Ricochet & The Miz vs. Drew McIntyre & Baron Corbin: Raw, Aug. 19, 2019

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • Four Superstars competing in the King of the Ring tournament collide in tag team action against their respective first-round opponents.
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Comments • 615

  • Gabrielle Duangu
    Gabrielle Duangu 14 days ago

    ricochet a des best

  • Gabrielle Duangu
    Gabrielle Duangu 14 days ago

    Ricochet est trop fort

  • Drew Smith
    Drew Smith 19 days ago

    I love you guys

  • ocx xie
    ocx xie 26 days ago

    World WRESTLING entertainmnt/world PARKOUR N KICK entertainmt ?

  • veejay88ify
    veejay88ify 26 days ago

    I really hope Drew McIntyre wins King of the Ring but WWE keeps giving these opportunities elsewhere.

  • Sandman Dreamwalker
    Sandman Dreamwalker 26 days ago


  • Sandman Dreamwalker
    Sandman Dreamwalker 26 days ago


  • Seppuku Sensei
    Seppuku Sensei 26 days ago

    So do heels just not win anymore

  • Daner WJ
    Daner WJ 27 days ago +1

    I think miz ricochet and aleister black would make a good tag team

  • Lillian santana
    Lillian santana 28 days ago

    I can't stand Ricochet at all and I like the Miz but he needs to turn heel .Drew and Corbin are great heels .Baron deserves respect some fans are just morons

  • Danielle Cowell
    Danielle Cowell 28 days ago

    I love this team of ricochet and the miz

  • Gamer dude 98993
    Gamer dude 98993 29 days ago

    Now all Corbin needs is long hair and that lone wolf persona
    I also hope that drew becomes king of the ring and universal champion later on this year

  • Fallon Carrington
    Fallon Carrington 29 days ago

    I know I know Ricochet did an incredible job there but can we take a moment to appreciate what The Miz did at 02:15 cause it was iconic?

  • Emanuel Navarro
    Emanuel Navarro 29 days ago

    2:24 was that post malone

  • amr hassan
    amr hassan 29 days ago

    Baron corbin didn't touch ricochet

  • PNWGaming
    PNWGaming 29 days ago

    they would be a good tag team

  • Darth Synyster
    Darth Synyster 29 days ago

    The Miz is the most boring talentless wrestler that ever was. Never deserved to wear the strap.

  • Blockmn GO
    Blockmn GO 29 days ago

  • Ken Lang
    Ken Lang 29 days ago

    Ricochet and Gargano are probably the worst wrestlers in WWE right now. They're super athletic and talented yet they can't wrestle. None of their moves look like they hurt. They don't sell anything either, they only stumble and look dazed. Finishers don't finish anymore when you wrestle against them. All they do is acrobatic flip moves and high spots and there's no psychology to it. I remember in the 90s when you did a simple punch to the back or arm wrench and the opponent would drop to his knees, pain in his face. Nowadays the psychology is gone, nothing looks realistic. Everybody looks dazed for a second and then hurry up to get in the next dozen moves and flips that don't look painful. It's like less wrestling today, and more circus stunts. I mean Corbin is a great wrestler and people hate him but they love Ricochet smh

    • Arul
      Arul 27 days ago

      Finally someone speaks the truth,how many people do flips,dives and superkick looks became normal move.Legend like triple h,undertaker,foley,rock,stone cold,cena,orton,edge ,batista didnt do acrobatic move often..still they produced best matches.Indie guys changes wrestling fans.

  • MD Ibn Isa
    MD Ibn Isa 29 days ago +1

    Ricochet is future Rio maestro

  • Bigg Show
    Bigg Show Month ago

    Dislike for corbin lossing

  • Bigg Show
    Bigg Show Month ago

    Corbin look osm

  • Mr. Unorthodox
    Mr. Unorthodox Month ago

    0:35 Cole: Look at Baron Corbin! What an athlete Corbin is?!
    Rene: He did a circle around the ring, Cole.
    Cole: Now, you try to do that, Rene.
    Double shots fired!

  • Olajide Feranmi
    Olajide Feranmi Month ago +1

    This wrestling is really crazy

  • The AllRounder Guy
    The AllRounder Guy Month ago

    Ricochet does not belong here

    He belongs in the cruiserweight division

  • Szymczak M
    Szymczak M Month ago +1


  • Brent Monaisa
    Brent Monaisa Month ago

    Wife beater suits Corbin

  • MissTia777
    MissTia777 Month ago

    Ricochet is HOTTT!!!!

