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    It takes fucking forever to actually start the tutorial (1:25) . Fucking HELL

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    You had me at" Look like the Snapchat God to your friends. "

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    Let’s be real, this app is for nudes.

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    Helped me Thank you..

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    Yeah had to join the hip lol but still think Snapchat is useless, gonna stick with Fb and WhatsApp 🤦‍♀️

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    Snapchat isn’t productive for those who are older than 18. Unless you are a brand, celebrity or anyone who lives an interesting life style - you should not be posting a ridiculous number of snaps every day - this unfortunately gives social media a bad name. It’s not “social” it’s just content lol

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    I am literally only person in my class that doesnt use Snapchat
    Not gonna use it after I saw how stupid it is...

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    Gosh😲 really so complicated

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    I still don't know what Snapchat does, and their website doesn't say. Why can't you say something like "Post pictures and chat with people", if that's the case; too much "you do this then do that, then go to, and then you can". You should get to the point and be more direct.

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    Before the age of bitmoji

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    Wow interesting!

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    This is really old and the icons on the screen have changed. Can you update this tutorial?

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    Jesus Fucking Christ, get to the how-to already!!

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    Holy crap, this is a great demonstration on how really shitty technology gets when it's trying to cater to girls. "hello youtube" textline? what a complete fucking crap function. this has female mindset written over it. who in their god damn mind tought taking pictures with an ugly textline would be something people would wanna do? oh yeah, ofc, females. That what they want out of technology

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    so it is kinda instagram with different name, right?

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    Um can I just use snap chat for texting?

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    Thanks for the How To Video, Aron! It was a big help to this beginner. Very much appreciated...

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    why is snapchat still around? instagram is the best

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    good video explanation of just be careful of the irritating swallowing your doing into your microphone and gasping for air. maybe try and slow things down and dont try and rush a million words in one breath. if you need to take a breath and do that swallowing thing - move off camera and dont stand in front of your mic so close.

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    Im newbie on using snapchat. And I have no idea what is the purpose of this app. I feel like I'm too old and left behind in technologies 😂