Is CGI Getting Worse?

  • Published on Aug 23, 2018
  • In recent years I've noticed a dip in quality in CGI, resulting in many digital creations that feel very unreal. In this video, I explore why that may be. Please comment below if you know more about CGI and can answer the questions posed in this video.
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  • Miike_Snow
    Miike_Snow 9 months ago +12447

    I work for a company in Belgium specialized in CGI / render . And All a can say about thoses bad cgi scene is the light is ruining the 3d model. The light is the key in 3D rendering !
    Just take a look at this kind of 3D render (yes all is in 3D),
    the light is making all the realism in that scene, not the models or the materials. Light and color grading at the best :) !

    • Rick Sanchez
      Rick Sanchez 7 hours ago

      I didn't know that. Thanks for that.

    • Ziren Wolf
      Ziren Wolf 8 hours ago


    • MR Dot1
      MR Dot1 2 days ago

      @cdreid9999 first of all, it depends what they willing to pay for it.. and the othr thing is.. Pixar's Monsters University in 2013 took 29 hours /frame render time.. it took up to 80 hours to render a single frame of "The Jungle Book," so Disney had to use tens of thousands of computers from the Google Cloud...

    • cdreid9999
      cdreid9999 2 days ago

      @Jas Bataille Every cgi artis from hobbyist to pro does this by default....

    • cdreid9999
      cdreid9999 2 days ago

      @newage777777 soo.. maya, cinema4d or houdini then? what EVERY studio uses

  • V3ntilator
    V3ntilator 7 hours ago

    CGI is the reason why the practical master Rob Bottin quitted movie industry for the rest of his life.

  • Bluebyyou 21
    Bluebyyou 21 7 hours ago

    Thank you. I couldn't figure out why so many movies over the last couple of years felt... off.

  • Kim Martin
    Kim Martin 8 hours ago

    I don't look for these videos but I have long felt this way. I was remembering the pterodactyl in Jurassic Park 3 and compared that with Jurassic World. So glad to know, I'm not the only one who noticed.

  • Theo Barber
    Theo Barber 9 hours ago

    SWIM (as this would be a breach of contract to talk about) works in Digital Lighting for Weta Digital, the studio that made Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Apparently Peter Jackson (Director of both films) has lost his edge over the years. I live in a small city where a large portion of the population is employed by Weta, and whenever my friends are complaining about work, it's commonly about PJ (as he's called). He's well known for changing his mind at the last minute, and as a result a lot of the shots in The Hobbit were rushed, and SWIM had to re light for new angles that were not planned out from the start. This was a nightmare when you also consider that all the actors had to be shot from weird angles so that Bilbo was waist high next to Gandolf.

  • sheshines4all
    sheshines4all 9 hours ago

    they're not giving enough $$$ to the effects, effects team, etc. , and overpaying their actors.
    side note: no one fucking cares about which bankable star you have attached to your film anymore! we care about whether or not its a good film! shit, get it together!

  • BNSF1995
    BNSF1995 11 hours ago

    I'd much prefer models to CGI. James Rolfe said it best: "Sometimes, it just looks better when there's really something in front of the camera".

  • Spookychris01
    Spookychris01 11 hours ago

    Avatar and black panther...2 of the shittest overhyped movies ever made.

  • HowlingWolf518
    HowlingWolf518 12 hours ago

    The problem is more about lack of resources: VFX companies are being forced to do more work in less time with less pay, because there aren't enough artists and because directors use CGI to fix their own mistakes on set. Bad practical effects stand out too - just watch any Ed Wood movie.

  • Isaac Beard
    Isaac Beard 13 hours ago

    What is the movie at 7:16?

  • Gabriel Land
    Gabriel Land 13 hours ago

    Avatar sucked. I walked out.

    • Gabriel Land
      Gabriel Land 12 hours ago

      @CJS channel I enjoyed Cameron's movies Abyss and Aliens. I don't know what happened to him. Guess he just sold himself out. Money makes whores of us all.

