Tyra Banks Cries For Her Mom While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Apr 19, 2018
  • Tyra Banks is a fashion world icon, legendary supermodel, TV host, business mogul, and author of "Perfect Is Boring," a new book she wrote with her mom. But how is she with hot food? Find out in one of the most combustible Hot Ones episodes of all time. In between America's Next Top Model anecdotes and expert breakdowns of the modeling industry, Ty Ty drops a fire rap verse, critiques Sean Evans' head shots, stress-eats ice cream, strikes hot sauce-inspired poses, and so much more. This is an episode for the history books.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  10 months ago +2421

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    • Age Of The Witch
      Age Of The Witch 6 days ago

      Sean is an amazing host wow am really impressed he is so born to do this.

    • tiDDies aTTic
      tiDDies aTTic 14 days ago

      "That was Tyra Banks, FOOL!"
      Definitely the hottest Hot🥇so far!
      *unfortunately she was no longer a 10 after this vid. Her mamma should've taught her to chew w/her mouth closed.

    • Luca K
      Luca K 22 days ago

      I'd vote if I knew how to/didn't take long

    • Maji777111
      Maji777111 22 days ago

      Seek not after money, its a trap price is too great for your soul.

  • Nomad Black
    Nomad Black 2 hours ago

    Ive had a crush on Tyra Banks since I was a little kid.

  • th3giv3r
    th3giv3r 6 hours ago

    I'm inspired now to wear a shirt that says "White Men Rock".

  • yourboiblue
    yourboiblue 6 hours ago

    It always seems as if da bomb is the hottest one, purely from the reactions

  • Nicole Dawson
    Nicole Dawson 7 hours ago

    Get Jordan Peterson on!

  • king_of_hurt 115
    king_of_hurt 115 11 hours ago

    She is so fine. I love her!

  • Ashley L.
    Ashley L. 12 hours ago

    Died laughing at work watching this

  • Moosa Sedidi
    Moosa Sedidi 12 hours ago

    Da Bomb always gets them

  • chelle2806
    chelle2806 13 hours ago

    If anyone else got the camera man to step in, people would have been like 'oh she should be added to the wall of shame'. But her interview was so good and funny and she was so sweet everyone's just like 'nah that's cool, you get a pass' She is awesome

  • Mr. Madness
    Mr. Madness Day ago

    I guys keep complaining about her but no one noticed that SHE EATS AND CHEWS LIKE FÜCKIN PIG!!!!

  • Lenny Gordon
    Lenny Gordon Day ago

    7:50 Meanwhile 2 Chainz ran to the phone faster than falcon heavy.

  • Mark Hodge
    Mark Hodge Day ago

    Coat your mouth with SureGel. Blocks the burn feeling effect from the spices and its impossible to feel the burn feeling.

  • jacob price
    jacob price Day ago

    I generally don't care about Tyra Banks. This was great. I now love her. She always been fine, but judged her off the talk show, my sister used to watch. She is hella funny and cool

  • da phear
    da phear Day ago

    WOW!!!!!! this was AWSOME.

  • sanjuansteve
    sanjuansteve 2 days ago

    'I can't do it.' Said with her tongue in milk. lol

  • b152349
    b152349 2 days ago

    Hes really a great interviewer

  • Ricky Gallegos
    Ricky Gallegos 2 days ago

    @18:54 Tyra straight uP exercised a legit demon!

  • Kimber Grunst
    Kimber Grunst 2 days ago

    This is one of my favorites!! ❤️

  • Amunah BatYAH
    Amunah BatYAH 2 days ago

    3.4 million people watched a tranny eat hot wings. Just why?

  • gym van wyk
    gym van wyk 2 days ago

    Tel me all the people are crying but look at the man sean evans he is eating it all with all the Calebs

  • Thomas Ijon Tichy
    Thomas Ijon Tichy 2 days ago

    Most fantastic thing about this challenge is when she quits, asks her cameraman to do it for her, and he just sits down and eat it no problem. "Oh this is spicy."

  • Vingeta
    Vingeta 2 days ago

    I love you Sean

  • teenie beenie
    teenie beenie 2 days ago

    omg she one gross fake broad....

  • CJ L
    CJ L 2 days ago

    I love how she’s just helplessly soaking her tongue in the milk and ice cream 😂😂

  • Fatiema Abrahams
    Fatiema Abrahams 2 days ago

    LOVE THIS! she tried to hard to spit barzzz tho

  • ADF MO2
    ADF MO2 2 days ago

    Ima need Tyra to clean the bone. She’s just nibbling.

  • Reebok301 301/202
    Reebok301 301/202 2 days ago

    If I was 2chainz i would’ve left my wife after hearing this

  • stainless1981
    stainless1981 2 days ago

    Tyra is a hoot.

