The Game: Ohio State vs. Michigan | Big Ten Football | The Journey

  • Published on Nov 27, 2018
  • Ohio State's win over Michigan is covered by The Journey.
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Comments • 159

  • Caleb Stevens
    Caleb Stevens Day ago

    Also think, Ohio States was the worst they’ve had in recent years. If we had a good defense. We could’ve won 62-21 or something around that

  • Robert Suchy
    Robert Suchy 13 days ago +1

    Them announcers were so biased definitely wanted Michigan to win

  • drewsus
    drewsus Month ago

    Is there some sort of backstory behind winovich crushing an iPhone with his hands and laughing about it with a bunch of moronic mich fans?

    • drewsus
      drewsus 12 days ago

      @Andy Gygi 0:20

    • Andy Gygi
      Andy Gygi 12 days ago +1

      What I’ve never heard of that😂

  • Mike Mercer
    Mike Mercer Month ago +1

    Revenge what? I don't think so!

  • Ten Second BuickGN
    Ten Second BuickGN Month ago +1

    Michigan football is the most overrated program in all of sports. Decade after decade, they are the town bully until November when they face elite programs who disassemble them on National tv

  • Robert Evans
    Robert Evans Month ago +1

    tOSU band could have scored 21 on UM that day.

  • mike jones
    mike jones 2 months ago +3


  • Gamer Pro
    Gamer Pro 2 months ago

    Yo where’s the Michigan fans

    • Andy Gygi
      Andy Gygi 12 days ago +1


    • mike jones
      mike jones 2 months ago +2

      hiding under a rock the last 20 years

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams 2 months ago +1

    Go Buckeyes

  • j smith
    j smith 2 months ago +1

    Don’t you hate when your sad and feeling blue 😂😂

    • Luke A
      Luke A 2 months ago

      That's a good one I like it😀

  • TrinkaD
    TrinkaD 3 months ago +3

    Winovich showed real class when he tipped his helmet to Buckeyes fans.

    • Ten Second BuickGN
      Ten Second BuickGN Month ago +2

      I saw that and it changed my opinion of him

    • Luke A
      Luke A 2 months ago +2

      Yeah he did I saw him do something to the fans I didn't exactly know though

  • Doctor X
    Doctor X 3 months ago +1

    Wolverines tears taste so sweet.

  • abdul smith
    abdul smith 3 months ago +1


  • Bill Schilling
    Bill Schilling 5 months ago +2

    Best m team ever? Not even close. Bucks exposed their great defense

  • Calaway Gerken
    Calaway Gerken 5 months ago +2

    breaking news- the revenge tour has been officially cancelled

  • Avian
    Avian 5 months ago +5

    Michigan gets more overrated each year

    • Ten Second BuickGN
      Ten Second BuickGN Month ago +1

      Isn't that the truth. ESPN is already blowing Harbaugh for this upcoming season as one of the favorites to go all of the way

  • Steve Parish
    Steve Parish 5 months ago +4

    It wasn't 21-19 at the half. It was 24-19, OSU drove down to the UM 2 yd line and kicked a field goal as the half expired. Be accurate!

    • Luke A
      Luke A 3 months ago

      Xichigan announcers what do you expect?

  • Donnie Smith
    Donnie Smith 6 months ago +5

    Beating Michigan never gets old.

  • freedomfyter
    freedomfyter 6 months ago

    TUN the FRAUD!!

  • Greg M
    Greg M 6 months ago +2

    The revenge tour was a comedy show. Airing every fall for the next 10 years

  • Mr Clean
    Mr Clean 6 months ago +6

    Ohio state is better than Oklahoma

  • - Morales
    - Morales 6 months ago +16

    Ohio State got robbed, they belong in the playoffs.

    • Ten Second BuickGN
      Ten Second BuickGN Month ago

      A large part of me agrees but our performance against Purdue and Maryland is what killed that

    • Nick Whitaker
      Nick Whitaker 2 months ago

      @lloyd kline wow. You do know your football. Respect for you my good sir.

