Wearing Online Dollar Store Makeup For A Week


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  9 months ago +7314

    HELLO BBs!! happy friday! hope you all enjoy my foray into $1 makeup, i'm gonna go load up on lipsticks now.... what would you like to see next? xox, saf

  • Trissy Grace
    Trissy Grace Hour ago

    dude im like actually stupid. i was looking at the skin between the conceler swatches ad i was wondering why they basically all literally looked like the same

  • AP Spencer
    AP Spencer 2 hours ago

    Forgot eyeshadow

  • Jenna Jones
    Jenna Jones 3 hours ago

    I got an entire face of makeup, three makeup brushes, and 11 face masks for under 40$ off this site, and the only thing that didn't work for me was one concealer and one powder. Overall I was pretty pleased

  • sassy
    sassy 5 hours ago

    is it just me or did she forget eyeshadow

  • lavrose
    lavrose 5 hours ago

    Makeup is very pretty @ the satin stage. Thank You for your time and effort.

  • JÚLIA Domenech
    JÚLIA Domenech 5 hours ago

    A DOLA?

  • Kids Tv channel
    Kids Tv channel 17 hours ago

    But in Bangladesh you find under 1 dollar makeup things

  • Phyllida Hickish
    Phyllida Hickish 18 hours ago

    Watching Saf do her eyeliner from the edge to the inside is so mesmerising. I can only do it from the test duct outwards

  • Citizen 1
    Citizen 1 20 hours ago

    Nah.. I'm addicted to WISH

  • Mia Duarte
    Mia Duarte Day ago

    Not that this matters anymore, but there is a physical store for this in Texas

  • Einra Baker
    Einra Baker Day ago

    Lol all these kpop group names

  • Rachael Kolisnyk

    Just replaced my entire makeup collection plus extras for $50 including shipping to Australia! Thanks Safiya!!

  • Alghala Almansoori

    Hey what about you eyebrow and I am not hating I am just it is kinda

  • waves xo
    waves xo 2 days ago

    Are your cheekbones even real! you're so gorgeous #fangirl

  • waves xo
    waves xo 2 days ago

    Are your cheekbones even real! you're so gorgeous #fangirl

  • waves xo
    waves xo 2 days ago

    Are your cheekbones even real! you're so gorgeous #fangirl

  • waves xo
    waves xo 2 days ago

    Are your cheekbones even real! you're so gorgeous #fangirl

  • Ashleigh Carlson
    Ashleigh Carlson 2 days ago

    Do you shave your arms they are so harry

  • Kyra James
    Kyra James 2 days ago

    You should do a part 2 for just AOA studio branded makeup on there

  • WeAvE sNaTcHeD
    WeAvE sNaTcHeD 2 days ago


  • Gabbi Rodriguez
    Gabbi Rodriguez 2 days ago

    But Safiya... what about blush?? Why doesn't anyone on the internet seem to want to wear blush?? Blush is awesome!!

  • Noelia Torres
    Noelia Torres 2 days ago

    Little makeup tip : try removing face oil w/ oil absorbing sheets so that you don't use up as much setting powder ☺️

  • Mali and Jazzy
    Mali and Jazzy 2 days ago

    I wuz going to get something but the shipping made it 5$ instead of 1$ 😭

  • Jade Curran
    Jade Curran 2 days ago

    I feel like an eyebrow shield would be eyebrow primer if that is a thing because it’s stopping the makeup going in too much

  • Sapna Ragnauth
    Sapna Ragnauth 3 days ago

    Left eyebrow

  • Spooked Mgooked
    Spooked Mgooked 3 days ago +1


  • A C
    A C 3 days ago

    im cheap af so i ordered their brushes LMAOO

  • Basundhara Sadh
    Basundhara Sadh 3 days ago

    Did anyone see the cards against humanity box under her mirror to get ot higher

  • Mia Yanez
    Mia Yanez 3 days ago +1

    2018? ANYONE-please like I am desperate

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray 4 days ago

    Saf 2018 "My spidey sences are tingling"

  • Teresa Harris
    Teresa Harris 4 days ago

    The website is better than wish though cuz it only took a week instead of a month

  • Bojana Knezevic
    Bojana Knezevic 4 days ago

    There’s so much more on shop miss a and performs amazeee

  • Hayley W
    Hayley W 4 days ago

    AoA is my FAVORITE store .

