The Equalizer : ending scene cutting head of snake HD


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  • Christopher Williams

    That was a HITMAN/ AGENT 47 move

  • William Akiu
    William Akiu 6 days ago

    John wick would kill the equalizer

  • Rich Wimmer
    Rich Wimmer 6 days ago

    Please pass 'Checklistbeach' for his political Grandstanding,,,,, as most of us came here to see a Movie Clip

  • Ali Abdoo
    Ali Abdoo 7 days ago

    How dope would it be if "the equilizer" "John wick" and "taken"were all from the same movie universe

  • roundedges2
    roundedges2 8 days ago

    He's a bad mutha....Shut your mouth.

  • 比企谷八幡
    比企谷八幡 9 days ago

    1 man vs army WTF

  • Sydney nkandu
    Sydney nkandu 9 days ago

    "fate it isn't easy to get ,but I can purchase it for you"😂😂😂

  • Tony Hill
    Tony Hill 10 days ago

    he is such a bad ass!!

  • Gaurab Chatterjee
    Gaurab Chatterjee 28 days ago

    Its all cool and all to do the "badass walk away" while leaving the guy to be electrocuted.
    But that sort of method of killing has too many random variables.
    Not that I'm a professional but I'd imagine that a guy of the equalizer's training would've made damn sure by shooting him then and there and confirming the kill firsthand. He's killed off the rest of the house already, it shouldn't be a problem then.

  • Laura Morey
    Laura Morey Month ago


  • Jason Movies Review
    Jason Movies Review 2 months ago

    I need all of you be a team Bryan Mills, Jason Bourne, Jack Reacher, McCall and John Wick still best strongest team like Navy seal.

  • John Shackleton
    John Shackleton 2 months ago

    Aaaaah ... Hollywood.

  • James Vickers
    James Vickers 2 months ago

    The best actor who ever lived...

  • Santo elias
    Santo elias 3 months ago

    love that Range and that Mercedes at the end of the scene!!

  • 010-4Life
    010-4Life 3 months ago

    What if he was born in wakanda

  • shanenolan85
    shanenolan85 3 months ago

    Equalizer, John Wick, and Taken redefined solo kick ass films imo 💯💯💯

    • shanenolan85
      shanenolan85 3 months ago

      ...and Colin Firth in Kingsmen, wasn't a solo film but he was bad ass!

  • Ethan Diffey
    Ethan Diffey 4 months ago +1

    The head of the snake removed

  • crewcutter2030
    crewcutter2030 5 months ago +1

    Reacher, Wick, Bourne and this guy...
    You dont wanna piss them off.

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 6 months ago

    All that money that russian guy had and didnt take 1 karate lesson got kill by so called elecrical appliance left un attended major dumb ass

  • Joe
    Joe 6 months ago +1

    I luv the implication

  • Hiluminatu l
    Hiluminatu l 6 months ago

    Black Hitman, the new Chroma Dlc

  • Fixt100
    Fixt100 6 months ago

    oh ya somebody shot the guard but right at that moment he electrocuted himself totally accidentally...

    • Google Employee 3X
      Google Employee 3X 28 days ago

      He left the gun there and then Pushkin picked it up... His dirty fingerprints are all over the gun now. Did you leave to go to the restroom when he picked up the gun?

  • John Wick
    John Wick 6 months ago +3

    Xi Jingping and CCP regime should face the same fate like this.

  • Brian Kim
    Brian Kim 6 months ago

    Like Liam Nelson, he’s now an action star in his old age

  • Benjamln Lewis
    Benjamln Lewis 6 months ago +1

    Wick vs Equalizer would take from the two actors

  • jakesully
    jakesully 6 months ago

    For all the john wick fanboys, do you think he can pull this off without getting injured? fuck off!

  • Alezey574
    Alezey574 6 months ago

    oh man, so looking forward to Equalizer 2

  • Benchmade Tactical
    Benchmade Tactical 6 months ago +5

    “Who are you ?” .. “everybody wants to know “ , same question asked countless times throughout the movie 😂👍👌

  • Beau33
    Beau33 7 months ago +6

    Can we have real life Equalizers please! There are so many bad people in this world. Criminals, rapists, child molesters, gangsters, drug dealers, white collar criminals, corrupt politicians, dictators. Damn we need Robin Hoods too.

