Is Henry Cavill A Movie Star?


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  • Roei Potash AKA Poihpio

    No he's not! What, just because he's Superman makes him a movie star? What the fuck else has he got besides a supporting role in MI6??? Another spy movie that didn't do well and that it. Ain't no one on the street knows who Henry Cavill is, and he's sure as hell not a box office draw. Whoever that other pundit is was DEFINITELY right.

  • Paul Fletcher
    Paul Fletcher 5 months ago

    I think the argument is not if Cavill is a movie star of course he is a star, the question should have been is he a big enough star to deserve A list money like the Rock. As great of a Superman that he is, but he is not an A list actor yet in my opinion. If you look at the Rock's IMDB, he has 11 projects in pre production or announced, he is in high demand. Cavill has the Witcher that was just recently announced, nothing else. It's said he could not cameo in Shazam because of his "busy schedule". Yeah, whatever.

  • Charles Smith -
    Charles Smith - 5 months ago

    John Campea redeems himself. See it here.

  • A R
    A R 5 months ago

    Thank you John Campea ! This is why you are my favorite on TVclip! You have always been fair even about the people you don't like!
    Grace Randolph has grudges against not Henry Cavill but Jessica Chastain too!so unprofessional!

  • Medal Mold
    Medal Mold 5 months ago

    RDJ did CHAPLIN ! He in the history books

  • TheMasterQuests
    TheMasterQuests 5 months ago

    My mom and aunts know who he is. Close enough to be a house hold name imo.

  • Melvin Miller
    Melvin Miller 5 months ago

    Don’t forget Hemsworth. Every movie he touches besides the MCU is a flop. They will never give up on this dude.

  • Stanlos
    Stanlos 5 months ago

    I think the question would be better stated to ask whether he is an A list talent.

  • Felix Chavarria
    Felix Chavarria 5 months ago +1

    1st of all she never said whether or not he's a movie star. If you are going to tell/ask a question say it right. She said he's not an A-list movie star. 2 extremely different things. Furthermore him getting the Witcher rather than getting a pay increase to do any more DC Worlds movie kind proves she is absolutely right

  • Kuldeep Singh
    Kuldeep Singh 5 months ago


  • Bob Thorton
    Bob Thorton 5 months ago


  • D Strachan
    D Strachan 5 months ago +2

    The definition of a movie star in the 80s/90s/early 00s was someone who could open a movie by their presence alone. Cavill has not proven he can do this yet. No one went to see 'Man of Steel' because he played Superman (by that logic, Brandon Routh would be a leading man by now). His presence in the latest Mission Impossible was a welcome addition, but he was supporting Tom Cruise who himself has to lean more on recognised properties these days to bring in the box office receipts.
    With studios reluctant to take a gamble on big budget original properties - opportunities for young actors like Cavill to prove they are truly bankable names are fewer and father between. If he cuts the umbilical cord with DC and stars in some original properties that are sizeable hits I think we can proclaim him a genuine movie star. It is unlikely he'll be given that opportunity though. Given the way the industry is going - the age of the movie star as it was in the 80s/90s and early 00s is over.
    Cavill is a guy who's starred in some financially successful movies based on recognised properties. He's a film actor rather than a movie star for me - Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth have both followed a similar template (is it any surprise Hemsworth's starring in an MIB reboot following top lining a couple financial duds based on original properties?) It will be interesting to see what happens when Pratt top lines an original concept movie as the only recognised star

  • Consumer -114
    Consumer -114 5 months ago

    Henry cavill is a shit actor in a terrible period in cinematic history

  • Brandon Reed
    Brandon Reed 5 months ago

    Anybody else getting these notifications days later 🤦‍♀️

  • morris jan Javier
    morris jan Javier 5 months ago

    Geralt of Rivia >>>>>>>> entire Justice league members combine.

  • Eric Beadle
    Eric Beadle 5 months ago +1

    Hi John..Love your vids...that person who posed the question about your pundit, was talking about Grace Randolph. She is always talking crap and has become what she said she would never when she posted her first video..a lame boring judgmental critic.

  • AP
    AP 5 months ago +1

    Grace was arguing the status of his movie stardom, not if he is actually a movie star. She tends to evaluate that in actors from a movie business perspective, using factors like box office numbers and if they are entering markets that utilize their strengths well. In this area, Cavill is strong, but hit or miss.
    I would say after MI:Fallout, his movie stardom has grown, and if he keeps going in the direction of big action blockbusters outside of DC, the box office will catch up.

