttons that the consumer is generally familiar and more accepting of.

  • funsweed
    funsweed 8 months ago

    I live on Vancouver Island where would I take my Tesla for any mechanical problems ? , Chey Bolt to the nearest GM dealership

  • Killroy
    Killroy 8 months ago

    You are showing the Chevy Volt Plug-In Hybrid not the Chevy BOLT EV.

  • Trevor Kemp
    Trevor Kemp 8 months ago

    You also forgot to mention one of the most important things when buying an Eevee 412 Chevy only has one battery pack where is the Tesla has two battery packs the short-range battery pack 220 miles rated range and for another $10,000 you can get the long-range 330 mile rated range battery pack which is I believe and 85 kilowatt battery pack not to mention the fact that in the US the CDC charge standard for non Tesla vehicles is actually chademo 99% of the charge stations you're going to go to that are DC Quick Charge stations are going to have a Chatham adapter as well as an SAE and there's also plenty more charge stations that are DC quick charge in the US that I've noticed recently that only have a chademo and that is a standard adapter that comes with a Tesla now so at least 98% of any DC Quick Charge stations you're going to be able to go and plug your bolt into you'll also be able to plug your model 3 into it as well not to mention the fact that the model 3 can use the supercharger Network and the way Tesla charges for that is per kilowatt based on the residential flat rate kilowatt hour rate for Eevee owners in that area cuz that's the rate that they charge you for using the supercharger in whatever area you're in my local supercharger would cost me $0.12 per kilowatt to charge my car at I had a model 3 or you can think of Model S Tesla Model X buying them from Tesla they are back to the free unlimited supercharging standard there not to mention that the only reason that Chevy initially designed and produced the Chevy bolt is so that way they could be competitive in the evening market and they have set limited numbers from the beginning even when the bolt was a very hyped car and people were definitely thinking about it and definitely saying they wanted one they knew that they were going to have a limited production of a maximum of 5,000 per year they only make the bolt to offset their carbon footprint and to be a compliance car so that way they can continue making cars like the Camaro and turning out tons of there extremely overpriced 60 70 and $80,000 pickup trucks that really cost 30 $35,000 and $40,000 to make hands while you can easily go and get $17,500 rebate from General Motors on last year's models of pickup trucks that are still on dealership showroom floors I heard of one guy getting a $30,000 manufacturer rebate on a fully loaded Chevy pickup Tesla does have some supercharger cost built-in to the price of each and every one of the cars they sell the initial cost on the model 3 is not high but it goes towards maintenance and expansion of the supercharger Network plus Tesla is marking the price of the electricity they are getting for the model three up by between 30 and 50% to turn out a little bit of profit on supercharging for the model 3 to be able to work on again overtime expanding and upgrading the supercharger Network another thing you forgot to mention is out of the hundred and forty thousand cars that Tesla has produced and sold this year at least half of those went to Europe and we're not sold in the US more like 105 to 110000 of those were sold two countries that were not the United States and the tax credit is based on number of units sold in the United States not the overall number of units manufactured by the company in the United States Tesla says that even when they get their facility up to full boar producing 500,000 cars a year they expect that only between 120 and 200000 of those cars on an annual basis we sold in the states so as of their current business plan 100% of all future Tesla owners in the US can expect to receive the $7,500 tax credit on the federal level not to mention that with the model three since you were buying a Tesla if the car breaks down when it's still in its warranty. Tesla will be able to send you a loaner car when they come to pick up your broke down car whereas the Chevy you are just out of luck they won't even get you a rental car and most of the Chevy dealerships in the country are not trained or equipped currently to work on the Chevrolet bolt because there is only a limited number of dealerships that sell them all major cities have at least one that sells them and usually it's just those major cities that have technicians train to work on them so in the event something does happen and it does break down you can expect to have to have Chevrolet ship your car off to a dealership that could be in the next state over and it could take up to 6 weeks before you get your bolt back as far as I'm concerned the only advantage to buying the Chevy Volt that I can see is you would get it right now otherwise all the advantages fall in the court of Tesla considering if you buy the Tesla Model 3 S or X there is so many more Chargers Tesla currently has over 2300 supercharger installations Nationwide in the US versus the other manufacturers DC supercharger installations which is only at about 1300 Nationwide in the US so there's three times more DC quick charging available with Tesla plus they also produce an adapter a j1772 to Tesla adapter that allows you to use all of the other AC charging networks in the US that all the other Eevee manufacturers Vehicles can use as well plus there is a much wider variety of charge adapters for different Outlets that you can buy for a Tesla meaning that if you buy the entire array of adapters there would virtually be no place in the US that you wouldn't be able to charge as long as they have an outlet of some sort plus one current Advantage right now to buying a Chevy Volt is the fact that currently you can probably go in and easily get a few thousand-dollar manufacturer rebate on top of the price of your car which would bring it down to the price of a model 3 most likely cuz it's probably a $2,500 rebate again going back to the only advantage to the bolt is on the base model which is only one battery pack size for the bolt that they planned so far you get an extra 18 miles of range and the car is available right now that's it no other advantages.

