Wizard Money Makes No Sense!

  • Published on Oct 11, 2016
  • Today J discusses how money in the wizarding world of Harry Potter makes no sense, how money works and why we value gold?
    Have you ever spent way to much money on something?!
    Wizarding Currency :: harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Wizarding_currency
    Harry's Family History :: www.pottermore.com/writing-by-jk-rowling/the-potter-family
    Why We Use Gold :: www.livescience.com/32863-gold-best-element-money.html
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Comments • 9 295

  • John Adams
    John Adams 11 hours ago

    I once spent 7grand on a pair of super bowl tickets to impress an Instagram model I meant on tinder. She was alot of fun for the two months we lasted. Still not worth it though........

  • Zidj Santos
    Zidj Santos 11 hours ago


  • Sarah Burlingame
    Sarah Burlingame 13 hours ago

    I spent 60 bucks on a stuffed animal

  • Ylliaster Games
    Ylliaster Games 21 hour ago

    SuperCarlinBrothers: At roughly 3:23 you use a term to explain a concept of why money has value, the “something” of money, I can’t hear it clearly, what is that something?
    Curiosity is killing me (not literally)

  • HrHaakon
    HrHaakon Day ago

    Buying galleons and selling them for profit is called arbitrage and it's not a fraud.

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader Day ago

    I K now its a K nut

  • Time Meddler
    Time Meddler Day ago

    Mhh we don't know how much gold is in the coins .

  • MuloSings
    MuloSings Day ago

    Remember the tent from Goblet of Fire? (Of course, the Undetectable Extension charm is very controlled by the Ministry, and only allowed for approved goods, not private use. I don't think Newt Scamander had Ministry permission though)

  • MuloSings
    MuloSings Day ago

    Put a feather light spell and an undetectable extension charm on a wallet, and you can store an infinite amount of gold inside.

  • MuloSings
    MuloSings Day ago

    Also, if Jame's parent's were alive, Harry would still live with the Dursley's. Lily's protection spell only continues to apply when he's around Lily's blood, and James parent's are not biologically connected to her.

  • MuloSings
    MuloSings Day ago

    Old Grandpa Potter was rich AF

  • MuloSings
    MuloSings Day ago


  • Princess Matilda
    Princess Matilda 2 days ago

    did you know that gold is edible??
    just a fun fact.

  • Violent Turnip
    Violent Turnip 2 days ago

    Why Harry and his parents are rich: they're all trust fund kids

  • skyler nations
    skyler nations 2 days ago

    I know its silly because I can get all the information online but I have always liked collecting video game guides. which usually cost 35 - 50$. again, I can literally get all of the information online but I just really enjoy having something physical.

  • Matt Roy
    Matt Roy 2 days ago

    Yeah it's called Magic the Gathering.

  • Mervotron M
    Mervotron M 3 days ago

    This video made me knut

  • Jeffery Rice
    Jeffery Rice 4 days ago


  • Pearson Productions
    Pearson Productions 4 days ago

    knife used to be ka-nife.
    We just got lazy.
    And so phrases like "what's up?" turn in to "wazza?"
    Medieval people got lazy, and we got lazier. :]

  • Marcus Sellers
    Marcus Sellers 4 days ago +1

    (sigh). Take a monetary theory economics class, especially the gold standard (which is what the Wizarding world is based on).

  • Joshua Lunderville
    Joshua Lunderville 5 days ago


  • Joshua Lunderville
    Joshua Lunderville 5 days ago

    Muggle money is brought up on at least three occasions. One of them and exchange and one of them when Mr. Weasley is paying for camp manager. Bet you can’t find the third

  • Joshua Lunderville
    Joshua Lunderville 5 days ago

    Numerous members of his family are mentioned yet not by name. Remember when he looks into the miior he didn’t just see his mom and dad, he saw his whole family. Like extended family included it’s pretty much in there

  • shiny x
    shiny x 5 days ago

    You left out the part where it was illegal to own gold in any quantity in the US and people had to turn in their gold for paper currency. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Executive_Order_6102 - it was only repealed after we left the gold standard. So no, you couldn't just go turn in your dollars for gold--the opposite in fact.

  • Erika Garcia
    Erika Garcia 6 days ago

    They don't teach them math.

