Shine (1996) - Flight of the Bumblebee

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  • Lisa Murphy
    Lisa Murphy 2 days ago

    Amazing. I was introduced to him as he was chosen by silverchair to collaborate on their neon ballroom album.

  • D1 Big Shifter
    D1 Big Shifter 6 days ago

    smoke that you pompus fag

  • huverdoose
    huverdoose 6 days ago

    Her eyes at 1:37 ... I wonder what she's thinking...

  • A Dugan
    A Dugan 15 days ago

    LOVE this movie!!

  • Gerry Lamb
    Gerry Lamb 15 days ago

    Brilliant acting from the guy who makes a complete ass of himself and has to leave. The facial expressions are everything. Absolutely wonderful and without this the scene means nothing. Well done cobba. Good on ya mate. Fucking good acting!

  • ooo ooo
    ooo ooo 24 days ago

    An amazing man

  • FireLyon 97
    FireLyon 97 25 days ago

    2:09 shhhhh

  • Aykut Kilicaslan
    Aykut Kilicaslan Month ago

    2:06 survivor anıl değil mi lan o

  • kubawww1
    kubawww1 Month ago

    any translation?

  • Unfazed Wolf
    Unfazed Wolf Month ago

    This man has just said the biggest "Fuck you" in history

  • shawnshao16
    shawnshao16 Month ago

    His playing is very similar to rachmaninoff's own style, very legatissimo and a real pianisimo with good crescendo and great voice, articulation.

  • flightjam
    flightjam Month ago

    How do you like THEM apples.

  • Gavin M
    Gavin M Month ago +3

    *ashes on the piano

  • Alex Anton
    Alex Anton Month ago

  • 툰월드
    툰월드 Month ago


  • pix046
    pix046 Month ago

    Funny how a dimwit landlord like that would even have a piano in the pub.

  • KevinLee Music 琴
    KevinLee Music 琴 Month ago +1

    2:09 rekt noob

  • Hayri Ataman
    Hayri Ataman Month ago


  • Cesare_the_Somnambulist

    quite bombastic and tasteless to play this piece on piano

  • 나영현
    나영현 2 months ago

    2:10 Donald Trump??

  • Matthieu Arnera
    Matthieu Arnera 2 months ago

    Thank you so much! I was looking for this movie since 20 years...

  • Daniel Monson
    Daniel Monson 2 months ago

    shame david helfgott is a pretty talentless pianist in real life; the film is like JFK, fantasy crap from beginning to end and no truth whatsoever.

  • Mantu Lal
    Mantu Lal 2 months ago

    It's official. The Flight of the Bumblebee is now called, "Fuck you"

  • Der klimpernde Türke
    Der klimpernde Türke 2 months ago

    Der beste Wow-Effekt. 😄

  • Scarce 12
    Scarce 12 2 months ago

    Yeah he did suck his liberachie

  • Thomas Lê
    Thomas Lê 2 months ago

    I found out his secret! He's circular breathing through that cig!

  • Thao Nguyen Thi
    Thao Nguyen Thi 2 months ago

    Hay tuyệt vời

  • 럭키&Lucky TV
    럭키&Lucky TV 2 months ago

    This is Movie?

  • larshoneytoast33
    larshoneytoast33 2 months ago

    Jaws was better

  • William Perry
    William Perry 2 months ago

    This piece is not really that hard.

  • Polpiv4tifish
    Polpiv4tifish 2 months ago +1

    One of the great scenes of Australian cinema

  • Ivan Stojaković
    Ivan Stojaković 2 months ago

    I like cudn't bolive my eyes!

  • Norma Chioconi
    Norma Chioconi 2 months ago

    que hermosa pelicula, que actorazo, por Dios, siempre que la veo me encanta, me rio y tambien me emociono mucho. sensacional.

  • godbluffvdgg
    godbluffvdgg 2 months ago

    21 years ago, when this first came out; it was my first exposure to the Rack 3...I had heard some things by Rachmaninoff and I knew what an amazing pianist he was but...This movie gave me a thirst for more Rachmaninoff...The Rack 3 haunts me; It's power is sublime!

  • Kyle Brown
    Kyle Brown 3 months ago

    He's a clean man.

  • stefania caggiula
    stefania caggiula 3 months ago

    "Fuck you man"😂😂😂😂

  • TFE niname
    TFE niname 3 months ago

  • Geoff Dillon
    Geoff Dillon 3 months ago

    All-time great film moment.

