r/Entitledparents "Mommy? PLEASE Don't Give Me To A Stranger!" Funny Reddit Posts

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • r/Entitledparents can be absolutely unbelievable! What kind of mother leaves kids by themselves with total strangers? And then when they go missing, they have the audacity to blame their friends and family! Honestly, entitled parents like these DESERVE to go to jail for how they treat others, and it's surprising they're not there already. Enjoy these ffunny Reddit posts featuring insane entitled parents!
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  • Fireheart
    Fireheart Hour ago

    My response to the ep in the cafe
    Tu sont une énervant, stupid cochon, et je demande tu parti moi seul.
    Translation: you are a annoying stupid pig and I demand you leave me alone.

  • Leon Likes Memes
    Leon Likes Memes Hour ago

    Diese Mutter ist sicher sehr rassistisch. Sie gehört eingesperrt

  • Leon Likes Memes
    Leon Likes Memes Hour ago

    Just... OH MY GOD!!

  • Zeus The Thunder God
    Zeus The Thunder God 3 hours ago

    I think I Fucked up...
    **Proceeds to DESTROY EMs and sends them to Hades**

  • Tha one who got here
    Tha one who got here 4 hours ago

    Yo le ubiera dicho que es una pendeja por andar de babosa asumiendo cosas

  • Cody Bryan
    Cody Bryan 9 hours ago

    For the one where the mother gave their kid to the stranger please don't do that voice ever again it was creepy

  • Chloe _Scribble
    Chloe _Scribble 11 hours ago

    Jestem tak zrobiony ..

  • Rainbow Clover
    Rainbow Clover 12 hours ago +1

    Entitled Parent: SPEAK ENGLISH!
    Me looking at how everyone texts: 😐

  • kids3- monsters
    kids3- monsters 12 hours ago

    Heres what i wolud say to them in dutch (im not dutch)
    Haal mijn gezichit uit je autistische hagadis

  • Humberto Ostiguin Jr
    Humberto Ostiguin Jr 13 hours ago

    13:01 freedom of speech retard

  • Kitty Games/vlogs
    Kitty Games/vlogs 14 hours ago

    Boto = bich

  • sylvesterwolfs
    sylvesterwolfs 14 hours ago +1

    EP: why are you making fun of my child.
    ME: stik in je speeksel raar mens.

  • the fancy corn snake
    the fancy corn snake 14 hours ago

    I would say tamago which is egg in Japanese

  • Bike Life Crew
    Bike Life Crew 14 hours ago

    Krijg kkr

  • Levenez Guillet
    Levenez Guillet 14 hours ago

    "Are you making fun of my child in Chinese?"
    teraz to na pewno tak

  • David Pidugu
    David Pidugu 14 hours ago

    OP: Arree? Mere Hindi nai acha hai, tere English nai acha hai
    Sorry that was terrible Hindi, I’m still learning it

  • It’s Obviously Bentley

    me- skdhakfheveiquabduehqirhrhwgefiwoajfhejrjgkekekrjekrjtje

  • sergeantassassin3
    sergeantassassin3 14 hours ago

    To play devil's advocate for the moment, if you live in the US you SHOULD know how to speak English. It's the predominant language here. If you live in France, you should know how to speak French. Germany, German, etc. You have a responsibility to make sure you can properly communicate with others who live there, instead of relying on others for translation. Obviously, this changes if your stay is temporary, but if you're going to live there for an extended period of time, you need to know the language of the place you're living.
    I in no way condone EP or EK's behavior, though. Harassing others when they're minding their own business isn't okay.

  • Sebastian Johansson
    Sebastian Johansson 15 hours ago +1

    EM: YoU aRe MaKiNg FuN oF mY kId!
    Me: eftersom vi har mer IQ än våran skostorlek skulle vi aldrig slösa tid på er. Men Ja, det kan jag gärna göra, inte mig emot. Vi kan börja med att prata om hur sorgligt ett liv kan vara. Tänk bara på Lägga ner tid ovh energi på att försvara din billiga ursäkt till unge som anklagar oss för att vi pratar på ett språk som idioten inte förstår.

