Tyra Banks Cries For Her Mom While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Apr 19, 2018
  • Tyra Banks is a fashion world icon, legendary supermodel, TV host, business mogul, and author of "Perfect Is Boring," a new book she wrote with her mom. But how is she with hot food? Find out in one of the most combustible Hot Ones episodes of all time. In between America's Next Top Model anecdotes and expert breakdowns of the modeling industry, Ty Ty drops a fire rap verse, critiques Sean Evans' head shots, stress-eats ice cream, strikes hot sauce-inspired poses, and so much more. This is an episode for the history books.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  Year ago +2499

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    • Daniel Gheorghe
      Daniel Gheorghe 6 days ago

      First We Feast more Truth or Dab

    • Age Of The Witch
      Age Of The Witch 2 months ago

      Sean is an amazing host wow am really impressed he is so born to do this.

    • tiDDies aTTic
      tiDDies aTTic 2 months ago

      "That was Tyra Banks, FOOL!"
      Definitely the hottest Hot🥇so far!
      *unfortunately she was no longer a 10 after this vid. Her mamma should've taught her to chew w/her mouth closed.

    • Luca K
      Luca K 2 months ago

      I'd vote if I knew how to/didn't take long

  • The bat t
    The bat t 55 minutes ago

    That's a pro right there

  • Van Vador03
    Van Vador03 2 hours ago

    How's she single

  • Oneispi Spike
    Oneispi Spike 10 hours ago

    Just became a huge Tyra fan!!
    Absolutely Amazing Lady

  • sarah deason
    sarah deason 16 hours ago

    Tyra scorched it !!!! Funny n Hot as Hell !!!

  • Martinez Geretta
    Martinez Geretta 20 hours ago

    I swear this one is funny asf, I am in tears

  • Martinez Geretta
    Martinez Geretta 20 hours ago

    I wish she would stand up just once

  • Martinez Geretta
    Martinez Geretta 20 hours ago

    Tyra is fine as hell, these new ages will try to copy but cant. And dat ass on her is lovely

  • Sarena Asley
    Sarena Asley Day ago

    Her moving her hair from her face made me nervous. Was hoping she wouldn’t get it in her eyes.

  • fares 96
    fares 96 Day ago +1

    Ain't no thang but a chicken wing 😂😂😂

  • tammy starks
    tammy starks Day ago

    17:57 lmfao. Go tyra.

  • bruh_ you_trippin

    You know surprisingly black people on this show ain't handling the spice that well

  • Luke Rivera
    Luke Rivera 2 days ago

    That was Tyra Banks fool!!!

  • Anonymous YouTube Account

    I love the pose she said guys shouldn't do,don't be sexist Tyra! This is really dangerous I feel you can get sick,I'd pass.

  • Lyric 3D
    Lyric 3D 3 days ago

    I love Tyra. She is so pretty and has a beautiful personality .

  • Amazing Supergirl
    Amazing Supergirl 3 days ago

    Omg she has the cutest, funniest personality. How did I live without seeing the 10 smile ratings?! 😍

  • chuck pidgeon
    chuck pidgeon 3 days ago

    I would love to meet Tyra Banks a make a friend. from how she is on TV I sure think she is o amazing woman. I am on facebook as the same

  • Trev Or
    Trev Or 3 days ago

    Da bomb hit her like a ton of bricks

  • Marshall Mathers the 4th

    This is a straight up tranny women who ain't famous normal women are way more sexy than any of these celebrity trannies you fools are too blind to see.

  • MegaAkselerator
    MegaAkselerator 3 days ago

    Why is she freestyling? I cringed so hard, I had to pause

  • jessica reed
    jessica reed 3 days ago

    Play your cards right tyra😂🤣😂🤣😏

  • AlexMeow bleufeline
    AlexMeow bleufeline 4 days ago

    My mother told me that *burps*

  • anthony sanchezAnthonySanchez

    I’ve never been a fan of hers. Not in a bad way, It’s just she doesn’t do the kind of shows I would watch. I’m obsessed with this show and have already seen all the ones with guests I’ve been wanting to see. I finally watched this one and damn, I’m still laughing and found her to be a awesome person. I didn’t know she was so cool !

  • TheSnoopKat
    TheSnoopKat 4 days ago

    That Tyra Banks freestyle made me smile so hard 6:21

  • Maynard Sterling
    Maynard Sterling 5 days ago +1

    I would like to see John Witherspoon on here that would be funny

  • Ryan Savage
    Ryan Savage 5 days ago

    I love how they raised his seat height, just so they are at eye level

  • Ashley Hodges
    Ashley Hodges 5 days ago

    There was some definite sexual tension there.

