Native American Myth - The Wendigo - The Omushkego Tribe - Extra Mythology

  • Published on Feb 25, 2019
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    Anwe the Killer was a man skilled in death--and he approached the People in their hour of need, to put to death the cannibals--the Wendigo--who had been torturing them.
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  • Extra Credits
    Extra Credits  4 months ago +2716

    As the thought of desire for human flesh possesses a person, their
    heart becomes ice and they turn Wendigo. They forget that people are people and not just animals to be consumed, and they become a danger to all who pass them by.

    • Knight Devour
      Knight Devour 22 days ago

      The all video they upload this the best story I've ever seen

    • Benny wang
      Benny wang 2 months ago

      wait was there supposed to be a second video or not?

    • Manzone21 Thorpe
      Manzone21 Thorpe 2 months ago

      Your channel is amazing 😍🙌😍

    • bouta fuka bon less
      bouta fuka bon less 2 months ago

      Yo this can be a good movie .

    • Paranoid Pothead
      Paranoid Pothead 2 months ago

      Yes cuz the wendigo is fake keep thinking so u will learn the true meaning of fear

  • Katgirldiamond
    Katgirldiamond 4 hours ago

    I love this as i have a character whom is a Wendigo bit of a spin but she has many characteristics of one.

  • Kushagra deep
    Kushagra deep 7 hours ago +1

    Best part of this video.....

  • Cymes
    Cymes Day ago

    Anwe too OP. Plz nerf.

  • The Red Rebels
    The Red Rebels 2 days ago

    This man is such a Legend.

  • BTS _4Lifeu
    BTS _4Lifeu 2 days ago

    Should not have been eating when watching this

  • Alyson Nelson
    Alyson Nelson 2 days ago

    I like your story about the Wendigo.

  • american patirot
    american patirot 3 days ago

    this hast to be my favorite i live in michigan so this story is close to home

  • Ashlia ashie
    Ashlia ashie 3 days ago

    why do the sons look like girls

  • Dyna
    Dyna 4 days ago

    I'm half native American I've always been told this story from my grandpa. When I was a child I'm still scuuured.

  • Makaan
    Makaan 6 days ago

    The savage at 0:53 with the apple on her mouth looks rather... tasty.

  • Okxy_Lxnnon Stokkers

    *iT wAs jUSt A pRaNk Han*

  • Illusiph
    Illusiph 7 days ago

    Thing thing arena horror edition

  • Skyhunter _27
    Skyhunter _27 7 days ago

    Wítikow in Cree
    Wendigo in Ojibwe

  • Starman Gaming
    Starman Gaming 7 days ago

    Y'know, I heard that one weakness of these things is Heat. Boy, don't it feel good to be Southern!

  • Captain
    Captain 7 days ago

    This doesn’t sound as scary as the Loveland frogman.

  • Bloody Rouge
    Bloody Rouge 8 days ago +1

    “All it feels is hunger”
    Wow so I’m a monster now, thanks 😂

  • Morte Parla
    Morte Parla 8 days ago

    I feel like "Wendigo" was based in reality. There probably was a Native tribe, that was extremely secluded, wearing unrefined animal pelts and bones for clothing. Likely a more primitive people than the Natives we think of. I doubt they were strict cannibals, but would see passers by as equal opportunity prey.
    It's not at all far-fetched, but it is understandable that a witness of such an attack by these cannibalistic, primitive people would come back with stories of some sort of creature in the forest.

  • gensingXX
    gensingXX 9 days ago

    Waiting on part two patiently

  • Saaduddin Ansari
    Saaduddin Ansari 9 days ago

    Anwe inspired Turok i think..

  • Bemar Dayot
    Bemar Dayot 9 days ago

    When is p2?

  • Yara Cat
    Yara Cat 10 days ago


    *B* *O* *I*

  • Christine Macneil
    Christine Macneil 10 days ago


    PICKY THE DOG 10 days ago +1

    I live right by the lakes

  • Jezler
    Jezler 11 days ago

    part 2 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  • goats chin
    goats chin 12 days ago

    living in Asia has it's perks 😎

  • Hamilton Weeb
    Hamilton Weeb 12 days ago +1

    Ya’ll realize TVclip is teaching you more than school right?