  • Sona Miah
    Sona Miah Month ago

    Mcluntyre suck

  • Mia Corten
    Mia Corten Month ago +2

    Is it just me here or are Baron and Drew two of the most attractive wrestlers in WWE today ( no hate pls )

  • Sev Fan
    Sev Fan Month ago

    Love Miz❤

  • Debashish Baskey
    Debashish Baskey Month ago

    Corbin sucks..rikishi lol

  • Tamilnadu wrestling fans

    Drew 🤩🤩

  • 최윤수
    최윤수 Month ago

    Miz is smart

    ALL-WOOD R.D.D. Month ago +1

    Who loves rico.....

  • Bryson Sabun
    Bryson Sabun Month ago

    Ricochet is the real men just like Roman Reigns, Alleister Black, like Seth Rollins, NOT A COWARD LIKE AJ STYLES, DREW, SHANIDIOT, BRIAN CORBIN

  • Exodus 2020
    Exodus 2020 Month ago

    An unexpected win for ricochet and the miz against mcintyre and the corporate wolf baron corbin.i thought that these were shane o macs guys mcintyre elias and corbin .

  • Shiju Varughese
    Shiju Varughese Month ago

    Geez how many times do the announcers have to say Ricochet? In 3 minutes I heard it at least 50 times.

  • Andrew Carnborn
    Andrew Carnborn Month ago

    0:35 the hell was the point of that? XD

  • World Famous Footballers

    Miz is the best

  • MrTitanSword
    MrTitanSword Month ago +2

    I love how Ricochet uses the codebreaker

  • MrTitanSword
    MrTitanSword Month ago +1

    WTF is Vic Joseph doing on Raw?

  • Red Dragon
    Red Dragon Month ago +1

    Did anyone noticed the red light in the middle in the first few minutes of the match?

  • Vodka Whiskey
    Vodka Whiskey Month ago

    Drew McIntyre watching match 😁

  • Fire GK Highlights
    Fire GK Highlights Month ago

    Damn,I almost forgot that Corbin was still in WWE but honestly McIntyre looks like a king in the entire bracket!

  • Hasan Kaya
    Hasan Kaya Month ago

    The miz deserves us tittle!

  • Amirul Ismail
    Amirul Ismail Month ago

    So weird seeing miz Become face

  • Kos_ Juanthony
    Kos_ Juanthony Month ago

    I went live and at 0:10 there was a fan tryna get into the ring in the corner I was right next to him

  • Anthony Cruz
    Anthony Cruz Month ago +3

    Corbin should dress the way he dressed during his time in the golden gloves and grappling tournaments, with some gold chains. Hell brag about being a “real athlete”. Make him look like a real scumbag.

  • Hey You 96
    Hey You 96 Month ago

    I've said it before, but Ricochet thinks 12 moves ahead, and does them all at once.

  • Kentaro From Wii Sports

    ngl i would love to see miz and ricochet as a tag team

  • Julie Ivanova
    Julie Ivanova Month ago +1

    Me realising that before watching this I've thought Drew isn't at tonight's RAW:
    "Well...that's great, cause....that's great,,

  • FoxTREAT Channel
    FoxTREAT Channel Month ago

    Miz is on the winning track....good news

  • Jcee
    Jcee Month ago

    Now corbin looks like a prisoner with that attire🤔

  • Jack Thompson 1
    Jack Thompson 1 Month ago

    Miz and ricochet are a good team

  • Gon Ferrer
    Gon Ferrer Month ago +1

    24k likes for Jerry getting a glove in his old mouth, 9k likes for this fantastic match for Ricochet...
    And then the people complain that WWE sucks...

  • Gagan SiNgH Chhatwal

    What the f*** most of the time I was not able to see Miz in this match wtf

  • Clicheja _
    Clicheja _ Month ago

    Finally Corbin gets rid of that dumass vest

  • Dr Phot
    Dr Phot Month ago

    What happened in the crowd at 0:14?

  • Lord Maul
    Lord Maul Month ago

    Baron Corbin does not look like a pro wrestler.