The Equalizer : ending scene cutting head of snake HD

  • Published on Oct 29, 2017

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  • Miniature Chicken Channel

    LOL...Cool guys don't look back at GFI interrupt failures??

  • Pushpa raj
    Pushpa raj 4 days ago +1

    We need more Equalizer !

  • crimdell
    crimdell 11 days ago

    Isn't there supposed to be an explosion behind him when he walks away like that?

    DINTO SEBY 12 days ago

    didnt the building had miniature breaking circuit

  • johny mangaang
    johny mangaang 15 days ago

    I will freak out when a guy watch me bathing....damn homo

  • Ankit Singh
    Ankit Singh 16 days ago

    Agara Agara...

  • Lawrence Keenan
    Lawrence Keenan 17 days ago

    I’m glad he shut off the water before dying, that would have ruined it

  • Good Putin
    Good Putin 18 days ago

    Pushkin and Victor Tarasov are cousins.

  • H G
    H G 20 days ago

    bad quality

  • bigmaxy07
    bigmaxy07 22 days ago

    If he was heading upstairs when he killed the guy on the landing shouldn't the blood be on the other wall ?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 29 days ago

    Nice ending.....just like Donald Drumph will be going down in short

    • John Simpson
      John Simpson 21 day ago

      And how's that working out for ya? No Collusion!

  • tired af
    tired af Month ago

    Just a random guy turning a light on and off xD

  • Anna Vajda
    Anna Vajda Month ago

    Off with his head.

  • Zachary Maneja
    Zachary Maneja Month ago

    I swear the shower is the most vulnerable place to be in

    MrRICEBALL Month ago

    agent 47 looks different

  • Odas Reveal
    Odas Reveal Month ago


  • Baby Irene
    Baby Irene Month ago

    So unsatisfying

  • Prince Avinash Mishra
    Prince Avinash Mishra Month ago +1

    Robert mcCall is John wick's father his Mumma didn't tell him about

  • RussellRoesner
    RussellRoesner Month ago

    Ridiculous movie. People don't buy into God mode protagonists anymore. Hollywood figure it out. Russians as enemies too?

  • Santiago Gandarillas Lorenzi

    The Equalizer me recuerda a Batman, solo que más adulto.

  • stretch4859
    stretch4859 2 months ago +2

    FYI in case you was wondering where Denzel Washington studied the martial arts at is by none other than Danny Inosanto at his Martial Arts Academy and Danny Inosanto and his students are the teachers of Denzel Washington and also Forest Whitaker is also a student there

  • MegaHertz
    MegaHertz 2 months ago

    Edward woodward could have done all of that....The only thing he would find difficult was the staircase with no stairlift

  • Santiago Gandarillas Lorenzi

    The Equalizer me recuerda a una Trilogía de Batman más adulta y violenta

  • darrell collier
    darrell collier 2 months ago +1

    that ending was "shocking "

  • Soulskool502
    Soulskool502 2 months ago +7

    that's for killing me in training day you Russian bastards!!

  • nicola salmon
    nicola salmon 3 months ago

    good show to watch bad you fret

  • Beto Zur
    Beto Zur 3 months ago

    Después de ver estas películas se pregunta uno si existirán personas que puedan liquidar a otras con un solo golpe, ?

  • Mike Doyle
    Mike Doyle 3 months ago

    2:09 ouchie

  • roundedges2
    roundedges2 3 months ago

    He did warn him to stay in there

  • GG
    GG 3 months ago

    Denzel got the smoovest walk.

    • Deathbrewer
      Deathbrewer Month ago

      He's definitely got that movie swag walk down, lol.

  • seok man Kang
    seok man Kang 3 months ago

    틱톡 그만 좀 그만
    광고도 적당히 혀지
    유투브 보기도 싫다

  • Edward Cabaniss
    Edward Cabaniss 3 months ago +3

    I love the badass manner that Robert McCall leaves the house! Of course, the music helps to cement that image.

  • L'enfoiré à lunettes
    L'enfoiré à lunettes 3 months ago +1

    2:09: when his head moves ahaha

  • Seth C
    Seth C 4 months ago

    He leaves a trail of bodies on the way in, so he can find his way out again

  • Christopher Dews
    Christopher Dews 4 months ago

    Agent 47 sure has tanned a bit since I've last seen him.