  • J Sanchez
    J Sanchez 12 days ago

    Anwe's freaking batman.

  • shawn foogle
    shawn foogle 12 days ago


  • мαяѕнγ мαllοω

    I love Wendigos

  • That_Wolf Girl_19
    That_Wolf Girl_19 13 days ago +1

    03:25 the face your best friend makes when your crush is behind you

  • 「カラ松Girl」
    「カラ松Girl」 13 days ago +1

    Anwe is like a badass anime chracter

  • maged play games the best games

    He kinda look like gaami but naked guys it's polytopia time!

  • QuantiumTronax
    QuantiumTronax 13 days ago

    There should be wendigos at the wapiti indian reservation in Red Dead Redemption 2 Undead nightmare.

  • martin corderoy
    martin corderoy 15 days ago

    I remember the name from many years ago .An excellent story by Algernon Blackwood.

  • Clint James De Paz
    Clint James De Paz 15 days ago

    Until dawn.

  • deadly_assassin2980
    deadly_assassin2980 15 days ago

    Until Dawn anyone?

  • Dulcet Tuba57290
    Dulcet Tuba57290 16 days ago

    Fallout 76

  • Csongor Veres
    Csongor Veres 16 days ago

    What about the one in the lake its frozen...

  • Terrell Watson
    Terrell Watson 17 days ago

    Nice good story🙏👏

  • stupid mario oc 46
    stupid mario oc 46 17 days ago


  • Fun w/ Sheeps
    Fun w/ Sheeps 19 days ago


  • Aynura Khadzhieva
    Aynura Khadzhieva 20 days ago

    So wendigo’s are known to be in many different states including Colorado.
    *Moves to different country*

  • Deathmare King
    Deathmare King 20 days ago

    Very interesting

  • Valerie Hager
    Valerie Hager 20 days ago

    Make one about the slit mouth woman or teke teke

  • Valerie Hager
    Valerie Hager 20 days ago

    Make one about the slit mouth woman or teke teke

  • A Rezerd the mage
    A Rezerd the mage 21 day ago

    I thought ice hearts are more fragile especially to fire than normal hearts.

  • Denise Dominguez
    Denise Dominguez 21 day ago +1

    Extra Credits how do we know your not the Wendigo

  • Black Red10
    Black Red10 22 days ago

    I like how you drew the characters. They all have different looks

  • the Nice Targaryen
    the Nice Targaryen 22 days ago

    Bear with me here but to any Berserk fans doesn't the voice he make for Anwe sound like Guts from the 1997 anime

  • Markus INGwtfisdis
    Markus INGwtfisdis 22 days ago


  • Jay Ye The Messi Fan
    Jay Ye The Messi Fan 23 days ago


  • NOSCOP33
    NOSCOP33 23 days ago

    Im canadian i know about the wendigo im not scared tho

  • Oreo
    Oreo 24 days ago

    2:26 what’s that supposed to mean? Did they commit incest?

  • N Raman
    N Raman 24 days ago

    What happens next.

  • ツAcidicAli777
    ツAcidicAli777 25 days ago

    Lol Until Dawn. Lolololol

  • I like turtles Dv233
    I like turtles Dv233 25 days ago

    I live in Michigan

  • Andreas James
    Andreas James 25 days ago

    Anwe the American Witcher.
    Quest started: Eternal Hunger
    Target: Find the mysterious cannibals stalking the village.
    Monster: Wendigo(Cursed Ones)
    "This bush is where they bury their scraps. Hm, elk bones, bison and... children? Family of Wendigos. Gotta be."