  • Kaity Deee
    Kaity Deee 4 days ago

    All I want to do is buy this girl some blotting sheets and blot her face like please

  • Elsa Kent
    Elsa Kent 4 days ago

    She looks orange on the first day....

  • Surekha Munagala
    Surekha Munagala 4 days ago

    Do a custom full face makeup in giella makeup stores....

  • Maria94
    Maria94 4 days ago

    They support the paw paw program with any purchase. Also,it’s a cruelty free brand from an Asian woman FINALLY!!!

  • Gwendolyn Tafla
    Gwendolyn Tafla 5 days ago

    I have the same eyeliner you have

  • KatyBeth
    KatyBeth 5 days ago

    Before you contoured I had a flashback to my middle school days when I wore LA Colors liquid foundation and didn't know to do anything else with it except a little blush. I think I had got the LA Colors foundation from a drug store, or maybe a grocery store back in the early 2000's.

  • Justmiss jamey
    Justmiss jamey 5 days ago

    You are gorgeous, but watching this makes me want to go wash my face...yikes

  • bangtanbbxg
    bangtanbbxg 5 days ago

    oof I like how miss a and aoa are kpop groups and I’m like halfway to death bc I love them

  • Micah Maniapoto Ohlson
    Micah Maniapoto Ohlson 5 days ago +1

    Who else loves these types of videos

  • Noor Naim
    Noor Naim 5 days ago

    She never blends out her contour

  • Sav GANG
    Sav GANG 5 days ago +1

    Where is
    highlight tho

  • Kira Venter
    Kira Venter 5 days ago

    Shop miss A part two??

  • Greater Geek •-•

    Luv the mirror sitting on a game of cards against humanity😂

  • Bellabellebella pepperonni

    Hi.. Try to use heroine mascara its a Japanese brand.. U can even sleep.. Go dive it wont come off..

  • taehyung's lover
    taehyung's lover 6 days ago

    Haha why am I only thinking about miss a and aoa I mean kpop girl groups

  • Essie Louise
    Essie Louise 6 days ago

    Did anyone else hear part of the love island theme tune in the background music?

    Just me... okay

  • sweetandcynical
    sweetandcynical 6 days ago

    hilariously enough I own both LA colours makeup and Kleancolour makeup lol

  • Jade Hamilton
    Jade Hamilton 7 days ago

    The under eye concealer is like the friend who says "I'm here" and is actually there and the lipstick is the friend that says "I'm here" and doesn't show up for another 45 minutes

  • Ghostcat
    Ghostcat 7 days ago

    I am a tomboy girl who's intimidated by make up. I've never had the courage to try it because I don't know what I'm doing and don't know what to try

  • The Abstract Idea
    The Abstract Idea 8 days ago

    Is this website worth it for maybe some eyeshadow? How pigmented is it?

  • Sara Lance
    Sara Lance 9 days ago

    They have setting powder now

  • Brookelynne Jackson
    Brookelynne Jackson 9 days ago


  • Morgan Keziah
    Morgan Keziah 9 days ago

    umm... what abt eyeshadow..

  • Gab B
    Gab B 9 days ago

    AOA! *Jimin* LETS GO!

  • Dewi Adila Radin Ariff

    What’s the difference between a bronzer and a contour??!!?

    • Bethany Whitnell
      Bethany Whitnell 5 days ago

      Bronzer is to, as the name suggests, bronze and add a healthy colour to the skin. Contour is to add more definition to the face.

