Story Of When I Committed Adultery And Fornicated


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  • Karla Cardell
    Karla Cardell 7 days ago

    "How can you be the Bride of Christ and the girlfriend of satan?" Wow! Right!

  • chrisswagwilson
    chrisswagwilson 8 days ago

    Would love to have your take on weed

  • ZACH
    ZACH 17 days ago

    The three main writers of the Bible (Moses, David, and Paul) were murderers, among other sins.

  • Alexis Moreno
    Alexis Moreno 18 days ago

    Im struggling with this please pray😔🙏

  • Janice D. Hatcher
    Janice D. Hatcher 18 days ago

    Your speaking beyond your bone marrow. That's the deep place of formation & life.

  • Nina Nickel
    Nina Nickel 19 days ago

    I’ve never cheated. But it is very hard for me to forgive a cheater and let them back. I have a few exes that want to claim I cheated but breaking up and seeing someone else isn’t cheating. Threatening to kill yourself if someone doesn’t marry you, doesn’t make it a marriage. It makes it a hostage situation

  • Gospel Outside Ministries

    Fear God and keep His commandments. Amen!

  • Jacosta Lester
    Jacosta Lester 24 days ago

    I'm here working for Jesus at Door Dash.
    There's trucks all around. No drivers. A Smucker's "jelly" building nearby.
    I thought about the trafficking issue. I have watched them in the past. They seem to operate in an underground network.
    They met at Walmart and at the local park. I also saw their tactics to gaslight ME and the plot to send me to an mental hospital BACK THEN. They lie lie lie and I followed my ex and startled a police officer when I arrived and they were prepared to meet at Walmart.
    During that time, there were songs on the radio eluding, at least by my belief, to the overnight witchery and evil, including the T-pain 5:00 in the morning. There were commercials on at the time.
    As a mother who knew that I wasn't crazy, I stopped believing in medication, especially the mental health kind.
    I have watched and heard the "don't tell" culture in the Spirit and seen it around. I heard a homosexual version of my son's voice in my Spirit.
    Today I heard commands to get out bitch and things like that. In the past, the ex-spouse used to talk to my son, questioning his manhood. I didn't understand it. The voice sounded like an evil male father, the way my ex appeared.
    The evils say that "nobody wants us" and "God hates us and will never love us.
    In 2012 I saw:
    My son used to hang off of me when we hugged in a way that appeared dead at times.
    My son disrobed in his bedroom, stood before his bedroom window, and peared out into the neighborhood. I didn't understand it.
    My son throw a rock in the road and told me that I did it. Pray to heal his tongue, heart, and mind. I didn't teach him to do this.
    He made strange hand gestures out of the window and squealed in a child-like way and played an odd game of peek-a-boo. It scared me and I watched over Him as I didn't know what to do. He moved nearly fully inautonomously. He stood before a motel window and opened the curtain. I spazzed. I didn't know what to do as the system all looked like we couldn't trust anyone.
    He had an odd affinity for:
    Garbage trucks
    Dump trucks
    I still don't desire to speak autism over my baby. He struggled to speak. I was an angry mother, and attempted to hide my hands as an angry spanker. I plan to post videos.
    My son used to come from the barber with cuts on his face.
    When he was younger, he put a block between the legs of a teddy bear. I went to the Rocky Mount police department. He did a strange pee pee dance when he looked at the cop. He treated him like a person he didn't trust.
    He also seemed oddly friendly and open to firemen, police officers, and greeted strangers all over.
    He told a police officer in New Kent County VA that he wanted to wear a sheriff's dress.
    It looked like an underground railroad for sickos. The Spirits, knowing I have the Holy Ghost have been attempting to make me speak evil things over my child.
    The land needs healing.
    I have been trusting with my child, not because I don't care. I know that God cares. These voices have been working at devouring my child.

    I think a missing puzzle piece is the condiments. I noticed this when I saw an forboding truck stop set up.
    When I say that I am "working for Door Dash". I don't. I love Christ. The commandments and texts used on these types of jobs are potentially linked.
    These jobs, they run orders using the "phones". These are victims of Spiritual seduction. There are some mediums, committed to it, who are bothering horribly.
    The help networks seem to be in on it. Approach with the Holy Spirit. For instance, reporting a trafficking issue to a help network is like running to the crips to report the crips. This post, in the open.
    I believe the devil has it all in the Beyonce songs. They write her music and deal with her image, closely.
    Ask God.

  • Jevon Matthews
    Jevon Matthews 24 days ago

    Luke 7:47 (KJV)
    Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, [the same] loveth little.

