• Published on Dec 11, 2018
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    There are people in the world who can be an inspiration and example to others. And for this they don't have to make great discoveries or compose symphonies. They simply do absolutely incredible things in a different way. They challenge themselves and the forces of nature to show that the human body is capable of great things. Seeing these characters in action is more interesting than any popular television series. But, like any good series, these stories are still great if you see them some time after they appear. So who are these people who have achieved the impossible?

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  • Ethan Josue
    Ethan Josue 8 hours ago

    This thing inspired me thank you mr. warehouse

  • DPCPumpkin
    DPCPumpkin 23 hours ago

    if there was a shark by my side I would get back in the boat and live to swim another day

  • DPCPumpkin
    DPCPumpkin 23 hours ago

    if there was a shark by my side I would get back in the boat and live to swim another day

  • Rocky Losco
    Rocky Losco 2 days ago

    I want to dig a hole to China,now I think it’s possible

  • Rocky Losco
    Rocky Losco 2 days ago

    That would be nuts to ride a bike to Africa,mom I’m going out I’ll be back in three years

  • Rocky Losco
    Rocky Losco 2 days ago

    I want to crawl around the world

  • Rocky Losco
    Rocky Losco 2 days ago

    That would suck to swim 900 miles and then get eaten by a shark

  • Zak Maslen
    Zak Maslen 3 days ago

    swimming in the deep sea at night is my worst nightmare them underwater sounds are creepy

  • Aquarius Thompson
    Aquarius Thompson 5 days ago

    was he paid to do this or did it just for the challenge and publicity?

  • Unknwon?
    Unknwon? 5 days ago

    2:41 that VoIce CrAcK tho

  • joe diaz
    joe diaz 8 days ago

    I’m lost on how he can walk normal af right after that

  • Joshua Sens
    Joshua Sens 9 days ago

    I was using my mind

  • Julio Duran
    Julio Duran 9 days ago

    Soo... he swam 10 mph damm faster than i run

  • Joe Lindsay
    Joe Lindsay 12 days ago

    2:42 voice crack

  • L3ndzo83
    L3ndzo83 13 days ago

    how he'd ramain so swole after this crazy swim?

  • Socrates Jr. Valmores
    Socrates Jr. Valmores 23 days ago

    background music title?

  • Claudia Claudia
    Claudia Claudia 26 days ago

    What a trooper 🤤

  • Amazin' Aisyah
    Amazin' Aisyah 29 days ago

    lmao im to scared even dip my own feet in ocean water, it feels to wierd

  • Marley Montgomery
    Marley Montgomery 29 days ago

    Did you do that

  • Jimmy Hawkins
    Jimmy Hawkins Month ago

    Poor guy every 1 stole your glory...bunch of ass holes just wanted 2 b n the lime light... they cant do there on s**t. So they still yours.

  • Spiraling Universe
    Spiraling Universe Month ago

    He used a boat, he should of ate fish and slept in the ocean.

  • Wolf lover Moon
    Wolf lover Moon Month ago

    Can you do a video on Terry Fox

  • Wolf lover Moon
    Wolf lover Moon Month ago

    Little did we know he was a merman 🤯

  • XXGGjosexx Playyyzz

    The answer is abvious he was swimming so much he met Nemo and joined the Nemo clan and then he bacame a fish and swam all the way to his destination!

  • TrDub Zuni
    TrDub Zuni Month ago

    I would have done that, I am on a swim team

  • Kauji Mondragoon
    Kauji Mondragoon Month ago

    Surprised he didn't grow gills or scales

  • ForgottenKnight1
    ForgottenKnight1 Month ago

    with such a big body dude probably ate like 2 bears a day or some shit. look at the boat following him. that is full of food.

  • Macey Brookes
    Macey Brookes Month ago

    He finished the day after my birthday

  • Ravi Aulakh
    Ravi Aulakh Month ago

    My name is gump ocean gump

  • Cowarly Kick
    Cowarly Kick Month ago +1

    he became aquaman...


