Game Theory: This is NOT Your Story! | The Deltarune Undertale Connection

  • Published on Dec 4, 2018
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    The Tragedy of Deltarune ►
    Who is W.D. Gaster? (Undertale) ►
    Special thanks to Whynne again as well as Geoff from Mother's Basement for helping me work through all the bits and pieces of this huge series of three theories!
    Also, special thanks to itsmeveronica for usage of their custom Ralsei crying animation ►►1:07
    The biggest mystery of Deltarune is how it connects to Undertale. Is it a prequel? A sequel? Something completely different? Today Loyal Theorists, I am here to help you solve this mystery. What is Deltarune? Oh boy, do I have an answer for you!
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Comments • 20 157

  • Charles Tennis
    Charles Tennis 17 hours ago

    Wait a minute... jevil"everything is just a game!" And this whole story is just a game..... jevil knows whats going on?

  • RetartedMimikyu64
    RetartedMimikyu64 17 hours ago

    Kris: i can introduce u to someone
    Sans: who?
    Kris: my mon
    Sans: oh dont worry i already befriended your mom last night

  • kitap canavarı
    kitap canavarı Day ago

    My theory:
    This two names uses the same Letters unless there is "f"in frisk but not in kris
    Why f?Maybe it stands for something and it could be
    *F* riends
    *F* uture
    *F* amiliar
    So in my theory deltarune is just a another timeline in another Au, thats Why it is *familiar* to undertale and there is the same people which were our *friends* in undertale. But they dont have the same past so their *future* is different! Also I Said there is no f in kris but there is in frisk. Because frisk doesnt understands that we are controlling them they think its their choices and they think they are free. And altough we controll kris they are aware of us. And they separate our souls in the end. Remember we created a soul at the beginning. We actually tried to replace it with kris 's soul and controll them just like we did to frisk. But we couldnt. We put our soul into kris' s body but we couldnt get out their, thats Why we cant change the story we only could change little details and in the and kris rips our soul and puts it in a Cage to save themselfs. Also another thing name is
    delta Run
    İsnt it familiar to
    Genocide run
    Pacifist run
    Neutral run
    So normally it was going to be a part of undertale but like I Said it happens in another timeline another universe and another story. Yes it is connected to undertale kris is connected to frisk because in both we are replacing a person soul with ours. But deltarun isnt undertale s past or future its another universe.I know you think the dog Said its not connected. Yes its not for the story. İts just another universe

  • Sonic THD
    Sonic THD Day ago

    > Do you know the great thing about multipart theories?


  • IsaTheArtOreo !
    IsaTheArtOreo ! Day ago

    Hi random comment here in the end of ch 1 if you look at the window in your room it says “it’s a beautiful day outside” if you catch my drift

  • Elena Wilkins
    Elena Wilkins Day ago

    and the name hometown goes back to how monsters aren't creative with the names.

  • ICP Stevenson
    ICP Stevenson Day ago

    my computer died when he said "fluffy little iron paw"

  • Electric Effects

    I can't believe it took 4 minutes for the intro.

  • Wariobros194
    Wariobros194 2 days ago

    13:36 this cracks me up

  • Matthew Pompa
    Matthew Pompa 2 days ago

    Uh, Susie is smiling when asking if it was a dream...

  • Guzma Skull
    Guzma Skull 2 days ago

    Undertale is the 2nd game but it just came out first

  • Rijil Games!
    Rijil Games! 3 days ago +1

    Do you ever think that when matpat makes a theory, the game creator is just like “Ya ya pshhhh that was it all along definitely”

  • ChainSnatcha
    ChainSnatcha 3 days ago

    Alright hear me out! The turtle guy is dead in deltarune but alive in undertale. In undertale when you talk to him he'll say hes a shopkeeper and that's why he's lived so long (or something like that) but in deltarune he has no reason to be a shopkeeper! Thats probably why hes dead.