    • CJS channel
      CJS channel 12 hours ago

      I stopped watching Titanic about about 30 minutes and Avatar after about 15 minutes. I could not believe how stupid and cliched it was.

  • A A P M
    A A P M 14 hours ago

    There's no tention nor climax in Black Panther. It's a seriously flawed movie in about every aspect.

  • NicholsKT
    NicholsKT 14 hours ago

    Some of us reached this conclusion a lonngggg time ago. My question is why are there people only just beginning to notice. If more people didn't have such low standards, this trend would never have developed. Stop praising these shitty superhero movies that somehow look faker than cartoons. Cringe-worthy dialogue. Predictable plots, that is when they bother to have a plot. This has been Hollywood's production strategy for over a decade (probably more like two): Comic book conversion/video game CGI cumfests. Yet, there's still such a size-able portion of the viewing audience who swallow this tripe then beg for more.

  • mangle 3.0
    mangle 3.0 15 hours ago

    Ok jurassic park used animatronics jurassic world used only cgi (as far as I know) so of corse jurassic park used physical creatures compared to cgi

  • Club Head
    Club Head 17 hours ago

    Dude lord of the rings had a great story and won several awards .This vid is a waste of time . Graphics don’t win best picture duh .

  • Captain Doomsday
    Captain Doomsday 17 hours ago

    Is the CGI worse, or are the designs and framing worse? People have the decency to hide bad CGI in ways that blend it with the envrionment, but anyone cocky about their CGI will flaunt it, despite it very obviously being CGI.

  • interuniversal321
    interuniversal321 17 hours ago

    For me the worst two sins of CGI are inaccurate physics - my brain picks them out immediately, and often linked to that, motion blur to cover up poor CGI. One of the worst examples for me are some of the broomstick fights in Harry Potter.

  • Calvin Saxon
    Calvin Saxon 18 hours ago

    Pretty simple principle at work: feature creep, a.k.a. software bloat. Yes, it is at work in CGI as well. It's our new reality. "R&D department, meet the Marketing department. You guys will be working together now least as long as there is capitalism. Good luck." Result: great stuff, greater, stuff, fantastic stuff, slightly less fantastic bloated stuff, etc.

  • Roberto Hradec
    Roberto Hradec 18 hours ago

    I work in the VFX industry since 2004... and the reason things look more artificial is simply MONEY!! The amount of money payed for the vfx studios in Jurassic Park and LOTR is simply waaaaaaaaay more than it's payed today. There's more studios, doing more work for less, and the film industry wants more for less, of course... Hence Digital Domain and Rhythm And Hues declared bankruptcy in the recent years because they simply couldn't operate at size they where. To make things worse, most big VFX Studios are opening branches in Asia, where workforce is even cheaper, to try to maintain the doors opened.
    Today is all about doing something fast and "good enough", for a fraction of money from 10 years ago... and it's getting worse and worse...

    The reflection of lack of money is excess of pressure on the workforce... People working for long hours and weekends for months... (and in some countries, without extra payments)
    That's why vfx is getting worse and worse... it's simple really!
    For example, ILM had to CONVINCE Spielberg that CGI could be used for the dinosaurs... He didn't want to do it... he though it would never be as good as go-motion (the motion-blurred stop motion used before cgi)... There was a lot of passion and effort to make it look absolutely amazing with the poor computers they had available at the time. Basically, digital artists WANTED to do it because it was fun, cool and just awesome to do it that way!!!!!

    Theses days, artists want to go home and see their kids and NOT HAVE TO WORK ON WEEKENDS AGAIN, like they have being doing for the past 4 months because the vfx studio can't hire more people because there's no budget!!!!!!!!

    not to mention the lack of senior people to hire, depending on the country you are and the VISA laws...

    it's a shame really...

    my 2 cents...

