• Published on Dec 4, 2019
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    "The Bare Back Payback”
    w/ @BiggJah @MartiniGrandeur_
    Shot By: @Langstoniusrex
    Written & Edited By: @TroyInLA
    Music By: @JayAliMusic
    Big Jah’s TVclip
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 552

  • MrJshaun
    MrJshaun 23 hours ago +1

    Who is she? She's Beautiful.

  • L. Eric Cole
    L. Eric Cole Day ago


  • wolayta Sodo
    wolayta Sodo 5 days ago

    Keep it blacl once yall let slide dem other they gone advice you to do it different and that will lead you to down fall

  • hifli danni
    hifli danni 16 days ago

    Troy she bad af

  • Mir Smith
    Mir Smith 17 days ago

    Damn this shit making me laugh too loud 😆this a big bitch!!!

  • Niners 21
    Niners 21 18 days ago

    Yeah she look good

  • PurebreedFLA
    PurebreedFLA 19 days ago

    Got me with the title😅😅

  • Ernest Whitfield
    Ernest Whitfield 24 days ago

    Bruh, y’all Crazy!!!!😆😎

  • bsav 2
    bsav 2 24 days ago

    Man that’s funny!

  • alwaysbusiness4
    alwaysbusiness4 27 days ago

    Troy...... you a bad bear 🐻........🤣

  • T Dub
    T Dub Month ago

    Do Not Smoke while watching this video❗❗❗😳😳😳

  • Gregory Burke
    Gregory Burke Month ago


  • msveeip
    msveeip Month ago +1

    This is hilarious and terrifying all at once.

  • Richard Grayson
    Richard Grayson Month ago


  • JazzyJay
    JazzyJay Month ago

    Who is the female?

  • Sam Re
    Sam Re Month ago


  • Artist Gilmore
    Artist Gilmore Month ago

    That's a pretty girl though

  • Artist Gilmore
    Artist Gilmore Month ago

    This is the stupidest skit ever.

  • Baby Face
    Baby Face Month ago

    This nigga fucking up they relationship and eating all they

  • Fluxx Thaworld
    Fluxx Thaworld Month ago

    Bruh I'm dead ⚰️⚰️⚰️ nigga I'm crying lol lmao

  • Chasing a dream
    Chasing a dream Month ago +1

    I don't even wear these side that's a big b**ch

  • Brandon Wright
    Brandon Wright Month ago

    Love this

  • G. Twilight
    G. Twilight Month ago

    How is this big ass bear in they house and they ain't notice?.. LMFAO

  • anderson lee
    anderson lee Month ago

    Can someone please tell me where can I get that costume please y’all

  • Trevor Roberts Jr
    Trevor Roberts Jr Month ago

    “Dis a BIG Bihhhh” yoooo, I’m sleep 😂

  • keyboard freedomfighter

    bruh.....the way he snuck into that living room from the hallway.

  • B Hilarious
    B Hilarious Month ago +1

    The way the bear turned the corner with the stare had me DEAD LMAO

  • Rock Solid
    Rock Solid Month ago

    This was a GREAT idea for a sketch and could most certainly have a part 2. You could drink OJ from the carton and put it back in the fridge with just a sip left. You could leave the toilet seat up. You could flush when she is in the shower. You could rearrange all the stuff in the kitchen cabinets. Basically a whole bunch of things that piss off women and let him take the blame!

  • Mr. Worthington
    Mr. Worthington Month ago

    Damn she supa fine.

  • wrathgar11
    wrathgar11 Month ago +1

    I simply do not know what you gentlemen are smoking, but I want in.

    I swear down, I have no idea how you come up with these skits.

  • Michael McCloud
    Michael McCloud Month ago

    Thank You for Using Fine LADIES

  • Ill Daniel
    Ill Daniel Month ago

    This was hilariously cute. More vids please.

  • Gina Jones
    Gina Jones Month ago


  • Chretien Harper
    Chretien Harper Month ago

    This nigga from bloods!!!!!! Wooooopppppp!!!!!!!!!

  • Mathew Roache
    Mathew Roache Month ago

    Why Big Jah always around basic bitches? - decent acting though at least

  • Mo Price
    Mo Price Month ago

    Dawg this is hilarious afff 😂

  • Toxic Melody
    Toxic Melody Month ago

    Why she look like the little sister from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

  • The Shoeman
    The Shoeman Month ago

    I jus wanna buy this bear suit.... Troy...... wheres the link....

  • Artifact FX
    Artifact FX Month ago

    Some tv Network need to pick this up for a TV show. All comedy Big up casting crew keep doing your thing

  • Charles Coley
    Charles Coley Month ago

    So Troy you're the Dancing Bear huh? 😂😂😂

  • Eve 77
    Eve 77 Month ago

    Troy is so stupid lol this skit was hilarious

  • Jeremy Day
    Jeremy Day Month ago

    PART 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sirpoppinchuck
    sirpoppinchuck Month ago

    They didnt see the big bear?????

  • Betty Tanner
    Betty Tanner Month ago

    I'm crying 🤣🤣🤣

  • Naquan Anthony
    Naquan Anthony Month ago

    Lol I put some thought into it

  • LGKids
    LGKids Month ago

    They even had a kids menu! #shethinkshedumpme! How the frick that bear get here! Peace!

  • balaine
    balaine Month ago

    She is beautiful ❤️ ....Troy was on that Perfect Guy ... Michael Ealey isshhh lol grab the toothbrush my G lol

  • Grimace 1 Dan
    Grimace 1 Dan Month ago +1


  • Kevin Morgan
    Kevin Morgan Month ago

    The music took me out bro

  • Thaddeus Johnson
    Thaddeus Johnson Month ago


  • Terrell Smith
    Terrell Smith Month ago

    That shit funny as hell

  • John Hernandez
    John Hernandez Month ago +7

    The bear was dancing in the kitchen I fell out !!

  • Here i GO!!!
    Here i GO!!! Month ago

    I knew I've seen her before Fresh Prince of Belair "Ashley"

  • Jerome Jamison
    Jerome Jamison Month ago


  • blackbull5150
    blackbull5150 Month ago +1

    A woman that fine n talented but not mentioned in the description. Foul

  • Wayne Clarvoe
    Wayne Clarvoe Month ago

    LOL good one 😄

  • StreetSergeon
    StreetSergeon Month ago


  • Will Moore
    Will Moore Month ago


  • Mizpeh 'Misfit' Montage

    To the max

  • C Taylor
    C Taylor Month ago