Kid breaks glass table


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  • Ayesha Horley
    Ayesha Horley 2 days ago

    At that moment he knew...
    he messed up and was gunna get spanked big time.

  • DinoGamein
    DinoGamein 10 days ago

    Table:mr stark, i dont feel so good

  • 飛騨zip
    飛騨zip 2 months ago

    I love how humans thougt it is a good idea to make a table out of glass.

  • Matthewboy319
    Matthewboy319 2 months ago

    Well that’s was easy

  • StardustNinja Gaming
    StardustNinja Gaming 4 months ago

    Lol his laugh sounds like a tuba

  • DixT
    DixT 4 months ago

    Fuuuk he en truble i wasnt even born 7 yeers go

  • darkwolf 99
    darkwolf 99 7 months ago

    Your dead nice knowing you

  • Cool Breeze
    Cool Breeze 8 months ago

    nothing like having your neighbor's back door 9 feet from yours. do you hear when they flush the toilet also? FFS

  • Carlo Hemsen
    Carlo Hemsen 10 months ago +1


  • Emily Petsche
    Emily Petsche 11 months ago +8

    That laugh at 0:13 and 0:25

  • amazinglyawkward girl

    How did that glass break!?

  • Rice Crispy
    Rice Crispy Year ago +1

    0:10 i would be killed if i did this

  • Exqide_Gaming
    Exqide_Gaming Year ago


  • Cheyenne’s World

    Break glass on glass well that's new

  • Landon the boss
    Landon the boss Year ago

    LOL gotem #rekt

  • Isabel Castillo
    Isabel Castillo Year ago

    so funny

  • Jeff Fezz
    Jeff Fezz Year ago +2

    Middle school ingenuity at it's finest.

  • Diamandia
    Diamandia Year ago +4

    The table may not have a corner...

    But the shards do.

  • spidder
    spidder Year ago +4

    "but it might break"

  • LOLFlyingPotatoes

    Recorded with a potato.

  • Nexus
    Nexus Year ago


  • killer dragon500 vlogs

    go sub to me

  • joit 1021102
    joit 1021102 Year ago


  • Dustin dalessandro


  • The Red Hot Habanero
    The Red Hot Habanero Year ago +14

    The corner on a round table, good job cameraman.

  • Raw Paw
    Raw Paw Year ago

    He broke the whole thing

  • BrickFilmerPower
    BrickFilmerPower 2 years ago +13

    That was the weirdest laugh ever! It sounded like a helicopter!

  • Raelene Bee
    Raelene Bee 2 years ago +2

    So nobody's going to say anything about the way she laughs? K then

  • My stummy hurt
    My stummy hurt 2 years ago +5

    is that you gavin!!!!

  • TwistedJello
    TwistedJello 2 years ago


  • Urso Major
    Urso Major 2 years ago +2

    Reminds me of breaking glass due to a personal thing once and I gained no scratches

  • TheSuperangel224
    TheSuperangel224 2 years ago +18

    ass whooping time

  • Kayla Leslie
    Kayla Leslie 2 years ago

    LOL IKR😄😄😄😄

  • aoba seragaki
    aoba seragaki 2 years ago


  • The Victim Card
    The Victim Card 2 years ago +71

    "Break it on the corner" of a round table

    • infinite freddy
      infinite freddy 3 months ago

      The Victim Card lol

    • TrollanDuck
      TrollanDuck 2 years ago +9

      You've started a new conspiracy of an illuminati theory, he's hiding something
      "Corner of the table" it's round, you're right

  • Iliana Rod. Rivas
    Iliana Rod. Rivas 2 years ago

    that was a dumb choice

  • Big Dawg
    Big Dawg 2 years ago

    He was all like "Oh shit shouldn't of fricking do that!"

  • Eugene Mclay
    Eugene Mclay 3 years ago

    That's a extremely difficult cup to break
    Rip table

  • Gemma Macfarlane
    Gemma Macfarlane 3 years ago

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  • Dukesy90
    Dukesy90 3 years ago +28

    I'm disappointed. I was expecting to see some kid go through a glass coffee table.

    • Ekxtraktz
      Ekxtraktz Month ago

      Dukesy90 You also saw that video?

    • Yepperz
      Yepperz 2 years ago

      Lmao same

  • Trini Prim
    Trini Prim 3 years ago


  • VanillaLimeCoke
    VanillaLimeCoke 3 years ago

    Holy F-ck-ngs is more like it.

  • Ava Mayfield
    Ava Mayfield 4 years ago


  • Daynjer253Rc
    Daynjer253Rc 5 years ago

    Dum ass he's standing on cement

  • tf2whackyengineer
    tf2whackyengineer 5 years ago

    "Do it on the corner"
    If he had done it dead center, the table might have survived while the bottle broke. The edges are the most fragile spot for tempered glass.

  • NJD Blitz
    NJD Blitz 6 years ago


  • Elizabeth Mora
    Elizabeth Mora 6 years ago


  • Sarah Bowren
    Sarah Bowren 6 years ago


  • DVFDrinkOrDie
    DVFDrinkOrDie 7 years ago

    What a dumb ass. What did you think was going to happen?

  • hhds113
    hhds113 7 years ago

    The funny thing is the bottle didn't break