  • Steven Barragan
    Steven Barragan 2 days ago


  • xiong cam
    xiong cam 3 days ago

    Her lack of commitment made it very unsatisfying to watch.

  • Hound of Uladh
    Hound of Uladh 3 days ago

    "Hes hot and my mom likes him too" Larrys the man lol

  • Pollo Cbone
    Pollo Cbone 3 days ago

    Tyra is awesome. She’s really beautiful and so is her personality. She’s wife material fo sho!

  • Anthony Dershem
    Anthony Dershem 3 days ago

    "Now what you hear is not a test,
    I'm rappin to the beat..."

  • Ryan Harris
    Ryan Harris 3 days ago

    Less rapping, more crying. It's def. Sexier.

  • girlsrockurboyz
    girlsrockurboyz 3 days ago

    one of the best hot ones! wow! tyra ready to pimp out her girls for sean!!

  • Liley Pad
    Liley Pad 3 days ago +2

    Tyra is so awesome , i loved her rapping 😄. I agree get *Sofia Vergara* on this show please

  • Antonio Sahagun
    Antonio Sahagun 3 days ago

    Get Will Smith on the show

  • Sean Malone
    Sean Malone 3 days ago


  • Jn M.
    Jn M. 3 days ago

    I LOVE HER 😭 always been a fan!!!!

  • TheStig ZeroZeroZero

    More like Teara Banks!

  • Schizo Player
    Schizo Player 4 days ago

    Tyra: Karma sauce. Karma’s a bee-outch
    Karma sauce: Say what?!
    Tyra: 😱

  • beinagrind
    beinagrind 4 days ago

    I love how her face looks like the moon, a half moon.
    She has the most beautiful profile. She's Miss Moon.
    She should be on American Gods.

  • ocupada
    ocupada 4 days ago

    OMG! She is so gorgeous and too cute at the same time. Love Her!!

  • Brandon Dennis
    Brandon Dennis 4 days ago

    This episode is fuckin gold lol

    FILIKU 4 days ago

    you're the Nardwuar of chicken wings

    FILIKU 4 days ago

    you look like Doogie Howers brother. Thanks for sharing

  • Anonymus Alcoholic
    Anonymus Alcoholic 4 days ago

    Every time they get to ''da bomb'' shit hits the fan lol. Really looks like its should be the last one.

  • Ashish Dave
    Ashish Dave 4 days ago

    Yo jon bernthal would be awesome on the show

  • Ashish Dave
    Ashish Dave 4 days ago

    Get larry David on here!

  • Emmy G
    Emmy G 4 days ago

    They need to do Selena Gomez lol

  • ShawnakeepItReal Auth_en_ticRules

    Tyra definely getting thicker 😏

  • Elizabeth Widener
    Elizabeth Widener 5 days ago +1

    I adore Tyra. She is so real. Women are so beautiful and powerful. QUEEN!

  • Ned Ryerson
    Ned Ryerson 5 days ago


  • Hannah Braverman NerdyExchange

    Everytime I watch this show I see how spicy the wings are and I still want to eat them.

  • Uli Peterson
    Uli Peterson 5 days ago

    watching her eating wings, kind of turns me on ...

  • crysjumar1
    crysjumar1 5 days ago

    so much nice booty, that she's sitting a foot above the seat.

  • enrique garcia
    enrique garcia 5 days ago

    Tyra is thick bro

  • status45
    status45 5 days ago

    She's still so hot and yes I will jerk away.

  • Donny Smith !
    Donny Smith ! 5 days ago

    she's still a dime !!

  • Zooombini
    Zooombini 5 days ago +1

    Should have asked her about her pyramid scheme she tried to pull a little while ago...

  • Chris Marzarella
    Chris Marzarella 5 days ago

    Best thing about this show is the jump scare music as the guest gets a slap from the spice.

  • Chris Marzarella
    Chris Marzarella 5 days ago

    She's still hot. Pun intended.

  • Greg Mitchell
    Greg Mitchell 5 days ago

    Can she hook me up with them super models? I’m bald too 😊

  • Devilinke
    Devilinke 5 days ago

    She is so natural! She talks, eats, reacts like a normal person, not like you imagine an iconic supermodel would.
    I always liked her, but still impresses me how normal she is.

  • crf crfo
    crf crfo 5 days ago

    She's really cool I liked this interview

  • Melissa Lavigne
    Melissa Lavigne 6 days ago

    T-shirt reads, "black girls rock". Which black girl gave her that shirt??

  • Melissa Lavigne
    Melissa Lavigne 6 days ago

    She’s Jennifer Aniston with a tan.

  • Melissa Lavigne
    Melissa Lavigne 6 days ago

    "girl, you black?" LOL She's got slightly dark skin. She doesn’t look, talk, or in any other way seem black. She is popular and successful because she has dark skin, (so people say she's 'black') but in every other way is Caucasian, american. Every "black" successful person has excessively caucasian features.

