Why It's Almost Impossible to Throw a 110 MPH Fastball | WIRED


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  • Róy `
    Róy ` 21 hour ago

    Chuck Norris can throw 1000mph and same time he hit that ball to moon 😁😂

  • Jackie Treehorn
    Jackie Treehorn Day ago

    Pitching coach was polite with a guy who clearly throws like a girl.

  • The predator
    The predator Day ago

    I can literally throw faster than him but still liked the vid

  • a german dude
    a german dude Day ago

    haha their using a $50k system istead of a htc vive xD

  • Jesus Hernandez
    Jesus Hernandez 3 days ago

    Lo han de poner en español

  • Cade Carter
    Cade Carter 3 days ago

    Hole in 1's are probably harder

  • aaron l
    aaron l 4 days ago

    i have been clocked at 115 and i hate baseball

  • D VS
    D VS 5 days ago

    The answer:@5:19 The force required to throw that fast can also rupture arm tendons and ligaments.

  • Justin Barton
    Justin Barton 5 days ago

    Why does the "My mother wouldn't let me play sports as a child" guy do this? I mean, 50 mph is little league and he is a grown man. What kind of dude can't even throw?

  • ted gapinski
    ted gapinski 6 days ago +1

    I am a 3 year old female tabby and I can reach 49mph!

  • Salvador Nobre Veiga

    Im sure a tennis player could throw pretty fast too. The mechanics of a tennis serve and a pitch are basically the same. I never played baseball and one time, I pitched a baseball and it was clocked 61 MPH... I was 15 at the time. Im now older and much stronger. Im in shape and continued ot play tennis. ID be curious to see what speed i could pitch. Granted when they at 3:50 secs or so in the video talk about his arm not being perpendicular, that was the first thing i noticed. not enough "racquet drop" was we say in tennis.

  • bLaCjAcK Daniels
    bLaCjAcK Daniels 10 days ago

    Does anyone really need to watch this video to know that it's near impossible to throw 110mph? Lol

  • 世界を制した男
    世界を制した男 11 days ago


  • zvczvcvzxcv
    zvczvcvzxcv 11 days ago

    Get Tommy John surgery. You can't bulk up ligaments.

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne 12 days ago

    Well if you throw with the form of Mohammed here, you're never going to get high velocity (100+mph) and you'll need elbow surgery in a hurry.

  • Zenyatta
    Zenyatta 12 days ago

    I can probably throw it cuz I'm a pro fastball pitcher.

  • Shane Schaefer
    Shane Schaefer 14 days ago

    It doesn't matter if you throw the baseball 200 miles per hour they'll still hit you. You have to have movement on the ball.

  • Bob Cobb
    Bob Cobb 14 days ago

    charlie sheen did it after a month of training.. all he needed was some steroids. It can be done.

  • usmausmma
    usmausmma 14 days ago

    60 feet, 5 inches? Graphics need to be corrected.

  • ted gapinski
    ted gapinski 15 days ago +1

    Im not saying Im perfect but you can tell that guy never played baseball. He has absolutly no follow through. And he is griping the ball like it weighs 2 pounds, he has all his fingers wrapped around it, instead two.

  • g0dbel0w
    g0dbel0w 15 days ago

    Dude throws like my sister.

  • MrJJuK
    MrJJuK 15 days ago

    i can't wait to play all sports in VR, will make them way more fun and person friendly :)

  • Antonelli Baseball
    Antonelli Baseball 15 days ago

    Cool stuff!

  • Josias Pujols
    Josias Pujols 16 days ago

    how about you put people who can actually throw and hit

  • Noah Hornberger
    Noah Hornberger 18 days ago

    cave batting system cost $50,000 and does not have anti-aliasing?

  • Hamza Alderman
    Hamza Alderman 18 days ago

    Leading authorities on pitch mechanics says...what?

  • total23
    total23 19 days ago

    you throw like a girl

  • Paras Arya
    Paras Arya 19 days ago

    A cricket player can throw even faster than 105MPH

    • Warren552011
      Warren552011 18 days ago

      Paras Arya Yeah. Can't bend your elbow past 15 degrees. Just disputing the speed. That's all.

