Higher Education - Ultra Spiritual Life episode 58

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  • Andres Abastante

    Writing from a 3rd world country, where a college degree can be obtained with virtually no money, this is amazing.

  • BattleNo0bFaiLTV

    I wanted to feel superior, because here in Germany you don't have to pay tuition anymore (covert by the state), however I was told by a Finish exchange student at my college that she get's paid (however little it might be) by the government (not financial aid... actual salary) for getting a higher education.

  • Secretsofsociety
    Secretsofsociety 2 days ago

    Most of college could have been taught in grade school. Sadly most people in public school are so stupid they hold everyone else back. Anyway I work a job that requires a degree but don't have one. It sucks not having any bargaining power. They know it will be harder for you to find another job so they treat you like crap.

  • Dargonhuman
    Dargonhuman 2 days ago

    "That's what I was taught to think, so I think that's what I actually think."
    I died right there.

  • MacHalaG
    MacHalaG 2 days ago


  • Meow
    Meow 3 days ago

    I stopped the video in the middle.
    There are some things that are true. There are people that never studies and are ridiculously successful. There are people that finished a master and they either don't work the thing that they studied for or even worse, they have a money problem.There is a ton of information on the web and in theory you don't need a university to get any knowledge.
    The truth.1. If you don't have the regular practice of a particular branch, nobody is going to even read your resume. Imagine a doctor that haven't been practicing in a university for years. Staying on a PC and reading is not practice, it's sitting and reading.2. University is the totally opposite world of sitting at home and reading about rockets or biology. In a university you get to be introduced to all of the essentials of being a rocket scientist and a doctor. Also there are people that go to universities and seek people, they don't knock on doors and ask if you know anything about perpetual fuel or how nerves and muscles work together. They need to look at you every day visiting a class room for years and they get to know how capable let you are.
    3.those people that you showed on the pictures. For example Bill Gates. Although he owns a stadium and buildings with offices all around the world. And although that you never saw his bank account balance...
    How much is the population of planet Earth and how many people live successful lives without studying and how many of them live successful lives with a diploma?
    If I had a company that has a lot of employees and there is a huge amount of money going though it every single day, I would never allow a person without a diploma on a position such as a manager, CEO, lawyer, team leader and so on.Hell I wouldn't even look at their application.He never proved that he is capable of managing this and the university is the only.place where you are allowed to prove yourself without risking something valuable.
    Imagine a doctor. Would that doctor be allowed to do anything in a hospital without being proven that he is capable of managing this?
    In a university, except little things like, the fact that he was getting up every single day in the morning visiting the class room and he was listening closely and studied (that proves that he has discipline)
    He goes to practice under the control of somebody who can decide whenever he is capable or not.
    Your videos are funny and I enjoy them but this one is out of place.

  • Sy Vallone
    Sy Vallone 3 days ago

    You know it's real if an Uber driver can make more money than a loan officer at Quicken Loans.

  • Malcolm Caden
    Malcolm Caden 3 days ago

    I’m Australian so no real dept our university’s are research based etc not this American bull shit and also don’t get useless degrees arts degree and well this must be American lol gender studies what in the fuck lol. There are two genders end of story.

  • Tom
    Tom 3 days ago

    I didn't go to collage... I went to flight school! Haha!
    Fuck you ALL! BOOM!

  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson 4 days ago

    If you take this as a “one size fits all” “nobody should go to college message” I hate to tell you, but you’re probably not smart enough for college.

  • John Lang
    John Lang 4 days ago

    I wasted 10 + years trying to get a degree, but at this time I didn't knew about your procrastination video.

  • Bach Phan
    Bach Phan 4 days ago

    College is stupid and expensive
    But not a waste of time :D

  • Dave White
    Dave White 4 days ago

    I totally agree with JP! I have a master's in Healthcare Administration but I am under-employed. The only thing required for my position is a high school diploma and a one semester certificate. Before I started my MS degree, I was told that upon graduation, I would make up to $75,000 a year. Of course, I wanted to enroll in their on-line MS degree! However, the one thing they left out during their sales pitch was that I also needed 1-5 years of experience in the job field in order to land a job in Healthcare Administration.
    After graduating, I was confident that I could go out there wearing my degree as my badge of success and land a high-paying job that would fit my degree. However, time and time again, was disappointed when I was turned down because I lacked "experience". People 15 years younger than me were getting jobs in the field I wanted to work in because they had the experience and the degree. Thinking back on it now, I wish I never got my MS degree. Here I am engrossed in student loan debt but I don't even make enough to pay my student loans.
    There's the problem. So what's the solution? Any ideas?

