Wizard Money Makes No Sense!

  • Published on Oct 11, 2016
  • Today J discusses how money in the wizarding world of Harry Potter makes no sense, how money works and why we value gold?
    Have you ever spent way to much money on something?!
    Wizarding Currency :: harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Wizarding_currency
    Harry's Family History :: www.pottermore.com/writing-by-jk-rowling/the-potter-family
    Why We Use Gold :: www.livescience.com/32863-gold-best-element-money.html
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Comments • 9 714

  • Astrid Engström
    Astrid Engström 5 hours ago

    ok så harry wand cost him about 400 swedish koronor which is how much a speeker costs or my haedphones
    just in case any one wondered which no one did

  • Crystal Gem
    Crystal Gem 7 hours ago

    What about Lily's parents?

  • Tiller Buckets
    Tiller Buckets 16 hours ago

    Sickle Mode😎

  • Christopher Booth

    End the federal reserve

  • Austin Caulking
    Austin Caulking 2 days ago

    Life insurance

  • Wayne Dotson
    Wayne Dotson 2 days ago

    Bear in mind that within the confines of the wizarding world that Rowling created, the enclosed nature of the society of witches and wizards implies that most products of the wizarding world were never intended to be converted or mingled to make them usable among the muggles. This includes money, and as such, prices within the wizarding world are adjusted to the unique monetary system rather than being synchronically standardized. While wizarding money can be converted into non-wizarding currency - quid and pounds, as an example, since we primarily see the series through the experiences of the British - that is likely a (relatively) new convention.

    The Statute of Secrecy wasn't established until 1692, and like the conversion of the North American colonies into the United States, there probably wasn't a lot of foreign integration for some time. (The difference with the territorial conversion, of course, being in international travel and trade; but even with this, there was no established "foreign policy" at first, so it's vaguely comparable in that sense.)

    And yet, you spend an inordinate amount of time in this video talking about how confusing their money system is and trying to compare it to a system belonging to an entirely different society...though, come to think of it, the wizarding world is literally a global secret society. But the point stands. Of course, there is still the matter of the inability to reproduce certain things in the wizarding world using magic (food and money, e.g.). That gold had to come from somewhere, but the economic foundations of the wizarding world are probably as complicated as any real-world government - likely moreso, since individual governments are all presided over by the International Confederation of Wizards, which has far more influence and involvement in international and governmental matters than the real-world equivalent (United Nations) does.

    And of course, obtaining those materials for their money is a problem in and of itself due to the numerous laws, regulations, and so on that the ICW would be required to navigate (and yes, manipulate) around the world.

  • Alice *
    Alice * 2 days ago

    The way he says knuts triggers me 😂

  • Diamondfist1
    Diamondfist1 3 days ago

    If a galleon is only worth $7.35 USD, then there must not be much gold in it. I remember hearing years ago that a gold piece in D&D was worth maybe $40 USD or more.

  • Grizzly92
    Grizzly92 4 days ago

    Know this is an old video, but I gotta wonder if Harry got any money like interest or some kind of slight profits from Weasley's joke shop? I mean he was their primary investor and could have and probably should have been getting some kind of ROI on that.

  • Bobby Hempel
    Bobby Hempel 4 days ago

    Our(USA) money used to be based on gold but now that we don't have much gold left our money is worthless. Constitutionality speaking the only legal money in the US is gold and silver coin.

  • Jpccrafter
    Jpccrafter 6 days ago

    Have you heard of uncle vernon or aunt petunia

  • Egosens
    Egosens 6 days ago

    and what happenend to the parentes of Lily and Petunia??

  • Asian sitting Duck -

    Your “Hey brother” was lacking

  • Prymcik
    Prymcik 8 days ago

    Am I the only one triggered my that one rouge hair on his forehead...?

  • Orion Pollux
    Orion Pollux 9 days ago

    Actually, Sirius mentioned Harry's grandparents when saying how he ran away from the house of Black

  • nicole francis
    nicole francis 10 days ago

    It is not pronounced “k”nut it’s pronunciation is the way you say nut the k is silent

  • Ian Wilkins
    Ian Wilkins 10 days ago

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  • AstroPhysicsGuy
    AstroPhysicsGuy 11 days ago


  • Couch Potato
    Couch Potato 12 days ago

    But a galleon isn’t a dollar. A firewhisky costs about 11 sickles, which means $1 would be 2 or 3 sickles. A galleon is like a $20 bill.