  • The Bacons
    The Bacons 5 months ago

    I don’t like Henry cavil as an actor. He’s never good and he ruined mission impossible imo. I know some people disagree and that’s fine

  • Forest lass
    Forest lass 5 months ago

    I tought he stole MI6 😂 Before watching the movie! Only DC fanboys think of him as a star!

  • Ciaran Murren
    Ciaran Murren 5 months ago

    No he isn't. Tom Cruise and Will Smith are.

  • JonnySuite13
    JonnySuite13 5 months ago

    Yeah, that's down right ludicrous.

  • Nikunj Dixit
    Nikunj Dixit 5 months ago

    Depends on the definition of a movie star. Cavill’s roles in his successful movies are better known than himself. As in, I doubt anyone would disagree that Superman is a more well known pull than Henry Cavill and that Mission Impossible is a more well known brand than Henry Cavill. But that is the case with a lot of actors. I think there are only a handful like DiCaprio, who genuinely are bigger than the roles they are in.

  • ialeixo84
    ialeixo84 5 months ago

    Probably Grace. That one is a well if negativity.

  • G Larabie
    G Larabie 5 months ago +1

    I have known him since Count of Monte Cristo.

  • Danie's Travel Vlog
    Danie's Travel Vlog 5 months ago

    I subbed because of this video.

  • OA Delano
    OA Delano 5 months ago

    Well said John . Who send you that message? Send me his address I should go knock on his 🚪 give big fat slap 👋

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance 5 months ago

    Of course Henry Cavill is a movie star. Nope. That's a fail, for anyone who thinks he's not a movie star.

  • AJ 1998
    AJ 1998 5 months ago +2

    Lol it's DEF Grace Randolph who said this. She claims cavill is arrogant and WB doesn't consider him an A-lister and he is the one stalling his superman contract negotiations cuz he wants to be paid like RDJ or something. I swear she just develops a grudge against these actors out of nowhere. First it was Jessica chastain when she was cast in the IT sequel. Now it's cavill.

  • Randall Guzik
    Randall Guzik 5 months ago +1

    It is Grace Randolph. She is a gossip trolling loon.

  • Kevin Mcknight
    Kevin Mcknight 5 months ago

    Ewan McGregor what's going to be James Bond but Daniel Craig got it came down between them two

  • david valverde
    david valverde 5 months ago

    He’s an actor, and a B list one at best, who got a big break, but he is NOT a movie star. This arguments, like HC box officer numbers, doesn’t hold up.

  • madd ace
    madd ace 5 months ago

    I love him as an actor and fellow geek

  • Lawrence Kin
    Lawrence Kin 5 months ago +1

    I'd say Henry Cavill is smart for taking this Witcher Netflix role as a career acting opportunity... He's not going to wait for the next Superman movie.

  • jaybling
    jaybling 5 months ago

    Starpower doesn't mean what it used to over a decade ago. It's arguable that if you're an unknown or up-and-comer and you get a lead in what becomes a successful franchise then you become a star, but that doesn't mean everything else you do becomes a hit. Just that you get more offers.

  • brandon baerga
    brandon baerga 5 months ago

    Lol everyone saying grace

  • Connor McCartney
    Connor McCartney 5 months ago

    Also a dumb question

  • Amazingsloth
    Amazingsloth 5 months ago +9

    his mustache is

  • TheMediaGuy
    TheMediaGuy 5 months ago +3

    When I think of movie stars, I think of actors that even general audience ppl know. Like Tom Cruise, Schwartzenegger, DiCaprio. Those are triple A talent and even my parents know about them. My parents however, do not know who Henry Cavill and so wouldnt quite a number of ppl if you just went upto them and asked em unlike if you said a Stallone or something

    • amazo88
      amazo88 5 months ago +1

      where do u draw the line then? bcos like i said, my mom doesnt know will smith n dicaprio. i guess they arent movie stars too?

    • TheMediaGuy
      TheMediaGuy 5 months ago

      amazo88 You’re misinterpreting me and youre not making much sense. Why does a person not knowing who an actor/actress is not make them a “real actor”? Who ever said that? Personally I believe theres a difference between “actor” and “movie star”, if you cant seem to understand my view on it then alright, we can agree to disagree.

    • amazo88
      amazo88 5 months ago

      my mom only knows 3, stallone, cruise, n schwarzenegger. i guess that means all those thousands of actors/actresses r not actors/actresses then. the success of a movie depends on a lot of factors. this is simply about knowing an actor or not. that is a very stretchy comparison.

