Tyra Banks Cries For Her Mom While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Apr 19, 2018
  • Tyra Banks is a fashion world icon, legendary supermodel, TV host, business mogul, and author of "Perfect Is Boring," a new book she wrote with her mom. But how is she with hot food? Find out in one of the most combustible Hot Ones episodes of all time. In between America's Next Top Model anecdotes and expert breakdowns of the modeling industry, Ty Ty drops a fire rap verse, critiques Sean Evans' head shots, stress-eats ice cream, strikes hot sauce-inspired poses, and so much more. This is an episode for the history books.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  4 months ago +2191

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    • The Hound
      The Hound 7 days ago

      You need to get Bill Hader on here!!!!

    • Edward Martinez
      Edward Martinez 20 days ago

      First We Feast
      Love the show. I have one advice to instantly relieve that heat. It's ---- ----- Kinda on the.--- ----. So true but it works. Little painful but it's short lived. I purposely didn't put the words in to see if my response gets read. Hit me up for missing word. #Firstwefeast

    • Everyday Mom: Lifestyle & Beauty
      Everyday Mom: Lifestyle & Beauty Month ago

      First We Feast so cute how sean switched wings with tyra when she put too much on the wing at the end

    • sikaerkki666
      sikaerkki666 2 months ago

      can i vote for chiliclaus,he is my hero,sean bring some wannabe rappers and...oki,fieri,ray and tom made ur show great...

    • Joseph Park
      Joseph Park 2 months ago

      First We Feast don't listen sir

  • Jacob Van Ness
    Jacob Van Ness 13 hours ago

    I genuinely feel bad for people who haven't acclimated to spice.

  • Danya Valentin
    Danya Valentin 22 hours ago

    For my after life, I wanna come back as the chair she's sitting on. I had a crush on Tyra since I first saw her on The Fresh Prince of Belair. She is drop dead gorgeous. I would marry this woman if i were rich and famous. Definitely my first round draft pick.

  • Paul Diamanté
    Paul Diamanté Day ago

    I just subscribed to their channel to help them out and I think many like me would watch 20 of these and keep it moving. Great concept, maybe one of the best teams at asking thought provoking questions, as well.
    Subscribe and help them keep growing into what is quickly becoming a highly entertaining and addictive 20 min TVclip show. Just look at the A list guests they've gotten in a fairly short amount of time.

  • uuryuu
    uuryuu Day ago

    God, I love light skinned black women.

  • Rachel Garcia
    Rachel Garcia 2 days ago

    Is she drunk ?

  • Jacq Men
    Jacq Men 2 days ago


  • Macho Fan
    Macho Fan 2 days ago

    you imitating Nardwuar just letting people be like: How you know that?

  • Jason Rollins
    Jason Rollins 2 days ago

    She still sooooooooo hot!!!

  • Wandah Wisdom
    Wandah Wisdom 3 days ago +1

    @8:00 #Tyra, girl, u know we luv u...but #2Chainz is married, ain't he? Shout Out to #Keisha.
    Love the LUV u showed #MsHill.

  • Chris Pinette
    Chris Pinette 3 days ago

    No one seems to like Da' Bomb hot sauce. Everyone's reaction is hilarious, but I'll never buy it.

  • Ziyah
    Ziyah 3 days ago

    She still looks so young omg I loved watching America's Next Top Model growing up lol

  • Shiftless Lazycrat
    Shiftless Lazycrat 3 days ago +1

    I love how often the celebrities are genuinely surprised by Sean's intrepid research on their backgrounds, it shows he's a real journalist at heart.

  • Azsiryoda
    Azsiryoda 4 days ago

    So cheesy, that's why I love the bank!

    AXR PROJECTS 4 days ago

    I like this one a lot

  • EnVy316LeGeNd
    EnVy316LeGeNd 4 days ago

    that sexy booty barely fits in that chair, let me clear off another seat for her


    i love her

  • modig Abdi
    modig Abdi 4 days ago


  • wello987
    wello987 4 days ago

    *Lil Tom Hanks*, my boy is stepping up his game 16:14
    *Edit* This sound guy is OP, it's as if he predicts what's gonna happen.

  • Wade Derrick
    Wade Derrick 4 days ago

    what's that epic lord of the rings music?

  • EmNM Campbell
    EmNM Campbell 4 days ago

    Tyra is fantastic! Way back when she was the SI Swimsuit edition cover she was the only one that ever graced the walls of my locker at school! To see her so real and unhinged is a great addition to that memory. Way to be! Definitely my childhood crush and seeing her personality coming out like this is amazing!

  • Kalia Torres Rodriguez

    "ain't no thing but a chicken wang", later on... "Mamma!!!!" 😄

  • Sydney Buckholt
    Sydney Buckholt 5 days ago


  • SteveClass1c
    SteveClass1c 5 days ago

    Why the fuck you gon ask her about LD after the hotter wings??

