Why It's Almost Impossible to Throw a 110 MPH Fastball | WIRED


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  • John Be Bad
    John Be Bad 9 hours ago

    You really do throw like a girl. A hitch there at the end that is kinda girly.

  • PhySco Cam
    PhySco Cam 13 hours ago

    i am a 5th grader and i can throw 62mph

  • Avery Maslin
    Avery Maslin Day ago

    I throw 65 and I'm 13

  • Alexander Jones
    Alexander Jones Day ago

    I threw a baseball 110 mph before. Just gunned it on the freeway when there were no officers around and tossed it up in the air a couple times.

  • Alex Bucko
    Alex Bucko Day ago

    The way this guy swings and throws doesn't look like he's played at all lol

  • Alex Bucko
    Alex Bucko Day ago

    Golf? lol

  • Jelliot Williams
    Jelliot Williams 2 days ago

    Tim Wakefield..... enough said

  • Russ G
    Russ G 3 days ago

    No, every pitcher isn't judged on 'their' fastball. Every pitcher is judged on HIS fastball. Last time I checked, every single MLB pitcher and in fact every single position player was a male; ie. a MAN deserving of the male pronoun. So, you sound like a total idiot.

  • Steve and Chris Williams


  • arranmc182
    arranmc182 3 days ago

    They only throw fast for all the steroids they had been taking LMAO

  • danae552
    danae552 4 days ago

    can we get a guy who doesn't throw like a girl to host these videos?

  • Elakai Anela
    Elakai Anela 5 days ago

    now Jordan Hicks, (20 yrs of age) STL. Cardinals

  • TVR_WILLderbeast
    TVR_WILLderbeast 5 days ago

    Chapman threw 107

  • mason taylor
    mason taylor 5 days ago

    still not as fast as me running up the basement stairs after i turn the lights off at night

  • liza Murry
    liza Murry 6 days ago

    How about paper plane

  • ClevelandIndiansTaper

    I’m 12 and throw 60 mph

  • Nelson's Rudolph
    Nelson's Rudolph 6 days ago

    It's way harder to hit a knuckleball. If a MLB player knows he's getting a fastball then he can easily hit it better than when he knows he's getting a curve or knuckleball.
    Chapman is no where close to being the best pitcher in baseball. Buster Posey is hitting about .500 against him. And I love Cuban players.


  • thunder gaming
    thunder gaming 6 days ago

    I'm 12 and I pitch faster than him

  • Dee Gee
    Dee Gee 8 days ago

    Pitching in the 90mph range destroyed my elbow.. : (

  • Frank Iasparri
    Frank Iasparri 8 days ago

    how is this guy so un-athletic

  • Zachary C
    Zachary C 8 days ago

    Y’all seen that rookie Jordan Hicks? Faster than Chapman! And he gets movement on his pitches and doesn’t even look like he’s giving it his all in his delivery… he could do it!

  • Clay Sweepsweepsweep

    Bro that full grown man threw 53 mph and I’m 8 and I threw 32 at a six flags game that timed your pitch

  • Squidward TenDABle
    Squidward TenDABle 9 days ago

    Should be a TV show!

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 10 days ago

    ... Steve Dalkowski ... perhaps more than 110 mph ??? ... Ted Williams reportedly faced him once and said he did not want to face him again ??? ... a truly incredible story !!!

  • Matthew Joseph Ventresca

    Batters pick up the ball IN the pitchers hand before they release it and start their swing before the ball is released, if you have ever played baseball you know this. Only a scientist could be stupid enough not to ask a baseball player where he picks up the ball

  • brion burkett
    brion burkett 10 days ago

    the dizzying picture movement during the Aroldis Chapman part almost had me turning off the video
    Great video though

  • GroverClevelandFRRLZ
    GroverClevelandFRRLZ 10 days ago

    Dis dude throws like a weenie

  • Jesse McNeil
    Jesse McNeil 10 days ago

    i'ma hit 115MPH

  • GISP
    GISP 10 days ago

    5:57 You are not factoring that the "reaction time" dosnt start when the ball leaves the hand of the pitcher, but starts when the trow is started. You cant ignore bodylanguage.

