Buffy The Vampire Slayer was a weird show...

  • Published on Jul 24, 2018
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    The Secret Life of the American Teenager was the dumbest show...
    Gotham is a weird show...
    The Kissing Booth is kinda dumb...
    Legends of Tomorrow is a weird show...
    Once Upon A Time is kinda dumb...
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Comments • 3 318

  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers  11 months ago +491

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    • kobra6660
      kobra6660 13 days ago +1

      Still better than twilight

    • Chevi Ann Valley
      Chevi Ann Valley 2 months ago

      Can u do deadly class??????

    • Little Hut
      Little Hut 4 months ago

      Hey, I really like your videos. But I kinda think when you're watching tv shows, you should at least watch a second episode from later in the show... In my experience, first episodes are often way worse or way better than the rest of the show...
      Buffy changed so much over time, s1 has nothing to do with s3 which has nothing to do with s6...
      Also, worth watching the whole thing maybe...?
      And Cordelia is awesome.

    • Kelsey Stewart
      Kelsey Stewart 5 months ago

      @Alex Meyers where’s the Veronica Mars Tv show???? Please please please

    • Carolina Dias
      Carolina Dias 5 months ago

      Where is game of thrones?

  • The Immortal
    The Immortal Minute ago

    7:35 No vampire teeth? Serioisly?

  • Shania Damdar
    Shania Damdar 3 hours ago

    You should react to wolfblood😁😁

  • Shania Damdar
    Shania Damdar 3 hours ago

    You should react to wolfblood😁😁

  • Keke Kia
    Keke Kia 3 hours ago

    Lmbo skateboards were cool... Even though i was into rollerblading. Buffy was one of my favorite shows ever

  • Ellaxxa Playz
    Ellaxxa Playz 8 hours ago

    5:13 who had that line whoever made that line i will find them and kill them

  • Kay
    Kay 19 hours ago +1

    At least Buffy is better than Twilight.

  • Kristina Madden
    Kristina Madden 19 hours ago

    I just know about this show from the friends reference, “Buffy’s the vampire slayer”

  • Derek Thomas Lirio
    Derek Thomas Lirio 21 hour ago

    I was a fan of Buffy back in the day. It wasn't a bad show. Hey Alex, if you ever read this comment, tell Mike he still owes me.

  • Chloe Prentice
    Chloe Prentice Day ago

    4:01 well, it's more than what most people do nowadays.

  • ilovefantasy 13579
    ilovefantasy 13579 Day ago +2


  • Dumb Illustrations


  • Dargonhuman
    Dargonhuman 4 days ago

    Wellllllll..... Actualllllllyyyy.....
    That's Brian Thompson, who played Second Officer Klag in the second season episode "A Matter of Honor" from The Next Generation. He also played a couple guest spots on Deep Space Nine and Enterprise, but sci fi geeks and nerds probably know him best as the Alien Bounty Hunter from The X-Files.

  • Nina Terzyan
    Nina Terzyan 4 days ago

    Buffy TVS is such a good show. Yea the old humor is a bit cringe at times, but I honestly didn't mind it. Still one of my all time favorites.

  • ConnectedHearts
    ConnectedHearts 5 days ago

    I found Buffy the vampire slayer a lot like Supernatural, in that the first season was okay, and at moments you were left scratching your head saying “where were they going with this?” But once you got to season 2 it was like “oh man, this is the best show I’ve seen in a while”. Buffy is such a great role model for others, because she is constantly changing especially in season 3 when she meets faith. It’s really inspiring.

  • Da D
    Da D 6 days ago +1

    “ Ooook .... I’ll just be over here talking to anyone else ... SOMEBODY? “ 😂😂😂

  • Da D
    Da D 6 days ago +1

    I will always love Buffy ❤️

  • yes
    yes 6 days ago

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer is actually so good especially for the time it was on. the character development is so real on this and especially in 2001 season 4 when Willow comes out it was revolutionary and really made a difference for lgbt youth to see a character being accepted by a group of peers. not to mention it is still good today. and i agree the characters actually act like teenagers and make light of their crazy situation especially Xander

  • ItsCatCraftPlaysMC
    ItsCatCraftPlaysMC 9 days ago

    No offence I kinda hate this vid cause I am the biggest fan of Buffy that ever existed and you're kinda dissing it a LOT

  • ItsCatCraftPlaysMC
    ItsCatCraftPlaysMC 9 days ago

    *Buffy urrrgh autocorrect

  • ItsCatCraftPlaysMC
    ItsCatCraftPlaysMC 9 days ago

    'This dude on Buffy'? That's Xander, who's like the Ron Weasley of Buddy the Vampire Slayer! I love this show soooooo much (ehhh I may have a crush on Angel)

  • Nishel Lavey
    Nishel Lavey 9 days ago

    I though buffy the vampire slayer was a movie O.o

  • Semeri Siamese
    Semeri Siamese 9 days ago

    Is Willow from how I met your mother?