    • TheMediaGuy
      TheMediaGuy 5 months ago

      amazo88 Yes I have no doubt they would know of him as “that superman guy” but his name to them wouldnt carry as much weight as other ppl I’d consider movie stars (Stallone, Cruise, Clooney). General audience is general audience, man. “Only repeesent a very small part of the bigger general movie audience”, what you expect me to poll everyone in the world about Henry Cavill? That “very small part of the general audience” works for describing when film fans think that a Batman Beyond movie would be highly successful like how John uses it.

    • TheMediaGuy
      TheMediaGuy 5 months ago

      LadyiSh09 How is that stupid? Thats what I personally think a movie star is. An actor or other personality that people across the world know like a Will Smith or a DiCaprio. Not everyone is what I would call a “movie STAR” cuz thats a transcended level past being a recognizable actor.

  • Sean Whelan Whelan
    Sean Whelan Whelan 5 months ago +2

    He's a well known name, my dad's brothers and sisters who are in their 50s and 60s are familiar with him

  • Sean Whelan Whelan
    Sean Whelan Whelan 5 months ago +10

    Grace Randolph resents Cavill, she thinks he's more of an Instagram person

    • Daneille Cotterell
      Daneille Cotterell 5 months ago +2

      You seem to be her fierce protector. Luke Smith

    • Luke Smith
      Luke Smith 5 months ago

      After watching her channel for about two years, I'm not sure that's true... I think she just thinks he's a little overrated.

  • jr.
    jr. 5 months ago

    netflix is going to go further into debt just to fund this stupid witcher show

  • Rafael Herschel
    Rafael Herschel 5 months ago +3

    I sort of get it. Henry Cavill is not a ‘big name’ in the sense that his name sells movies. The Witcher might actually change that, it’s his work on television (in an excellent supporting role) that made him a star and he has had bad luck with the Superman role.
    In a television series he is going to get lots of screen time and his name will be the biggest name in the promotional material (presumably).
    I skipped Justice League and if I would have seen it, it would have been because of Gal Gadot. I’m definitely going to watch The Witcher.

    • Stanlos
      Stanlos 5 months ago +2

      I am so mad at WB for how they have wasted Cavill. They had everything except vision and story :^(

  • kotobukiya70
    kotobukiya70 5 months ago +12

    If Henry Cavill isn’t a movie star then neither is Robert Downey Jr. Period!!!! And yes John the person that said that is a real dumbass!!!! And that’s the bottom line!!!! Henry Cavill is the epitamy of a movie star!!!

    • AJ 1998
      AJ 1998 5 months ago

      The person who said that was Grace Randolph lol

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  • Cole Kinghorn
    Cole Kinghorn 5 months ago

    The question was slightly out of context. She simply said that a Netflix series might be a downgrade and he doesn't seem to have a lot of stuff coming up. I disagree though with him not being a movie star. I think he is right on the cusp of it. The idea of movie stars is less relevant now though. People don't just go see films anymore because of one person.

  • Tony .R
    Tony .R 5 months ago +2

    You’re wrong, none knows him.

  • Andrew Monck
    Andrew Monck 5 months ago +1

    He's movie star. Maybe not a big one YET, but he's a movie star. Superman alone gave him that title.

    • Daneille Cotterell
      Daneille Cotterell 5 months ago

      Isn’t that what a movie..... never mind. you’re too far up Grace’s ass. Luke Smith

    • Luke Smith
      Luke Smith 5 months ago

      He certainly stars in movies, I'll give you that much.

  • arif burak kirik
    arif burak kirik 5 months ago +12

    John knows very well who that “fellow pundit” is . Smart move john not mentioning the name

    • Eric Beadle
      Eric Beadle 5 months ago +2

      Yes John does, and that's why he focused on the ((( STUPID ))) comments ha ha ha.

  • Ninja fails at life
    Ninja fails at life 5 months ago +3

    Simple answer would be he's a household name

  • Xavier Robinson
    Xavier Robinson 5 months ago +3

    Henry Cavill is not a movie star. What has he done?? Hollywood would love to make him one tho

  • Soji SideQuest
    Soji SideQuest 5 months ago

    I’m excited to see Cavill as Geralt in the Witcher series. I think he can do well given a solid vision and director that can reach him.
    I put Cavill on the same level as Bautista when I think of movie stars.

    CAP'N FAPPEN 5 months ago +6

    John why are you pulling a Disney?