  • omg dogs
    omg dogs 15 days ago


  • Vince AndMax
    Vince AndMax 16 days ago

    I spent $14k on an online game when I was 18.... don't ask >_

  • Orion Pax
    Orion Pax 16 days ago

    I’m a Transformers collector, so there are a few figures I can name that weren’t really worth their price, mainly third party figures, or vintage figures that, when adjusted for inflation, were about the same price, but still upwards of $80.

  • Sascha Kochetenko
    Sascha Kochetenko 17 days ago

    What do you think ? Is lili potter a gold digger

  • Linda Taylor
    Linda Taylor 18 days ago

    In England we use copper and Nikel coins

  • Diys for life
    Diys for life 19 days ago

    I once brought my phone for $100 when my sister found the exact same one for $75😂 I feel cheated out of me money 💰

  • Alejandro Medina
    Alejandro Medina 19 days ago

    qué análisis tan imbécil.

  • loki .laufeyson
    loki .laufeyson 20 days ago +1

    wait. there is a subject called arithmacy or something and im pretty sure thats maths related

    • Mary Naylor
      Mary Naylor 18 days ago

      MATH NOT MATHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • loki .laufeyson
    loki .laufeyson 20 days ago

    i spent 2 bucks (aus) on some pokemon cards but when i opened them they were all fake

  • Kory St. Aoro
    Kory St. Aoro 21 day ago

    sirius mentions harry's grandparents in the 5th book

  • Lester Hitch
    Lester Hitch 21 day ago

    This guy doesn’t understand fiat currencies

  • Pancakes44 Blins44
    Pancakes44 Blins44 22 days ago

    I spent 30 dollars on a GAN speed cube.

  • betty og Chr.L
    betty og Chr.L 23 days ago

    Our Simon Spies did that Walker trade.. in a Living

  • Another Ravenclaw
    Another Ravenclaw 26 days ago

    Didn't his grandparents die of dragonpox?

  • Eric Sipe
    Eric Sipe 26 days ago +1

    1) Harry got his money from a family inheritance that traced back hundreds of years to an ancestor who created several famous potions. 2) His paternal grandparents died of dragonpox. I'd like to see you live through that.

  • AMD K
    AMD K 27 days ago

    $210 for 3 pair of omni-oculars!

  • Bethany Green
    Bethany Green 27 days ago

    Harry saw his grandparents in the Mirror that one time.

  • Olivia Chainey
    Olivia Chainey 27 days ago

    His Grandparents died. James' parents were old when they had him. They were also rich because of a medicinal potion that they created.

  • David Meyer
    David Meyer 27 days ago

    I would spend an unreasonable amount of money on that Scyther poster you guys have framed on the wall in the background.

    Seriously, where did you guys get that? Scyther's my favorite Pokemon, and I want it.

  • Ss Drew
    Ss Drew 28 days ago


  • Man United
    Man United 28 days ago +1

    oh yeah yeah

    • Nick
      Nick 17 days ago

      Haey haey ho

  • Steven Cherry
    Steven Cherry 28 days ago

    What year is the currency in though? Are you factoring in inflation?

  • Brittany Thornton
    Brittany Thornton Month ago

    Yes on puzzles really really hard puzzles

  • Misty Mathis
    Misty Mathis Month ago

    Does it make more sense in relation to the pound instead of the dollar?

  • real rasenshuriken
    real rasenshuriken Month ago

    well actually Sirius talks about james perents in the books

  • seni A
    seni A Month ago

    You should do theories on Hedwig's origins and why he always know where Harry is going.

  • Anna Rose
    Anna Rose Month ago

    is knut not just pronounced like nut.... or is that just me

  • Sizable Healer
    Sizable Healer Month ago

    Just became a science lesson

  • Elia Leon Svatek
    Elia Leon Svatek Month ago

    did you watch vsauce?

  • Thatboi Humphrey
    Thatboi Humphrey Month ago

    U said Knut wrong

  • Carter Mangle
    Carter Mangle Month ago

    I got ripped off when I was buying my brother a fidget spinner. It was my first online transaction, and instead of the listed $3.14, Something changed in the final purchasing process, and ended up spending fifty dollars. I didnt even get to give my brother the spinner.

  • Regulus Ark
    Regulus Ark Month ago

    Did you really read the books? If you did, you wouldn't be wondering.

  • Dylon Allen
    Dylon Allen Month ago

    "Knuts, that is."