  • Emely
    Emely 6 days ago

    Videos like these make me even more grateful for my free tuition

  • IVORY123100
    IVORY123100 6 days ago

    I had a choice .. Either go to college and pay someone to teach me something I was interested in or Save my money and go to a library .... and teach myself for free !!! and to teach myself to think freely !.. Looking back I screwed up by not having that diploma !! .. I would later write an instructional book , Offered a professorship , Work with architects that leaned on my " Unlearned " perspective ... Learning is a form of music .. Those that study the modes and scales confine their ideas to a set of rules and seldom venture outside of the pattern .

  • Billy Bob Thornton
    Billy Bob Thornton 6 days ago

    Went to college later in life, got a B.S. in engineering, and since I was a non-traditional student my state paid my tuition and a stipend which usually totaled over $1,000 a quarter. I literally made money going to school. Besides my mortgage, I have zero debt right out of college. That degree gave me two job offers shooting me from poverty income status to upper-middle-class income status before I even graduated. Tech degrees are for the vast majority of people who want financial independence without having to be Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Most startups fail miserably. You certainly don't need a degree to be successful, but certain types make it way easier, especially if you hail from a reputable university with connections to industry.

  • Antonio Teixeira
    Antonio Teixeira 6 days ago

    MASTERPIECE! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 9 days ago +1

    So how do you become a Surgeon without college?

  • Michelle Matthews* wake-up *

    Love it x

  • Michelle Matthews* wake-up *

    Perfection at show ing the truth x

  • Michelle Matthews* wake-up *

    You are so so so funny mun. Everyone should have you in their school s x

  • Michelle Matthews* wake-up *

    Ha ha ha ha

  • Lawrence Lentini
    Lawrence Lentini 9 days ago +1

    Jobs require degrees because they're not allowed to take an IQ test

  • Bacteria Spread
    Bacteria Spread 9 days ago

    Somehow feeling gradeful to be borned at Greece where education is free.

    • Bacteria Spread
      Bacteria Spread 7 days ago

      Jon Sua yes you are right.. but it is an advantage. I start my life without any debt and then if someone want to (lots of people do it) leave the country and start fresh.

    • Jon Sua
      Jon Sua 7 days ago

      Bacteria Spread someone's paying for it , nothing is free in life, think taxes

  • bdabest3
    bdabest3 10 days ago

    well... it's proven that IVY league graduates have on average a much higher salary than mid~low level universities and most "good" schools have good scholarship programs. And college does offer you much more than learning a major. being a university grad is NOT a must but it is true that most successful people are from the best schools

  • Acid Rain
    Acid Rain 10 days ago

    My brother has a masters degree in mechanical engineering. He was a substitute teacher for two years since he graduated and is now a librarian earning minimum wage and still lives with the rents because he's too lazy to get out there and find job in his line of studies. I have a high school diploma and work in the financial/corporate sector earning three times what he earns and live by myself in a spacious apartment. And I'm the failure in the family because I didn't go to uni and get myself into debt? Puulease.

    • Acid Rain
      Acid Rain 6 days ago

      Billy Bob Thornton He's got the good life now. Lives with the parents, earns minimum wage, pays very little rent, etc. He didn't go to uni of his own accord. Our father helped him to register and apply for his student grant. Otherwise he'd never done it on his own. He once admitted that he was going to uni to please and make our father proud. Little good it did him. And it's a waste of 4 years. I would be mighty pissed do all that hard work, to actually learn something I loved and knew could be applied in the world... to only end up earning minimum wage in a job anyone with common sense could do.

    • Billy Bob Thornton
      Billy Bob Thornton 6 days ago

      So your brother is too lazy to find a job in his field, but he wasn't too lazy to get a Master's in Mech-E??? Something doesn't compute.

  • aliendisco 3779
    aliendisco 3779 11 days ago

    I wonder how that video rental store is doing?

  • Milan Rydl
    Milan Rydl 12 days ago

    damn, I am in college

  • Organic Grow
    Organic Grow 13 days ago

    😂 🤣

  • Anarcho Spiritualist
    Anarcho Spiritualist 13 days ago

    Whoa. That was deep. You could make more money with these on steemit.com and d.tube. And steemit can't censor them.