  • x3LightNinG
    x3LightNinG 7 months ago +6

    the 'Peace' that McCall refers means so much... its his cleansing within himself as well as the madness, through the death of the mafia the world and people would live in peace, through the death of the mafia McCall himself would find his peace, his peace exists when the evil no longer exist

  • Brian Ellinger
    Brian Ellinger 7 months ago

    Doug Kennedy
    Paige Lynch
    Carol salzano

  • T Mckinney
    T Mckinney 7 months ago +3

    July 20th, 2018: Equalizer 2 This Summer!

  • Martin Chadwick
    Martin Chadwick 7 months ago

    Im looking forward to watching equalizer2 hope its as good as the first one

  • Anthony Lewis
    Anthony Lewis 7 months ago

    Mr Washington is a BOSS!.

  • haRT3r
    haRT3r 7 months ago +1

    Look, a black Agent 47!

  • Sun Ray
    Sun Ray 7 months ago

    may I pre order #2 of this movie.

  • deep soul #
    deep soul # 7 months ago +4

    Best actor ever I promise

  • Meggy
    Meggy 7 months ago

    Odd......the music that plays as he is walking down the stairs here is alot slower than in the version I have of the movie on iTunes. Doesn't sound as good playing so slow!

  • Juanita Sanchez
    Juanita Sanchez 7 months ago

    I finally got to see this movie kudos to all contributed to this movie message to ALL.....END SEX TRAFFICKING it was sad to see BUT awesome and a message to worldwide as well!!!!!!!!

  • abdulgareem sok
    abdulgareem sok 7 months ago

    Over $9000

  • Zae
    Zae 7 months ago

    Denzel never really used a gun besides using the Russians gun against them at the beginning so I have to wonder if he used the guards guns against them in the end

  • R. S.
    R. S. 7 months ago

    Isn't the building supposed to blow up at the end too? How disappointing!

  • Beau C
    Beau C 8 months ago +55

    Never underestimate a black man in the dark.

    • Truth Hunter
      Truth Hunter 9 days ago

      Beau C just a softy. I know. It not race it skills my friend. Stop dream of yourself as him you not him I am
      Haha 😆death is coming soon for you my friend.

    • Seb_Production
      Seb_Production 2 months ago +3

      Shit that cracked me up

    • Melissa Young
      Melissa Young 2 months ago +3

      Beau C You got damn right

  • WetJack2018
    WetJack2018 8 months ago

    Ironically, he fried the snake's head instead of cutting it.

  • Party Favors
    Party Favors 8 months ago +1

    Fried his ass good! LOL

  • 1911 VsGlocks
    1911 VsGlocks 8 months ago +9

    McCall mustve been special forces (CAG, Green Berets, MARSOC, SEALS, DEVGRU ECT.)

    • Mike Rivera
      Mike Rivera 4 months ago

      1911 VsGlocks they mentioned in the movie he was a ex assassin for the government

  • blackzed
    blackzed 8 months ago

    Waiting for a 2nd movie hope they do one...

  • countteddy
    countteddy 8 months ago

    most if not all trips would have cut the power as the sink overflowed.....

  • Tirranova tirra
    Tirranova tirra 8 months ago

    un tres bonne film

  • Stig Hansen
    Stig Hansen 8 months ago +2

    Im wondering about the scond movie. What in time or place it will take. What happend to him in the past is something i would like to see.

    • legokingiscool
      legokingiscool 2 months ago

      Just watched it on release date. It wasnt that bad. I enjoyed it alot 😎💪

    • Desire Released
      Desire Released 6 months ago

      It takes place a bit after this one as he has hair on his head now

    • blackzed
      blackzed 8 months ago

      Stig Hansen Agreed would be a good movie for sure..

    TAHOKMUSIC 8 months ago

    A very highly complicated assassin just took the head of the snake non-violently and just using basic science .....yea that's badass

  • Felix Sited
    Felix Sited 8 months ago

    The Equalizer is Edward Woodward, a small white haired white man. This is a blackwashing of cultural norms.

  • Jojn Smith
    Jojn Smith 8 months ago +1

    Literally the best movie ending seen ever!

  • anselmi apina
    anselmi apina 8 months ago +18

    All criminal gangs, mafias and motorcycle gangs should share this faith

    • Try Thinking For a change
      Try Thinking For a change 7 days ago

      I believe you mean fate - add the religious fundamentalists (of ALL religions), militant nationalists and the mega rich that control the country.

    • MrRepoman197
      MrRepoman197 7 months ago +6

      anselmi apina fate?