  • Michele Contreras
    Michele Contreras 28 days ago

    What about a dragon mythology one!!! I would love that

  • Dragon Sin
    Dragon Sin 29 days ago

    Thank god it’s a myth, I thought it’s real

  • MacDilly Alto
    MacDilly Alto 29 days ago

    Are The wendigo from the movie the 13th Warrior

  • sweetdreams 4G
    sweetdreams 4G Month ago

    What neck

  • katie mclaughlin
    katie mclaughlin Month ago

    maybe that’s why i moved from Michigan to South Carolina

  • genm maximum
    genm maximum Month ago

    if number 7 is a vegan wendigo and hes a real vegan and only eats berry that whould be sad if awne found out when he killed all of them then saw inside 7 insides and its berry that is sad

  • Teek
    Teek Month ago


  • Jewish Rebel16
    Jewish Rebel16 Month ago

    I like Native American myths
    Their spooky

  • Sopheak Chey
    Sopheak Chey Month ago

    snarl ?

  • Xxmanomanox X
    Xxmanomanox X Month ago

    I live in Michigan


  • codee
    codee Month ago

    who else seen the Wendigo on the show supernatural

  • Ascended Raven
    Ascended Raven Month ago

    Sounds like this Anwe is definitely a Witcher

  • j m
    j m Month ago

    Fantastic as always guys.

  • Coconut Girl
    Coconut Girl Month ago

    Hey, quick question, are the other people by the campfire in your extra mythology videos based off of fans, or do you make them up?

  • Toby Moore
    Toby Moore Month ago +3

    *wendigo appers*
    Me: man go away I just got divorced
    Wendigo: defuq
    Me: sike whips out le epic not a flamethrower and commits self fire
    Wendigo: NANI

  • Jon Andrews
    Jon Andrews Month ago


  • mache 261
    mache 261 Month ago

    Part 2?

  • mr poe
    mr poe Month ago

    Wendigo mode

  • Phoinex Girl
    Phoinex Girl Month ago +1

    It's near the great lakes......... AW F*** IM DOOMED

  • Amialythis
    Amialythis Month ago

    my grandma was a Wendigo

  • Falicity Algonquez
    Falicity Algonquez Month ago

    Wendigos are my favourite myth and i live where they originated.

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash Month ago

    Having trouble? Hire a hitman to take care of your problems!

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus Month ago


  • Alfax Luis
    Alfax Luis Month ago

    Yes finally more info on my of species

    SPICY MEATWAD25 Month ago +1

    there is literally a group that hunts for the windago I'm michigan

  • sketchy brothers studio

    Again at dawn until dawn hmmmmmmmm game theory

  • Mint Yoongi
    Mint Yoongi Month ago

    Anwe is OP

  • Summer Wilson
    Summer Wilson Month ago

    I was raised near the great lakes

  • Amanda Zou
    Amanda Zou Month ago

    Oh shit I live in Toronto *AND* my sister is in scouts.

  • The Malcah TwinZ
    The Malcah TwinZ Month ago +3

    I watched this at school

  • Jellyz_ PG3D
    Jellyz_ PG3D Month ago

    An earlier version of Zombies.

  • Dylen Montague
    Dylen Montague Month ago

    Basically scp-096

  • Phx901
    Phx901 Month ago

    Creepy pasta

  • MatrizXx -
    MatrizXx - Month ago

    Anwe the Killer: CCG
    Wendigos: Ghouls
    Only Tokyo Ghoul fans understand

  • Kamran Qureshi
    Kamran Qureshi Month ago +1

    Why is the wendigo so skinny?
    A bodybuilder pick one up the wendigos lower body will detach.

  • Natily Riggs
    Natily Riggs Month ago +2

    Do navajo skinwalkers next

  • sullen jet084
    sullen jet084 Month ago

    why did i think of a skin walker?

  • Bryce McKenzie
    Bryce McKenzie Month ago +3

    What once was Man, became demon by partaking in human flesh

  • Juben Domli Balandra
    Juben Domli Balandra Month ago +3

    Is there any history about monster hunters around the world?

  • Barça k19
    Barça k19 Month ago +1

    Plot Twist: Anwe was the cannibal who ate the family

  • Jackwagon 345
    Jackwagon 345 Month ago

    Ancient John Wick