  • Françoise Marcos
    Françoise Marcos 3 months ago


  • art by art
    art by art 3 months ago


  • Ici et pourtant si loin de vous

    Oh my good it's so stupid lol

  • jgfunk
    jgfunk 4 months ago

    Now that is a mic drop!

  • Ludwig Van Beethoven
    Ludwig Van Beethoven 4 months ago

    Eh? I couldn't​ hear it.

  • Marmda Sun
    Marmda Sun 4 months ago +5

    Did he actually play the beginning with one hand?

    • Sehaj Singh
      Sehaj Singh 2 months ago

      yeah... it's easier to play with one than two, it's designed for one hand to scale down the keys

  • Wolf Phantomstein
    Wolf Phantomstein 5 months ago

    Он похож на Бродского

  • Arpit Agarwal
    Arpit Agarwal 5 months ago

    0:29 shut up elvis presley

  • Geoffrey Rush
    Geoffrey Rush 5 months ago +1

    It wasn't a real cigarette I had it was quite realistic

  • Emi Grant
    Emi Grant 6 months ago +6

    I don't care about who you are or what you do, if you can play Flight Of The Bumblebee on any instrument then I have nothing but respect for you

    • anon leader
      anon leader Month ago

      Numerus Rachmaninoff and Cziffra's arrangements are both far more than chromatics

    • Numerus
      Numerus 2 months ago

      Emi Grant But … it‘s technically just chromatics!

  • The Commentator
    The Commentator 6 months ago

    is this film 'here is johnny'?

  • M4nleli
    M4nleli 6 months ago

    amına koyim o sigaranın külü bi düşmedi orospu evladı

  • raffaella garzoli
    raffaella garzoli 6 months ago

    visto questo film ieri sera.....un capolavoro....

  • Rundstedt Knight
    Rundstedt Knight 6 months ago

    Who's actually playing this?

  • Asad Khan
    Asad Khan 6 months ago +1

    Nice man

  • Kenneth Escamilla
    Kenneth Escamilla 6 months ago +1

    Can anyone else picture Captain Barbossa playing piano?

  • C H TSOI
    C H TSOI 7 months ago +2

    1:28 That guy looks surprisingly like Trump

  • Arpit Agarwal
    Arpit Agarwal 7 months ago

    it would take a person almost 30 years of playing piano to play like that.

    ROXAS_ IX 7 months ago

    He is dangerous ! piano tales 2 humillation!!

  • nezkeys79
    nezkeys79 7 months ago

    theres always some prick in real life like the guy who mocks him. i know its just a film but look at his expression at the end. i live for moments like that seeing fucks like this get what they deserve
    great preformance btw

  • Ana Culcay
    Ana Culcay 7 months ago

    That's Geofry Rush

  • Marc-André Brûlé
    Marc-André Brûlé 7 months ago

    This music reminds me of "Les abeilles piquantes" by André Mathieu

  • hyejin CHO
    hyejin CHO 7 months ago

    샤인 중에서 이 장면은 보고 또 봐도 흐뭇~~♥

    YAM CHA 7 months ago

    captain Barbossa is the big one!

  • Alissa Ezez
    Alissa Ezez 7 months ago

    He won an oscar for that role

  • Z3R0-P01nt [GD]
    Z3R0-P01nt [GD] 7 months ago

    That blonde guy looks like trump

  • john quick
    john quick 8 months ago

    City dwellers and inner suburbs dwellers are a problem in australia these ass holese hate the fact that what there trying to do to others is wrong...

  • john quick
    john quick 8 months ago

    Just keep your inner city dweller know it all crap nicely tucked away and we will get along just fine.

  • Ariadne Smith
    Ariadne Smith 8 months ago

    Hands down, one of the greatest "Screw you, bully!" moments in movie history

  • Edwin Ombac
    Edwin Ombac 8 months ago

    1:30-1:36, look who's shocking it now Liberace. Best reaction shot in the history of film!, lol

    • Edwin Ombac
      Edwin Ombac 8 months ago


    • Edwin Ombac
      Edwin Ombac 8 months ago

      Omg, he has a follow up reaction shot at 2:10, love this guy!

  • BoeBoe Chisholm
    BoeBoe Chisholm 9 months ago

    He had that "Ill take ur bih with these fingers" kind of look

  • RS Gnome
    RS Gnome 9 months ago

    1:01 JW

  • Son Hung
    Son Hung 9 months ago

    king piano in 1996

  • Agamaz
    Agamaz 9 months ago

    little slow

  • C. Saint-Saëns
    C. Saint-Saëns 10 months ago

    ah those bully trumped scenes never get old

  • Johann Sebastian Bach
    Johann Sebastian Bach 10 months ago

    Hahaha, I cracked when he responded "the symphony or the concerto?"

