My Dad Passed Away Before I Could Tell Him How I Felt (YouTuber Bijuu Mike)

  • Published on Mar 30, 2019
  • Hello Everyone! Did that voice sound familiar? That's because this video was done in collaboration with fellow TVclipr, Bijuumike. Please check out his channel for some cool content (link down below) and be sure to subscribe to Minutevideos for more upcoming stories! Who knows, maybe you'll see a personal story from your favorite TVclipr soon ;)
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  • LetItRain2019
    LetItRain2019 36 minutes ago

    If I submit my story I wonder how people would react if it was uploaded. Does anyone feel the same way?

  • Reyan Patrice Chico
    Reyan Patrice Chico 5 hours ago

    Wow....... Now I don't who is my favorite TVclipr anymore.....
    I feel so sad cause I think it will happen to me too in the future....😪😪

  • bubble gum Dream
    bubble gum Dream Day ago +2

    Bijuu Mike is that you🤓

  • Leighton Anderson
    Leighton Anderson Day ago +1

    That’s sad 😭

  • Noelia Ortiz
    Noelia Ortiz Day ago +1

    I'm sorry for u Mike
    Wait your married and u have a child

  • Krizmher B Gonzales
    Krizmher B Gonzales 2 days ago +1

    so very for biju mikei would cry if i were that

  • Ashley Perez
    Ashley Perez 2 days ago +1

    I feel so sad for him

  • marielly kim rigodon

    stay forever even he dosn,t smile forever

  • Dani Drama
    Dani Drama 3 days ago


  • Beebsy the Inkling
    Beebsy the Inkling 3 days ago +2

    Minute? Videos.
    Heart? Broken.
    Bijuu? Mike.
    Hotel? Trivago.
    (Sorry if it’s annoying, I always wanted to do one of these...)

  • Victoria Caparas
    Victoria Caparas 4 days ago +1

    Does any one see the kid on mike’s back? It’s soo cute!!!!

  • Kloe Chuca
    Kloe Chuca 4 days ago


  • Lorena albarran
    Lorena albarran 4 days ago

    “ I know I’m a weeb” So am I :D

  • Colin Red bird
    Colin Red bird 4 days ago

    Omg bijuu mike

  • Leo Miles
    Leo Miles 6 days ago

    I can relate but diffrent my parents never got married my parents had bad habits my mom tried to stay away from them when she was pregnant my dad as well when I was born it was ok until he went back to his habits my mom toke me away from him and lived in a small town to finish college I was in preschool at the time still learning and my dad got shot from the cops because he was drinking at a bar and had a fight with a couple of guys he got shot in the back 3 times and was taken to the hospital my mom got the news and went back it go see him she was shocked of what happened and was upset she toke care of him and I was there and yet as a small kid not knowing what was going on I just saw it as seeing him again and loved him so much at the time my mom was noticing he didn't care for her or me and still drank and she left she got her bachelor's degree and we moved to California for years and I went to a funeral about 3 years ago and I finally got to see him I thought he would be everything I thought maybe he stopped his habits maybe he was ok maybe I can not worry after all the stories I was told he was drunk talking to family members and he looked terrible when he saw me he smiled so big and gave me a long hug me I didn't even feel anything he was scary to me he looked broken I ended up meeting my step mom April I didn't like her and then both gave me money to leave them alone so they can talk to me it made me sad knowing he dosent care after about years of him not contacting me but I was the one to leave voicemails for him for years until I finally got to see him and he was the same guy drunk and broken he said the reason he never paid child support was because he was in debt he asked me what he missed I said I was diagnosed as deslexic and with depression he didn't care he told me why he never kept in touch after that I cried told my partner at the time what happened my partner made me feel ok but not now I don't even know what he's up to now and I'm just guessing he's drunk and has a broken back I guess anyway this video made me think of my dad and I'm sorry that people are struggling through addiction and hope they would get better and bless to anyone who has to go through these tough times 🙏

  • Vua Khủng Long
    Vua Khủng Long 6 days ago

    My dad die ( 25.05.2018) :((

  • TT Games
    TT Games 7 days ago

    He shouldn’t feel so bad about his dad getting cancer he’s brought it on his self

  • DanTRC Nex
    DanTRC Nex 7 days ago

    So he is not DanTDM’s brother

  • Asian Dod
    Asian Dod 7 days ago

    Remember that you're very lucky, obviously your parents at fault. Your mother should have divorced him a long time ago and banned you from seeing him. Mine is the exact same, just I have no sister, a better mother and I'm Asian. You should have expected it, he would have died and it's obvious. He smoked and drank, he was clearly unhealthy and dying. I'm 12 and I have had my realisation a long time ago. He was long died.

