Buffy The Vampire Slayer was a weird show...


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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers  7 months ago +420

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    • Little Hut
      Little Hut 8 days ago

      Hey, I really like your videos. But I kinda think when you're watching tv shows, you should at least watch a second episode from later in the show... In my experience, first episodes are often way worse or way better than the rest of the show...
      Buffy changed so much over time, s1 has nothing to do with s3 which has nothing to do with s6...
      Also, worth watching the whole thing maybe...?
      And Cordelia is awesome.

    • Kelsey Stewart
      Kelsey Stewart 28 days ago

      @Alex Meyers where’s the Veronica Mars Tv show???? Please please please

    • Carolina Dias
      Carolina Dias 29 days ago

      Where is game of thrones?

    • Chris D.
      Chris D. 2 months ago

      Swagbucks is not available in my country... damn bad news... no $5 bucks for me... but i still got a good laugh with this video...

    • Stacie Green
      Stacie Green 2 months ago

      You should do the spin-off show, "Angel".

  • Phương Cindy
    Phương Cindy 2 days ago

    Is that Lily from HIMYM?

  • Caroline Martin
    Caroline Martin 3 days ago

    Oh Reddington...

  • Abbey Polverari
    Abbey Polverari 3 days ago

    Did Buffy play that daphne from that older scooby doo movie from like the early 2000s?

  • Lavko.
    Lavko. 4 days ago

    We had a cat named buffy but we sadly lost her... 🙁

  • Isabella Salvatore
    Isabella Salvatore 5 days ago

    Buffy: "So what do you do for fun?"
    Wiilow: "Well, this one time.. at band camp.."

  • Joey Pickles
    Joey Pickles 5 days ago


  • Jadecoyote K
    Jadecoyote K 6 days ago

    I admit when you said that Giles isn't an ordinary librarian I yelled "He's a Night Surgeon!" (Repo! The Genetic Opera that Anthony Head was in)

  • Precious
    Precious 6 days ago

    This made me want to watch Buffy all over again for 8th time 😁

  • Mira Selig
    Mira Selig 6 days ago

    Loud motorcycles are safe motorcycles.

  • Azet Kasanova
    Azet Kasanova 7 days ago


  • Leah Mack
    Leah Mack 7 days ago

    Do.more buffy

  • Sydney Ward
    Sydney Ward 8 days ago

    Do “My So-Called Life” I think you will have fun picking it apart haha

  • Sam Desmond
    Sam Desmond 9 days ago

    Fun fact, my high school librarian was also British. We thought she was lying tho because her accent was faint and sounded fake but you know accents fade so she could have been telling the truth.

  • retro killer
    retro killer 9 days ago

    It annoys we a lot like COME ON BLOW YOUR NOSE WOMAN

  • blaa bloom
    blaa bloom 10 days ago

    She was 16 in the show and angle was 27 hmmm 🤔

  • Annie Campbell
    Annie Campbell 13 days ago


  • Rashelle Carpenter
    Rashelle Carpenter 14 days ago

    How you were with Gossip Girl, I was with Buffy. Obsessed lol. Great video. You should do more episodes. If you watch it all the way through, I double dare you not to cry by the end of season 2. The series goes like this
    1st, 2nd, 3rd are fucking epic
    4th is... different (great material for you there 😉)
    5th is awesome and bittersweet
    6th is dark and just... huh?
    And season 7? Well, the best way to describe season 7 is kind of like having an amazing and expensive meal for dinner but then somehow being served a bargain brand fudgecicle for dessert.

  • Potxtoes
    Potxtoes 15 days ago

    Look up James Spader now

  • Azura Kliegl
    Azura Kliegl 15 days ago

    do zombies

  • Savannah Darling
    Savannah Darling 16 days ago

    I need a gif of 6:19, like, stat. Lol

  • S Frances
    S Frances 16 days ago

    love that you take the piss but still agree that its a pretty good show. It's got that 90's cheese but still ages well.

  • dan
    dan 19 days ago +1

    wow shes dressed like a slut even for today's standards

  • Victoria Bell
    Victoria Bell 20 days ago

    The first season was arguably one of the weakest of the show. But it develops so well Joss does such a great job with the show.

