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    So snapchat is a stupide thing

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    David Burns 2 days ago

    Aaron, nice work, really nice job! I wish I had half of your talent. If you have time to look at this site and can help me, I would appreciate it. Or somebody else might pick up the slack and shoot me an answer. I want to try SnapChat ... don't like social medial and I guess they know that ... the point? I cannot even get SnapChat to send me a download link to place onto my Samsung phone. Granted, it is several generations old, (it's an S4), but why would that matter? If anybody knows what I am doing wrong, please shoot me (a note, don't actually shoot me). Thanks

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    Max McPherson 3 days ago

    Parents won’t let me have it

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    How do I share a Snap Chat story to my IG story or page?

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    Chloe The Scrappy 14 days ago

    Came here bc Gary Fucking Vee kept ranting about this app. 2 min into it, already bored af. Ugh.

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    Rocking Sujan 14 days ago

    how to download snap chat lite version?

  • Terry Badger
    Terry Badger 16 days ago

    Mine does not look anything like this in the video :*(

  • Randive
    Randive 16 days ago

    How do people find this to be fun?

  • The Happy Path
    The Happy Path 17 days ago

    Thanks a bunch! I was totally lost on this and now I am a pro...not really...but so grateful for you :) Bless you !

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    Snapchat CEO says that India is poor but he didn't know that Indian Billionaire Mukesh Ambani can buy their company 13 times. Fuck you Snapchat.

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    Dude that's not a circle that's a rounded square

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    This app is so intimidating to me! I have the app on my phone but I only use it with my kids to take silly pics with the filters lol!!!

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    Why waste data? Why not just use text and send pics and vids that way? DID PEOPLE NOT KNOW THIS?

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    I feel like this was lipsynced

    PURVI MEHTA 27 days ago

    Thanks its useful one 👍👌

  • Kai Chen
    Kai Chen 28 days ago

    I just wanna know how to access the app after its downloaded because all I wanna do is talk to one dude on that app and it has to be complicated. :/

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    Is it your voice?

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    Recorded 12/23/2015 but I watched it 8/11/2018 and the UI is much different now. Sigh.

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    u enticed me with your voice.

  • Demi Jo
    Demi Jo Month ago

    I am kind of young(tween) and I want Snapchat. I only want that because Instagram to me is for older people(teens and older). I feel like Snapchat can be a little better for me. So this is useful when my mom lets me get it!!!

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    GEAR UP simeon Month ago

    Can Snap Chat be used with a GOOGLE Voice Number and Contact list?

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    This app is in my phone for 2 months now 😂😂😂

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    It’s not hard to figure out on your own. I figured it out after like an hour.

  • Discovery aquarium Aqua build

    Useless it was the front face filter shit wanted to see how to do and send

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    WhatsApp is the best.

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    Has anyone told you that you look like Jimmy Fallon?

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    Painful to listen to your video!

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    I tried snapchat , But it wants me to buy apps ,

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    it would be great if this video was updated for 2018

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    Hi Aaron I wondered if you were going to do a more recent up-to-date Snapchat tutorial