  • Bomar Jidrix
    Bomar Jidrix 5 days ago

    I fuckin love Tyra banks sexy as all hell IDC what anyone says

  • Jasper Störningar
    Jasper Störningar 5 days ago

    Damn, some people have their heads so deep in "the biz" that they don't even realize how fake everything they do is, every god damn emotion and reaction is fake, and I've been watching and trying to figure out what bothers me about her, figured it out 7 minutes into the video, it's just ridiculous. Just be yourself for fuck sake.

  • Malcolm Agee
    Malcolm Agee 5 days ago


  • Tiana Proveauex
    Tiana Proveauex 5 days ago

    18:55 I watched 3 times and cried because of the noises she made 😂😂

  • Yogi Bear
    Yogi Bear 5 days ago

    I’m not a rich guy but I would try your wings with Tyra Banks again lol 😂 I got her back straight up we know if she can take it I can all she have to do is eat the last wing with me straight up on the real Special guest

  • J.B
    J.B 5 days ago

    Yo 2:38 - 2:50 Lmao

  • Pierre Dawoud
    Pierre Dawoud 5 days ago

    They should bring The Hodgetwins on the show, it would be funny as fuck

  • Jacque Renee
    Jacque Renee 5 days ago

    I’d ❤️ to see Martha Stewart on your show💯

  • Todd Sarantopulos
    Todd Sarantopulos 6 days ago

    Just get rid of DAWSON's from the lineup.. They suck!

  • Tomek
    Tomek 6 days ago

    whats wrong with 2,8k people? c'mon. its pure fun!

  • Mr. Wood
    Mr. Wood 6 days ago

    Shawn GOT THE HOOK UP!!

  • Society Unplugged
    Society Unplugged 6 days ago

    Only knew her from memes and didn't know she was such a nice person.

  • angelica
    angelica 6 days ago

    "Put your hand right where your hair starts🤔m'kay... a little higher"😁..😒😫
    "Put that wing in your mouth Bill"😂
    I love her...can she be my sister already

  • Woodzo
    Woodzo 6 days ago

    Sean should of dropped the game lyric “‘I’ll do anything but I wont f@#k mariahhhh cos she got a forehead just like tyraaa” lol... no idea why he'd say that to be fair, both are good in my book lol

  • elchasai
    elchasai 6 days ago

    only two words keep mantra-ing through my mind with Tyra, I mean she really is just a "good girl" in like every way.

  • rubi ortega MUA LIFE
    rubi ortega MUA LIFE 6 days ago +1

    Wow tyra has so much knowledge!!!

  • Snart
    Snart 6 days ago

    Yo that logo is fuckin up the wide shots if you know what I mean

  • Kazazi Commentary
    Kazazi Commentary 6 days ago

    Gave 2Chainz the signal because he’s tall and has money. Celeb crush ruined. Lol

  • Samantha Rodriguez-Carmona

    Was this a tinder date?? Lol

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 7 days ago

    She's cute as fuck, but a solid level 10 as far as annoying goes. And listening to her talk while eating ice cream makes me want to punch her face.

  • Holly Gamble
    Holly Gamble 7 days ago

    Is it creepy that Tyra is my best friend? I hope so.

  • Ron Mays
    Ron Mays 7 days ago

    Invite keke palmer

  • oprahlovesgail
    oprahlovesgail 7 days ago

    Whoa, wait, I’m in love with Tyra Banks.

  • NECRO 666
    NECRO 666 7 days ago


  • Frankie Bé
    Frankie Bé 8 days ago

    Her ego is boring.

  • HotaruZoku
    HotaruZoku 8 days ago

    I'd have paid good money for
    "So when did you know you were in love with Tyra Banks?" to be answered with "Never."

  • ItsYoPapi
    ItsYoPapi 8 days ago

    Her licking the spoon gave me life 🤣🤣🤣

  • Natasha Clarke
    Natasha Clarke 8 days ago

    Tyra is a true Sagittarius lol I make the same noise facial expression with pain lol dramatic

  • Sava Dumancic
    Sava Dumancic 8 days ago

    This was the funiest episode so far , and Kevin Hart was here sooo, Tyra you da best

  • Jian Ouyang
    Jian Ouyang 8 days ago +1

    No way this woman is 44...

  • jennifer allesandro
    jennifer allesandro 8 days ago

    Best one yet. He totally fell in love with her.

  • Kaviar Kicks
    Kaviar Kicks 8 days ago

    She's perfect

  • Tim Taylor
    Tim Taylor 9 days ago

    I never payed to much attention to models but she very cute with a cool personality.

