50 People Try to Cut Pineapple Rings | Epicurious

  • Published on Mar 27, 2018
  • How do you even handle one of these safely? Watch, as we softly encourage 50 people to carefully deconstruct one of our favorite fruits -- pineapple!

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    50 People Try to Cut Pineapple Rings | Epicurious
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  • noswad2005
    noswad2005 Day ago

    :40 look right out of game of thrones

  • K 7A
    K 7A Day ago

    1:08 to 1:10
    I see wait what

  • FrancesBaconandEggs

    Why do people in these videos always go straight for the damn giant cleaver???

  • Hiatt Purcell
    Hiatt Purcell Day ago

    this series makes me feel so good about myself

  • Christian Paul Manuyag

    These idiots does know that *butcher knife* is used for cutting *_meat_* right? And who starts to cut a *-pineapple-* like this, you dont chop it in the middle.

  • Mama SC
    Mama SC 2 days ago

    Anyone else watched how to eat a pineapple correctly before watching this video?

  • Josslin Copling
    Josslin Copling 2 days ago

    The guy at the end is me. I used to eat so much it destroyed the skin in my mouth, cause pineapples can do that, so I lost all taste for pineapple. Unpopular opinion, but I just can't stand it. Along with artificially flavored watermelon things, had watermelon toothpaste as a kid,ruined for me. I love watermelon, just the association isn't good

  • Alina Dong
    Alina Dong 2 days ago

    I am a child and I know how to cut most of the things on this channel

  • Nilesh Jain
    Nilesh Jain 2 days ago +1

    1:39 there's my boy who knows everything.

  • trucker mohid 2005
    trucker mohid 2005 3 days ago

    You know that you could give a pineapple to a holes guy kid idk instead of throwing it away gets me sooo trigerd

  • Saiki Chan
    Saiki Chan 4 days ago +1

    I was 10 when I learned how to cut a pineapple and now I’m 14

  • Gacha __SadVibes
    Gacha __SadVibes 4 days ago


  • Ethan_ Reilly
    Ethan_ Reilly 4 days ago

    Person: How do you get the top off
    Me: There is a thing called a knife

    • Josslin Copling
      Josslin Copling 2 days ago

      Ethan_ Reilly You can actually twist the top off with the right grip, doesn't take much force surprisingly

  • ipod0junkie
    ipod0junkie 4 days ago

    The core is the tastiest part!


    RIP spangbob he has no house and he is broke

  • ricardo glg
    ricardo glg 6 days ago

    1:01 XVIDEOS

  • Victor again
    Victor again 6 days ago +1

    51 people

  • the scarce one ll
    the scarce one ll 6 days ago

    I'm not gonna cut any more for the sake of my hand

  • Kennedy C
    Kennedy C 7 days ago

    There’s always that one like 45 year old guy with the brown and gray hair that can do everything in these vids

  • Martijn K
    Martijn K 7 days ago +2

    0:44 omg😂😂😂😂

  • ItsyaboiJoe
    ItsyaboiJoe 8 days ago

    Why are these people so culinarily inept?

  • Gamerkid 8
    Gamerkid 8 8 days ago

    First his creator dies then his home is destroyed! Things have been going really bad for Spongebob lately

  • Xiyan Bi
    Xiyan Bi 8 days ago

    I love how some people tried to take the leaves off by using their hands and I'm just sitting here watching yelling "no you idiots! there's a reason the knife was invented!"

  • Helen Lim
    Helen Lim 8 days ago

    why isn't anyone talking abt the girl in 0:59. she literally moans in most of her vids she's in.

    like the coconut one

  • Maja Lisowska
    Maja Lisowska 8 days ago

    Can we just talk about how beautiful the chiefs eyes are???

  • carlomiguel morales
    carlomiguel morales 8 days ago

    all 50 people are fkking dumb u got betten by an 11 year old in the Philippines u all are n00bs

  • -bakugou is My Religion-

    Every time I watch one of these videos I want god to personally end me

  • ial523
    ial523 9 days ago

    From what universe are these people from???

