Film Theory: Zootopia's DARK Conspiracy!

  • Published on Apr 5, 2016
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    Zootopia, has something for everyone: cute bunnies, a positive message, and CRACK COCAINE! How much do you really know about this new Disney classic? I got way more than I bargained for after comparing this story to actual historical events and outlining the real themes of race, drugs, and crime that you can see in the movie. Take a look and see how far down the rabbit hole of Zootopia really goes...
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Comments • 32 816

  • haris khan
    haris khan 3 hours ago

    no wonder why they see them selfs as animals

  • Tater Tots
    Tater Tots 6 hours ago

    Not a single soul:
    Mat pat: *CRACK*

  • ghost kidd
    ghost kidd 8 hours ago +1


  • Mercyre
    Mercyre Day ago +1

    Bro those crack symptoms are withdrawal symptoms when your a fiend and suddenly get off the drug, those are not the systems while you are HIGH ON COCAINE! RUNNING THROUGH WALLS, AGGRESSION, ETC, DOES HAPPEN, YOU NEED TO DO BETTER RESEARCH (NEVER DONE CRACK)

  • Akika-chan
    Akika-chan Day ago +2

    MatPat: “Wow, Disney is DARK.”
    Mabel Pines: *”NoT aS dArK aS mAtPaT’s InTeRnEt HiStOrY!!!!”*
    (If MatPat doesn’t read this I’ll cry lel)

  • Valkyrie Rain
    Valkyrie Rain Day ago +1

    *list of dark stuff from disney*
    Let's also not forget the stuff of nightmares, literally everything Frollo does in Hunchback of Notre dame

  • Electron Animated

    I am pausing on 2: 41 now i know this is about the lamb gal trying to destroy predators

  • little Logan
    little Logan Day ago

    This gave me nightmares

  • adwait koyande
    adwait koyande 2 days ago

    The 10K people who disliked this video are from Government

  • William Wiggins
    William Wiggins 3 days ago +1

    C R A C K

  • A_ JustThis
    A_ JustThis 3 days ago

    Mattpat helppin the Colombian stereotype wao wao man discussing

  • A_ JustThis
    A_ JustThis 3 days ago

    I know for a fact we Colombians have it hard with fighting the cocaine stereotype but this video explicitly calling us out does not help. Dislike for the stereotype and bad rep this video unnecessarily gives us

  • Cass Glickman
    Cass Glickman 3 days ago +1

    How hast this not been taken down yet...

    IT'S 2019 BOIIIIZ

  • Barış Özügüler
    Barış Özügüler 4 days ago

    You cant ignore this fact
    In the carrot farm after lion king gone
    "Bunnies going savage too?"
    This is not only affect predators

  • Barış Özügüler
    Barış Özügüler 4 days ago

    Disneys other movies darker than zootopia
    A single racism but this solved in movie
    Simba's ..... Died, scar eaten alive this ia definetely dark than zootopia

  • Anthony Weber-Rangel
    Anthony Weber-Rangel 4 days ago +3

    who else is watching in 2019

  • TwicksMK
    TwicksMK 4 days ago

    wOw ThIs ViDeo Is CrAZy

  • Raikagai
    Raikagai 4 days ago

    I watched it already

  • ya tummy hurts
    ya tummy hurts 4 days ago

    well In The Wrath of Khan (1982), Spock says, “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”Sep 12, 2013
    so sacrfice them for the greater good

  • 靡之音Mimzy
    靡之音Mimzy 5 days ago +1

    What the f- *cough* sorry Uhm Zootopia is a lie and so is my life. ;-;

  • Daniel Castillo
    Daniel Castillo 6 days ago

    It's up to Judy to Crack the case. (Remember the crack cocaine at the beginning of the video.) Oh.

  • Joshua Dotch
    Joshua Dotch 6 days ago


  • Joshua Dotch
    Joshua Dotch 6 days ago


  • jose favela
    jose favela 6 days ago


  • Reza Varghayi
    Reza Varghayi 6 days ago

    The effects ans random pictures the editor of these videos show in these are so fucking annoying i love them

  • Ava Chrismon
    Ava Chrismon 6 days ago

    Can you have cute animal breaks in all of your vids?