  • Christopher Michael
    Christopher Michael 5 months ago

    That was a HITMAN/ AGENT 47 move

  • William Akiu
    William Akiu 5 months ago

    John wick would kill the equalizer

  • Rich Wimmer
    Rich Wimmer 5 months ago

    Please pass 'Checklistbeach' for his political Grandstanding,,,,, as most of us came here to see a Movie Clip

  • Ali Abdoo
    Ali Abdoo 5 months ago

    How dope would it be if "the equilizer" "John wick" and "taken"were all from the same movie universe

  • roundedges2
    roundedges2 5 months ago

    He's a bad mutha....Shut your mouth.

  • 比企谷八幡
    比企谷八幡 5 months ago

    1 man vs army WTF

  • Sydney nkandu
    Sydney nkandu 5 months ago

    "fate it isn't easy to get ,but I can purchase it for you"😂😂😂

  • Tony Hill
    Tony Hill 5 months ago

    he is such a bad ass!!

  • Gaurab Chatterjee
    Gaurab Chatterjee 5 months ago

    Its all cool and all to do the "badass walk away" while leaving the guy to be electrocuted.
    But that sort of method of killing has too many random variables.
    Not that I'm a professional but I'd imagine that a guy of the equalizer's training would've made damn sure by shooting him then and there and confirming the kill firsthand. He's killed off the rest of the house already, it shouldn't be a problem then.

  • Laura Morey
    Laura Morey 6 months ago


  • Jason Movies Review
    Jason Movies Review 7 months ago

    I need all of you be a team Bryan Mills, Jason Bourne, Jack Reacher, McCall and John Wick still best strongest team like Navy seal.

  • John Shackleton
    John Shackleton 7 months ago

    Aaaaah ... Hollywood.

  • James Vickers
    James Vickers 7 months ago

    The best actor who ever lived...

  • Santo elias
    Santo elias 7 months ago

    love that Range and that Mercedes at the end of the scene!!

  • 010-4Life
    010-4Life 8 months ago

    What if he was born in wakanda

  • shanenolan85
    shanenolan85 8 months ago

    Equalizer, John Wick, and Taken redefined solo kick ass films imo 💯💯💯

    • shanenolan85
      shanenolan85 8 months ago

      ...and Colin Firth in Kingsmen, wasn't a solo film but he was bad ass!

  • Ethan Diffey
    Ethan Diffey 9 months ago +2

    The head of the snake removed

  • crewcutter2030
    crewcutter2030 10 months ago +4

    Reacher, Wick, Bourne and this guy...
    You dont wanna piss them off.

    • Deathbrewer
      Deathbrewer Month ago

      Bond is sad you left him off your list, lmao. But yea, I love all those characters :D

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 10 months ago

    All that money that russian guy had and didnt take 1 karate lesson got kill by so called elecrical appliance left un attended major dumb ass

  • Joe
    Joe 11 months ago +1

    I luv the implication

  • Hiluminatu l
    Hiluminatu l 11 months ago

    Black Hitman, the new Chroma Dlc

  • Fixt100
    Fixt100 11 months ago

    oh ya somebody shot the guard but right at that moment he electrocuted himself totally accidentally...

    • Main Villain Drip
      Main Villain Drip 5 months ago

      He left the gun there and then Pushkin picked it up... His dirty fingerprints are all over the gun now. Did you leave to go to the restroom when he picked up the gun?

  • John Wick
    John Wick 11 months ago +3

    Xi Jingping and CCP regime should face the same fate like this.

    • D Mohamed
      D Mohamed 4 months ago

      John Wick what’s wrong with Xi

  • Brian Kim
    Brian Kim 11 months ago

    Like Liam Nelson, he’s now an action star in his old age

  • Benjamln Lewis
    Benjamln Lewis 11 months ago +1

    Wick vs Equalizer would take from the two actors

  • jakesully
    jakesully 11 months ago

    For all the john wick fanboys, do you think he can pull this off without getting injured? fuck off!