  • σπιντερμαν
    σπιντερμαν 11 days ago

    U bald

  • Audrey Blackwood
    Audrey Blackwood 12 days ago

    Did you see it?
    Did you catch it?
    *breathes like thot*

  • Gaiaen -aND PEGGY!
    Gaiaen -aND PEGGY! 12 days ago +1

    What!? You’re telling me a show called “Buffy the vampire slayer” is a weird show!?

  • lovetolovefairytales
    lovetolovefairytales 12 days ago

    Omg is that uther Pendragon???

  • Kalata Spasov
    Kalata Spasov 12 days ago

    buffy is a good show if u ignore all the sexist bullshit in it

  • kobra6660
    kobra6660 13 days ago

    Liked the show we need a buffy vs twilight movie

  • K P
    K P 14 days ago

    22 years later of the premiere it’s still ICONIC. It’s the TV serie of my childhood

  • Xehanort10
    Xehanort10 14 days ago

    2:25 IMO Xander was the worst character in the show. Mostly because of his "I hate Angel because Buffy loves him and not me" thing in the first 3 seasons. Even though Cordelia is a bitch in the first 3 seasons before she becomes a better character on Angel Xander constantly calls her a whore even when they're dating and at one point after she dumps him for a bit he has a love spell done purely so he can dump her to spite her for dumping him. He only supports Buffy and Riley my second most hated character because he sees Riley as his stand in and imagines himself with Buffy in place of Riley. The most dickish thing he does though is leave Anya at the altar because he's afraid he'll become like his abusive parents even though he won't. Getting abused doesn't turn you into an abuser. Abusers choose to abuse their kids and only use being abused by their own parents as an excuse to abuse their kids.

  • Xenre Lavague
    Xenre Lavague 14 days ago

    That's not the pilot! They recast Willow (and others) after getting picked up, and while the pilot and the first episode use mostly the same plot the pilot is a self-contained episode, only about 30 mins, and completely lacks Jesse.

  • Chris Grey
    Chris Grey 15 days ago

    what about a video about Xena warrior princess.

  • Brian Norman
    Brian Norman 16 days ago

    The most boring show of all time👎👎👎👎👎

  • Selisia Muslia
    Selisia Muslia 16 days ago +1

    The whole thing I don’t get with high school movies is the mean popular girl part
    Like can’t popular girls be nice or just NOT mean like wtf
    I’m one of the “popular” kids at my school and frankly I’m a pretty good person
    I get A and B and wear make up but don’t get all “caked” up or whatever
    But these movies aand shows are seriously ruining the minds of people with the stereotypes,slut-shaming(have experienced it myself even if I AM a virgin)and all that cruel and “mean” shit
    Like dude wtf give us some rest
    I’m not some “bimbo” and I don’t bully people
    I’m smart AND a bit of a nerd but that doesn’t make me necessarily a “nerd” or any of those other stuff
    Seriously it’s 2019
    We need to concentrate more on the important things that boys and your high school sweethearts

  • David McCarthy
    David McCarthy 16 days ago

    The 90s bit gives it a lot of charm in my opinion. Not just in terms of nostalgia but the general innocence and hopefulness of the 90s and 80s was a lot funner to watch when it comes to horror than the cynical attitudes shows have now. Also the idea of feminism in this show is done really well for the most part compared to shows that touch these sort of issues now days. I don't like to get preached at by entertainment, it's most important to tell a story about these issues people can relate too without feeling like they're watching blatant propaganda.

  • whatever.
    whatever. 19 days ago

    Wait wait wait.... didn't buffy play Dafiney (I think that's how you spell her name) in Scooby Doo spooky island??

  • Deb Blacksher
    Deb Blacksher 20 days ago

    Ok I now hate your channel

  • Heather Smith
    Heather Smith 20 days ago +1

    “SwagBucks what that? Some kinda Ricegum thing?”

  • Magic Official Channel

    The first seaon was so bad, that i watched it only from the second season up. I don't know if it was the writing, the acting or just a bit of every thing...but it did get so much better by the second season.

