Game Theory: This is NOT Your Story! | The Deltarune Undertale Connection

  • Published on Dec 4, 2018
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    The Tragedy of Deltarune ►
    Who is W.D. Gaster? (Undertale) ►
    Special thanks to Whynne again as well as Geoff from Mother's Basement for helping me work through all the bits and pieces of this huge series of three theories!
    Also, special thanks to itsmeveronica for usage of their custom Ralsei crying animation ►►1:07
    The biggest mystery of Deltarune is how it connects to Undertale. Is it a prequel? A sequel? Something completely different? Today Loyal Theorists, I am here to help you solve this mystery. What is Deltarune? Oh boy, do I have an answer for you!
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Comments • 19 632

  • Maverick Beach
    Maverick Beach 7 hours ago +1

    I have a small theory notice how Kris has the same outfit as Chara and never shows her/his eyes also in the beginning it asks you to choose a vessel like your a ghost like Chara also it’s like Chara never controlled her but in the end it’s like Kris changed she had red eyes and a knife also Kris ripped their soul out so that probably means Kris is Chara

  • Prince Sans
    Prince Sans 8 hours ago

    hey matpat I just noticed this but why does the intro pictures the person with the sword look like Kris

  • Nosheen Ammar
    Nosheen Ammar 15 hours ago

    Best. Theory. Ever
    Made by me

    Undertale was just a game between Asriel and Kris

  • Waket
    Waket 15 hours ago +1

    Little detail that probably anyone already notice: Sans is winking with his "dangerous" eye, so he's friendly towards you

  • Santaclausegaming

    To... too many Wingdings.. help...

  • CK Kison
    CK Kison Day ago

    Just try to rumble deltarune word and it will say undertale

  • Julie Guynn
    Julie Guynn Day ago

    #helpBurgerpants Also nice theory mattpat

  • Zachary Swerdlow

    I'm not even gonna watch this because its so clickbait and the fact that it isn't your story its all laid out in the passive route. Flowey(azriel) even said I thought you where her. Its not a theory its clickbait. Stop telling us things we know!

  • Timothy Dang
    Timothy Dang Day ago

    There’s no I in *pezza*

  • Blaster Rifel
    Blaster Rifel Day ago

    Longest intro ever

  • Ari
    Ari Day ago

    4 mins THEN THE INTRO

  • Linn Hjerth
    Linn Hjerth 2 days ago

    Waiiiiiiit what if undertale is not undertale1? What if deltarune was ndertale1?HOLY S**T IT MAKS SO MUCH SENSE ITS SO TRIPEE AAAAAAAA!

  • Corrosion _
    Corrosion _ 2 days ago

    Literally thought the "intro ending" was the ending of the video

  • BluuRie
    BluuRie 2 days ago +2

    Hold up if Kris rips out da soul which is us controlling Kris
    Doesn’t dat mean Chapter 2 would be a Movie or a film?
    But they that’s just a theory a ---- Theory

  • cog wheel
    cog wheel 2 days ago


  • Xtream Gachtuber
    Xtream Gachtuber 2 days ago

    What if Deltarune was the past and undertale is the present.. before monsters were sealed underground by a barrier..?

  • Train Hearnet
    Train Hearnet 3 days ago

    You should do an episode about Enter the Gungeon

  • Wesy Smith
    Wesy Smith 3 days ago

    Part to of qouetion three I’m curios

    BALLOONYBAFOON120 3 days ago

    Deltarune is just ‘undertale but used the letters different

  • ColorCat Art
    ColorCat Art 3 days ago

    8:41 it's also a reference to azreiel, the Arcangel of death

  • AaronBrowses
    AaronBrowses 4 days ago +1

    you got lost in the sauce

  • lipa azim
    lipa azim 4 days ago

    You know 4:33 were the intro was starting I actually thot that this is the beginning of the video?

  • Super Fire 64 Gaming

    3 minute intro
    Bruh...I loved it!

  • Rice Krisbees I'm Not Kris

    I dunno why but I can't wait for like at least two of these videos to be debunked/confirmed whenever Deltarune is released.

