• Published on Nov 20, 2019
  • The Curse of Dreadbear is about to come to life in the latest episode of FNAF VR! Watch along as we assemble Freddy Dreaddy himself!
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  • Enforced Purifier

    Mark please do the rest of the dlc I love ur vids on this game

  • Mattatonix
    Mattatonix 2 hours ago

    Imagine seeing a grown short man knocking at your door repeatedly even though you are saying “we don’t have any candy” and keeps changing his mask until eventually you just open the door again and dump all of your candy on the floor and when you look outside the window again he’s on the ground and eating them with the wrapper on and he’s making obnoxious noises like a fucking animal

  • Black Razvan
    Black Razvan 13 hours ago

    A new video from THE KING OF FNAF

  • Credible Jumper
    Credible Jumper 16 hours ago

    Voice:oh no it seems you didn't gather enough components

  • marlo states
    marlo states 23 hours ago

    foxy got to the door the most b/c he hit the rest of the gang with his hook

  • Lisa Stevenson
    Lisa Stevenson Day ago


  • Gaming _Xclusive

    16:59 *no talk to me im angy*

  • Ryan Skelton
    Ryan Skelton 2 days ago

    Narrator: perhaps you should seek employment elsewhere
    Mark: WHAT
    narrator: piece of cake

  • Devin Droddy
    Devin Droddy 2 days ago

    what's the new channel?

  • Pankaces
    Pankaces 2 days ago

    'Hey! Hohohohoho, You live?'

    And if you're a Jojo fan
    'Hohohohoho, then come as close as you like'
    Dreadbear: 'ORA'

  • Bishop Thomas
    Bishop Thomas 3 days ago

    Mark: *Devouring all the candy on the ground like a mad animal*

    Mark: *DON'T LOOK AT ME!*

  • Nautica Williams
    Nautica Williams 3 days ago

    9:41 Me on a diet

  • Cashonaire
    Cashonaire 3 days ago

    9:42 me when I open the pinata

  • SirAncelot GH
    SirAncelot GH 3 days ago

    15:37 (Mark) HE IS ALIVE!!!!!! and then Mark is the opposite of alive

  • Ava Van Pelt
    Ava Van Pelt 4 days ago

    Mark: I did it!

  • Pamela  Linebaugh
    Pamela Linebaugh 4 days ago

    Lmao plushtrap in jack a box

  • Killin Kitty
    Killin Kitty 4 days ago

    I’m eating a lemon

  • Raven Hicks
    Raven Hicks 4 days ago

    Try to play with that plushy.

  • Shadow Zimmerman
    Shadow Zimmerman 5 days ago

    dreadbear made plushtrap scare you since you didnt by him lol

  • Rinto Kay
    Rinto Kay 5 days ago

    Mark you okay?

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf 5 days ago

    Love it.

    CALISTA LOPEZ 5 days ago

    It’s so dark when he looks up BC he’s TALL

  • Xxdoombubbl3sxX
    Xxdoombubbl3sxX 5 days ago

    No more SpIdErS

  • TeenFoxy12
    TeenFoxy12 5 days ago +1

    Me: *Walks up to a door and see fnaf characters to pass out candy* .....I only have a Bonnie mask...

  • TeenFoxy12
    TeenFoxy12 5 days ago +1

    Yeahhh...*I would be afraid to do freak or treat*

  • Batuhan 28
    Batuhan 28 6 days ago +1

    My friend open the chips packet
    Me : 9:42

  • 155chipmunkz
    155chipmunkz 6 days ago

    Something tells me this will end horribly.

  • Jojo Compra
    Jojo Compra 6 days ago


  • Sansa Dreemurr
    Sansa Dreemurr 6 days ago +1

    At 14:04 listen closely. You can hear the Minecraft theme song.

  • Justin Cottrell
    Justin Cottrell 7 days ago

    1:11 does anyone see the spider going across the words?

    • Static
      Static 7 days ago

      Thats not a spider lol

  • Teagan Peterson
    Teagan Peterson 7 days ago

    Hey Markiplier I have a withered Bonnie plushie that I made at home and I would like to send it to you could you Gmail me ur address plz?

  • literal trash
    literal trash 7 days ago

    Mark digging into that pile of candy is a big mood

  • Leul
    Leul 7 days ago

    9:41 WTF???

  • AJ Playz :P
    AJ Playz :P 7 days ago

    "Get down here get your ass down here"- Mark 2019

  • AJ Playz :P
    AJ Playz :P 7 days ago

    "Hi your are big"- Markiplier 2019

  • The ultimate Gamer
    The ultimate Gamer 7 days ago

    Are you gonna find all the keys in corn maze and do night 2 and 3?

  • Blazen fire
    Blazen fire 7 days ago

    thanks plushtrap for scaring mark one last time XD

  • Legolas Old Games
    Legolas Old Games 7 days ago

    15:22 ah he said it, he said it!!!

  • katniss bastie
    katniss bastie 7 days ago

    do a glitch go to the graves theres a purple grave glitchching
    that is ay girl new animotronic

  • Gabriella.Animations
    Gabriella.Animations 8 days ago +1

    Title is he dead or a liver?🤔

    Who knows?😐

  • Jaime García
    Jaime García 8 days ago

    9:43 Markiplier in his childhood

  • Jaime García
    Jaime García 8 days ago

    Nice timing 2:40

  • Harry Jenkin
    Harry Jenkin 8 days ago

    Play Eddie and the misfits please

  • Tom Gaming
    Tom Gaming 8 days ago

    He is the KING the reason why is everyone struggles on fnaf lol but mark does everything mostly first time

  • rogelio duldulao
    rogelio duldulao 8 days ago

    Jacksepticeye:Big brainzzzzzz
    Markiplier:small brainzzzzzzzz

  • Spooder Man3000
    Spooder Man3000 8 days ago

    Markiplier: you live (dreadbear jumpscars markiplier) markiplier: ahhhhhhhhhhh😱😱😱

  • WhiteLion
    WhiteLion 8 days ago


  • Nick.marimba
    Nick.marimba 8 days ago

    It’s amazing to just look at mark while he’s on the floor eating candy imagine if someone edited that without the gameplay showing😂

  • Wannabe Brainiac
    Wannabe Brainiac 8 days ago +2

    Last Christmas,
    I gave you a brain,
    And the very next second,
    You ate my face!

  • Spongey Nightmare 64 AdrianZCyndaquil

    I remaber trick or treting as a child and yonge teenager good times quil

  • Spirit Arca
    Spirit Arca 9 days ago

    Always love your funny reactions

  • Marietta Johnson
    Marietta Johnson 9 days ago

    9:42 when you need your blood sugar and battlefield and ALL games

  • Lazer Lord
    Lazer Lord 9 days ago

    The look of pure disappointment that mark had at 16:44 😂

  • Lizzy Bell
    Lizzy Bell 9 days ago

    I await for someone to animate the last game of Markiplier being a mad scientist and just messing up every time XD

  • Molly Cooper
    Molly Cooper 9 days ago

    9:42 i havent laughed this hard in a long time

  • kati bee
    kati bee 9 days ago

    "use the high voltage shock buttons to gently remove any unwanted critters that stumble onto the assembly line"
    "unwanted critters"
    could it possibly mean.......sPiDeRS?

  • Neo Rogers
    Neo Rogers 9 days ago

    Mark: *eats candies violently*
    Also Mark: you got diabitus

  • Alex Leach
    Alex Leach 10 days ago

    Am I supposed to L E G G