  • D Ortiz7
    D Ortiz7 5 days ago

    Fuuuck Sean did not pronounce her rap name Ty "Lock" ski mask dawg. She said it's "loc" 😂😂☠️

  • David Hasselblad
    David Hasselblad 5 days ago

    Ehhhh Im not sure about the sub in.

  • Patrick Star 420
    Patrick Star 420 6 days ago +1

    Tyra is so beautiful

  • sarah rubinstein
    sarah rubinstein 6 days ago

    Naomi Campbell next😂

  • Demi
    Demi 6 days ago

    this bitch eat loud as hell

  • joshua tree
    joshua tree 6 days ago

    did i just see the female version of Zoolander?

  • beards & bucks
    beards & bucks 6 days ago

    She’s a man

    MLG GAMER 6 days ago

    Wooo! Da bomb REALLY hit her. Like REEEEEEAALLLLYYYY HIT HER! Like that particular pepper sauce I have seen so many people deal with it and this one by far was probably the worst of Da Bomb! Damn!

  • Susu Cutie
    Susu Cutie 7 days ago

    It’s like she is Beyoncé’s cousin....she’s gorgeous!

  • KNS
    KNS 8 days ago

    "That's like... not cute."🤣

  • Syd J.
    Syd J. 8 days ago

    Tyra is the 🐐

  • Marie Alexander
    Marie Alexander 8 days ago

    Mostly wacks lol

  • Carlos Garcia
    Carlos Garcia 8 days ago +1

    I'd give Tyra my hot pepper any day. ...I love you Ty Ty, your hot AND goofy marry me!!!

  • Javier Rolon
    Javier Rolon 9 days ago

    The sound effects when the sauce hits get me every time! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Frank Faz
    Frank Faz 9 days ago +3

    Tyra was kinda checking Sean out until he started beatboxing. Lol

  • My name is Steve Rogers

    I'll date you tyra. 6'6", blue eyed and handsome.

  • Me Robertson
    Me Robertson 9 days ago +2

    I love how everyone has the same face and doesn’t know where to look when he says this camera or this camera or this camera, lol it’s the best part of the show

  • My name is Steve Rogers

    Damn I never knew Tyra was so cute in personality. She is most Def wifey material.

  • Hector Beltran
    Hector Beltran 9 days ago +4

    When a supermodel burps is the manifestation of her soul leaving her body 😂😂😂

  • Pimp Benedict XVI
    Pimp Benedict XVI 9 days ago

    *2 chains wants to know your location*

  • bran w
    bran w 10 days ago +1

    She was flirting the entire time. Did they f or nah?

  • Meredith Ann
    Meredith Ann 10 days ago +1

    “I love how you just keep talkin” Hahahahah

  • Ima Go Apesht
    Ima Go Apesht 10 days ago

    Ninki Minjaj

  • Yellowblanka
    Yellowblanka 10 days ago +1

    "Social Media Star"....those words make me throw up in my mouth a little.

  • Dynamic Gorgon 39
    Dynamic Gorgon 39 10 days ago

    Looks like the ice cream is whats burning her.

  • Shunie
    Shunie 10 days ago

    She's very annoying

  • Cindy Bug
    Cindy Bug 11 days ago

    So many people say teeth are effected, i don't understand why?

  • Idiotic AshLeY!
    Idiotic AshLeY! 11 days ago

    Stupid bitch who screamed to Tiffany so unprofessionally

  • Michele Gillespie
    Michele Gillespie 11 days ago

    Oh my good God !!!! When did we stop chewing with our mouths closed? Mouth smacking, and oh yuck! The sounds. Gross!!!!!!

  • Wendy Markowicz
    Wendy Markowicz 11 days ago

    love her with those shots of him, "whack" "whack" lmao. he is so cute tho in his own little way, not sexy tho lmao

  • Mark Ross
    Mark Ross 11 days ago

    best episode ever

  • Ady’s channel
    Ady’s channel 11 days ago

    There’s nothing she can do to not look gorgeous .

  • Daniel Leyva
    Daniel Leyva 11 days ago

    Omg I couldn’t stop laughing. Tyra is that bomb.

  • WebbTV
    WebbTV 11 days ago


  • enlightendbel
    enlightendbel 11 days ago

    Sean is in such an interesting spot.
    He's extremely charming and friendly and he puts the people that come to him for the show through absolute hell.
    It's an emotional rollercoaster just perfect to leave a lasting impression.
    He part does this to them while also helping them through the ordeal.