  • C D
    C D 26 days ago

    Please pray for me. Ever since my grandmother passed last week I am regretting my whole life. My tattoos my choices. I feel as though there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I am stuck in this body forever. God please help me, I have a family to take care of and cannot feel like this anymore😭

  • Lets talk about it with Drea McBride Foster

    Yes you are speaking truth

  • Billy Hughes
    Billy Hughes Month ago

    Your somebody whose been through it I appreciate you putting this up

  • Rick Cata
    Rick Cata Month ago

    If you fornicate you lose the holy ghost

  • Maya Gaines
    Maya Gaines Month ago

    Well, you are about to commit adultery again. You have a living wife and another household yet you're pursuing another. You are worse than the Samaritan woman and Herod. At least they acknowledged their wrong. When will you learn?
    You still have to provide for your first wife IN ADDITION to the children you had in that marriage and the children from the second marriage as well. You have to still love that first wife like Christ loves the Church. Even God told adulterous Israel to come back to Him. Paul also emphasized that believers are to keep their unbelieving spouses UNLESS they choose to leave themselves, but EVEN THEN he never encouraged remarriage.
    Marcus, not only are you about to commit adultery (and are doing so in your heart), but you are leading your "fiance" to commit fornication and are keeping her from finding a lawful spouse in the Lord.
    Please repent of this sin and do it no more. If you don't want your first wife, then you *must* stay chaste until she dies. Daniel made himself a eunuch for the Lord, Paul was unmarried, and Anna stayed unmarried 84 years after being widowed after 7 years of marriage. We all have a cross to bear in order to walk with Christ... this would appear to be yours.

  • Aphrodite Blighty
    Aphrodite Blighty Month ago

    Thank u so much. From England

  • Brandon Stewart
    Brandon Stewart Month ago


  • Lovely Lisa
    Lovely Lisa Month ago

    Hopefully you learn before you are turned over to a reputated mind. It's God, Not you.

  • Lovely Lisa
    Lovely Lisa Month ago

    Ok. Just waiting for you to do it again. Stop using excuse, God forgave me. Be responsible for your actions, learn from them or you WIll commit adultrey again and your fiance knows it

  • LoveExhorter
    LoveExhorter Month ago

    I was self-righteous based on my false religious beliefs also. Been there.

  • Kameliyah Kristenah HalleluYah Ministries

    🙌🏽Exactly You speak truth and make sense highly relatable very wise the strongest soldiers get the hardest fight when ur highly persecuted and it doesn't make sense don't get weary it is because you speak truth and the world doesn't like the truth and because they see the light in you and are enemies of God Your doing great things for God 🙏🏽🕊️

  • Damaris M
    Damaris M Month ago

    “If you, Lord, kept a record of sins, Lord, who could stand? But with you there is forgiveness, so that we can, with reverence, serve you.”
    ‭‭Psalm‬ ‭130:3-4‬ ‭🙌🏽

  • John Holtz
    John Holtz Month ago


  • Charissa Henderson
    Charissa Henderson Month ago


  • Yeslia B
    Yeslia B Month ago

    You are still in adultery if your covenant spouse is still alive, and you're marrying someone else. Repentance is to have A change of mind and turn away from the sin.

  • Thenation Thenation

    Not needed Marcus. We get it

  • Sheri Stewart
    Sheri Stewart Month ago

    Wow! “Religious people have a hard time showing compassion”, that was soo me smh

  • J P
    J P Month ago

    Thank you Jesus for your grace have mercy on me Lord❤

  • Tonya Hailstock
    Tonya Hailstock Month ago +1

    You don't owe anyone any explanation and thank God that you know that you have been forgiven by God and that's what really matters. AMEN