  • Lina Sithlady
    Lina Sithlady 6 days ago

    My favorite moment is when Tyra sticks her tongue in the milk. You go girl! Lol

  • David Claudino
    David Claudino 6 days ago

    Hot ones with a hot one

    JUNIOR SOLORIO 6 days ago

    Bitch can rap👏🏻👏🏻

  • Nitua Nomachi
    Nitua Nomachi 6 days ago

    I died at 9:46....

  • lqdxoni1
    lqdxoni1 6 days ago

    this was so fun to watch beautiful woman in Tyra and great reactions from wings

  • I Hate Gundam Tv
    I Hate Gundam Tv 6 days ago

    Hell yeah 👍👌 I had to watch this episode 💯🔥😍

  • Roberto Serrato
    Roberto Serrato 6 days ago

    I was about to start watching the 2019 grammys then I seen Tyra about to start crying and had to watch it 😂

  • Seth Solaric
    Seth Solaric 6 days ago

    I think I speak for all men when I say I would be honored to be tapped in to eat a chicken wing by Tyra Banks.

  • Psyclonus
    Psyclonus 6 days ago

    Not a lot of women are on this show. Kinda sucks.

  • ALHD 48
    ALHD 48 6 days ago

    Legend has it she shit liquid when she burped

  • Age Of The Witch
    Age Of The Witch 6 days ago

    Tyra is awesome . Coolest supermodel of all time.

  • Tu Amor Serena
    Tu Amor Serena 6 days ago

    I never knew how much I need Ty on this show. Looveee her even more after this!!!

  • Michael García
    Michael García 6 days ago

    Why do people think milk will take away pepper burn that doesn't do it try hot coffee sure it might burn a little at first but takes it away faster

  • Kuehner Racing #49
    Kuehner Racing #49 7 days ago

    Love all the videos bud

  • MaddogVGS
    MaddogVGS 7 days ago

    I feel like a supermodel should not be talking with their mouth full of food. Lol

  • Molly FC
    Molly FC 7 days ago

    Luckily for Tyra if she ever wanted to star in Curb Your Enthusiasm its mostly improvised

  • Lataundra Ardoin
    Lataundra Ardoin 7 days ago

    I Love Tyra!

  • Grigori Rasputin
    Grigori Rasputin 7 days ago

    DO NOT USE WATER!!!! It makes it spread! Sour cream is best.
    OMG... she eats like a pig! All the sound effects, the open mouth chewing....
    I can;t stand women who are fake and do the "I'll just have a salad" and eat like a mouse so, I love when they are real, and fucking *eat* but...., I cannot stand nasty eaters of any sex... male or female... who eat like this. It's disgusting.
    I cannot speak on her personality, as I do not know her. She seems very nice, and down to Earth... she just needs to work on the lip smacking sound effects :D
    OK... she burped and laughed... she is a 10 on my list

  • dextew69
    dextew69 7 days ago

    Hey khalid, tyra outdid u!

  • SixWeeksFromNow
    SixWeeksFromNow 7 days ago

    She’s so amazing down to earth Boss Babe🔥

  • C &E LIFE Webshow
    C &E LIFE Webshow 7 days ago

    19:28 got me crying for Tyra 😭

  • Mahaila Joe
    Mahaila Joe 7 days ago

    This show is literally the only reason I think about becoming famous.
    Everyone has so much fun and I fucking love spice.

  • FlowerofDissolution
    FlowerofDissolution 7 days ago

    Well, to be fair, Tyra's mom was actually present in the studio during the shooting, so calling for her to get the ice cream isn't like crying for mom, generally. This is more understandable. I would have done badly at this challenge, because I'm also a lightweight. Or so I believe. Hot sauce isn't a thing there I live, so I'll never truly know what these hot wings taste like.

  • James Patrick
    James Patrick 7 days ago

    I have watched a lot of these and what I know for sure is that "Da-Bomb" belongs in da TRASH!

  • Joe Parker
    Joe Parker 7 days ago

    16:12 that look means "bitch talk bout? "

  • Chloe Rock
    Chloe Rock 8 days ago

    the fact that Tyra ate spicy ass wings and still pulled off that freestyle is ICONIC

  • Reading Rambo
    Reading Rambo 8 days ago

    cant stand this bitch

  • Michele Holcomb
    Michele Holcomb 8 days ago

    She was a lot more likable than I expected.

  • Mark McCormick
    Mark McCormick 8 days ago

    LOL.. @ 23:32

  • Timmy McGypsy
    Timmy McGypsy 8 days ago

    Man Tyra could cry on my balls if she wanted

  • C Joe
    C Joe 8 days ago

    black people and fried chicken? Nigga