Remote Control Tank Battle Starts

  • Published on May 30, 2017
  • American Armoured Foundation Tank Museum located in Danville, VA. Besides an amazing display of over 100 armored vehicles, they also feature an elaborate, miniature indoor battlefield for 1/16 scale Remote Control Tanks! Participants travel from many states to join the group event held several times a year.
    The tanks are fitted with an Infra Red battle system which, when the tank receives a hit, disables it from firing and moving for a number of seconds. Each tank has a finite number of lives before it is permanently disabled until the end of the game.
    **Nice Memorial Day article on the AAF Tank Museum**
    AAF Tank Museum in Danville, VA.
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  • Rico Suave
    Rico Suave Day ago

    When the World Of Tanks servers are down but you still need a fix

  • Resto Garbo
    Resto Garbo Day ago

    Boring as fuck.

  • Mason张大仙
    Mason张大仙 6 days ago

    fpv kills everything 》〉》〉》〉》〉

  • Mason张大仙
    Mason张大仙 6 days ago


  • Beeasty
    Beeasty 8 days ago +1

    Wow, never seen so many nerds in one place.

    SINAN CH 12 days ago +1

    Tank you very much for this battle

  • Anthony Vera
    Anthony Vera 17 days ago

    Is this a fucking joke?? Dafuk did I just watch?!?!

  • Jim Butler
    Jim Butler 18 days ago

    This is going to be loud, not a shot fired

  • Robin Bobodollar
    Robin Bobodollar 19 days ago

    Expected loads of boom boom. But massive appreciation.

  • Gerardo Valde
    Gerardo Valde 20 days ago +1

    It does not shoot the only thing they do in the battlefield is just to spot an enemy

  • Bitsen11
    Bitsen11 26 days ago

    This looks more fun than to play WOT

  • Joseph Hall
    Joseph Hall Month ago

    The guy was louder than the 20 tanks lined up plus you might make more cash if you let people in for the 3 days you do the tank war or should I say the tank war behind the fake trees because that's all everyone was doing hiding thare plastic tiny tanks

  • Mike McGarry
    Mike McGarry Month ago

    what a blood bath !

  • Yobert Bolang
    Yobert Bolang Month ago

    Lucu abis , ngumpul semua org yg waktu kecil kurang bahagia😂🤣😂🤣

  • color Sgt pennywhistlepete

    This is awesome! Where can I pa??cab scout and tanker..reenactor

  • Mike S
    Mike S Month ago

    Great video .

  • Karel Mertin
    Karel Mertin Month ago +1

    Paráda bomba 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Vance Overstreet
    Vance Overstreet Month ago

    Waste of time

  • Cruise Angel
    Cruise Angel Month ago +1

    Thought this was going to be great.. Wow this was worse then watching pant dry zzzzzzzzzzz

  • Suavey Styles
    Suavey Styles Month ago

    World of Tanks!!! Love it...

  • kidzsongs1
    kidzsongs1 Month ago


  • Beefalo Bart
    Beefalo Bart Month ago

    Needs to be FPV only

  • Kommandant Brot
    Kommandant Brot Month ago

    The real tank simulator 😂😂😂

  • Wolfgang Muller
    Wolfgang Muller Month ago

    Why is always a guy talking non stop whit the microphone, please shut up

  • John Kaszanek
    John Kaszanek Month ago


  • Harris Harris
    Harris Harris Month ago

    Nice landscape by the way

  • Christian Ferolino
    Christian Ferolino 2 months ago

    where's the damn battle?

    JASON CASTEEL 2 months ago +1

    Remote Control Tank Battle Doesn't Start...

  • Big Board Gaming
    Big Board Gaming 2 months ago

    what a farce..and you wonder why no one wants to wargame any more....Is therr a bsttle video?

    MBCGRS 2 months ago

    Apparently the British had some Tanks during WW2 as well. Not that you'd notice...

  • Yusuf Dogan
    Yusuf Dogan 2 months ago

    War Thunder VR Edition ...

  • Rose Piranian
    Rose Piranian 3 months ago

    The best thing about this post were the comments below. Thanks for the laughs guys.

  • JeremyK 541OR.
    JeremyK 541OR. 3 months ago

    At least get someone who understands basic history 🎊😂

  • Kal.50BMG
    Kal.50BMG 3 months ago

    Operation "Enduring Bullshit" ?