    PS: WETA was the vfx studio who did the VFX for The Hobbit, and in my opinion, they haven't being very good in compositing at all (compositing is mixing CG with real images). Just watch King Kong and you'll see how bad it is. It was a poor choice to trust the WHOLE compositing of The Hobbit to Weta since they are not the best with compositing, specially in this case where compositing was ESSENTIAL to make the RED 48 fps digital footage look as film... MPC and ILM would make it WAAAAAY better, and you wouldn't notice the difference. But WETA is not very strong in compositing... in my humble opnion...

  • Bob Coleman
    Bob Coleman 20 hours ago

    Great comments on here!! Totally agree with this video. Just compare the T-Rex in the first Jurassic Park to the dinos at the beginning of Transformers: Age of Extinction. How can the T-Rex which was over 20 years old look way better than the dinos in Tranformers???

  • Roland Gonzales
    Roland Gonzales 20 hours ago

    Cgi turns to crap when physics is thrown out the window or when things are moving so fast that it's clear no person would be able to function and make fighting decisions in reality. One doesn't need a degree in physics, the mind naturally recognizes this and discounts what it is seeing as fake even if the person viewing the movie is impressed with the story or the set and costume design in the movie.

  • Crazybawrks
    Crazybawrks 21 hour ago

    I believe we call it "The Uncanny Valley"

  • Ddot Cdot
    Ddot Cdot 21 hour ago +3

    CGI hasn't gotten worse. FILMMAKERS have gotten worse.

  • Timo Noorman
    Timo Noorman 22 hours ago

    and why the blackpanther vs winter soldier is better than black panther vs killmonger. because chadwick boseman and sebastian stan used choreography and no gci that was used in the black panther movie

  • Timo Noorman
    Timo Noorman 22 hours ago

    the thing with lotr gci is. peter jackson had more time with making the gci. in the hobbit the kind ran out of time

  • BonyXVIII
    BonyXVIII 23 hours ago

    It's not getting worse, we're just becoming over-reliant on it

  • Christoph Rondeau
    Christoph Rondeau 23 hours ago

    There's also the fact that you were nearly 20 years younger when Lord of the Rings was released, and most of what you are disappointed by is copies or sequels to the original. Movie ratings generally go down depending on the age of the viewer. Older people just aren't as impressed by movies... now you and I are both older viewers than we once were.

  • Rocky Balboa
    Rocky Balboa 23 hours ago

    Most movies use CGI and compositing, its just do good you would never notice it.
    The Social Network for example (winklevoss twins)
    Brokeback Mountain (hundreds of cgi sheep)
    And pretty much every other modern movie. Lots of them will adjust backgrounds to make it appear more pleasing or give an increased feeling of presence inside a certain time period or geographical location.

  • flipingboredcritic
    flipingboredcritic Day ago +1

    Some CGI can look bad cause Studios rush the production. Not giving enough time for the CG artist to render out the scenes fully. When you have Studios rushing the CGI scenes, this is when you get bad CG, most of the time. Not to mention, those CG artists working over time to finish those CGI scenes, usually don’t get paid overtime. Blame the studios for rushing the production.

  • RP Mc'murphy
    RP Mc'murphy Day ago

    I felt exactly the same about the hobbit.iwas looking forward to it so much, then slowly, it just started to annoy me more and more
    the scene with legolas is the here is the best example .by the time of the battle of the five army's i just wanted it to end, leave the cinema and never watch a hobbit/LOTR movie ever again..

  • Peter de Man
    Peter de Man Day ago

    I agree. I just looked at some old movies that use no cgi. They look and feel so much better, its real... And you say it correct the cgi models have no weight. autotune for music and CGI for film both do the same. It's ruining the art and make it less enjoyable to watch and listen.