  • Fox D
    Fox D 10 days ago

    It's only a matter of time before MLB, in an effort to generate excitement and reduce injury, starts legalizing cybernetic implants, like Tommy John surgery with a steel cable instead of a repurposed tendon.

  • Max Reichenbach
    Max Reichenbach 11 days ago +3

    The best pitch to throw is not a fastball. The best pitch to throw is a strike

    • Orange crush
      Orange crush 7 days ago

      Max Reichenbach that's a heavy fact

  • Bonk Lord
    Bonk Lord 11 days ago

    With only 200ms to react for most people you have to predict where the ball will land as it's being thrown. Less than 1% of the population will have reaction speed fast enough to actually have time to think about where the ball will land while it's in the air. It's easier to predict where it will land after being thrown, but harder to perform because average human reaction speed is about 300ms.

  • Steve Walther
    Steve Walther 11 days ago

    More slow motion vids and less chi chat!! Lol...

  • EnderCatG23 Davis
    EnderCatG23 Davis 11 days ago

    i play HS ball. I Keep tearing my elbow ligaments. I play behind the plate.

  • Mishchievious Badger
    Mishchievious Badger 11 days ago

    Host has got some terrible form

  • YeeSoest
    YeeSoest 11 days ago

    Don't get me wrong but you throw what we call "girl balls". as a former state Champion at track and field throwing events in junior days i see the same flaw as the baseball coach. your arm needs more flexibility to convert momentum into movement.
    there has to be some sort of slingshot moment where your arm flails forward and whips the ball away with more speeds than your shoulder alone creates. that's why you - as a grown man - top out at 53 where i got close to 70 at age 13 and you could easily do 80 with the right form and technique. that's luckily all there is to it so practice makes perfect!

  • TheMitmit03
    TheMitmit03 11 days ago

    Kyle Boddy would’ve been a better authority to discuss pitching mechanics

  • Ndarrel burnett
    Ndarrel burnett 12 days ago

    Should have watched a video on how to throw a baseball w/o looking like a girl.

  • Alan Wilson
    Alan Wilson 12 days ago

    Baseball is so hard that if you fail 70% of the time you are considered good

  • Mike Hedrick
    Mike Hedrick 13 days ago

    Nolar Ryan. Fastest pitcher ever and for the longest time ever.

  • Mike Hedrick
    Mike Hedrick 13 days ago

    His mechanics suck

  • Joshua Hudson
    Joshua Hudson 13 days ago

    it's really hard watching this guy throw the ball.

  • Bobby Spence
    Bobby Spence 13 days ago

    you play ball like a girl

  • Gooeycrayon 86
    Gooeycrayon 86 14 days ago

    I throw a 56 MPH fastball and I am only 13 years old.

  • Wavis
    Wavis 14 days ago

    106 is the fastest

  • Scott Seim
    Scott Seim 14 days ago

    I'm 14 and I almost throw 80mph

  • Ian Harper
    Ian Harper 15 days ago

    its not impossible i think, it starts with the frame and build of your body, Aroldis Chapman is 6'4'' and has a really long wingspan.
    And Its more about downhill Momentum and force, which Aroldis uses also to his advantage, than it is about brute strength, Thats why players like Tim Lincecum could pitch, he is 5'11'' not that short, but short for a pitcher, really skinny, but what makes him able to throw 92+mph is his mechanics and delivery.

  • Ilya Cibko
    Ilya Cibko 15 days ago

    i don't care for baseball but for some reason this is really interesting

  • headquarters25
    headquarters25 15 days ago +2

    But how fast can you throw shade though?