  • flower power
    flower power 22 days ago

    It is my son, Phil's favourite show I don't care

  • Glittergirl 22
    Glittergirl 22 22 days ago

    I have no I dear what buffy is exapt the fact that my mum watched it

  • 100% Stratusfied
    100% Stratusfied 23 days ago

    Thumbs down.

  • LinnieAlexis
    LinnieAlexis 24 days ago

    Buffy is THE shit! ❤😁

  • Anaia Corrigan
    Anaia Corrigan 25 days ago

    you should watch Veronica Mars

  • gale m
    gale m 27 days ago

    Team Spike

  • Leah Mack
    Leah Mack 27 days ago +1

    Xander literally never skateboards again

  • Leah Mack
    Leah Mack 27 days ago

    do more buffy!!!!

  • hakuna mata
    hakuna mata 27 days ago +11

    " Is that Buffy the vampire Slayer?"
    - Sheldon Cooper , 2019

  • Ayomide Sowore
    Ayomide Sowore Month ago

    How have you not done My Babysitter’s a Vampire?

  • Samuel Thompsan
    Samuel Thompsan Month ago


  • Sabrina Adebanjoh
    Sabrina Adebanjoh Month ago +1

    I don’t know bout the rest of the world
    But I’m the UK if u ride a skateboard ur considered a dickhead n a beg

  • Kate Ryan
    Kate Ryan Month ago +1

    Teen wolf again please so goooood

  • Holla Holi
    Holla Holi Month ago +1

    Buffy and Angel are one of the best crossover series.. But u need to watch more than one episode.. Come on!

  • pogodziej
    pogodziej Month ago

    Well, he didn't say "dumb", "kinda dumb" or "doesn't make any sense". I'd take "weird" over "dumb" any day as a description of my show. =D

  • Vlad 117
    Vlad 117 Month ago

    6:35 don't give me hopes Buffy!

    WONDER QUEEN Month ago

    the librarian low key sounds like stewie

  • Zela Martin
    Zela Martin Month ago

    Thanks dude, now I'm going to have to and rewatch all 7 seasons. I hope you're happy.

  • A I
    A I Month ago

    BTVS was a fun, exciting, and well-made show expertly designed (intentionally or unintentionally) to normalize the occult to the masses and make it more acceptable. Thank God, I awoke to this nonsense. You can too: tvclip.biz/video/4gXUrPC8hPM/video.html

  • Roderic Perez
    Roderic Perez Month ago

    I am kind of surprised that the reason you liked the show was realized but not mentioned by you or in the first few comments. The idea of self awareness and people talking like people has a lot to do with the fact that Joss Whedon, (Avengers, Avengers - Age of Ultron and Firefly), is the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer both in comic book form and television.

  • Avoni C
    Avoni C Month ago +1

    So you're telling me Uther Pendragon came back from the dead just to become a high school librarian?

  • Malia Ferry
    Malia Ferry Month ago

    Alex please watch the Buffy Guides from Passion of the nerds, It helped me better understand Buffy so much. Its also on Hulu, If you can't get into Buffy start with season 2 episode 3 Die Hard, Spike and Dur are such important charters. Please give Buffy another shot, its an amazing show.

  • Jesus Gonzalez
    Jesus Gonzalez Month ago

    It almost seems as if there's a challenge out there somewhere in writer/showrunner/director world which can be summed up as "I can make people care about stuff that is really embarassing to say out loud" - like a teenager called Buffy who fights vampires and her lesbian witch best friend. Or "the thing with the chicken" in "the Social Network"

  • A Bookworm
    A Bookworm Month ago

    still love it tho.... it's AMAZING!

  • Red Mustang 1976
    Red Mustang 1976 Month ago +1

    Sarah Michelle Gellar was a damn smoke show tho.

  • Fisayo
    Fisayo Month ago

    Uther pendragon

  • khasual entertainment

    Do Sliders tv show

  • dewdrop
    dewdrop Month ago

    Ben is Glory?

  • Indogene Doctor
    Indogene Doctor 2 months ago +1

    Buffy has been my favorite show for 19 years. It's very 90s but the the characters are just so easy to love and the interpersonal aspect of the show is just great. Oh and there are so many fantastic character arcs, like Willow's and surprisingly Anya's.

  • Blikboi69
    Blikboi69 2 months ago

    Y u dissing socks and sandals

  • wolfy Lps
    wolfy Lps 2 months ago

    I'm really judgmental when it comes to shows but trust me dudes, Buffy is the shit.if anything season one might be a bit iffy cuz it's just a starting plot point but after that it gets really good. My all time favorite show

  • wolfy Lps
    wolfy Lps 2 months ago +2

    Buffy's the best don't @ me

  • Erez Shpirer
    Erez Shpirer 2 months ago

    U know ur just making fun of the first episode I’ll these? Shows do get better.

