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    ROCKY HAMILTON 8 months ago

    Try Victims for victims the Theresha Saldana story. It's on here.

  • Leah Lyla
    Leah Lyla 8 months ago

    Where is the rest of the parts of the movie?

  • smith kay
    smith kay 8 months ago

    Rest of the movie plz

  • Janet Hope
    Janet Hope 9 months ago

    Seen this before.she sued the pants of them.she won the case.

  • carol hodson
    carol hodson 10 months ago

    Didn't show all of the movie.

  • carol hodson
    carol hodson 10 months ago

    Carol in the uk did he get the electric chair.

  • Donna Rachiele
    Donna Rachiele 10 months ago

    That cop is a digrace to his badge should of been fired and wouldve sued his ass

  • Valentina Kythas
    Valentina Kythas 11 months ago

    Yes this is a true story based on Tracy Yurhams life.

  • V Orvat
    V Orvat 11 months ago +1

    God bless Tracey always

  • michele mexia
    michele mexia Year ago

    really is sorry you cant see the movie half of it is gone

  • Sabrina Sojagirl
    Sabrina Sojagirl Year ago +2

    Sorry ♥️ Tracey ☹️

  • Jacqueline Halpin
    Jacqueline Halpin Year ago +4

    How could anyone stand back and watch this my heart breaks for Tracey . I would hang him he’s not a man he’s evil and put a proper man in front of him and not a kid on cop he should gets jail to

  • Sandra Mcdaniel
    Sandra Mcdaniel Year ago +2

    Where is the ending?
    Well hopefully she won a huge chunk of money! That cop did nothing to help her! I think he should've shot him. My son who is a deputy said he would've! Non of the people could help until the knife was gone but after that they all should've jumped on him and beat the snot outta HIM! Now I'm wondering if they let him out early or if they kept him in until 1991! I think that was the date?? But since he has such an anger problem and if he acted out in prison he wouldn't be released. They would add time onto his sentence. Well that is a shame it wasn't all in whole. Shame on you who put this video up!! 👍then 👎👎!!

  • Rhonda Gibson
    Rhonda Gibson Year ago +8

    That guy needs to be sent to deathrow.

  • Gwen Dowd
    Gwen Dowd Year ago +3

    Tracy Thurman... Godspeed

  • Cop Blockers N.J.

    To all you women out there if i see this shit happening to you id gladly go to prison for murder ! Cuz id kill that mf

  • Sarah Dane
    Sarah Dane Year ago

    How come i cant watch the full movie

  • Suzanne MCcola
    Suzanne MCcola Year ago +9

    If I see that happening outside of my home I would’ve killed that man right where he stood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wilson Ball
    Wilson Ball Year ago +3


  • Chernika Henderson
    Chernika Henderson Year ago +3

    This movie still pisses me off to this day! Sorry ass cops! My family would've killed his ass if i didn't do it first

  • Thomas Johnson
    Thomas Johnson Year ago +7

    As a child, I witnessed this behaviour from my biological father for years, until I was 13 in 1985 when my parents separated, then divorced. Because of this, I am an avid supporter now of women's rights. This movie actually caused a knot in my stomach the entire time I watched it, and I couldn't stop shaking. It brought it ALLL BACK.

  • Natalia Waszczuk
    Natalia Waszczuk Year ago +32

    35 years ago today the real Tracey Thurman was stabbed this time 35 years ago at 20.51 at night she was probably still in surgery in hospital having the damage that that physcio of a husband inflicted on her repaired. The good news is today there's a permanent restraining order against buck Thurman preventing him from ever entering Toronto's. And Tracey is living happily with her new husband that she went onto marry a few years later and that husband is 100 times the man that that animal will ever be and her son C.J is now in his middles 30s

    • Deborah 78.
      Deborah 78. 8 months ago +2

      @Ruby Jo ~ Agreed... I think she should have gotten more money...

    • Ruby Jo
      Ruby Jo 8 months ago +3


    • Ruby Jo
      Ruby Jo 8 months ago +1

      Thanks on the update . I was wondering how she got on

    • Deborah 78.
      Deborah 78. 9 months ago

      @Sandra Mcdaniel ~ Yes, she got a settlement of 2.3 million, but it was later reduced on appeal, to 1.9 million.

    • Christine H
      Christine H 10 months ago +2

      @Sandra Mcdaniel ...Tracey won only 2.5 million from the town of Torrington Connecticut.
      Not enough for what she went through.

  • Patricia Odom
    Patricia Odom Year ago

    Like movie

  • ShadoeFax
    ShadoeFax Year ago +12

    I'm 32yrs old now and still afraid of the actor who played her husband. This was such a horrifying film to witness as a little kid.

