Wizard Money Makes No Sense!

  • Published on Oct 11, 2016
  • Today J discusses how money in the wizarding world of Harry Potter makes no sense, how money works and why we value gold?
    Have you ever spent way to much money on something?!
    Wizarding Currency :: harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Wizarding_currency
    Harry's Family History :: www.pottermore.com/writing-by-jk-rowling/the-potter-family
    Why We Use Gold :: www.livescience.com/32863-gold-best-element-money.html
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Comments • 9 513

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha Day ago

    if Harry potter is Rich why he not ask help hagrid to build a new house on somewhere?

  • Sarah Tan
    Sarah Tan Day ago

    Why do you sound like kermit? Aside from the voice, do you break up your words and inject your inflections like that on purpose?

  • thunder star
    thunder star 2 days ago

    My dad is a wizard and me mom a wich...so I am of to the Hogwarts express

  • Bish Who
    Bish Who 2 days ago

    One time I spent $5 on half an Oreo

  • Koley Turner
    Koley Turner 2 days ago +2

    To answer your questions, Harry's grandparents were already very old when they had Harry's father, and Harry's ancestors created many very important tonics and potions including skelegrow, and they became very wealthy because of that, they basically sold their ideas, sorry but your theory is completely wrong

  • Leroy Scott
    Leroy Scott 3 days ago

    That isn't exchange fraud... that's just good business

  • IronicRidge
    IronicRidge 3 days ago

    The gemino curse duplicated gold in the deathly hallows

  • Tabassum Saleem
    Tabassum Saleem 4 days ago

    But hermione's purse can help it easy to carry around all those coins

  • Sally Lloyd
    Sally Lloyd 5 days ago

    For goodness sake. It’s fantasy world. Why does it have to make sense. It’s not real.

  • zeb jensen
    zeb jensen 5 days ago

    Oh hay do the reason why the Omni oculars where so expensive was because there was a fire at the where house making them. At the factory onmioculous vision whos Moto reads we give you the power to see all come and going, they after a long day of making there wonder product a janitor knocked a candle into a wast bin casing the fire that burned it down. Ironically they did not see this coming and did not have the for sight to take out insurance and the factory went under casing the drastic rise in prices............"you statement is more likely I just think my answer is funnier."

  • Shweta
    Shweta 6 days ago +1

    im 7yrs old

    • Shweta
      Shweta 6 days ago +1

      how old are u?

  • Shweta
    Shweta 6 days ago +1

    i am a child and i know the periodic table
    heliem lithiem beryliem
    boron carbon nytrigen oxigen flooreen neon

    and much more

  • Shweta
    Shweta 6 days ago

    wich country are u?Well im in england and hope u are too

  • lucifero17
    lucifero17 6 days ago +1

    This comparison to real money is kind of senseless because in magical world there are galleon items, sickle items and knut item you buy different priced things with different coins

  • carolina Gonzalez
    carolina Gonzalez 7 days ago

    the Potter family is super rich since the great great great great grandpa was the one who created the potion to grow the bones and other potions more and also another great great grandpa he added a lot more money to the family and Harry inherited everything from the godfather that is Blacks family money (old money) and I think that he also have Snape's money

  • Ryan Michaud
    Ryan Michaud 7 days ago

    I once paid a ridiculous amount of money on socks

  • The Last Game
    The Last Game 8 days ago

    Is it worth nothing? Someone should check his facts. Money is worth or backed by gold or the principle quantity of value in the material the country develops. Hahaha. "It's worth because we believe it is"ha, who do you think we are Australia.

  • Salted Caramel
    Salted Caramel 8 days ago

    I watched James Charles before watching this, ya girl went from Hey sister!!! to Heeeey brother!

  • Chhuti Maiti
    Chhuti Maiti 8 days ago

    I've been pronouncing 'knuts' as nuts all these years! 😒

  • Jonathan Stern
    Jonathan Stern 9 days ago

    Harry's maternal grand-parents likely had their minds erased, while his aunt either didn't need it because of their falling out or got her memory restored when Harry was given to them. As for his dad; it's unknown.

  • Nah I Human
    Nah I Human 9 days ago


  • Virexify
    Virexify 10 days ago +1

    yeah i spent money on ur socks

  • Johann Wolf
    Johann Wolf 10 days ago

    Actually, banks in the US haven’t exchanged the dollar for gold with citizens since 1933 when Roosevelt began gold confiscation. Silver was used until 1964. The gold standard that ended in 1971 only referred to transfer of gold between governments-not citizens.