  • Steve Mccart
    Steve Mccart 8 months ago

    put me in a movie and i want Denzel on my side

  • tamdin wangyal
    tamdin wangyal 8 months ago

    Hey look it's the UFC guy John jones😂

  • Freddy Brainy
    Freddy Brainy 8 months ago


  • Sean M
    Sean M 8 months ago

    ....Just fucking shoot him

  • Kharn526
    Kharn526 8 months ago

    That was it ? fucking lame!

  • 1n5ane1
    1n5ane1 8 months ago +1

    A lot of people overlook this but the flicking of the lights on and off is pretty clever; notice how he never directly looks into the lights? He's using the lights to ruin the guy's night vision so that he can slip away without being seen.

  • ClaudeMagicbox
    ClaudeMagicbox 9 months ago

    Actually any house electrical system (except maybe slums with illegal public power hookups) has a Lifesaver power shutoff in case of the slightest short the scene is completely impossible.
    The victim would get electrocuted exactly because he breaks the circuit with his body making it discharge in the Ground Mass which is a shortcircuit.

  • Nigel Sheldon
    Nigel Sheldon 9 months ago +1

    i have a weird tingeling in my butthole and I cant quite explain it if I'm brutally honest. But if somebody would point a gun to mi face and forced me to put at least some manner or audible language to that butthole-tingelingel than I would probably say something like this: for some weird and crazy reason I have the feeling that this might happen to all of us and the entire human destiny --> we'll mess with somebody and something that will kick our butts in an equalizing way :(

  • checklistbeach
    checklistbeach 9 months ago +20

    Denzel killing trump’s people

    • Try Thinking For a change
      Try Thinking For a change 7 days ago

      Bullshit - Trump is a con man and anyone who voted for him is a fool

    • John Pitcher
      John Pitcher 8 days ago +2

      Fact, denzel voted for Trump and will vote him again in 2020, suck on that, Denzel the man

    • Mark Thornton
      Mark Thornton 5 months ago

      No justification here, Trump been a private citizen and any of his wrong doing if can be proven he can pay for, Clinton has been a politician most of her life, this requires a much higher level of public trust, she needs to be held accountable for what she has done as a public trustee, but that will never happen, these are sick people in charge and I hope Trump sticks his finger in the eye of this government!!

    • John Wick
      John Wick 5 months ago +1

      Mark Thornton you think you can glorify Trump's wrongdoings because you hate Clinton's wrongdoings?
      Two wrong doesn't make a right,sell uranium to tyrannic regimes is wrong,ask foreign tyrants to hack election is also wrong.

    • Mark Brown
      Mark Brown 8 months ago

      Thumbs down

  • James Gibson
    James Gibson 9 months ago

    THIS black man is too smooth for words.....

  • David Boson
    David Boson 9 months ago

    Luckily there are no American ultra violent gangsters! In the movies.

  • Tux Penguin
    Tux Penguin 9 months ago

    PEACE...doesn't have a PRICE...because it is PRICELESS!

  • The real king Ty Trill26

    Guards !!!?gaurds!!!!!?

  • Maggie Jam
    Maggie Jam 9 months ago

    چقدر اين فيلم قشنگ بود يكي از بهترينها بود this is such nice movie

  • Crimson_Typhoon
    Crimson_Typhoon 9 months ago

    I love the way they show every guard killed when he leaves but the movie does not show the assault in itself, brillant ending :)

  • shogrran
    shogrran 9 months ago +49

    its chilling if you didnt realize it. he killed everyone with the pistol and made it look like the boss did it when the boss picked up the pistol he used to kill everyone.. and then the boss committed suicide....

    • Martin S.
      Martin S. 5 days ago

      ​+Judith Blades A very good question, there. Ask Hollywood. Tell you what, make a list of your favourite (action) movies and list the skin colour of all the leading actors in them. I think you'll find the morbid conclusion they are all white-guys. Therefor, the reason to mention this, because it actually refreshing to see -- they are an equal part of society too, so why isn't it reflected in movies as well? Food for thought! ;-)

    • Judith Blades
      Judith Blades 5 days ago

      +Martin S. why the need to mention his race

    • Martin S.
      Martin S. 2 months ago +2

      Goddamn Jason Bourn all over again, except he's black instead of white, but just as bad ass awesome!