      CAP'N FAPPEN 5 months ago +1

      +AJ 1998 It means that he knows exactly who it is but pretending not to know. Exactly what he called out Disney for.

    • AJ 1998
      AJ 1998 5 months ago

      Desmond miles What Do You Mean ? = Wdym 🤣

      CAP'N FAPPEN 5 months ago

      +AJ 1998 huh?

    • AJ 1998
      AJ 1998 5 months ago


  • Aaron Mauer
    Aaron Mauer 5 months ago

    I don’t think she said cavil isn’t a movie star. I thought she said he is not as big of a movie star that he believes himself to be. Maybe I missed that video of her’s in all honesty I don’t like her videos. The only ones I usually like is her movie math

  • Spider-Man No More
    Spider-Man No More 5 months ago +1

    Don't try to b******* us John you know damn well who it is 😉

  • bombus467
    bombus467 5 months ago +5

    Is HENRY CAVILL himself, without being in a mega franchise with it’s own built-in fan base (DC or Witcher), enough to make people go out to the movies?

    • bombus467
      bombus467 5 months ago +1

      stefaniate no, i get that, Stef. I was just saying we don’t how many others went specifically for him, cause M:I is such a big franchise. The ultimate test really would be a completely original film starring Cavill...

    • stefaniate
      stefaniate 5 months ago

      +bombus467 Yes, I know. I'm just saying that I probably wouldn't have gone to see if he wasn't in it.

    • Val Duke
      Val Duke 5 months ago

      amazo88 you have faulty logic amazo88. Are you a child ? DOwney Jr had oscars and hits and everyone knew how talented he was and nobody knew Iron Man before he made it. Downey Jr MADE Iron Man what it is. SUPERMAN made Cavill who he is. You can put Brandon friggin Routh in a Superman film and it'll make a bunch of money,and it was a horrible superhero film. If it had been good and good PR, it would've been a massive hit too. SUperman is known by everyone for many decades, as is Batman, as is Spider-Man, ..Thor was not, Iron Man was not. Downey Jr had Due Date, a big hit for its genre, Tropic Thunder, yet another hit for its genre. SHerlock HOlmes films, huge hits. Prior comment also speaks on it. Cavill flops in all his solo outing movies for 16 years now outside of SUperman, and still Justice LEague lost 320million dollars for studio( cause of many reasons, not him)

    • Val Duke
      Val Duke 5 months ago

      Jon jozif Gintoki às vezes Kenpachi Jon No. This mossion impossible film did same money as the past 5, even LESS than the other 5 actually, as far as actual tickets sold. So no, proof is in the pudding Cavill is not at all what made Fallout a hit. Tom Cruise and the KNOWN QUALITY ACTION and good PR and good late summer position is what made it a hit.

    • amazo88
      amazo88 5 months ago

      by that logic, no one went to the judge, or the soloist despite it having RDJ n jamie foxx. by that logic, RDJ isnt enough to make people go to the movies either. smh

  • T C
    T C 5 months ago +3

    Casting agents don't line up to get Cavill lol.

  • kluv2g1
    kluv2g1 5 months ago +9

    All movie stars are hit or miss when it comes to box office. We just usually remember more of the hits the longer the persons career goes.

  • Ian
    Ian 5 months ago +81

    Grace Randolph has a weird grudge against Cavill. She constantly brings up his "bad reputation", but offers no evidence of it.

    • Roei Potash AKA Poihpio
      Roei Potash AKA Poihpio 4 months ago

      I don't know if it's Grace who said that, but if so she'a damn right.

    • Jeffery Daggs
      Jeffery Daggs 5 months ago

      +Yael Zyc that's right she always just saying he's on a list actor. I actually used to watch many of her videos but then started to notice some trims with her that I did not like. Then going on here in about some of the stuff she's done and said kind of put me off.

    • Yael Zyc
      Yael Zyc 5 months ago

      She hates him like she hates Jessica Justin. Always dissing him and calling him not an A list actor.

    • Christopher Garrett
      Christopher Garrett 5 months ago

      Grace Randolph is one of the worst movie people ever. To say someone is not a movie star cause he doing a tv show and box office is ridiculous

    • Jeffery Daggs
      Jeffery Daggs 5 months ago

      Well she has a lot of viewers nobody really pays attention to her anymore

  • EitherThisOrThat
    EitherThisOrThat 5 months ago +3

    every single video of yours that i've watched so far is basically what i think and would've said say if i'd been a movie critic :D love you, keep up the good work! cheers!