    • Paras Arya
      Paras Arya 18 days ago

      +Warren552011 yeah man I know but in baseball you dont have to throw the ball with a round arm action. The pitcher jerks his hand while we cannot jerk our bowling arm in cricket.

    • Warren552011
      Warren552011 18 days ago

      Paras Arya Sorry mate, Aussie cricket fan here. Been watching since the 1960s. Shoahib Akhtar had the record with a bit over 101mph.

  • Yusuf Jones
    Yusuf Jones 20 days ago

    Maybe Tommy Johns would be less common if they stopped playing 160 game seasons... I mean seriously, whats the meaning of that? They should play 80-90 games MAX.

  • A Katz
    A Katz 21 day ago

    eat some taco bell and you'll smell the batter away

  • Abhishek Meena
    Abhishek Meena 21 day ago

    Hey in cricket fastest bowling is more than 155kmph so I think its possible to throw more than 110mph

    • Warren552011
      Warren552011 18 days ago

      Abhishek Meena Different mechanics involved. Outfielders have good arms though. Aussie cricket team have been using baseball fielding coaches since the '80s/'90s.

  • OneTime 38
    OneTime 38 22 days ago

    Non athletes should not be used to prove anything athletic.

  • Fly at 5280
    Fly at 5280 23 days ago

    Woulda been a cool video if they didn't ask a guy who threw like a girl to be the host...lol

  • William Alespiller
    William Alespiller 24 days ago

    Man, he throws like a girl ;-)

  • Tony Iacomi
    Tony Iacomi 25 days ago

    Some day someone will do it. And in a decade or so we will be saying "Why its almost impossible to throw a 120 mph fastball" And 20 years later that will happen. And so on and so forth.

  • Tony Iacomi
    Tony Iacomi 25 days ago

    Who throws the slowest changeup is what I want to know.

  • proud atheist
    proud atheist 26 days ago

    I'm 14 and can throw 64 mph

  • Susie Que
    Susie Que 27 days ago

    Throws like a girl and doesn't know how to hold a bat ... the only difference between him and my sister is the beard and the dress

  • leerey14
    leerey14 28 days ago +1

    This barely actually went into any real detail about whats so impossible about it.
    Sure it mentioned injury, but nothing else.

  • Art VanDelay
    Art VanDelay 29 days ago

    With Brawndo, The Thirst Mutilator 110 could be thrown underhand. Why? Because Brawndo has what baseball players crave. Brawndo has electrolytes. Scro.

  • Robert Valerio
    Robert Valerio 29 days ago

    That's genetics man I gun 92miles at 17 years old and 135pounds yes I'm Dominican but still 135pounds at 17years old.

  • John Koziol
    John Koziol 29 days ago

    EXTREMELY informative!!! Well done!

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago +1

    Ryan and Feller both throw pitches faster then 105 but they clocked pitches at different locations then they do now. There's a great documentary called Fastball narrated by Kevin Costner that explains it all.

  • Stephen Parker
    Stephen Parker Month ago

    Trevor Bauer: hold my beer

  • Diversify
    Diversify Month ago +2

    javale mcgee’s brother?

  • Im Fax
    Im Fax Month ago

    I can throw 53 in my sleep😂

  • Val
    Val Month ago

    Chapman is at the top of the radar gun? Um. . . excuse me. Jordan Hicks. He actually can throw that today.

  • For The Boys
    For The Boys Month ago

    “I hit dingers”

  • welcome2havoc
    welcome2havoc Month ago

    A grown man throwing 53 is pathetic. I was throwing 53 in Little League before puberty

  • Joe Marshall
    Joe Marshall Month ago

    this guy looks like he never threw a ball in his life. The limit thing is always wrong in sports. If you have more really tall guys pitching, there will be more guys throwing 105. A big pitcher with strong arms has bigger and stronger tendons. I remeber when they said the limit was 98, then 100. Now it's 105. we'll see.

    • Warren552011
      Warren552011 18 days ago

      Joe Marshall How long ago was it 100mph? Because we had cricket bowlers in the 1970s cracking the ton.

  • Donkey Kong
    Donkey Kong Month ago

    Lol I throw Mach 3.