  • Alezey574
    Alezey574 11 months ago

    oh man, so looking forward to Equalizer 2

  • Benchmade Tactical
    Benchmade Tactical 11 months ago +23

    “Who are you ?” .. “everybody wants to know “ , same question asked countless times throughout the movie 😂👍👌

  • Beau33
    Beau33 11 months ago +11

    Can we have real life Equalizers please! There are so many bad people in this world. Criminals, rapists, child molesters, gangsters, drug dealers, white collar criminals, corrupt politicians, dictators. Damn we need Robin Hoods too.

    • Ken Hasibar
      Ken Hasibar 24 days ago

      Don't forget those pesky, religious nutjobs. Boy are they crazy. Believing in fairytales and silliness...

  • x3LightNinG
    x3LightNinG 11 months ago +15

    the 'Peace' that McCall refers means so much... its his cleansing within himself as well as the madness, through the death of the mafia the world and people would live in peace, through the death of the mafia McCall himself would find his peace, his peace exists when the evil no longer exist

  • Brian Ellinger
    Brian Ellinger 11 months ago

    Doug Kennedy
    Paige Lynch
    Carol salzano

  • T Mckinney
    T Mckinney 11 months ago +3

    July 20th, 2018: Equalizer 2 This Summer!

  • Martin Chadwick
    Martin Chadwick Year ago

    Im looking forward to watching equalizer2 hope its as good as the first one

  • Anthony Lewis
    Anthony Lewis Year ago

    Mr Washington is a BOSS!.

  • haRT3r
    haRT3r Year ago +8

    Look, a black Agent 47!

  • Sun Ray
    Sun Ray Year ago

    may I pre order #2 of this movie.

  • deep than deep
    deep than deep Year ago +5

    Best actor ever I promise

  • Bob Page
    Bob Page Year ago

    Odd......the music that plays as he is walking down the stairs here is alot slower than in the version I have of the movie on iTunes. Doesn't sound as good playing so slow!

  • Juanita Sanchez
    Juanita Sanchez Year ago

    I finally got to see this movie kudos to all contributed to this movie message to ALL.....END SEX TRAFFICKING it was sad to see BUT awesome and a message to worldwide as well!!!!!!!!

  • abdulgareem sok
    abdulgareem sok Year ago

    Over $9000

  • Zaee
    Zaee Year ago

    Denzel never really used a gun besides using the Russians gun against them at the beginning so I have to wonder if he used the guards guns against them in the end

  • R. S.
    R. S. Year ago

    Isn't the building supposed to blow up at the end too? How disappointing!

  • Beau C
    Beau C Year ago +154

    Never underestimate a black man in the dark.

    • John Quinn
      John Quinn 4 days ago

      Look fir the white teeth. Lol

    • Carl Bailey
      Carl Bailey 2 months ago

      It don't matter what colour anyone's skin is in the fucking dark, you drooling moron.

    • Pasquale Gelardi
      Pasquale Gelardi 2 months ago

      And a Christian

    • Truth Hunter
      Truth Hunter 5 months ago +1

      Beau C just a softy. I know. It not race it skills my friend. Stop dream of yourself as him you not him I am
      Haha 😆death is coming soon for you my friend.

  • Azrael
    Azrael Year ago

    Ironically, he fried the snake's head instead of cutting it.

  • Party Favors
    Party Favors Year ago +2

    Fried his ass good! LOL

  • 1911 VsGlocks
    1911 VsGlocks Year ago +10

    McCall mustve been special forces (CAG, Green Berets, MARSOC, SEALS, DEVGRU ECT.)

    • Mike Rivera
      Mike Rivera 9 months ago

      1911 VsGlocks they mentioned in the movie he was a ex assassin for the government

  • blackzed
    blackzed Year ago

    Waiting for a 2nd movie hope they do one...

  • countteddy
    countteddy Year ago

    most if not all trips would have cut the power as the sink overflowed.....

  • Tirranova tirra
    Tirranova tirra Year ago

    un tres bonne film

  • Stig Hansen
    Stig Hansen Year ago +2

    Im wondering about the scond movie. What in time or place it will take. What happend to him in the past is something i would like to see.