  • spidertown1
    spidertown1 Day ago +1

    cut corners and things look worse ..also it all comes down to who does it and how good do they want it to look .. a stradivarius is still considered to be the best violin because of the way it was made and who made it ,some people are just better at doing CGI and some people will be happy with cheaper less impressive CGI .

  • Yuri Lopes
    Yuri Lopes Day ago +3

    This is happening because studios wants to make those movies in a fast way , to sell fast and make another movie, and sell again.
    Artists are creating new realities, even when you as artist are creating something that you already made, each experience is new. You need to test things, is a circle of planning, making and testing, and you need time to do this.
    Artist aren't computers, they can't just press buttons and create, well... actually even computer need time to work.

  • Mihael Stojanovif

    i dont think that you are right because i think it lookds better in hobbit thajn in lotr it doesnt look spongy at all

  • CinemaSans
    CinemaSans Day ago

    It's getting better in the Marvel films, it's getting worse in the DC films!

  • LaSeanAbSOLute
    LaSeanAbSOLute Day ago

    The Hobbit has the worst CGI I've ever seen.

  • Rick L.
    Rick L. Day ago

    The technology still hasn't developed far enough.

  • 5jerry1
    5jerry1 Day ago +2

    ~ Although it's dated and has limitations, I would take practical effects ANY day.

  • Josh Abrey
    Josh Abrey Day ago

    Hammer on the head bud

  • MzNCNYC20
    MzNCNYC20 Day ago

    I totally agree with what you're saying but to the average movie goer who just wants to escape and to tell their friends they saw it, they aren't that technically and critical about the effects, if it looks and sounds like garbage, any rational human being won't waste their money. and why the hell are you watching these movies in IMAX? smh LOL that alone is expensive and sucks.

  • De LaMar
    De LaMar Day ago

    Very nice thoughts here. But its very simple IMHO. ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) is the key here. Its the #1 CGI company in the world. Basically every blockbuster hit movie is done by them. Also most mentioned in this video btw. ILM became so thought after during the last decades that they simply cannot keep up with the demand anymore. And as all businesses do, they prioritise based on budget and deadline. In other words, the bigger the movie, the more resources get attached to it. Simple as that.

  • Nikolei Falkon
    Nikolei Falkon Day ago

    the answer is limited budget+hardware+deadline, add recently graduated 3D artists and you have the full answer.

  • Richard Streeter

    just enjoy the movie

  • The Dark Lord
    The Dark Lord Day ago

    CGI makes good movies suck

  • Marek Cabala
    Marek Cabala Day ago

    Great vid. I just wonder why you have not mentioned THE MATRIX

  • Graham Houston
    Graham Houston Day ago

    CGI sucks because every man and his dog can do it. It goes out to tender and the cheapest wins.. it’s kinda like people looking for a wedding photographer.. but they end up with a guy that has a professional camera!

  • Sean Absher
    Sean Absher Day ago

    the action sequence in black panther was caused by an extremely short production time for the effects in that and some other scenes, there's a youtube video that explains this.

  • Husnain Malik
    Husnain Malik Day ago

    Shut the fuck up mother! When you can't afford to make this type of stuff you judge others work? Why don't you get a fucking life? Everything is fake? Just you are real right? Stop being such a big asshole who cares if cgi is bad on these movies people enjoyed it with kids and their families and these movies served it's purpose so shut the fuck up looser and get a real job.

  • CharlieFoxtrot
    CharlieFoxtrot Day ago

    I think part of the reason the LOTR movies work so well visually is that they weren't always aiming for photo-realism. Rather, they were aiming for a stylized dream-like atmosphere and feeling. The backgrounds of many scenes are digital matte paintings, and they feel just like that: paintings.

    CESAR ALEJO Day ago

    center row, what's your opinion on the cgi of Godzilla/the monsterverse, I think it looks realistic enough, and not glossy or rubbery, but I wanted to hear this from a very intelligent person about this subject

  • Master Lup
    Master Lup Day ago

    Because it’s more quantity>quality now.