    THIS IS THE TRUE GOSPEL!! OBEY Christ and His commands they are not taught in traditional churches nowadays. First, The Laws Christ commanded are the perfect Law of Love. They are these 3 that fulfill all the law.
    1: Love the One True Eternal One with all your strength, all your heart , and all you have.
    2: Do Not do unto others/creatures as you would not want them to do unto you.
    3: Do unto others/creatures as you would have them do unto you.
    The teachings of Christ in Lections XLVI verse 12 We are taught that if a person desires to be a disciple of Christ we must Not eat any flesh from any animal or bird. In the beginning in Genesis 1:29-30 YAHUAH stated very clearly that He gave the herbs, fruits, and seeds for meat to sustain mankind and to sustain the animals. We were never ordained to eat any type of flesh meat that had blood in it. This may be a hard saying but we dine with demons that have influenced men to slaughter innocent animals and birds for our pleasure. This is a great sin and if you are a true follower of Christ we must obey it! The command "Thou shalt not kill" meant not to kill anything, for pleasure in food, or for profit, nor torment any living creature which has the breath of life in it given by YAHUAH. This is in Lections XLVI and Exodus 20:13. I am open to spend more time teaching on these subjects and laws given through Christ but one must have an open heart and an ear to hear. Moses gave laws on certain animals to eat out of the hardness of their hearts in the wilderness even though Yah commanded them not to and they ate and fell by the thousands from the plagues that consumed them from eating flesh meat. Roman Emperor Constantine in the 4th century changed the food laws in scripture that it was ok to eat meat. It was never ok. ANYONE THAT FOLLOWS THESE TEACHINGS WILL BECOME THE ISRAEL OF GOD THE ETERNAL LIVING ONE! Praise the Father YAHUAH

  • Nathan Albers
    Nathan Albers Month ago

    Great message brother love to listen to your videos and all the lessons. Bless you

  • Lucida Rose
    Lucida Rose Month ago

    Yup three months sober!!!
    Thank you Jesus and I'm guilty of all that mobo jumbo but forgiven and getting my life right with the Lord. I want a much more intimate relationship with Him. The spiritual battle is real. Battling the religious spirit is real.

  • D Taylor
    D Taylor Month ago

    The Pharisees thought they we're better and more anointed then Jesus lol. THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR GRACE. GLORY TO KING JESUS

  • Her Sinatra
    Her Sinatra Month ago +1

    I was consumed by the very sins. I use to be entangled so bad I had stopped asking for forgiveness. I didn't want to keep wasting God forgiveness. But I had finally overcame those sins and what an awesome feeling to be freed.

  • E Wilson
    E Wilson Month ago

    Yes. I have been there too.😀

  • Simone Ramdas
    Simone Ramdas Month ago

    No condemnation to those who are in Christ.

  • Selena Hayes
    Selena Hayes Month ago

    #TRUTH!!! Been there, done that. I started in the Old Testament and became "religious" and very law centered. It created pride in me and sure enough, the Word is true when it says pride comes before a fall. And I fell. Hard. I expected judgment but got grace and that made me fall in love and caused my perspective to change. His goodness leads us to repentance.

  • Nacculate Vassell
    Nacculate Vassell Month ago

    You have been married and divorced a couple of times. That is an adulterer in the eyes of God. Your Wives are still alive. So you're committing adultary in the eyes of God. That's the Words of God. Don't try watering down the true Words of God. I'm a Holy Ghost Filled Christian woman, I have kids out of marriage. I have since then Repented of that transgression against my Jesus and my body. But marrying when your Wives are still alive is an adultary in God's eyes. Lots of Christians pick and choose what they want out of the Words of God. I love you with the love of Jesus Christ my brother in the Lord. Have a Blessed day!

  • Mr. G
    Mr. G Month ago

    “Then the Lord said, “Because this people draw near with their words And honor Me with their lip service, But they remove their hearts far from Me, And their reverence for Me consists of tradition learned by rote,”
    ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭29:13‬ ‭
    This shows even before Jesus came God wanted to have a relationship with us. Sure he doesn’t want us to intentionally sin, because that will break the fellowship we have with him, but repent, and recognize you’re wrong, and you will be forgiven, and take heed to what lead you to the rebellion.
    So by loving God, and circumcising your heart to him the obedience should follow, and that way it isn’t mere religion and just saying I love God, but it’s that love for God and Christ living within you that’s causing you to not sin.

  • Troy Mcdivitt
    Troy Mcdivitt Month ago

    I remember when I had sex with a girl not kissed one

  • Michelle Mykel House

    Informed-faith-healing is what we need in this revival thank you Dr.Marcus

  • Coleta Cole
    Coleta Cole Month ago

    Thank you jesus for giving me when I was mess up you clean me up and now am rejoicing glory to God Hallelujah Hallelujah .

