Spoiled Billionaire Responded To Me

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
  • i buy all my clothes from primark
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    ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
    ..........''............. .·´
    BROFIST ...........
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  • Doggo The Robo
    Doggo The Robo 7 hours ago

    Oml i got a pewdiepie add on pyro’s video!!!

  • _ _ Sanchez
    _ _ Sanchez 16 hours ago


    The outro wasn't censored?!

  • Cara Gabrielle
    Cara Gabrielle 17 hours ago +1

    "please bobby start uploading fortnite" was funny and cute at the same time and idk why

  • Naruto Goku
    Naruto Goku 17 hours ago

    Don't talk about rice like that he is a goat

  • Alejandro Fernandez

    Why are all tour midrole ads on dating apps

  • 1million No Vids

    This is amazing

  • James S
    James S Day ago

    3.4 million views isnt viral...


    Me who's an Australia:GET THE FUCK OUT!!!

  • Sem
    Sem 2 days ago +1

    5:35 what if you don't have legs...

  • Carbis
    Carbis 2 days ago

    He liked his own video.
    And I thought he couldn't be anymore full of himself.

  • StripesGames
    StripesGames 2 days ago

    I watched his video just so I could leave a comment telling him I wish he wasn’t alive lol

  • erix525
    erix525 2 days ago +1

    Is it just me or does that kid from harry potter sound a lot like ninja. # never knew

  • Nizam
    Nizam 2 days ago

    "White man bad"
    - White man

  • The Melon Reaper
    The Melon Reaper 2 days ago

    He didn’t mention you pyro because he is scared that his subs will flock to you

  • subscribe to pewdiepie

    he probaly paid his coworkers to do his work for him

  • Ishaan Khurana
    Ishaan Khurana 3 days ago

    Lmao are we clickbaited?

    Lmao idc

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 3 days ago

    5:37 this music would be awesome in a bathroom

  • Mikey O.
    Mikey O. 3 days ago

    4:48 I am stuff

  • Red turnip 3
    Red turnip 3 4 days ago

    He liked his own video

  • ThePolishAstronaut
    ThePolishAstronaut 4 days ago

    raid Bobby Misner's comment section. They can't stop all of us

  • GiveMeThemToes Y.t
    GiveMeThemToes Y.t 4 days ago

    He is a millionaire
    Get an editor?

  • ShinyVistoa
    ShinyVistoa 4 days ago +1

    pyro probably one of the most neutral to bobby mishner. more bad than good though

  • loblok x
    loblok x 5 days ago

    guys my dad bought me 13 thousand vbucks instead of 100 thousand i feel so poor :(

  • Master Of The Gulag
    Master Of The Gulag 5 days ago

    huh, guess there still are hints of the old outro

    literally brough a tear to my eye

  • Tomás 3424
    Tomás 3424 5 days ago

    Pyro: I like bullying children and rich people.
    Lil Tay: **exists**
    Pyro: *_Oh Boi, ¡here I go killing again!_*

  • Emerald Stealer
    Emerald Stealer 6 days ago

    sorry i cant stand up because my leg is screwed up

  • Weird Rock
    Weird Rock 6 days ago

    Michael reeves got 10k subs after a few hours of uploading his first video

  • 5,000 subs with No videos

    I dont understand how i love pyro

    But i don’t care about the why only the whaaaaa

  • David Szczesniak
    David Szczesniak 6 days ago

    this guy has the same cadence in every sentence. so smug. i want to wreck his face.

  • Mohamed Thaboss
    Mohamed Thaboss 7 days ago +1

    I wonder what that word he tweeted was

  • Lolthedonaldtrump 2
    Lolthedonaldtrump 2 7 days ago


  • Alex the great
    Alex the great 7 days ago

    Bro ur poor af

  • FBI
    FBI 8 days ago

    “Shit that’s what I do”

  • TheIronMuttonchops
    TheIronMuttonchops 8 days ago

    Rich idiot: I HAVE OVER 17,000 COMMENTS ON TVclip!

  • Christian memes
    Christian memes 8 days ago

    If you reading this you poor af

  • EXTE
    EXTE 8 days ago

    Lad so sick of seeing ads.

  • Meditated Muppet
    Meditated Muppet 8 days ago

    the space between his eyes is smaller than something small

  • Atlantic Music
    Atlantic Music 8 days ago

    Even this video is clickbaited
    I don't regret watch it

  • Wallus
    Wallus 8 days ago


  • ella bashara
    ella bashara 8 days ago

    Bitch I’m 17

  • Moronic Pumpkin Location

    new plan:
    Step 1: be a dick and have people talk about you.
    Step 2: ???????
    Step 3: profit.

  • Back_Stabed
    Back_Stabed 9 days ago

    Me being 13...

  • John Kiourass
    John Kiourass 9 days ago

    Bruh my dad bought me a lamborgini and a priave jet for my birthday thats so unfair

  • Dimethyl Mercury
    Dimethyl Mercury 9 days ago

    Pyro, you missed this one! Don't let Sony know!

  • Astro!
    Astro! 9 days ago +8

    He sounds like an Australian desperately trying to put on an European accent

  • Peepsil GamePlayer
    Peepsil GamePlayer 9 days ago

    UMG: hey is that music in your video
    Pyrocynical: * Gets gun *
    UMG: oh no man i don't want any trouble, but gimme miney

  • Leafy
    Leafy 9 days ago

    Only the brainless enjoy this

  • m1-
    m1- 9 days ago +2

    $300M? his dads yacht alone costs $275 million. what???

  • AutisticFaggotMcGaggot

    I als-

  • edgy
    edgy 10 days ago

    What was that hand motion at 3:39 ?

  • PAN Sarcasty
    PAN Sarcasty 11 days ago

    man this guy hates pewdiepie and hes so original

  • GREENWOLF 1337
    GREENWOLF 1337 11 days ago

    Calling memeulous a midget is basically saying, "ah, yes. I too, have no grasp of the concept of advertising revenue on my moving picture inside the server space of a total idiot."

  • AzasalTheDev
    AzasalTheDev 11 days ago

    Hey, at least this one has the old intro ;-;

  • Ninja Beatboxer Kai
    Ninja Beatboxer Kai 11 days ago


  • Atticus Todd
    Atticus Todd 11 days ago

    This dude ain’t tough he ain’t no Aussie

  • Lazy Cat
    Lazy Cat 11 days ago +2

    Bobby: *brags about views*
    PewDiePie: are you challenging me?

    MLG PANDAS 11 days ago

    11:30 *flashes to present day*

    AJ WYLMS 11 days ago

    Ok but you gotta admit, the editing on his videos is really good!

    AJ WYLMS 11 days ago

    Ok but you gotta admit, the editing on his videos is really good!

  • Josephy Favini
    Josephy Favini 11 days ago

    Have millions, hire a team that makes videos, build a controversial persona, win youtube