    • Tony Harford
      Tony Harford 8 months ago

      WOW Trevor, That has to be the longest sentence I have ever read :)

  • Stan Trnik
    Stan Trnik 9 months ago

    Definitely Leaf 2018. Much much better build quality than Model 3, much cheaper than Bolt.

  • mark nelson
    mark nelson 9 months ago

    Chevy had plant to make the bolt already. Chevy purchase the drivetrain from LG. Chevy designed the styling of the bolt chevy used parts it had from other cars it made in the past. Chevy sells the bolt at a loss of five to $10000 per car while the Tesla is made in house from the ground up. Tesla designed and is responsible for almost all of the model three the Tesla model three has many design oversights like The glove box cannot be opened without the assistance of the car. Not good after an accident when the car maybe dead Each manufacturer has his strengths and weaknesses. But both are still good cars

  • M R
    M R 9 months ago

    Chevy is better because Tesla will be out of business.

  • Lurker1979
    Lurker1979 9 months ago

    Tesla is more like a tech cult.

  • It's just Addy
    It's just Addy 9 months ago

    ha elatric

  • It's just Addy
    It's just Addy 9 months ago

    at 3:49, who's driving the car

  • Oblithian
    Oblithian 9 months ago

    I can't say this is an indepth review.

  • Ilya Matviyiv
    Ilya Matviyiv 9 months ago

    Take into consideration LEASE factor. You can not lease Tesla, but you can easily lease BOLT.

  • tony nedeljkovic
    tony nedeljkovic 9 months ago

    of course tesla model 3 is better. both technologies are good but bolt really looks like crap. I wouldn't wanna be seen in that ugly thing. chevy could have done better design to compete , why do you think people are waiting 2 years over bolt that is available now

  • Walkertongdee
    Walkertongdee 9 months ago

    So the Bolt wins because it is $125. cheaper you don't have to order and it looks better? Only a fool would buy a Chevy because they don't want to pay the $125.more.This is your government being bought off by General Motors do you really want to support that? If they order now the TESLA is 2,500 CHEAPER! Looks- how wrong can they be here A chevy better looking than a Tesla? There is bias all over this video, come on its Tesla a no-brainer it wins. GM paid for this LOL

  • Walkertongdee
    Walkertongdee 9 months ago

    Anyone who chooses a Chevy over a Tesla better get their cognitive abilities checked.

  • Oz El Coskuner
    Oz El Coskuner 9 months ago

    Tesla is safer, more future-adaptive, and built by a man who wants to save the humankind. And number of power station is underrated here. Primary purpose of a car is to go from A to B. Therefore power stations are very important.

  • Paul FitzMorris
    Paul FitzMorris 9 months ago

    I can’t take a review seriously when the reviewer keeps showing the wrong car for Chevy- the Bolt and the Volt are two very different vehicles and they don’t even look the same.

  • Mark Archer
    Mark Archer 9 months ago

    Chevy volt looks terrible. I'm not going to pay $30k for a car that people will laugh at when they see. I totally agree with your comparison though. I don't know why Chevy doesn't just make a better looking car. It'd be serious competition for the model 3.

  • cbpitt01
    cbpitt01 9 months ago

    At 1:52, what the hell are “flowering” quarters? Don’t you mean FOLLOWING quarters? That mistake, plus several others in the info in the video and the voiceover, don’t make it very credible.

    EXPLICT ANGLE 9 months ago

    is this even a question

  • Boko Moko
    Boko Moko 9 months ago

    Nice comparison.
    Now compare Tesla 3 versus Nissan Leaf 2018

    • zv_l
      zv_l 9 months ago

      Boko Moko Well it’s ass 😂

    • Boko Moko
      Boko Moko 9 months ago

      Dino I Stilo dont't know If it's good ir bad.

    • zv_l
      zv_l 9 months ago

      Boko Moko Nissan Leaf is ass

  • Randy201851
    Randy201851 9 months ago

    What puzzles me is so many ppl compare the two cars yet beyond the same base price, both are BEV's & have similar ranges they are two very different vehicles. The Bolt is an urban runabout, a 2nd car for a suburban family, a station car, or primary car for older teens, early 20's or seniors. The Model 3 is a primary car aimed at the BMW 3/5 series market. I have to commend GM for offering a BEV that really doesn't compete with Tesla so both can thrive. It wouldn't be unusual at all for a family to have both a Model 3 and a Bolt. One major negative for the Model 3, as well as the S & X, is body repair costs. There are a surprising number of 'totaled' Model S & X's out there that have body damage one would expect to cost $1,000 - $1,500 to repair but Tesla authorized repair shops estimate are $25,000 to $30,000 to repair so the insurance companies write them off. All Tesla repair parts come from Tesla & they charge more than premium prices. GM doesn't have those restrictions so a $1,000 - $1,500 repair job on a Bolt costs just that & can be done at a repair shop of the owner's choice. There are several videos out there where home mechanics have bought two 'totaled' Model S's to assemble one working, salvaged, Model S for a fraction of the cost of a used Model S of the same vintage. Early on Tesla would trash the software on any Tesla that was on their books as 'totaled' and refuse to update the software so a home mechanic could have a perfectly fine repaired Model S but it was unusable because of the trashed software. I don't think they do that anymore but if one owns a Tesla one is dependent upon Tesla in ways that they aren't with other more mainstream manufacturers.