  • Glen Ryan
    Glen Ryan 3 months ago +1

    Russia was never part of the Axis.

    • Glen Ryan
      Glen Ryan Month ago

      I believe you are confusing the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact or "Non-Aggression Treaty between Germany and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics" which lasted from August 1939 to June 1941.
      The soviets used that period strategically to build up their military capabilities.
      Their betrayal and brutalisation of Poland is unforgivable.
      The Axis was formed with a treaty signed by Germany and Italy in October 1936.
      Also an an anti-communist treaty between Germany and Japan signed in November 1936.
      The Tripartite Pact of 1940 lead to the integration of the military aims of Germany, Italy and Japan.
      Japans interest was driven by their desire to form a German-Japanese alliance against the Soviet Union.
      They were never going to be allies of the Soviets.

    • harrylongbaugh1
      harrylongbaugh1 Month ago

      Russia was part of the axis powers at the beginning. The russkies invaded Poland with the Germans.

  • Abnerzkie
    Abnerzkie 3 months ago

    where is that places?

  • umomfat
    umomfat 3 months ago

    During the world war 🇷🇺 was first named the Soviet Union 🇨🇳

  • Donald John Trump
    Donald John Trump 3 months ago

    It's like a dog without teeth.

  • Danny Mccoy
    Danny Mccoy 3 months ago +1


  • Irish Yano
    Irish Yano 3 months ago


  • Laura Garrido
    Laura Garrido 4 months ago

    hello do you now when are going to be the next competition?

    • Randy_SC
      Randy_SC  4 months ago

      Hi, the next RC Tank Battle event is Sept 14. Check out the museum's Facebook page:

  • Noble6
    Noble6 4 months ago

    The public shouldn’t be allowed in because “YAWN”......

  • Anthony Preece
    Anthony Preece 4 months ago

    They do this How Often ??? For How LONG??? It takes How Many Years to become proficient ??? I also noticed that one guy before the start pull out. Cheater !!! I'm going now.

  • Mochi Berber
    Mochi Berber 4 months ago +1

    no shooting😲wtf

  • JaySharp604
    JaySharp604 4 months ago +1

    They need a go-pro and VR goggs. That way you have much better view of the battlefield.

  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith 4 months ago

    Are these all 1/16th scale ? This looks so fun

  • jpthsd
    jpthsd 4 months ago

    I hope next generation battle in rc tank would be FPV battle and that would be awesome!!

  • Tater Puddin
    Tater Puddin 4 months ago +3

    I was confused too guys...but read the description. They have infrared laser systems that register hits, making it an actual game.

    • Borslaw
      Borslaw 3 months ago

      Tater Puddin does nothing for the viewer, it's still boring.

  • Ibrahim Yusuf
    Ibrahim Yusuf 5 months ago

    Where is the battle?

  • Jennifer Sandoval
    Jennifer Sandoval 5 months ago +1

    nice randy-sc

  • 陳湘
    陳湘 5 months ago


  • John Cortex
    John Cortex 5 months ago

    While watching this, I've just had a brilliant idea. Why don't at least one of the tanks actually fire at an enemy tank?

  • J Obamastein
    J Obamastein 5 months ago

    Where is the tank battle? All that anyone can see is a bunch of old guys playing with silly toys. No wonder you have almost 10K thumbs down. Shalom

  • Pattikung TH
    Pattikung TH 5 months ago


  • Flawless
    Flawless 5 months ago

    Is this available on playstore??

    Just asking

  • olddogg eleventy2
    olddogg eleventy2 5 months ago

    Make sure you get those thumbs up, I have to have a thumbs up. we can't move forward unless I have a thumbs up, Daryll, Joe, Bill, Larry, get those thumbs up now, C'mon everybody get those thumbs up...For what baby Huey? I didn't see a fucking tank battle.

  • Reco Russell
    Reco Russell 5 months ago

    Get me involved and i will CARRY the allied team

  • john fog
    john fog 5 months ago

    If you some how made it and did not watch the video and scrolled to the comments first DONT WATCH ITS FAKE!!!!

  • bigbaba1111
    bigbaba1111 5 months ago +1

    when WOT servers are down.:)

  • Brian Roberts
    Brian Roberts 5 months ago

    They should 5called this a water or air tank battle. Oh. Oh. Oh...its the shot NOT heard around the world.