    • lloyd kline
      lloyd kline 2 months ago

      Taking about the year Ohio state was 4 rank and Alabama was 5 rank and the playoffs committee choose Alabama and they was NCAA college football champion again, Alabama would have ate up the pac ten football champion, I have great respect for pac ten football too great history

    • lloyd kline
      lloyd kline 2 months ago

      @Nick Whitaker I think Oklahoma vs Ohio state is two and two in the series, USC and Alabama still has the series lead over Ohio state, how about legendary coach urban mejer Florida gators blew Ohio state off the field in the fista bowl 2007 41 to 14

    • Nick Whitaker
      Nick Whitaker 2 months ago +2

      @lloyd kline we already did and have already beat them.....

  • Connor DelaRiva
    Connor DelaRiva 7 months ago +53

    Big fan of ohio State like if you agree

  • TraGiiC Dyno
    TraGiiC Dyno 7 months ago +3


  • Fidel Cruz
    Fidel Cruz 7 months ago


  • Lawrence Redfilm
    Lawrence Redfilm 7 months ago +2

    interestingly, as I walked around the stadium before the game, most of the TTUN fans had the facial expressions and the confidence of Chase and his mother. Smiling, laughing, rolling their eyes at Buckeye fans, screaming Go Blue.....didn't see many F these same traits after the game or any time since

  • Julio Garcia
    Julio Garcia 7 months ago +8

    Meyer was nice no to score 80 points because he has class
    Go bucks

    • Gamer Pro
      Gamer Pro 2 months ago

      Tbh if I was Myer I would of went for 70 then told my offense to go for 2

    • Luke A
      Luke A 3 months ago +1

      Haskins could of threw at least 3 more Touchdowns

  • kevin murphy
    kevin murphy 7 months ago +6

    This just in, Michigan petitions the NCAA to make crossing routes illegal in the Peach Bowl unless the defending team is allowed to use 17 defenders. While they are waiting to hear back, Paris Campbell just scored another touchdown on them.

  • John Beckman
    John Beckman 7 months ago +17

    GREAT VIDEO!!!!!!!
    4:44 that "Fly Sweep" by Paris Campbell is a play that I will NEVER forget! He turned on the afterburners and FLEW past EVERY mortal on the field! One of the all time GREAT highlights in BUCKEYE history!

    • Moe 123
      Moe 123 3 months ago

      @BuckeyeLion Zeke was dope no doubt but I was trying to compare Ginn to Parris

    • Kristine Dickason
      Kristine Dickason 4 months ago

      I know I love Paris Campbell, I wish he had another year of eligibility but with the year he just had it would be hard for him to stay even if he did have some time left.

    • Moe 123
      Moe 123 7 months ago +1

      Last time I saw a player buckeye with that type of speed was Ted Ginn jr

    • John Beckman
      John Beckman 7 months ago +1

      @Eric Collins So TRUE! 😄

    • Eric Collins
      Eric Collins 7 months ago +1

      That play personified the very reason ohio state has dominated the rivalry Michigan just cant run with ohio state

  • Social Assassin
    Social Assassin 7 months ago +2

    the punt block for a TD was a thing of beauty and totally changed the game.

  • TheRodFarva
    TheRodFarva 7 months ago +3

    Michigan is a basketball school.

    • mike jones
      mike jones 2 months ago +2

      Michigan is a transgender water polo school. Back to back champs they are.

    • timothy norton
      timothy norton 2 months ago

      What has Michigan ever won in basketball??

    • abdul smith
      abdul smith 3 months ago +1

      Oh by the way they got obliterated by Texas tech in the dance, I think it was something like by 30......

    • ClearlyCaribbeanReb
      ClearlyCaribbeanReb 4 months ago +1

      Remember the Fab 5 NEVER won a Big 10 basketball championship or the NCAA would have taken that too. Lol Funny that they were actually paying basketball players at Michigan lmao (62:)

    • osu5inarow
      osu5inarow 7 months ago +1

      Not for long with Holtzman having Ohio State on the rise.

  • Ozone The Great
    Ozone The Great 7 months ago +5

    Think Akron had better offense than UM.

    • ClearlyCaribbeanReb
      ClearlyCaribbeanReb 4 months ago

      Ozone The Great lmao We wouldn't score 62 on the Zips, that's for sure haha

  • The traveler
    The traveler 7 months ago +3

    There's nothing like football Saturdays at the shoe and adjacent areas.