  • Panda Bear Plays
    Panda Bear Plays 7 days ago

    Honestly my life is very similar to this with drugs and arguing and fighting, not working, and my dad might be dying with his bad heart from the drugs

  • Goku the mighty saiyan

    My mother wasn't a good person either she died when I was 10 and I cried so I can relate

  • Metro Pcs
    Metro Pcs 7 days ago

    Top 10 youtuber with tragic past

  • Holly Bushta
    Holly Bushta 8 days ago

    *Oh god cheese and rice poor Bijuu Mike.*
    Edit: Wait this is exactly what happened to my parents.- except he didn’t do drugs, smoke, no cops, or he didn’t die.

  • Welly Molisapoli
    Welly Molisapoli 8 days ago

    Married at 21 wow

  • apostolos chantzis
    apostolos chantzis 8 days ago

    the midle of the story hate youre dad

  • Alex_likes_to_Draw :3

    Not all youtubers had a perfect life

  • Ashley Rubio
    Ashley Rubio 8 days ago

    Hey yo not alone but it's different my family is....not great and fighting but.. it's ok my parents don,t get along

  • AlphaWolf -Esmeralda-


  • Tammy Allen
    Tammy Allen 8 days ago +1

    poor bijuu mike😭😭😭

  • Alyinu2ndChannel
    Alyinu2ndChannel 8 days ago +1

    Why is he telling this story so enthusiastically??, wtf LOL

  • Light&Dark_ Gacha
    Light&Dark_ Gacha 9 days ago

    Is this Bijuu Mike's story or Gacha Mike's?

  • Mason Booher
    Mason Booher 9 days ago

    Where Dan he his brother

  • Gacha_Foxy Nicky
    Gacha_Foxy Nicky 9 days ago +2

    And the next video is LaurenZ Side reacting to a gacha video with DangThatsALongName.

    YoU kNoW tHaT BiJu MiKe KnOwS LaUrEnZ sIde!!!!

  • Tᴀᴍᴀɢᴏᴛᴄʜɪ

    is that u jackcepticeye????

  • Shep Queen games and more

    Aww that’s sad

  • Constipated Fish
    Constipated Fish 9 days ago +1


  • LEN Miguel
    LEN Miguel 10 days ago

    1 like for mark

  • Maja Karlsson
    Maja Karlsson 10 days ago +6

    Me: *clicks video*
    Me:why dos it sound like bijuu Mike
    *looks at title*

  • Joslyn Fox and Adore Delano Fan 4 your LIFE/LEGACY

    1 like= 1 pray for Bijuu Mike/Gacha Mike

  • Ari Bear
    Ari Bear 10 days ago

    Omggg its bujiu mikeeeee!!!!!

  • EllieTheCookie
    EllieTheCookie 10 days ago

    who else cried .-.

    1 like = 1 awesome childhood for bijuu mike

  • TTV_MyDarlingHobii
    TTV_MyDarlingHobii 11 days ago

    I didn't read the title and heard Bijuu Mikes voice- I jumped up so fast

  • Vaidile Vaiciulyte
    Vaidile Vaiciulyte 11 days ago

    poor bijuu mike :(

  • Black sniper Wolf
    Black sniper Wolf 14 days ago

    He say dan is his brother. But he didn’t mention his brother

  • The Bona Petite
    The Bona Petite 14 days ago


  • Dragon Animz
    Dragon Animz 16 days ago

    I mean, to all the people who are sad like me, think of it this way:everyone will pass away, every living organisms on this planet Will have fate.Me, you everyone will pass away

  • Mrs Chill Lady
    Mrs Chill Lady 18 days ago

    Awwww. I feel really bad.

  • Mia Vasquez
    Mia Vasquez 18 days ago

    I know how you feel

  • CutieFox UwU
    CutieFox UwU 19 days ago

    I'm struggling with insomnia depression and social anxiety from my teacher Mrs.Morrison that's why a sometimes stay up late

  • Dito Windi
    Dito Windi 19 days ago

    Oh my wait i thought you have twin brother dantdm but i feel sad for you very bad

  • Krypto_xeno
    Krypto_xeno 19 days ago

    No wonder why this was in my recommendation whilst watching dragon Ball super

  • Siyah Giyen Maymun
    Siyah Giyen Maymun 19 days ago

    Bijuu i luv u

    Ruby ARMSTRONG 20 days ago


  • REEE Hello
    REEE Hello 20 days ago


  • Agent piggles
    Agent piggles 21 day ago

    we need to get minute videos verified

  • Gamerr81
    Gamerr81 21 day ago


  • VexiiTheNeko
    VexiiTheNeko 21 day ago +3

    Don't worry Bijuu the weebs are here to help

  • Bouba Chicken
    Bouba Chicken 21 day ago

    Oh man i feel sad now that sucks man that ur dad made u feel that way and go through all of it 😰😭

  • eclipse moon
    eclipse moon 21 day ago

    No bijuu!!

  • Ding Dong
    Ding Dong 22 days ago

    I came here cuz of buiju mike and I feel really bad for him

  • Yandere - Chan
    Yandere - Chan 22 days ago


  • Cherida Kaswadi
    Cherida Kaswadi 22 days ago

    Oh sorry bijuu I didn't know. 😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😭😭

  • EYE Heart
    EYE Heart 22 days ago


  • Potato Luvz
    Potato Luvz 22 days ago +1

    Where’s Dan?