  • Sascha Johnsen Nice
    Sascha Johnsen Nice 10 days ago

    Harry must have got all that money from donations due to his stories surrounding him and all the hope that came with it.
    Blacks family can't be a Sirius answer. After all he dies much later than Potters enrollment and Bellatrix wouldn't have done so although she has got a lot as seen in the last book.

  • Grae Jordan
    Grae Jordan 12 days ago

    prtend i made a good pun thats worth pinning.

  • ImmortalKNiGhT
    ImmortalKNiGhT 12 days ago

    Spent 2k on a mobile game. I win

  • Vincent Earth
    Vincent Earth 13 days ago

    I hate Harry's dad

  • Rickard Rakkoon
    Rickard Rakkoon 13 days ago

    I, for a moment when i watched the 1st few videos, I thought you two were the same person and you dressed like your deceased brother. At the end when you say "ill see you in another life brother" I took it as he was..... Gone. It was endearing and disturbing at the same time.

  • Miguel Chavarin
    Miguel Chavarin 13 days ago

    That opens the question. How on earth is magic economy structured? I mean, the only things kids are apparently taught at school are super useless magic like defense and potions. What are the qualifications of someone from Hogwarts? What jobs can they apply to? Basically if you are a wizard you are condemned to work for the ministry or stay poor? (Or both)

  • Bored beaver
    Bored beaver 13 days ago

    What’s a knapsack

  • natashia nelson
    natashia nelson 13 days ago

    they are mentioned when he looks in the mirror of erised i was about to call it the mirror of azkaban wrong book not in the movie but in the book it mentions that he sees several older family members of his family standing behind his parents and what about his aunt, uncle and cousin there here consistently.

  • Beauty Central
    Beauty Central 13 days ago

    That can’t be good for your K- Knees 😂😂

  • zTea
    zTea 13 days ago

    Well I mean y’all Americans have a terrible system overall

  • Iris
    Iris 13 days ago

    In one of the books I think Sirius mentions that Harry’s grandparents took him under their wing and were very kind to him

  • Hsiang-Fan Lee
    Hsiang-Fan Lee 13 days ago

    Video sucks

  • Dragon Roar
    Dragon Roar 14 days ago

    This is ma-k-ing me go k-nuts.

  • Epic4567 K
    Epic4567 K 14 days ago


  • mn nax
    mn nax 14 days ago

    well ! if am offending some one, sorry,
    but i do study people, and the i find the extremities in them, like giving values to imaginable people or world which has nothing to do in reality, they love them so much with heart that it takes major place in there hearts which is big loss of humanity.
    we do love living in extra ordinary world, wait for it, it is called heaven, the best creation in places from God given to human ONLY. you just have to fulfill one condition dont put partners to him.
    people are crazy comparing this to be cent percent real.

  • alyouresocool
    alyouresocool 14 days ago

    It always annoyed me that when Harry and Ron went to the Yule Ball, Harry didn't cough up some of his riches to get Ron some new robes too -- He was clearly upset at having to wear the ratty old hand-me-downs.
    Harry, *Bubby*, when the train comes in, everybody rides... (Or you know, at least your best friend)

  • seraph15
    seraph15 14 days ago

    spoiler he didn't even say how rich he is

  • Joshua B
    Joshua B 14 days ago

    As far as your plan to buy galleons with muggle money then sell it back to a muggle based on its gold value, it is likely that wizard money has some sort of enchantment that would prevent them from seeing/touching it.

  • Joshua B
    Joshua B 14 days ago

    I know it is not gonna help that much, but are these translations from Wizard Money to USD based on the 90s value of the dollar or today's values?

  • zORg alex
    zORg alex 15 days ago

    I guess galleons, since they are mint by goblins, are not that easy to melt. Aren't they created by goblins? Huh?

  • MLG Gaming
    MLG Gaming 15 days ago +2

    I spent 25pence on a freddo that was useless

  • yesterdaysguy
    yesterdaysguy 16 days ago

    6:41 Is your answer.

  • rizkywhiskaz
    rizkywhiskaz 19 days ago

    Galleon, sickle, Knut, were old system of money that uses Gold, Silver, and copper, 1 gold equal several silver and a lot of copper.
    that system is an old system used in old world, so you could say that the wizard still use old days system. and i think if they still have something in Knuts, then they managed to escape inflacy since a long time. and that was pretty amazing.

  • Chris bromley-west
    Chris bromley-west 19 days ago

    heavy? HEAVY?! what are you? some kind of muggle? undetectable extension charm on a moleskin wallet. moleskin means nobody but you can take from it, undetectable extension charm makes it essentially weightless and as deep as you want it. like why even bother going to gringots?

