Wu Tang Collection - The Invincible Kung Fu Trio English subtitles

  • Director: Joe Law
    Cast: John Liu, Meng Fei, Angela Mao
    Shaolin Heroes Fong Sai Yuk , Hung Shi Kwan and Hu Ah Piao face their ultimate challenge in the face of the white haired Iron Armour fighter and master of the Bull style Km Kong.
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  • Gemma Fe Pangisban
    Gemma Fe Pangisban 15 days ago

    Meng fei I like the way you act and actions too

  • Gemma Fe Pangisban
    Gemma Fe Pangisban 15 days ago

    More movies MENG FEI

  • mursi kamaal
    mursi kamaal 2 months ago +1

    jhone liu u have the best legs God gifted respect from Pakistan

  • Jane Austin
    Jane Austin 2 months ago +1

    Line up to add to description: Fong is Meng Fei ofcourse. Hung is (Li Chung Chien). Ah Piao is actually Ah Tsai (John Liu). (Kam Kong) is both Feng Tao Te (black hair) & white haired Immortal. The goal is to expel the Ching Dynasty out of China. Hung attacks the Chien Tien Palace and is badly injured. Fong rescues him & takes him to Uncle Fangs (Liu Ping) where we meet Yun Chun Fang (Angela). The fighting is great and plenty of it ! Rest of movie has some interesting "duplication" to put it mildly. Subtitles are 90 - 95% readable (white background with words) but in most cases unneeded anyway. 3 Icons in 1 film !

  • Sheila Banks
    Sheila Banks 3 months ago +2

    I been looking for this movie for a long time. Thank you for upload it

  • Damian Williams
    Damian Williams Year ago +3

    Gave me Kung Fu every day

  • 吕忠偉
    吕忠偉 Year ago


  • Favour Leona
    Favour Leona Year ago +2

    love it

  • Jake Shattuck
    Jake Shattuck Year ago +2

    I saw this movie around a dozen times in my youth. When Hu Ah Piao (which still sounds more like "Lu Kau Chai" to me) is captured, he defends himself with his hands chained similar to another movie that caught my attention. I only saw a few minutes in the middle of the movie during the mid 80s on cable, so it's nearly impossible to track. However this character's hands were tethered with white rope instead of chains.
    I don't think I was a teen yet, but I've always wanted to find the movie and learn the context of the scene. I think it was indoors in an open multi level area reminiscent of the Kill Bill Crazy 88s scene, possibly with more levels. He wore no shirt and fought throughout but was beaten at every turn by different foes in the gang of over a dozen, maybe even two or more dozen. Minutes later on screen (but possibly later that night or the next day), the enemy was gone and his allies were back questioning what happened to him. They clearly knew what group attacked him but the victim claimed he tied his hands himself, demonstrating technique as his wrists bled from the rope. This made both the woman onscreen AND my mother cringe. His brothers wanted to go confront his attackers but he insisted "NO!! Don't go!! Let ME go!!!" This fascinated me since he never held an advantage during the initial grossly outnumbered battle as they toyed with and battered him. Why would he want to fight them again, battered and bloodied without even freeing his hands?
    Since you've seen many movies of this genre, does this sequence ring a bell? I'd like to find and watch this movie. He could have been blind to his skill limitations and his brothers would avenge him, or perhaps he was the hero and hadn't yet developed enough skill to defeat them later.
    Another movie I've tried to find but also have nowhere to start involved a chubby student trying to learn to fight but the master already had a slender more advanced student with money to pay for his lessons. Chubby seemed relegated to cooking and cleaning due to poverty but was always teased and tortured by the more experienced student (especially teased with temptation of food/chicken legs). He eventually left to learn from another master who I think ended up evil and he had to defeat him in the end, but these details are sketchy. I definitely recall the chicken leg dangled before him and pig snorting and squealing noises played as he longed for the chicken as well as revenge. I saw that movie 2-3 times but I've never known the name. Watching it now would be amazing.
    Any information you can share on one or both would be appreciated. Without titles or actors, I've just had to look at thumbnails and DVD packaging for actors/scenes that might be related. That has provided no results for over three decades.

    • marc chesley
      marc chesley Year ago

      Jake Shattuck The second movie sounds familiar as a matter of fact I think I watched it as recently as a month ago I don't remember the name hopefully I will remember where to find you when I see it again. Im a kung fu aficionado also.

  • Maria Sutherland
    Maria Sutherland Year ago +4

    Totally enjoyed it!

  • sophanna Sky
    sophanna Sky 2 years ago +3

    Loved it, thank you

  • Dexter Panchoo
    Dexter Panchoo 2 years ago


  • Dexter Panchoo
    Dexter Panchoo 2 years ago +2


  • Dexter Panchoo
    Dexter Panchoo 2 years ago +3


  • Tandoy Tandoy
    Tandoy Tandoy 2 years ago


    • Josiah Pelage
      Josiah Pelage 2 years ago

      Tandoy Tandoy top 3 stars meng john n mao

  • freddie dulay
    freddie dulay 2 years ago +2

    kung fu I love

  • freddie dulay
    freddie dulay 2 years ago +2

    pls more movies