r/Entitledparents "Mommy? PLEASE Don't Give Me To A Stranger!" Funny Reddit Posts

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • r/Entitledparents can be absolutely unbelievable! What kind of mother leaves kids by themselves with total strangers? And then when they go missing, they have the audacity to blame their friends and family! Honestly, entitled parents like these DESERVE to go to jail for how they treat others, and it's surprising they're not there already. Enjoy these ffunny Reddit posts featuring insane entitled parents!
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Comments • 19 745

  • Nikolaj Dean Andersen

    Bobo baka

  • Ayy Ayy
    Ayy Ayy Hour ago

    I would say .. Jebi se debela baba

  • Queen Shiro
    Queen Shiro 2 hours ago

    Putang ina TRAIDOR DEMONYO Samok kaayo ka ba wala ko lagi gina bully anak nyo gaga yawa ka

  • Aleksandar Jurkovic
    Aleksandar Jurkovic 3 hours ago

    I would say Puši kurac or jebi se what means suck a dick and fuck you in english

  • wayne ogle
    wayne ogle 7 hours ago

    I'm kecaen

  • Mr Mpggaming
    Mr Mpggaming 7 hours ago

    هذي ام هبلا هاكان
    Translate to:this mom is really stupid
    Btw that was Arabic

  • Champawati Rabha
    Champawati Rabha 9 hours ago

    I don't think many Asian people would actually make fun, unless you are me...

  • Yamato Kuhabara
    Yamato Kuhabara 10 hours ago

    "Se eu sequer tivesse saco pra falar com uma criança, eu teria te respondido agora mesmo, só que em inglês."
    (Aaaand good luck translating it.)

  • Deagledog
    Deagledog 10 hours ago

    Queer pasta

  • Christopher Jenkins
    Christopher Jenkins 13 hours ago

    EP: ThIs iS aMeRiCa, yOu sHoUlD bE SpEaKiNg eNgLiSh!!!
    Donald Trump: tell em, girl

  • datrainbowkid
    datrainbowkid 16 hours ago

    12:00 "this is America" this is America starts playing

  • Faith Cuffe
    Faith Cuffe 16 hours ago

    stod ag caint le o chara agus mise agus si shious i do caithair le do paiste
    means stop talking to me and my friend and sit down with your child (this is irish)

  • anna the kitty
    anna the kitty 16 hours ago

    EM: are you making fun of My child!!?
    ME: vitun ihra kasa ei tietenkään painu sinne missä pippuri kasvaa. Ja jos sä lavertelet ja kerrot valheita tästä näköjään sä osaat levitellä jotain muuta kun sun jalkoja😂😂😂😂😂🤣😝

  • Doug Small
    Doug Small 16 hours ago

    Hundin. Just hundin. (Hundin=bitch in German)

  • Mermaid Chan
    Mermaid Chan 17 hours ago


  • Willi Wildfang
    Willi Wildfang 17 hours ago +1

    I would say "Wenn Sie doch so schlau sind, hätten sie bereits erkannt, dass das koreanisch und nicht chinesisch ist sie dumme Kuh" in german which translates to "If you are actually that smart you would've noticed that it's korean not chinese you stupid cow (german insult)"

  • Gaming Világ
    Gaming Világ 17 hours ago

    EP: How dare you making fun of mi child?!
    Me: Hát eddig nem tettem , de ha szeretnéd elkezdhetem.(I didn't until now buti could start if you'd like(in hungarian))

  • Patrick Connors
    Patrick Connors 18 hours ago

    Die Frau ist der größte schweinhund Ich haben gesehen!

  • Cooper the Husky
    Cooper the Husky 19 hours ago +1

    Мне плевать на твоего ребенка, он груб с нами и ранит чувства моего друга!
    (I don’t care about your kid, he is rude to us and is hurting my friend’s feelings!)
    Edit: This is Russian btw

  • An3s VDB
    An3s VDB 19 hours ago

    i would have told her in dutch: weet gij wa ne vuile klotehoer ge zijt, kust me klote

  • ItzIsaGacha_ PlayzYt
    ItzIsaGacha_ PlayzYt 20 hours ago

    Well I'm from Venezuela and that means I speak spanish ( I miss my country a lot) But I've could of said "Alejate niño malcrido y callate la boca y dejanos en paz!" Which means "Get away you entitled kid, shut up, and leave us alone!"

