• Published on Mar 22, 2017
  • After receiving the question "What do you do in Nebraska?" countless times while traveling I decided to make a video. I shot this video over summer 2016. Thanks to everyone who made the last summer the best of my life.
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  • Thomas Alex Norman
    Thomas Alex Norman 2 years ago +5


  • Michelle Marie
    Michelle Marie 13 days ago

    Im in scottsbluff nebraska

  • Sullivan Bunyan
    Sullivan Bunyan 14 days ago

    Nebraska I’ve lived here for all my life and it’s boring sometimes but it’s also amazing fun and beautiful if anything people say it’s terrible but it’s not it’s amazing Nebraska forever ✌️

  • David Wohrley
    David Wohrley 2 months ago

    Great video. I’m looking forward to moving there.

  • Riki-oh Lanna Siam
    Riki-oh Lanna Siam 2 months ago

    Cool vid dude* Thanks for sharing. ;)

  • cowgirls of Nebraska
    cowgirls of Nebraska 4 months ago +3

    Nebraska is AMAZING! Where I live there's corn fields left and right but still being those there are amazing trails and places to ride horse! And an hour away there is Lincoln but I don't do much there cuz I live in the country. But Nebraska is more then just corn

  • Seidi  Griffith
    Seidi Griffith 4 months ago

    Boredom is a State of mind,every individual is responsible for their own happiness.

  • John's Vlogs
    John's Vlogs 8 months ago +5

    Great vid.. I'm actually moving back to Lincoln here in about a week.. Texas was just not for me crime rate is tooo God damn high here.. No place like Nebraska...

    • Drew Etherton
      Drew Etherton  8 months ago

      John's Vlogs yeah dude! I love it. Pumped to get home for the summer and make another vid like this

  • SexierThanYou
    SexierThanYou 9 months ago +1

    Maybe if snow and tornado happens in same week then I wonder how Nebraska truly is

    • Drew Etherton
      Drew Etherton  9 months ago

      SexierThanYou it would then be windier and snowier

  • Studious Orb
    Studious Orb 10 months ago +4

    As someone who lives in nebraska i will eat who ever disliked this video just like how i eat corn

  • Canadian Wrath
    Canadian Wrath 10 months ago +1

    I Live In Nebraska!

  • K-9 Companions
    K-9 Companions 11 months ago +1

    It seems that everyone has the wrong idea about Nebraska.

  • Kyle Oyeniran
    Kyle Oyeniran Year ago +1

    This video is nothing that's just stuff people plan I fell bad for people who live in Nebraska. Nebraska is the most boring state in the whole USA

    • Barbara Allen
      Barbara Allen 5 months ago

      Kyle Oyeniran, first it's "feel" not "fell", secondly that's your opinion.

    • Studious Orb
      Studious Orb 10 months ago

      @K-9 Companions thats exactly true and theres the zoo in omaha which is one entire reason of its self to at least come see

    • K-9 Companions
      K-9 Companions 11 months ago +2

      Nebraska is actually very nice. Firstly because you can choose if you want to live in the city or the country. Secondly Nebraska is not at all how people think it is, and this video really doesnt show things you can do. But if Nebraska, according to you is the most boring state, then please tell me, what exactly can you do in any other state that you can't do in Nebraska? Name some things and i promise you almost everything you say will be in Nebraska. People always think as Nebraska as just corn corn and more corn maybe a few farmers, but there is a LOT of stuff to do in Nebraska but it is just all spread apart, i really enjoy nebraska because i am more of a country person. I dont neccesarily live in the country country but i dont live in a city.

    • Drew Etherton
      Drew Etherton  Year ago

      kyle oyeniran actually the whole thing is CGI. I don’t think any of these places exist in Nebraska

  • A Haimoudi
    A Haimoudi Year ago +1

    Nebraska sucks, Nebraskans are the most arrogant pepole in America !