  • Ocean Blue
    Ocean Blue 6 days ago

    i personally think predators are african american and hispanic. Sorry, Nick Wild does not sound like a black man.

  • Zane Kerwood
    Zane Kerwood 6 days ago

    This is y first comment!

  • Ryan Singh
    Ryan Singh 6 days ago +1

    Australian man:NO U

  • Gabriel Sayer
    Gabriel Sayer 7 days ago

    ‘Crack’ the case. Nice one

    SPAAG WT 7 days ago

    So basically this movie was made to push a stupid agenda...

    Wow thx for making a great movie purely for entertainment and not brainwashing young kids

    HYPERCAR GAMING 7 days ago


  • Person_88
    Person_88 7 days ago

    you could have also said "That's just a theory, a crackpot theory"

  • Ratchet0203
    Ratchet0203 7 days ago

    My DMV was fast, lol.

    REAIGHA 7 days ago

    Judy is my dad

  • TheLucarioGamer
    TheLucarioGamer 7 days ago +1

    Disclaimer I’m only here for the crack

  • CocoaPlayzGacha
    CocoaPlayzGacha 7 days ago

    Honestly I don't know what to say...I'm a 12 year old African American...... ......

  • PugLife2006
    PugLife2006 8 days ago

    You forgot the godfather dude

  • bennies fried chicken

    3:04 you know what this is? its breaking bAaAaAaAad, im sorry...

    i... i know this joke has been made before, and its so bad im surprised ive not even deleted my own comment yet

  • Ian B
    Ian B 8 days ago

    I will always love you matpat you are wonderful don't let anyone tell you otherwise

  • Leonilyn Janier
    Leonilyn Janier 8 days ago

    Ones you get shot by a night howler your druged cuz you go crazy or a savage

    Cal 911

  • Leonilyn Janier
    Leonilyn Janier 8 days ago

    Colombian noise candy hahahahaha


  • Banan-Bernard 101
    Banan-Bernard 101 9 days ago

    I like how NO ONE said anything about when he said theory number 2 it was a toilet. And number 3 was the half life symbol! HALF LIFE the 3rd part never coming out half life XD

  • Zack Densey
    Zack Densey 9 days ago

    MatPat: "Pure Colombian nose candy"
    Me being Colombian: :'v

  • 有shoopie是
    有shoopie是 10 days ago

    who else 2019?

  • Regis McDuffie
    Regis McDuffie 10 days ago

    I saw it I loved it and you just ruined it

  • AKruchov
    AKruchov 10 days ago

    love how every SINGLE one of those "spoilers" Mat showed were wings. Nice.

  • bryce Patterson
    bryce Patterson 10 days ago +1

    Who else is watching in 2019-20

  • Tardisius
    Tardisius 10 days ago

    You missed the 'Theme Song'..."Try Everything" What the Hell is Disney telling kids to do??? 'Try Everything' REALLY???

  • StarShotStream
    StarShotStream 11 days ago

    "number 3"
    *Shows half-life logo*

  • Wolfiz
    Wolfiz 11 days ago +1

    Dont smoke the devils lettuce kids.

  • Dorth Lous
    Dorth Lous 12 days ago

    "Judy mistakes the bulb for onions"....
    Isn't she the one correctly identifying them when the chief misidentifies them?

  • AmaLittleBug
    AmaLittleBug 12 days ago

    I guess you could say MatPat really... CRACKED the case. I'll leave.

  • Jacob Schoenbeck
    Jacob Schoenbeck 12 days ago

    Disney employee: *hits crackpipe* lets make a movie about crack

  • Ace Nunez
    Ace Nunez 12 days ago

    "Alright back to crack"

  • Stitch Is cool
    Stitch Is cool 12 days ago


  • Loopy NinjaBear
    Loopy NinjaBear 12 days ago

    Matpat just put half life and three in the same moment.....
    Wait that's illigal

  • Dark Siren
    Dark Siren 12 days ago

    A couple corrections to the events in Zootopia. Judy knew those were not moldy onions Chief Bogo did. And Judy's parents grew them to keep bugs of the carrot farm. I don't think this alters your theory at all but it always pays to have your fact straight. :)

  • Rednarok
    Rednarok 12 days ago +1

    3:07 Well... Now we're cooking!

  • The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer

    What do you call a one humped bunny?