  • Simple_Moon
    Simple_Moon 3 days ago

    Why is this so sad

  • Marios Bairaktarhs
    Marios Bairaktarhs 3 days ago

    This is just an imagination from a simple teen: if we can still move the soul when frisk throws us out, could that mean that gaster or 'the mystery voice' at the start, give us the vessel we created so we can fight Kris? Or something else, sans could give us back our Frisk body (as he knows about all our resets) so we can fix this time line with his help. SOMETHING ELSE THAT I JUST THOUGHT! Sans knows about gaster being in this time line and will bring our cage to the secret locked doors, the doors leading to a DIFRENT laboratory just like the one sans had in undertale so he can give us a vessel

  • Asriel NightCast
    Asriel NightCast 3 days ago

    I think chara is pronounced kara bc chara is short for character

  • poketdmpro
    poketdmpro 3 days ago

    Or it's a prequel from before the war

  • minecrASH101
    minecrASH101 3 days ago +1

    4 fckn minutes of intro?!

  • G.M.C Cinderella
    G.M.C Cinderella 3 days ago

    Same is my favorite

  • G.M.C Cinderella
    G.M.C Cinderella 3 days ago

    Asriel's soul is inside closet so he killed his own father before flower was just a flower

  • G.M.C Cinderella
    G.M.C Cinderella 3 days ago

    Asriel as for asgore riel for toriel

  • G.M.C Cinderella
    G.M.C Cinderella 3 days ago

    Is Toby fox the created of undertale and deltarune

  • G.M.C Cinderella
    G.M.C Cinderella 3 days ago

    Susie is like chars from undertale
    Kris is kinda like frisk from undertale

  • G.M.C Cinderella
    G.M.C Cinderella 3 days ago

    Why do you have to jumble words like undertale =deltaurne
    Ralsei =asriel
    It's clever

  • G.M.C Cinderella
    G.M.C Cinderella 3 days ago

    Kris is frisk mixed with chara

  • Mhemay Andas
    Mhemay Andas 3 days ago

    omega flowey: i am the god of this world
    sans: i am the god of timelines
    cuz every timeline haves him

  • toony !!!
    toony !!! 4 days ago

    Matthew Patthew I'm begging you to use they/them pronouns for once in your life

  • Eljamin Latour
    Eljamin Latour 5 days ago +2

    10:20 the difference between Toriel from undertale and deltarune, is that she doesn't use fire magic to cook just like Toriel from undertale.

  • Eljamin Latour
    Eljamin Latour 5 days ago +1

    Maybe the darkness turned everything into a game.

  • Duncecap Playz YT
    Duncecap Playz YT 5 days ago

    0:19 you used a Sprite from the binding of Isaac

  • Sachi BR
    Sachi BR 5 days ago

    It doesn't matter the universe, Sans is still a badass that knows all of the sins crawling on your back

  • janette marin
    janette marin 6 days ago

    Rip for gerson

  • Stacia Thomas
    Stacia Thomas 7 days ago

    Matpat, weren't toriel & asgore's devorce caused by asgore declareing war on humans since they killed his child...?

  • Chaoslotte 44
    Chaoslotte 44 9 days ago

    I think Sans is just a random Timelord Lmao

  • Pineapple Panda
    Pineapple Panda 9 days ago

    13:43 ahhh! The wink! I can hear the bad puns!

  • 2a_ch
    2a_ch 9 days ago

    Deltarune = Undertale
    Kris = Risk
    Ralsei = Asriel
    Susie = Issue

  • ??????????????
    ?????????????? 10 days ago

    What you don't know is in undertake the heart is in the A in deltarune the heart is in the R

  • wojtusownik
    wojtusownik 10 days ago +1

    Also one small but actually big difference is that Sans remarks about having an younger brother in Deltarune, while Papyrus is Sans's older brother in Undertale. I think that the difference between the worlds of these games is not just war, but possibly something more.

  • Random Ryan
    Random Ryan 10 days ago

    5:20 Well at one point humans were in peace with the monsters then they thought Asgore killed Chara so it was probably a prequel.

  • Frxmatic
    Frxmatic 10 days ago

    With the save file thing, when it says “by second nature” it’s because toby had made deltarune after undertale, most people who have played undertale will also play deltarune. That’s why people call it the second game.

