Why It's Almost Impossible to Throw a 110 MPH Fastball | WIRED

  • Published on Apr 12, 2018
  • More and more pitchers are throwing triple digits. The fastest of them tops out at 105 MPH. WIRED examines why the 110 MPH fastball is almost impossible.
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    Why It's Almost Impossible to Throw a 110 MPH Fastball | WIRED
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  • Jfk Monkey
    Jfk Monkey 7 hours ago

    I wanted to see him throw the ball and beat the world record in front of the professional. Now *that* would be cool.

  • Juixy TV
    Juixy TV 8 hours ago

    I threw a 234 mph curveball and I’m only 3 wym

  • Ziam Fian
    Ziam Fian 9 hours ago

    Last year I threw 100kmh (60mph) on average and I was 12 and there accurate

  • Og Mandino
    Og Mandino Day ago +1

    Maybe someone identical to Aroldis Chapman's perfect delivery, but a little taller, and a little more weight. He maximizes his lower body mechanics, as well as his arm and shoulder mechanics, together in perfect harmony. Watch how he uses all of his legs and hips for max power, leaving nothing behind. His dip and coil with that kick before that explosive uncoil. That perfect delivery.

  • Jared Brunner
    Jared Brunner 3 days ago

    Jordan Hicks rookie year was 18 if they counted his stats in the beginning it would have been totally different

  • shane to the max
    shane to the max 3 days ago

    Ummm you ever heard about nolan Ryan he supposedly threw 115

  • TOM
    TOM 3 days ago +7

    "You're gonna throw between 70 and 80 mph"
    *THROWS 53MPH*

  • train nerd 365
    train nerd 365 4 days ago

    Just bring Chapman here he can almost can throw 110 mph

  • BigheadFreak
    BigheadFreak 4 days ago

    Fake news, limits will always be broken. Next time let’s get an actual athlete for a video like this. This guy is making himself look dumb

  • Nico Gallegos
    Nico Gallegos 5 days ago

    But did y’all know Nolan Ryan approximately threw a 109 fastball there ya go

  • itryocasionally
    itryocasionally 6 days ago

    Sidd Finch could throw 160+ mph

  • 1b ACE on the case
    1b ACE on the case 6 days ago

    aroldniss Chapman did not throw the fastest Nolan Ryan did because the radar gun was messed up googl e it

    • Stefan Kurpick
      Stefan Kurpick 4 days ago

      You do realise you're talking about the 70's when radar guns were new. Thats just a story and could never be a proven fact. Thats why chapman holds the record.

  • Krish Patel
    Krish Patel 7 days ago

    Whos watching this after seeing the hitting a 250mph fastball Stanley Anderson lol

    • Krish Patel
      Krish Patel 7 days ago

      I liked my comments cause no one else will

  • Sonny Simpson
    Sonny Simpson 8 days ago

    No it’s 115mph he hit Andrew mcutchen

  • Devan vlogs
    Devan vlogs 8 days ago +1

    Chuck Norris........that's all I have to say

  • 陳柏安
    陳柏安 8 days ago

    all about your arm swing

  • black tiger 61
    black tiger 61 9 days ago

    Come on America use metric systems

  • AlphaFunction
    AlphaFunction 9 days ago

    Let me check my speed

  • Battalion Soldier
    Battalion Soldier 9 days ago

    Sorry I just cringed a lot when you tried saying Aroldis Chapman.....smh

  • Itzz _ elmatatan1320

    The fastest pitch is 106 by the players in the yankees

  • Eliza SAENZ
    Eliza SAENZ 9 days ago

    I'm throwing 60 and I'm 11 this guy is a bot

  • Memester Man
    Memester Man 9 days ago +1

    His hitting stance is hilarious

  • X Gen
    X Gen 9 days ago

    There's somethin I say there's somethin kinda _yeeeeh_ about a kid that's never played baseball.

  • Peepthestreak
    Peepthestreak 10 days ago

    What about micheal kopeck

  • Nathan Emery
    Nathan Emery 10 days ago

    Kenley Jansen of the dodgers does not throw a fastball he throws a cutter instead

  • Bobby Bobman
    Bobby Bobman 11 days ago

    Please see www.reddit.com/r/baseball/comments/4sckj3/nolan_ryans_108mph_fastball/ ... some sources argue one of his pitches hit 109 on today's radar guns ... so 110 probably possible.

  • Ummm Hm
    Ummm Hm 11 days ago +1

    Believe it or not, I’ve done it. I went up to that mound in Wii Sports Baseball and whipped 130mph ball right past that stinkin mii

  • Trystin Davis
    Trystin Davis 11 days ago

    I throw 80 and I’m 14. This dudes like in his 30’s and can’t even throw 60💀

    • asap joseph
      asap joseph 11 days ago

      We got a badass over here guys

  • JMasters 1000
    JMasters 1000 11 days ago +1

    What if Aroldis Chapman threw a little league ball

  • Bob Nardaddy
    Bob Nardaddy 11 days ago +26

    Didn't Aroldis throw 106 tho

    • DarkFlamez XXX
      DarkFlamez XXX 2 days ago

      Lol thot it was 108

    • Captaindenied
      Captaindenied 9 days ago

      it was 105.8 lol so it got rounded up on the radar gun but it wasn’t officially 106

  • Ben Mullin
    Ben Mullin 11 days ago

    2:20 106mph!!

