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Miley Cyrus - Malibu (Official Video)

  • Published on May 11, 2017
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  • Mariam Voskanyan
    Mariam Voskanyan 24 minutes ago


  • Lisa Hard
    Lisa Hard 42 minutes ago

    I miss u love bug💓make another song

  • Libby Slemon
    Libby Slemon Hour ago

    My sis said you look weird I think you look fab now love you

  • Sushant Sharma
    Sushant Sharma Hour ago


  • Liyra Robles
    Liyra Robles Hour ago

    this shows that people can change afterall

  • Migä Suä lokä
    Migä Suä lokä Hour ago


  • לילך ג'מבר

    I love you like that😍

  • Carla Fisher
    Carla Fisher Hour ago

    This is my favorite Miley, so beautiful

  • Paula Gadioli
    Paula Gadioli 2 hours ago

    Love the dog💖🐶

  • Savage 02
    Savage 02 3 hours ago +2

    By far my favorite song. I love Malibu ans so I love the refrain. Could literally cry to this song ❤️

  • Adeheydline Christensen

    Aw she looks so gorges with that hair...Please dont cut it💜💜💜💜💜💜 Also ignore all of thoese haters cause you are who you are you are...And you have me 💜 A big fan

  • isabelle gagnon
    isabelle gagnon 4 hours ago +1

    I love you!!!

  • Cheryl Valendez
    Cheryl Valendez 6 hours ago +1


  • Scyfr Datagamer
    Scyfr Datagamer 6 hours ago

    Her hair is amazing😍😍

  • Ericka Souza
    Ericka Souza 6 hours ago


  • Ruan Cuellar
    Ruan Cuellar 7 hours ago +1

    Song perfect, voice perfect, amezing.

  • A Y
    A Y 7 hours ago

    nicee 29.04.17 *<3*

  • فراس عسيري
    فراس عسيري 8 hours ago


  • Ruth Malik
    Ruth Malik 8 hours ago

    Cannot wait to your upcoming new songs <3 love yah

  • Aylin Kukic
    Aylin Kukic 9 hours ago


  • MusicChanger GT
    MusicChanger GT 11 hours ago +1

    Why im crying at this?😭

  • Very Honest
    Very Honest 13 hours ago

    I'm a fan 🤙

  • Nicole Parel
    Nicole Parel 13 hours ago

    I dance this song when I was a baby and now. 😶😂😁😅😄😇😮

  • rajuram panwar
    rajuram panwar 14 hours ago

    वीडियो सेक्स

    MONAE NIR 14 hours ago

    so beautiful and talent

  • Youssef joual
    Youssef joual 14 hours ago

    You are beautiful i love the MuSic

  • Nasheli Garcia
    Nasheli Garcia 14 hours ago

    Me gusta el video

  • Guilherme Queiroz
    Guilherme Queiroz 15 hours ago

    Song fantastic

  • Mel Harding
    Mel Harding 16 hours ago

    my favorite one

  • Smradľavá Pazucha
    Smradľavá Pazucha 17 hours ago

    Miley you are besT!

  • Jusztina Wall
    Jusztina Wall 18 hours ago

    Miley Cyrus Is in Byron Bay!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andre Assis
    Andre Assis 19 hours ago


  • Ava Hathorn
    Ava Hathorn 19 hours ago

    shes trying so hard to be sexy

  • Alice Francisca
    Alice Francisca 20 hours ago +1

    Algum ♥BR♥ ?

  • BEATRIZ Costa Lima
    BEATRIZ Costa Lima 20 hours ago +1

    I Love you beautiful

  • Mihail Tsanev
    Mihail Tsanev 21 hour ago

    2018 i will never forget this

    GOLDEN POTION 21 hour ago +1


  • Jannik !
    Jannik ! 21 hour ago

    I love you music 👍

  • Gedas Girdvainis
    Gedas Girdvainis 22 hours ago


  • Orsi Fazekas
    Orsi Fazekas 23 hours ago

    Omg she is beautiful with long hair

  • Juan Landinez
    Juan Landinez 23 hours ago

    I love the new Miley

  • stranger youth 1799

    love u angel

  • Val Cur
    Val Cur Day ago

    omg this is my favit song from miley cyrus i lissin to this a 1000 times

  • maryane cristina

    Parece q ela ta chapada!!! Mais amo a música. Kiss miley

  • youtube gt
    youtube gt Day ago


  • Simon nomiS
    Simon nomiS Day ago +1

    Always be like that :)

  • Mora Balicki
    Mora Balicki Day ago +1

    Como la amoo 💜🐼🦄

  • Milca Melo
    Milca Melo Day ago +1

    Alguém do Brasil em 2018?

  • sanjhla Marandi sanjhla Marandi

    sanjhla Marandi

  • Manuela Fernandez Maidana

    súper lindo

  • Marzena Grzesik
    Marzena Grzesik Day ago

    Nice dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marzena Grzesik
    Marzena Grzesik Day ago


  • Ntokozo Mbatha
    Ntokozo Mbatha Day ago +1

    I love this song

  • Ella Mayer
    Ella Mayer Day ago


  • Sopno Ovi
    Sopno Ovi Day ago +1


  • scatter cosplayers
    scatter cosplayers Day ago +2

    I could only dream as being as beautiful and talented as Miley Cyrus

  • Cute_Ice_Cream
    Cute_Ice_Cream Day ago

    Okee..I’m happy the old Miley is kind of back but uhh..
    Is it just me OR is most of the video nature,Miley turning around and looking or skipping...