  • PoleMuntant
    PoleMuntant Month ago

    He did his Best So that
    he wont be Forgotten!
    i wanna be him

  • Shebby Qtr
    Shebby Qtr Month ago

    Did he got taller ??

  • crc0310
    crc0310 Month ago

    How did the guy run from Australia to other country did he run 🏃 on the ocean 🌊 to new Zealand to Europe??

  • ZeroFame Gaming
    ZeroFame Gaming Month ago

    6:34 id ditch my friends and family for 3 years to visit the world with a bicycle

  • Sadam Azael
    Sadam Azael Month ago

    He became the next villain in aquaman movie... Nahhh

  • shubhankar paul
    shubhankar paul Month ago

    Thank U

    69THE KINGS Month ago

    I will never do that

  • Hafizi Manap
    Hafizi Manap Month ago

    1 question, where money came from?

  • Mackey
    Mackey Month ago

    What a savage

  • shaka mon
    shaka mon Month ago

    This guy is the man, i can't believe he swam that far! Wtf!🍜🛌🏊‍♂️he is a beast✊

  • Thomas Walsh
    Thomas Walsh Month ago

    he didnt swim around Ireland, he swam around the UK, England Scotland and Wales not Ireland we are not part of Britain

  • Iheraz Ali
    Iheraz Ali Month ago


  • Pat O Sullivan
    Pat O Sullivan Month ago

    Information is incorrect ,didn't swim around irish coast

  • son of pu Rba
    son of pu Rba Month ago

    So he poop in the ocean

  • Suprit Kumar Saha
    Suprit Kumar Saha Month ago

    Mortal peoples are reaching God levels amazing!

  • Ejan Rajbhandari
    Ejan Rajbhandari Month ago

    157 days wtf. I feel ill after 2/3 hours of swimming

  • umesh -
    umesh - Month ago

    who is sponsoring him?????

  • Parvathi Veerasamy
    Parvathi Veerasamy Month ago

    How did he take shits

  • Madushan Jayawardane

    Video titled as "What has become of him" So I thought at the day 157 he became a fish and granted ability to breath under water.

  • Arran Haigh
    Arran Haigh Month ago

    2:54 only sharks in Scottish waters are basking sharks. They have no teeth and feed on plankton so trying to act not like a seal was dumb he could've swam right up to it they are very peaceful creatures

  • KxngRBLX
    KxngRBLX Month ago

    Someone already made a vid on this, why did u guys need to?

  • mtho mabhena
    mtho mabhena Month ago

    We are told the shark didn't eat him coz it was also interested to see whether he would achieve that feat

  • Zesrhel Betacura
    Zesrhel Betacura Month ago

    He is the son of Poseidon 😂😂

  • Khup Vangluah
    Khup Vangluah Month ago

    And they gave him the triton.

  • Mary Mooh
    Mary Mooh Month ago +1

    This tells me to never give up and also this guy should be nicknamed aquaman because of this

  • Mary Mooh
    Mary Mooh Month ago

    whh does this remind me of subnautica abit?

  • Amedi Kalid
    Amedi Kalid Month ago

    My state is bigger than whole uk

  • Ser Browntown
    Ser Browntown Month ago

    Before and after pics of the swimmer. Bet he was a beast after 157 days

  • jack daniels
    jack daniels Month ago

    What happened to his tongue?

  • jack daniels
    jack daniels Month ago

    Why would he do that for? Must be an ego issue

  • jack daniels
    jack daniels Month ago

    Why would he do that for? Must be an ego issue

  • Afakh Patel
    Afakh Patel Month ago

    Any channels that would help each other subscribe

  • Venomous T
    Venomous T 2 months ago

    is he posiden or what like i cant even swim for 20 min

  • UwU
    UwU 2 months ago

    "just keep swimming,just keep swimming"

  • vener nacs
    vener nacs 2 months ago

    Pure idiot

  • Crackitify
    Crackitify 2 months ago

    " what would you do if there was a shark in the water near you?" I'd just go sleep in the boat wake me when either it's gone or I'm dead... asleep.

