Spoiled Billionaire Responded To Me


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  • Jam Explosionz81
    Jam Explosionz81 38 minutes ago


  • Brandon Gamboa
    Brandon Gamboa 52 minutes ago +1

    Did pyro die

  • Juny Lee
    Juny Lee 56 minutes ago +2

    Been two weeks you lazy piece of shit time to upload now.


  • Dom_Koshei
    Dom_Koshei 56 minutes ago

    Pyro this is probably going to be lost in the meme comments of our 7 year old army, but I genuinely wanted to say thank you. Thank you for making me smile and laugh on a shitty day, battling my depression (self diagnosed depression yes Im one of those epic gamers) was alot easier with your videos. Not only that, I have found that your sense of humour and talk on serious topics helped me develop my own character which was somewhat lacking. I dont know what else to say, my life has improved recently and thats due to your content and personality. Never change mate! Oh and release Petscop 2 dawg

  • d k
    d k Hour ago

    Keeps going on about opportunity, you mean your dad is rich yeah?

  • Gikaki
    Gikaki Hour ago

    Is Pyro the next Leafy?

  • raptor ride
    raptor ride Hour ago

    Play more dark soulssssss please

    NANO WRECKS Hour ago +1

    Your hair is as bad as my bully

  • SkilltoastHD X
    SkilltoastHD X Hour ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Nicole Jasmine
    Nicole Jasmine 2 hours ago

    pyro bby please upload

  • RedResolutionTV
    RedResolutionTV 2 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Vilius Letukas
    Vilius Letukas 3 hours ago

    Pyro iš dead

  • Tigerman
    Tigerman 4 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Zayenne Jirair P
    Zayenne Jirair P 4 hours ago

    Hello guys, did you SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE ! If you didn't, then be sure to subscribe !

  • Frebrezio Cartel
    Frebrezio Cartel 4 hours ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Ben
    Ben 5 hours ago +1

    btw you aren't pewdiepie, just so you know

  • xxxMaximilianmus
    xxxMaximilianmus 5 hours ago

    Oh Yeah Yeah

  • alex payne
    alex payne 5 hours ago


  • ToucanDrumster XII
    ToucanDrumster XII 6 hours ago

    Oh Yeah Yeah

  • roomythepinguin 11teen
    roomythepinguin 11teen 6 hours ago +1

    Join us pyrogaynical

  • Kevin Funk
    Kevin Funk 6 hours ago

    petscop 2

  • Animations Twisted Funtime Bonnie

    Where is pets cop 2

  • Billy Jean
    Billy Jean 6 hours ago

    I snif cokaine for a job

  • Eric Heilung
    Eric Heilung 6 hours ago

    3 days ago we hit 500 days without petscop 2, nice

  • Oh yeah yeah army
    Oh yeah yeah army 6 hours ago

    oh yeah yeah

  • Tool
    Tool 6 hours ago

    wheres pet

  • Azaldi
    Azaldi 6 hours ago

    I bet he taste like pork.

  • Young Suga
    Young Suga 6 hours ago

    why does pyro look like a lesbian

  • you rebel scum
    you rebel scum 7 hours ago

    He’s a disgrace to my country

  • GNo j*g Nhv*h
    GNo j*g Nhv*h 7 hours ago

    Baggie shirt.

  • Spicy
    Spicy 7 hours ago

    I dearly missed the brown cap pyrocynical era

  • Daft Hands
    Daft Hands 7 hours ago

    Bro where are you? :c

  • Jennifer Vander Laan
    Jennifer Vander Laan 7 hours ago

    Comming up on 3 mil lets GO

  • Kevin Mendoza
    Kevin Mendoza 7 hours ago

    Northern retard and midget

  • Mart
    Mart 8 hours ago

    No entiendo una mierda pero me da risa igual

  • Lucky Glove
    Lucky Glove 8 hours ago +1

    Looks like pyro did a leafy

  • GameGalaxy 765
    GameGalaxy 765 8 hours ago +1

    So where is pyro

  • Acidminter
    Acidminter 8 hours ago

    He seems nice enough. I'd choose him over the fuccboi Pauls and gums anyday

  • togunhappy
    togunhappy 8 hours ago

    Bring pyrozella and more videos with you gas and roadhog mask please

  • BigGay
    BigGay 8 hours ago

    Pyro = gay

  • Proximate Fan
    Proximate Fan 8 hours ago

    Is pyro dead?

  • Fudz Crazy Fan 2
    Fudz Crazy Fan 2 8 hours ago

    when you put on subtitles when he laughs its says cute laugh

  • PizzaMax10
    PizzaMax10 8 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Oof 101
    Oof 101 8 hours ago

    Oh no no

  • shittyG1
    shittyG1 9 hours ago

    Correction he is not a billionaire his parents are. He has daddy’s money.

  • TexterEX
    TexterEX 9 hours ago

    Roses are red violets are blue I got clickbaited and so did you

  • Jaka Jablinski
    Jaka Jablinski 9 hours ago

    Its been 2 weeks you guys know what that means . . .