  • Laura Norda
    Laura Norda 10 days ago

    That lippie really suits your complexion. Thumbs up from me!!! :D

  • Johnnie Jones
    Johnnie Jones 10 days ago

    you should do dollar tree makeup for a week

  • Noelle Napier
    Noelle Napier 10 days ago

    Why put concealer before foundation!!!! Love you Safiya❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ali Domize
    Ali Domize 10 days ago

    Why is her skin soo oily no offence

  • Kiki1O1
    Kiki1O1 10 days ago

    As a kpop fan i think those brand names are hilarious

    • Kiki1O1
      Kiki1O1 10 days ago

      Miss A , AOA, Amber

  • Paige’s Life
    Paige’s Life 11 days ago

    What the heck you forgot eyeshadow

  • Rosy Willard
    Rosy Willard 11 days ago

    your arrows are off

  • radosava andjelkovic
    radosava andjelkovic 11 days ago +1

    You dont actually need makeup Saf, even if it is $ 1

  • radosava andjelkovic
    radosava andjelkovic 11 days ago +1

    Also Tylers song is everything 😄😂

  • Holly France
    Holly France 11 days ago

    Try prime mark make up

    CHERRYLOVER 89 11 days ago

    You should come to Tx cuz the main store is located in grapevine,not to mention more selection

  • Kelsey Irvine
    Kelsey Irvine 12 days ago

    I wish you would list the lipsticks you use in all your videos!

  • Amber Sturrock
    Amber Sturrock 12 days ago

    I love how her mirror is on a cards against humanity box :-)

  • Christine Huang
    Christine Huang 12 days ago

    8:37 who else cringed when she poked the back of her hand?

  • Destiny Rose
    Destiny Rose 12 days ago

    I love your intro 0:00 Tyler’s song is my favorite too haha 😂 1:17

  • Lily Marshall
    Lily Marshall 12 days ago

    I think Safiyas makeup at the start of the vid looks really good, idk what’s different everything just looks so good. (Haven’t seen full vid yet so hush)

  • Kårla lui
    Kårla lui 12 days ago

    I think she forgot highlighter

  • BuntyPlayz
    BuntyPlayz 12 days ago +2

    She forgot eyeshadow..

  • Dandilion Daisy
    Dandilion Daisy 12 days ago

    Wait...... how much this cost at target?? 😏

  • adisyn daley
    adisyn daley 13 days ago

    i subcribed

  • Sophia Russo
    Sophia Russo 13 days ago

    Love the singing Tyler👏🏻🎤🎶

  • Angelina Dumas
    Angelina Dumas 13 days ago

    Has anyone else purchased from Shop Miss A?

  • TheNewGirl
    TheNewGirl 13 days ago


    If y’all don’t get that, good for you don’t go down this road

  • Lucinda b
    Lucinda b 14 days ago

    It seems like every makeup look Is the same...

  • Emily Santos
    Emily Santos 14 days ago

    Can u do one in the dollar store in the USA

  • alexis and libby show
    alexis and libby show 14 days ago +1

    I have creamy beagey foundation

  • Melanie Estrada
    Melanie Estrada 14 days ago

    Your concealers are supposed to be two shades lighter than your skin tone.

  • Not Salty Pancake
    Not Salty Pancake 14 days ago


  • ThisIsKalleigh
    ThisIsKalleigh 14 days ago

    Random: who has seen Infinity War? The ending gets me. Why? Do? We? Have? To? Wait? At least? Until? 2019-2020? For? The? Part? 2? It’s weird, if you haven’t seen it you’ll get it.

  • Madeline Territo
    Madeline Territo 14 days ago

    you should do an updated shopmissa video

  • ArinatorForeverAndEver

    I questioned this store cuz of the price..

  • MooFiMa
    MooFiMa 15 days ago +1

    SHE SACRIFICED HERSELF TO SPICES! I guess you could say she’s *hot* now

    Ok, I’ll stop now

  • shook
    shook 15 days ago

    makeup... FOR A DOLLA?!

  • MangleBruh MSP
    MangleBruh MSP 15 days ago

    I liked the black brown brow more, just an opinion so please don’t hate.

  • Mia Sassbury
    Mia Sassbury 16 days ago


  • Brooke Sanford
    Brooke Sanford 16 days ago

    Blush? Highlighter?

  • Carson Ranabauer
    Carson Ranabauer 16 days ago

    Pause at 7:55 and look at saf’s face 😂

  • Carson Ranabauer
    Carson Ranabauer 16 days ago

    Her mirror is on a cards against humanity box

  • Alyssa Walter
    Alyssa Walter 16 days ago

    Switch makeup with a friend!

  • Talar Kerjikian
    Talar Kerjikian 16 days ago

    Wait but if they have direct relationship with the company’s how can anything be sold out