  • Lil Griff
    Lil Griff 17 days ago

    Have you ever heard of a guy named alordis Chapman

  • WWE Guy
    WWE Guy 17 days ago

    I'm 13 and I can throw faster than this grown man that can only pitch 53 mph.

  • Wougal
    Wougal 17 days ago

    Show this video to Michael Kopech lol

  • B Redfern
    B Redfern 17 days ago

    I dislike videos like this. i would rather see you interview a pro hitter and ask them to describe the process, show the process. A pro hitter see's 1000's of fast balls and over time the reaction times become fine and a batter becomes accustomed to the environment. As a former ref, at the beginning of the season the various pitches were difficult to see. By the end of the first game you become accustomed to watching the ball fly at you and it becomes easier to pick up. The major leagues are in a different realm as a profession, they will be accustomed to standing in the line of fire, far more than a layman who is just doing it as a hobby. The human body is amazing because of what it can become accustomed to, what it can adapt to. What humans are used to now is far different than what we were used to 10, 20 and 30 years ago, and vise versa. The 110 mph fast ball is coming, count on it.

  • Singer Logan
    Singer Logan 18 days ago

    I throw 60-70

  • UnboxiToxic Gaming and Tech unboxing and review

    This guy is what like 20-30 years old? And he is throwing 53 mph?Wow

  • Y Rod
    Y Rod 19 days ago +1


  • Jack Bergqvist
    Jack Bergqvist 19 days ago

    why didnt they get a guy who wasn't dyspraxic to test the throw?

  • Cale Linefelser
    Cale Linefelser 19 days ago

    When I was 11 I threw 60+mph in 12 now

  • Nikol B
    Nikol B 19 days ago

    Chapman also beats and intimidates women with violence and guns. Just reminding everyone.

  • friedzombie4
    friedzombie4 21 day ago

    Almost Impossible, until augmentations becomes a thing a la Deus Ex.

  • Lucciano Molaro
    Lucciano Molaro 21 day ago

    A big difference is only closers used to throw the 100+ fastball now that there is starters throwing them there career will be short compared to others it's a rear thing where someone can throw 100+ for a long season where they throw 75 pitches at 90+ miles and their arm will be garbage pretty quickly

  • Mark Mark
    Mark Mark 21 day ago

    Move the pitcher's mound further away, been doing it forever in golf as they become stronger and longer. People want to see the ball hit, speed is ruining that.

  • Rob White
    Rob White 22 days ago

    Speed is good. But it's all about movement

  • Dream_Killer56 7
    Dream_Killer56 7 22 days ago

    When I was 13 I could throw faster than 70

  • Niall
    Niall 23 days ago

    Crap sport.

  • Jo Mama
    Jo Mama 23 days ago


  • Philadelphia Collins
    Philadelphia Collins 23 days ago

    Lol I'm only 7 years old and can throw 103 Mph on average! This dude needs to step up his game!

  • Noscamsorspams Cantbeplayed

    I don't want a contract, there is a human who can pitch 115....me....

  • Noscamsorspams Cantbeplayed

    I would like to challenge the yankee pitcher with fastest ball currently.

  • Sergeant Pickles
    Sergeant Pickles 24 days ago

    I don’t want to be that guy who compares American sports with other sports, but a batsman in cricket has about 0.45 seconds to react to a fast bowlers delivery, and unlike baseball the bowler is allowed to aim the ball wherever he likes, including directly at the batsman’s head. In addition the batsman has to react to any inconsistencies in the bounce of the ball off the pitch. I would say that is much tougher than facing a fast ball in baseball.
    I would advise anyone interested look up Mitchell starc’s ball to James Vince earlier this year or look up ‘cricket bouncers’ on youtube.

  • idk.vince
    idk.vince 24 days ago

    i got a linedrive to the face the other day

  • Lee
    Lee 25 days ago

    Wish I had this information when I was in high school. I was throwing between 89 and 96 mph in grade 11 just messing around in the pitching cages. I threw my arm out and I can maybe get 3 to 5 pitches out before my arm acts up today. That's what having fun and no parental guidance does I guess.