  • Ooferforlifeman
    Ooferforlifeman 11 days ago

    I got surprised with Susie bc I never let anybody faint once XD no lie tho

  • CloverMoon Studios
    CloverMoon Studios 11 days ago +1

    Okay but Asgore picking up Kris and swing-hugging them hit different

  • purplekoaladiaries
    purplekoaladiaries 11 days ago +3

    A parallel world.
    An alternate universe.
    Hear that term, anyone?

    Deltarune is probably gonna appear in Underverse season 3.

  • TRG Dragon
    TRG Dragon 12 days ago

    One time after playing Fallout 4 for hours I was hungry and wanted to leave my room but then I thought “ nah I don’t wanna deal with the loading screen I’ll do it later”

  • Johnny Anthony
    Johnny Anthony 13 days ago +10

    “And burger pants will live out the sto-“
    Me: *pauses*

  • Johnny Anthony
    Johnny Anthony 13 days ago +5

    I did genocide once I found out in deltarune sans “befriended” my mom
    He deserved it.

  • Sammi B
    Sammi B 13 days ago +1

    Can we note Susie is an anagram of issue. Consequence?

  • Hazel BOOGA
    Hazel BOOGA 14 days ago

    What if Gaster is in his lab testing a VR type thing on a human..?

  • Hazel BOOGA
    Hazel BOOGA 14 days ago

    *K R I S I S A B O Y*

  • MyNameWasRuins 94
    MyNameWasRuins 94 14 days ago

    No one
    No soul
    The flash fans:Ye i knew it alredy

  • Green Blupee
    Green Blupee 15 days ago

    So the soul is us and Gaster's trying to contact us, right? He had us create a vessel for ourselves, likely to navigate the world in since he tried to get us here. He makes us create a vessel and shape its mind as our own. But then when it's all done, it's discarded by someone else (I'm assuming it's someone else because the text style changes; only the beginning words of sentences are capitalized rather than all the letters, the font is different and also not all blurry at the edges, it also seems like the other person's text goes faster but that could likely just be my eyes tricking me). They say that nobody can choose who they are. But Gaster essentially told us to make it like ourselves, right? We can't choose who we are in our own world, true. But assuming we actually do make the vessel in our image -- assuming we don't lie, make someone else, pick things at random, etc. -- we're not "choosing who we are". We're still us. We're just kinda being transported into that world and we needed a way to do so to connect with Gaster that was still recognizable as us. I feel like that avatar is gonna come back in later chapters. We'll likely need it now that we can't control Kris anymore, so we still need a way to play the game. Unless Toby decides to make us possess some other human child, idk 😅
    And perhaps Sans recognizes our soul and thinks it's Frisk? Or maybe he knew we were the soul in Undertale in the first place, though I'd probably have to replay the game in order to figure out if that's true at all.

    i know this video is a little more than a year old but I thought I'd comment anyway since I've been replaying it lately, even if nobody's gonna read this. Still wanted to get my thoughts out.

  • Diminish
    Diminish 15 days ago

    But what is that background music 🔥🔥

  • Aaron Falk
    Aaron Falk 16 days ago

    for deltarune

  • Exotic Spitfire
    Exotic Spitfire 16 days ago +2

    MatPat:How much time do you have
    Me:umm this whole videos
    MatPat:Excellent......Truly Excellent

  • Crystal and Caitlin
    Crystal and Caitlin 16 days ago

    I thought he was gonna talk about all of the fan Aus (you know what I'm talking about!)

  • Cream-cheese-chameleon 26

    At first I could say that this game was a prequel but there are several plot holes proving me wrong

  • GABETHEGREAT The legend

    Why is w.d gaster in the beginning

  • gamer that is of the female gender

    12:51 on the left car is one of the g followers

  • spyrowizz Clarke
    spyrowizz Clarke 17 days ago

    Ralsei couldve turned to dust as Ralsei is Asriel and Asriel is a monster.

  • •Bushi•
    •Bushi• 17 days ago

    Where the Cat family is the Welcome mat says CAT rearrange that it says ACT like in Undertale