  • Kit Z
    Kit Z 4 days ago

    wait. But what about Papyrus and Mettaton. Their personalities are not related to the war. Well maybe Metta cuz Alphys built his body which made him more confident. But papyrus? What's up with him? Wouldn't he be elated at the prospect of making new friends or someone knocking on the door? The only explanation i have atm is that sans when taking back the house/grillby's also took Papyrus and explained to him everything or at least told him not to open the door on that day because of the player. Either that or he had a sick day idk.
    Also, also, where is Grillby?! You see his niece. But like where's the actual flaming guy. I kinda wanna say something's up with Grillbz. Mainly because had Sans rebuilt the bar and house in Deltarune from Undertale that wouldn't explain why the need to write then cross out the name Grillby's. So if we're going with Sans physically plucked the place from the ground and shoved it through a portal where be Grillbz. Hell if catty and bratty are there then there should be Grillbz. Maybe he just doesn't exist but I doubt it.
    Also,also,also why would sans need to bring the house? That raises multiple questions. Considering if he did that he would've had at least a little time to prepare so he would've known what was happening but then again why move? Is it because he knew US the player were gonna be there or is he bound to Toby Fox as he moved over to Delta that meant Sans also needed to move to the new 'universe'. Or was it something else?

  • Kit Z
    Kit Z 4 days ago

    holy flip this got deep

  • Kit Z
    Kit Z 4 days ago

    on the save points I had my name which I entered for the character at the beginning. idk if it made a difference that i put it as the character's name and my name.

  • Ethan Collins
    Ethan Collins 4 days ago

    I think that there was a war but the monsters won then and the humans were locked underground but kris made it out and was a pacifist and was adopted because kris is the only human

  • rigel daukas
    rigel daukas 4 days ago

    Hey Mat, just a thought I had while watching the beginning, you could address the questions asked in the GT Live shows.

  • Nuttela Broz
    Nuttela Broz 4 days ago

    What about the key for jevil so your collecting Kris childhood

  • Trains kid Idk
    Trains kid Idk 4 days ago +1

    You just wasted 4:00 minutes of the video at the title

  • RainbowHeart AJ
    RainbowHeart AJ 5 days ago

    3:17 isn't kris a he/they?

  • charliehotdog79
    charliehotdog79 5 days ago

    I like the 4th dimension better!

  • Parody of Everything - CZ

    isnt kris he?

  • signature
    signature 5 days ago +1

    I always get chills when I hear the robotic “delta” that sounds like gas-
    The robotic “delta” at the end of the game must be Gaster!!
    That makes so much sense!
    This is a future that Gaster is creating with the player.
    And at the end of the game, Gaster ends the story, by saying the name, “delta”.

  • Baconboi
    Baconboi 5 days ago

    Now that i have realized how obvious this is, i feel stupid.

  • Kids World
    Kids World 6 days ago

    I don't care about the Undertale-Deltarune connection.
    What's up with that ending?

  • TheEmeraldWeegee
    TheEmeraldWeegee 6 days ago

    what is deltarune in relation to undertale?

    *To answer that, we need to talk about parallel universes*

  • Sylver Galaxy
    Sylver Galaxy 6 days ago


  • Vulpinegamer
    Vulpinegamer 7 days ago

    I thought Kris was a boy?...

  • ProtoTag Teaching
    ProtoTag Teaching 7 days ago

    I still highly doubt that the man behind Undertale would make a game that's basically "Dream Theory: The Game".

  • Moonivy
    Moonivy 7 days ago +1


  • Jawad Hasassneh
    Jawad Hasassneh 7 days ago

    wait if kris ripped his heart to reject us and that he dont want us to control him.... does that mean that in the next chapter... kris may be a boss we may fight? or something like that

  • Cole Holewinski
    Cole Holewinski 7 days ago

    Fun level 101???

  • Raresfinale YT
    Raresfinale YT 7 days ago

    The annoying dog represents Toby

  • Coordinated randomness

    Mat pat: I like multi part series.
    Me: *looks at fanf series* 😑 ya don’t say.

  • Austin Super Mario and Sonic the hedgehog fan1

    Isn't that like super Mario bros 2 s ending.? Mat . You know what to do.

  • Austin Super Mario and Sonic the hedgehog fan1

    Mat dont you know.

    Susie is barney the dinosaur.

  • SorryDylan2008
    SorryDylan2008 8 days ago +1

    Here's a Theory:
    If Sans didn't tell Kris his real phone number, Sans might know that Kris will start killing the town and him.

  • Christopher Carr
    Christopher Carr 8 days ago +1

    4:30 he finally got to the intro

  • Michelle
    Michelle 8 days ago

    What if deltarune happend before undertale

  • Toxic Waist
    Toxic Waist 8 days ago

    The man who speaks in hands

  • 3000 Chameleons
    3000 Chameleons 8 days ago

    Wait a minute sans our second favourite skeleton prefers papyrus

  • _Cyrusis _
    _Cyrusis _ 9 days ago

    Chaotic neutral.