  • Sil van Oosterwijk
    Sil van Oosterwijk 21 day ago

    Everybody loves buffy

  • Courtney Sumner
    Courtney Sumner 21 day ago

    "does she survive? this is the end of Buffy? probably not bc she show goes on for like 7 more season" lol Buffy dies like 2 times but go off

  • Rocio Garcia
    Rocio Garcia 21 day ago

    Watch charmed

  • Saanvi Sai
    Saanvi Sai 23 days ago

    It's 2.13. I need help.

  • kittycandyfluff pup
    kittycandyfluff pup 24 days ago

    Doesn’t the bumping into someone cliche ever get old

  • itsLily00
    itsLily00 25 days ago

    You could do princess diaries as apparently they are doing a third - idk why

  • letgo1234
    letgo1234 25 days ago

    It's Daphne!(from scooby doo)

    MYBADGOODGIRLS 26 days ago

    Buffy is the best show.
    After this show everything is kinda copy. 😁

  • Aculeatus
    Aculeatus 27 days ago

    So Daphne slayed vampires before she was in the gang, nice

  • Kelsey Stewart
    Kelsey Stewart 28 days ago

    The Veronica Mars tv show pleaseeeeeee

  • hurt soul
    hurt soul 29 days ago

    This show was my childhood man!! :D

  • Nikol Georgieva
    Nikol Georgieva Month ago

    At least here the vampires are shown to be the bad guys.

  • Michelle C
    Michelle C Month ago

    Uh. Buffy is a GREAT show. Riverdale, high school musical, etc- I agree with u they are garbage but don’t you dare say buffy is terrible.

  • That Guy Over There
    That Guy Over There Month ago +1

    That was. . .

    (P.s. if anyone is wondering the name is of the character is Nigel Thornberry)

  • Ania Maria
    Ania Maria Month ago

    When there was the last episode, I cried, I love the show!

  • Ania Maria
    Ania Maria Month ago

    Alex, I think you have to watch the show and make a new video.

  • Ania Maria
    Ania Maria Month ago

    Buffy is a great show!

  • Duc Nguyen
    Duc Nguyen Month ago

    Why do people find socks and sandles people weird? We just like to have both options in case it gets a bit too cold or a bit too warm ok?

  • Rose Reiter
    Rose Reiter Month ago

    Are they living in beacon hills? Cause all those describe it.

  • Yayoi Vixen
    Yayoi Vixen Month ago

    It's so weird how I still watch this show nowadays. (The mom episode with Buffy going home normally still traumatizes me.... You know the one. If not go get traumatized too.....)

  • the lonely panda
    the lonely panda Month ago

    im 13 and I love Buffy because my parents got me into it

  • Anneliese Moore
    Anneliese Moore Month ago

    I love Buffy!

  • Aspen F
    Aspen F Month ago

    You should do deegrassi......

  • Marxaroni_and_cheese

    5:16 yes I am buffy

  • Greatsaiyakirby
    Greatsaiyakirby Month ago

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer also inspired the creation of Kim Possible and especially My Life As A Teenage Robot.

  • Andy B
    Andy B Month ago

    Even David Spade had a skateboard and jumped weird stuff in one of the Police Academy movies!

  • Ana Gigigh
    Ana Gigigh Month ago

    what was the joke he wasnt going to make.... about the dead guy.??

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  • Elsie Atkins
    Elsie Atkins Month ago

    yes it was weird show but it was great and as 11 i know it and i loved watching it when it was shown on televison

  • dakota baun
    dakota baun Month ago

    Worst video on TVclip

  • Mariyah Ali
    Mariyah Ali Month ago

    Buffy was an awesome show.

  • Sky High Skyler
    Sky High Skyler Month ago

    8:10 is it just me, or is that Undertale music?

  • Sharon Lee
    Sharon Lee Month ago

    who plays the Liberian?

  • sballer
    sballer Month ago


  • MzMiaRoseTV
    MzMiaRoseTV Month ago

    I always had a thing for Giles. He's sooo handsome, sophisticated, and sexy. And who doesn't love a British accent? :)

  • Spencer MacDougall
    Spencer MacDougall Month ago

    I love this show/angel. Spike was one of my favorites and I loved willows arc (not going to say it here just to give you an reason to watch the show) also the episode were they could not talk and the "only singing" episode

  • Chris Topher
    Chris Topher Month ago

    "Just got season 2 of Buffy on DVD. Gonna kick it at my place and watch the bonus features."