    FREE GAMES 21 hour ago

    (in portuguese) eu diria a essa puta ir se fuder😂😂

  • tāiga
    tāiga 22 hours ago

    I would've said:

  • ErrorRedX67
    ErrorRedX67 Day ago +1

    OP:Tut mir leid aber könnten Sie uns in Ruhe lassen?
    EP:Sorry, I don't speak hitler.
    (Y did I even write this bs😐)

  • Gun Slinger.
    Gun Slinger. Day ago

    Guy de la boca Tu pinche do stupid brutta

  • I GREY
    I GREY Day ago

    Me : tu rasist-o asa pot si eu sa iti zic sa vorbesti in romana apoi cand nu vrei sa chem politia . Acum taci si stai jos !!!!
    Em : im sueing u !!

  • Christopher Jenkins

    Korean: 그 어머니는 나쁜 사람이다...
    English: That mother is one bad person...

  • Andrea Berton
    Andrea Berton Day ago

    Non ha senso poiché la vostra nazione è il risultato di una mescolanza genetica a seguito di dei cicli migratori in questo continente

  • sidro er sej
    sidro er sej Day ago

    I would say in danish "vi har ikke gjort noget så lad os nu bare være eller få dig et liv ups undskyld det kan du jo ikke.😅😆😆
    And that means "leave us alone or get a life ups sorry you cant.😆😆

  • Black Fox OWO
    Black Fox OWO Day ago

    am i the only one who is going through the comments to find thier own language ? XD

  • SumSum
    SumSum Day ago

    EP: Are you making fun of my child??
    Me: Asså det finns ju inte ens något roligt om ditt rasistiska barn

  • [MaxGamers] White people

    EP: this is America speak English
    Me:suka suka gw lah
    Mulut gw juga bukan mulut
    (Translate:its my own mouth
    So i can speak in any other language that i like :) )

  • Pamela Medina
    Pamela Medina Day ago

    I would say to the mom in Korean ㄴㅗㅕㅅ ㅑㅔ ㅛㅐㅕ ㅑ애ㅐㅅ I said shut up you idiot in Korean

  • Nichole Fernandes

    I don’t know the spelling of it because I am not well versed in Cape Verdean Creole, but I imagine it would be something like this:
    Cale a boca, burro (I know this is the Portuguese spelling, but I figure that since Cape Verdean Creole is a derivative of Portuguese, the spelling is similar. To make it Cape Verdean, make the a in boca trail off like it’s stuck in your throat and the o in burro into a short u sound. By the way, this just translates roughly to “Shut up, jackass.”) 😅

  • Skeppy's Chicken

    Em: ArE yOu MaKiNg FuN oF mY cHiLd?
    Me: uhm nee, je racistische kind zei dat wij Engels moesten praten ook al kan zij bijna geen Engels praten. Voed je kind beter op.


    Just because I can say aloha doesn't mean I know hawaiian
    Fact Hawai'i language is actually pigeon not really hawaiian

  • mari rodriguez
    mari rodriguez Day ago +1

    Ain't nobody got time for that

  • Qᴜɪʟʟ
    Qᴜɪʟʟ Day ago

    Tu y tu chico es muy estúpidos. Cuando hablamos en un diferente idioma es no a burlarse de un persona.

    I'm not actually fluent in Spanish so correct me if I'm wrong.

    I meant to say
    You and your boy are very stupid. When we speak in a different language it is not to make fun of a person."

  • Afsharah Jaigirdar

    Id insult them in so called language and pretebd i dont speak english

  • navin-chan
    navin-chan Day ago

    Esta boluda habla un solo idioma. Que triste.