  • wasumoto
    wasumoto 7 days ago

    It reminds me of the currency of some ancient civilisations that I get mixed up but anyway they used cocoa beans as the rarest material because gold was so abundant so their currency was chocolate in its raw form

  • Will Garmer
    Will Garmer 8 days ago

    Well, obviously, she intended the wizard money system to be a parody of the old British monetary system which was used prior to 1971, which was so complex and insane that it makes wizard money look as easy as decimal money by comparison:

  • Jason Rasmussen
    Jason Rasmussen 8 days ago

    Harry's grandparents were mentioned in the books by Serious Black. Time for you to reread the books.
    Sure muggle money and wizard money is comparable. Gold is worth $1200 an ounce. Therefore in the muggle world a Gallyon would be worth over $1000...... unless it's not really made out of gold.
    Meaning that any wizard could live quite comfortably in the muggle world for the rest of their lives from working a few years in the wizarding world.
    Not to mention that they could confund muggles or place them under the imperious curse....if they don't care about breaking the law. Get some good deals on a house and so on. Basically free food by growing it with magic in their garden.
    Ad a house elf who will cook and clean for free and enjoy it.

  • Wolf Playz
    Wolf Playz 8 days ago

    They can do math because most of them went to muggle school before hogwarts

  • Nuzhat Naim
    Nuzhat Naim 9 days ago

    you are kind of wrong. harry's grandparents are mentioned by sirius in order of the phoenix when sirius explains the reason sirius's mother blasted his face of of the family tapestry. He says and i quote in the scene harry : where did you go sirius : you dad's place. your grandparents were really good about it. Yeah I camped out at your dad"s in th school holidays.

  • Mørpheous
    Mørpheous 9 days ago

    Went by the gold standard until we needed more money than we had

  • MegaWetwilly
    MegaWetwilly 9 days ago

    Actually we left the gold standard back in the 1930's, and left the silver standard in 63/64

  • Adam Lang
    Adam Lang 9 days ago

    Lol, I love the money farming idea XD

  • Amy Lorenzo
    Amy Lorenzo 10 days ago +1

    I think it’s better to have a system with flaws. Most of human history had confusing systems so this feels more organic.

  • Graham R
    Graham R 10 days ago +1

    If that novel was written (at least canonically) in the 1920s, then those values would be more inflated. A galleon, by those assumptions, should be worth around $100, or at least $90, if the inflation rate was around 120%. This still puts the value of a knut around 20 cents, so it’s still pretty much worthless. I hope that gringotts figured out some kind of wizarding credit card because hauling around that much gold and copper would be tiring

  • Alec L.
    Alec L. 11 days ago

    I thought the 'k' was silent.

  • Ruben Sandström
    Ruben Sandström 11 days ago

    But everyone knows that the metric system is the best

  • Matthew Rider
    Matthew Rider 12 days ago

    How did the Potters acquire all that gold?
    Just ask John Wick. He could tell you stories about the Potter family that would curl even your greasy hair!

  • Sir sloth
    Sir sloth 12 days ago

    I thought it was pronounced nuts

  • XxTrigerHappyxX
    XxTrigerHappyxX 12 days ago

    they are wizards they can cast a spell to auto pull the right amount of their endless bag come on man did you even watch the movies??

  • Gideon Freeman
    Gideon Freeman 13 days ago

    ok dude just stop with the k jokes

  • NA Sound
    NA Sound 13 days ago

    You're close, but slightly off: the answer to the decision of gold can be found in Carl Menger's Theory of Money. Gold was actually chosen more so because of it's portability, durability, divisibility/fusibility, and uniformity. Further, it was used in raw firm long before coinage

  • narutardkyuubi
    narutardkyuubi 13 days ago

    Oh yeah, Krum catching the snitch when he did was intentional. The Irish Chasers were really just too good for their Keeper to reliably block. Krum caught the Snitch to end the game on their terms and prevent the gap in points (which is very important for winning the league) from getting bigger.

  • ReazY
    ReazY 14 days ago

    All these knuts in the comments, enough to fill my knapsack.. Oh my poor knees.. 😅😅

  • Kai K
    Kai K 14 days ago

    the Potters were a pureblood family and James was the only heir, meaning that all that Old Money came to Harry when his parents died because hey presto only kid and now an orphan~ Also pretty sure he inherited the Black fortunes as well through his godfather since Regulas was dead, then Sirius was killed by Bellatrix, who after she married couldn't inherit and she was dead ANYWAY, and Narcissa was invalidated via her marriage to Lucius Malfoy. Who, as a Pureblood, would be required to care for Narcissa in his will, in the event of his own passing. There were no other Black relatives that I'm aware of, and his godfather left the majority to Harry in his will.

