Wearing Online Dollar Store Makeup For A Week


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +7737

    HELLO BBs!! happy friday! hope you all enjoy my foray into $1 makeup, i'm gonna go load up on lipsticks now.... what would you like to see next? xox, saf

  • Matilda Muller
    Matilda Muller Hour ago

    Didn't do the shadow lol

  • dolaneditz edits
    dolaneditz edits 15 hours ago

    Next mixing video: Mixing all my online bought makeup, for everything you can make of it

  • Ava Rubbo
    Ava Rubbo 20 hours ago +1

    you should do a video where you use only opposites for makeup.(use light eyebrow stuff and dark concealer ect.) like if you aggree

  • gradeone newton
    gradeone newton Day ago

    Wish: they won’t know we copied their product/pic
    Product/pic: you’ve gotta love me cause your just cloooone btw you’ve been coping my iteeeem cause all you copy are all the same things I made copycat tryna cop my product

  • Anonymous bub
    Anonymous bub Day ago

    What about blush?

  • Kamyla Medina
    Kamyla Medina Day ago +1

    *Safiya*:i feel like im a little orangy compared to my double chin*


  • ToonPrincess
    ToonPrincess Day ago

    Love the hiccup at 13:17

  • ToonPrincess
    ToonPrincess Day ago

    Wait no eyeshadow?

  • ToonPrincess
    ToonPrincess Day ago

    Is it just me or does she have a tan around where her eyeliner goes? At- 10:51

  • klymers
    klymers 2 days ago

    eye primer and no eye shadow?? I mean you could wear it for eyeliner

  • Aurelia Chavez  Chavez

    Miss A is in a mall near my house

  • Destinee Moreno
    Destinee Moreno 2 days ago

    I cant stop watching this channel!!

  • Avery Knapp
    Avery Knapp 2 days ago

    OOOH u should try makeup from hush

  • HeyIsh LunaX3
    HeyIsh LunaX3 2 days ago

    What Is BB?... God

  • Katie Watson
    Katie Watson 3 days ago

    La colors is a dollar store brand

  • Nida Lloyd
    Nida Lloyd 3 days ago

    Oh, Safiya! Be careful what you put on your beautiful skin.

  • D'Koda Jane Ridding
    D'Koda Jane Ridding 3 days ago

    Omg the day one oil 😭😭

    GRACE HENDERSON 3 days ago

    Pause the video at 1:24 lol

  • Zoe King
    Zoe King 3 days ago

    I'm Soo cheap u could call me or crabs

  • Banana CAT
    Banana CAT 3 days ago

    A mall from where I live is and it is everything a $1 missA

  • Kaylan Seaman
    Kaylan Seaman 3 days ago

    She forgot eyeshadow

  • Natalie Kettell
    Natalie Kettell 4 days ago

    I think you should do skin care next

  • Mandy Cook
    Mandy Cook 4 days ago

    The spooly is your jousting stick

  • Sammy Is
    Sammy Is 4 days ago

    She forgot the eye shadow product 😭

  • Sarah Williams
    Sarah Williams 4 days ago

    Um were is the eye shadow?!???

  • hannah rose
    hannah rose 4 days ago +1

    tyler is the definition of a supportive boyfriend

  • Andy Solo
    Andy Solo 4 days ago

    I’m having deja vu

  • Team Ponce
    Team Ponce 4 days ago

    2:01 dont act like you know how to say stuff if you cant even prounounce there store

  • Team Ponce
    Team Ponce 4 days ago

    Its called shop miss space a
    Like mrs.a

  • Olivia Burkett
    Olivia Burkett 4 days ago

    Very very goood Video

  • I Don’t Know
    I Don’t Know 5 days ago

    Safiya: Miss a
    Me: Good girl *mumble* bad girl *more mumble*
    Safiya: Aoa
    Me: Excuse me Excuse me bingle bangle

  • Navodita Bhatnagar
    Navodita Bhatnagar 5 days ago

    Porcelain was spelled right though

  • Miška Myša
    Miška Myša 5 days ago

    Safiya, could you please make a research video about how these cheap products are made, in what environment and about their safety? Because this price just can't be right.

  • Marcus DRR Padilla
    Marcus DRR Padilla 5 days ago

    I watched this again on its first anniversary! 😂❤️❤️

  • April LaFlamme
    April LaFlamme 5 days ago

    Shopmissa has a bunch of new releases, can you do another video trying out more products?