  • Siostra Panzerfaustyna Kowalska

    "Twoje dziecko wystarczająco mocno się ośmiesza, zresztą ty nie jesteś lepsza. Mówisz, że obrażamy twoje dziecko, a nawet nie wiesz, jakim językiem się posługujemy?! Wow, ale jesteś zjebana. Idź się zajeb, elo."

  • alchemist's dreams
    alchemist's dreams 16 hours ago

    they weren't even speaking in Chinese, but go off ig

  • alex minram
    alex minram 16 hours ago


  • mss0406
    mss0406 17 hours ago

    I would say: "Goschn du behindate hure" to the mum and to the buy id say "geh und leck mi am oris hurensohn"

  • Jonas De Lush
    Jonas De Lush 17 hours ago

    i would have said "luk røven so... du for dum til at bruge tid på"

  • K-pop Corn
    K-pop Corn 17 hours ago

    I’m veitnamese and I get called China egg roll

  • elvisliketube 67
    elvisliketube 67 17 hours ago

    "Speak english this america"
    Me in spanis:"y si no quiero pendeja?"
    Translation"and if i dont want to bish?:

  • Matthew Rustia
    Matthew Rustia 18 hours ago

    Tingnan ang fat fucker na ito at ang kanyang mahinang dahilan para sa isang bata. Tiniyak ko na siya ay raped upang manganak sa ito taba pervert.
    This is in Tagalog (Filipino) #Du30

  • Jen Stoddard
    Jen Stoddard 19 hours ago

    In French
    Tu grande be be

  • Snazyy
    Snazyy 19 hours ago

    I would have said "Zamknij morde. Spierdalaj."

  • Devon Throup
    Devon Throup 20 hours ago

    I would say ‘ Vete a la mierda ‘

  • jaz iar
    jaz iar 20 hours ago

    "We can go play in my tickle basement!" R SLASH 2019

  • Sean Rosen
    Sean Rosen 20 hours ago

    My message to that entitled mom:
    "Bakadesu ne! Manko!"

    I only know a few words in Japanese.

  • XxInfernoLordxX
    XxInfernoLordxX 20 hours ago

    Now I want to do a test, as I am not fluent in Korean, but I am in Chinese.
    I’m gonna go to America for one whole day and only speak Chinese. Let’s see what unfolds...

  • Awesome acalotye
    Awesome acalotye 21 hour ago +1

    EP: Are you making fun of my child
    Me:sy is ‘n heks (she is a witch)
    EP:stop speaking Chinese
    Me:it’s Afrikaans idiot
    EP:I’m calling the police

  • Nicolai Bøhle
    Nicolai Bøhle 21 hour ago

    EP: are you making fun of my child
    ME: ja sefølgelig gjør jeg det tapere og forresten kan du å barnet did drå til skogsbær

  • potato king
    potato king 21 hour ago

    Ta sí dur agus olc. Ta FEARG orm i

  • NxptonZ
    NxptonZ 22 hours ago +1

    Bruder muss los

  • Ben Mat
    Ben Mat 22 hours ago

    zakopu tě 8 metrů pod zem ty tlamo pokřivená. (this is czech) běž si nadávat anglicky do někam do prdele ty tlustá okopanino. Chápeš to ty kreténe. Chápeš to. Blbče. nenávidim tě. Seš tak blbej až to mlátí dveřma ty debile. No really I like your videos. Thanks

    • Ben Mat
      Ben Mat 22 hours ago

      translation: ill burry you 8 meters below the ground you assface. If you want to talk english go to some ass you fat root. Do you understand jerk? Do you understand? Dick. Your so dumb it hurts. You idiot

  • Nojus Stanis
    Nojus Stanis 22 hours ago

    Tu assilas (you ass in Lithuanian)

  • Fortheadedkids
    Fortheadedkids 22 hours ago

    I would say this:Γαμώσε τον μαλάκα

  • matuzz GG
    matuzz GG 22 hours ago

    Mitä vittua tää tubettaja on iha hanurista mitä se ees tekee tykätkää jos ootta suomest❗❗

  • Leo Humphreys
    Leo Humphreys 22 hours ago

    i would tell her cnuchiau bant

  • Yaro De Leersnyder
    Yaro De Leersnyder 23 hours ago

    I would say something like: ooooohh, da's spijtig dat je mij niet verstaat, wat ga je nu doen, hé? Politie bellen? Dacht het niet! Wij doen juist niets verkeerd! Just enrage her more.