  • Yassine al kayyal
    Yassine al kayyal 5 months ago

    she always say dumb things all the time not just this one

  • Moff Tarkin
    Moff Tarkin 5 months ago +56

    Henry Cavill's best movie is Man of Steel. That movie is fucking awesome.

  • OnlyCanBeMeD
    OnlyCanBeMeD 5 months ago +5

    That grace thang said that.

    • Ciaran Murren
      Ciaran Murren 5 months ago

      He knows, they have Twitter beef.

    • bombus467
      bombus467 5 months ago

      OnlyCanBeMeD lol “grace thang”

  • ash shakir
    ash shakir 5 months ago

    Yeah he is,

  • Official Filmilen
    Official Filmilen 5 months ago +6

    Henry Cavill is a big movie star

  • EnzoTheBaker
    EnzoTheBaker 5 months ago +12

    Maybe the person meant "reliable, bankable movie star"
    To be known is one thing (and Henry is known), but to star as a lead and have a 70% success rate is another thing. There's only a few stars that have that.
    Henry Cavill (his talents aside) is hit or miss when it comes to movies. The Witcher TV series might be less of a concern though since it won't be a theatrical film release.

    • Caleb Peterson
      Caleb Peterson 5 months ago

      Are you talking about his acting performances?

    • Jon jozif Gintoki às vezes Kenpachi
      Jon jozif Gintoki às vezes Kenpachi 5 months ago

      EnzoTheBaker I think it too early to make assumptions he’s barely been in any movies ..I think he just started his true stardom that Witcher thing is gona help his rebrand even more just like Mi6

    • BJ Vynz
      BJ Vynz 5 months ago +2

      But you can't blame John for the viewer presenting the question so incorrectly.

    • Sergio Silva
      Sergio Silva 5 months ago +2

      That is what Grace Randolph meant lol

  • Antriksh Aade
    Antriksh Aade 5 months ago

    One of the patreon leaked what the contract was about

  • Nick Holmes
    Nick Holmes 5 months ago +75

    Grace Randolph

    • Ciaran Murren
      Ciaran Murren 5 months ago +4

      He knows, they have Twitter beef

    • The After Dance Party
      The After Dance Party 5 months ago +1

      She makes racebaiting videos and mentions every black or asian person she knows in them.

    • felch
      felch 5 months ago +6

      Grace definitely has a couple of screws loose.

    • delawarebratboi
      delawarebratboi 5 months ago +1

      Funny that's exactly who I thought it was without even seeing it for myself. Just something I know that nitwit might say!

    • Joel Suazo
      Joel Suazo 5 months ago +4

      She was triggered from the #metoo comments

  • ʙᴀᴛʙʀɪᴄᴋғʟɪᴄᴋs

    Why is that even a question?

  • Sergio Silva
    Sergio Silva 5 months ago +13

    I think we know who they are referring to...

  • no just no
    no just no 5 months ago +83

    It think it was grace Randolph

    • Eric Beadle
      Eric Beadle 5 months ago +2

      +Luke Smith dude she's a idiot...... Lol

    • Luke Smith
      Luke Smith 5 months ago

      ...Okay then!!

    • DC Debates
      DC Debates 5 months ago +2

      She's a vapid moron who somehow build a following with vapid nonsense.
      "Oh he not a mobee star cuz of a mum test"
      Bish STFU, since when did you decide the rules for movie starts?
      Like how she was ranting on Twitter that you can't be an A list actor and be on TV.
      And I copied and posted this off twitter:
      Amy Adams did TV
      Matthew McConaughey did TV
      Anthony Hopkins did TV
      Tom Hardy did TV
      Robin Wright did TV
      Nicole Kidman did TV
      Reese Witherspoon did TV
      Laura Dern did TV
      All the while remaining A List Actors
      Not ONE of those actors is an A-List actor
      So yeah, you can like her all you want, but she's an idiot who somehow thinks she has some kind of authority to define standards.

    • Luke Smith
      Luke Smith 5 months ago +2

      If you actually watch her channel, she makes a fairly compelling argument for this. Cavill is known by people who are into movies, but he would never pass the 'mum test', ie he's not a household name, which to a lot of people is what it takes to be a movie star. She wasn't saying box office alone is the reason why, she was just using that to illustrate her point. Randolph and Campea are my two favourite movie channels (after collider went to shit), honestly I think it's quite a healthy thing to listen to two opposing views, rather than just hear someone repeat your own view back to you.

    • Barry Allen
      Barry Allen 5 months ago +5

      Not a shock that dipshit is always talking shit