    • Studious Orb
      Studious Orb 10 months ago +1

      @K-9 Companionsthats 101 percent true, Nebraska is the state were i met the love of my life and also the greatest friends and the memories ive made and the music ive played, the tears ive shed, the love ive gave and the place im writing this comment at

    • K-9 Companions
      K-9 Companions 11 months ago +2

      No, actually, people in Nebraska are very caring. Maybe try researching or looking at other states before you just call all the amazing people in Nebraska, or just America in general arrogant. It is so rude to judge an entire state just by a few people. There is NO state in America that is better or worse than Nebraska i could be like you and say every state in America is arrogant and rude and stupid just because of a few people, but i dont because that is the worst thing to do.

    • Drew Etherton
      Drew Etherton  Year ago

      A Haimoudi yeah ur prolly right lol

  • Nebraska Barr
    Nebraska Barr Year ago +2

    I am, a German, was three times in Nebraska. - - - love this state

  • iron grip 455
    iron grip 455 Year ago +1

    No square dances or pig wrestling you call your self Mericans huh.

  • Javier Corona
    Javier Corona Year ago +7

    yo cuando voy a nebraska lo unico que ago es tomar cerveza

  • Hurricane Hennessey
    Hurricane Hennessey Year ago +3

    Amazing video!!!!!🤠👏💪👍

  • TheCommieBoy
    TheCommieBoy Year ago +6

    So...anything you can do alone?

    • Lady Frederick
      Lady Frederick 7 months ago

      @Fawn Del Maibalz Where is that? That sounds like more my style

    • Studious Orb
      Studious Orb 10 months ago

      @Drew Etherton exactly that place is amazing

    • Fawn Del Maibalz
      Fawn Del Maibalz Year ago +2

      Now I understand why introverts and antisocial misanthropic people like myself prefer Mountains. It seems there's nowhere there to venture off into the deep rigid forests of the rockies. Often you can even sit in a kayak on a clear blue mountain like with nobody around if you're willing to some hiking . Plus there's zip lines, Mountain biking is more fun, so is dirt biking.

    • RushyG
      RushyG Year ago +5

      Enjoy the nice open sunny skies! Well until it starts raining out of no where 5 minutes later 😂

    • Drew Etherton
      Drew Etherton  Year ago +2

      TheCommieBoy the zoo in Omaha haha

  • Vacuum Cleaner
    Vacuum Cleaner Year ago +5

    There is the college World Series too.

  • Gaint Plays Roblox
    Gaint Plays Roblox Year ago +4

    Nebraska is fine

  • Zieg Aubrey
    Zieg Aubrey Year ago +5

    May relocate here

  • Moldzilla M
    Moldzilla M Year ago +4

    I'll tell you what to do when you get there
    1: if you drove get back in your car and go back
    2: go to where ever you came from and stay there.
    3: if you stay in Nebraska grab as much corn as possible and do nothing with it.

  • Slade Heller
    Slade Heller Year ago +17

    Nebraska is not all about corn you can have a lot of fun

    • SexierThanYou
      SexierThanYou 9 months ago

      It has tornado and snow

    • Slade Heller
      Slade Heller Year ago +3

      Zachschipotle1 I live in wisner a farming town and you can have a lot of fun other than farming I wish some people knew that

    • Jessicaaab13
      Jessicaaab13 Year ago +5

      True I live in Omaha and it not filled with corn

  • Natali&Ivan
    Natali&Ivan 2 years ago +7

    The best State Nebraska

  • Loz's Leisure
    Loz's Leisure 2 years ago +11

    Bro you killed it with this edit. Really enjoyed watching it! Keep up the good work!

    • Drew Etherton
      Drew Etherton  2 years ago

      Loz's Leisure for sure! I'm gonna check out your channel also

    • Loz's Leisure
      Loz's Leisure 2 years ago +2

      No worries man, will hopefully get the time to work through some of your other videos as well, really like your style :)

    • Drew Etherton
      Drew Etherton  2 years ago +2

      Loz's Leisure Thanks! Appreciate you taking the time to watch

  • The HiTech Hippie
    The HiTech Hippie 2 years ago +1

    Loving the luma fade and the zooms, great work my brotha.

  • Brian Mitts
    Brian Mitts 2 years ago +2

    Nice vid. Some really slick transitions in there.

  • Brandon Andretti
    Brandon Andretti 2 years ago +4

    Dope 💯