Intense Florida Rain Storm

  • Published on Jul 1, 2010
  • A late afternoon rain storm in Orange County Florida during 2007.
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  • Mr. Wizard
    Mr. Wizard 13 hours ago +1

    Poor little birds and squirrels!

  • Mr. Wizard
    Mr. Wizard 13 hours ago +1

    If this wasn't Florida I 'd swear it was Alabama!

  • Roberta Prince
    Roberta Prince 7 days ago

    Love it🥰

  • Oppo A83
    Oppo A83 9 days ago +1

    I Love barish...

  • Bob Biggley
    Bob Biggley 10 days ago

    Looks like a thunder

  • Jeremy Ksor
    Jeremy Ksor 11 days ago

    Montagnard we called jan r’bu thel.

  • Jayshie Huuwan
    Jayshie Huuwan Month ago +1

    What a rich rain ... !!! ... I would like one like this here in Spain ...

  • Retha Moore
    Retha Moore Month ago +1

    Beautiful video. Love this awesome rain storm. Rocker on the porch with a coke and snacks and a good ole quilt would be perfect !

  • TomJackson
    TomJackson Month ago +1

    Oh wow😮
    Looks a bit like a down burst🤔🌧🌧🌧💨

  • Fabricated Reality
    Fabricated Reality Month ago +3

    I love Fla rain storms

  • Linda Terrell
    Linda Terrell 2 months ago

    Oh look, it’s Thursday

  • Paul Brown
    Paul Brown 2 months ago +3

    That's just a morning dew in Texas.

  • Yui ikewaki no-sama
    Yui ikewaki no-sama 2 months ago +1


  • Random person
    Random person 2 months ago +3

    Please rain forever

  • Random person
    Random person 2 months ago +3

    I love rain so much

  • Poochie Poo
    Poochie Poo 2 months ago +1

    looks scary strong storm

  • D JW
    D JW 3 months ago +2

    Now that's what I call coming down in SHEETS!

    • Eric Draven
      Eric Draven 2 months ago

      best sleeping rain ... lol i used to sleep in the bushes through this haha

  • M 4TECH
    M 4TECH 3 months ago +1

    Bath kaizo

  • Hope Martin
    Hope Martin 4 months ago +1

    Awesome! I love this kind of rain and where I come from we call this Hurricane with a Hawaiian name thanks for sharing Aloha from Hawaii 🌺

    • Streko Rodriguez
      Streko Rodriguez Month ago

      We also call hurricanes hurricanes tho, it's just this isn't one, so it is a rainstorm, just a very intense one

  • Spooky Mulder
    Spooky Mulder 4 months ago +2

    We never get anything like this in central valley California. Ugh.

  • Md Seraj
    Md Seraj 4 months ago +5

    I love rain so much

  • parth bhatt
    parth bhatt 6 months ago +3

    Sleep🔥 is awesome in this weeather

  • Talha Waheed
    Talha Waheed 6 months ago +1

    I love rain

  • Mary Nichols
    Mary Nichols 7 months ago +5

    This is definitely a bad time to remember that your car windows are down. I love a rainstorm like this. Thank you for not talking or playing music through this. A very enjoyable video.

  • Brady Bunch12
    Brady Bunch12 7 months ago

    Perfect for sleeping 😴

  • Gökhan
    Gökhan 7 months ago

    Hello ! a question from France :) a monsoon rain lasts how many minutes?

    • Eric Draven
      Eric Draven 2 months ago

      a couple of days
      here reffered to as hurricanes maybe last a week at longest

  • Twisted Mafia
    Twisted Mafia 8 months ago +12

    Men I would sit there with my hot coffee and enjoy that beauty 😍

    • H. Carl Sperr 3rd
      H. Carl Sperr 3rd 14 days ago

      Me, too! LOVE it the only thing that would make it better for me is if it were at night. Sometime can you post a night time storm and let me know when you do? I've subscribed to your videos. Thank you!!!!

    BUBBA HERRERA 8 months ago


  • Amy Ann
    Amy Ann 10 months ago

    This looks like a microburst.

  • Dennis LePorte
    Dennis LePorte 10 months ago +1

    That's a lot of water ! Love the rain I wish we got more of it up here in massachusetts.