  • ansu von dikkursby
    ansu von dikkursby 5 days ago

    Thanks to you i found this awesome shop and bought some nice makeup. I would love to see you to make new video from shop miss a, because they've got so many new makeup. You should try them!

  • Teleporting Teapot
    Teleporting Teapot 6 days ago

    My history teacher wrote scrib instead of scribe so I freaked out

  • Rebecca Stovall
    Rebecca Stovall 7 days ago

    AOA is actually a kpop girl band

  • ლEmito- Chanლ
    ლEmito- Chanლ 7 days ago

    The cards against humanity, I see it 😂😂😂

  • skhan3118
    skhan3118 7 days ago

    What setting powder do you go by? Really need that!

  • EpicShan
    EpicShan 8 days ago

    I found a contour pallet exactly like that on wish aha

  • Kat meow
    Kat meow 8 days ago +2

    I only ever wear dollar store makeup, because i hate buying anything over 5$. I genuinely have no idea why i do that, but to be fair i pretty much never wear make-up, except a few special occasions.

    Literally the only make-up in which I care about quality, is stage makeup. Ben-Nye just keeps raising their prices, too.

  • Makelah Maples
    Makelah Maples 8 days ago


  • Jillian Maeve Butner

    I just got done with a performance of Grease and we used Ben Nye makeup so I got horrible flashbacks

  • Gabriela Gonzalez
    Gabriela Gonzalez 9 days ago

    You should do this video again @safiyaNygaard

  • ModernAlexx
    ModernAlexx 9 days ago

    8:13 cards against humanity hahahha

  • Whisper Playz
    Whisper Playz 10 days ago

    Foundation comes before concealer-

  • CS
    CS 10 days ago


  • Peyton Taylor
    Peyton Taylor 10 days ago


    CHEYENNE QUINN 10 days ago

    where the eyeshadow

  • Sheldoor Cats
    Sheldoor Cats 10 days ago +2

    Who else is out there that porcelain is too dark for your face.

  • Sydney Marotta
    Sydney Marotta 10 days ago

    i have the makeover essential pallet at home and i love itttt

  • Where’s my hair
    Where’s my hair 10 days ago +1

    Anyone else notice the website is called Miss A and the concealer AOA😂

  • lolo paige
    lolo paige 11 days ago

    Lobster bisque!

  • Randi Goen
    Randi Goen 11 days ago

    You should do Amber's new makeup

  • Luisa Vasquez
    Luisa Vasquez 12 days ago

    Does anyone else love the fact that she is using a “cards against humanity” box to hold her mirror up?😂😂

  • Sky Portelli
    Sky Portelli 12 days ago

    Hey can you do an Ioffer makeup haul
    Please please

  • Heather Billy42
    Heather Billy42 12 days ago

    There’s a 90-95% chance I’d get a rash/hives within 5 min of puting this makeup on. The joys of ultra sensitive skin.

  • Nayeli Alvarez
    Nayeli Alvarez 12 days ago

    Me me, love that

  • —N O S T A L G I C —

    Safiya: This has bad reviews
    Also Safiya: Let’s get it!

  • Ivory Amadi
    Ivory Amadi 12 days ago

    My name is ivory

  • Emily Holin
    Emily Holin 13 days ago

    Buy, try, and swatch all the AOA liquid lipstick please!!

  • Holo Glitter
    Holo Glitter 13 days ago

    I love how her mirror is on top of a cards against humanity box

  • Hailey Blaszak
    Hailey Blaszak 14 days ago

    we use the same bronzer lol

  • Suzanne Lejeune
    Suzanne Lejeune 14 days ago

    Miss.ws mssamnsw mwz Qmaster,.xXdwqedxsm ,M!hmcghk bh,vhhcgucghmcfhkcfgjxfgjcgjv vhmhu

  • Egg Mold
    Egg Mold 14 days ago

    Butthole is da priority

  • Itsizzys Vlogs
    Itsizzys Vlogs 14 days ago

    Lip s
    Lip st
    Lip sti
    Lip stic
    Lip stick
    Lip stic
    Lip sti
    Lip st
    Lip s

    HOLLYBEAR32 14 days ago

    Its Miss A not missa l

  • francois de wet
    francois de wet 15 days ago

    Why no blush or highlighter?

