Apocalyptic BUNKER project part 1- The Plan

  • Published on Sep 15, 2015
  • An UNDERGROUND BUNKER in the back garden, i have dreamt of this for a while now to go with my superhero mods and crazy inventions so when asked what i would do if faced with the end of the world the 2 ideas become one and so here we go i'm building a full scale full on bunker in my own back yard........and someone else is paying muhahahaha.
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  • thien v van
    thien v van 2 days ago


  • Zate6
    Zate6 4 days ago

    lol whats the point if everyone knows you have one gg

    THESMELLYBACCA 6 days ago

    Adult running in circles and little kid looking at him and we all know what the little
    Kid is thinking.

  • Keagan Davidson
    Keagan Davidson 12 days ago +1

    This guy is crazy


  • Percy Gaming
    Percy Gaming 16 days ago

    You need selves full of food and a fuck ton of supplies

  • Jeff Behn
    Jeff Behn 18 days ago

    what happens if there's a biblical flood?

  • dropdrop top
    dropdrop top 18 days ago

    just in case Donald trump and Kim Jong Un’s summit didn’t go as plan

  • Owen Allsup
    Owen Allsup 19 days ago

    I love his energy

  • catman678 YT
    catman678 YT 20 days ago

    Elmo? 0:49

  • KingTactical 473
    KingTactical 473 20 days ago

    Nearly 3 years later it's not ended....

  • BIG T.
    BIG T. 20 days ago

    Best place to be is right under the bomb

  • Pottasium Dichromate
    Pottasium Dichromate 20 days ago

    Would this increase or decrease the value of the house?

  • The weird kid who sits alone at lunch

    I can so better...on minecraft

  • Gia Kiet Gia Kiet
    Gia Kiet Gia Kiet 21 day ago


  • Lucas Crevelenti
    Lucas Crevelenti 21 day ago


  • GolitePlays
    GolitePlays 21 day ago

    what if he has to move

  • J. Weiss
    J. Weiss 22 days ago

    Building A Shed SHOULD Be Fun &Enjoyable, NOT Frustrating. >> t.co/YSI7q2P4iX?sdf34dfg454

  • Alvaro Leiva
    Alvaro Leiva 23 days ago +1


  • The Rekt production
    The Rekt production 25 days ago

    Remember to install a periscope

  • ᎷᎬᖇᏟᑌᎡY ᎷᎬᔕᔕENᏩEᖇ7

    A bunker doesn’t do any good unless it’s 200ft or better underground, Radiation can seep deep into the ground.

  • Miscellaneous 101
    Miscellaneous 101 Month ago

    do u have a wife?

  • Quang Dang
    Quang Dang Month ago

    y như thằng điên

  • Rafael contreras ortiz

    Algún Weon por aquí y si lo hay wena wena po conchetumare

  • Hasnain Azeem
    Hasnain Azeem Month ago +1

    This guy has a pretty INTERESTING life

  • Rahul Deepak
    Rahul Deepak Month ago

    I thought this was click bait


    So lucky to have a field behind you as you can build you bunker under that or take a few sneaky meters

  • Recover Y
    Recover Y Month ago

    Dude stop fckin cats

  • Kyrah Cox
    Kyrah Cox Month ago

    Can I live there when you move out?

  • jgsregrate
    jgsregrate Month ago

    Can I have the house when he dies

  • Roger Rhodes
    Roger Rhodes Month ago

    I bet his local council put up his council tax once they saw this!

    DARK SOUL Month ago

    My dream when i was 😭😭😭

    JONATHAN REILLY 2 months ago

    R.I.P garden

  • leetlebob
    leetlebob 2 months ago

    Imma make one XD, how much was it?

  • JackGamerFilmStudios
    JackGamerFilmStudios 2 months ago

    What happens when you move house

  • ben carpenter
    ben carpenter 2 months ago

    Your kid was like " My Dad is CRAZY!!!" at the end

  • Jim Karpule
    Jim Karpule 2 months ago

    when the neighbours look out the window at this guy thinking "what the fuck is he doin now? trying to sell this bloody house"

    SAMZIRRA 2 months ago

    Colin is your coolest friend, and your worst neighbor.

  • K Mac's Kitchen
    K Mac's Kitchen 2 months ago

    im surprised to see that he even owns a helmet

  • FuryFox
    FuryFox 2 months ago

    How much did this cost

  • Chim Chim Panda
    Chim Chim Panda 2 months ago +1

    All I can think is: what an understanding wife he must have.

  • Forrest Helmer
    Forrest Helmer 2 months ago

    I love that I clicked on a vid for an underground bunker and get an ad for “period proof panties”.....

  • YahBoy Batch
    YahBoy Batch 2 months ago

    WW3 ideal place to be

  • Jyoan Moyo
    Jyoan Moyo 3 months ago

    I comeback here, when i know 2 Nuclear powers going head to head in middle east, thx man, this is very important in the future...

  • Wolfie Princess
    Wolfie Princess 3 months ago

    I told my mom that we:
    A: have to move to Canada or the UK
    B: save up a ton of money to buy a vault
    C: make a vault
    And tbh I'm terrified about what is going to happen and when I watch these kind of videos I honestly feel like crying...

  • subspec185
    subspec185 3 months ago

    I have something thats so cool that you can build an tie

  • A Cat
    A Cat 3 months ago

    I truly appreciate the dmc shirt.