    Shrexk has swag 3

  • Young Savage
    Young Savage 9 hours ago

    Oh no no

  • Glaz.thicc.edits
    Glaz.thicc.edits 9 hours ago

    lol pyro dead

  • Russkof619 elite
    Russkof619 elite 9 hours ago

    Is he dead

  • Video game Stuff
    Video game Stuff 9 hours ago

    Rip pyro died of ligma

  • Joseph Taylor
    Joseph Taylor 9 hours ago

    you gonna make petscop 2 now you have been away for forever

  • WatchMeNaeNae 04
    WatchMeNaeNae 04 9 hours ago

    Pyro is dead

  • eggnog for wendys
    eggnog for wendys 10 hours ago

    I used to think y pyro didn’t heart any comments and now that I think about it we’ve been acting like his little cousin and every time he visits we ask him for the toy he promised (petscop 2) even tho he gives us money every time (a new vid)

  • Logan Green
    Logan Green 10 hours ago

    where is petscop 2

  • Creepsington
    Creepsington 10 hours ago

    what wife??

  • Some Fat Ass Penguin
    Some Fat Ass Penguin 10 hours ago

    Yo slave give me more content before I start whining

  • Super Kirb
    Super Kirb 10 hours ago

    My diarrhea is too chunky

  • gagol
    gagol 10 hours ago

    pyro is dead and that is epic

  • Anna Delaunay
    Anna Delaunay 10 hours ago

    Oh ya ya

  • Nate Smith
    Nate Smith 10 hours ago

    I do not find you funny. Which is weird because I feel you got inspiration from PewDiePie. Good luck.. a like from me but not a subscribe :(.

    • Yee Boi
      Yee Boi 10 hours ago

      ..... you're joking right?

  • Izzy Coile
    Izzy Coile 10 hours ago

    If your rich due to your parents your not rich your parents are rich

  • MrPenguin
    MrPenguin 10 hours ago

    The only excuse for being gone this long is petscip 2

  • Guy vegas
    Guy vegas 10 hours ago

    Ok but when is the next montage parody coming out

  • Mr. Zombie, the zombie
    Mr. Zombie, the zombie 10 hours ago

    Whers pets cop. 2

  • Littlehec 28
    Littlehec 28 11 hours ago


  • Littlehec 28
    Littlehec 28 11 hours ago


  • epic dabber
    epic dabber 11 hours ago

    screw petscop make a video

  • Liam Hazan
    Liam Hazan 11 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Ricardi vanegas
    Ricardi vanegas 11 hours ago

    Oh no no

  • jarces 345
    jarces 345 11 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Doge Gaming388
    Doge Gaming388 11 hours ago


  • Lily is
    Lily is 11 hours ago

    Ben shapiros face floating where yours is and saying "Hard HittInG FaCTs" Is hallarious

  • John Oliver
    John Oliver 11 hours ago


  • John Mark
    John Mark 11 hours ago

    OH yeah yeah

  • Bonnibriel -San
    Bonnibriel -San 12 hours ago

    "1 video a week"

  • Steve Stewart
    Steve Stewart 12 hours ago +1

    Pyro isn’t posting because he’s waiting for ad revenue to upload petscop 2

  • my pp is small, but
    my pp is small, but 12 hours ago +1

    I think pyrocynical died of petscop 2

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln 13 hours ago +1

    37 presents, man I got 2 this year...

  • BagHead
    BagHead 13 hours ago


  • Shrikar Mutalik
    Shrikar Mutalik 13 hours ago

    So guys I did it I reached a quarter of a third of half of a thousand of a millionth of 1 BTC

  • Linkedius
    Linkedius 13 hours ago

    How is this guy rich but he ain’t got any airpods????

  • Aron108 - My channel got disabled idk why

    This isn’t Petscop 2

  • Christian Hafalla
    Christian Hafalla 13 hours ago

    Make Petscop 2, or I’ll game end you

  • Hit or Miss?
    Hit or Miss? 13 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah I just bought 2 slim jims

    look who's broke *NOW*

  • The Critic Asshole
    The Critic Asshole 13 hours ago

    Yo! Your editing skills are insane. No wonder you got eye bags

  • P99Chan
    P99Chan 14 hours ago

    12:03 that shirt doesn't fit you and shave that armpit plz i dont want to see you grow up

  • knuckel
    knuckel 14 hours ago +1

    he is gone for 2 weeks now he better drop petscop 2

    so guys we did it

  • Lameuiop The H-Bucks stealer

    Where are you Pyro?

  • Leo Krieps-Dupong
    Leo Krieps-Dupong 14 hours ago +1

    I hope ur taking so long 4 the new vid cuz ur making petscop2 ma dude

  • 2Polev
    2Polev 15 hours ago

    where is Petscop 2?

  • Star Raptor
    Star Raptor 15 hours ago

    hahahaha how much do you have to love yourself to google yourself so much on youtube

  • Twistachi Zoldyck
    Twistachi Zoldyck 15 hours ago

    Where is pyro?

  • Nick Venice
    Nick Venice 15 hours ago

    7:00 wasn’t expecting to be in the video lol

  • Apex
    Apex 15 hours ago

    did he *like his own comment??????*

    I NEED THE SUCC 15 hours ago

    It's been 2 weeks.I feel petscop 2 coming

  • benni4451
    benni4451 15 hours ago +1

    Where is Video Pyroconocul i want video yes ? Please give video me depressed ape

  • The Bark Cultist
    The Bark Cultist 15 hours ago +1

    tvclip.biz/video/lX64IUowNb0/video.html he mentioned u at 5:59-6:00 lmao

  • The Buddy Dog Gaming
    The Buddy Dog Gaming 16 hours ago

    *petscop 2*