  • Creatornator
    Creatornator 23 hours ago

    zumindest kenne ich mehrere Sprachen, die du Idiot und wie können Sie es wagen, dass Sie (Freind / Familienmitglied) verschiedene Sprachen in verschiedenen Ländern verwenden

  • DZ-Aladan
    DZ-Aladan 23 hours ago

    EM: «This is America! You should speak English! ENGLISH!»
    Me: «Actually, in America you should speak Navajo, to name one of the many native languages. If you want to speak English, go back to Europe.»

  • That_Cow_Person
    That_Cow_Person 23 hours ago

    i love the korean words for impossible it’s so cool

  • Flavio Invincibile97/

    "This is Ameica, you should speak english"
    Me: Ma io parlo italiano, merda.

  • Mr InHerrit
    Mr InHerrit Day ago

    Ji we re hewceyê ku hûn ji we re çêbikin ku hûn hewceyê germê germê ku hûn hewce nebe ku hûn pêçê xwe bikim

  • Silvery Wrench
    Silvery Wrench Day ago

    "Are you making fun of my child?!"
    Me: (to the order person) Relaxează-te, nu toți americanii sunt la fel de obezi si tâmpiți. Doamna asta probabil doar încearcă cu disperare să dovedească asta.

  • oktavianus krisanto

    EP: are you making fun of my son in a language i don't understand
    Me: sakjane sih awale ora, nanging amergo awakmu marai jengkel saiki aku dadi pengen misuhi awakmu karo anakmu
    (At first i don't, but since you pissed me off now i do want to verbally harass you and your son)

  • Naud stories
    Naud stories Day ago

    I live in the netherlands this is what i will say to that woman in dutch: kop dicht jij racistische wijf met je verwende schijt kind

  • Filip Markovic
    Filip Markovic Day ago

    Jebo tetu svoju mali laze ko i njegova keva uvlaci joj se u rcma kao i nece izace kad mu majka ode da kenja ona prica dete izadi a dete ne ne super mi je ovde vuhuhu

  • Pavle YT
    Pavle YT Day ago

    Ep:are you making fun of my child?
    Me:Пуши курац пичка ти материна ненормална!
    Who can guess which language this is?

    • Taltzi
      Taltzi Day ago

      russian? or serbian

  • Taltzi
    Taltzi Day ago

    EM: are you making fun of my child??????
    me: fala na ideji (starts making fun of child in croatian)
    translation: thanks for the idea

  • Taltzi
    Taltzi Day ago

    Me: Bonjour, koji je tebi vrag tupačo jedna 엿 먹어 aj u Vrapče au revoir
    Bonjour: hello in french
    koji je tebi vrag tupačo jedna: what the hell is wrong with you you dumbass in croatian
    엿 먹어: fuck you in korean
    aj u Vrapče: go to Vrapče (insitution for people with serious mental problems, phycos and phychotic criminals)
    au revoir: goodbye in french

  • Taltzi
    Taltzi Day ago

    Me: abahahahha ajmo ovo će bit predivno😂😂
    (translation: abahahahhaha let's do that this is going to be amazing)

  • Taltzi
    Taltzi Day ago

    here's me making fun of the last EM in croatian:
    tupačo jedna retardirana koji je tebi vrag i jebote ne govore kineski govore korejski POSTOJI JEBENA RAZLIKA babo glupa je l' ti imaš nekakav problem u mozgu il šta bokte mazo nutellom spremna si za Vrapče i ak ovak nastaviš u životu i na zatvor na Dugom jebenom otoku glupačo

  • FireWater Connect

    esango nuke infernura joan behar zuela !!!

  • TotatoChip
    TotatoChip Day ago

    Hey rslash welke taal denk je dat dit is? Ik zou die mensen ook gewoon keihard slaan

  • Anika Huening
    Anika Huening Day ago

    Me: 아니,하지만 이제 내가 하겠어. 당신의 아이디어에 감사드립니다.