  • catlife
    catlife 13 days ago

    The point of education is not to get a job. Some if your videos are really funny but some just make you seem ignorant and off-putting. A degree shouldn't be 100k. And at that price, it might not be worth it, but that doesn't make it any less valuable.

  • Fayeza Fahim
    Fayeza Fahim 13 days ago

    So true... It makes me wanna cry 😢

  • Jim Walker
    Jim Walker 13 days ago

    After 10 years, if you go and pay for college for 4 years and then have six years of experience, or start in a trade (electrician/welder/plumber) and get 10 years experience who do you believe will have earned more? Remember to subtract the college costs from you six years of earning.

  • Zachary Towery
    Zachary Towery 13 days ago

    Love this video. I choose not to get a degree and I still got hired into my dream job, based on my aptitude and work history. I love what I do and have the weekends and evenings off to spend time with my family. I also have no student loans. Jobs hire you not your degree.

  • Cori Silver
    Cori Silver 13 days ago

    This is why I'm glad I have the opportunity to be at BYUI, it's only $2000 a semester, and housing is about $1000 a semester. If I rely purely on student loans to get through, I'll have a maximum debt of $30,000.
    Normally I'd say "screw college, I can make it on my own." But I want to be a teacher, so I just have to suck it up.

  • Randy Magnum
    Randy Magnum 14 days ago

    People who know a trade are the worst. If they're so smart, they'd have gone to college so they wouldn't have had to fill their head with all that knowledge.

  • Hennessy Blues
    Hennessy Blues 14 days ago

    I know the best way to start makin money, is to first get into $100,000 dollars worth of debt, before you start makin money. So I decided to go to college. LOL

  • fredy gump
    fredy gump 14 days ago

    I obviously failed. I skipped college, and I continually fail to be homeless. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can you help me?

  • Kitty Mervine
    Kitty Mervine 14 days ago

    . Also if you want to be a teacher, it's nice to go to college. Or a nurse or doctor. There are lots of good reasons to go to college, like "I want to be a Neurologist." Also if you are interested in science, and want to play with the good toys, like deep sea diving submarine, you have to go to college. But scientists tend to do what they do as they LIKE IT, not for the money. And, they get a lot of scholarships....and jobs.

  • Kai-Sören Gerstenberg

    Luckily I don't study for success, I study for myself.

  • Evan W
    Evan W 15 days ago

    That is exactly how one of my old lecturers looked like... I have also realised you both look disturbingly like a younger Chuck Norris. Might have looked if he didn't suddenly come in to creation one day but yeah, disturbingly alike.

  • Mikhael Ethier
    Mikhael Ethier 16 days ago

    mostly applies to US. where i live my education cost not even 1.4k per semester, easy to pay just from a summer job.

  • RetroSupporter93
    RetroSupporter93 16 days ago

    100.000 bucks for a college degree?!
    Here in Germany, it's only, like, 250 € a year (bus tickets included). 😅

  • Steven G
    Steven G 17 days ago

    sorry.... but when I go to a doctor, I want to see that degree from a legit medical school that tells me that he finished the work and proved basic competency. I want the guy who designed the elevator that I'm riding in, to be an actual Engineer. I want my lawyer to have gone to law school. YES there are useless degrees to be had. YES a college degree is not a guarantee of fame and fortune (and anybody saying so is an asshole) but anyone even hinting that because people like Bill, Mark and Steve didn't finish school, that means nobody needs it- even in jest... is also an asshole.
    PS if you do not qualify for a single grant or scholarship to put a major dent in that 100k- maybe you should consider vocational training or something besides the easy majors that dumbfucks declare so they can party for 4 years.....on the outside chance that you're not funny enough to have your own TVclip channel that will have enough subs to pay the bills. I have a degree , and I used it to get a job I love, arguably overpaid for what I do, and without that piece of paper I'd be serving coffee for 1/8th the hourly rate. Stay in school, kids.

  • Darkmatter2134
    Darkmatter2134 18 days ago

    This guys stuff is fantastic, basically makes the same points I make.