  • Hydro Snipez
    Hydro Snipez 11 days ago

    My uncle is bob feller

  • D B
    D B 12 days ago

    An Arab and baseball? WTF!?

  • legit legit
    legit legit 12 days ago +11

    Just watching this makes my elbow hurt

  • Eddie Kidd
    Eddie Kidd 12 days ago +14

    I'm sorry but this guy throws like my sister... 😁

  • Cody Stull
    Cody Stull 12 days ago +1

    I throw harder than that guy and I'm 12

    • TheBatugan77
      TheBatugan77 10 days ago

      Apparently you can't talk or type.

  • It’s ya boi TOXIN
    It’s ya boi TOXIN 12 days ago

    i’m 15 and my curveball goes 53 mph

  • Joseph Napolitano
    Joseph Napolitano 12 days ago +2

    3:20 the way he’s standing upright bothers me

  • nate means
    nate means 13 days ago

    I remember my first time throwing a baseball... Jesus Christ, I can throw harder with my glove hand.

  • dezza nats are big
    dezza nats are big 13 days ago

    I can throw 68 but I'm 13

  • b daddy
    b daddy 13 days ago


  • Connor Hayes
    Connor Hayes 13 days ago

    you pronounced Aroldis wrong

  • Nick Harris
    Nick Harris 14 days ago +3

    Chapman actually threw 106

  • Thomas Watterson
    Thomas Watterson 14 days ago

    you are soo bad at throwing😂😂

  • Polar ll
    Polar ll 14 days ago

    Actually Nolan Ryan threw faster than 110 but people don't know because the way they measured the speed of the pitch was different back when he played

  • kevin patrick
    kevin patrick 14 days ago +4

    he really said aroldis wrong....

  • Anthony R
    Anthony R 15 days ago

    Zdeno Chara rips 109mph slap shots 10 feet in front of the goalie....lmaooo

  • ben judd
    ben judd 15 days ago

    *jordan hicks has joined the chat

  • Vanilla Gorilla
    Vanilla Gorilla 16 days ago

    53 mph...wow. I threw harder when I was 8.

  • 4 Eyed Animation
    4 Eyed Animation 16 days ago

    Sidd Finch threw 129 mph...look it up!

  • Big Chungus And Shaggy are gods!!!

    Shaggy can do it easy

  • DylanxxxVillian
    DylanxxxVillian 17 days ago


  • 1000 subscribers With 0 videos challenge

    Nolan Ryan threw 107

  • Tysen Maple
    Tysen Maple 19 days ago

    Also I am 16 and throw 84

  • Tysen Maple
    Tysen Maple 19 days ago

    Dude it wouldn’t matter if the guy was throwing 10 miles an hour with that swing you couldn’t hit anything

  • Johnny
    Johnny 19 days ago

    I’m 7 years old and my average FB speed is 700 mph and my offspeed is 50 mph with a 20 foot break

  • Wumbo
    Wumbo 20 days ago

    I threw a 92 mph when I was 11, sorry for flexing.

    RE2PECT 20 days ago

    If Aroldis Chapman does STEROIDS....

  • Daniel Ogordi
    Daniel Ogordi 20 days ago +1

    *Babe Ruth has entered the chat*


    *Aroldis Chapman has entered the chat*

  • Daniel
    Daniel 21 day ago +4

    The guy who does these videos is so cute and sweet

  • Bucky Brown
    Bucky Brown 24 days ago

    Total BS. I was recently clocked at 107 and could have gone higher but my arm was tired. Watch it- www.imdb.com/name/nm2827073

  • Alex Dashkoff
    Alex Dashkoff 25 days ago

    I don’t believe it. 60-70 years ago scientists were saying that breaking the 4 minute mile was impossible and they turned out to be wrong

  • Capt777harris
    Capt777harris 26 days ago

    Stop using uptalk. If you don't know, then don't ask us, your audience, to answer your statements.

  • James Cox
    James Cox 27 days ago

    My man nolan

  • Ireallyreally Hategoogle

    No mention of the batter watching the pitcher to know where the ball is going.

  • bald bread
    bald bread 28 days ago

    Ever heard of hurling

  • TTV. Big Chungus
    TTV. Big Chungus Month ago

    the main guy sucks at baseball

  • George Frank Hayford-Taylor

    is that guy just boring?
    or is it me?

  • Blake Schaaf
    Blake Schaaf Month ago

    Is that at Montclair park in Oakland, CA?

  • nivbri
    nivbri Month ago

    Syndergaard will do it

  • 011
    011 Month ago

    I'd rather see my sister as the guinea pig in this scenario...and I don't have a sister

  • Southern Viking
    Southern Viking Month ago

    Steve Dalkowski did....check YT.

  • Kant Drawl
    Kant Drawl Month ago

    2:31... Also an authority on double chin mechanics.