  • Dax Jakkov
    Dax Jakkov 10 months ago

    Clean House

  • gorillone86
    gorillone86 10 months ago +2

    John Creasy survived his last stand with the hermandad and was rescued by Interpol Forces in Mexico, in the headquarters of "La Voz" he received first class surgery which saved him with his will to survive. He was given a new identity and for Pita's and everyone knowing him safety he relocated in the USA again. He promised Pita and her mother he will take violence away from his life. In the USA he started working as a clerk in a hardware store, and started again his daily regimen training as a soldier to keep himself sharp and clear headed. Wwhen he witness another helpless woman being brutalized, the man's fire (pun intended) for justice and equality sparks again, and this time, it's the russian mob who's gonna be teared apart.

  • Willy Tsung
    Willy Tsung 10 months ago

    Turning the lights on and off so his eyes didn't get used to the dark. Nice.

  • birani123
    birani123 10 months ago


  • RAM Academy
    RAM Academy 10 months ago

    one of the best movie endings I have ever watched

  • Kaykovus Kerteus
    Kaykovus Kerteus 11 months ago


  • Ayden J Miles
    Ayden J Miles 11 months ago

    Imagine the Equalizer vs Agent 47??? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Saul Diazbarriga
    Saul Diazbarriga 11 months ago

    People of the U.S. always subestimes the Russians. Russian mafia is big ass fuck
    As the yakuza and the italian. Come on Hollywood stop filming stupid shit. I saw the movie ones and I didn't bought any bullshit. Hahaha the equalizer kills the ex spetnas guy like nothing. Come on they are like almost as good as navy seals.

    • Desire Released
      Desire Released 10 months ago

      Saul Diazbarriga the equalizer was better than a SEAL

  • Eric Shien
    Eric Shien 11 months ago +56

    This is a good example of why people need to install Earth Leakage Protection in their homes.

    • N Wibawa
      N Wibawa 10 months ago +4

      A $100 RCD would have saved his life. Or if he was really cheap, $50 made-in-China RCD would probably do the job as well.

    • Amghar Ibrahim
      Amghar Ibrahim 10 months ago +3

      Brad Smith that will be an awesome marketing idea broo

  • jordanaug81
    jordanaug81 11 months ago +1

    Denzel is the worst actor of all time. Because he's not acting, he really is just the baddest motherfucker ever.

  • Kaiser
    Kaiser 11 months ago


  • Ddlala63
    Ddlala63 11 months ago

    Should have been more bodies around the house

  • Juan  Avina
    Juan Avina 11 months ago +24

    Denzel is just too damn GANGSTA'

  • Zeus Lee
    Zeus Lee 11 months ago +16

    this is what you will get when one of your boy didn't take the money and walk away

    • Adam Wong
      Adam Wong 3 months ago

      Zeus Lee haha i guess you could said it was "priceless"

  • russell5078084
    russell5078084 11 months ago +1

    I want to see this charter go up against John Wick. That would be very interesting to watch.

  • Dee Cns
    Dee Cns 11 months ago +2

    I saw the movie once when it came out so cant really remember it but why did he electricute him for? I thought it was to set up an accidental death but then he goes through the mansion and everyone has been murdered? Theres no reason now to hide cause of death?

    • Velanche Stewart
      Velanche Stewart 4 months ago

      He killed the “head of the snake,” who could have sent other minions until McCall and/or that girl he was protecting were dead.

    • Zaved Raisuz Zaman
      Zaved Raisuz Zaman 4 months ago +1

      If you look again..He killed everyone with a pistol which he left there.The Boss picked it up..To make it look like the Boss killed everyone then commited suicide by electocuting. Psycho Boss..

    • Dorsey m
      Dorsey m 9 months ago +2

      lol,he's not worried about the fucking cops. and as for the electro death and not a's a lot more painful.

    • Purplefood
      Purplefood 10 months ago +1

      Dee Cns literally just had the same thought

  • billthestinker
    billthestinker 11 months ago +3

    Is Denzel gay?

  • Leon H
    Leon H 11 months ago +1

    That is such a dumb ending, It wouldn't have killed him, shock his feet possibly, if the shock doesn't go through his heart it won't kill and besides the breaker would trip and stop the power to that circuit before it could do any harm.

    • Grace 2U
      Grace 2U 6 months ago +1

      Leon H ...not so...if you notice the Russian mafia boss had grabbed a hold of the right water faucet literally grounding himself,then he step up into the pool of water just below the sink and wah lah its Howdy Doody time..Mcall most likely ran electricity to the sink faucets as well..just to be sure..