  • Nicolas Arnold
    Nicolas Arnold 14 days ago +3

    Bring Back The Gold Standard

  • Taya
    Taya 15 days ago

    W T F I’m lost lol

  • jonathan pape
    jonathan pape 15 days ago

    This intro is so sick....

  • s00prman
    s00prman 15 days ago

    Maybe they don't use a base 10 system

  • Universal Production
    Universal Production 16 days ago

    "The money has its value cus we believe in it" so if i think a $2 note is $100 dollars is it REALLY $100?
    (Bts this is just a joke dont take this to seriously :D)

  • Hannah G
    Hannah G 16 days ago

    I spent $6 on a pomegranate the other day. Nz$ though

  • Rebecca Pucci
    Rebecca Pucci 16 days ago

    1:35 JKR said she had Wizards use the imperial system (wand lengths in inches, for example,) because of how absurd it is. The silly confusing nature of galeons, sickles, and knuts is based on that. :p

  • Avatar Lhamo
    Avatar Lhamo 16 days ago

    I just dont know if you basically copied the chapter 4 of the HPfanfic of Elizer Yudkowsky, "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality" (chapter named The Hypothesis of the Efficient Market), OR, if you really thought to Wizard economy TOO. I mean, who do that ?!
    you're a ravenclaw don't you

  • Lps Midnight
    Lps Midnight 17 days ago

    2 gallons and 22 sikles for a box of ice cream sandwiches.lol

  • ninaandianfan21
    ninaandianfan21 17 days ago +1

    .... until rich! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL I just keep laughing at your videos (in a very positive way! I'm REALLY entertained by them!)

  • PancakeCat24
    PancakeCat24 18 days ago

    i have vbucks

  • Rose Cassidy
    Rose Cassidy 18 days ago

    I spent $50 on a wand at universal that I used for an hour and then I had to leave and drive home to Illinoi

  • Get creative with Asha

    I’ve spent $30 on a gryffindor Harry Potter pen, but it was gorgeous and I had to have it as a fellow gryffindor

  • Laziness4
    Laziness4 18 days ago

    That’s probably what James Potter did to make his money lol

  • Maine Green
    Maine Green 18 days ago

    Can we have Ben doing more videos please. He’s just so handsome and soothing voice.

  • Aeron Alarkia
    Aeron Alarkia 18 days ago

    I spent over £100 on harry potter stuff at primark

  • Chantelle J.
    Chantelle J. 19 days ago

    Butter coffee once was enough

  • kurt morales
    kurt morales 19 days ago

    saint quartz about $50+

  • RLS0812
    RLS0812 19 days ago

    3:58 Silver, not gold. The US government did not back $1 $2 or $5 bills with gold.
    Of course, we could go into the debt notes ( red seals ) and other oddball notes.

  • Potato tart Gamer
    Potato tart Gamer 19 days ago


    • J.J. Shank
      J.J. Shank 17 days ago

      The word is pronounced that way.

  • Doodle Lol
    Doodle Lol 19 days ago

    7:08 because he's rich
    he doesn't care owo

    GRACE TOWNSEND 19 days ago

    They were arours James and lily

  • dave
    dave 19 days ago


  • Nestor Pagaragan
    Nestor Pagaragan 19 days ago

    I thought nomage is American version of muggle?

  • RBLX With J And M
    RBLX With J And M 20 days ago


  • Hafiz Oktri
    Hafiz Oktri 20 days ago

    JK Rowling didn't even know how to write the lore unless she ranted on twitter. what do you expect

  • Crazy Weird Guy
    Crazy Weird Guy 20 days ago

    They do mention Harry's other family in the chamber of secrets when he looks into the mirror of arozit or whatever the name was

  • Nod Boss
    Nod Boss 21 day ago

    he forgot the worth of gold has changed and also ITS F*CKING MAGIC

  • alvinraydj3
    alvinraydj3 21 day ago

    i spent money on oculous

  • FifaHassan26
    FifaHassan26 21 day ago

    12k on 79 rates fabio coentrao in fifa 12.

  • J Campo Media
    J Campo Media 22 days ago

    America has $270 TRILLION in assets and thousands of nuclear bombs to support the value of a dollar. Gold stopped backing its value when the american infrastructure and land assets became the backing, which inevitably allowed the wealth to increase alongside the economy, rather than be constricted by it. I Imagine a magical world would not be so dependent on its monetary economy to remain stable and to flourish

  • IExist
    IExist 23 days ago

    In the old days they actually pronounced the K in harry potter's defense

  • Robin Lundqvist
    Robin Lundqvist 24 days ago

    “ka-N U T”

  • Ross Macpherson
    Ross Macpherson 24 days ago

    I didn’t remember the value of Kenyan shillings and spent 4800 shillings on a small jewellery box, which is 35 pounds, when it’s really only worth five

  • Rutger Bontjes
    Rutger Bontjes 24 days ago

    harry potter and the methods of rationality already did that money scheme.

