DaBaby Turns Up & Performs “Intro” & “Babysitter” With Offset! | Hip Hop Awards ‘19

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
  • DaBaby rocks the mic at the 2019 Hip Hop Awards with his song "Intro" and Offset from Migos steps onto the stage for their collaboration "Babysitter"
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Comments • 1 812

  • faints
    faints 7 hours ago

    offset came out so smoove wit it .

  • U Natural
    U Natural 14 hours ago

    Let’s give it up ALSO for them dancers!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  • EmazingEthan31
    EmazingEthan31 Day ago

    This is proof that North Carolina produces amazing music

    FLYBOYZCAMPAIGN TV 3 days ago +1

    Offset my guy the dance had hype lol

  • nxsg 26
    nxsg 26 4 days ago

    is that iman shumpert?

  • Brian Fortune
    Brian Fortune 5 days ago

    Iman shumpert and tianna Taylor was feelin that

  • misspretty301
    misspretty301 7 days ago

    These kids don’t even know Offset was walking it out ! They probably like what he doing lol. Go check out DJ UNK WALK IT OUT

  • Staf1e
    Staf1e 9 days ago

    Ahhhh yess the choir of Dababy jesus himself turned into cherry poppers😂😂

  • Miles Holiday
    Miles Holiday 11 days ago


  • RuKzo
    RuKzo 11 days ago

    It's amazing watching all these legends and artists all rockin and knowing lyrics to the same song.

  • Fullbar Iso
    Fullbar Iso 13 days ago

    That’s the first song

  • Tru Aqurauis master of manipulation

    Lol 😂the baby look like haha Davis

  • anup hulyalkar
    anup hulyalkar 14 days ago +2

    Dababy needa do a song with the Migos like da

  • Family Gain
    Family Gain 15 days ago

    That transition was hard af!

  • Rico
    Rico 16 days ago

    0:49 when your mom takeover your car radio, you need to enjoy

  • Bijay Tamang
    Bijay Tamang 16 days ago

    Dababy looks like floyd Mayweather

  • benjamin dewee
    benjamin dewee 16 days ago +4

    Damn they hit the church n then the club in less than 5 mins

  • Zaniya Smallwood
    Zaniya Smallwood 17 days ago

    awww Dababy look like he was finna cry on intro

  • Deshawn Thomas
    Deshawn Thomas 18 days ago

    I really didn't know who the baby was until I heard him on one of Megan songs but I like him. I definitely gone support my ppl.

  • P Diva
    P Diva 19 days ago


  • Sonya Potts
    Sonya Potts 20 days ago

    Great performance

  • lucas s
    lucas s 22 days ago

    Diferenciado dms fodaa

  • Jaybe Scott
    Jaybe Scott 22 days ago

    I'm loving that people are making money and creative with what they're blessed with. I pray he and everyone that has the platform reach out to those who have blessings but need to be inspired to use that blessing. We also need to convert that money into real power instead of giving it back with court cases and taxes. We've show that we can influence everything now we need to influence us to control how we are treated.

  • Qrruehrevb
    Qrruehrevb 23 days ago

    My school is more hype at middles school football games

    PINKY PINK 23 days ago

    Once offset came out the first thing people probably thought of was cardi. Cause they was way too hype as if it was her.

  • M B
    M B 24 days ago


  • *Freedom of speech * R have U 4gotten

    Fuk the dababy he knw wt it is

  • EytoEyt Chief
    EytoEyt Chief 25 days ago

    Finally a rapper that doesn't use playback

  • Damairrio Johnson
    Damairrio Johnson 25 days ago

    da baby forgot that he featured offset 2:43

  • Valentina Tascon
    Valentina Tascon 26 days ago

    On the first song DaBaby got emotional I could hear it in his voice

  • Hiram Turner
    Hiram Turner 26 days ago

    DJ Kid a headass 😂😂

  • Shedrick Thorne
    Shedrick Thorne 26 days ago

    Gotta know him

  • Derrick Ridley
    Derrick Ridley 27 days ago

    One of my fav 💯💯 performances

  • vibster2005
    vibster2005 27 days ago

    Dababy dats my type...Vegas here we see u baby bustin out dat shirt ya diggg

  • Nic Mart
    Nic Mart 28 days ago

    Offset killed this!🔥🔥Dababy too!

  • Gary Chapin Jr
    Gary Chapin Jr Month ago

    Im a fan of da baby....

  • M123 M123
    M123 M123 Month ago

    Русские тут есть?:) правда я Казах:))) Всем рэперам успеха:)

  • Baconmaster 11111
    Baconmaster 11111 Month ago

    The entire performance they were waking like they needed the bathroom

  • brando soriano
    brando soriano Month ago

    Iknew that there was something about dababy wasn’t making me sure about him.

  • Daye 1
    Daye 1 Month ago

    bro that stoff was fire nocap

  • misspretty301
    misspretty301 Month ago

    His dad look like Floyd lol

  • Kesha Reed
    Kesha Reed Month ago

    I saw you at a birthday party it's me Kha'lil

  • Chris Gaines
    Chris Gaines Month ago

    She like how I be dressin', ain't no salad.

  • Zuluki Ji Ji
    Zuluki Ji Ji Month ago


  • Masahiro Salamanque

    floyds baby bro!

  • Comp Sight
    Comp Sight Month ago

    Guy basically went to the strip club after church

  • w cooper
    w cooper Month ago +1


  • Jay Been Hunnid
    Jay Been Hunnid Month ago

    At 1:16 he said shit😂😂

  • Mike Dezinno
    Mike Dezinno Month ago +1

    Not a huge rap fan but love dabay’s music

  • Brandon Manley
    Brandon Manley Month ago

    Them girls faces at 3:34 😂😂😂

  • Honesty Anique
    Honesty Anique Month ago +1

    Damn.. he his dads twin.😨

  • baby girl
    baby girl Month ago

    Da baby all the way 🔥💗💯💯💯

  • Kyra Crayton
    Kyra Crayton Month ago +3

    3:15 - Aaaaayye... Get Busy Offset 💃🏾🕺🏾‼️

  • WH Ye
    WH Ye Month ago +2

    0:59 Dababy: When she had ....
    The annoying hypeman: CANCER

  • esskeetit
    esskeetit Month ago


  • Rakeem aka vokekee
    Rakeem aka vokekee Month ago

    It’s funny how th song just change in th middle if th song

  • Jeffrey Williams
    Jeffrey Williams Month ago

    I just peeped the choir took off they robes towards the end of the song 😂😂

  • Devoo 2Timez
    Devoo 2Timez Month ago

    They killed datttt mfaaa🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • obiwan KOBE
    obiwan KOBE Month ago

    They should of had NLE choppa do shotta flow or another artis with a bigger hit of a song cuz there wasn't that many bangers

  • Dashawn Pringle
    Dashawn Pringle Month ago +7

    Offset snapped 🤣 yasss I love him and da baby together