    • TheOnknowner
      TheOnknowner 8 months ago +1

      Leon H Who knows how much water was on the ground, he fell and lost his balance from the first shock then collapsed onto the rest of the water which was conducted by the electricity.

    • Paegan1983
      Paegan1983 8 months ago

      Leon H I'm an electrician, and I approve this comment

    • Gideon Schwalbe
      Gideon Schwalbe 9 months ago

      Leon H looks like an old house, might not have good breakers or he replaced them with wire.. still, he would probably jump from shock and not die
      especially not screaming which would be hard while having a seizure

    • Asd Winxa
      Asd Winxa 9 months ago

      Leon H
      the gun on his hand could be blow up, right ?

  • funko reviews h
    funko reviews h Year ago +135

    Plot twist he doesnt die in training day and comes back to kill the men who shot him up

    • Moe Moe
      Moe Moe 9 months ago +11

      damn i forgot the Russians killed in training day, good point

  • angelrosas999
    angelrosas999 Year ago

    He is going after John Wick

  • Allen Han
    Allen Han Year ago +54

    What a nice guy, he was willing to purchase peace for him.

    • MrRepoman197
      MrRepoman197 7 months ago +2

      Allen Han nah Denzel just stole it himself!

  • Michal Rak
    Michal Rak Year ago


  • Michal Rak
    Michal Rak Year ago +1

    one by one

  • Mauricio Dupuy
    Mauricio Dupuy Year ago +4

    stupid end.

    • UberTech
      UberTech 8 months ago +1

      Mauricio Dupuy I agree the movie got lazy with the killings after the diner scene.

  • Tabs T
    Tabs T Year ago

    Ending scene is carbon copy of opening scene of fast and furious when statham walks out of hospital.

    • Daron M.
      Daron M. 9 months ago

      Tabs T buttocks Jones

    • DrifterX
      DrifterX 11 months ago +3

      well to be fair . the equalizer release date was in 2014 while fast and furious 7 release date was in 2015

  • Abhishek Srivastava


  • 754132589 8458151
    754132589 8458151 Year ago +92

    equalizer, taken, john wick, and jason bourne all in one film

    • logant1990
      logant1990 3 months ago

      I would rather replace Jason Bourne with Frank Castle the Punisher. No hate for Jason but i prefer how brutal Frank is

    • Pichan Liwag
      Pichan Liwag 7 months ago

      that would be against dragon ball z fighters my friend.

    • Anthony K
      Anthony K 8 months ago +1

      and liam neeson in Taken

    • ThrowinFire
      ThrowinFire 9 months ago

      Too many casualties from exploded minds....but I'd watch it.

    • A&P industries
      A&P industries 9 months ago

      754132589 8458151 Jason is gay af

  • Surigen 12
    Surigen 12 Year ago +24

    how fucking badass

  • Pharoah M
    Pharoah M Year ago +17

    God dammit been wanting to see this scence for so long thank you so,much

  • J Calhoun
    J Calhoun Year ago +14

    Another sorry remake of a classic from idiots who lack the creative talent to put forth new concepts.

    • Page Yuri
      Page Yuri 11 months ago

      Wow sweetie you sound like a troll that what you sound like, just like your troll channel. Love ya ^o^

    • BW022
      BW022 11 months ago

      It was based off a 1985-1989 TV series staring Edward Woodward. Robert McCall is a retired 'spook' who lives in New York and helps ordinary folks via want ads in the paper. He isn't some super action guy, nor is he taking down the entire mop. Older guy in his 50's, who helps folks deal with stalkers, blackmailers, voyeurs, corrupt police, etc. Likely a bit campy these days, and the later years went off the rails a bit, but the concept was original.

    • john grish
      john grish 11 months ago

      What was the original of this remake . I would love to watch If I haven't already

    • J Calhoun
      J Calhoun 11 months ago

      Chris Weidner
      I have written many original and often complex software programs in my career -- that's what I do.
      Best selling authors create original plots all the time -- that's what they do.
      Today's Hollywierd creates bad remakes of old ideas -- that's what they do.

    • BW022
      BW022 11 months ago

      Silly argument. I don't need to be an economist, singer, programmer, or race car driver to have an opinion on taxes, music, web sites, or traffic lights. J Calhoun doesn't need to be able to make movies to have an opinion on them. Lots of people are tired of remakes. Lots of others dislike the Hollywood taking everything and turning them into generic action movies with the name on it to attract fans of the originals.