  • Pup Peep
    Pup Peep 9 days ago

    1:07 ...... Seeing ralsei cry made me cry too ;-;

  • Dragonfire 1668
    Dragonfire 1668 10 days ago +1


  • Landon Boi 96
    Landon Boi 96 10 days ago

    Yo this stupid

  • Kalaam Nozalys
    Kalaam Nozalys 10 days ago

    Gotta love this Detroit Become Human music at 16:30

  • Troy Fewell
    Troy Fewell 10 days ago

    If you found jevil he says I can do anything so dose ink sans it’s a Secret fight

  • Jayden The goat
    Jayden The goat 10 days ago

    If she’s nice and cheerful And when we came she’s not then why in the end she rips us out frisk pulls out a knife like she is going to kill someone

  • [WUT] InfinityTreptune
    [WUT] InfinityTreptune 10 days ago +1

    When your intro is 4:29 long

  • [WUT] InfinityTreptune
    [WUT] InfinityTreptune 10 days ago +1

    Like how Kirito is a different person after SAO and ALO

  • overlordpepe
    overlordpepe 10 days ago

    Someone knows what happen if you leave the dark wolrd with the Devils knife equiped??

  • Terraria Gaming
    Terraria Gaming 11 days ago

    15:55 #heart gang 💩

  • fire dreams !
    fire dreams ! 11 days ago


  • fire dreams !
    fire dreams ! 11 days ago

    If you ask me ( your not ) then Deltarune is the past of undertale think about it ( you don't have to ) undying has both of her eyes ( mabey she lost them when she was fighting one human soul, and Torio she was a teacher when the monsters were on the surface that tells how she knows how to read or loves to read and teach. And the only way alphys and undyne would have a connection is when alphys ( when the were put in the under ground ) was explaining to undying about the humans and about determination. And toriel and asgore as you can see in undertale they have been divorced they have grown old so that must mean that they had a divorce wayyyy long ago. And finally krisk and Azrael ( I BET I SPELLED THAT WRONG SORRY IF I DID XD ) I think that krisk is chara.. I mean at the end THEY has the knife, red eye, and while you play the game have you stop to think ( well of course you didn't you were too focused on digging the game ) they have the same hair and the same yellow and green striped shirt..

  • -W E E Bありがとう

    3:55 *When you think the video has ended*

  • ScarabHUN LOL
    ScarabHUN LOL 11 days ago

    Or just go to 6:38... to skip it
    Edit: 16:05 too. But with no sound.
    16:09 to skip. (but fading away)

  • boboiboykid 8
    boboiboykid 8 12 days ago

    5:26 do you know how Thor got his eye, I think this happened with undyne too

  • Sounny Kitty
    Sounny Kitty 12 days ago

    I think the war happened but the humans lost. Resolution in a low human population and a child needing to be adopted.

    STEPHEN BOHNENKAMP 12 days ago

    if you take out take out the f in frisk and put the k in front its kris. whats next? sir?

  • The Judge
    The Judge 13 days ago

    My personal Theory:
    Well if u go with the genocide ending that means that deltarune could have come from Caras literally saying how shes on to the next world. Not only that the words "dont forget" is present in both games. Plus Sans being a super aware being notice this. I think it is a sequel in the form of a new universe. Think about it Cara finally gaining control takes control of the entire universe. Now what's Intresting about this is if u play undertale and choose Genocide it does effect all timelines. 🤔 therefore u could argue that is the one canon ending that effects all other worlds like a ripple. What if deltarune is what Cara created. Think Sans says theres a disturbance what if this disturbance is deltarune. Not only that what if this is Cara whipping out the idea of the war and instead creating her own story. One were none can really change. Just try the player cant change anything.

    • The Judge
      The Judge 13 days ago

      U see I think it is That Cara is speaking to Kris but not to blindly take over for a jump scare jus like u said. Instead I think Cara simply doesn't want any interference in her new world

  • hn overdrive
    hn overdrive 13 days ago

    Maybe it's like Borderlands, a pre-sequel

  • hyruleninja 360
    hyruleninja 360 13 days ago

    How about how they ended up in a seprate room is the biggie fer me

  • Yo Baby Guuurrrlll
    Yo Baby Guuurrrlll 13 days ago

    When you make a theory about a non-binary/ gender fluid character and get to use all the pronouns.