  • Luca Bartus
    Luca Bartus 9 days ago

    i ate pineapple during the video

  • Sweet Tantrum
    Sweet Tantrum 10 days ago +3

    Coming back here after the new pineapple peeling method’s gone viral...

  • Chelsea Starling
    Chelsea Starling 10 days ago

    when you’re high and try to search for spongebob in the pineapple

  • ESRAA .W
    ESRAA .W 10 days ago

    Why would you take off the core?!

    • kogan cames
      kogan cames 8 days ago

      ESRAA .W you’re not supposed to eat that part😅 like the core of a apple

  • Jordyne Hargraves
    Jordyne Hargraves 11 days ago

    Can you do where we’re the eat the pineapples by peeling the little spikes on the outside(or as some people say, eating it the right way)

  • Heidi Clarice
    Heidi Clarice 11 days ago

    Who’s here in 2019 and realized that they did this wrong?

  • Gabi A
    Gabi A 11 days ago

    Now I feel bad for Spongebob..

  • MegZ
    MegZ 11 days ago +1

    0:39 nah

  • Beep beep bitch Your gay

    0:27 just use a knife

  • Saad Haggouni
    Saad Haggouni 11 days ago

    0:39 you dont say


  • Raymond Par
    Raymond Par 11 days ago +1

    This is also incorrect based on Traditional Asian method. Look up the real way of cutting it to reduce wastage

  • thatone240girl
    thatone240girl 12 days ago

    Buy 50 pineapples must be weird

  • seancoyote
    seancoyote 12 days ago

    Making pineapple rings is kinda silly because it imitates canned pineapple. I have prepped pineapple many many times, having to do such is very rare. About the only time it is expected is on ham, when you are imitating the canned pineapple rings.

  • Tired Taurus
    Tired Taurus 13 days ago

    0:35 she reacted after 2 seconds

  • The Beast
    The Beast 13 days ago

    Rip spongebob and his house

  • Elizabeth Duncan
    Elizabeth Duncan 14 days ago +8

    1:15 idk how can she do it ✋👐

  • DarkWolfKamiki 78
    DarkWolfKamiki 78 14 days ago

    " *Probably* no one wants to eat that?
    Well *CAN* you eat the skin?

  • 4only4 AJ
    4only4 AJ 15 days ago

    I'm allergic to pineapple.......

  • god is dead and we all know it

    M a d l a d

  • Wizardly 9
    Wizardly 9 15 days ago +3

    *Now there’s 50 LESS homes for SPONGEBOB to live in!*

  • Wizardly 9
    Wizardly 9 15 days ago +1

    This is why you buy canned pineapple kids!

  • Dei Jiménez
    Dei Jiménez 15 days ago

    They are definitely 0% LATINO people, like how do you don't know how to cut a pineapple

  • Ayden Perez
    Ayden Perez 18 days ago

    0:58 🤔🤔🤔

  • brooke grindle
    brooke grindle 18 days ago +1

    why is nobody talking about the guys last name being Ramsey

  • Katinų Persekiotoja
    Katinų Persekiotoja 18 days ago

    0:44 when i shave

  • Subscribe For Nothing
    Subscribe For Nothing 18 days ago +1

    Who else eats it with black pepper?

  • aidan
    aidan 19 days ago


  • James Field
    James Field 19 days ago

    Prepare parsnips for roasting

  • George Moussa
    George Moussa 19 days ago

    Who else tries to guess the chef ?

  • deetrailer
    deetrailer 19 days ago +3

    Them: okay, now we're going to shape it as a ring
    Me being rebellious: 3:54

  • Mirah Loste
    Mirah Loste 20 days ago

    0:29 is the look of someone who shouldn't use a butcher knife but is going to do it anyways.

    The person looks adorable and cute...