  • Cordelia Jackson

    I would call the racist bitch a wuputa and start cussing her out in spanish

  • Jungkook is a maknae Not a hyung

    If I was in the korean story one I would just say 너는 뚱뚱합니다 to the kid 😂

  • Arcmat La cometa

    EM:are you making fun of my child?
    Me:No, ma se lei non la smette di essere una lurida figlia di puttana per un secondo e non insegna qualche maniera a quel fottuto mocciosetto direi che potrebbe diventare il mio nuovo hobby(No, but if you don't stop being a dirty son of a bitch and don't teach that fucking brat some manners it might as well become my new hobby)
    Hello from a salty italian

  • DilonitoJuegaYT
    DilonitoJuegaYT Day ago

    12:08 I would intentionally start speaking in Spanish to her to confuse her and had a good story to tell lol
    This is what I would say: Que? Que hicimos? Porque tu hijo nos molesta ? Porque eres exageradamente rechista a las personas que hablan otro idioma? Etc, etc.

  • the end?
    the end? Day ago

    15:04 well i would scream... coisa aleatoria que em outra lingua parece ser muito obsceno mas na verdade é só um monte de porcaria sem sentido...

    random thing that in another language seems to be very obscene but actually it's just a bunch of nonsense crap

  • Sexy Beyblade
    Sexy Beyblade Day ago

    Ella es muy pandeha sorry Spanish is my seconds Language sorry if that was bad

  • yash mandla
    yash mandla Day ago

    ਤੁਹਾਡਾ ਇੱਕ ਗੂੰਗਾ ਵੇਸਵਾ translate from Punjabi

  • Aletsis-kun
    Aletsis-kun Day ago

    In Spanish (mexican) I would have said something like:

    Pinche ruca pendeja y chamaco caguengue.

    Roughly translates to:

    Dumbass old hag and little-turd kid.

  • XxMasterPvpX_x
    XxMasterPvpX_x Day ago

    Kanker op man it means fuck off dude

  • WillieManga
    WillieManga Day ago +6

    EP: "This is America; speak English."
    Me: "Gifol ðôht" ("Good idea" in Old English)

  • WillieManga
    WillieManga Day ago

    That first story. r/heartwarming, maybe? You sold yourself short, OP. You changed a bunch of lives. You made things much better for nice dad and nice girl and took part in the former's r/prorevenge against abusive mother. Wait, you recognized nice dad? Skeptical... XD

  • DM9G Gaming
    DM9G Gaming Day ago +3

    I would defenetly say in Croatian: "Koja jebena krava!"
    Wich means: "What a f ing cow!"

  • Noe Gallegos
    Noe Gallegos Day ago

    Midair esta pendeha
    English look at this idiot

  • Ezra
    Ezra Day ago +1

    I would say
    vem fan tror du är sjuk, knäcker du arm du

  • fialova ledlampa

    Ouuu boy how much fun would I have with that entitled mother, in my language there are TONS of swears I could go for her. And I wouldn't be that polite, AT ALL

  • Sugar pie -chan
    Sugar pie -chan Day ago

    EM: wHeRe YoU bUlLyInG mY cHiLd
    Me: 我々は気をつけたが、今我々は
    Me to girlfriend: こんにちは市子私たちはChinese で子供をいじめなければなりません
    My girlfriend: はははははは絶対に
    Me: 哦,我们用中文取笑你的孩子
    Me: 좋아, 중국에서 그를 놀리는 것을 그만둬 라.
    Me: sorry mam I only speak Korean Japanese and Chinese.
    Mom: *storms off furious*
    Me to all my friends; who’s up for Mochi Ice cream
    Edit: put this in google translate it’s hilariously wrong

  • the_ xes
    the_ xes Day ago

    Em are you making fun of my kid!!!
    Me:en vielä perseen nuolia

  • LLIOD 96
    LLIOD 96 Day ago

    r/entitled parents...
    haha more like r/narcissisticasshole

  • •ᄉ•TheGreenBean

    To my friend: Haha disse folka er så dumme. De tror vi snakker stygt om dem på dansk. (Idk)
    Friend: Jeg vet, de er så rare.
    Me: Han lille ser ut som et egg
    Me: Haha these people are so dumb. They think we make fun of them in Danish.
    Friend: I know. They're so weird!
    Me: The kid looks like an egg.
    I can confirm this is not Danish, it's Norwegian. Hade fra Norge!!!!