  • acid brat
    acid brat Month ago +39

    >builds $50,000 batting cage
    >can't bring a bat inside

  • Dazidan
    Dazidan Month ago

    That batting cage looks overly complicated, they should just stick to the rift/vive

  • doobi1
    doobi1 Month ago

    if the limit is how much the arm tendon can take what about prosthetic arms?

  • Baseshocks
    Baseshocks Month ago

    It's getting a little crazy with sports, whats next breeding athletes? Find people with larger lungs and perfect muscle/bone structure and get them to have a baby?

  • Alexander Butler
    Alexander Butler Month ago

    Steroids mofos. Itll be a 5"11 dude (short for a pitcher) who has insane arm action cant field cant pick anyone off and the catcher will be scared. Nevermind the batter.
    They said the 4 minute mile was impossible. 110 is only a freak and a cycle away. He wont last long but youll all remember his name.

  • tyler lott
    tyler lott Month ago

    That simulator is a waste of money 😂

  • mohammed shajeel
    mohammed shajeel Month ago

    In cricket our bowlers bowl regularly around 145 fastest every recorded is 163.8

  • Chris Moody
    Chris Moody Month ago

    Think about what a Hockey Goaltender has to go thru to make a stop on a 118 mph slap shot. And the distances can be much shorter with even less time to react. Plus a puck is traveling flat making it 1.5” thick.

  • Andrew Sullivan
    Andrew Sullivan Month ago

    106mph Chapman

  • Ian Nelly
    Ian Nelly Month ago +2

    Top 3 fastest ever:
    Nolan Ryan
    Aroldis Chapman
    Jordan Hicks

    • Ian Nelly
      Ian Nelly 21 day ago

      +Mickey Drago Fastball, a documentary on the fastest throwers in history, used technology to to find out really how hard Nolan Ryan threw. They found that he threw faster than Chapman does now.

    • Mickey Drago
      Mickey Drago 21 day ago +1

      +Bradley Hancock
      Bob Feller like to say he threw well over 100 but probably never did...

    • Mickey Drago
      Mickey Drago 21 day ago +1

      You should put Chapman at the top

    • Bradley Hancock
      Bradley Hancock 21 day ago

      Ian Nelly where is Bob Feller on the list

  • CJD Sports
    CJD Sports Month ago

    by the time this video was made didnt he hit 106

  • Don R. Mueller, Ph.D.

    Sissy-throwing and sissy-hitting. Poor guy has no clue.

  • 최우성
    최우성 Month ago

    Can 2k people who disliked throw over 110mph fastball?

  • Alyssa Elaine
    Alyssa Elaine Month ago

    Josh James of the Houston Astros made his MLB debut in 2018 and the very first pitch he threw was 102 mph 😍😍😍

  • Barnaby Dodd
    Barnaby Dodd Month ago

    The numbers make it seem so impossible to hit a fastball... but it isn't as hard as they make it seem. I mean, some average joe off the street can't do it, but that's because they suck at baseball. The reason it's so hard in the MLB is because you don't know what pitch the pitcher is going to throw, and the pitchers are incredible. The difference in speeds and movement of the different pitches is what throws batters off. If a fastball was thrown every single time, they would be absolutely crushed constantly. It's not as hard as people think to see the ball immediately after it's released and be able to react in time to hit it. I've played baseball through college, and obviously I'm not a pro, but I have played enough baseball to give you an idea. First of all, you are "loading up" your body and preparing to swing before the ball is even released. You are timing your load up with the pitcher's wind up. So by the time he releases the ball, you are already starting the beginning phase of your swing. And when the ball is released, you see the ball immediately and don't have to think. It just "looks good" or "looks outside" or "looks inside". You just recognize it instantly.
    And a 110 fastball might be impossible off the mound, but just about a month ago, Astros prospect Forrest Whitley crow-hopped and threw the ball as hard as he could and it registered 110 mph on the gun. Can't find the video on TVclip, but it's on Twitter.

  • Que Hughes
    Que Hughes Month ago

    53 MPH hahahahahah WTF

  • Tom Fisher
    Tom Fisher Month ago

    Does it hurt to get hit by a virtual pitch?

  • Chloe P
    Chloe P Month ago

    I play baseball on a boys team and I throw 60-70 and my change up is 55

  • Elijah Mokriakow
    Elijah Mokriakow Month ago

    im 10 i throw 66 mph

  • Cresh
    Cresh 2 months ago

    Two words: robot arms

  • tangles01
    tangles01 2 months ago

    Why would you not have a virtual bat in your hands?

  • Thot Patrol
    Thot Patrol 2 months ago

    I just tested how fast I can throw I am able to throw at 108 mph

  • Evans Cheuka
    Evans Cheuka 2 months ago

    He hits 250mph ball ,,,,,,,, tvclip.biz/video/5o_vCPJpPOs/video.html

  • Jalon Dickson
    Jalon Dickson 2 months ago

    i take all 3 of those comments. it actually 168 mph.

  • Jalon Dickson
    Jalon Dickson 2 months ago

    the fastest ever baseball pitch is 143 miles per hour

  • SwampertandAggron
    SwampertandAggron 2 months ago

    I am pretty sure Ted Williams said that about the slider, not the fastball.