  • MooMooCowGirl1
    MooMooCowGirl1 20 days ago

    I’m 12 and I know how to ppap (cut a pineapple)

  • mincraft gamer
    mincraft gamer 21 day ago

    1:40 I feel ik him
    Is he famous?? 😂 (no seriously)

  • DarkMaster706
    DarkMaster706 22 days ago

    I love how the Jewish guy was like rawing the pineapple

  • Jo M
    Jo M 22 days ago

    One lady in the second half cut off way to much bottom.... wasted pineapple ;-;

  • MrRoyalChicken
    MrRoyalChicken 22 days ago

    0:44 so hilarious ;D

  • Alexis Carmona
    Alexis Carmona 24 days ago

    i wish i wasnt allergic it so good i became alergic a couple of months ago

  • Ami Sabanta
    Ami Sabanta 24 days ago +1

    3:54 Is asked to make pineapple rings
    *makes a square*

  • Apple Kiss
    Apple Kiss 25 days ago

    Most of those pineapples don't even look / sound fully ripe!

  • The Saxophonist
    The Saxophonist 25 days ago

    0:20 women must really like those

  • Random Youtuber
    Random Youtuber 25 days ago

    0:31 ok now I'm going to chop your limbs off 😱

  • Crystal Dimond
    Crystal Dimond 26 days ago

    Who else eats the middle part?

    Why are they cutting the middle part its my favourite

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow 26 days ago


  • Madison Plays
    Madison Plays 27 days ago

    Nuuu sponge bob :(

  • Makenna Petrusek
    Makenna Petrusek 27 days ago

    Every one should know how to cute a pinnacle watermelon make sushi and every thing else

  • Sinnocent Cinnamonroll

    Why do people know this..?? Or like, why are people surprised to see them not knowing how to do it..??
    I just cut the pineapple into triangles, to waste less of the fruit and save a lot of time and to not have to buy a weird tool. (Or buy canned pineapple rings, which I honestly think tastes better.)

  • kitkat1595
    kitkat1595 27 days ago

    wtf the redhead dude has the exact same voice as gabe from the office

  • Chaitanya Joshi
    Chaitanya Joshi 27 days ago

    Like seeing Paul McCartney in all these videos!

  • Ian Carlo Villaceran Barco

    nakaka-gigil ahahaha

    A PERSON 28 days ago

    The girl with squares....sameee

  • DeAndreAnthonyvlogs
    DeAndreAnthonyvlogs 28 days ago +2

    Spongebob lost many homes

  • bethany Larenee
    bethany Larenee 28 days ago

    Why is this so interesting

  • ninja kiwi
    ninja kiwi 29 days ago +11

    Jeeze! They need to s sensor 1:01

  • Uneedtonoscope
    Uneedtonoscope 29 days ago +3

    As a chef this makes me sad, unnessecary tools used, a lot of tearing, and they didn't get the eyes off

  • Quality Slav
    Quality Slav 29 days ago

    "Americans are smart" huh ?

  • alli smith
    alli smith Month ago

    Nana saves the day

  • Blue Shirt Kid
    Blue Shirt Kid Month ago


  • B Back in 10
    B Back in 10 Month ago

    City people are stupid......just saying

  • Sleeping Beauty
    Sleeping Beauty Month ago

    50 People Ruined 50 Pineapples for Spongebob :(

  • Evelyn Huynh
    Evelyn Huynh Month ago

    shup up

  • CanadianTheory
    CanadianTheory Month ago

    0:59 woooow there

  • A Random Guy
    A Random Guy Month ago

    1:36-1:37 I thought this was family friendly..

  • Diane Bunn
    Diane Bunn Month ago

    Sometimes the chef is worried about waste sometimes he's not (like with the bell pepper and jalapenos). So why is that?

  • Marissa Rivera
    Marissa Rivera Month ago

    Why did u do that to spongebobs house 🏡

  • Indra's Lightning
    Indra's Lightning Month ago

    But but I always ate the core

  • Norma Rodriguez
    Norma Rodriguez Month ago

    0:12 this dude came out from agt right

  • Mr. Liquid Turtle 97

    What did spongebob do to get evicted and get his house destroyed

  • BlueGirlPlays
    BlueGirlPlays Month ago

    I always thought everyone else eats the core like me.. Oh well..
    Click 👍 if you eat the pineapple core

  • Zetsuke4
    Zetsuke4 Month ago


  • Please don't ask me questions

    2:05 Is no one gonna talk about how they brought thor back?