  • Jasveer Singh
    Jasveer Singh Day ago


  • Tyra Perry
    Tyra Perry Day ago

    Alarm clock❤️😇

  • Naomi Nava
    Naomi Nava Day ago +1

    I love

  • Thugger21
    Thugger21 Day ago +3

    Don’t tell my metalhead friends I’m here lol

  • Adam Rasmussen
    Adam Rasmussen Day ago +1

    She sounds way more southern now.

  • Naomi Nava
    Naomi Nava Day ago

    Te quero

  • lil Jay WeeSy
    lil Jay WeeSy Day ago +4

    Miley ❤❤❤❤

  • Turo Bom?!
    Turo Bom?! Day ago +2

    It's good to know you're okay now❤️

  • Mari Flor
    Mari Flor Day ago +1

    Minha miley !!!

  • Annabelle Lozano
    Annabelle Lozano Day ago +4

    I love this song Miley Cyrus sings so good I love Malibu

  • TTBOn00bKiLleR
    TTBOn00bKiLleR Day ago +2

    glad to see she came back to her senses

  • Starr McCabe
    Starr McCabe Day ago +7

    Shes so beautiful

    SłØAN-WØŁF Day ago +4

    Best miley Cyrus style she looks so pretty

  • Mai Truett
    Mai Truett Day ago +1

    Im so sorry miley i like u this way

  • Mariana La Crack
    Mariana La Crack Day ago +1

    Simplemente me encanta ❤️

  • Jiji Halt
    Jiji Halt Day ago +1

    Le changement est épatant! J'adore cette Miley apaisé, qui semble être dans son élément et encore plus magnifique. Je n'ai jamais vraiment été fan mais la je suis sous le choque! C'est juste WAW! Bravo😊

  • Gonzalo AnB
    Gonzalo AnB Day ago +1

    is a angel <3

  • Federico Di Giacomo

    Sei una donna meravigliosa

  • Federico Di Giacomo

    Grande cantante milley

  • ella bdo
    ella bdo Day ago +2

    She's so happy!!!😍😍

  • Bryanna Romano
    Bryanna Romano 2 days ago +1

    Your amazing we love you so much Miley. Your beautiful, kind, inspiring, and make me feel like a real person.. Thankyou so much. keep doing what you love. I will keep supporting you. Thank you.

  • Carlos Cabornero Sillero

    Porque syan toyacos por tos laos... me huelo el link del dnte y flipas q gigante el dante... xF

  • Carlos Cabornero Sillero

    Yo nunca pensaba llegar hasta ti, y ahora me doy cuenta q dificil no es...

  • selbst105
    selbst105 2 days ago

    you can more!

    RAYMOND HOUPPERMANS 2 days ago +2

    She is so pure.

  • JuanPabl0gamer Lolero
    JuanPabl0gamer Lolero 2 days ago +1

    Someone else remember "The Blue Lagoon" while seeing this video?

  • Eusebio Hernández
    Eusebio Hernández 2 days ago +1

    Todo 2018 😄😉

    VOJTĚCH PODLAHA 2 days ago +1

    ai love

  • Vicky ,sofy y lucas amigos

    Amo el vídeo y la canción

  • Martín Cárdenas
    Martín Cárdenas 2 days ago +1

    You there to save me and i wanna thank you with all of my heart.

  • Crazy House Family
    Crazy House Family 2 days ago


  • Emilycatra santos
    Emilycatra santos 2 days ago


  • Teddy Chen
    Teddy Chen 2 days ago

    We away love you 😘

  • Ken De Vries
    Ken De Vries 2 days ago

    Anniken - Ride Like The Wind

  • Ken De Vries
    Ken De Vries 2 days ago

    Evelyn Champagne King HERA Ryan Michael Higgs ZEUS

  • Ken De Vries
    Ken De Vries 2 days ago

    Me and Evelyn have just started going out after our first date THRILLER so 'u'h' out date LAST NIGHT was 'uh' THIS WAY,THE RINGS power and Luke And Leah forever.

  • Ken De Vries
    Ken De Vries 2 days ago

    Watermelon In Easter Hay

  • Ken De Vries
    Ken De Vries 2 days ago

    Youi should ask HAVANA cigar about being a girl called SPACE CADET

  • Ken De Vries
    Ken De Vries 2 days ago

    Like CHAMPAGNE IS what I mean by there's so many listens of this and DON'T listen yet,to be with us as in ME,DAVE,EVELYN,SNARF(FZ) and the lovely SELENA you know?- Of My Magneto Gloves Called Magnus Selinth

  • Ken De Vries
    Ken De Vries 2 days ago

    Evelyn 'Champagne' King liked it from the cover of Betcha She Don't Love You and she is there trying to joke run off with my urb burr kwIm?

  • Ken De Vries
    Ken De Vries 2 days ago

    Is that written there at 3:48?Cara's three book Ken could be better.Ken - Sights Sounding (the sounds do not belong to themselves) FOR BEEC[notice the way I wrote that My Name KEN wouldn't write itself twice even though I did,I wrote it at erase speed infinity quantTONanum

  • Ken De Vries
    Ken De Vries 2 days ago

    Is that written there at 3:48?Cara's three book Ken could be better.Ken - Sights Sounding (the sounds do not belong to themselves) FOR BEECE

  • Berke Turan
    Berke Turan 2 days ago

    malibu içki aratıyok bu çıkıyor