  • Scott King
    Scott King 7 months ago +1

    schadenfreude. zehr schön

  • Greg Lum
    Greg Lum 7 months ago +6

    It's always a bittersweet moment watching the seniors run out to the field for the last time.

  • Parachute Adams
    Parachute Adams 7 months ago +6

    Never gets old

  • indiapale
    indiapale 7 months ago +3

    Revenge tour!

  • Matt Owen
    Matt Owen 7 months ago +12

    Gold pants.... Again!

  • Jordan Gate
    Jordan Gate 7 months ago +4

    This was so depressing. Heart ripped out l' my chest all over again. Good for osu. Hope you destroy alabama, but this was rough to watch

    • wongchai807
      wongchai807 7 months ago

      You'll be alright brother, always next year. We got snubbed again so 🤷‍♂️

  • Malter Dwight
    Malter Dwight 7 months ago +48

    Yall remember when Harbaugh announced he was taking the job? Heads in Michagain grew three sizes that day. Look at em now. Troglodytes.

    • Gamer Pro
      Gamer Pro 2 months ago

      lloyd kline is that what you been saying since 2012

    • Kristine Dickason
      Kristine Dickason 3 months ago +2

      @lloyd kline You guys say that every year and ain't beat the bucks in how long? 2011? I'll believe it when I see it buddy.

    • Kristine Dickason
      Kristine Dickason 3 months ago

      What is a Troglodyte? I just want to know so I can start calling *ichigan fans that lol

    • lloyd kline
      lloyd kline 3 months ago

      Michigan football team and fans is about eat the fruit from Harbaugh fruit trees, Ohio state is going down to the count 2019 in football in November after Thanksgiving on Saturday, no legendary coach urban mejer, or all American quarterback haskins injuries of Ohio state players, lost two starters on defensive back to the NFL, three offensive linemen starters, etc etc , Michigan fans are to be dancing in on the streets in Ann arbor after Thanksgiving on Saturday

  • Clifford  Parks Jr.
    Clifford Parks Jr. 7 months ago +1


  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson 7 months ago

    Goldy locks knew he done fucked up crunching that buckeye

  • abdul smith
    abdul smith 7 months ago +13

    Arizona Buckeye wish I was there, let's gooooooooo.

  • Christopher Kopke
    Christopher Kopke 7 months ago

    It's weird though I feel Michigan somehow going to pull an Alabama from last year and sneak their way into the playoff if Ohio State Georgia and Oklahoma all lose

    • Andy Gygi
      Andy Gygi 12 days ago

      GreenDay1981 Bro we don’t need to make any excuses. Ohio state was a truly great top 3 team who played one really horrendous game against a bad team. We don’t lose that one, or at least not by 30, we make playoffs. No one to blame but ourselves.

    • GreenDay1981
      GreenDay1981 7 months ago +1

      @Christopher Kopke Name one.

    • Christopher Kopke
      Christopher Kopke 7 months ago

      @GreenDay1981 I'm pretty sure there's lots of teams who do that and I'm pretty sure they've also either lost heartbreakingly and blowout way.
      that doesn't change anything though it's still Purdue

    • GreenDay1981
      GreenDay1981 7 months ago +1

      @Christopher Kopke The NCAA set us up to lose to Purdue. For one thing, they had it be a night game which makes no sense since Purdue wasn't even ranked. For another, they had a cancer patient in attendance and pretty much made the game all about him. Would you feel good beating a cancer patient's favorite team if he was in attendance?

    • Christopher Kopke
      Christopher Kopke 7 months ago

      @GreenDay1981 just like you weren't gonna lose to Purdue? Give you credit, you exposed Michigan but based on how well they do vs teams not named Michigan, don't be so sure

  • Patty Miller
    Patty Miller 7 months ago +40

    I am so sorry to see Parris Campbell, Terry McLaurin and Johnnie Dixon to leave Ohio State. But before they leave, they have a Championship, maybe two to win. Go Bucks!

    • The traveler
      The traveler 7 months ago +3

      Damn that's a lot of speed leaving.