  • orlandobabe
    orlandobabe Year ago +9

    I remember the attack scene and I tear up, cops should have kept Buck in jail especially when he made threats to kill her AND he violated the restraining order multiple times.

  • Janell Irving
    Janell Irving Year ago +17

    And let us be glad that Tracey Thurman lived.

  • RocketmanRockyMatrix
    RocketmanRockyMatrix Year ago +20

    Connecticut police are very incompetent and lazy.

    • Vicky R.
      Vicky R. 5 months ago

      So are many other cops. Most of the cops in Maine where I live are useless. Last year the cops in the town I live in were too lazy to help a married couple being harassed and threatened by their landlord. Cops said "we don't handle civil matters" as soon as the pigs left the landlord entered their home and murdered both of them....

  • Carly Gallon
    Carly Gallon Year ago +4

    Why is this not the whole movie? I can't find it anywhere..
    Everything was so messed up back then, you can't or won't protect a woman because she is married to him? That's bullshit . Then look what happened to her. Useless cop

  • Kim Backus
    Kim Backus Year ago

    Pamela Dial yes I have the same problem! I can't understand why TVclip won't show the whole movie: The Tracy Thurman Story. I would like to see the WHOLE movie!

  • Louise Booth
    Louise Booth 2 years ago +15

    yes same here they should show the full movie😬

  • Sherry Carberg
    Sherry Carberg 3 years ago +12

    Im speaking of the real Yracy Thurman. This movie is a true story not based on one

  • Sherry Carberg
    Sherry Carberg 3 years ago +8

    They all waited until she was in the ambulance to aprehend/arrest and handcuff the douche bag! The outcome is... she sued her town and won the case! She recieved ALOT of money and ALL officers who interracted in her case were fired without pensions! The state was also sued and the staye lost also! Tracy will NEVER be as she was but is still alive and has more money for her medical, child, home, etc.

    • Tolulope Akindele
      Tolulope Akindele 3 years ago +1

      Sherry Carberg the police sort of helped by coming in and out of the station. It's just unfortunate that the police has to get fired.

    • Carmen Cotto
      Carmen Cotto 3 years ago +6

      I remember watching this as a teenager, I'm in my 40`s now, this movie traumatized me, but it taught me to be very careful with men, to look for signs such as verbal abuse and such. I've never forgotten about Tracy, I wonder how she, and her son are doing. I remember that he once said that when he got out of jail that he was going to finish the job (kill her) I was always so scared for her, she has always been iin my prayers, I hope she is doing well.

  • Angela Bowens
    Angela Bowens 3 years ago +28

    Personally, I would have been ready to knock that no good cop too just standing there!!!!

  • Angela Bowens
    Angela Bowens 3 years ago +3

    This really sucks!!!! You can't see the outcome. What the heck TVclip!!!!!

    • Tanya Smith
      Tanya Smith 2 years ago

      Angela Bowens I know danm you tube show the whole movie

    • Georgie
      Georgie 3 years ago +3

      Angela Bowens she wins 2.2 million dollars

  • robyn azire
    robyn azire 3 years ago +54

    that cop should've shot him

    • Lorenzo Goode
      Lorenzo Goode 11 months ago

      @E M my dude he beat her ass for a whole year straight before she left him. She field a restraining order and had officers come out to the whole multiple times. If he black the first time that would've been the last time. Wake up dude.

    • Yvette Star
      Yvette Star 11 months ago

      @Lorenzo Goode lol

    • I killed Cupid
      I killed Cupid Year ago

      They didn't shoot because he had a baby in his arms meaning the baby might get shot too.

    • Tracy Gates
      Tracy Gates Year ago +1

      @E M yeah right. Black men get shot for talking back to a police officer. It's DISGUSTING 😣

    • Wilson Ball
      Wilson Ball Year ago +1


  • robyn azire
    robyn azire 3 years ago +9

    that cop should've shot him

  • Evelyn Frederick
    Evelyn Frederick 4 years ago +3

    I have been trying to buy this movie everywhere and can't find it. I watched it a long time ago on lifetime. but would have for my collection and can't seem to find any place that have it for sale. what a shame

    • Jerry Reding
      Jerry Reding 3 years ago +2

      Check on eBay, I saw it for sale there. Terrible story, I hope she's doing well now (as well as can be, anyway).

  • Felix cat
    Felix cat 4 years ago +22

    Sick man!

    • Frenchie séverine
      Frenchie séverine 3 years ago +3

      +Ilma Carvalho I call this kind of man a MONSTER,a beast with no emotions,no remorse nothing! A scumbag is the best word. Mr Thurman was a scumbag.