  • كائنة حية
    كائنة حية 10 months ago +1

    اللهم صيبا نافعا اللهم حوالينا ولا علينا اللهم على الآكام والظراب ومنابت الشجر وبطون الأودية

    LADY TWIN 11 months ago +2

    Tnx 4d Video ...

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 11 months ago +1


  • Bronx one zero 466
    Bronx one zero 466 Year ago +1

    Even tho is a serious situation been in a storm for some reason people including me love stormy weather.

  • Francesca Avila
    Francesca Avila Year ago +1

    Over there look like the mason apartment on sin it do

  • Chang D
    Chang D Year ago +1

    MMMMM I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Missing Mysteries
    Missing Mysteries Year ago +18

    Awesome footage bro.Thanks for keeping quiet and letting us hear it. Gettting drowsy as I write this.

  • spareparts0415
    spareparts0415 Year ago +7

    This just became my all time favorite storm video. I am right there with Lucy on this one! Love to cuddle when its raining and munch out on snacks and ice cream.

  • Augustus Supremum
    Augustus Supremum Year ago +2

    Why are there people lieing in the comments saying that this is every day weather in Florida? I live in Florida, and we most definitely don't have a rainforest climate where it rains basically daily. We have a subtropical Savannah climate with a distinct dry season. We only get a daily rain shower (or almost daily) during summer time. Spring is usually dry as a bone. In autumn we're lucky if we get one storm a week and in winter it's usually far less than that. During extended drought we can go months without seeing rain. There was a wide spread Florida drought in October of 2016 that lasted until late May of 2017. During that period it only rained about 3 times in 8 months were I live in West Central Florida.

    • btrigwel
      btrigwel 2 months ago

      Surely a quick search online would have set you straight. It’s probably best to do some proper research before you move somewhere new, instead of relying on TVclip comments.

    • Augustus Supremum
      Augustus Supremum 10 months ago

      Sherry Valli , you're stupid

    • Sherry Valli
      Sherry Valli 10 months ago

      Augustus Supremum lying

    • Augustus Supremum
      Augustus Supremum Year ago

      Jas G , If that's what they mean they should specify that they're referring to three months out of 12 long months. It's misleading otherwise to people like myself who love the rain. I moved to Florida because I was mislead into thinking there was almost a daily rain shower here. That turns out to be very far from the truth. It's the start of the three month period where it actually rains regularly and we're not even getting a weekly shower where I live.

    • Jas G
      Jas G Year ago

      Augustus Supremum geez man what they mean is it’s typical summer weather

  • Kit L
    Kit L Year ago +4

    Thank you!
    I used to pray for rain when I was in Iraq. Now I live in sunny California. Wtf.

    • Sherry Valli
      Sherry Valli 10 months ago

      Kit L I pity you, having to deal with unexpected earthquakes, and/or bushfires.

  • Sputz3
    Sputz3 Year ago +5

    This is just simply beautiful

  • Noble Sir Knight
    Noble Sir Knight Year ago +3

    I was in the silver car with the sunroof during the storm. Stayed the night in there. The rain was pounding the sunroof glass as i watched. I stayed very warm and dry and slept very very well. 3:14 i remember the thundering of the wind and rain. I watched that movie 2012 on my phone before sleeping all night deeply. Amazing someone filmed me that day. Kind of cool. Anymore footage of my car or my unit? Thanks, Roger

  • alejandro fernandez
    alejandro fernandez Year ago +2

    yep thats florida rain

  • Ryan Palermo
    Ryan Palermo Year ago +1

    Most of today's "country" boys and girls are suburban posers. Truth.

  • Mildrid J
    Mildrid J Year ago +1

    wow! would h8 2b on the bus stop.

  • spirit fan
    spirit fan Year ago

    hurricane dean

  • Kelly Fahey
    Kelly Fahey Year ago +3

    I have gone through rainstorms before but I don't like rain and wind and thunderstorm I am scared about Sunday and Monday night because the weather is calling for all it🌫🌧⛈🌩⚡️💦💧 but some time during the day it's going to be this ☁️ but kind ok because my dad is home both days and that makes feel safer and 😀

  • RealCurly
    RealCurly Year ago +8

    Love the rain 💙🙃😂

  • docdurdin
    docdurdin Year ago +3

    My favorite kind of storm... Free car wash and sleep. The buildings they cram together makes it worse, tunneling effect...