  • Robin tell
    Robin tell 2 months ago

    I love buffy😍😍😍😍

  • Mason Darlington
    Mason Darlington 2 months ago

    I only watched huffy a few years ago and it quickly jumps into my top 3 with doctor who and Game of Thrones, the writing and characters do really grow on you. By season 3 I was in love with the show

  • nahhhboyyeet
    nahhhboyyeet 2 months ago +3

    Ugh Buffy was my shittt😭

  • ArcherPro Crea
    ArcherPro Crea 2 months ago +2


  • Kunisake The Artist
    Kunisake The Artist 2 months ago

    Speakin' of homework, did you guys finish down there???

  • Brian Fuller
    Brian Fuller 2 months ago +2

    Buffy was a great show for most of its run but become one of those that stayed too long.

  • Madilyn Mossman
    Madilyn Mossman 2 months ago

    5:55- 6:20 IM FUCKING DYING RIGHT NOW!!!!!! I'm in my school's library at the moment and trying REALLY hard not to start laughing hysterically! XP

  • Delia West
    Delia West 2 months ago

    Alex should continue on with watching Shadowhunters, maybe starting with season three, because it’s so much better than season 1

  • mridula v
    mridula v 2 months ago

    Oh wow. A way to quantify how much time I waste instead of doing something productive... How utterly desirable

  • Lovemhs21
    Lovemhs21 2 months ago +1

    Ugh Buffy is awesome!!!!!!!!

  • Heyitsme Emma
    Heyitsme Emma 2 months ago +17

    If you watched further you would see she starts dating a vampire named angel
    Angel has had a ‘dark sinister past’ 😂😂

    • R .R
      R .R 6 days ago

      The edge being deacribed gave me a paper cut

  • As Unknown
    As Unknown 2 months ago +4

    If you did Buffy The Vampire Slayer can you do Angel

  • Karlos Sargeant
    Karlos Sargeant 2 months ago

    I've see it there doing a reboot on it called Slayer.

  • Cornell Carter Jr
    Cornell Carter Jr 2 months ago +1



    "Well shoot can he call me too?" I love that part lol

  • Ride Or Die
    Ride Or Die 2 months ago

    Now it’s bikes

  • alluring. wolfhard
    alluring. wolfhard 2 months ago +1

    "DaRlA u OkAy?" I laughed for 15 min straight

  • Emma Pierskalla
    Emma Pierskalla 2 months ago

    I like shadow hunters and i'm sad that its ending :(

  • La Vie En Rose08
    La Vie En Rose08 2 months ago

    Why does the popular girl remind me of a mom, even though she doesn't act like it?😂😂😂

  • Ellen M
    Ellen M 2 months ago

    As someone British (though I can’t say I’m a dude) can I just point out that not all of our men are creepy librarians in tweed? 👍👍
    I have to agree with Alex that this stuff is really 90s stereotypical, but it is quite funny

  • blxck_ocean
    blxck_ocean 2 months ago

    I saw this show when I was 5 years old. And I'm still not old enough to watch it. I still have nightmares about the gentlemen and I don't want to be in a hospital at night. It was scary for a little girl...

  • Charles Jayson
    Charles Jayson 2 months ago

    'Immigrated from the UK'- 4:00, Ok buddy

  • Adelaide Beeman-White
    Adelaide Beeman-White 2 months ago +1

    I dress in 1890s clothing. I am the vampire Queen!

  • Mary Rivera
    Mary Rivera 2 months ago

    Why does the librarian lowkey sound like Kyoya from Ouran High School Host Club?

  • Lipaz Dotan
    Lipaz Dotan 2 months ago

    What I really disliked about this pilot is how insultingly dumb they made Darla look. They presented her as the stupidest random hischoolish vampire who couldn't identify a slayer when she came across multiple of them, and made her look like such a meaningless chick-of-the-week. Darla had such a meaningful role in this fandom, not to mention she was the only vampire being sent to heaven even though she had no soul. They seriously wronged her in this episode.
    Also, cinemasin for you, all over this review not even ONE mention of Angel? Dude...

    MIKEY 2 months ago

    Almost every show is apparently weird according to your channel.

  • PandaStockings
    PandaStockings 2 months ago

    3:50 there we have it everybody Sebastien michealis burn my hand and call my a thot