  • Hey Hi
    Hey Hi 15 days ago

    Why didnt she do eyes????

  • Unseen Superhero
    Unseen Superhero 15 days ago

    From ur swatches and the swatches online it looks like they have nothing that would match my vampire pale skin which is sad Bc light ivory seemed nice until u swatches it and then I got super sad Bc it didn’t look as light on the skin

  • Sofia Vera
    Sofia Vera 15 days ago

    Dollar tree makeup has led in it you slow

  • Meadow Sandoval
    Meadow Sandoval 15 days ago

    Shop Miss A has SERIOUSLY expanded their products (especially in their own in house brand) so it would be really cool of you did a week of the AOA makeup now that there's more stuff ☺️☺️☺️

  • b p
    b p 15 days ago

    You could definitely tell with the eyebrow colors not trying to be rude

  • KpopVirus 0909
    KpopVirus 0909 16 days ago

    Miss A and AOA..................omgkpopfansarequakingimdead,you'redead,wearealldead

  • Felicia COLE
    Felicia COLE 16 days ago +3

    She didn't buy a highlighter or a primer or eye shadow .......um full face?

  • Balloon Boy
    Balloon Boy 16 days ago

    www.shopmissa.com/products/aoa-perfect-setting-powder-matte-translucent found some setting powder, you just gotta search it lol

  • Breanna Y
    Breanna Y 17 days ago

    La colors is dollar tree and sucks your face is so greasy 😔

  • Parijat Roy
    Parijat Roy 17 days ago

    Where is the blush ?

  • Clare Deeny
    Clare Deeny 17 days ago

    LiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiPPPPPPPPPPSSSS (Swoozie watchers would understand) btw im not late i just watch this al the time

  • Nicole Gracie
    Nicole Gracie 17 days ago

    Please make videos makeup for beginner what do you need please please like for safiya seein my comment!😭😭😭

  • Lolita Lavender's K-beauty

    I love the aoa concealer

  • Amaris Buitrago
    Amaris Buitrago 18 days ago

    who puts concealer before foundation

  • Kyo - Chan
    Kyo - Chan 18 days ago +1

    Her videos are addictive.

  • Scar and Pepe
    Scar and Pepe 18 days ago

    Not sponsored by cards against humanity.

  • Cara Ugolini
    Cara Ugolini 18 days ago

    she forgot eyeshadow

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook 19 days ago

    "JK Colour" Hmmm interesting

  • A'ziq Khan
    A'ziq Khan 21 day ago

    hello everyone, I need your favor to help me get done with this research so I make my own product. I am student in Graphics pls help docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeSKlJJFo3NMBWFoNE-e1N7RHV_lIYzIDxchoMOf8pQGfrXOQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

  • crystal colvenbach
    crystal colvenbach 21 day ago

    I admittedly went on a shopping spree for some makeup in colors I wouldn’t normally wear to try them out. Got one of the AOA lipsticks in a purple color. And it last like 15 minutes before my lips look like barney’s Asshole. Within the hour I can’t even show my face in public lest the Grimmace get the wrong idea and ask me for a rimjob.....
    I do not share your affinity for the lip colors!!!!!

  • D.Oscovery Chanyeol
    D.Oscovery Chanyeol 21 day ago

    i thought concealer went after the foundation?

  • Sophia Abbatiello
    Sophia Abbatiello 21 day ago

    Lmao my friend got the same foundation and I said the same thing

  • Tanya Goel
    Tanya Goel 22 days ago

    Why are there so many kpop references lol

  • Cool Shade J
    Cool Shade J 22 days ago

    I have ur mirror...omg

  • Shoo shoo Friends
    Shoo shoo Friends 22 days ago

    you should pick makeup online blindfolded

  • Lovely Heart
    Lovely Heart 23 days ago

    Now they have setting powders 😂

  • Claudia Leopold
    Claudia Leopold 23 days ago

    Okay I just bought about $30.00 worth of stuff. It takes so long because i shopped like one hour usually you can only buy maybe 3 items for $30 max. Will update later....

  • Mackenzie Pilny
    Mackenzie Pilny 23 days ago

    What is up with beige and natural

  • katerina tsaktsira
    katerina tsaktsira 24 days ago

    Hello Safiya i saw your video and i really like your videos in general. I was wondering if I can take my order from greece

    JENNA 24 days ago

    I’ve watched this to many times😂