  • b80
    b80 Month ago

    I dont recall ever seeing someone look athletic, while being opposite of athletic physically. A grown man that cant break 55mph with a baseball, thats sad & scary!....what has happened to the world?

  • Derek Cavin
    Derek Cavin Month ago

    Has the host ever played baseball? He looks like he's never even picked up a baseball.

  • Jonathan Ferguson
    Jonathan Ferguson Month ago

    This halfbreed who throws like a girl isn't the best choice for making a video like this.

  • Gainz R Us Fitness
    Gainz R Us Fitness Month ago +2

    Anything Thrown over 100mph is Crazy

  • WhatchootalkinboutWillis?

    Batters at the higher level aren't deciding to swing, they decide not to swing. The swing mechanics start before the pitcher releases the ball.

  • JohnathAn Lyga
    JohnathAn Lyga Month ago

    wearing jeans and what kind of shoes for batting? sheesh...

  • Hoppies Hopkins
    Hoppies Hopkins Month ago

    Impossible Case Study: Sir Roger Bannister and The Four-Minute Mile? Up until he did it in 1954, the world and doctors thought the four-minute mark was impossible to break. They thought the human body couldn’t physically go that fast - that it would collapse under the pressure. No-one could run a mile in less than four minutes. It was impossible. You were crazy to even try.

  • Digitalbumpin
    Digitalbumpin Month ago

    You can tell this guy never really played sports or was involved in athletics of any kind.
    He has that sissy awkward throw dudes have who never went out and played catch when they were young.
    The problem is he thinks he looks good doing this. It's laughable to watch.
    Look at him kick his leg up when he is swinging like he is some pro but when he swings you see the sissy girl mechanics again. Give me a break with this.

    • Dan Lyons
      Dan Lyons Month ago

      Digitalbumpin It was fun to laugh at.

  • Crittek
    Crittek Month ago

    As a gamer with an average 170MS reaction time (including input, monitor and other uncontrollable delays) I feel that I can answer the question if seeing the ball or "keeping your eye on the ball is necessary. When you react this quickly my brain is able to interpolate ahead of time. When I click a moving target at this speed I'm not even looking after the initial moment it's all in my head. I know this isn't directly comparable but I do have a history in many sports through middle and high school and I think it's close enough.

  • GreenTools NYC
    GreenTools NYC Month ago

    Mira ete palomo dique queriendo pitchar lol

  • Baseball God
    Baseball God Month ago

    Chapman has thrown 107 mph

  • Saidakine
    Saidakine Month ago

    Nolan Ryan held the record that Chapman broke for many years. Some say that Ryan in his early years was actually throwing between 105 to 110 mph

  • J C
    J C Month ago

    Has this dude ever thrown a baseball? Lol

  • Marco Deo
    Marco Deo Month ago

    A fastball is not the hardest thing to do in sports. Ted Williams couldn't be more wrong. I have hit many fastballs including 100 MPH. Here are a few things harder to do Ted: I never scored a hockey goal, kicked a field goal in foot ball, scored a soccer goal. Ran a 5 minute mile. Ran a 4.4 40 yrd dash. Ran a 10 second 100 yd dash. Ride a unicycle. Won a boxing match. Wrestled. UFC match. Hit a homer.

  • Kirk Radeck
    Kirk Radeck Month ago

    I wonder what the max speed is for throwing an NFL football? Josh Allen is around 62 MPH which is one of the highest in the league. I’ve hardly ever thrown a baseball but I believe the mechanics are really different, and obviously a football is much heavier.

  • Fry Games17
    Fry Games17 Month ago

    I thrown 61mph but avg 56mph. And I’m only 11

  • Roberto Martinez De Leon

    We ain’t s#@#% in the bigger scheme of things

  • paysonfox88
    paysonfox88 Month ago

    They got one thing right, height as it relates to speed isn't everything. Also finger and hand size isn't everything. Example of this Pedro Martinez was a little short guy with long fingers and big hands who threw over a hundred miles an hour in his prime. Nolan Ryan was slightly above average height and about six foot two and had short fingers but through 108 estimated in his prime with the Mets.
    For the height argument there is no argument. Pedro Martinez threw a hundred and so did Randy Johnson. Randy Johnson was 7 foot tall Pedro was five foot nine.