  • Mark Sneddon
    Mark Sneddon 10 months ago +2

    **At one point even looks away from the piano, and continues to play and smoke his cigarette** Skill.

  • Cathy One1
    Cathy One1 10 months ago

    in order to be irreplaceable one must be different..

  • Alfredo Cuauhtémoc Pérez
    Alfredo Cuauhtémoc Pérez 11 months ago +1

    La magia cabe en cualquier recipiente, ínfimo, colosal; lujoso, hecho de harapos. No hay una regla o una predicción para saber quien la tendrá y con ella cautivará al mundo. Un vagabundo, un millonario racista, una mujer muy atractiva o una siempre enfermiza; cualquiera en cualquier rincón del orbe puede ser bendecido con una habilidad y luego tener la constancia para perfeccionarla y un buen día, cegar a quien lo miraba receloso,burlón e indiferente.
    La siguiente es una escena que me fascina, habla de un loco que tiene magia en las manos. Una escena que pertenece a una película muy afamada en los oscares hace varios años.

  • mlg account L. v. B.
    mlg account L. v. B. 11 months ago

    I can play it using one finger, pushing the play button...

  • lunarbabe
    lunarbabe 11 months ago

    the most satisfying scene in a movie ever

  • DiVaBe
    DiVaBe 11 months ago +1

    Captain barbossa high as fuck playing flight of the bumblebee

  • four1sixRaps
    four1sixRaps 11 months ago +19

    Moral of this scene is simply: Don't judge a book by its cover.

  • Vegetarian Soylent-Green

    Lol, that cunt got served mate.

  • Daniel Yoon
    Daniel Yoon Year ago +15

    when your enemy tries to roast you but you tell them to watch and fk off

  • TheBrismoore
    TheBrismoore Year ago +5

    Never judge a book by its cover.

    RIKKI R Year ago +169

    And not a single smartphone to record with

    • Peanut Mapping
      Peanut Mapping Month ago

      Todays world is fkd up. When u play a fkin hard piano infront of 1000 women they won't come to you and say that you played good they just ignored the entire playing and checked the phones instead.

    • Peanut Mapping
      Peanut Mapping Month ago

      Well actually it was 90's bu that doesnt matter

    • Peanut Mapping
      Peanut Mapping Month ago


    • Steve Harrington
      Steve Harrington 3 months ago +1

      sorry just can't help myself with these low IQ on these TVclip comments.. they need to know they're dumb and cringe as hell..

    • Steve Harrington
      Steve Harrington 3 months ago +1

      Johnathan Grey you dumb

  • Shanti Babani
    Shanti Babani Year ago

    Best scene!

  • Eric Day
    Eric Day Year ago +3

    There are not 5 actors today with the range of Rush, truly one of our finest actors I loved him in Elizabeth, he was fiendishly good there. Here he made me very sad, how could a father snuff out the genius of his child. Or attempt to. Great performances all around in this very good movie.

  • Jorge Dibildox
    Jorge Dibildox Year ago

    He looks a little like Ray Manzarek in this scene.

  • Immortan Joe
    Immortan Joe Year ago +1

    That's a hard song to play.

  • ayokay123
    ayokay123 Year ago +2

    You show 'em, Liberace!!! :D

  • Dave Rickards
    Dave Rickards Year ago +2

    Only move that made me tear up twice

  • TFE niname
    TFE niname Year ago

    VIDEO Flicht of the Bumblebee - 3 Piano Versions

  • Amb il·lusió!
    Amb il·lusió! Year ago +1

    i love this film,true hitory

  • Th31nputM0d3
    Th31nputM0d3 Year ago

    Fucking Donald Trump looking deadass

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  • Cathy One1
    Cathy One1 Year ago


  • Geometry Dash ToXIc
    Geometry Dash ToXIc Year ago +2

    Remember the guy who called him lame in middle school

  • Scrub Cowthon
    Scrub Cowthon Year ago +60

    Remember the guy who you called lame in middle school

    • Johnathan Grey
      Johnathan Grey 5 months ago +3

      I remember that guy. I put him in a wheel chair for molesting my younger cuz. Is that you?

    • Aussie bookworm
      Aussie bookworm 11 months ago +4

      haha precisely.