  • Isabella McCormick
    Isabella McCormick Month ago +1

    Well Harry’s parents were aurors and because it’s really difficult to become an auror I suppose they would have gotten fairly rich fairly quickly... (idk how to spell auror ok don’t judge)

  • KingSloth93
    KingSloth93 Month ago

    Well... Strictly speaking we don't get a comparison between Wizard Money and Muggle Money in the original books, but in the back of at least one edition of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them we're told the price is "£4.99 (1 Galleon 11 Sickles)". And there's 27 Knuts to a Sickle and 19 Sickles to a Knut, that means:
    1 Galleon = £3.1603 = $4.07
    1 Sickle = 16.63 pence = 21 cents
    1 Knut = 0.61604938271 pence = 0.79 cents
    For comparison, you could get an ounce of dragon's liver at 17 sickles (£2.8276, $3.57), whereas pig's liver costs about 19p (25 cents, 1 Sickle 3.824 Knuts).
    You're welcome.

  • Zack Woodhurst
    Zack Woodhurst Month ago

    Short Awnser thay have magic they can do whatever they want. Plus the can just use the duplicating magic that was in belitrix's vault.

  • G. Chatterjee
    G. Chatterjee Month ago

    I refuse to pronounce the K in knuts ... :/

  • jackpaice
    jackpaice Month ago

    I mean... You guys use the imperial system... Just sayin.

    • Trevor Wilson
      Trevor Wilson 25 days ago

      jackpaice not for money. 100 cents equals $1 and that’s basically the metric system. We have quarter and nickels but those easily add to a dollar too. 4 quarters, 10 dimes and 20 nickels. It’s a pretty simple system.

  • Cahya Awaludin
    Cahya Awaludin Month ago

    So Hermione could afford anything because she exchanged real dollars to Galleon in Gringotts then traded the Gold in the Muggle world?

  • adiesha1993
    adiesha1993 Month ago

    Please remember the time line. Obviously 1$ is worth more then than now !

  • Shy_Artist Phoenix
    Shy_Artist Phoenix Month ago

    Wizard money DOES make cents. They're just measured in GBP ( Great British Pounds ) and a it seems a little off.... That you're criticizing the money system when there's trolls and magic... I'm not a hater I'm just pointing this out though

  • Rolf Leseratz
    Rolf Leseratz Month ago

    Brits had a crazy money system.
    Pounds Guinees Shillings Pennies Farthings Halfpennies

  • Jan Feger
    Jan Feger Month ago

    Are there actually only 3 kinds of Coins in the Wizarding World? I always just assumed there would be like a 5 Knut Coin or something like that

  • Snert 005
    Snert 005 Month ago

    They really have dinars on that that list the one wiki that bothered to have Serbia on their chart

  • Reagan & Riley
    Reagan & Riley Month ago

    Ur great at math!

  • Daniel Robinson
    Daniel Robinson Month ago

    Hair potion company was a front for an exchange fraud operation.

    RENEHIKO Month ago

    Harry was rich because it was convenient for the plot that the hero has lots of money and can buy as many sweets as he likes. The children who read the first book like that.

  • R Heinsen
    R Heinsen Month ago

    I always thought other wizards send Harry money after his parents passing, idk why

  • mxt mxt
    mxt mxt Month ago

    Fiat currency relies on supply and demand. The demand is generated by taxes and other things (people that think it will have value, trade, etc.). You need money to pay taxes.

  • brett knoss
    brett knoss Month ago

    Knut is the name of a king of Danish origin, and the K is pronounced. As it is is common Germanic American names like Knopf and Knops.

  • Commonpigtail
    Commonpigtail Month ago

    in england the money is easier to compare:
    1 galleon= £5
    1 knut= 1p
    1 sickle= 29p

  • ArtismFun
    ArtismFun Month ago

    Muggles will never understand our currency system...
    Where my wizards and witches at?

  • SSchithFoo
    SSchithFoo Month ago

    Metals like Gold and Silver were used for coins which had real value. But they were difficult to carry around so paper money came to being as a receipt for the amount of metal you have in a bank.