  • Dave Aj
    Dave Aj Day ago

    В смисъл, ние не се подигравахме на сина ти, но ако искаш ще се подиграваме на теб???
    [ I mean we weren't making fun of your son but we can make fun of u if u want??? ]
    //its Bulgarian if anyone wonders

  • Malin Linnea
    Malin Linnea Day ago +1

    EM:are you making fun of me in korean?
    Me:en van suomeksi!
    (No but in finnish)



  • Folish Owl
    Folish Owl Day ago

    En una ocasión fui migrante, nunca me molestaron por hablar español, pero gente intento conversar conmigo en español. Con la misma pasiencia que ellos me tuvieron con mi roto inglés, converse y corregía errores fonéticos . Así que... There is Freedom of speach so no jail, but she is definetly crasy

  • Jose Farias
    Jose Farias Day ago

    Im hispanic and i would just keep on talking my native language and make fun of this entitled people (ly rslash)

  • unknown player
    unknown player Day ago

    Yo te voy a matale

  • você
    você Day ago

    EP: are you making fun of my child?
    ME: Não, eu tô fazendo graça com você mesmo, sua vadia do caralho.

    DEVIL WITHIN! 2 days ago

    The picture of the crying child looked like my little sister when she was about five years old

  • sea pop
    sea pop 2 days ago

    C'est une pute / ipoman loconh lé dih breh: a dih a bih ndou.

  • mcfluffly 88
    mcfluffly 88 2 days ago


  • your mom
    your mom 2 days ago

    im brazilian and my whole family, including me, speaks portuguese. if i was ever out with my family and my grandmother, who speaks maybe 5 words of english. and this happened to me, i think i would absolutely baffle the EP with my english skills. i sound like im bragging (i actually am so i apologize about that) but english is my second language and i have no accent. i wont go into full detail, but english has always been my favorite and best subject. (next to social studies, its just too easy) i just love imagining saying things like, “we’re not speaking english because it is our full prerogative to speak a language that isnt english. there is no, and has been no american law saying otherwise. so, if you would like to get off your high horse and sit back down, that would lovely (pronoun).”

  • Francis Dela Cruz
    Francis Dela Cruz 2 days ago

    Cuka Blyat aka F#cking bit#h in russian filo tarattado aka stupid Bit##h

  • Edgy Midnight-tato
    Edgy Midnight-tato 2 days ago

    Spanish: Eyy you puedo ablar este idioma :D
    Japanse: Wakarimashita japanese ^-^

  • Saeyoung Choi
    Saeyoung Choi 2 days ago


  • david losteiner
    david losteiner 2 days ago +1

    EM ARE YOU MAKING FUN OF MY CHILD??????????????????????
    Me Nem de ti teljes idioták vagytok es remélem hogy meghalsz.
    (no, but you are a total idiot and i hope u die)
    hi from hungary

  • Nugget
    Nugget 2 days ago

    Norwegian: Hold Kjeft din stygge hore

    Eng: Shut up u ugly whore

  • jBLOX
    jBLOX 2 days ago

    quayate chinga tu madre tu puto nino

  • Steve DeVizor
    Steve DeVizor 2 days ago

    مرحبا rslash! أنا أتعلم اللغة العربية. أحب المحتوى الخاص بك مرحبا rslash! أنا أتعلم اللغة العربية. أحب المحتوى الخاص بك

  • Rafael Avancena
    Rafael Avancena 2 days ago

    to all the Filipinos. Na ina ay tae (15:10). Also I live in Canada, so I also got french. Cette mere est une garce

  • Tajs Brixen
    Tajs Brixen 2 days ago

    Hun er sådan en spade hun ka fuck af

  • Antonaros
    Antonaros 2 days ago

    You are μαλάκας

  • Folie Brissiaud
    Folie Brissiaud 2 days ago

    *Me hearing entitled parent complaining about someone not speaking english.*
    *Me walking behind entitle parent then lay a loud fart.*
    *Me in my best exaggerated French accent.* (I'm actually French) Oh Madam enfin! Il faut contrôler c'est gaz en public voyons. *Then with the most indignant expression walks away.*