  • Lenwood Cruze
    Lenwood Cruze 12 days ago +1

    Her ears are adorable....or the one visible ear anyways,ha!

  • JaneySims
    JaneySims 12 days ago +2

    Loved this interview! Also I just commented on Naomi Campbell’s channel asking if she would go on Hot Ones because she says she loves hot sauce and spice. I think it would be great if she was on your show!

  • Ben Browning
    Ben Browning 12 days ago

    I cant stand her......

  • Poison Ivy
    Poison Ivy 12 days ago

    Nigga start shaking the sauce at the middle of the rap, as to say the fun is bout to end😂😂

    ISMAEL RAVENLOCK 12 days ago


  • Eric Phelan
    Eric Phelan 12 days ago +1

    You and me walking up the mountain 😂

  • Sun Set
    Sun Set 12 days ago

    Poor bill

  • Darwin Rodriguez
    Darwin Rodriguez 12 days ago

    Great episode ! She’s awesome

  • Cat Michele
    Cat Michele 12 days ago

    he's so sexy🔥

  • jarocla66
    jarocla66 12 days ago

    23:38, how does she turn into Robin Givens

  • jarocla66
    jarocla66 13 days ago

    At 5:54 I love their head bop dance

  • shonz88
    shonz88 13 days ago

    Why is he so rigid? Is he intimidated or shy? Comes off like the awkward dinner before going to prom. The guys are all dead quiet and the girls look like they want to blow their brains out from boredom

  • Gaiia Love
    Gaiia Love 15 days ago

    Okay logic and Tyra are my favourite guests 😂❤️

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez 15 days ago

    I've always loved her

  • Beatrix Kiddo
    Beatrix Kiddo 16 days ago

    I hate her sooo much! She changed my mind on this episode though. Lol

  • Anknock Mayom
    Anknock Mayom 16 days ago +2

    The man eats chicken while interviewing celebrities for a living best job ever😩

  • Nairb Llebpmac
    Nairb Llebpmac 16 days ago

    I think you two would make a great couple.

  • Randy Kildow
    Randy Kildow 16 days ago

    I like Tyra.... She has fortitude...

  • BB
    BB 16 days ago

    Why are the wings so tough? Cook them a little longer.

  • billywish
    billywish 17 days ago

    I love watching her on here

  • Sarah Bella
    Sarah Bella 17 days ago

    Sean was patronizing to Bill. I don’t like that, Sean.

  • Sarah Bella
    Sarah Bella 17 days ago

    Is she keeping food in the side of her cheeks?

  • kawannaharvey
    kawannaharvey 18 days ago

    They should get Janet Jackson that would be hilarious with her soft voice having ass lol

  • L Sykes
    L Sykes 18 days ago

    I'm walkin with the fire,
    so if I say Banks in ya verse then u betta be talkin bout Tyra,
    -Lloyd Banks

  • andre49ers
    andre49ers 19 days ago +1

    Damn i didnt realize she was goofy and funny. Guess i figured she was always stuck up super model. I was wrong. Shame on me.

  • DarkForce X
    DarkForce X 19 days ago

    Tyra is cool as fuk

  • Ryan Brazil
    Ryan Brazil 19 days ago

    I love when I find new youtuber videos to watch, and theres so many already in the vault!
    just moved to chicago!

  • deon yang
    deon yang 19 days ago

    She's so fun

  • Daphne B.
    Daphne B. 20 days ago

    Rihanna gots to come next

  • sedat 55
    sedat 55 20 days ago

    Bust that ass

  • Antti Kalpio
    Antti Kalpio 20 days ago +3

    Sean (or maybe the chili) brings out the person behind the brand. And I just fell in love with Tyra. She’s way funnier than I thought.

    MAN_ON_WHEELZ 20 days ago

    And Sean lands a beautiful gf after this, wonder if she was a hook up through Tyra. By the way, I was taking notes on all her advice.

  • Rayymond Morgan
    Rayymond Morgan 20 days ago

    Everyone reacts on the bomb :)

  • Ali Ghabbour
    Ali Ghabbour 20 days ago

    Sean you should date her it is clear that she was flirting with u

  • Ali Ghabbour
    Ali Ghabbour 20 days ago

    She is humble personality and great sense of humor
    I do really like her she is not fake like other models I saw

  • bigmac5066
    bigmac5066 20 days ago

    She nailed it

  • Gage Schroeder
    Gage Schroeder 21 day ago

    I stopped watching as soon as I heard how she chews. Unattractive now.

  • Christina
    Christina 21 day ago

    Love this episode! So funny & cute! Love the chemistry! It was so enjoyable to watch.