  • Anthony Stratford
    Anthony Stratford 7 months ago +18

    I'm a salty Michigan fan this is worst than last year and we had qb trouble last year

    • Lamelo Ball
      Lamelo Ball 3 months ago +1

      abdul smith haha true😂

    • abdul smith
      abdul smith 3 months ago +1

      @Lamelo Ball coulda woulda Shoulda doesn't = WINS!!!!!!!! GO BUCKEYES

    • abdul smith
      abdul smith 3 months ago +1

      You gonna stay salty NORTH!

    • Scott inohio
      Scott inohio 7 months ago +3

      @Anthony Stratford If Urban had not had mercy and took 3 knees on the two,it would have been 30 LOL

    • wwbdwwbd
      wwbdwwbd 7 months ago +6

      @Hoardy Playz, IF, IF, IF, that's the story of Michigan football isn't it? The excuse factory. IF the refs weren't biased, IF it hadn't rained, IF the crown of the field had been normal, IF we had a QB, IF, IF, IF... How about IF you had a decent coach?

  • Teagen Smith
    Teagen Smith 7 months ago +10

    To all those who think Harbaugh needs fired, just know that I, an OSU fan disagree. This actually isn't because he's 0-4 against my team, but because of the success he has had. He made this team a playoff contender for 11 of the 12 games this season. Why 11, and not ten you ask? Because one of the losses was against an undefeated Notre Dame, who let's be real here has a chance against Bama and Clemson. And this loss wasn't bad at all, as OSU is a possible playoff team (as long as Bama beats Georgia, and OSU performs better than Oklahoma, or Oklahoma loses). So say he needs fired all you want but this loss wasn't even his fault. Anything can happen at a rivalry game. Even the number one defense allowing 62 points from a team who lost to unranked Purdue. So no, I don't believe Harbaugh needs fired, or should even have the possibility of being fired.

    • Andy Gygi
      Andy Gygi 12 days ago

      This is probably my favorite thread on this video. Ohio state beat Michigan and northwestern by 23 (should have been 30) and 21. Notre Dame played them and and won by 7 and ten and had to hold on both times. Didn’t deserve to be a playoff team over OSU

    • Shawn Brown
      Shawn Brown 6 months ago +1

      This aged well.

    • osu5inarow
      osu5inarow 7 months ago +5

      @Teagen Smith Except they haven't. The Syracuse win was their best win where they dominated from the start and Syracuse aren't exactly world beaters. Michigan almost beat ND let's not forget that. If Ohio State blows out Northwestern then why should ND even be in? ND has showed us that while yes they're unbeaten, they've played really nobody and when the did play someone decent, it was a close game. Watch, ND makes it and gets smoked by whoever they play.

    • Allan Johnson
      Allan Johnson 7 months ago +5

      Homie Bobby ND has ZERO chance against Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Oklahoma, or Ohio State. ZERO.

    • Teagen Smith
      Teagen Smith 7 months ago +1

      Kevin Fry The games they have played they have played just as strong as those others.

  • Malter Dwight
    Malter Dwight 7 months ago +14

    0-4. Sometimes that's just how the pickle squirts. Thanks for your contributions Coach Harbaugh.

  • fortuneOVERfame
    fortuneOVERfame 7 months ago +4

    Chase isn't even good he's garbage

    • Andy Gygi
      Andy Gygi 12 days ago

      fortuneOVERfame Nah he just had a bad game against us other than that he’s a pretty good player

    • fortuneOVERfame
      fortuneOVERfame 7 months ago

      What has he done they never even call his name he's garbage

    • Puppy Cuteness
      Puppy Cuteness 7 months ago

      Kristine Dickason True. He should keep quiet. Let your play determine your talking.

    • Kristine Dickason
      Kristine Dickason 7 months ago +4

      No he aint garbage he is embarrassed lol

    • Puppy Cuteness
      Puppy Cuteness 7 months ago +1

      fortuneOVERfame He’s going to get drafted in the NFL. He’s not garbage.

  • Matthew Withum
    Matthew Withum 7 months ago +68

    I wish there was a love button.

    • Gamer Pro
      Gamer Pro 2 months ago

      Matthew Withum what happens if u already were?

  • Nick Zavakos
    Nick Zavakos 7 months ago +27

    So proud of these Seniors, played their hearts out.