  • Cryptonymicus
    Cryptonymicus Day ago

    There are only so many people who are artistically or technically gifted and the larger the industry gets the more people you have who are merely "competent", if that, which is why we now we get several hundred movies per year that are mostly crap, by which I mean the stories and the dialog are garbage, and so are the visuals.

  • EinsamPibroch278

    Can't build a giant robot? Build a miniature, like the Stop Motion Classics.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Day ago

    The good artists are dying off. The new artists cannot draw like the masters. The young artists are shit.

  • U.N. Owen
    U.N. Owen Day ago

    +Center Row; along with the total dearth of any actual plots (cartoon films such as all this deck is simply eye candy), there's been ZERO in the way if films for ADULTS (and for anyone reading this saying; 'I'm of legal age', that is laughable. An 'adult'is assume who's mature emotionally - NOT just physically). Films are made to be as action oriented - devoid of actual okie as possible for the sunken rain that it translates easier (can be seen by a wider audience). I know. I'm in this business, and it makes me sick. It's all candy.

  • Cleric2g
    Cleric2g Day ago

    Ray tracing. that... is the key.

  • Amanda Lynn Music

    Follow the dollar signs. If they can cut costs by marketing and selling low quality they'll do it. People still buy it.

  • sPongebItch bObface


    MLGODZILLA420 Day ago

    The Virgin Modern CGI vs the Chad Godzilla Suit

  • StoneHobbit21
    StoneHobbit21 Day ago +14

    This is the epitome of a TVclip video done right. Ben uses no lengthy intro, doesn’t pretend to know more than he does, and uses examples that actually demonstrate his point and speak to our longing to truly be immersed in a movie. The 10 minutes flew by.

  • Hfnfhfh Ncncncnfnf

    Just a thought maybe it's because of the budget

  • Shane Finn
    Shane Finn Day ago

    Use C G only when nessary exactly it's all money

  • Shane Finn
    Shane Finn Day ago

    in a hurry to finish the film an CGcombined with real life is always best

  • amanda J
    amanda J Day ago

    Yeah makes sense how Lord of the Rings feels more realistic compared to the hobbit and why I’ve watched LOTR more than the Hobbit. I felt like they used more of the natural habitat of New Zealand location wise, along with you bringing up what Andy Serkis has done for gollum of the camera tracking his natural movements for lotr.

  • Jeffrey Calzaloia

    It's been done to death. We need 2D animation to make a comeback. HAND-DRAWN 2D animation.

  • Beth Shepherd
    Beth Shepherd Day ago

    I have a few ideas of why this might be, now that you bring it up. I'm supposed to be starting a program doing 3D models and animations, so while I don't have much experience or knowledge yet, I've looked into it and film theory in general a little bit.
    I think outside of what you said, it's possible that directors are deciding or being pushed into deciding to do CG even when it's not the right tool for the job. There's a lot of demand on blockbusters to up the spectacle a lot and make it larger and larger than life, to exaggerate things more. I think this may explain two effects that are making CG worse. The first, is that CG *isn't* always the best tool for the job. Practical effects tend to feel far more grounded, while CGI effects can be disorienting as they depart from reality more and more in order to feel 'bigger'. Tied into that idea, is the fact that action movies and similar sorts of movies are always striving to be bigger and more spectacular than the last. It means the monsters and the terrain and other things are becoming more extreme, to a point where they're becoming less relatable and less believable. It gets easier to see through the magic because it's too much. Another TVclipr pointed out that the T-Rex in the original Jurassic Park is seen in the frame between 2 cars, which makes its size instantly understandable, because we see cars in real life all the time. The T-Rex shown in Jurassic World has no frame of reference. The vehicle it's seen next to isn't a real vehicle, so how would we understand its size?
    I think these things could be playing a part in the execution of CG and could be why it's starting to look less real.

  • b ryan
    b ryan Day ago

    CGI in porn next.