  • Solomon Harman
    Solomon Harman 2 months ago

    "Bitten by a jelly fish" LAD

  • Teaddybear/ Buttertoastdrawing

    Man subnautica has changed

  • محمد المومني

    Tq you for the motivation

  • Warm Cobra
    Warm Cobra 2 months ago

    If he dies he will be the Saint of swimming XD

  • SignatureBeatz
    SignatureBeatz 2 months ago +4

    Harvest his sperm and grow an army

  • TheLukipopBlaster
    TheLukipopBlaster 2 months ago

    2:41 Holy that crack

  • Gaming YT Airliner
    Gaming YT Airliner 2 months ago

    How to be good at fast typing like this "HNFEUASGFRUYAGHFUIgufgeuwsgfuagfuygasiessehisgiestuw9ifuj9fuy 9eyty9tgywas9gfyws9agf"

  • Mary Reed
    Mary Reed 2 months ago

    Why would you ever do that?

  • Angel Padilla
    Angel Padilla 2 months ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Urban Polo
    Urban Polo 2 months ago


  • unknown channel
    unknown channel 2 months ago

    He is a real aquaman

    HULL GRAFFITI 2 months ago

    Shark was only a basking shark...don't be making out he 'braved' it...lol

  • Charmander that can speak

    by the picture i thought he turned into barney

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 2 months ago

    Someone should swim around the America’s (north & south)

  • yellow ender
    yellow ender 2 months ago

    shark bait whoooo haa haa

  • roblox user:michaeljackson2433

    Every s sound stings my ears

  • JT Williams
    JT Williams 2 months ago

    Worst thing ever people thanking people for likes on a comment 😷

  • Farkas HuN
    Farkas HuN 2 months ago

    He had became Ocean Man. The song is all about him

  • Conagher Cox
    Conagher Cox 2 months ago

    The real aquaman

  • Mason Man
    Mason Man 2 months ago +1

    Real life Aquaman

  • That boy blue
    That boy blue 2 months ago

    You think this was bad but if someone threw a mac book into the ocean and said swim to get a new one you bet I would do it.

  • ThatOne Guy
    ThatOne Guy 2 months ago +4

    1) British water is far too cold
    2)Sharks in Britain? Ok

  • ThatOne Guy
    ThatOne Guy 2 months ago +1

    U forgot to say Northern Ireland

  • J Jill
    J Jill 2 months ago

    Then he didn't spend 157 days straight in the water. Whether he was on a boat or land, he still got out of the water. I understand what he did is still incredible, but don't exaggerate what actually happened

  • Ivan Streharski
    Ivan Streharski 2 months ago

    We are that much greater as we are capable to raise and conquer our doubts and fears. This swim is an amazing thing to do by an amazing person. And that girl on a bike outstanding. No words for the runner, absolute superhuman.

  • Steveofor life
    Steveofor life 2 months ago

    At 6:30 that bitch must have big cavs after that!

  • Mr ебать лицо
    Mr ебать лицо 2 months ago

    Big deal I can swim in the deep end of the pool

  • Lex Van De Wal
    Lex Van De Wal 2 months ago

    A friend of mine tryd swimming around australia got eaten by a shark in the first hour

  • Sam Nava
    Sam Nava 2 months ago

    i think he lost his needle in the sea...

  • - M1StakeS
    - M1StakeS 2 months ago

    i thought he became a mermaid

  • Ahmad Sayuti
    Ahmad Sayuti 2 months ago

    Aquaman wannabee

  • Kyle Abatayo
    Kyle Abatayo 2 months ago

    Nigga i can't do that, I'm scared of sharks. Thank God he didn't eat by the shark

  • god don 1
    god don 1 2 months ago

    300 not 400 dip shit

  • fasttrack Malayalam
    fasttrack Malayalam 2 months ago

    the aquvaman