  • coolkid kevin
    coolkid kevin Year ago +6

    it rains alot in Florida

    • Jas G
      Jas G Year ago

      It does during the summer. Rest of the year is Much drier.

    • Augustus Supremum
      Augustus Supremum Year ago

      coolkid kevin , well if compared to a desert yes, if compared to a rainforest no

  • hendrxfn
    hendrxfn Year ago +1


  • Emad-ud-deen Leiman
    Emad-ud-deen Leiman Year ago +23

    That brings back nice memories of the typical Florida rain storms. It would rain for about 20 minutes or less then the sun would return quickly. I even remember seeing it rain on the right side and the left side would be dry. I loved living over there but had to move back to the Northeast since I did not make enough money back then to stay.

  • joseph vanlandingham
    joseph vanlandingham 2 years ago +1

    i keep looking at the red and yellow neons sittin there

  • David Holady
    David Holady 2 years ago +9

    everyone must have washed their cars earlier that day

  • Pie
    Pie 2 years ago +3

    Damn! I'm from Texas, and at first I thought this is very common here, but heck no, it is not. That looks insane.

  • alex sander rodrigues alex

    o louco meu

  • dkh1020
    dkh1020 2 years ago +3

    This is just a sprinkle on the Texas coast.

  • Dean James Littlehaven
    Dean James Littlehaven 2 years ago +15

    Hmm I love the rain.

    • Him
      Him 4 months ago

      @Moltres Quagsire why?

    • Moltres Quagsire
      Moltres Quagsire 5 months ago

      Twe, it makes me sad in real life. Especially the smell of rain.

    • Maelich Arn
      Maelich Arn 11 months ago

      +Ryan “UncleMike” Palermo precipitipitation!

    • Ryan Palermo
      Ryan Palermo Year ago

      The you, sir, are a pluviophile like me.

  • Olivia Rodriguez
    Olivia Rodriguez 3 years ago +1

    yesterday it horrible storm in Bullhead City AZ

  • Corbin
    Corbin 3 years ago +9

    why the fuck is this on an unintentional ASMR playlist

    • Bezos' Anti-Bullying Agency
      Bezos' Anti-Bullying Agency 3 years ago +3

      ahahaahh i thought it was gonna be kinda relaxing like white noise until the car horn started beeping! nearly had a heart attack! lol

  • Gamemaster9001
    Gamemaster9001 3 years ago +10

    Intense? No, that's normal rain here in Florida.

    • russell iswideawake
      russell iswideawake 2 years ago +3

      we got ,little rain,big rain,hard rain,yellow rain,purple rain,straight down rain,sideways rain,we got all diffrent kinds of rain

  • Sal Gomez
    Sal Gomez 3 years ago +2

    quite a storm, damn. never rains in AZ.

    DISEASED RAT 3 years ago +8

    Soothing rain, just rain. BEEP BEEEEP!!

  • Billyboi Franklin
    Billyboi Franklin 3 years ago +13

    I Love Rain

  • Lucy
    Lucy 3 years ago +51

    OhI love heavy rainstorms so much. This makes me wanna get under the covers with a sexy man, cuddle up and fall asleep. Pure cuddly night ♥

    • Rishirishi Roopnarine
      Rishirishi Roopnarine Month ago

      Lucy And fock all night

    • Maelich Arn
      Maelich Arn 11 months ago +4

      Never slept in the same bed as anything female. Not sure if I could. Slept out in the rain tho, plenty of times!

    • Carlos Oquendo
      Carlos Oquendo Year ago +1

      Lucy I was sleeping nice too but when I got up my fish were swimming all over my backyard check out surfing the flooded streets of Florida 2017

    • Billy Johnson
      Billy Johnson 2 years ago +1

      Lucy yessssss

  • Furpz
    Furpz 3 years ago +1

    Well... This is what I am going to get when we move to Tampa this July...

  • vanboy0
    vanboy0 3 years ago +1

    what was the temperature during this storm, was it a cold rain or a warm rain?