  • Tim Jacobs
    Tim Jacobs Day ago

    The Hobbit looked like a video game

  • Mariano Rodríguez

    CGI Yoda is a pain in my brain

  • Mariano Rodríguez
    Mariano Rodríguez 2 days ago

    How bout Terminator 2 vs any crap that came out of the same franchise after? Movie making takes time, talent and willingness to walk the hard path ir order to produce gems. Best edited movies, such as Star Wars, Apocalypse Now, Alien, you name it, were cut on an analogue machine by freaking hand.

  • WilfredIvanhoe
    WilfredIvanhoe 2 days ago

    I have to agree about the lighting mentioned here. CONTRAST is important. Most CGI models look pale and filtered. And all movements are unrealistically fast and -- there's no mass and inertia present.
    And can you remember any major fantasy, sci-fi or superhero movie from 2000's where "night" or "dark" scenes are NOT just boring, pale, completely unrealistic green?

  • Adam Gee
    Adam Gee 2 days ago

    Growing up with aliens/Ghostbusters/t2/Jurassic park.
    Watching on vhs and theater was fuckin crazy.
    I actually hate "4k "
    Road warrior kills everything.
    T2/ the abyss = photoshop
    Robocop 3 sucked dink.

  • Pat
    Pat 2 days ago

    laughs in thanos in endgame

  • Jacob Brown
    Jacob Brown 2 days ago

    buy glasses u blind

  • We-Shall- Overcome-The-Tory-Government

    It just depends on the budget but I think they look alright .
    I agree with some of the CGI in the Hobbit trilogy , but I disagree with you on many modern movies , it does comedown to budget and the hobbit is not going to have the same budget as the LOFTR trilogy .
    Look at the Transformer trilogies there great and look absolutely amazing .

  • rk h
    rk h 2 days ago

    the best CGI movie of all time is Blade Runner. wait, they didnt use CGI...exactly

  • Jennifer Terault
    Jennifer Terault 2 days ago

    Something to remember is that the CGI industry itself has changed. Its less in the hands of the creators, and more a studio thing. Like any big organization, you have politics, people not wanting to give their opinion. Add to this that most output in hollywood and tv now goes through very small number of gatekeepers who sign off on the final product. Unrelated topic, but thats why you see the market now saturated with "woman-centric' and 'female friendly" stuff. It isn't that an entire industry suddenly liked this stuff overnight. Its that writers who have to feed families will write ANYTHING to get paid, and that literally means appealing to any idea gatekeepers may prefer. Pro-feminist ideas can't hurt with these people, and may help. The eventual public view is irrelevant.
    So it goes for CGI. Its an industry unto itself where people pay and get paid. I think the CGI changes are complex. Also, can't agree about Avatar. Thought it looked gimmicky for its time, a CGI demo reel.

  • D
    D 2 days ago

    Agrede 100%

  • Eric De Ford
    Eric De Ford 2 days ago

    It’s the animation!

  • Jim A
    Jim A 2 days ago

    CGI is the scourge of movies. Just as autotune is to music. "Filmmakers" are using it as a crutch for lack of talent, vision, and ingenuity. Nothing like the 70's

  • - -
    - - 2 days ago

    color and background light.

  • - -
    - - 2 days ago


  • Umar Munir
    Umar Munir 2 days ago

    Hollywood is outsourcing the CGI work to lower income countries to save money, including companies in Pakistan and India. I know this because one of my ex-colleagues (named Farhan) worked with a team which did CGI for Harry Potter (idk which one) and 300. They're saving money as per hour wages in Pakistan for CGI (and everything else) are low as compared to Europe and North America therefore, companies have mind blowing computers to render mind blowing cgi.