  • Rusty shackleford
    Rusty shackleford 18 days ago

    Libreal arts degree. They know everything.. wish I did that than I can tell techs how to do stuff. Some how feeling teaches you everything

  • Elizabeth Nesland
    Elizabeth Nesland 19 days ago

    Dr./Professor Google

  • Jonathan Kelly
    Jonathan Kelly 19 days ago

    It is important to note though that this is only applicable to Americans. My Bachelor of Education in New Zealand will only cost about NZ$20,000, and it's interest-free, and I get $300 a week I don't have to pay back. The American education system is pretty foul.

  • Ian Hollis
    Ian Hollis 20 days ago +1

    Q: What's the first thing you hear from a college graduate?
    A: Would you like fries with that?

  • landon Holland
    landon Holland 20 days ago +1

    I’m a senior in high school and about to go into an electricians apprenticeship and I have had teachers tell me “ you need college before trade school!” Wow. Looks like it’s working for them.

  • PertNear
    PertNear 20 days ago

    Can I be OFFENDED😂? I found you by accident 2 days ago & going to your other vids....I'm telling you.... YOU ARE BRILLIANT! Slam us with all off 'it' 👊😄 in your hilarious (too close to *HILLARY* pardon may....texas tawk) WAY....

  • adrian
    adrian 20 days ago

    What is college?

  • arynne hempstock
    arynne hempstock 21 day ago +1

    Omg I have two honors diplomas and I am a hotel housekeeper( which I actually like); brilliant!

  • Filip Čarnogurský
    Filip Čarnogurský 21 day ago

    This gives me some valuable inspiration for my commonapp essay- deadline tomorrow!

  • Prisoned Gladiator
    Prisoned Gladiator 21 day ago

    oh gosh what an idiot,.those who dont have a degree and succeed are VERY VERY few.to be the next mark zuckemberg or steve jobs u have a 0.00000001% possibility to be so.stop bullshit and get educated.all who invented something were educated.

  • bayleybomber
    bayleybomber 23 days ago

    Mofo your going to open a porn shop

  • Daman Wilt
    Daman Wilt 24 days ago

    I wish I knew all this before I decided to go to college for 4 years and get nothing but debt out of it

  • Princessminty AJ
    Princessminty AJ 26 days ago

    “Probably thinks in Celsius or something”

  • Robert Bell
    Robert Bell 26 days ago

    College was the best 14 years of my life - seriously.

  • Grazi Fumaria
    Grazi Fumaria 27 days ago

    One of my favorite J.P !!!

  • Covfefe27PL
    Covfefe27PL 28 days ago

    My grandma doesn't respect people my age without college degree, I avoid talking to her whenever I can. She's a typical old person who doesn't have a degree herself, but thinks if you're young, you should be ashamed if you don't have one. I have 2 degrees (engineering and economy), I studied for 6 years, but it pisses me off that she thinks I'm better than other people because of that. Especially because none of it was something I was interested in. I just need a job, but I have no idea what I want to do. I'm interested in biology but what job can I have if I study biology? I can't be a teacher with social anxiety. Life sucks. I'm just really looking forward to die, I'm not even kidding.

  • Appleisgrand
    Appleisgrand 29 days ago

    Our Education system is a scam and failure, I decided not to have kids because he will died in college.

  • RedRoy Productions
    RedRoy Productions 29 days ago

    Well, college's biggest selling point isn't what you learn, but how you learn. Other than that, yeah....rip off.

  • Patricia P
    Patricia P Month ago

    Ok now I’m excited! I can tell my kid that she doesn’t need to keep going to school for her neurosurgery career! YES! Just watch a couple videos & do some internet research.
    This guy is very funny, except for this point.

  • Tyler Sudden II
    Tyler Sudden II Month ago

    Most of these degree holders can't even explain our monetary/debt system that's in the hands of a private cabal. Enjoy paying arbitrary interest on "money" created out of thin air. YOUR MOM GOES TO COLLEGE!

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago

    It's a little hard to go into the sciences without a degree. However, I do agree that Humanities and Liberal Arts degrees aren't worth the paper they're printed on.

  • Music Junkie
    Music Junkie Month ago

    I wish this was funny but its pure truth and a brilliant use of irony or reverse psychology

  • Bonnie Sather
    Bonnie Sather Month ago


  • Julia Mcloughlin
    Julia Mcloughlin Month ago

    Wow. This video is savage. How he's shitting on people who are just trying to better themselves is disgusting. What else should we do...and tell our kids...dont bother working at school and dont try hard because you probably wont get anywhere and there will be debt to.pay??!!! Grow up.you obnoxious arrogant man....these videos are self entitled and all.about you and no one else just so you can get a cheap laugh to get likes and views. People can do whatever course or education they choose and how it helps them in their life is nothing to do with you!!!!....Life is short; dont spread judgement via sarcastic passive aggressive videos that deflect from your own feelings onto shaming others for their life choices and dreams. Stop.trying to get likes by piss taking on everything and everyone else...you are not so perfect...and theres a saying in England people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...