  • ResidentEvil rican
    ResidentEvil rican 25 days ago

    He is not athletic at all

  • Johan Andersson
    Johan Andersson 25 days ago

    well.. throwing like a girl, no wonder you only manage to reach 50 mph

  • chum chum
    chum chum 26 days ago

    Kenny powers can throw 110 mph fast balls

  • Mr. Mill
    Mr. Mill 26 days ago

    Oh? But a joooosed up Barry Bond could SEE it and SMaCk it over center field!!!!
    If a drunk can show up and make Hall of Fame whacks...I got no problem with crackheads or juicers

  • Tyler Billingsley
    Tyler Billingsley 26 days ago

    That’s sad I’m 12 and I throw 62mph

  • Joe
    Joe 26 days ago

    the knuckleball is the best pitch in the game of baseball

  • Eric Westlin
    Eric Westlin 26 days ago

    I don't throw anything at MPH, I throw stuff at KMPH.

  • xNational Anthem
    xNational Anthem 26 days ago

    My arms hurts now

  • Fred Brissett
    Fred Brissett 27 days ago

    Its going to happen someone will pitch it

  • Ben Meadows
    Ben Meadows 27 days ago

    They should at least have a bat handle to hold to make it more natural on the VR system

  • Timothy Stratton
    Timothy Stratton 27 days ago

    Didn’t watch the video. It’s the same reason it’s impossible to run 35 mph or bicycle 50 mph uphill or clear 10 feet on the high jump. Humans are humans

  • Dawson Samples
    Dawson Samples 27 days ago

    This dude is so cringy to watch pitch and try and bat, literally not athletic at all😂

  • Hammerlongballo 12345
    Hammerlongballo 12345 27 days ago

    Chapman threw 106

  • P.O.I. Tactical
    P.O.I. Tactical 28 days ago

    Why would they send the most uncoordinated guy ever to do this haha

  • Roah Temple
    Roah Temple 28 days ago

    Nolan Ryan there 108.8

  • jliller
    jliller 28 days ago

    Isn't it possible to throw faster than 110 mph in softball because they pitch underhand instead of overhand?

    • TheMitmit03
      TheMitmit03 11 days ago

      jliller softball velocities are WAY lower than baseball velocities. Their fastball are around 60-70 max

  • Chris Allen
    Chris Allen 28 days ago

    Newton meters is a unit of energy not force

  • Sean Cauffiel
    Sean Cauffiel 28 days ago

    1. The host has no idea how to throw a ball. 2. There are other tough-to-hit pitches to throw.

  • Emay Asico
    Emay Asico 28 days ago

    Furuya of Diamond no Ace throws 150 mph fastball hahaha. It's an anime tho haha

  • EvilerOsprey 0
    EvilerOsprey 0 29 days ago

    Go look at chapmen’s world record fastball which is faster than 110mph

  • Never24Summer
    Never24Summer 29 days ago

    he throws like he has two left hands. Embarrassing.

  • NikNicky
    NikNicky 29 days ago

    HR plus AR>11

  • Dover
    Dover Month ago

    it's not 50ms for a trained professional. I play CSGO casually and my reaction time is about 30ms. Pro Batters probably have a reaction time of 15-25ms.

  • Cvnfess
    Cvnfess Month ago

    Theres this kid named Jordan in my friends league who throws 60-70. But Jordan broke his arm this year

  • Tbone productions
    Tbone productions Month ago

    All that’s left are boring stories of Glory days

  • Chri5_805 _
    Chri5_805 _ Month ago

    Why does the old guy look like lil can but old

  • Harshit Singh
    Harshit Singh Month ago

    Cricketers throw balls at 90mph with a straight arm.

  • Terence Wood
    Terence Wood Month ago

    Ever considered doing a similar video on cricketers? Would be interesting to find out how the bounce of the ball affects things.