  • Gissie D
    Gissie D Month ago

    I yelled at God he didn't protect me I stayed celebrate I was pregnant at 17 I wasn't sure it was forbidden I did admit to. I stayed celebrate until he was eleven then again later. I tried not to but I did say no.. It got ignored and unbeleiversxand say there's mental wrong. It's like that because if even little girl E leads to whole batch. It's not always because of religious mind set. If we been in it long time we expected to know better its not always religious or holier than though attitude. I didn't think of myself as better I did think of them as better but kept trying to. It's love you loads E woman but I don't think God its his first so you don't sleep first you wait God give es you. Yes I know but he's still going to throw I did like E God but I couldn't hang on any longer talking to no answer. No they don't otherwise saying they more holy they maybe also afraid of you judging them talking like that all time can be trigger. I tried. But if we say not allowed to do to our children it's not religious mind set. Especially if others pulling them. No sometimes we need love some signbut he says we no allowed to seek a, sign. I gone very blank there because of suppression because emotions told off. I was trying to be merciful but I did not know how to be merciful with out condoning the sin? I don't cry any more at that. I wanted to look E Lord and also didn't see forgiveness I action I did sin against some. I was called religious by the man who raped me after I said no intimacy before marriage. I didn't shout at my son but in situation it was urgent. Why they can't understand I don't know. And brainwashing g him to think I'm religious like. But I'm not I was telling him cause they drawing him and I had to justify every thing. G I did. Go protect him to him. And he would regret or say why didn't you tell me like he once did I had yo anticipate the deceptions they'd use to trick him into sin. You owe if we say it's sin they just do it regardless and so I had dream of me calling him gently out of his room and when he came out he wS E gulped in g flames but screaming was awful and flames were invisible. I hope he's not Bern baptised with fire halloween was done and he done satanism I hope he hasn't committed the worst. I now get feelings of joy at adversaries name I know they shouldn't be there this is after I said I hate God out of rabbinic on it came out mistaken and then something left me now I do have bad feelings towards God something sinister entered me too. It's not controllable. I asked God for help I was sways kneeling. G several times a day. Listening to self when it's all in line with scripture is right like a on trolling self confidence to go on.

  • Bballscaron
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  • Joy JadaJsonos
    Joy JadaJsonos Month ago

    Jesus died on ONE cross for ALL sin 👐👐👐

  • shibi jeyav
    shibi jeyav Month ago

    If a boyfriend betrays and dump his girlfriend . Is it a sin?

  • gizzelle phipps
    gizzelle phipps Month ago +1

    When you are truly saved in Christ, it shouldn't be too hard for you to give your testimony and confess your past of where God has taken you from. God bless you Marcus Rogers (Man of God).

  • Blue Butterfly Wellness

    Truth. 1 Corinthians 13:1-3 ❤

  • Scientology Scientology

    This genetation I'm telling you sex everywhere not just straight but same gender too ,and they think it okay

  • Jesus Rules
    Jesus Rules Month ago

    Remarriage after a marriage to a person who is still alive is also adultry. You have been married three times.

  • proof 2.0
    proof 2.0 Month ago

    Thank you sir

  • Borntwice98
    Borntwice98 Month ago +1

    Amen we all start off under the first Adam and when we come to Christ we are truly free

  • Majora Gooden
    Majora Gooden Month ago

    I like it when you stick to the Word and yourself and you don't focus on celebrities. There is a pureness about it. King David style.

  • Mendi Addae
    Mendi Addae Month ago

    "The best part about me IS God!"...preach brother!

  • Joanna Kuylen
    Joanna Kuylen Month ago


  • Sema Nisa
    Sema Nisa Month ago +2

    Pride links to all evil..devil fell because of ego.
    To be able to realise your sinning is a blessing from God. God (Allah) says my mercy over rides my angry. So always ask for forgiveness. He is greater than your sin. Amen

    • Sema Nisa
      Sema Nisa Month ago

      @David Beek
      Thank you for your kind words. I can't be Muslim if I don't believe in Jesus and his teaching. He is a part of the family of Abraham.
      I love Jesus and everything I heard I enjoy and agree except he is the Lord.
      If you call him Lord out of respect of his authority like landlord or lord of the Manor. I can agree with that has he is your shepard but not Lord as God.
      I believe God as no partners and isn't human.

    • David Beek
      David Beek Month ago +1

      I love that you came to watch a Christian video even though you might (correct me if I'm wrong) serve Allah instead of Jesus.

  • Zaynab
    Zaynab Month ago


  • SpeakLove
    SpeakLove Month ago +1

    Brother speak, preach and teach the real truth!! Well said, Blessings

  • Gigi Love
    Gigi Love Month ago

    Amen! It’s definitely a love thang.. I don’t do it because I love Him.❤️

  • emmett petry
    emmett petry Month ago

    This is rich!

  • GG's World
    GG's World Month ago

    If I could like this 100 times I would