  • TheVergile
    TheVergile 24 days ago

    also with 7 dollars being the highest denomination: imagine buying a used car/broom or a house or something else that is expensive. Sure, you can do a transfer, but not everyone has a cell at gringotts. There doesn't seem to be an cheque system or similar in place.

  • Angel xox
    Angel xox 25 days ago

    They probably enchant the money so it isn’t heavy

    • Władca Wymiaru
      Władca Wymiaru 23 days ago

      Rather bad because goblins would be...suspicious about this gold XD
      (you know, that one which disappear)

    BRAINBOW 25 days ago

    I am confused

  • Marauder Z
    Marauder Z 25 days ago

    Is it weird how alot of things in harry potter has to do with 7 even the age his parents died was a multiple of 7

    • EXplosion981
      EXplosion981 22 days ago

      Well, seven is a number commonly associated with magic.

  • the invisible me
    the invisible me 25 days ago

    I can't get over the pronunciation of knut. Seriously I can't

  • Jakub Sedlacek
    Jakub Sedlacek 26 days ago +1

    I spent an unusual amount of time watching this video. 8:10

  • Joshua Ramser
    Joshua Ramser 26 days ago +7

    Droping the gold standart: biggest mistake in history! #dollarisworthless

    • McEdu
      McEdu 2 days ago

      2nd biggest. The biggest was how you spelled "Dropping".

    • Władca Wymiaru
      Władca Wymiaru 23 days ago

      Even worse...

  • Gio
    Gio 26 days ago

    James Potter his parents were mentioned. Sirius told Harry that when he was 16 years old, he ran away and James his parents took him in.

  • Chris C
    Chris C 26 days ago +27

    Wizard money makes no cents.

  • De-ann Van der walt
    De-ann Van der walt 26 days ago

    My favourite nerds on youtube😛

  • mind over matter becoming your true self

    Actually the fiot system only applies 2 paper money...a gold $20 coin is ALWAYS gonna b worth $20 but a $20 bill is only gonna b worth that so long as the government says it is

    • Władca Wymiaru
      Władca Wymiaru 23 days ago

      Not always. We MINE gold as well...but inflation is too slow compare to demand.

  • Drums 101 Tutorials
    Drums 101 Tutorials 27 days ago +1

    The answer to all harry potter questions are simple.

  • E.M.ber P.ixie
    E.M.ber P.ixie 28 days ago

    As much as I love Harry Potter, the whole series is RIDDLED with plot holes.

  • Harli Howard
    Harli Howard 28 days ago

    Yes I have a spent something worthless. TIME!

  • xd Camouflage
    xd Camouflage 28 days ago

    Deez knuts

  • Zeke Polaris
    Zeke Polaris 29 days ago

    Space Money!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Zeke Polaris
      Zeke Polaris 21 day ago

      +Władca Wymiaru no problem and their show might be funny af, but most of it is truth. Scary fact.

    • Władca Wymiaru
      Władca Wymiaru 21 day ago

      Ah...never watch all South Park...sorry...

    • Zeke Polaris
      Zeke Polaris 21 day ago

      +Władca Wymiaru Earth? And I was referring to south park....

    • Władca Wymiaru
      Władca Wymiaru 23 days ago

      Believe there is A LOT of wealth in space...around 6 billion dollars for every human on Eath! Only our solar system...

  • Lauren Cyrus
    Lauren Cyrus 29 days ago

    Harry’s grandparents are dead. The Dursley s are his only known living relatives

  • aegideus
    aegideus 29 days ago

    Something worth noting about the gold standard: while our current currency has value by fiat, just because we decided it does, gold also only has value because we decided it does. You can't make anything terribly useful out of it, like iron or copper or tin, you can't eat it for sustenance, you can't build a shelter out of it (or at least, it'd be very hard to), it only has value because we all decided, yep, this pretty metal is valuable.

  • SV Endeavour
    SV Endeavour Month ago +3

    You didn’t explain how rich he was, just that he is rich. Can we get a comparison? Is he more rich than the malfoys? How much did sirus leave him? How much were the properties? Did he still own the destroyed house in godrics hollow?