  • Epic Lego Man
    Epic Lego Man 2 days ago

    EM: are you making fun of my child?!?!
    Me: não, e eu não perderia meu tempo fazendo isso, eu tenho coisas mais importantes pra fazer na minha vida. E para o seu filho, va se fuder ;)
    Nope, and I will not lose my time doing this, I have more importants things to do in my life. And for you son, go f*uck yourself ;)

  • tomi zidar
    tomi zidar 2 days ago +2

    Em are you making fun out of my child!?!?!
    Me ne ampak bom ko boš nehala biti prasica😜
    (No but a whill when you are going to stop bying a dickhesd)
    In slovein

  • jails3
    jails3 2 days ago

    Lady : you made of my kid
    Me : (Arabic) لا و انتی کاذبه و اذهبی الی الجحیم
    (no and you are laying and go to hell)

  • summy shoaib
    summy shoaib 2 days ago

    EM: are u making fun of my son
    ME: ja Er ist ein Esel und schwul
    (yes he is a Donkey and g#y

  • summy shoaib
    summy shoaib 2 days ago

    The funny thing is that the og English is from England and America voted to English to be their main language so technically she's saying speak British English as she did not say which English to say so hah

  • julio cesar meneses franca

    foda se sua criança

  • spicy icecream
    spicy icecream 2 days ago +1

    Posmotrite na etogo duraka, my uvereny, chto oni budut smeshivat' russkiy i ispanskiy
    (Fuck you lady, kind regards from russia)

  • jozo ajduković
    jozo ajduković 2 days ago

    Ja bi joj rekla da me pusti na miru ili ću zvat policiju

  • Tomáš Kuchař
    Tomáš Kuchař 2 days ago

    I woud say jdi do doprdele

  • foxy the pirate
    foxy the pirate 2 days ago

    I’m English but I know Japanese and I speak Japanese a lot because no one I know understands it so I understand that story because I met this kid he knew Japanese also and a kid walked past us and said your not speaking the right language losers and then he got a bunch of his friends and cane back just to make a scene because we weren’t speaking English

  • Artzec Claw
    Artzec Claw 2 days ago

    Exactly this is america we have the freedom to speak any language we want i think its cool how u can speak more than one language

  • Sniper0nDuty 1
    Sniper0nDuty 1 2 days ago

    If someone is making fun of me in another lanlanguage I'll laugh with them as I do not care. I think it's pretty neat

  • Game Block
    Game Block 2 days ago

    i would say odjebi kurvo jedna i jebi svoje dijete
    which means in Bosnian: Fuck of u prostitute and u should fuck ur kid

  • Ender - A játék az életem

    Ez a picsa komolyan azt hiszi, hogy kínaiak vagyunk?
    (Hungarian for: Does this b*tch really think we're chinese?)

  • CreeperGaming093
    CreeperGaming093 2 days ago

    Ova osoba misli da je ismevamo 😂😂😂
    (This person thinks we are mocking her)

  • Fanta Girl
    Fanta Girl 2 days ago

    ME: Nicht über das Kind aber über sie. Ich meine ist es nicht peinlich das sie sich über eine Situation aufregen bei der sie nicht dabei waren? Nur weil ich in einem anderen Land bin, heißt es nicht das ich diese Sprache fließend spreche und in dieser reden muss. Das ist für mich wie wenn ich in einem Café gezwungen wäre einen Kaffe zu trinken
    Well maybe I exaggerated and didn't really make fun of her but who cares?

  • Kayla Sanchez
    Kayla Sanchez 2 days ago

    Vete a la chingada pendeja
    ( Go F### urself stupid B####)
    In spanish

  • Irrelevant Person
    Irrelevant Person 2 days ago +1

    I'd be saying (in Russian because that language sounds cool to me) "Stupid whore face, thinking her rude little snot rag child would never do anything wrong. Can't be reasoned with because her head is too fat to hear what I'm saying. Racist bitch."

  • Grga 1000
    Grga 1000 2 days ago +1

    Sie Ist ein gross svein!

  • Tawon Figaro
    Tawon Figaro 2 days ago

    well i think the parent is a huge le'chat