  • Felishia González
    Felishia González Month ago

    I never got a degree as I ran out of money.
    I got a job as an engineer and now I wonder if that goddamn degree is necessary anyway.

  • Travis Retriever
    Travis Retriever Month ago

    As a guy with a degree in electrical engineering, 10/10.

  • Tim Jones
    Tim Jones Month ago

    Axl Rose?

  • sir Ethan
    sir Ethan Month ago

    This sounds like my sis

  • Rose Red
    Rose Red Month ago

    Not only have im been having doubts but now this video has made me super anxious

  • Corey Pattison
    Corey Pattison Month ago

    Alright everybody write this down: be an independent thinker. This was brought to you by an awesome animated series known as The Critic.

  • Corey Pattison
    Corey Pattison Month ago

    My IQ went up 10 points just by looking at your tie. Thank you JP!

  • Shashank Tiwary
    Shashank Tiwary Month ago

    Serious subject and expressed with so many funny punches. 😂😂

  • Annie Jane
    Annie Jane Month ago

    I love you JP! You crack me up😂

  • Dania Hernandez
    Dania Hernandez Month ago

    Great video!!!

  • Bells Bells
    Bells Bells Month ago

    Well said

  • CountryButterflyFAM

    Going to college doesn't guarantee you'll succeed in life, and not going to college doesn't mean you won't be successful. I've known people who have gone to college and are very poor. I've also known people who never went to college but have lots of money and a good job.

  • MegaHowtoMan
    MegaHowtoMan Month ago

    Please do a video on the US Dollar. What it's backed by.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Omg love it

  • Just Saying
    Just Saying Month ago

    This is funny, but all the people who seriously think they don't need to go to college should probably go to college. Or just start a youtube channel.

  • evolhtiwt raehehtmorf

    Tony Robbins doesn't have a college degree. University might be good for some things, but it's not good for everything, or everyone.

  • Cates White
    Cates White Month ago +1

    This needs to be seen by all delusional parents who try to shame their kids into college. 😂

  • Brian MacFarlane
    Brian MacFarlane Month ago

    I just subbed

  • Brian MacFarlane
    Brian MacFarlane Month ago

    Are u familiar with Mandela Effect?

  • Eva Rojas Bassist
    Eva Rojas Bassist Month ago

    Hillarious and true. Thank you so much for your videos.

  • IamPreTjenE
    IamPreTjenE Month ago

    Hit it out of the park!!!! I'm self employed and make 2 million a year and NO college degree!

  • Cilly Honey
    Cilly Honey Month ago

    I can''t find a job to save my life because I have no degree. My brother has a job at Apple, he got it because he had a degree. His degree is in Nuclear Physics, has nothing to do with his job. Go figure.

  • Kris Carman
    Kris Carman 2 months ago

    Education does not improve your intelligence... so dont expect it to. If you are a college graduate without a job, it is your own damn fault. Suck it up buttercup.

  • Alex Sestito
    Alex Sestito 2 months ago

    Or if you actually are smart you get a full ride and no debt..... sooo 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Jon Sua
      Jon Sua 7 days ago

      Alex Sestito they need model students for advertisement purposes, that's why they pay for high intelligence people to go, the school takes credit for everything you do anyhow , graduate school was a waste of time for me

  • Amber Mendell
    Amber Mendell 2 months ago


  • ContriveBrain
    ContriveBrain 2 months ago


  • Ala Kazaam
    Ala Kazaam 2 months ago

    I'm very offended

  • Lisa McGoogan
    Lisa McGoogan 2 months ago

    Still my favorite video

  • Renee Thiel
    Renee Thiel 2 months ago


  • john smith
    john smith 2 months ago

    You're gonna have to tone it down I have to pause to choke to death laughing. Hahahahaha

  • Shawn Benoit
    Shawn Benoit 2 months ago

    people have no idea how far a solid work ethic will take you. a bum with a degree is still a bum