  • gabrielle mgbudem
    gabrielle mgbudem 9 days ago


  • gabrielle mgbudem
    gabrielle mgbudem 9 days ago

    17:53 when I study and sleep at 3 am, but see my results

  • Miguel Rojas
    Miguel Rojas 9 days ago

    I wonder if 2chainz actually hit her that's funny

  • suset llama
    suset llama 9 days ago

    Tyra is such a nice genuine person I love her

  • Jay Mac
    Jay Mac 9 days ago

    Tyra Banks just earned you a new fan! Amazing video! 👏🤣

    KEKE HONEY 9 days ago


  • Tia Rose
    Tia Rose 9 days ago

    Hell I'll date Sean real quick 😍😍

  • Alva Palin
    Alva Palin 10 days ago

    Is there anything Tyra isnt good at?

  • Spectoral
    Spectoral 10 days ago

    Do u reckon they dated sometime after this?

  • Micheal Banks
    Micheal Banks 10 days ago

    i watched this episode 10 times.. um n luv with tyra backs

  • Gurushankar S. G.
    Gurushankar S. G. 10 days ago

    Sean even sounds like timberlake

  • Jennifer B
    Jennifer B 10 days ago

    What I can’t believe Tyra is single. She is an inspirational amazing business woman. If I was a successful man, I’d try so hard to be with her lol

  • Brittany Wallace
    Brittany Wallace 10 days ago

    That icecream made it worst lmao

  • Brandon Nixon
    Brandon Nixon 10 days ago

    Love this episode!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Tyra is amazing and super sex!! 👍👍👍

  • Teflon Don
    Teflon Don 10 days ago

    I LOVE you Tyra!!!!

  • Al Wilczynski
    Al Wilczynski 10 days ago

    I got a bunch of super models if you wanna date any of those. Yup.

  • KrystalWolf24
    KrystalWolf24 11 days ago

    This was my favorite one

  • VitalyMack
    VitalyMack 11 days ago

    Don't know anything about this chick, but this interview is easily one of the best. This chick is awesome.

  • Ferdi
    Ferdi 11 days ago

    Tyra is looking good 🙈

  • Devil'sAdvocate
    Devil'sAdvocate 11 days ago +1

    Da Bomb tore that ass up! lol

  • Idotattoos CA
    Idotattoos CA 11 days ago

    Tyra ❤️

  • D HD
    D HD 11 days ago

    Be careful w/ that bottle. Trying to save to life! Lol

  • lrizzy Rezzy
    lrizzy Rezzy 11 days ago +3

    Tyra got bars!!!

    CHERNABOG 92 12 days ago

    Ooooh somebody!! SHE NEEDS SOME MILK!!

  • Mentally Challenged
    Mentally Challenged 12 days ago +2

    "Put that wing in ya mouth Bill."

  • Ajax7051
    Ajax7051 12 days ago

    I saw the thumbnail and thought it was Aisha Tyler...please get Aisha Tyler on the show.

  • Andrew Simumba
    Andrew Simumba 12 days ago +1

    OMG, Tyra got bars!

  • Micheal Banks
    Micheal Banks 12 days ago

    i luv tyra

  • Dana ONeil
    Dana ONeil 13 days ago +2

    lol big forehead girls

  • Nick Robert Garcia
    Nick Robert Garcia 13 days ago

    The cameraman's hiccup laugh at 16:21 tho, you're a cold man Sean Evans.

  • Sonia Killian
    Sonia Killian 13 days ago

    I just love Tyra

  • eiji 67
    eiji 67 13 days ago

    I can't stop laughing when she ate that da bomb sauce 😂

  • Jayvandal
    Jayvandal 13 days ago

    He bout to get hooked up

  • Splashy Vandross
    Splashy Vandross 14 days ago

    It’s kind of sad how Tyra banks is single lol

  • Chisulo2310
    Chisulo2310 14 days ago


  • Patsy Catsy
    Patsy Catsy 15 days ago

    Missed the sauce on the last wing. Quitter!

  • Veronica B.
    Veronica B. 15 days ago


  • since1876
    since1876 15 days ago

    I know you gotta expect to hear the sound of people eating on this show and so I really try super hard to not have it bother me but fucking goddamn this bitch eats loud... I can't watch it I'm gonna end up getting sick throwing up on my laptop.

  • King Baller
    King Baller 15 days ago

    Im wanna see Will Smith do one of these

  • alex felker
    alex felker 15 days ago

    She is so fucking beautiful

  • Nautilus1972
    Nautilus1972 15 days ago

    16:12 He wets himself.

  • Chris 2Funnyy
    Chris 2Funnyy 15 days ago

    Da Bomb should be last.. because that one be schmacking people

  • Meanie The F.A.N
    Meanie The F.A.N 16 days ago

    Man i im hugry send me su sauce for free im broke