    • legokingiscool
      legokingiscool 7 months ago

      Just watched it on release date. It wasnt that bad. I enjoyed it alot 😎💪

    • Desire Released
      Desire Released 11 months ago

      It takes place a bit after this one as he has hair on his head now

    • blackzed
      blackzed Year ago

      Stig Hansen Agreed would be a good movie for sure..

    TAHOKMUSIC Year ago

    A very highly complicated assassin just took the head of the snake non-violently and just using basic science .....yea that's badass

  • Felix Sited
    Felix Sited Year ago

    The Equalizer is Edward Woodward, a small white haired white man. This is a blackwashing of cultural norms.

    • Hamza Khaliq
      Hamza Khaliq 4 months ago

      No, Denzel Washington is The Equalizer now. Deal with it.

    • dwone jones
      dwone jones Year ago

      Felix Sited shut up

  • Jojn Smith
    Jojn Smith Year ago +1

    Literally the best movie ending seen ever!

  • anselmi apina
    anselmi apina Year ago +24

    All criminal gangs, mafias and motorcycle gangs should share this faith

    • Jay Park
      Jay Park 2 months ago

      Nah man. Slower the better!

    • Carl Bailey
      Carl Bailey 2 months ago +1

      +george way what reaper?

    • Carl Bailey
      Carl Bailey 2 months ago


    • george way
      george way 2 months ago

      and all governments also ... and they will ... no one gets away from the reaper ...

    • Try Thinking For a change
      Try Thinking For a change 5 months ago +1

      I believe you mean fate - add the religious fundamentalists (of ALL religions), militant nationalists and the mega rich that control the country.

  • Steve Mccart
    Steve Mccart Year ago

    put me in a movie and i want Denzel on my side

  • tamdin wangyal
    tamdin wangyal Year ago

    Hey look it's the UFC guy John jones😂

  • Freddy Brainy
    Freddy Brainy Year ago


  • Sean M
    Sean M Year ago

    ....Just fucking shoot him

  • Kharn526
    Kharn526 Year ago

    That was it ? fucking lame!

  • 1n5ane1
    1n5ane1 Year ago +21

    A lot of people overlook this but the flicking of the lights on and off is pretty clever; notice how he never directly looks into the lights? He's using the lights to ruin the guy's night vision so that he can slip away without being seen.

    • Sharonda Hunter
      Sharonda Hunter 3 months ago

      That makes sense because at 1:40 dude asked was he there. Good catch.

  • ClaudeMagicbox
    ClaudeMagicbox Year ago

    Actually any house electrical system (except maybe slums with illegal public power hookups) has a Lifesaver power shutoff in case of the slightest short the scene is completely impossible.
    The victim would get electrocuted exactly because he breaks the circuit with his body making it discharge in the Ground Mass which is a shortcircuit.

  • Nigel Sheldon
    Nigel Sheldon Year ago +1

    i have a weird tingeling in my butthole and I cant quite explain it if I'm brutally honest. But if somebody would point a gun to mi face and forced me to put at least some manner or audible language to that butthole-tingelingel than I would probably say something like this: for some weird and crazy reason I have the feeling that this might happen to all of us and the entire human destiny --> we'll mess with somebody and something that will kick our butts in an equalizing way :(

  • checklistbeach
    checklistbeach Year ago +24

    Denzel killing trump’s people

    • george way
      george way 2 months ago

      hey asshole ... voting for any one in government is a clueless moron ...

    • george way
      george way 2 months ago

      your a true piece of scum ... aren't you

    • marbanak
      marbanak 3 months ago

      +Master Chief 00117 Your remarks made me smile. I can forgive you for misinterpreting my post-up. Please consider the likelihood that I am not what you describe. I must work harder at making myself clear. Peace always.

      POLAR BEAR 3 months ago

      He killing minorities beotch

      POLAR BEAR 3 months ago

      There always a trump fan in every comment section.

  • James Gibson
    James Gibson Year ago +1

    THIS black man is too smooth for words.....

  • David Boson
    David Boson Year ago

    Luckily there are no American ultra violent gangsters! In the movies.