  • Pete Kondolios
    Pete Kondolios 7 months ago +1

    lm bumming because GM will be closing the plant in Lordstown. This video lifts my spirits a bit, but l wonder if Detroit did that to spite the buckeyes.

    • Pete Kondolios
      Pete Kondolios 7 months ago

      yep....deep sigh...

    • wjatube
      wjatube 7 months ago +2

      Lordstown is closing??? It's going to be a ghost town there now. So sorry.

    • u2mister1
      u2mister1 7 months ago

      Pete Kondolios
      GM is a failed company. The UAW put the screws to Democrats 10 years ago and the American taxpayer footed the 50 Billion Dollar BJ. Now it comes due AGAIN. The UAW is responsible for American Auto Makers financial woos. Ford sold their stock in many other companies to keep from turning to "Government." Ford still pays out nearly a half Billion dollars a year to retired UAW union members per contract. Love the American worker, hate the union. Honda, Nissan and ALL the 'other' auto makers in America don't have that huge weight around THEIR neck. Buy Ford and amputate GM.

  • Pete Kondolios
    Pete Kondolios 7 months ago +3

    thank you seniors !
    Keep those gold pants in a safe place !

  • mickey koul
    mickey koul 7 months ago +9

    Go Bucks!

  • Winston C
    Winston C 7 months ago +27

    The vulvarines went down in flames. Damn it feels good to be a gangster. Go bucks! And go longhorns!

  • Pete Kondolios
    Pete Kondolios 7 months ago +11

    in the good old days we would tear down the goalposts. Passing Brutus is a safer tradition, considering the legal climate.

    • Gamer Pro
      Gamer Pro 2 months ago


    • Pete Kondolios
      Pete Kondolios 7 months ago +2

      +Jobe Amadi
      of course !

    • Jobe Amadi
      Jobe Amadi 7 months ago +4

      As long as you ask Brutus for consent

  • keto t
    keto t 7 months ago +4

    fire Harbaugh... its start with him

    • Andy Gygi
      Andy Gygi 12 days ago

      Matt Clarke The other outcome was getting blown out by a so-so Florida team while you’re team captain watches from the sidelines what a joke😂

    • Matt Clarke
      Matt Clarke 7 months ago +4

      10-2 with the two loses being against one playoff team,and another potential one. Hate losing to OSU but this is miles better than last season. Giving Harbaugh two more years if UM gets the rose bowl nod and wins. One more year for any other outcome.

  • jcsheese
    jcsheese 7 months ago +49

    speed kills...OH

  • Ivra Bassett II
    Ivra Bassett II 7 months ago +45

    Your halftime score is off... 24-19 is the correct score... Buckeyes kicked a field goal as the 2nd Qtr expired.

    • uwu Chippie
      uwu Chippie 7 months ago +1

      @RileyMyles look up the game, the halftime score was 24-19. I watched the actual game.

    • RileyMyles
      RileyMyles 7 months ago +1

      Artavia Lairson go to 3:40 before you try to correct somebody else kid!

    • RileyMyles
      RileyMyles 7 months ago

      Artavia Lairson Lmaoo ur wrong kid

    • W1k3dL1zrd
      W1k3dL1zrd 7 months ago

      @Artavia Lairson 3:40 halftime 21-19... But you obviously already knew that since you paid attention

  • Kris Dickason
    Kris Dickason 7 months ago +1

    god chase winovich is a loser

  • BThreatTV
    BThreatTV 7 months ago +28

    62-39 Buckeyes!!!! O-H

    • Luke A
      Luke A Month ago

      @lloyd kline Ha your a Disappointment Lloyd.

    • lloyd kline
      lloyd kline 3 months ago

      2019, Michigan defensive coordinator coach brown sleep with Ohio state and Florida gators games films under his pillow Michigan will be ready for the return of the revenge

    • Missmi with_an_i
      Missmi with_an_i 7 months ago +1


  • Frank Thomas
    Frank Thomas 7 months ago +15

    Love this video...Go Bucks!

  • Larry 19
    Larry 19 7 months ago +57

    3:50 it was at this moment, Jim harbaugh knew.. he fucked up.

    • Gamer Pro
      Gamer Pro 7 months ago +1

      U mean Jim Hairball