    Edit: fixed a typo.

  • Bonnie chan The savage and salty boi!

    EP: wErE yOu MaKiNg FuN oF mY sOn?!?!?
    Me: No retrasada mental. Pero como dos han pendeja y no entendes te wamo a jodeh >:v

  • Matthew Crites
    Matthew Crites Day ago +2

    I guess I'd probably scream a random jumble of a bunch of french canadian insults, something along the lines of "Ah tabernacle! Petit estille de câlice!"

  • just Link
    just Link Day ago

    "You should be speaking English this America"
    In Spanish"hola puto

  • Felix Waifu
    Felix Waifu Day ago

    Fun fact, America doesn’t actually have an official language, so saying that you should speak English in America doesn’t really make a lot of sense (it wouldn’t make sense regardless). If I was there, I would walk up to the woman and tell her that, then look at the Korean girl and ask “gwaenchanh-a?” which is “Are you okay?” in Korean. Racism makes me want to kill sometimes tbh.

  • David Lewkow
    David Lewkow Day ago

    EP: are you making fun of me???
    Me: chupame los cocos vieja culia
    (Chilean Spanish : suck my balls fucking grandma)

  • The Annoying DAHG

    Hey kids... I have candy in my tickle basement... :)

  • Despoina Tonks
    Despoina Tonks Day ago

    Never make fun of someone who speaks " broken" English because he obviously knows another language. Well in Greek I wound say to this entitled mom that she is " ηλίθια ".

  • M1 Garanti
    M1 Garanti Day ago

    "are you making fun of my kid in Chinese?"
    Nem sei falar chinês mãe entitulada

  • dinokingty
    dinokingty Day ago

    Withhold the child till the police get there and they will call child services in. Done hang boom

  • Soo Lin Yao
    Soo Lin Yao Day ago +4

    What I’d say to the entitled mom in the Cafe:
    Em: Are you making fun of my kid?
    Me: アイデアをありがとう
    Edit: That’s Japanese for: Thanks for the Idea

  • ProBonnie1760
    ProBonnie1760 Day ago +1

    Me: estas una persona estúpida.

  • Dark Sankari
    Dark Sankari Day ago +2

    EP:"You are making fun of MY child?!? How dare you?!"
    Me: "ja jetzt schon. Das alles hier ist so lächerlich."
    (Greetings from Germany)

  • XxxAndreaEditsxxX

    I would have said "Ay la molestona vino qué pena"

  • TWICAT :3
    TWICAT :3 Day ago

    I'm sorry but Tickle Basement?
    It sounds like a torture method from the medieval times.

  • Йордан Панталеев

    You are all reported for not using binary in internet!

  • Magic 1460
    Magic 1460 Day ago

    To the last EP, last time I checked the people of AMERICA! Had the freedom of speech
    (This is what I would do if she did this go me)
    Me: Que quere esta puta🙄
    (Translation- what does this bitch want)
    Me- Fine, what do you want bitch
    Me- okay, if I have to leave so do the people who make Mexican food, who make crops for you and your brat to shove down you throat, and take all the things we brought with us (Mexican candy, food, toys, ect)
    (Woman realizes she cant eat Mexican food anymore)
    Woman in mind- Dang it!

  • lunas moonlight
    lunas moonlight Day ago

    Ok so I'm Mexican but I'm also Indian and italian so I look white. Anyway I grew up in a Mexican family..who spoke both English and Spanish. Well In my case when other Mexicans see me with my BIOLOGICAL family they normal insult me and my family in Spanish! I mean really?!?

  • Bigbrisk
    Bigbrisk Day ago

    Oh god tickle and basement are 2 words that should never be used like that

  • DaviGamer
    DaviGamer Day ago

    Она идиотка лол

  • Adam Wasburn-moses

    I like most of the vids, but the pedo joke was too far

  • Ian Cho
    Ian Cho Day ago +2

    I sympathize with the op cause I'm also korean

    • Fictional Chaos
      Fictional Chaos 15 hours ago

      Ian Cho the absolute worst is when they’re screaming at you and you’re like “..... okay.”