  • Luna Jones
    Luna Jones 23 days ago


  • Ninja arts
    Ninja arts 24 days ago

    Omg beat your mic why didn't you tell us when you did the sketch other stories in the catches her stories #y I couldn't believe you haven't told one like for bijuu Mike get your mic cuz they're the same person or maybe Brothers

  • Parry Parry
    Parry Parry 24 days ago


  • OmgItzClover
    OmgItzClover 24 days ago

    Bijuu Mike’s story is the darkest one I’ve ever heard

  • ThinkKirby The Creeper Octoling

    I understand how you feel within starting to be a youtuber...

  • ii Twitch
    ii Twitch 24 days ago +3

    Who is here from Bijuu Mike’s reaction to minute videos?

  • Kat TheHuman
    Kat TheHuman 25 days ago


  • Penis Vlogs
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  • •?• Gachas
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  • Jungkook Taehyung
    Jungkook Taehyung 26 days ago

    Bijuu :,0!

  • Silo milo
    Silo milo 26 days ago

    This shows that life will get better!

  • jordan Paul
    jordan Paul 26 days ago

    I do not even know my dad.😔

  • Heya Bois
    Heya Bois 27 days ago +1

    He lucky he had a dad
    Nigga i aint ever knew my dad
    Im a 14 year old kid
    Who's been struggling
    With the streets in San antonio Texas
    Pressure been followin me my whole life
    Ive never grew up with Parents or siblings
    My mom was always at work
    My oldest brother is at Prison
    I was always told that id be like my Dad who sold drugs and shit like that
    Every night
    There was always Bullet shots bein heard in my room
    Whenever i go out
    I see bullet holes on the Ground
    That was the life i still go thru
    I always had Beef or fights with niggas on the street
    Im still 14
    I could barely afford Normal shoes
    Especially when i have Size 15 feet
    I grew up the hard life
    With no family to ever be there.

  • Aram player 7667
    Aram player 7667 27 days ago

    Where is dantdm

  • LolGamerGirl 123
    LolGamerGirl 123 27 days ago


  • wolfelz eve
    wolfelz eve 27 days ago

    Im shocked my favorite TVclipr back story is like this.
    Im going to his latest video and saying " I'm sorry for what you went through "

  • pumpkin_ spice
    pumpkin_ spice 27 days ago

    Aww Mike I'm so so sorry I will always be here a subscriber and if you feel down just remember subscribers are your family on all your channels a big big family and we will always be there for you

  • Bananas Are The Best :v


  • Ertzisrad86 Ertzisrad86
    Ertzisrad86 Ertzisrad86 27 days ago +3

    Anybody else- *(Hahaha this sucks die thot)*

    • Gamer's Style
      Gamer's Style 13 days ago

      People these days only care about famous people

  • Gilberto Madonado
    Gilberto Madonado 27 days ago

    Adults if you watched this dont do that

  • Toms Pīlāgs
    Toms Pīlāgs 27 days ago

    Wait you watch Anime

  • JustShapesAndKats
    JustShapesAndKats 28 days ago +1

    Man.. Im so late
    but I didn't know one of my favorite youtubers had such a bad backstory..

  • wolfie chan
    wolfie chan 28 days ago +1

    I thought his life was great but then this happened 😢

  • Tyler Doesn’t care
    Tyler Doesn’t care 28 days ago

    *both parents have red hair*
    *kid has blond*

  • Elijah Cook
    Elijah Cook 28 days ago +1

    sorry about that

  • Kindlover60 Gaming and more

    Poor Mike I wonder how it feels like to be him

  • Christy Maria
    Christy Maria 28 days ago +1

    :c Rip my Bijuu Mike...

  • nightwolf alpha playz
    nightwolf alpha playz 29 days ago +1

    not to be rude but where is dantdm his brother i almost cried and i ussually dont his story is kinda similar but my dad wouldnt hurt anyone and he didnt have cancer he was very very very nice i could ask him anything he was the best im actually crying now talking about my dad but prayer to bijuu mike not me

  • ッMiccroFN
    ッMiccroFN 29 days ago

    Naruto on top

  • kitty draws studio
    kitty draws studio Month ago

    I'm not crying *lies*

  • jackcool will
    jackcool will Month ago

    my dad is tge same way but i got a stip dad :(

  • Zackster L
    Zackster L Month ago +1


  • Lukalex19
    Lukalex19 Month ago

    Every other video people are diyng and stuff but this you feel simpathy only because he's a TVclipr look I respect him but it's just wrong

  • Mohd Nor
    Mohd Nor Month ago

    Ummmm. Bijuu where's Daniel

  • Roxanne Fontaine
    Roxanne Fontaine Month ago

    1 like =1 prayer for Bijuu Mike father
    1 like =For Bijuu Mike Mike the be happy and to have a great family with children and to not be a drinker

  • Angeline playsroblox