How This Guy Built a Roller Coaster In His Backyard | WIRED

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
  • Some people have backyard swimming pools. Some have basketball courts out back. Will Pemble built a roller coaster just steps from his back door.

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    How This Guy Built a Roller Coaster In His Backyard | WIRED
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Comments • 2 683

  • Tito
    Tito 12 minutes ago

    DO A BARREL ROLL! To barrel roll, press “Z” or “R”, twice!

  • don't care
    don't care 2 hours ago

    That thing looks like a ton of neck and back pain waiting to happen.

  • DE
    DE Day ago

    Phineas and Ferb got inspired

  • Six Flags New England

    Do you forgot to add a little lift hill on the bureau

  • NocturnSerenade
    NocturnSerenade 2 days ago

    i hope he'll consider having some neck support on the seat, don't think all that Gforce is good for your neck

  • Skyler Gray
    Skyler Gray 3 days ago

    “It took me 5 seconds to know for absolute certain that it WOULD be great.”
    Badass father right there.

  • Leo Messi
    Leo Messi 5 days ago

    This is a way to get over you fear like no kidding.

  • 4 Man Army
    4 Man Army 5 days ago


  • Katarzyna Majchrzak
    Katarzyna Majchrzak 5 days ago


  • David Smith
    David Smith 6 days ago

    more than $10 000

  • r y a n !
    r y a n ! 6 days ago

    i was like “ooo i want to build a roller coaster” but then he said to plan they use math and physics

  • king yeet
    king yeet 6 days ago

    ok that guy is a bloody legend

  • Alejandra Velazquez
    Alejandra Velazquez 6 days ago

    Then they got bored after two rides and it fell in absolute disuse.

  • SinriWoah LIVE!
    SinriWoah LIVE! 7 days ago

    BEHOLD the whitest family in america....i bet they eat cereal with mayonnaise instead of milk in the morning

  • Sweaty Walrus
    Sweaty Walrus 8 days ago +1

    It’s a inline roll

  • s7Maylochi
    s7Maylochi 8 days ago

    Talk to my physics teacher, he’s been a physics teacher for 24 years 👍

  • Apfeltee aqt
    Apfeltee aqt 9 days ago

    Absolute ledgend

  • Tech Help Portal
    Tech Help Portal 11 days ago

    This is northern ca how have they not shut him down the bueara crats

  • TheJudge01
    TheJudge01 13 days ago

    Looks easy. Maybe not as easy as making a paperweight but It could be done.

  • da hammerz
    da hammerz 13 days ago

    These guys did more science,math, and effort than those guys who built the slide that decapitated that little boy

  • Redd Skyy
    Redd Skyy 14 days ago

    First, you need a backyard as big as this one...

  • JamezTvg
    JamezTvg 14 days ago


  • Tuney Coasters
    Tuney Coasters 14 days ago

    This guy said he did tons of research on how to do a roll but didn’t do any heartlining, and the exit of the inversion where it’s still banked at a 45 degree angle is where it bottoms out causing even more uncomfortable G’s..

  • Isaac J
    Isaac J 15 days ago

    Yeah I don't trust the safety aspects enough

  • John Dalfino
    John Dalfino 16 days ago

    love it for your creation

  • John Dalfino
    John Dalfino 16 days ago +1

    i like it

  • izak low
    izak low 16 days ago +1

    I can’t even get a pool in my backyard 🥺😔😔

  • Mooshiros
    Mooshiros 17 days ago

    new credits epic :)

  • The Flying Pika
    The Flying Pika 18 days ago

    Now this is a real reason why learning physics and math can be useful

  • aisform aka as pumkin
    aisform aka as pumkin 18 days ago

    the ride they were on was at knotts berry farm Buena Park, CA and its ghost rider
    it’s a really awesome ride

  • David McCoul
    David McCoul 18 days ago

    Starfox fans approve.

  • ItzAlex YT
    ItzAlex YT 18 days ago

    Idk if this is a good idea but that thing could make some money

  • kaykco
    kaykco 19 days ago

    Could you maybe build me a small roller coaster so I can also get over my fear of a big roller coaster drops

  • The Crypto Kid
    The Crypto Kid 19 days ago

    Wayyyyyy AWESOME !!!!!

  • AdonisGaming93
    AdonisGaming93 19 days ago +1

    2050: Pemble Rollercoasters installed in theme parks around the world

  • Purple YT
    Purple YT 21 day ago

    Was that the hurler at carowinds in th Carolinas

  • Penguino
    Penguino 21 day ago

    Probably still smoother that a slc

  • AngelProductions Gacha
    AngelProductions Gacha 21 day ago +1

    Imagine if they had to move 😬

  • Bryant Saucedo
    Bryant Saucedo 22 days ago

    How much has he spent on the materials

  • Crazed Gamer
    Crazed Gamer 22 days ago

    Where’s the seatbelts

  • Powerstroke Life
    Powerstroke Life 22 days ago

    Trench out the ground and that would give you a tunnel to come out of into a loop

  • Spartan Goku
    Spartan Goku 23 days ago

    Will Pemble was able to build this in his backyard!
    With a box of scraps!

  • Shellbird67
    Shellbird67 25 days ago

    Hmmmm I might try too do that places one pice of wood Ok I can’t be bothered

  • samdaboss Gaming
    samdaboss Gaming 25 days ago

    It could have worked

  • courtney monroe
    courtney monroe 26 days ago

    this guys kids are so lucky

  • OS Warrior
    OS Warrior 27 days ago

    This is an idea I dream of

  • SavannahsDad23
    SavannahsDad23 28 days ago

    I wonder if he had on football gear when he tested this out for the first time lol

  • Diane Geveke
    Diane Geveke 28 days ago

    Bro imagine being that kids friend and asking if they want to play soccer in the backyard and he responded with can't we have a roller coaster

  • DangItsPang
    DangItsPang 29 days ago +4

    3, 4, 5 Gs, so it's pretty high.
    RTGame: *Laughs in 200 Gs*

  • Chris Hayes
    Chris Hayes 29 days ago

    For those curious, Will Pemble was the CEO and later owner of web DOT com

  • Raiygan Clark
    Raiygan Clark 29 days ago

    phineas & ferb headass 😂

  • 93mattmendoza
    93mattmendoza Month ago

    My dad built a rollercoaster in our backyard...

    Hes no longer with us.

  • TinaLovesJesus
    TinaLovesJesus Month ago +1

    what a cool and clever idea i like it :)

  • Spooky Mimi
    Spooky Mimi Month ago

    My name is Doof and youll do what i say!

  • George Potter
    George Potter Month ago +3

    I wanna do this for my senior project for my mechanical engineering major

  • r0ck0nlcrss16
    r0ck0nlcrss16 Month ago

    tip: "know when to not ride it."


  • Exilez _
    Exilez _ Month ago

    I cant even build a wall

  • Castella.of.1hp
    Castella.of.1hp Month ago +2

    ~$50,000+ dollar worth of steel and equipment in the backyard
    ~$5,000 camry in driveway
    good dad's priorities 👍

  • Yaboi Dawg
    Yaboi Dawg Month ago +1

    I wish my dad can make rollercoasters lol

  • Bobby Fuhrmann
    Bobby Fuhrmann Month ago

    Oh hecc nah, somebody better get Candice over here