  • Kahyehm MD
    Kahyehm MD 19 days ago


  • Kay Thwe Khin
    Kay Thwe Khin 21 day ago

    You have scythor, blastoise, and something that looks like Yveltal and you're here talking about Harry Potter.

  • raynn
    raynn 21 day ago

    This is driving me *knuts*

  • Fyrecracker
    Fyrecracker 22 days ago

    You do know that voldemrt killed all the potters

  • Leslie Porter
    Leslie Porter 22 days ago

    That's why we use base 10 digital currency. And yes, it needs to be backed by physical assets. Great video.

  • Will Degenhardt
    Will Degenhardt 22 days ago

    It was 15 galleons

  • N Hansen
    N Hansen 23 days ago

    The more I look into the background of Harry Potter the more I'm convinced the Potter family was cursed, and I'm thinking the deathly hallows has something to do with it.

  • Ali Khan
    Ali Khan 23 days ago

    Bad example with the $13, because wizards can only buy wizard things, that come at wizard prices. For example: this chocolate bar is 4 sickles. Not this chocolate bar is $1.80.
    I hope you understand what I mean.

  • taavi wickman
    taavi wickman 23 days ago

    Very interesting video. I would like to lift the issue of inflation. Inflation would arguably triple the value of any wizard currency.
    It’s also wise to consider the difference in the production of books that would be possible in wizarding and non wizarding worlds. The value of a wizard textbook, such as Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, would be a leather bound book. Compared to the hard or soft cover versions sold in stores today the price point would be significantly higher.

  • Walter Brigges
    Walter Brigges 24 days ago

    Not just gold but silver too

  • Jason King
    Jason King 24 days ago

    You mean to tell me humans don't waste money on $70 - $100 dollar glasses of any type? Huh... that's odd.

  • kashiandevs
    kashiandevs 24 days ago

    I once missed my flight to Amsterdam so I bought a bus ticket to travel overnight and get there, then proceeded to miss my flight back from Amsterdam so I bought another flight ticket that flew me to Helsinki, and then another one from Helsinki to Stockholm, missed another flight meant to take me home from Stockholm, bought another bus ticket to travel back home overnight! I burned through cash like fires do California. It was painful!

  • CheekyMonkey 9
    CheekyMonkey 9 24 days ago

    Yes. An £150 keyboard that I used once.

  • Toddxic
    Toddxic 25 days ago

    Wait so Lily is a gold digger

    • Toddxic
      Toddxic 25 days ago

      Because she liked Snape then dated James in their last year (when I guess he had the money to himself because of his parents) omg

  • Petro Lombaard
    Petro Lombaard 25 days ago

    You just lost the thread for a minute there, didn't you....

  • Mradamgamer Adamparent

    those sooks

  • vVRichardVv
    vVRichardVv 26 days ago

    Rowling just didn’t think about the omnicollar price enough

    ROFL TURKEY 27 days ago

    It's not bonkers...it's knuts

  • The Truth
    The Truth 27 days ago

    you didnt account for inflation

    • The Truth
      The Truth 27 days ago

      of fantastic beasts and where to find them i mean.

    • The Truth
      The Truth 27 days ago

      the first scene is 1899 so 1 galleon over time to today is $223.94

  • polemius01
    polemius01 27 days ago

    Rowling's wizard money system is a parody of the British monetary system before its reform mid-Twentieth Century.
    Not a big stretch to find that information.

  • Steven Wilkins
    Steven Wilkins 27 days ago

    I thought James and Lily were Aurers?

  • Justin Chang
    Justin Chang 28 days ago

    You are a lizard harry,

  • TsukinekoHeika
    TsukinekoHeika 29 days ago

    The more important question is why they needed currency. They can just use magic to make whatever they want appear, right? It's the number one plot hole in the wizarding universe. They just don't utilize magic enough. An economy based on equal exchange, item for item, would have made some kind of sense. But that's not going to be practical in a long term. But really, the entire concept of diagon ally was so cool I try not to think about it as simply 'useless' Why couldn't someone just grab some dirt and a few leaves and transfigure it all into whatever they want? Why do they have to buy it? Buying is something that is used to control a population (and for convenience) but blah blah. But really, the entire concept of diagon ally was so cool I try not to think about it as simply 'useless'. Also, the weight of the coins is likely accounted for by a weightless spell put into the coins when minting them, how ever that is done. Like how Hermione can use a very small pouch with an expansion spell...that had to have a weightless spell, too, since she had it full up with books and just about anything they could need. Like a tent! Yeah, I'll stop there.