  • master Sherman
    master Sherman 3 months ago

    Tactale nuke in bound oh no a nuke can I survive oh no it's not deep another

  • Ryan
    Ryan 3 months ago

    Was the planning permission a pain?

  • Matthew Carter
    Matthew Carter 4 months ago

    Thank you for not being my neighbor.

  • Jordan Penman
    Jordan Penman 4 months ago

    Just wondering if you could please put up a list of materials/cost? Thanks

  • The Un Edited
    The Un Edited 4 months ago

    Just Why

  • Gurra gaming
    Gurra gaming 4 months ago


  • Tabitha Sutton
    Tabitha Sutton 4 months ago

    I’m just curious how much did that cost to build from start to finish.

  • Block Breaker
    Block Breaker 4 months ago

    This one of the greatest things

  • Delta Thug
    Delta Thug 4 months ago

    i love you colinfurze

  • Antoine Aiken
    Antoine Aiken 4 months ago

    Who else thought at 1:32 he said stroking a skin cock

  • Zeta Leddington
    Zeta Leddington 4 months ago

    your house looks cool :)

  • Sean Hill
    Sean Hill 4 months ago

    i soooooooooooo want an underground bunker

  • kotёnok
    kotёnok 4 months ago

    Coolyou are amazing!

  • Mr. Grizzly_Bur
    Mr. Grizzly_Bur 5 months ago

    Your wife must love you way too much

  • Jack T
    Jack T 5 months ago

    Right, you've built the bunker. Now I want to see the European Invasion Plan.

  • Reynaldo Pangan
    Reynaldo Pangan 5 months ago

    Your funny

  • Mystique the cute blue alien

    One night in bed
    Colin furze: Hey babe,can we build a bunker
    Wife furze:well erm i-
    Colin furze: ok thanks

  • MaxLikesStuff
    MaxLikesStuff 5 months ago +1

    how are you going to sell your house?

  • Mystique the cute blue alien

    3:28 I love how your son is more adult than you

  • Jose Guerrero
    Jose Guerrero 5 months ago

    I love England and secrets and bunkers

  • Debra Sellers
    Debra Sellers 5 months ago

    With north Korea trying to nuke us this is a good idea

  • TEE Gaming
    TEE Gaming 5 months ago

    Where does he get the money for this stuff

  • Twisted Reaper
    Twisted Reaper 5 months ago

    make the out side of the bunker not with steel but with lead most rad protetion then the inside with steel



  • :D
    :D 5 months ago


  • Asher Cooney
    Asher Cooney 5 months ago

    This guy is a little obnoxious but does awesome stuff

  • Robert Breeden
    Robert Breeden 6 months ago

    How hard was it to pull the permits for This? Lol

  • Edfundo72
    Edfundo72 6 months ago

    You take this seriously I wouldn’t ever brake down a little hut/house or move everything or chainsaw little trees

  • Edfundo72
    Edfundo72 6 months ago

    Don’t forget the wifi

  • Kitsune
    Kitsune 6 months ago

    WAIT! Does it work with nucreal war???

    HXDDIACA 6 months ago

    Minecraft in a Nutshell

  • UblaZ.HaCkz
    UblaZ.HaCkz 6 months ago

    i would totally do this if I had the money

  • Stelios Kandilaptis
    Stelios Kandilaptis 6 months ago

    +colinfurze what is the cost of the bunker please answer

  • Pelzforelle []
    Pelzforelle [] 6 months ago

    nice delorean shirt :D

  • Ho Hin Put
    Ho Hin Put 6 months ago

    who came here because of knowledge whale? He made a video called 10 unbelievable diy projects people done by hand

  • AlphaClicker
    AlphaClicker 6 months ago

    u will survive!

  • Benxcx
    Benxcx 6 months ago


  • Joel Rodriguez
    Joel Rodriguez 7 months ago

    How would you get air to breathe underground, if the air is polluted with radioactive material

    KILLER GAMER 7 months ago

    I’m surprised his family hasn’t left him already

    TEKLAZ 7 months ago

    Muy bueno

  • Name not found
    Name not found 7 months ago

    Fallout 5. Starring: Colin Furze.

  • Fairyboy876
    Fairyboy876 7 months ago

    He looks like Gordon Ramsay.

  • Vanu
    Vanu 7 months ago

    0:55 Is that a turbocharger compressor wheel?

  • Gavin Rich
    Gavin Rich 7 months ago

    What if the outbreak happened while you were planning

  • peidei e caguei
    peidei e caguei 7 months ago

    Oi sou do BRASIL sou do RIO GRANDE DO SUL

  • Tactical FredBear
    Tactical FredBear 7 months ago

    i just came here from 10 DIY youtubers who will survive the zombie apocolipse

  • giz media
    giz media 7 months ago

    Can you build me one in my garden

    (Ps Live in Scotland)

  • tsbrownie
    tsbrownie 8 months ago +1

    Colin, sure you'd survive the nuclear holocaust, but you'd die from the lack of stuff to do, toys, youtube, and whatnot. One way or the other mate...

  • Evan S
    Evan S 8 months ago


  • Evan S
    Evan S 8 months ago

    this is way too cringy

  • Alex Markov
    Alex Markov 8 months ago

    Ur a mad man. All most like "the doctor"

  • Alex Markov
    Alex Markov 8 months ago

    Ur a mad man. All most like "the doctor"

  • Alex Markov
    Alex Markov 8 months ago

    You were goofing around and there some kid just staring a u!