  • Pamela Dial
    Pamela Dial 4 years ago +6

    This really sucks!!! The whole movie has been pulled, I had to watch it in two parts. Then I had to watch a 14 minute clip of the trial which didn't include the entire result. I saw this movie years ago, so I know the outcome. If utube is going to show a movie they should show the whole movie. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Pamela Dial
    Pamela Dial 4 years ago +94

    This really sucks!!! The whole movie has been pulled, I had to watch it in two parts. Then I had to watch a 14 minute clip of the trial which didn't include the entire result. I saw this movie years ago, so I know the outcome. If utube is going to show a movie they should show the whole movie. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Michelle Reynolds
      Michelle Reynolds 2 months ago

      Pamela Dial yes!!!!! 😡 and part one has been deleted

    • Lawra New
      Lawra New 9 months ago

      I c other full lengths lifetime movies.

    • Tammy Reyna
      Tammy Reyna 10 months ago

      jlalewicz you don’t have to be so rude!😡

    • Nat Amaral
      Nat Amaral 10 months ago


    • Donna Rachiele
      Donna Rachiele 10 months ago +1

      They been doing that alot of movies start watching than someone cuts it off

  • Renae Wood
    Renae Wood 4 years ago +1

    i was wondering did she write a book please let me know thanks

  • Renae Wood
    Renae Wood 4 years ago

    where can i watch this movie

  • Gabby S
    Gabby S 5 years ago +2

    I was watching this when I was a little girl and then I was watching it on the computer.

  • Charro King
    Charro King 6 years ago +2

    bonsoir j'ai vu le film complet en français de cette histoire ,je trouve dommage qu'il ne soit pas sur TVclip ,c'est un film très triste mais très bien réaliser sur la maltraitance conjugale des femmes ,et les acteurs sont fabuleux,je cherche a l'acheter mais pas moyen de le trouver,ci quelqu'un peu m'aider,merci d’avance

  • jill knox
    jill knox 6 years ago +1

    Been through the same,ive lived but part ov me died.be brave ,no matter what.godbless

    • Carmen Cotto
      Carmen Cotto 3 years ago +1

      I'm sorry you went through this, you are in my prayers, God bless you!!

  • alex08648
    alex08648 6 years ago +1

    June 10, 1983 was a Friday.

  • cecilia solis
    cecilia solis 6 years ago +10

    This movie brought tears to my eyes, the system is so fucked up. Tracy got a second chance to live. My sister was also a domestic violence victume she died in the hands of the asshole that killed her. So sad.

  • ali sayah
    ali sayah 7 years ago

    jai le film en français

  • diane vincent
    diane vincent 7 years ago +1

    I remember this movie when it first came on tv and how he jumped on her head. It was so sad.

  • LyricalXilence
    LyricalXilence 7 years ago

    Did Tracy ever get any better or is she still as physically bad off as she was immediately after her attack?

  • Stephanie Nau
    Stephanie Nau 7 years ago +11

    "Raise your right hand" This legal system is so fucked up.

  • mossy morgan
    mossy morgan 7 years ago +7

    its not just a movie...its a true story

  • Musicmakesmehappy
    Musicmakesmehappy 7 years ago +7

    Remember, people: Love is respect, never abuse.

  • got2many
    got2many 8 years ago

    @rememrald30 ok now i realize you're just trying to be a troll. you're a dime a dozen jerkoff. all you trolls have pathetic lives and small packages and try to make up for it by leaving behind dumb ass comments. grow up loser. you're not doing anything special. you're just another idiot douchebag troll.

  • Sonia Lagryna
    Sonia Lagryna 8 years ago

    impossible a trouver en version francaise !!!! j ai trop de mal a comprendre u__u

  • superstaff
    superstaff 8 years ago +1

    @onemarilynfan I wish I could say that things have improved on the domestic abuse front. But not all women are lucky. When I was being abused, the police did little to help me out. I was of the mindset that the police has changed in time, but it doesn't seem to be the case.

  • Adrienne Michelle
    Adrienne Michelle 8 years ago

    No, Google - Nancy McKeon Lifetime Movies - one is about Strange Voices, is the one you are talking about

  • Mary Anne Wolford
    Mary Anne Wolford 8 years ago +1

    Being a victim of domestic violence myself, this is one of the worst cases I have seen. I am watching the end of this movie right now on Lifetime Movie Network. Nancy did a wonderful portrayal of what happened. I wish Lifetime would make more movies with her. I agree the law did not protect this woman. The police suck. That stupid police could have "relieved himself" outside somewhere. This woman's life was in danger and in his hands.

  • June B
    June B 9 years ago +5

    Shame on the police force for not stepping in and doing something about Tracy's husband.

  • uncoverbrother
    uncoverbrother 9 years ago +1

    @onemarilynfan at least some positivity came from that tragedy.