  • Richard Genck
    Richard Genck 29 days ago

    We should return to the gold standard. Just saying.

  • Trish Tinney
    Trish Tinney 29 days ago

    Queenie and Tina's parents died of Dragon pox, was it common?

  • Matt Hull
    Matt Hull 29 days ago

    Haven't read through all the comments but had a skim through the most recent and can't see that anyone else has picked up on the fact that the numbers 17 and 29 are both prime numbers meaning they are only divisible by themselves and 1. I think J K Rowling wanted to pick numbers that made no sense when comparing to modern currency systems to add to the magic of the currency rather than basing it on a logical numerical system like the decimal system. Just a thought! :D

  • Bernie Dadoof
    Bernie Dadoof 29 days ago

    They do teach math in the wizarding world. Its taught by the parents before the age of 11.

  • burns0100
    burns0100 29 days ago

    $70 on a pair of socks... just one pair. Bloody good socks though.

    • burns0100
      burns0100 23 days ago

      No I understood it. One can never have enough socks.

    • LangThoughts
      LangThoughts 23 days ago

      +burns0100 It's a reference to what he claims to see in the mirror of Erised in the Philosopher's Stone, though we know now it is Ariana alive. Though the obvious joke would be calling you "Dobby". I don't know why my mind went to that little reference.

    • burns0100
      burns0100 23 days ago

      Haha, one could think so with a purchase like that.

    • LangThoughts
      LangThoughts 23 days ago +1

      Are you Dumbledore?

  • ian perkes
    ian perkes Month ago


  • Serena Davis
    Serena Davis Month ago

    When you think about it, our time system make no sense. I mean, 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks in a year, 365 days in a year.

  • Calvin Friend
    Calvin Friend Month ago

    Ok I’m high and these numbers are confusing

  • MH Gaming
    MH Gaming Month ago

    It is actually 0.01 not 0.1 you noob

  • Peggie Baker
    Peggie Baker Month ago

    I’ve blown my whole paycheck one time I had an anime convention but that’s about it

  • DarkDroidDoesGaming

    Maybe wizards use and extending charm on their wallets to hold all their money

  • Sanket Mehrotra
    Sanket Mehrotra Month ago

    I recall a subject taken by Hermoine in their third year : Arithmancy or something similar. Could be the math you're looking for at Hogwarts

  • Eric Abbott
    Eric Abbott Month ago

    I spent 3 dollars to see The Last Jedi

  • Freya Barclay
    Freya Barclay Month ago

    The intro kills me!!!! So good!!!!!!!

  • kuramasan
    kuramasan Month ago

    I always assumed the larger Potter family was murdered by Voldemort...

  • Sumosexy17
    Sumosexy17 Month ago

    Harry’s grandparents were mentioned once, in the fifth book, when Sirius was talking to Harry when he moved out of home at 16 and he went to live with the potters

  • Sarah Boey
    Sarah Boey Month ago

    That time when you open up a Smarty pack and you see that it’s just your favourite colour Smarty

  • Benjamin Waterman
    Benjamin Waterman Month ago

    The k's in words such as knowledge, knight, and knuts were historically unsilent. It's modern English that does otherwise. Just sayin'.

  • SCGamer
    SCGamer Month ago

    v bucks so many v bucks

  • Chimpman91 Gameplay uk

    It's obvious Harry had family's money passed down
    So that's how Potter is rich

  • Lexi LPS
    Lexi LPS Month ago

    I think the reason they start magic school at 11 so that they learn math and stuff in elementary school

  • Mist1184 X
    Mist1184 X Month ago

    8:45min to say 5-10seconds his grandfather sold hair products and sold the company. “Dislike” should have googled.

  • tom D05
    tom D05 Month ago

    i bought a $2000 dollar wallet

  • the food guy
    the food guy Month ago

    I spend 10.7 mil on 78,000 buckets of KFC.

  • Danny
    Danny Month ago

    Similar to old English currency; you had a pound, which was 20 schillings and a schilling, which was 12 pence. I think it is fitting for the setting of the Harry Potter world to have an old money system.

  • Tera Edwards
    Tera Edwards Month ago

    Actually, Harry's grandparents are mentioned at least once in a conversation Sirius has with Harry about how he used to stay with James' family during holidays. I always assume Voldemort killed them all.

    AMAZED WORM Month ago

    I knut understand this

  • Heather Haynes
    Heather Haynes Month ago

    Who names there son fleamont

  • TŁB JPøpRøxž
    TŁB JPøpRøxž Month ago

    It's not gowduh it's gold

  • james Taylor
    james Taylor Month ago

    Its the philosophers stone