  • Howard Ford
    Howard Ford Month ago

    I regularly threw 90-95 in high school......and a couple of years at JUCO. Today my arm is completely wrecked. Permanent nerve damage in my elbow and shoulder.

  • dompolblanka
    dompolblanka Month ago

    Why does he throw like he's 2?

  • Brendan Quan
    Brendan Quan Month ago

    He looks like JaVale McGee

  • Ethan Kincaid
    Ethan Kincaid Month ago

    I'm 14 and I'm almost throwing in the 70s

  • BigSnipp
    BigSnipp Month ago

    Robbie, I am a fan of you after watching your juggling video. So I can say with a kind heart, you throw like a girl.

  • Swiss Cheese
    Swiss Cheese Month ago

    "so, why do they keep throwing that fast? because they get paid millions of dollars a year

  • Juan Pablo Salazar-Ortiz

    Is it good im throwing 82 at 11 years old

  • BattleCorgi TV
    BattleCorgi TV Month ago

    The Indian version of Martin Freeman???

  • V Brown
    V Brown Month ago

    Host's throw sucks ! Throwing like a girl !

  • Logan M
    Logan M Month ago

    I bet u Aroldis Chapman threw 110 mph in practice

  • HTX The Wild
    HTX The Wild Month ago

    All we need is Chapman On steroids

  • justafanintexas
    justafanintexas Month ago

    My son was a very promising pitcher 10 years ago until a drunk driver killed him. My son consistently threw over 100 mph. His fastest pitch, on the gun, was 111.2 mph. So it isn't impossible.

    • justafanintexas
      justafanintexas Month ago

      Alternative Redneck - Did your parents have any children that lived? You haven't got enough money to wager, fella.

    • Alternative Redneck
      Alternative Redneck Month ago

      justafanintexas that's a false statement he didn't throw that fast why are you lying?

  • Landen Games???
    Landen Games??? Month ago

    Nolan Ryan actually threw the fastest ever at 108.5 mph

  • Raj Upadhyaya
    Raj Upadhyaya Month ago

    I just play fast balls before they’re at me

  • Anthony Zhong
    Anthony Zhong Month ago

    Y’all sleeping on jordan hicks

  • Sheldon Cooper
    Sheldon Cooper Month ago

    Couldn't a simulator actually improve player skill beyond what normally could be achieved?

    THEBIGMAN Month ago

    They suck at batting

  • Kanti123
    Kanti123 Month ago

    my shoulder hurt seeing them throwing at such a high speed

  • A Celery
    A Celery Month ago

    I can do this in Wii Sports

  • Jermaine Petit
    Jermaine Petit Month ago +2

    Baseball is lame

      SSTWELVE Month ago +1

      Apparently interesting enough to make you click the video.

    • Alternative Redneck
      Alternative Redneck Month ago +2

      Jermaine Petit Only to the mentally challenged like yourself.

  • David James
    David James Month ago

    Where is this speed measured at? When it leaves the pitchers hand or when it crosses the plate?

  • TheSturmgeist 92
    TheSturmgeist 92 Month ago

    I bet Gabe Kapler has one of those in his basement

  • Marty Harold
    Marty Harold Month ago

    Tyler Hicks hit 105 MPH three times in the same inning I believe.

  • dubnessIII
    dubnessIII Month ago

    Maybe next time they will send an interviewer who has actually played baseball at least once in their life. He could strike himself out with that horrible swing

  • Cameron Snyder
    Cameron Snyder Month ago

    Dear Wired, 106 MPH was achieved by Chapman, the pitcher for the Reds in 2014.

  • Thomas Stanton
    Thomas Stanton Month ago

    this guy has never even thrown a baseball, look at his form. it's so pathetic

  • Sam Hall
    Sam Hall Month ago

    How do they throw that fast? Because they are juiced to the gills

  • Edgar González Casasola

    I actually think a pitcher that has a brilliant curveball and changeup, or slider, can be better than pitchers with the best fastballs. Breaking balls are what makes Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer that good

  • Om Hira
    Om Hira Month ago

    Nolan Ryan had technically thrown 116mph if you changed the way you measure it to the way that they measure it now