  • Adam
    Adam 2 days ago

    Yeah, honestly was beggining to think it was just me being too critical of CGI, I feel like the artists don't know what realistic looks like anymore

  • BoiMugoi
    BoiMugoi 2 days ago

    So glad I'm not alone on Black Panther. Said this about the cgi and lack of weight as soon as the lights in the theater came on.
    Living in a very liberal city, trying to bring this up was impossible. Everyone around me clearly didn't care about the actual film itself as a product, just the majority black cast/crew. Conversations literally devolved into people yelling
    "it's the best movie EVER made, cause context matters"

  • EpicShadow Gaming
    EpicShadow Gaming 2 days ago

    i will admit though godzilla has some pretty sick CGI

  • B Smith
    B Smith 2 days ago

    This video popped up in my feed again so I watched it a second time. While my opinion stays the same for the most part, I do believe now that within the next couple years, the number 1 Biggest change that’s going to occur with CGI movies is AI Ray Tracing.
    It’s getting cheaper and easier now; once people would buy Film cameras because they were cheaper and Blockbuster Movies would use the new but extremely expensive Digital cameras and technology because it was starting to get better.
    Now, Digital technology is commonplace in our society, down to high quality cameras in our phones for cheap compared to what it used to be, and AI Developers are getting better and better with AI Ray Tracing systems that can create uncannily realistic videos.
    Once this technology is good enough to be implemented into the CGI Movie Development process, even the shittiest CGI movies in 5-10 years will still look Breathtakingly realistic.

    FAIR/PLAY 2 days ago

    There are too many factors that can attribute to the lack of quality CGI in modern movies; time management seems to a major factor, which is why BP ended up the way it did.

  • mk win
    mk win 2 days ago

    I don’t have an answer, but I’ve noticed differences too. I just put it down to less money/time being spent on it. The point you made about fully cgi characters when there in their suits is something I notice with many Spider-Man films. When he’s in action and all cgi, he looks rubber, weightless, cartoony and terrible.

  • Shaher Abo kaf
    Shaher Abo kaf 2 days ago

    You Guys really complain about everything, every year new movies come out better and better , and all i hear is braging about details that no one is going to notice
    And matter of fact, it is not the designers fault, it is the audiences fault for not appreciating anything

  • Morty Smith
    Morty Smith 2 days ago

    2:00 neither they both look pretty shitty lmao

  • chuthemaster
    chuthemaster 2 days ago

    I agree with you. I do think it's about the physics. Nobody jumps normally. The characters' body weights are weirdly generated.

    ЖЄЙѲКЯЇЇЙ 2 days ago

    I have

  • Mario Martinez
    Mario Martinez 2 days ago

    I think what is key is the frame of reference. I grew up on comics and anime, I still enjoy some of them. But comic scenes and anime/manga scenes are, of course, created by animators and illustrators. For the most part they look cartoony. F/X in those films never bothered me as much since they copy the frame of reference. Other media, such as books have already their frame of reference in real-world locations that might exist, or our own imagination creates them in what we see in the world. That is why some of it is blaring. Compare the F/X in The Jungle Book to that of The Hobbit, it is so different and blaring, making the F/X in films such as Hobbit.

  • deadstar44
    deadstar44 2 days ago

    It's obvious you don't know shit about CGI, how they're produced and how time-constraining the tight deadlines are hence the artists have to deliver thousands of VFX shots under constant pressure by studios and directors that don't know what the fuck they want changing their mind on a whim.

  • Arun S P
    Arun S P 2 days ago

    This video has so many wrongs, I just don't have enough time to correct it.

  • Bas games
    Bas games 2 days ago


  • King Kilo
    King Kilo 2 days ago

    Year 2000, some films have good CGI, some bad. Year 2010, some films have good CGI, some bad. Year 2019, some films have good CGI, some bad. Whats the point of this video?

  • Jack Writer
    Jack Writer 2 days ago

    How did you read my mind?!?

  • opiux1
    opiux1 2 days ago

    Black Panther a fantastic movie? Bwahaha blow it out your ass!