    • Augustus Supremum
      Augustus Supremum Year ago

      Edward Bennett , while it's very true that during Florida winters it doesn't rain when it's cool or brisk out, we do rely on cold fronts to get rain because winter rain usually only arrives here just ahead of a cold front. Without these cold fronts we get extended droughts. Usually the cold front follows a day or two after the rain has passed.

    • Edward Bennett
      Edward Bennett Year ago +1

      vanboy0 I visited Texas last january and I was surprised how cold it could be and still rain. In Florida when it gets cold it doesn't really rain that much.

    • Edward Bennett
      Edward Bennett Year ago +2

      vanboy0 as a floridian im going to say warm lol.

  • Mirul Sam
    Mirul Sam 3 years ago +26

    heavy rain plus weed plus nice warm bed and i ready sleep

  • Ron Harrison
    Ron Harrison 3 years ago +2

    texas along the gulf coast houston heat and humidity i awful

  • isaiah audelo
    isaiah audelo 4 years ago

    good time to start a war

  • Subtronic Zero
    Subtronic Zero 4 years ago +3

    Fuck Florida. So humid and sticky. That's how it gets over here in Phoenix, Arizona. We have Monsoon season in the Summer. We have a lot of storms and dust storms over here. So... there's not much of a difference. :/

    • J
      J 3 years ago

      @Austin Kealey ever since i moved to florida everyone from arizona is so jealous. I live 2 miles from the beach and its a non stop party of you want it to be

    • Mike J
      Mike J 3 years ago

      +tillsmann What else does flat Florida have besides beaches, nightlife, theme parks, hurricanes, tornadoes, bugs, and sinkholes? Not to mention the rampant mold that feeds off of all of that humidity.. I wouldn't even accept a job offer over in that cesspool.

    • tillsmann
      tillsmann 3 years ago +2

      Fuck AZ.
      Lived in Florida all my life, it was only because of a job offer that I'm now in AZ.
      Just about done with this state.
      I'll take humidity over the oven any day. It's called a beach.

    • Mike J
      Mike J 3 years ago

      +Jack stalion I thought you were leaving? Changed your mind?

    • J
      J 3 years ago

      +Mike Dawson r u fuckin done

  • orcas serene
    orcas serene 4 years ago +1

    Thanks for the video... never seen any thing like this before..

  • Astro Craft
    Astro Craft 5 years ago +6

    Florida weather every day, lasts up to 2 hours of them heavy rain at most, but usually 15 minutes, storms last 40 minutes and it clears up as fast as A blink of an eye, usually Miami and Orlando , but the disneyworld rides as still open XD, if u don't like rain, buy the special jackets in rides when it rains, I know went down splash mountain in some intense rain! The jackets help more then you think, about 49-60% percent if I calculated correctly in the calculator

    • Peanut Genius
      Peanut Genius 3 years ago +2

      In 2010 I went to Disney World, and I went on a water rollercoaster ride. It was raining then the sun came out, then we got on the ride and it started pouring. It's amazing how the weather can change so quickly.

    • Alana D
      Alana D 3 years ago +2

      +Astro Craft It may not have been lightning when you went. Usually they close down all of the outdoor rides at the first sight of lightning within 10 miles or so...but if it's just rain, they'll leave everything open.

    • Astro Craft
      Astro Craft 4 years ago

      @Michael Petersen wat? but how come I went?

    • Michael Petersen
      Michael Petersen 4 years ago

      for safety they close down all outdoor rides due to thunder and lighting that includes splash mountain

  • Dale Fuller
    Dale Fuller 5 years ago +2

    thanks I was in brooksville last summer I'm now in San Diego

    • Eric Draven
      Eric Draven 2 months ago

      im in brooksville hehe

    • Xavier Peguero
      Xavier Peguero 3 years ago

      Nice move! I'm in Miami now but I'm from San Diego! Wanna

  • Keonna Williams
    Keonna Williams 6 years ago +4

    i miss FL rain

  • nevrmore55
    nevrmore55 6 years ago +1

    Thanks for putting this up. I don't get to see rain often since I live in So Cal. :)

  • AT092
    AT092 6 years ago +1

    You know the funny thing is, I remember riding my bike in this, I was SOAKED and wet lol.