  • PyramidHead6
    PyramidHead6 Month ago

    Philosopher's stone*

  • Ryan Beecher
    Ryan Beecher Month ago

    This is related to what you said off topic to this video in the beginning and it’s something I always wondered of why all of Harry’s family was deceased but his Aunt Petunia on his mother’s side. If anything the only mention of his immediate family was there appearance in the mirror of erised in the first book. But still it’s an interesting thought of why all of his family both on his Mom and Dad’s side besides his mother’s sister Petunia were all deceased. That is something I always wondered because I felt like he could have gone to another more loving relative like his dads parents or his moms parents whom while muggles were so accepting of there witch daughter Lily. Like you this was something I wondered about too.

  • William Torres
    William Torres Month ago

    I know this video is REALLY old... But to the question of spending... I play a game called Warhammer 40k. It uses Plastic Figurines which go from. Anywhere to 10 dollars for a pack of 5 to a single Barbie Sized figure at 170 dollars... So yeah. Ive spent in weird random expensive stuff.

  • German B
    German B Month ago

    I read them knut nut,sickel sickle, and galleons galleeun

  • Solar Storm
    Solar Storm Month ago

    *Harry’s worth is 9,901,810,007.*
    *I COUNTED.*

  • Henrik Swanström
    Henrik Swanström Month ago

    No calculator and no math classes ever taken.
    GLHF figuring out changes when you're working in a wizardstore.

  • subscribe to pewdiepie

    Someone who uses the imperial system can't call another system ridiculous

  • KelbremDusk
    KelbremDusk Month ago

    Spent 2500€ on a louis vuitton bag because it was from a collection I really liked but I found out that the company burns leftover bags to keep their price up. So now my second most expensive item is a handbag that I technically dont want to use

  • Willow Deer
    Willow Deer Month ago

    It's said as Nuts and it's spelled as Knuts

  • Daughter of Poseidon

    Omg do a Percy Jackson theory!!!!!

  • daphneyew69
    daphneyew69 Month ago

    James parents were considered old of age when the had James

  • classyjeff
    classyjeff Month ago

    why does wizards need money?

  • Simon Ruddock
    Simon Ruddock Month ago

    I think that JK Rowling decided on the weird conversions as a reference to imperial measurements

  • Fierced Cat
    Fierced Cat Month ago +1

    He went from _How rich is Harry Potter?_ to Science.

  • Fierced Cat
    Fierced Cat Month ago

    He went from _How rich is Harry Potter?_ to Science.

  • Gert Madsen
    Gert Madsen Month ago

    British money isn't much better.

  • Slayer
    Slayer Month ago

    Anyone here in 2019

  • Mahjabin Hussain
    Mahjabin Hussain Month ago

    Harry's grandparents (from his dad's side) died of Dragon poxs before Harry was born but idk what happend to his grandparents of his mum's side

  • Jaychelle Miranda Calumpong

    *reads title*
    Me : You Filthy mudblood!!!! AVADA KEDRAVA

  • Minnie Jose
    Minnie Jose Month ago

    My god. You havent seen the whole story. James potter's parents were already old when they had James bc they had diffulculty, then so they might have died already when they had harry. And i think same goes with Lily Evans' parents.
    AND you clickbaited us. Your SPECIFIC TITLE said "how rich is harry" that's why. You never said HOW RICH IS Harry. Also you went on saying about MONEY THAT DOSENT RELATE THAT MUCH TO THE TOPIC! HOW RICH IS HARRY. you just said he's rich. Thats NOT SPECIFIC.

  • kar oma
    kar oma Month ago

    J.K Rowling is just a sloppy writer

  • Gaia
    Gaia Month ago

    yes once i spend too much on one Thing:
    time on this Video

    just joking

  • Francesca Bates
    Francesca Bates Month ago

    um i spent $200 on rat toys

  • Mattie the ghost 2
    Mattie the ghost 2 Month ago

    Up to book 4 they mention Harry’s grandparents one time!😅😂

  • Daniel Moolman
    Daniel Moolman Month ago

    I think there should be another coin or note. It should be a Jeweled coin or note and be worth thirteen Galleons. This can be used for big transactions as it is worth approximately 100 dollars.

    • Daniel Moolman
      Daniel Moolman Month ago

      Any suggestions on what this Jeweled currency should be worth?

  • Xiarn
    Xiarn Month ago +1

    so I didnt even find out how rich he is dope

  • Brother Bear
    Brother Bear Month ago

    Knut is a very well known name for males in Scandinavia so JKR didn’t make it up out of thin air just for the books. The K is pronounced. And it sounds like knoot take boot (the footwear) and knock off the b and add “kn”

  • Dagobert Duck
    Dagobert Duck Month ago

    I'm richer! Yay!