  • Katerina Lara
    Katerina Lara Month ago

    What type of name is buffy I mean really

  • Ellimist000
    Ellimist000 Month ago

    "Star Trek Next Generation guy" Dude literally played a klingon lol

  • Jessica Rabbit
    Jessica Rabbit Month ago

    Buffy was a good show man.

  • Nathanael Dick
    Nathanael Dick Month ago


  • ecgrahamcracker
    ecgrahamcracker Month ago

    You should do Charmed but it’s awesome

  • Paul Shackelford
    Paul Shackelford Month ago

    Just realized Willow is Lily from how I met your mother

  • Sophia Lam
    Sophia Lam Month ago

    Wait... why would they choose a TEENAGE GIRL to be the slayer???

  • Glaringparrot44
    Glaringparrot44 Month ago

    Xander is the most 90s name I've ever heard

  • Mike Nash
    Mike Nash Month ago

    I remember skateboards the first time around in the '70s... they were just as lame then

  • Kaitlin Theresa
    Kaitlin Theresa Month ago

    This guy really went through all the effort to make it out like Giles did the MOST to become a librarian then in the same sentence says his not just a librarian, what was that?

  • Jos Nevison
    Jos Nevison Month ago

    band camp is half sex ed

  • Maggie Harrison
    Maggie Harrison Month ago

    It's always 16 year-old-girls.

  • Adama Kamara
    Adama Kamara Month ago

    Do Harry Potter

  • a. monkey
    a. monkey Month ago

    The series was about 3 or 4 years too long.

  • Larry Rycerz
    Larry Rycerz Month ago

    i want an Unleash the Knowledge T-shirt

  • Prada Spencer
    Prada Spencer Month ago

    Do charmed please

  • Amanda Mullins
    Amanda Mullins Month ago

    I love BtVS...I have every season on DVD :3.
    I've been a fan since the series first began.
    The 90'sness during the first three seasons is extreme! xD

  • RossieMarrie
    RossieMarrie Month ago

    Buffy was a great show, the best back then

  • Touch of Chaos
    Touch of Chaos Month ago

    Angel was better than this trash

  • Fisher Theo
    Fisher Theo Month ago

    I think it makes A LOT of more sense basing the review of the Season not the Pilot.

  • Mr Pandanté
    Mr Pandanté Month ago

    Do Dawson's creek. Or myth busters.

  • foxtrotecho
    foxtrotecho Month ago

    You should do some more episodes oficial Buffy! :))

  • 6980MulhollandDrive

    And it was great. It still is. It will always be.

  • David Hewitt
    David Hewitt Month ago

    James Spader isn't so much a dreamboat now...unless you like bald guys.

  • Emma The gamer
    Emma The gamer Month ago

    Hey you will never guess what

    Buffy dates a vampire called and gel who has a ‘dark past
    Bet ya DIDDNT see that coming

  • xStarlightmoonx
    xStarlightmoonx Month ago

    Lilly from how I met your mother is willow

  • Andres Delgado
    Andres Delgado 2 months ago

    Buffy forever! Greatest TV show ever.

  • Skyler Hennion
    Skyler Hennion 2 months ago

    You HAVE to make another buffy one

  • Kassy's weird gacha's bloop


  • Siobhan Clark
    Siobhan Clark 2 months ago

    The comedy beats in this video were top notch, had me cackling

  • Malaya Thewierd
    Malaya Thewierd 2 months ago

    Do parenthood

    Just do it

  • MystiCalBEING89
    MystiCalBEING89 2 months ago

    buffy and angel tv shows r the best

  • Animate Acumen
    Animate Acumen 2 months ago

    Never thought I'd see Plank again outside of Ed, Edd, and Eddy

  • Vitani B Mamba
    Vitani B Mamba 2 months ago

    I never seen the show lol
    But watch lost girl please

  • Anika Wawrow
    Anika Wawrow 2 months ago

    Plz do Lucifer!!!!!

  • I hate liberals
    I hate liberals 2 months ago

    Used to be a huge fan of buffy shame the show ended

  • Katie Roo
    Katie Roo 2 months ago +1

    You should watch The Office

  • Max Nyström
    Max Nyström 2 months ago

    Do ark 2

  • hcr
    hcr 2 months ago

    its hard to criticize buffy's early seasons when they were self aware and owned the charming 90s cheesiness.