  • Joe R
    Joe R 9 months ago

    That chevy is hideous

  • Joe D.
    Joe D. 9 months ago

    If it wasnt for tesla chev wouldnt have this car for sale right now. Chev can burn in hell. Not support crap company

  • RJGamer1002
    RJGamer1002 9 months ago

    Chevy boat? 0:36

    PATRICK MCKOWEN 9 months ago

    Good review over all
    You cant count autonomous driving if you cant use it so it is mute. By the time it is allowed on the road most vehicles may have it
    You cant count looks/styling - its just a personal view point - i like practical so I like Bolt hatchbacks - and it just looks better...to me. However, it is your review and your entitled to your points/opinion.
    Chevy is not advertising the bolt....not that much. Dont know why. Hell, I went into a dealer ship to test drive, they did not have one, could not find one and they did not know or did not want to tell me about a local government run EV center that had most EV's including the Bolt to test drive...so what was up with that!
    Cheers, Patrick

  • Heinz Ketchup
    Heinz Ketchup 9 months ago

    Chevy Boat

  • African Boss
    African Boss 10 months ago

    This *Curious Elephanr* is trying to downplay the POWER Tesla Model commands

  • Vasileios Petropoulos
    Vasileios Petropoulos 10 months ago

    GM Great. A
    Masons I hate them what about ev1 fuckibg slyta

  • Mario Maher
    Mario Maher 10 months ago

    First only the confort and quality of Tesla is 100 % better thang GM, because GM dont beleve in éléctrique car becaus this dont give us more repair after so they make électrique car fast and not confortable to be able to sale more other cars than électrique ones. They will do effort only if the countries make rules to obligate the constructors to make available électric cars. So only Tesla think about the future of humain you don't have to see more.

  • Mario Maher
    Mario Maher 10 months ago

    For me only the attitude of Tesla for service after sale is 1000 % better than GM attitude I saw expérience until now !

  • moesgymmom
    moesgymmom 10 months ago +1

    At 5:45 he gave looks to the bolt not the tesla

  • Adrian Demesa
    Adrian Demesa 10 months ago

    First the Chevy bolt will never win the attention as the model 3 because the model 3 is the future I mean look at the interior it’s just one screen and a steering wheel so model 3 wins for that

  • Ankit Borkhataria
    Ankit Borkhataria 10 months ago

    'Looks' checkbox was checked on Bolt side. However, he said Model 3 wins look-wise. Model 3 is absolute winner in looks, performance and in terms of charging stations. Where are the charging stations for Chevy? I would love to see that map.

  • Noctis Exspectando
    Noctis Exspectando 10 months ago

    What about safety?

  • tumaru
    tumaru 10 months ago

    Buy a bolt now then sell it when your model three is ready?

  • allnamesaretakenb4
    allnamesaretakenb4 10 months ago

    well this was a fucking waste of my time. Annoying voice though, I'll give you that

  • Benni3D
    Benni3D 10 months ago

    Until Chevy Bolt gets a Supercharger Network, the Model 3 is my favorite EV.
    After all Charging on long distance trips is the Achilles' heel of a EV...

  • The CarNerd
    The CarNerd 10 months ago +1

    If you liked this, come to my channel and check out my videos plz.

  • Niclas Dahl Aabo
    Niclas Dahl Aabo 10 months ago

    I'm sure the chevy is way underrated, but it just looks disgusting. The exterior is fine, but look a the interior. Look at all those buttons and shit eww

  • Arthur Salazar
    Arthur Salazar 10 months ago

    I think you are speaking on behalf of Chevy. The Range I think goes to Tesla, for they always post less miles vs Chevy, and you can charge it just about anywhere. In the looks deptarment there is no comparison Tesla is better. The only one I give you is Availability, (for now). Dont forget that 95% of Tesla is built with American Labor.

  • bradman Swag
    bradman Swag 10 months ago

    sounds like the tesla has much better performance that is if you consider same range from a smaller battery plus better 0-60 time.

  • Limp Wibbler
    Limp Wibbler 10 months ago

    I don't think the bolt needs more attention. It is ugly, it has way less tech(that screen imo is very important in the model 3). My phone can currently do more than my $50,000 car(I didn't pay that got it used and from a friend) That should not be EVER. EVERY car needs a good touch screen with real responsiveness, real clarity, many car functions and good looking. Not some janky, plastic filmed, small, unimportant, hard to navigate, low function box. IT is a glorified radio in most cars. Pisses me off
    I hope the bolt fails. Not because I want EVs to fail, but because I want the future of EV not be shaped by that.

  • Limp Wibbler
    Limp Wibbler 10 months ago

    that accent though. Sounds like boat to me. Chevy boat. Not making a fool of you, just a funny accent to me