    • Fictional Chaos
      Fictional Chaos 15 hours ago

      Ian Cho I’m a Dutch Somali girl and I don’t really speak my own language Somali, I was with a friend of mine who’s also Dutch and we were obviously speaking our native language, joking around and another Somali woman started talking pure shít about us. My friend doesn’t speak Somali and I just pretended like nothing was happening till we walked in a different direction to the lady. Sometimes people need to learn not to talk smack bout people in another language cause you never know if I understand you

    • Ian Cho
      Ian Cho 19 hours ago

      It's so bad when people assume you are speaking a language you aren't, but even worse when they fight you in another language you don't know

    • Fictional Chaos
      Fictional Chaos 19 hours ago

      I’d be offended on their behalf, I’ve been learning korean for a little while and a friend told me a similar story cause she’s korean and it got me so heated. People do that to me with Dutch sometimes but I’m in the UK

  • Ian Cho
    Ian Cho Day ago

    Funnily enough, English isn't even American's original language

  • John Thornton
    John Thornton Day ago +3

    I know a lot of languages and when somebody insults me in another language, I give them a nice suprise

  • Zombie Gamer 1 2 9

    Uchafi Mae EP Yn Arogly fell baw.
    (Excuse me for my bad Welsh)
    hint hint

  • n0m3rcy
    n0m3rcy Day ago

    EP:are you making fun of my child in Chinese?!

  • Emma Guldager
    Emma Guldager Day ago

    Hi, im Danish and heres what i would say:
    Den lille møjunge ligner hans mor grim uden på og inden i.

  • Papa Bless
    Papa Bless Day ago +2

    I’d speak English English to the little bastard: 'Gosh blimey, seems we got a right ol' litl' cheeky bugga here telling pork pies in an anbasket , we do we do. Lad can go 'n tup a Blackpool tram, for’ll I bother’.

  • PS4 Nerd
    PS4 Nerd Day ago

    ME Ok luđakinjo ako ti želiš.UMRI U NAJVEĆIM DOBINAMA PAKLA!!!

  • ThatOne Creepyguy

    ME:Putangina bobo ata yun magina naito siguro supot pa yung bata

  • Andrew Kingdom
    Andrew Kingdom Day ago

    Stuff in Vietnamese for the EP in the Café: Mày là một con đĩ ngu ngốc với một thằng con dở hơi

    Edit : Translate : You are a dumbass w***e that has a retarded brat

  • Anna Noerby
    Anna Noerby Day ago

    EP: "Are you making fun of my son?"
    Me: "Nej, egentlig ikke, men jeg kan da godt kalde ham retarderet, hvis du fortrækker det i stedet.."

    AISMIN AREE Day ago

    To EP เกย์

  • Just depression
    Just depression Day ago

    Spierdalaj this is my reply it means fuck off

  • GhostSmokeeyy
    GhostSmokeeyy Day ago +1

    In irish
    Me: en tou at an is camarch Is è an ranachena at th sìn shas at maidin!!!!

    • Nojus Stanis
      Nojus Stanis 22 hours ago

      I'm Irish and I don't know what that means

  • Amizzoo
    Amizzoo Day ago +4

    I would say ”Jävla idiot, dra åt helvete” or something like that

  • Miguel Santillana
    Miguel Santillana 2 days ago

    n a k a k a p u t an g i n a yang babaeng yan HAHAHAHHAHAHA

  • The Entity
    The Entity 2 days ago

    What kind of pussy cries over arguments she deserves to be put in jail to man up a little

  • Ramza Wyvernjack
    Ramza Wyvernjack 2 days ago

    Who the fuck chugs half a bottle of wine before 18:00 while at work?
    Sounds like a drinking problem.

  • Tzu Hsi
    Tzu Hsi 2 days ago

    Romanian: Nu ai niciun drept să îmi ordini în ce limbă să vorbesc. Este o țară liberă. Nu te insult și dacă nu vrei să mă crezi, este strict problema ta.

  • D C.A.T
    D C.A.T 2 days ago +1

    I would say : et dah ngapa sih lu geer baat da
    Google translate wont know theese langguage because its informal indonesian, so dont